Winnie the Pooh Springtime with Roo is a 2004 animated film.

Transcript Edit

[the camera points to a window then to a child's bedroom.]

Narrator: This could be the room of any small boy but it just happens to belong to a boy named Christopher Robin like any small child Christopher Robin had toy animals to play with and together they shared many exciting and unusual adventures.

[before he could open the book, it hops.]

Narrator: Oh, err.... Hmm, err.... where was I.... oh... yes they shared many exciting and unusual

[Suddenly the book hops again]

Narrator: [confused] Hmm? what is going on here? hello is anyone there?

[Suddenly Roo pop out of the book and opens it with Ernest a sheperd drawlings of Pooh Tigger Piglet and Eeyore shouting]

Roo: Yaa-hoo! Hi, Mr. Narrator.

Narrator: [CHUCKLES] Hello, Roo.

Roo: Are you gonna tell a story about Winnie the Pooh? And Piglet?

Narrator: Well, not exactly. Although I can assure you,they'll be joining us very soon.

Roo: Then it must be about my best bouncing buddy, Tigger.

Narrator: Ah, Tigger's right in the thick of things, as always.But this story isn't really about them.

Roo: Oh, then who's it about?

Narrator: Actually,the story begins with you.

Roo: Me? No way!

Narrator: Yes way

Kanga: Roo, dear, your breakfast is getting cold.

Roo: That's my mama. I gotta go. Oh! See you later!

Narrator: [chuckles] See you in a few pages. [he turns the page to the title then turns the next page.] Our story begins on a fine spring day in the Hundred Acre Wood.And on that quiet and peaceful morning, the only sounds to be hardware the chirping of the birds,the buzzing of the bees, and...

Roo: Today's the day! It's finally here. Easter!

Narrator: [CHUCKLES] Perhaps I'll just let Roo take it from here.

Roo: I'm going to Rabbit's for the Easter egg hunt, Mama.

Kanga: It certainly is a beautiful day for it.

Roo: Me and Tigger are gonna find every egg in the Hundred Acre Wood.

Kanga: I'm sure you will, dear, but first come and eat your breakfast.

Roo: If I find any pink eggs,I'm giving them to Piglet. The pink ones are his favorite.

Kanga: How sweet of you! You're gonna make him very happy.

Roo: I sure hope so. And I'm gonna bring you a blue one,'cause those are the prettiest.

Kanga: [LAUGHS] Well, you better eat up then. You can't hunt eggs on an empty stomach.

Roo: That's what Winnie the Pooh says, too.

Kanga: And he's exactly right. So, you can go just as soon as you're finished.

Roo: All done!


Roo: Hoo-hoo! Happy Easter, Tigger!

Tigger: You bounced me good, Roo boy. Whatcha got in the bag?Just a little something to help you find Eastery eggs.First a compass, so you'll know where you are.A backpack for Eastery eggs. Rope for whatnots, and in case you don't need a knot.Some of this, some of that. Can't forget this, little extra of that. Ah!Different holiday.Of course, you gotta have one of these.In short, everything you need but Roo.- Roo? Roo? Roo?- [CHUCKLES]Here I am, Tigger.Oh, there you are!You're getting kinda big, kiddo.Now let's get going.Goodbye, dears. Have fun.[CHUCKLES] Oh! She called us "dears."Goodbye, Mrs. Kanga, ma'am.Um, ah. Oh!And hello, too. I guess.

Narrator: [laughs] Now, I promised that Winnie the Pooh would be in this story.And here he is now.

Pooh: [HUMMING]- Oh, hello, Piglet.- Oh, hello, Pooh. I'm glad I ran into you. Because now we can go to Rabbit's house together.I can't wait to see what he's doing for Easter.Yes, Piglet, especially if there's honey.My tummy and I have been so looking forward to this day. [sniffs] Ah. Even you must be happy on a day like this, Eeyore.Positively tickled pink.Oh, just like Piglet.[LAUGHING] I do love Easter.All the flowers are blooming.And the bees are busy buzzing for honey.- Yep. Makes me feel downright...

