"Yanks in the U.K. Part II" Episode 4x02 / Production 3x20 Airdate: September 3, 2008 Written By: Stephen Nathan & Scott Williams Directed by: Ian Toynton Transcribed by: cece2087

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Continuation of Yanks in the U.K

(Fade into: Jeffersonian Institute: Medico-Legal Lab. Forensic Platform)

(Hodgins, Angela, Cam and Sweets enter the platform to find Clark working on a skeleton)

HODGINS: Clark, some lunch?

CLARK: I was told to catalog all unidentified remains while Dr. Brennan was away.

CAM: And you were told to do this without eating?

CLARK: Dr. Brennan was quite adamant they all be done before her return.

ANGELA:Oh come on, Clark. The divorce papers are signed and the wedding is on again and we are all going to celebrate.

SWEETS: Um, I'm sure he feels that your invitation is a polite but insincere attempt not to exclude him.

HODGINS: Aww, we are just trying to spread the sunshine here, Clark.

(Off screen a throat is cleared. They all look toward the platform entrance. It is Grayson. Clark looks annoyed)

GRAYSON: I just wanted to say good-bye, Angela. I'm off to the airport.

ANGELA:Oh, thanks. That's nice. And thanks for the divorce, I really appreciate it.

GRAYSON: You're happiness is all that matters to me. And if in a day, a week, or a year you want me back in your life, I'll be there.

HODGINS: Right. Well, we've got your number so have a good trip.

GRAYSON: Cherish her.


CLARK: Isn't this all extremely awkward?

CAM: That's sad.

SWEETS: It's actually a display of conflicting emotions what Reich called the "battle for orgastic potency," which-

CAM: Maybe later.


CAM: Would you like a ride to the airport?

GRAYSON: That would be very kind.

ANGELA:Thanks, Cam.

CAM: Sure. (Cam and Grayson exit)

CLARK: Honestly, guys. I don't have to be included in everything. (Clark leaves)

(Angela and Hodgins smile and pick up their coats)

(Cut to: London: Outside Brennan's Hotel)

(Brennan and Booth are loading all of Brennan's bags into a cab. She has a couple suitcases and tons of present bags)

BOOTH: So Wexler still hasn't called you, huh?

BRENNAN: Ian is the top forensic anthropologist in England. He's a very busy man, Booth.

BOOTH: Busy trying to get you into bed for the past two weeks. The least he can do is call---God, we're gonna need another cab just for all your stuff.

BRENNAN: I was given lots of presents by the students at Oxford.

(Brennan goes to grab another bag)

BOOTH: No, no, no, no, no! Don't touch that one. (Booth instead hands her 4 of her present bags)

BRENNAN: Why? What is it?

BOOTH: Why? Because your students gave you your gifts, and the cops at Scotland Yard gave me a little something-something for their appreciation. (Booth pulls out a bobby toy) Huh?

BRENNAN: What is that?

BOOTH: (In a British accent) It's a bobblehead bobby. (Booth begins to shake it and shakes his own head as well)

BRENNAN: That's all you got?

BOOTH: Well it's a real nice one. Look. (The bellman brings over more of Brennan's bags) Oh. What is this now the queen's jewels?

BRENNAN: Well, the bellman will help.

BOOTH: No. He's better dressed than I've ever been. He'll get all dirty. I gotta tell you. You know what? There's no rule saying you can't call him. (Booth brings his present and army duffle to the cab) Although I gotta tell you, a guy who doesn't wanna talk to you just because you decide not to have s*x with him, he can't be that great.

BRENNAN: (Coming out of the car) What? In bed?

BOOTH: No. A great guy.

BRENNAN: Oh, because I think Ian would be great in bed.

BOOTH: Okay, next. (To the bellman) Alright, hey pal, how about a little help? I gotta get to the airport. Come on.

(Cut to: Washington D.C. - A hotel room. Soul music is playing in the background. Grayson is naked in bed. Cam arises from the other side of him, also naked.)

CAM: (Sighs) I'm sorry they canceled your flight.

GRAYSON: I'm not.

CAM: Neither am I. I was just trying to be polite. (They kiss. Grayson laughs.)

GRAYSON: You know it's getting late.

CAM: Mmmm.

GRAYSON: Let me order you some breakfast before you go to work.

CAM: Earth-shattering s*x and breakfast? I can die a happy woman. (They begin to make out and roll over in bed.)


(Cut to: London: Outside Brennan's hotel. Continued.)

(A car door slams. Brennan is still placing and organizing bags in the backseat of the cab. Booth is standing next to the door.)

BOOTH: You know, I'm glad to be heading home, but I think America dropped too much of the uh, English stuff back in 1776. (Booth hands Brennan more bags)

BRENNAN: Like what?

BOOTH: You know, like, uh, royalty.

BRENNAN: Meaningless title. No real power.

BOOTH: What, you never wanted to be a princess when you were a kid?


BOOTH: Even now---a castle, the moats, knights in shining armor. (Brennan shakes her head and looks confused.) You know what? I risk my life for the United States government every day. I wonder if I can get Congress to pass something like...(Booth's cell rings.) knighthood. "Sir Seeley Booth." It just sounds right. (He answers his phone.) Booth.

BRENNAN: I get my worth from my intelligence and accomplishments. From actual achievements. I don't need a title. (Booth's face drops as he's listening to his phone.) What-What's wrong? (Booth hangs up his phone.)

BOOTH: It's Dr. Wexler.

(Cut to: Medico-Legal Lab. Forensic Platform)

(Clark is still examining the skeleton. He is dictating his findings to Angela and Hodgins.)

CLARK: Remodeling and analysis of the marrow indicates the subject lived in or around the coast of North Carolina.

ANGELA:(Not really listening to Clark.) We should look in Jamacia CLARK: No evidence suggests the Caribbean.

HODGINS: For our wedding.

CLARK: Right. What was I thinking? Oh, I was focusing on my work.

HODGINS: You'll be in love one day too, Clark.

CLARK: Yes, but today I am alone and happily dating multiple women so I can concentrate on my work and not get fired.

ANGELA:(Not caring what Clark said.) I also know this little island off the coast of Maine.

CLARK: Of course you do.

(Cam enters the platform)

CAM: Sorry I'm late. What did I miss?

CLARK: Ahh, we're deciding between Maine and Jamaica for the wedding.

HODGINS: Did Angela's ex get off okay?

CAM: Whoa! Sorry?

HODGINS: You took him to the airport?

CAM: Oh. "Off." Of...of course. Yes, he's off and gone. All gone.

ANGELA: Great. Thank you for doing that.

CAM: Anytime. Either Maine or Jamaica. You can't really go wrong. (Clark has a look of disbelief on his face)

CAM: I should---Bye.

(Cam exits. They all turn and look at her with confused faces.)

(Cut to: London: Outside a row of apartment buildings. One of the apartments is smoking after getting a fire put out. A fireman is running down the steps. Firetrucks are outside. Sirens blare. Police radio chatter is going on in the background. Booth and Brennan's cab pulls up. Inspector Pritchard is sitting down and sees them arrive. She stands to meet them as they get out of the car. She looks distraught.)

PRITCHARD: Ian said you were the best.

BRENNAN: What happened? (Pritchard hangs Booth his gun back) Why are you giving him the gun? We're leaving.

BOOTH: Inspector Pritchard just asked us to stay, Bones.

BRENNAN: You want me to look at some remains? (Pritchard nods.) You think they're Ian's? (She nods again. They look up at the burning building.)

MAN: (In background) It's impossible with Scotland Yard all over the place.

BOOTH: Are you ready for this?

(Brennan nods. She heads towards the apartment. Booth follows. Pritchard pauses, then follows as well.)

(Cut to: Inside Ian Wexler's Flat. Continued.)

PRITCHARD: (As they enter Ian's apartment. It is completely charred as a firefighter is putting out the last of the flames. A body is on the bed.) This is Ian Wexler's flat. This is Ian Wexler's bed.

BOOTH: (Sighs) Wow. (A large piece of the ceiling is crushing the torso of the body as Brennan approaches.)

BRENNAN: Markers are consistent with Ian's build and age. Of course I'll need access to a lab to make a definitive conclusion. (Pritchard nods.)

BOOTH: I'm sorry, Bones. Pritchard, I can only imagine how difficult this is, losing a partner.

PRITCHARD: C.I.D. is saying there appears to have been a gas explosion.

BOOTH: (Tapping a bottle on the floor with his foot) Looks like, uh, he was drinking.

PRITCHARD: He did enjoy a glass or two.

BOOTH: (Pointing to something in Ian's hand.) Bones. Cigarette?

BRENNAN: Did Ian smoke?

PRITCHARD: Not that I'm aware of.

BOOTH: It looks as though he put the kettle on and lit a cigarette. The pilot goes out, there's a gas leak, and whoosh, the place goes up. (He looks inside the kettle.) No water in the kettle.

PRITCHARD: Water on the boil does tend to evaporate, Agent Booth. Look, we don't suspect foul play. We just want Dr. Brennan to give us a definitive identification.

BOOTH: Water doesn't evaporate if the stove wasn't lit.

PRITCHARD: Oh, perhaps even British resolve takes a knock when one loses one's partner.

BRENNAN: There's evidence of trauma to the frontal bone.

BOOTH: That's gonna happen when the ceiling collapses on you, Bones.

BRENNAN: No. This was before the fire. (Pritchard looks horrified.) This was not an accident, Inspector.

(Cut to: Medico-Legal Lab. Autopsy Room. Cam is slicing open a brain. Sweets enters.)

SWEETS: You wanted to see me? (Sees the brain.) Oh, man, that is cool.

CAM: Not why you're here, Dr. Sweets.

SWEETS: Sure. But it's amazing that all of our hopes and desires and fantasies, pain and pleasure all reside in three pounds of tissue.

CAM: Yeah, great. Well, some part of this little devil made me sleep with Angela's ex.

SWEETS: (Yelling) You slept with Angela's ex?

CAM: Shh! A little discretion, please?

SWEETS: I might say the same to you.

CAM: It just happened. I...His flight was canceled, I was parked at the airport hotel, he checked in and I...figured I'd see what all the fuss was about.

SWEETS: And was there fuss?

CAM: Yes. Well-deserved fuss.

SWEETS: Why exactly?

CAM: You're here as a shrink Dr. Sweets. Not as a guest on Loveline.

SWEETS: Yes. Fine. Sorry.

CAM: Should I tell Angela? I mean, we're friends, and I don't want her to find out some other way cause then it'll seem like I'm hiding it.

SWEETS: Which you'd like to do because you're feeling guilty.

CAM: Yes. Good. Keep going.

SWEETS: But he's gone now.

CAM: (Looking down.) Almost.

SWEETS: Almost?

CAM: Well, there aren't as many flights to Fiji as you'd think.

SWEETS: Hmm. So it might come up again.

CAM: Oh, yes. I'm seeing him again tonight.

SWEETS: (Chuckles) I didn't mean it like that.

CAM: Neither did I.

SWEETS: Right. Okay. Well, it's understandable for you to feel some guilt and anxiety. (Cam picks up the brain) Which, by the way, is centered here. (He points to the brain)

CAM: Dr. Sweets. (Cam moves the brain over to a bowl.)

SWEETS: Right. Um, you feel you have no right to pleasure because it comes at the expense of your friends.

CAM: Yes. You're good. But he's leaving soon, so I could say nothing and hope it all goes away.

SWEETS: (Shakes his head.) But you'd still have to carry that anxiety every time you saw Angela. Angela is open-minded by nature. She's happy with Hodgins. I think clearing the air would be good for both of you.

CAM: Right. Of course. Thank you.

SWEETS: Hmm. Can I touch the brain, just once, as a reward?

CAM: (Rolls her eyes) Just once.

SWEETS: (He pokes the brain with his forefinger.) It's squishy.

(Angela enters the room)

ANGELA: Hey, I just got off the phone with Brennan. Her friend Wexler's been killed in a fire. Scotland Yard wants her to help in the investigation. They're sending the remains to Wexler's lab at Oxford. Brennan's gonna use the video link and the Web to send us crime scene photos and X-rays---whatever we need to help.

CAM: I'll tell Hodgins and Clark.

ANGELA:Yeah. (She exits. Cam begins to clean up.)

SWEETS: Yeah. (He pokes the brain again.)

(Cut to: Oxford University Lecture Hall. Pritchard is addressing Wexler's students. Booth and Brennan are standing off to the side.)

PRITCHARD: We have not yet confirmed beyond a shadow of a doubt that the human remains found in Dr. Ian Wexler's flat. (Booth whispers something to Brennan. She walks towards Pritchard) But, um, there's always a chance (Pritchard begins to get upset.) You see, in cases like this, the--- (Brennan comes over and takes over)

BRENNAN: My preliminary findings are that the remains in question are those of Ian Wexler. (All the students gasp) I'm confident that the suspicion will be confirmed later today. Cause of death has not been determined, but we have not ruled out foul play.

PRITCHARD: Uh, many of you were close, very close, to Dr. Wexler. And we'd appreciate any information you could provide. (Some students begins crying) Thank you. (Brennan and Pritchard head back towards Booth.)