[Tigger pounces on Eeyore.]

Tigger: Hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo!

Eeyore: Peaceful.

Pooh: Oh, hello, Tigger.

Tigger: Don't you mean, "Happy Easter"? And if that is what you mean,you know what that means.

[Roo pounces on Eeyore.]

Roo: Hoo-hoo! We get to go hunt Eastery eggs.With my special pink Easter basket.And my lovely Easter honey pot. Wouldn't be Easter without my super stripety Eastery egg.Or my fluffy bunny ears.Well, what are we waiting for? Stop your talking and start your walking. We're hunting eggs today[ALL] We're hunting eggs today and I can hardly wait for what we'll find there We're hunting eggs today[ALL] We're hunting eggs today the easter bunny's left a lot behind there

Roo: Red ones, blue ones

Piglet: Yellow, pink and green

Pooh: Purple polka-dotted ones

Eeyore: Even tangerine

Tigger: A bouncy strippety-stripedy one, I bet you've never seen! We're hunting eggs today

[ALL] We're hunting eggs today And that's our favorite way[ALL] And that's our favorite way To spend a flippity-floppity Hippity hoppity Happy...

Rabbit: Spring Cleaning Day! Oh, it's Spring Cleaning Day,everyone.

Tigger: That wasn't quite what I had in mind.

Roo: But, Rabbit, don't you remember what today is? Yeah, we're supposed to be celebrating...

Rabbit: Spring Cleaning Day, that's what I said.

Piglet: [STAMMERS] But, Rabbit, aren't you forgetting something? Your detailed list of chores and duties. I've got it right here.

Pooh: But, Rabbit, today's the day that I always get my very special...

Rabbit: Mop and bucket, that's right, Pooh. Now, step lively, everyone. Can't afford to dilly-dally. You've got a lot of work to do.

Roo: Ah, you fooled us good, Rabbit. Now, we can go celebrate...

Rabbit: Enough chit-chat, Roo. [LAUGHS]This is no time for fun and games. No, no.

Roo: But it's such a pretty day outside.

Rabbit: Yes, and it will be just as pretty inside. As long as you all do exactly as I say.Oh, pay attention now, everyone.The theme for this year is,"Spic and Span for Spring."Kinda catchy, if I do say so myself. Now, if you'd all direct your attention to this scale model I've created. Oh, please excuse the rudimentary workmanship.I just threw it together at the last minute. When I give the signal,you will disperse to your assigned cleaning stations. Tigger, Piglet, Pooh.You'll dust, sweep, mop and scrub.And don't spare the soap.You can never be too clean,you know.On the floor, go with the grain.Always...You don't suppose this could be a honey pot? Do you? No, Pooh, I don't suppose.Empty. Not even a smackerel. And Eeyore, your job is to sweep all the soot out of the chimney.

Eeyore: Thanks for noticing me.

Pooh: [ECHOING] I beg your pardon, Rabbit.

Rabbit: Yes. What is it, Pooh?

Pooh: Well, this honey pot appears to be rather, um, empty.

Rabbit: That's because it's not a honey pot, Pooh. It's a bucket.

Pooh: Oh, bother. Because if it were a honey pot, I should fill it with honey.

Rabbit: No, no, no honey! Honey's no good for anything but making messes!

Pooh: And eating, Rabbit.

Rabbit: Doh! Mm... On second thought, Pooh, I'm going to promote you to supervisor.

Tigger: Hey! Congratulations, Mr. Super-de-dupervisor!

Piglet: Oh, how exciting, Pooh!

Pooh: Yes, it is exciting! [CHUCKLES] What is a supervisor, Rabbit?

Rabbit: A supervisor is someone who sits right here and doesn't cause trouble.

Pooh: Ah, Rabbit, it's no trouble at all.[CHUCKLES]

Rabbit: [GROANS]

Roo: Can I ask a question?