BOOTH: You know, I think we should talk to Sid and Nancy first. A reminder, Agent Booth. There is a proper chain of command and I'm the lead on this investigation.

BRENNAN: Why are you talking to him like that? You asked us to stay.

PRITCHARD: Well, I feel it's important to be clear.

BRENNAN: You gave him a gun and everything.

BOOTH: Bones, it's okay. I understand Pritch, we're just here to help. Whatever you need.

PRITCHARD: (She nods.) Thank you. (She walks away.)

(Cut to: Oxford University Lecture Hall. A little time has passed since the last scene. Booth and Pritchard are interviewing Vera and Cyril)

CYRIL: We saw Dr. Wexler night before last. He seemed fine. He was going out---

VERA: He was going out for a drink. Frampton was driving him mad.


PRITCHARD: He was trying to shut down the dig.

VERA:So he could build one of his condo developments on it.

CYRIL: (Visibly angry) What's to become of the dig now?

VERA: The bloody dig can wait, Cyril. Dr. Wexler is dead.

CYRIL: Dr. Wexler would want the job finished. You know it's true.

BOOTH: Well, we're gonna have to talk to the two of you again after Dr. Brennan confirms the cause of death. (Cyril nods.)

(Cut to: Oxford University: Wexler's Lab. Brennan is in a lab coat with Ian's remains laid out on the table. She is talking to the team back at the Jeffersonian via video link.)

(Scene cuts between Brennan in Ian's lab in London and Clark, Angela, Hodgins and Cam back at the Jeffersonian.)

BRENNAN: Legally, the remains have to stay here, but we've uploaded all the X-Rays. I'll have casts of the bones made and ship them to you as they are finished.

CLARK: The fire substantially occludes what we can gleam from these images.

HODGINS: Can you focus on his feet?

BRENNAN: Sure. (She moves the camera towards the feet)

HODGINS: (Through the video link) I see soil and a singed sock. Can I have any direct access to particulates?

BRENNAN: As soon as Inspector Pritchard gets the okay from Scotland Yard.

ANGELA:How you doin' sweetie?

BRENNAN: I'm focused on finding out what happened to Ian.

CLARK: The X-rays are starting to arrive. (Looking at the X-rays on the computer) I can see the depression fracture you mentioned on the frontal bone. Looks like it was made by a small object, like a ball-peen hammer.

CAM: Was there enough tissue for a tox screen?

BRENNAN: It's being run now. We'll email you the results.

CLARK: (In the monitor) What is that on top of his left femur?

BRENNAN: (Inspects the leg) Some kind of plastic which may have been in his pocket.

ANGELA: Send me some high-res photos. I'll see if I can speed things along.

BRENNAN: Thanks. Call if you find anything.

ANGELA: Hey, Brennan, wait. Grayson signed the divorce papers, so the wedding is on again.

BRENNAN: Congratulations. Oh, is that bad? To congratulate someone on a divorce? Hard to believe it's over right?

CAM: Yeah, hard to believe. Well, we'll talk soon. (She ends the video connection)

(Cut back to Oxford University: Wexler's Lab. Brennan turns on her recorder and begins to dictate)

BRENNAN: Dr. Temperance Brennan resuming analysis. The material fused into the anterior ventral femur appears to be plastic, partially melted. (She picks up the plastic piece. She places the recorder down, takes off one of her gloves and picks up the phone. She speed-dials.)

BOOTH: (Through the phone) Booth.

BRENNAN: I found something.

BOOTH: What is it?

BRENNAN: Where would Ian get a poker chip marked H.G.C.?

(Cut to: Highgate Gentlemen's Club - London. Pritchard and Booth are talking to a worker at the club)

MAN: Oh, my god. Two nights ago, Dr. Wexler was buying drinks for his friends and playing the tables as if he hadn't a care in the world.

BOOTH: Was he with a woman?

PRITCHARD: No, this is a gentlemen's club Agent Booth.

BOOTH: I didn't see a stage or a pole or dancers or anything like that.

PRITCHARD: Ah, no. An English gentlemen's' club is for actual English gentlemen. (Back to the Man.) How did Dr. Wexler strike you?

MAN: Uh, flush.

BOOTH: What's that mean?

PRITCHARD: I believe you say " in the dough"?


MAN: That's right. He uh...He paid off his tab.

BOOTH: How much did he owe?

MAN: We're getting into ticklish areas of confidentiality now. This is a gentlemen's club after all.

PRITCHARD: Scotland Yard will guarantee the F.B.I.'s discretion. (to Booth) Isn't that right, Agent Booth?

BOOTH: Hmm? Yeah, right.

MAN: Over 5,000 pounds. He paid it off in cash.

BOOTH: Where'd he get that kind of money?

MAN: I'm sure I have no idea.


MAN: Look, I, um...(reaches into jacket pocket for phone) took this, you might say, as a precaution even though Dr. Wexler told us that he knew the gentlemen and everything was fine. (Plays video on phone. Wexler is playing craps.) This was taken from the security camera.

BOOTH: Nice tattoo.

(The video shows two men coming up to Wexler and pulling him away from the game in a struggle. They lead him out the door)

BOOTH: The guy with the tattoo is taking him away.

(Pritchard, shocked, walks away)

MAN: If I thought they were going to kill him, then I'd have done something.

BOOTH: Don't beat yourself up, pal. You know, I'm sure you did the best you could.

(Cut to: Medico-Legal Lab. Forensic Platform. Cam and Angela are walking below the platform)

CAM: Tox screen showed he had quite a night with his friends Mr. Scotch and Mr. Merlot. Blood alcohol level was 0.18. No drugs, recreational or otherwise. (They enter the platform) And no evidence of nicotine.

ANGELA:So what was the cigarette doing in his hand?

CAM: Put there to justify the explosion, I would imagine. (They approach Clark who is looking at the bone casts) What have you found Mr. Edison?

CLARK: Well, if the casts are accurate, new bone growth formed a craggy surgact on the scapulas and both the left and right lateral epicondyles.

CAM: Meaning?

CLARK: The victim had bursitis caused by strenuous repetitive motion. The only time I've seen this was on an autopsy of a sculler.

ANGELA:What is that? Like a fish?

CAM: A sculler is someone who crews on a rowing team.

CLARK: I also examined the fracture to his frontal bone. It was the result of a head butt.


CAM: I concur. I'll send your findings to Dr. Brennan.

CLARK: Thank you.

CAM: What are you working on Angela ANGELA:Uh, blowing up all the photos of the remains for Clark and Hodgins. Trying not to lost quality.

CAM: Excellent. (She begins to walk away) Oh, one other thing. I slept with your husband. Ex-husband. (Clark looks up, annoyed)


CLARK: Good-bye. (Clark begins to walk away. Cam grabs his arm.)

CAM: Don't leave, Mr. Edison. I need a witness.

CLARK: I'm sure you can find somebody who's been here longer than I have.

CAM: Are you one of us or not?

CLARK: Uh, no, I'm not one of us.

CAM: Well, you'll do anyway. (She walks towards Angela, dragging Clark along) I just...Angela, I slept with him, and I feel really weird about it.

ANGELA: Wai-How? Did-I mean, when?

CLARK: (In complete disbelief) Oh, God.

CAM: Grayson's flight was cancelled and one thing led to another. He's very attractive, so...we spent the night together. I'm sorry.

ANGELA:(Sighs) It's okay.

CAM: Really?

ANGELA: Of course. Why not? We're divorced, so...I mean, I got what I wanted from him so now I guess you did too.

CAM: Well, yeah.

CLARK: Can I go now, please?

(Clark waits for a response. When Cam continues talking to Angela, he leaves)

CAM: Angela, I...You are an amazing person.

(Hodgins walks to the table)

HODGINS: Why are you amazing now?

CAM: I slept with Grayson and Angela's okay with it.

HODGINS: Of course. (Angela laughs)

ANGELA: Why should I care? I'm gonna marry you.

HODGINS: Well I see no holes in your logic. (He kisses Angela)

CAM: And he'll be gone in a day. (Hodgins looks at her, confused)

HODGINS: He's still here? Wow, that...must've gone well.

CAM: (Pointing to the folder Hodgins is carrying) Is that something for me?

HODGINS: Uh, yeah. It's preliminary results of particulate and bug analysis. Now, I found microphytobenthos algae, epipsammic and epipelic diatoms as well as a Chironomus riparius, or midge fly, all of which were on the clothing shreds they sent me.

ANGELA: Well, you're excited so it must mean something.

HODGINS: The levels of sediment on the algae indicate that the victim was near the Henley-on-Thames within 24 hours of his death.

CAM: The Henley Royal Regatta takes place there---rowing.

(Cut to: Henley-on-Thames: The boathouse and dock. Two rowers carry a boat from the boathouse as Booth and Brennan come around the corner into the open work area)

BRENNAN: Why are you doing this with me and not Inspector Pritchard?

BOOTH: Oh, come on, Bones. You and me, we're the real deal. Ah, look. She's having a tough time with this. I would, too you know, if you were killed.

BRENNAN: Oh yeah, you're sentimental that way.

(They approach the two rowers we saw take the boat out from the boathouse)

BOOTH: Excuse me. The guy at the main boathouse told me that, uh, Dr. Wexler was a teammate of you blokes. (he says "blokes" in an English accent)

BRENNAN: (Scoffs) Ha, blokes?

BOOTH: Yeah, you know. Kinda feelin' at home.

(Booth taps one of the rowers on the shoulder with his badge. The rower turns.)

BOOTH: F.B.I. Special Agent Booth. I have a few questions...(The rower turns back to the boat. Booth slaps his badge against the rower's back) Hey, I'm talking here.

ROWER #1: (Turning toward Booth) I think you're a bit lost mate. You looking for America? Head for the coast, swim across the big pond. And you'll find a bunch of Yanks you can ask whatever you want. All right? (He tries to walk around the boat. Booth grabs his arm to stop him)

BOOTH: Is that right? Excuse me, but--- (The rower head butts Booth. Booth moves back slightly. The rower, not expecting Booth to be so hard, falls to the ground in pain.) Oh!

BRENNAN: We're working with Scotland Yard. I'm Dr. Brennan. Ian was a friend of mine.

(Rower #1 gets up off the ground shaking his head)

ROWER #1: God, the man's got a head like a boulder.

ROWER #2: You're the American bird Wexler was talking about, aren't you?

ROWER #1: I'm surprised that lady cop of his isn't look out for him.

ROWER #2: Yeah, the two of them seemed, uh, more than colleagues.

BRENNAN: Uh, Inspector Pritchard and Dr. Wexler had a sexual relationship?

ROWER #1: Listen, love, Ian isn't exactly the faithful type, so if he's promised you something--- (Booth stops him)

BOOTH: He's dead. He was murdered.

ROWER #2: No.

ROWER #1: What? We had a race this afternoon. I thought we'd be seeing him.

BRENNAN: That's a pretty distinctive tattoo you got there.

BOOTH: Any chance you were at the Highgate Club night before last?

ROWER #1: (Stammering) Woah, woah, wait. You, you think we killed Wex?

BRENNAN: Well, you dragged him out of the club didn't you?

ROWER #2: This is bollocks!

ROWER #1: Look, we had a race. We don't sober Wex up in time, he's no good to us.

ROWER #2: His timing is completely discombobulated from the alcohol.

BOOTH: So you beat him up?

ROWER #1: No. we dragged him into a bed in the boathouse and poured coffee into him in the morning.

BRENNAN: His frontal bone was bruised. (ROWER #1 looks confused)

BOOTH: His forehead. Maybe you gave him a good crack like you just gave me?

ROWER #2: No! He didn't head-butt Wex. Tell you who did---a coxswain for the Queen's Light Guards. (to ROWER #1) What's his name?

ROWER #1: It's Jasper Ferry

(Cut to: Outside the Queen's Palace - London. Booth is staring into the face of Jasper Ferry, of the Queen's guards. Brennan stands next to him)

BRENNAN: Booth, he's not gonna talk to you. It's a tradition.

BOOTH: I know that, Bones. But I think I almost got him. There's a little sweat coming off the side of his face.

PRITCHARD: (Approaching) If you interfere with one of the Queen's guards, I'm afraid I shall have to arrest you, Agent Booth.

BOOTH: Simmer down. I'm not doing anything wrong here. I'm just waiting for Lieutenant Ferry to go off duty. That's all.

PRITCHARD: He did not murder Ian.

BOOTH: (turning to Pritchard) How do you know that?

BRENNAN: My colleagues at the Jeffersonian have discovered some very compelling evidence.

PRITCHARD: I imagine that you learned that two of Wexler's teammates from Henley-on-Thames abducted him from the club in order to sober him up before a race. Then they told you about his argument and subsequent fight with Lieutenant Jasper Ferry here which Wexler lost after a well-deserved head-butt.

BOOTH: Why is everybody head-butting everybody around here? What's wrong with a good sock to the jaw?

BRENNAN: Well-deserved? Why well-deserved?

PRITCHARD: (Sighs) Ian was shagging Lieutenant Jasper Ferry's sister.

BOOTH: Oh. How'd you figure that out?