Rabbit: Oh, yes, Roo. I almost forgot. I've given you the simplest task of all.You're to clean the closet.All you have to do is organize, sanitize and alphabetize every box and leave the mall neatly closed, dusted and placed at right angles on the shelf.


Rabbit: Very well. You have your orders.Now, I expect this place to be spotless when I get back!

Piglet: Where will you be, Rabbit?

Rabbit: Tidying up in the garden.

Roo: Outside? Can I help?

Rabbit: No, Roo. No, no. Better leave it to me and me alone. Now, to work, everyone!

Roo: Rabbit, wait! What about...Easter.

Narrator: As you can see, Rabbit didn't pay attention to what anyone else wanted. Only to what he wanted. That's why he was happiest of all, out here in his garden,where nobody could question his orders and everything would be just so.

Rabbit: Good morning, Franklin.Oh, and you're looking well,Frederick.[SIGHS, SMACKS]There you go, Belinda.- Snug as a bug in a rug.


Rabbit: Hmm? What? Oh, no! Oh, no, no! Oh, no, get out! Shoo! All of you! Shoo! Shoo!


Rabbit: [LAUGHS] Much better.[HUMMING] Hm? Uh-hmm. Mm-hmm.

Narrator: Rabbit weeded and swept and raked all the way from page 122, to a rather immaculate page 127. Meanwhile, back inside...

Tigger: Ohhh! Cleanin' up the cobwebs Is what Tiggers do the bestest Bouncin' high into the sky to get up where the mess is now I don't wanna boast But what I really must confess is That cleanin' up the cobwebs Is what Tiggers do the bestest! All together now!Or not.Why so glum, chums?Didn't think I looked so glum.I miss my Easter honey pot.And I especially miss the honey that comes with it.And I miss my pink Easter basket.Oh, come on, fellas.Let's get to saniterisin' and niftyifyin'. We don't want to letol' Rabbit down now, do we?I guess not.What're we waiting for? Let's hop to it! Yeah. Let's hop to it.Just like the Easter bunny![CHUCKLES]Just like the Easter...Hey, Roo boy, you made a funny.A, uh, Bunny funny!

Pooh: Did someone mention honey?

Roo: Come on, Tigger. We gotta spring into action!

Tigger: Attaboy, Roo boy! We'll have this place spiffy in a jiffy! And, uh...Uh, okay, maybe two jiffies.

Pooh: Ah-choo! Gesundheit, Pooh! [GRUNTS] This cleanin' stuffsure is dirty business! Say, how you comin' in there, Roo boy?

Roo: Almost done! Just one more box.

Narrator: Tigger and the gang were cleaning up quite a storm.However, as they swept the dust out of the corners,they swept it right into Winnie the Pooh.

Pooh: [SNEEZES] Oh, bother.Sniffley-sniffWhistley-wheeze Here it comes A great big sneeze I feel it in My ears and kneesHere it comes A great big sneeze!Oh![HIGH-PITCHED SNEEZE] Ah.I close my eyes and wiggle my nose And I itch and scrunch my face I shiver and shakedown to my toes And wave my arms all over the place!Oh, goodness! Sniffley-sniff Whistley-wheeze Here it comes A great big sneeze I feel it in My ears and knees Here it comes A great...Big...[SHUDDERS][STAMMERS] Oh, dear!

Tigger: [GASPS] Better hang on to somethin'! I think he's gonna blow!

Pooh: Ah-choo!

Narrator: Winnie the Pooh sneezed the biggest sneeze that had ever been sneezed in the Hundred Acre Wood!

Pooh: Piglet? Stuff and fluff. Piglet? Excuse me, Mr. Dust Bunny? Did you perchance see my friend Piglet?

Piglet: Ooh. It's me, Pooh.

Pooh: Oh. [LAUGHS] So it is.

Piglet: Where's Tigger?


Pooh: Found him.

Tigger: Hi!

Pooh: Eeyore, where are you? Oh, there he is! Are you all right, Eeyore?

Eeyore: Been better.Been worse, too.

Tigger: Hey, where's Roo?Yoo-hoo, Roo!