PRITCHARD: A revolutionary technique which consists of asking a series of questions to a murder victim's friends. Nonetheless, I'm terribly impressed that your scientists can deduce almost as much from a few particulates. Almost as much. (Pritchard walks away)

BRENNAN: Almost as much?

(Booth walks back over to Ferry)

BOOTH: Look, I'm sorry about your sister.

(Cut to: Medico-Legal Lab. The floor around the platform. Cam and Sweets are walking)

CAM: I really have to thank you. That was excellent advice.

SWEETS: You're welcome. It's always best to be honest.

CAM: Good. Then I can tell you it was touch to take you seriously at first. (They walk onto the platform) I mean, you don't even look old enough to drive, so I thought, "How could you possibly have any valid insights?"

SWEETS: I have two doctorates. (Cam places a folder down)

CAM: I know, but doctorates don't teach you about sexual matters. And being so young, I---

SWEETS: I get it, Dr. Saroyan.

CAM: I'm just---

SWEETS: Being honest, I know.

CAM: I'm just very grateful to you, Dr. Sweets. That's all. (They leave the platform and walk to Hodgins' work station where Angela and Hodgins are working together.) Dr. Hodgins, Scotland Yard was interested in those other particulates you'd found that did not indicate Henley.

HODGINS: (sounding annoyed) Okay. Just....okay.

CAM: Okay. And, Angela, I was wondering when you might finish enhancing those photos. Clark needs 'em.

ANGELA:You'll have them when they're done. (stands up) What do you think we're doing? Shirking our responsibility or something? (she walks away)

HODGINS: You know, we've been doing an excellent job around here even before you showed up so regulate yourself, okay? (he stands and leaves)

(Cam looks very confused)

SWEETS: I think maybe there's still a few unresolved issues.

(Cut to: An outdoor café next to the Thames - London.)

PRITCHARD: We're still questioning the female students. It seems that they're all accusing each other---you know, each one thinking they were special to Ian.

BOOTH: Hmm. Is that what you think too?

PRITCHARD: You've been asking questions of your own, I see.

BRENNAN: Apparently you were sleeping with Dr. Wexler.

BOOTH: Don't you think that was something you should have told us, Inspector?

PRITCHARD: (scoffs) Oh, please. I'm British first, a cop second and a woman third. It's a miracle it ever came to light.

BRENNAN: For how long?

PRITCHARD: Irrelevant. What you really want to know is if sharing Ian with other women made me want to kill him BRENNAN: Did it?

BOOTH: All those pretty, young students?

PRITCHARD: The thing that made Ian so very, very good in bed was all that practice. Sorry. Was that indiscreet? I thought Americans were all brash and forthright. (Brennan's cell rings)

BOOTH: And here I thought the Brits were frustrated sexually and repressed.

BRENNAN: (answering her phone) Brennan.

CAM: (on the phone) We found something. You busy?

BRENNAN: No, no, this is a fine time.

CLARK: (On the phone) Assuming the casts are accurate, I've isolated a stab wound that originates between the sixth and seventh thoracic vertebrae.

CAM: Which would have pierced the lung and heart.

CLARK: (on the phone) Most definitely.

BRENNAN: That's a very deep wound.

BOOTH: Bones, what is it?

BRENNAN: Ian was stabbed to death. (Booth looks towards Pritchard) A-And the weapon?

CLARK: (on the phone) Don't know. Maybe they found something at the scene.

BRENNAN: (on the phone) Nice work, Clark. Thanks. (to Pritchard) Did you find any weapon at Ian's apartment that could have been used to stab him?

PRITCHARD: (shaking her head) No. And I was there the whole time. (Booth and Brennan look at each other) You're doubting me.


BOOTH: Wouldn't you? (Pritchard looks offended)

(Cut to: A sidewalk in London. Inspector Pritchard is walking back to her car. Brennan is running to catch up to her.)

BRENNAN: Inspector Pritchard? I just wanted to---

PRITCHARD: Oh, I am not the jealous sort, and you are painfully na've if you think my s*x life was limited to Ian, as I'm sure yours was not.

BRENNAN: But I didn't sleep with Ian.

PRITCHARD: (stopping) You didn't?


PRITCHARD: Why not? You obviously fancied each other.

BRENNAN: Yes, I noted several physiological responses to his presence which can only be explained by sexual attraction PRITCHARD: So why didn't you sleep with him then?

BRENNAN: Because of Booth.

PRITCHARD: Ohhh, you know, I suspected that you two might be more than just partners.

BRENNAN: Oh, no. That's incorrect. Booth advised me not to sleep with Ian because Booth didn't want me to be another notch on Ian's bedpost.

PRITCHARD: See, I rather saw it as climbing Everest. Of course it's been done before but the experience is still breathtaking.

BRENNAN: You have a strong sexual appetite and you're not hamstrung by social moralizing. I can empathize with that.

PRITCHARD: Thank you. (they begin to walk down the sidewalk again)

BRENNAN: Well, why didn't you tell us you had a relationship with Wexler?

PRITCHARD: Because I thought I'd be taken off the case. I mean, if Agent Booth was murdered, wouldn't you do anything in your powers to make sure that you found the killer?

BRENNAN: Yes. But I don't sleep with Booth. Have you withheld any other information?

PRITCHARD: Why on earth would I do that?

BRENNAN: Because you called a meeting to talk to us, then Clark called to give us cause of death, and then we basically accused you of murder. So while Booth went to get our car, I followed you to your car, and we began discussing mountain climbing and s*x with Ian and---

PRITCHARD: Yes, thank you, Dr. Brennan. I believe I'm up to date now. (Laughs. As she is about to open her car door, she whips back around) Oh! You are absolutely right. I did forget to give you this. (Reaches into purse. Pulls out a letter inside an envelope and gives it to Brennan)

BRENNAN: (She opens the envelope) Hmm. It's a writ of release on Frampton's building site.

PRITCHARD: The site has been certified as having no historical importance whatsoever. Signed and dates, Dr. Ian Wexler---shortly before his death.

BRENNAN: This document would be worth millions of dollars to Frampton.

PRITCHARD: I suggest that you and Agent Booth ask Mr. Frampton if he forced Ian to sign that before killing him.

BRENNAN: Okay. (Brennan turns to walk away)

PRITCHARD: Oh. Word to the wise, Dr. Brennan. I'd encourage you not to forego Everest.

BRENNAN: (confused) Well, it's too late. Ian's dead.

PRITCHARD: Oh, yes, of course. To whom else would I be referring other than Ian?

(Brennan thinks about it, but no realization comes to her)

(Cut to: Frampton's apartment - London)

FRAMPTON: Me? Kill Wexler? According to the papers, the poor b*st*rd died in a fire.

BRENNAN: That wasn't cause of death. He was stabbed.

BOOTH: We do know that Dr. Wexler stood in the way of your latest project.

FRAMPTON: He was checking the site for historical value. It's the law.

BOOTH: Nothing stands in your way.

FRAMPTON: Everything stands in my way, Agent Booth. Environmental groups, historical know, there's even a radical preservationist group. They threatened me because I want to improve the city. (he hands Brennan a fax)

BRENNAN: "Saviours of Antiquity"


FRAMPTON : I'd like to build a time machine, take all these lunatics and send them back to where there's no air-conditioning or TV. And they can watch their loved ones die from the flu and the plague because there's no medicine. Then see how they like the good old days.

BOOTH: Right. Um, Dr. Wexler, uh, signed the writ for you to start building. Correct?

(Booth shows him the copy of the writ)

FRAMPTON: (laughs) Of course he did. He spent two years rooting around in the dirt, and all he got was dirty.

BRENNAN: We couldn't help but notice how recently Dr. Wexler gave his okay for you to build.

BOOTH: So I guess the only question is, how forceful did you have to get with him?

FRAMPTON: (sighs) I see. Yeah, so, I was so inspired by the sadistic murder of my daughter that I thought I would try one myself. If there's nothing further, I'm gonna get blind drunk.

(Cut to: Medico Legal Lab. Hodgins' Workstation. Hodgins is walking to his workstation looking at his monitors. He is on the phone with Brennan, who is in Wexler's Lab.)

HODGINS: So, I found something very off that was on the victim---mercury fulminate.

BRENNAN: (pulling on a lab coat) What? I thought Cam was going to be sending us all the results. (she walks towards Ian's remains.

HODGINS: I'm a grown-up. I don't need a middleman. Now, with this amount of mercury, I'd think he'd been poisoned, but tox results say otherwise.

BRENNAN: (buttoning her labcoat) And it didn't come from Henley?


HODGINS: And I also found phyllosilicate minerals and carbonic acid. I'm not sure where they came from either. Hey, can you have them send me more samples from the remains and the locations which they came from on the body?

BRENNAN: Of course. But Scotland Yard says that all requests have to come through Dr. Saroyan.

HODGINS: Right, cause nothing could possibly happen without her.

BRENNAN: Is everything okay, Hodgins?

HODGINS: Yep, sure, fine. I'll have our all-powerful leader send the request. (He hangs up)

(Cut to: FBI Headquarters - Sweet's office. Sweets closes his door and then walks towards his chair around Angela, Hodgins and Cam who are standing in a line)

SWEETS: Thank you all for coming.

ANGELA: Cam said we had to.

HODGINS: Or lose our jobs.

CAM: For insubordination SWEETS: Oh, I was kind of hoping that you all came of your own volition with an eye toward ameliorating a tense situation.

HODGINS: (impatient) Can't you just tell her not to be so bossy?

CAM: I'm your boss.

SWEETS: It's very important to realize that Dr. Saroyan has done nothing to merit your anger... CAM: Thank you.

SWEETS: a boss. But by sexualizing her relationship with Mr. Barasa CAM: Is there no better way to put that?

SWEETS: (shaking his head) Everything else sounds worse. She's made you both confront unresolved feelings about Mr. Barasa's impact on your lives and how he affects your relationship.

HODGINS: Angela and I love each other and are getting married.

SWEETS: I know. Why did you think I was questioning that?

ANGELA: Look, shrinky, don't got making problems where there aren't any, okay? (to Cam) Although, the next time that you drive somebody to the airport, just let them fly the hell out of Dodge, okay?

CAM: This all would have been a lot easier if I'd kept my mouth shut.

SWEETS: No. Nonsense. You're all friends. I'm sure now that you see the situation for what it is, you'll know how to move through it. Am I right?

HODGINS: I think Dad wants us to apologize. (Sweets points at Hodgins. He's correct)

CAM: I apologize for...sleeping with people.

ANGELA: I apologize for snapping at you after basically giving you permission to sleep with people.

HODGINS: (looking between Angela and Cam) Oh, God! So now everything is fine?

SWEETS: That is the result of open and honest communication with a highly trained mediator.

HODGINS: (sighs) Fine. I am sorry for being so cranky which is my basic personality so it seems stupid to apologize---

ANGELA: Hodgins, would you just... HODGINS: I apologize. (Sweets smiles at them)

(Cut to: The Frampton dig site - London. Booth and Brennan are questioning Vera and Cyril again)

VERA: Dr. Wexler never said one word about giving Frampton the okay to build condos here.

BOOTH: Well, he signed a writ saying this place had no historical value. (he hands Vera the copy of the writ)

CYRIL: I'm stunned, I tell you. The writ must be a forgery.

BRENNAN: Well, after two years, you hadn't found anything. I think that's a reasonable timeline.

VERA: This says we have to vacate the dig in two days.

CYRIL: But Dr. Wexler felt certain we were close. There was a previous Bronze Age find about 600 meters south.

BOOTH: That's his signature, right?

VERA: I don't care. He wouldn't do it.

(Pritchard walks up to them)

PRITCHARD: Agent Booth, Dr. Brennan.

BOOTH: Yeah?

PRITCHARD: I got these from our forensic accountant. (hands Booth a folder)

BOOTH: Wow, look at that. Some checks made out to Wexler.

PRITCHARD: Ten of them from a shell company owned by Frampton. Seems that 25,000 pounds was the going rate for a piss-broke forensic anthropologist.

BOOTH: That's how he paid off his debts.

BRENNAN: Frampton bribed Ian to vacate the dig.

(Cut to: Medico-Legal Lab - Forensic Platform. Hodgins and Clark are going looking over the examining table with the bone casts)

HODGINS: They found traces of mercury fulminate in the lower extremities, higher concentration on the patellas and the greatest was where he was stabbed.

CLARK: So it was on the murder weapon.

HODGINS: Yeah, it looks that way. Any idea what kind of weapon it was?

CLARK: No, not yet. Whatever punctured the bone was rough, like a stick. And I've tried knives, awls, picks, but nothing matches. Who would use mercury fulminate?

HODGINS: It's used in neon lights, batteries, by taxidermists and at tanneries, and in the manufacture of explosives.

CLARK: Frampton has different companies. Maybe one of them uses mercury fulminate.

HODGINS: Yeah, I'll see what he owns.

CLARK: I'll look for any instruments found in those fields that could be used as a weapon.