Roo: In here, Tigger!

Tigger: Oh, what is all this stuff? [GASPING]Wait a cotton-pickin' second.That's Rabbit's Easter Bunny hat!

Piglet: And look! I found your Easter honey pot, Pooh!

Pooh: And I believe this is your favorite Easter basket, Piglet!

Eeyore: And my fluffy bunny ears.

Roo: Here's your stripedy Easter egg, Tigger!

Tigger: Hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo! Roo boy, you found our old Easter decorations! Yeah,they were hidden way up there.I did the biggest bounce ever to reach 'em! Maybe Rabbit couldn't find them,and that's why he forgot about Easter.Well, now that we have every thing,why don't we surprise him? We could paint Easter eggs! And fill honey pots! Sounds awfully festive.And then can we have an Easter egg hunt? Can we, huh?You're way ahead of me,Roo boy!No, I'm not, Tigger! I'm right here beside you! So you are! So you are! Now, you do remember what to do with all this Eastery stuff, don't you?I kinda sorta do.Oh, right. That's on account of because you only did it once,when you were an even littler little fella. Come here, you! Allow us to remember you all there is to know about havin' fun at Easter!Hold on to your socks And open up the box The streamers and the sparkles and confetti All the stuff we need for gettin' ready For the biggest thing We've seen this spring!This place could use some bounce In extra large amounts We'll decorate it super great and then We'll be set for Easter once again!Then we'll have a bright and sunny Honey of an Easter With painted eggs and jellybeans, too!Of all the fun and neat stuff The candy and the sweet stuff My favorite Easter wish'll come true When I share this Easter day with you!Tell me more, Tigger!Tell me more.Well, Roo boy, I almost forgot the most importantest part.'Cause what I like most about Easter Is the way we show our pals that we care For the fun never ends When you give to your friends And you share the wonder of a [ALL] Bright and sunny honey of an Easter With painted eggs and jellybeans, too!- Of all the fun and neat stuff- The candy and the sweet stuff?My favorite Easter wish'll come true!

All: When we share this Easter day with you

Roo: Lots of fun and neat stuff The candy and the sweet stuff...

Rabbit: [HUMMING]

Tigger: Hunt for eggs and chase balloons And shout "hip-hip-hooray!"

Rabbit: [HUMMING]

All: ...Day with you

Roo: Yeah! [GIGGLES]

Rabbit: [GASPS] Ah? Huh? [GASPS]

Roo: Happy Easter, Rabbit!

Rabbit: [WHIMPERS]


Rabbit: Easter? Easter?

Roo: Sure, you remember Easter, don't you? You know, with jelly beans and Easter baskets and a great big Easter egg hunt?

Rabbit: Well, Roo, [gulps] I'm afraid you've been terribly misinformed. Why, this is Spring Cleaning Day. And you've all ruined it! I don't believe it. I told you exactly what to do. And you didn't do any of it!

Roo: But, Rabbit...

Rabbit: Not another word. I want you all out of here at once. Out!- Out!

Pooh: But...

Rabbit: All of you, out! [slams the door.]


Rabbit: I'll take that! [SIGHS] That went well.Maybe we should've sung itin a different key.I don't think so, Tigger.I don't think Rabbit wants us to sing anything.Now that you mention it,I'm startin' to get the feelin' Rabbit doesn't wanna celebrate Easter...[GULPS] At all!Huh?[SIGHS]Ah, Easter.Humph!Guess there's nothing left to do but go home then.[sighs] Come on, Roo boy.Roo?Oh, Roo, there you are.You wanna go bouncing?Ah, no, thanks.I don't feel like it.Look on the bright side, at least you don't have to do anymore springity cleanin'.What are we gonna do about Rabbit?He did get pretty hot and bothery. Tigger?Why is Rabbit so unhappy?I kinda got the compression it had something to do with this Eastery stuff.Does this mean we're not gonnado Eastery stuff anymore?What? Not do Eastery stuff?[CHUCKLES]Why, of course we're gonna do Eastery stuff!All we gotta do is stuff that is, per se...Eastery in nature, which would necessitate the doage of...[SOBBING] We're never ever gonna get to do Eastery stuff again! But why not?Why not? "Why not?"you ask.Actually,that's a good question.And I know just who to ask it to, too!- Hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo!- You're gonna go talk to Rabbit?Why, Roo boy, I'm gonna hit him with all the powerses of my persuasion.If that doesn't work, I'll justrely on my irresistibibble charm!Do you really think you can change his mind?Do I?>Everything changesin springitytime.Cocoonses become flutterbies.Seeds become flowers.And little Roosbecome bigger Roos.- [LAUGHS]- Anyone can change. Even Rabbit.If we had Easter again,we could make everyone happy!Attaboy, Roo boy! I'll get everybody together while you go talk to Rabbit!And I'm not comin' back until I come back...Or Rabbit gives us Easter back!Whichever comes first!Okay! See you later! If I don't see you sooner!Hiya, Mama.Roo? You're home already?Uh-huh, Rabbit canceled Easter.Huh?I'm so sorry, dear.I know how much you were looking for ward to your Easter egg hunt.It's not just me.Everyone's sad.I see. You seem to be taking it rather well, though.That's 'cause me and Tiggerare gonna fix everything.And then you'll have your Easter egg hunt? I don't mind if we never hunt for eggs, Mama.I just want to give every body a happy Easter.- Is that okay?- I think that's wonderful.We'll practice doing Easter stuff till Tigger comes back.That ought to cheer everybody up.

Narrator: So Roo ventured off to gather his friends and bring them home to practice for Easter. Meanwhile, Tigger had gone back to have a word with Rabbit.The only problem was, he couldn't make up his mind which word to have.

Tigger: Okay, let's see...Uh, Rabbit, I...You...Well, when...Oh!I just gotta get this right for Roo boy. Okay, self, pull yourself together.You just gotta be cool,calm, and collectivated. [CLEARS THROAT] Rabbit, old friend, I have a matter of grave importance to discuss with you.Oh, that's it! Hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo! Apparently, bein' cool, calm and collectivated is yet another thing that Tiggers do the...[GRUNTING] Rabbit!

Rabbit: [SCREAMS]- What is it?

Tigger: Rabbit! Go away. Ah, what do you want from me?

Tigger: [GROANING]

Rabbit: Ah, no!

Tigger: Rabbit!

Rabbit: Who are you?

Tigger: Rabbit!

Rabbit: Ah! No!

Tigger: It's me. Tigger!


Tigger: Ah, gee, Long Ears.You look like you just saw a ghost.- Maybe you better sit down.- No, I think I better...Wait a minute.Wait a minute! Tigger! What on Earth are you doing here?- Eh...- Well? Rabbit, I... I mean, you...- When...- What? Roo's really upset about what happened today!Oh, I see. Roo's upset?What about me?Look at all this mess you've causedon Spring Cleaning Day, no less.I'm not talking about Springity Cleanin' Day.I'm talkin' about...

Rabbit: Don't say it, Tigger. Do not say that word in my house.

Tigger: [SPITS] What word?- I refuse to say it.If you won't tell me whatword I'm not supposed to say,then how am I gonna know not to say it?Let's see, is it...- Carrots?

Rabbit: No!

Tigger: Rutabagas?

Rabbit: No!

Tigger: Thingama-whatchama-higgity-jigs?

Rabbit: That's not even a word!

Tigger: Onomatopoeia? And that is a word.

Rabbit: Why would you ever say that?

Tigger: Why wouldn't you say it?Onomatopoeia, onomatopoeiaAll I wanna be is an onomatopoeia

Rabbit: Easter! The word is Easter!

Tigger: That was gonna be my next guess.

Rabbit: Tigger, would you please just leave?Come on, Rabbit. Aren't we never ever gonna have another Eastery egg hunt again?No, not never, ever.Never again![GASPS]But you used to love Easter!Says who?[NARRATOR CLEARS THROAT]I beg your pardon, Rabbit.You did used to love Easter.