(Cut to: A bar in London. Booth and Brennan are drinking beer. Booth is being served a fresh pint)

BOOTH: Ah, look at that, Bones, huh? I'm not saying that we should have a king or a queen or beheadings and all that jazz. I'm just saying, you know, calling someone, like uh-hey-Sir Seeley Booth? (Offering his class to cheer with Brennan's) Now, that is civilized. (They cling glasses)

BRENNAN: Oh, what makes you think that you would be knighted?

BOOTH: Come on. You're serious, right? Please.

(Pritchard enters the bar and walks up to Brennan and Booth)

PRITCHARD: Well, look at this. You two seem to be relaxing.

BOOTH: Yeah, I gotta tell you, I'm getting into it. You know, my head is feeling a little bit clearer, as chaotic as the English can be. So Pritch, tell me. You think I got what it takes to be a knight, right?

PRITCHARD: That's not your first pint, is it?


BRENNAN: Did you bring information on the case?

PRITCHARD: (taking out folder) I ran some checks on Saviours of Antiquity. Last year they were suspects in bombing of a new construction built on the site of a 13th-century church in Bayswater. Burnt it to the ground.

BRENNAN: Mercury fulminate.

PRITCHARD: I'm sorry?

BRENNAN: Used to manufacture explosive. The residue would be on the bombmakers and could have been transferred to Ian's stab wound.

BOOTH: Well, only two other members of the group were charged. Others were released. Look who they let go. (He shows her the file)


BOOTH: Yeah, who would be very angry that Wexler sold out the dig.

(Cut to: Oxford University Campus - London. Vera and Cyril are walking.)

CYRIL: I'm telling you Vera, there's nothing more to be done there. It's shut down. A week, maybe 10 days to clean up, and it's over.

VERA: So suddenly after two years?

(Booth and Pritchard approach)

BOOTH: Hey, Vera, Dr. Brennan wants to see you in the lab.

CYRIL: What, not me?

PRITCHARD: No Cyril, Dr. Brennan wants you to tell us about this. (she shows him his mug shot)

CYRIL: Saviours of Antiquity? Oh, Please!

PRITCHARD: Where were you on the night that Dr. Ian Wexler died?

VERA: You can't be serious.

BOOTH: Cyril finds out his professor is on the take and kills him.

CYRIL: I was in Wales, visiting my parents.

VERA: Cyril quit the Saviours years ago.

CYRIL: I joined mostly to meet women. I'm not a fanatic. (Booth and Pritchard still look suspicious) Call my mum. Ask her. Uh, we ate eel. It's my favorite dish.

(Cut to: Oxford University: Wexler's Lab. Brennan is examining Wexler's skeleton, looking at one specific piece of bone. Booth and Pritchard enter. Booth begins to imitate Frankenstein by grunting and sticking out his arms)

BOOTH: You think they ever made a Frankenstein in this place?

BRENNAN: No, Frankenstein was the doctor, not the monster.

BOOTH: Yeah, cause the other way around, that would make no sense. (Brennan looks up intensely) Bones, I know that look.

PRITCHARD: Me too. Whenever Ian had that look, it meant that things had just gotten more complicated.

BRENNAN: Clark just got the last of the casts and while he was finishing reconstructing the skeleton, he found an extra bone.

BOOTH: Wexler had an extra bone?

BRENNAN: No, no. It's a shattered section of a femur from someone else that the interns here didn't identify.

PRITCHARD: Well, every piece of bone you have here was found and cataloged at the scene.

BOOTH: Well, maybe he held on to it. Bone people like to hold on to bones.

BRENNAN: I think it's the murder weapon.

PRITCHARD: Seriously?

BRENNAN: The entry point of the stab wound is between T6 and T7 extending approximately 22 centimeters through the heart and lungs.

PRITCHARD: The killer used a bone to stab Ian.

BOOTH: Live by the bone, die by the bone. It's- (Brennan looks at Booth) Sorry.

PRITCHARD: It occurs to me that if we find the origin of the bone, then, well, we find the murderer.

BRENNAN: That's where the mercury comes in. This bone displays very high levels of mercury fulminate.

BOOTH: What does that mean Bones?

BRENNAN: Nothing.

PRITCHARD: That's very useful.

BRENNAN: I'm more interested in the fact that it's ossified.

PRITCHARD: That basically means that it's been turned to stone.

BOOTH: No, no. Don't you start explaining things to me now. (He moves around Pritchard and Brennan) Ok, what is the significance of that?

BRENNAN: It means it's over 2,000 years old.

PRITCHARD: I was already working at the top of my game knowing "ossified."

BRENNAN: 2,000 years old puts this bone firmly in the Bronze Age. The site.

PRITCHARD: Oh, my God. So this bone alone would have prevented Frampton from building his skyscrapers.


PRITCHARD: Perhaps the murderer used it to kill Ian as a kind of symbolic revenge for signing the writ.

BRENNAN: That makes sense.

BOOTH: No, it doesn't make sense. Nobody just kills somebody with a bone symbolically, not even in England.

PRITCHARD: So, what then, Agent Booth?

BOOTH: Well, you have the fire, the cigarette. It was all set out of panic. The killer didn't act symbolically. He acted out of rage.

(Cut to: Royal Diner. Angela and Hodgins are sitting at a table eating)

ANGELA: Sweets is actually good at his job.

HODGINS: I know, right? I mean, did you understand that you weren't actually mad at Cam?

ANGELA: No, actually, I was mad at her. I mean, you don't have s*x with someone and then expect everything to be fine.

HODGINS: Yeah, not when they're supposed to be gone and out of our lives. That is not fine.

ANGELA: No, it definitely is not.

HODGINS: Why? You're divorced. Why aren't you fine with Cam sleeping with him?

ANGELA: Well, for the same reason you aren't fine with him still being in town.

HODGINS: But if everything's over with him, wh-why do you care who he sleeps with?

ANGELA: Why do you care that he's still in town?

HODGINS: I don't care.

ANGELA: Obviously you do. If you were 100% certain of me, you wouldn't care. But you do.

HODGINS: If you were 100% certain you didn't want him, you wouldn't care that Cam slept with him.

(A long pause)

ANGELA: You don't trust me.

HODGINS: (pausing) Saying that means you don't trust me. (scoffs)

ANGELA: How can two people who don't trust each other get married?

HODGINS: I thought we did trust each other.

ANGELA: Yeah, I did too. Two people who don't trust each other shouldn't be together at all.

HODGINS: You really think that?

ANGELA: Don't you?

HODGINS: I mean, yeah, I-I do. I mean, I actually do think that, but-(pauses) Oh, my god.


HODGINS: I don't know what happened.

ANGELA:I don't either. But I know it did happen. I'm gonna-I'm gonna go. (she stands to leave) You know, all you had to do was trust me.

HODGINS: Hey, you're the one that's leaving.

ANGELA: (shaking her head) You're the one that isn't stopping me. (She leaves)

(Cut to: Frampton Dig Site - London. Cyril and Vera are leading Booth, Brennan and Pritchard through the dig site to the area Dr. Wexler was working on)

CYRIL: Dr. Wexler would have told us about a find this important.

BOOTH: Yeah, unless he wanted to keep the money.

PRITCHARD: Dr. Brennan, why are we here?

BRENNAN: This was farmland, a stable for over 200 years.

VERA: Oh, in the 18th and 19th centuries. So?

BRENNAN: No mercury. But in the 17th century, there was an inn over there (points to another part of the dig site) and a tannery right there.

CYRIL: One of the oldest tanneries in Kensington. (Realization hits his face) Oh, my god.

VERA: What?

BRENNAN: That's right.

CYRIL: Mercury fulminate. It's used in tanning. The tannery was here for over a hundred years. Mercury would have seeped into the soil and contaminated whatever it touched.

BRENNAN: Why is this area covered? (She heads down to the dig area. Booth follows.)

CYRIL: Vera, you supervised that part of the dig.

VERA: Uh, nothing was found there. Dr. Wexler told us to move on. (Vera, Cyril and Pritchard follow Booth and Brennan)

BRENNAN: Booth, will you help me? (points to the wooden pieces covering the site.)

BOOTH: Yeah, I got it. (They lift the wood off the tarps. Brennan throws back the tarp)

BRENNAN: The soil should be loose from the excavation.

CYRIL: It's been packed down.

PRITCHARD: Mmm, covered by wooden palettes.

CYRIL: Vera, what's going on?

VERA: Nothing, I told you. Dr. Wexler instructed me to move on.

BRENNAN: (picking a piece of bone from the dirt) Another ossified bone chip. This is a Bronze Age site.

BOOTH: (to Vera) You live for this. Why'd you cover it up?

VERA: I didn't do anything. Cyril, tell them. (Cyril stays silent) We've been working together two years trying to make this find.

BRENNAN: The bone had no hilt. She would have scraped her palm if she stabbed him.

(Vera tries to hide her hand behind her back)

PRITCHARD: (scoffs) You two are very, very good.

BOOTH: We're the best. (Vera tries to escape. Brennan trips her and she lands face first in the dig site) Good job, Bones. Come on. Up you go, Vera. (Booth picks her up)

VERA: You don't understand.

BOOTH: Can I have some cuffs please? (Pritchard hands him a pair of handcuffs)

VERA: You don't understand what Ian wanted to do.

BOOTH: You kill Wexler so you could keep the money for yourself?

VERA: Ian wanted to give the money back. Don't you understand?

BRENNAN: Not at all.

PRITCHARD: I'm afraid I do. It was Ian through and through. He happily accepted the bribe money when there was no reason to be bribed. But the minute they found something, he got all noble and principled and-and wanted to return the money.

CYRIL: It would have ruined his career.

VERA: Yeah, and mine too. Don't you see? He never thought of that.

BRENNAN: So, Ian was a good man, really?

PRITCHARD: A relatively good man. (sighs) Which was good enough for some of us.

(Cut to: Medico-Legal Lab. Angela's Office. The beep of a voice mail is heard. Angela is on the phone)

BRENNAN'S VOICEMAIL: Technically, you have not reached Temperance Brennan. But if you leave a message, it will reach her-me-Temperance Brennan. (phone beeps)

ANGELA:Hey, sweetie, it's me. Hodgins and I broke up, and, uh, I won't really know why until I speak to you. So, I'm just gonna crawl into bed until you get home, and then we can-(she stops, pauses and hangs up. Grayson enters)

GRAYSON: Angela.

ANGELA:Oh, God. (laughs) You again.

GRAYSON: I heard you broke up with the small angry man. So before I leave, I want to ask you one more time.

ANGELA:No. No one gets me. I'm nobody's.

GRAYSON: I understand. Perhaps you can drive me to the airport?

CAM: (entering) That's some kind of code for you, isn't it?

SWEETS: (entering) Maybe I should take him.

CLARK: (entering with labcoat, ID and keys in hand) No. I'll take him. (he hands the items to Cam)

CAM: What's this?

CLARK: Look, it's been very interesting working here. But, I'm a man of science and this place is just-

GRAYSON: It's very dramatic.

CLARK: Well said. I just want to work in a regular lab, you know? (turning to Grayson) So you want that ride or not?

CAM: Yes, he does.

(Grayson looks at Angela once more. She sighs. He exits with Clark. Angela sighs again.)

(Cut to: Oxford University Dining Hall. Booth and Brennan are sitting at a long table, finishing up their breakfast)

BOOTH: You know, Wexler was kind of like a Robin Hood kind of a character-steal from the rich.

BRENNAN: I turned down my chance to sleep with Robin Hood?

BOOTH: Sometimes you just take the oddest leap. (Pritchard approaches them, carrying something)

BOOTH: (in an English accent) Hey, Pritch. Cheerio, mate. (He smiles and turns to Brennan, proud of himself)

PRITCHARD: "Hello" is fine. (Picking up a knife) On behalf of her Majesty the Queen of England (she taps Booth on each shoulder) I dub you Sir Seeley Booth (she puts down the knife and places a ribbon over Booth's neck) Knight of the Realm.


BRENNAN: (reading the ribbon) "Official Junior Knight"

BOOTH: Eh? Look at that. Wait a second. That's from a toy store.

PRITCHARD: It doesn't mean you're not Sir Galahad.

BOOTH: Thanks.

BRENNAN: I'm sorry about Ian.

PRITCHARD: (pauses) Me too. It was a real honor working with you both.

BOOTH: Same here. (Brennan nods as well)

PRITCHARD: If you need a lift to the airport-

BOOTH: Bones-She got us a limo.

PRITCHARD: Of course.

BOOTH: But if you're ever in the colonies.

PRITCHARD: It would be lovely. (She exits)

BRENNAN: (hitting Booth's leg) She likes you.


BRENNAN: Yes! And she's very sexual.

BOOTH: Enough. It's just-(laughs) Stop. I'm gonna miss this place. (They look around the hall) This is definitely not a diner.

BRENNAN: Come on. (they begin to stand) We should go before someone else gets killed.

BOOTH: Yeah, you're right. (clears throat) Here we go. Oh! (he sticks out his arm for her) My arm?

BRENNAN: Thank you. (she takes it) Thank you Sir Seeley.

BOOTH: Ah, (in an Australian accent, thinking its English) Pleasure, Lady Temperance.

BRENNAN: (laughing) You sound Australian.

BOOTH: I don't sound Australian (they walk out bickering about his accent.)