Tigger: Yeah! Says him.[GROANS]

Rabbit: I don't believe you.I don't believe either of you.

Narrator: Then perhaps you should see for yourself. Don't you remember what happened back in Chapter 3?

Tigger: Hey, that's right!

Rabbit: What are you talking about?

Tigger: Come on, I'll show you.

Narrator: And so, Tigger took Rabbit back in time, into the past.Past Chapters 23 and 21.

Tigger: Whew. It used to be around here somewheres.

Narrator: Just a bit farther back, Tigger.

Tigger: Oh! Mucho obligado,Mr. Narrator, sir.

Narrator: [CHUCKLES] You're quite welcome.

[Tigger lifts the page.]


Narrator: And so they arrived at Chapter 3, in which Rabbit organizes avery organized Easter celebration.

Rabbit: Oh, my! Look at that! [HUMMING]

Tigger: Hey, look! I made a rainbow!

Rabbit: No, you didn't. A rainbow goes like this. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet. See? All the colors are in their proper order.

Tigger: Well, maybe this is a different kind of rainbow.

Rabbit: There's only one kind of rainbow, Tigger.The right kind. [GASPS] Pooh! The jellybeans are for decorating, not for eating!

Pooh: Bother.

Rabbit: [CLEARS THROAT] Oh! I have an idea.Since this is Roo's first Easter in the Hundred Acre Wood,why don't all of you go get our special guest,while I stay here and make everything perfect? Hmm?

Tigger: Yes sir,General Long Ears, sir! Come on, fellas.Hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo!

Rabbit: Hmm, hmm.Oh, it's flawless. Precise.Why, it's an absolutely perfect Easter.And why shouldn't it be? I was the Easter bunny.

Tigger: Of course you were, Long Ears.Hoo-hoo-hoo. It'd be kinda ridickerous to have an Easter Tigger, wouldn't it?

Rabbit: Yes, it would,as a matter of fact.You see,when I was the Easter bunny,Easter was a sheer delight.I created the plans and organized the schedule,and everyone did exactly what I told them to do.I loved being the Easter bunny.

Tigger: Sounds like you do miss Easter.

Rabbit: What?

Tigger: It's okay. We all miss it. Especially little Roo.Come on. Let's give 'em back their Easter celebration! What do you say? Come on, Ra-Ra.

Rabbit: Ra-Ra? Ra-Ra? My name is Rabbit! And I most certainly do not miss Easter.

Tigger: Oh, but look. Look. You used to love being the Eastery bunny.You were the head bunny in charge!

Rabbit: Yes, and that's why I liked it.But I certainly don't like it anymore.

Tigger: But on account of why?

Rabbit: I had Roo's first Easter planned to perfection, until you had to get involved.

Tigger: I remember it like it was only last year.

Rabbit: It was only last year.

Tigger: It's all coming back to me now. Happy Easter,Mrs. Kanga, ma'am.

Kanga: Well, happy Easter, everyone.

Roo: Hiya. Tigger!

Tigger: Morning, little bouncin' buddy.- What are you doing?- I'm helpin' Mama unpack![SIGHS] We're down to the last boxes.Why don't we take the littlenipper over to Rabbit's for a great big Eastery egg hunt?

Roo: Can I, Mama? Can I?Ah, Oh![GASPS]- [GASPS]- Oh, dear!Well done, Kanga.

Kanga: I think I could spare him for a few hours.

Tigger: Okey-dokey, Roo boy! Are you ready for your very first Eastery egg hunt?

Roo: You bet! Um, Tigger, what's an Eastery egg hunt?

Tigger: Why, an Eastery egg hunt is practically the mostest fun a littlenipper can have is all! Or even a big nipper, too!

Roo: Are Easter eggs hard to catch?

Tigger: No. Hoo-hoo-hoo. You just gotta have the right technique. First, you sneak up on 'em, like a great big sneakity-snake,and then you bounce!- Hiya, Long Ears!

Rabbit: Tigger.

Roo: Hi, Mr. Rabbit.

Tigger: Hoo-hoo. Taught him everything he knows.

Rabbit: That explains a lot.

Tigger: Happy Easter, Easter bunny. Won't be so happy if I don't get these supplies in order. We're already ten minutes behind schedule! [GASPS] No, no, no!What do you think you're doing?

Piglet: Making Easter eggs.

Rabbit: But you're going completely out of order.

Roo: Hey, this looks like fun.

Rabbit: It isn't fun. It's Easter!Aw, go easy on him.It's his very firstest Easter celebration, you know.Yes, yes, of course I know.That's why I want everything to be perfect.Oh, come on, Rabbit.He's really got his little heart set on this.Let him hunt just one Eastery egg.But they aren't even decorated yet.You're right. We'll hunt them first and decorate them later.Good idea, Tigger! Then we wouldn't have to worry about grass stains on our colored eggs.Have you all gone mad?You can't possibly do these things out of order.I don't mind if it's not decorated.No! No! No!Perhaps I should explain to our new guest how we do things around here.For our yearly Easter fun We use the checklist, number one We get the eggs, then we lay them out Like so, number two We color them and dye them Then we take them out and dry them And we line them up precisely In a row Next we stack them and we pack them Make a list so we can track them Tie the ribbons,stuff the baskets When it's done Then we count them out precisely And we decorate them nicely And when all of that is finished We'll have fun'Cause that's the way It must be done, see From step one, see,that's how we win We have to be aware to Start to prepare to Commence to get ready to begin!Oh, dear.Now, shall we get to work?Me, first.I have all the jobs assigned here on my clipboard.- I'll take this one.- I'll do the basket.Wait a minute.- I'll paint this red!- No, blue!- I'll take this egg!- No, that's for Pooh.- I'll use this brush.- That's not for you.- I'll tie the bow.

Rabbit: No, that's for Roo.

Eeyore: What do you want me to do?

Rabbit: You take the scissors and the glue.

Tigger: How 'bout we paint this something new, like maybe stripes!

Piglet: Me, too!

Rabbit: No, no, no, no! Stop having fun! We have to systemize, prioritizeCoordinate and organize or else we'll never ever get this done! We need order, concentration This situation needs focus, control We're painting and drying and packing and tying get together or we'll never reach the goal!

Tigger: I'll paint this red

Rabbit: We need order- Or maybe blue- Concentration- I'll stuff the baskets!- I'll dry these two- I'll tie the ribbon- Painting, drying- I'll write the card- Packing, tying

Tigger: We can do it, nothing to it

Roo: Look at us We're almost through it- I got the baskets.- Stripes.

Rabbit: You're not doing it right! Hold on. Stop! There! Do you see what you were doing? Well, ain't it oblivious?Everybody was havin' fun!Humph. Is that so? Oh, I see your point.- Everybody was havin' fun but you.- [GASPS]But there was plenty of fun to go around.What did you have to stop us for?[STAMMERS]Well, I didn't have a choice.It was complete and utter chaos.A disaster in the making.Yes, yes, that's it.You were completely out of control.That's why I had to put my foot down.I think you all need a remedial lesson on the rules of Easter!There certainly are an awful lot of rules, Rabbit. Well I'm sorry. But I'm the Easter bunny, so I make the rules! And rule number one is, the Easter egg hunt does not begin until the Easter bunny says so!That, of course, would be, uh...Me.Where did they get off to now?- Found another!- Good boy!Oh, how pretty.

Roo: Hey, look! Here's some more.

Eeyore: Prettiest egg I ever saw.

Tigger: Boy, you're a good Eastery egg finder. Watch this, guys![HUMMING]Nice catch there, Roo boy.Just lucky, I guess!Luck had nothing to do with it.Just look at all them eggsies.[LAUGHS]Roo boy, you are a natural.I did it just like you taught me.First, you sneak up on 'em,and then you bounce! Just like I taught him.[SOBS]

Roo: Look, look! Another one!

Eeyore: I think I found another one.

Piglet: Come on, Roo!

Roo: Over there.

Tigger: Here, I found one, too.

Roo: Here's some more.Hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo!Hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo!Here's some more!So many eggs!Mm, yes, and so much honey![CHUCKLES]Kinda tickles.Roo boy, I think you're just aboutthe bestest Eastery egg hunter, ever!And you gave me the greatest Easter, Tigger! So, I guess that makes youthe best Easter bunny ever.

Rabbit: But what about me?-

Roo: Hooray for Tigger!I'm the Easter bunny!You're bunny number one.

Eeyore:Hooray.How could they have Easter without me?

Tigger: Well, anybody could have done it.

Roo: Three cheers for Tigger.[GRUNTING]Every spring,I look forward toone thing most of all.Being the Easter bunny.You took that away from me.Well, we... We never meant to hurt you, Rabbit.We were just trying to give Roo a happy Easter.I mean, didn't you want to give him a happy Easter, too?Go away, Tigger.I want to be alone.Well, I guess I better tell Roo the bad news.We're never going to have another Eastery egg hunt...[GULPS]Again.- [NARRATOR] Rabbit.

Rabbit: What?Why are you following me? What do you want?Would you like to see more?No, I've seen enough.I want to go home.Very well, Rabbit. Go on then.While Rabbit makes his way home,perhaps we should also return to the present day.It seems that while we were away,Roo and the gang have been hard at work!-

Kanga: Roo, dear.

Roo: Hi, Mama.I thought you might like a break.What exactly are you doing?- We're getting ready for Easter!- [GRUNTING]

Kanga: Is that a rock?Well, we were all out of eggs.So we're hunting for Easter rocks instead!My goodness,you've certainly been busy!We're practicing,so when Tigger gets back,we'll be ready to goon our Easter egg hunt.Guess you could call it spring training.Look, Mama!We even made new decorations.The old decorations kinda got broken by Rabbit.Oh. So, when does the official celebration begin?

Roo: As soon as Tigger gets back from Rabbit's.[GASPS] There he is! Tigger!Oof! Did you talk to him? Did ya?Yeah, we kinda sorta talked.So, we're gonna have Easter now.Right, Tigger?Tigger?Well, it's probably best to get right to the point in the most briefest and directificated manner possible, so...Um, the answer is no.Does that mean Rabbit's still not happy?But, Why?Well, you see, when we did the Eastery egg hunt without him,we took away Rabbit's most special Eastery thing of all.

Pooh: So now, I'll never see my Easter honey pot?

Piglet: Or my very special Easter basket?

Eeyore: Or my fluffy bunny ears?

Tigger: Or my strippety-stripedy Eastery egg, either.[SOBS]I'm really sorry, Roo boy.

Roo: There's gotta be something we can do.Right?

Pooh: Why, of course there is! We just have to think of it first.Think, think...Think... Think...- Think, think...- Um...- Think. Think. Think.- Think! Think! Think! Think, think.- Think! Think! Think! Think!- Think. Think.

Narrator: [chuckles] Ah, there you are, Rabbit.Welcome back to the present.We've been waiting for you.Oh.Home, at last.[STAMMERS]This isn't my house.What on earth?Those look like Easter decorations.Where am I?This is Roo's house.Oh. So it is.I must have stopped on the wrong page.You stopped here on purpose! Why did you do that?Why don't you see for yourself?'Cause what I like most about EasterIs the way we show our pals we care For the fun never ends When you give to your friends And you share Feel like a cookie before bedtime? No thanks, Mama.Well, okay. Maybe just one.Hmm? Is that a picture of Rabbit?- Mm-hmm.- It's wonderful, Roo. He looks really happy.That's 'cause I drew him like that.I'm sorry you didn't get to have your Easter egg hunt today.I'm more sorry for Rabbit.He must be really, really sad.When Rabbit stopped being the Easter bunny,he lost his favorite thing of all.I wish I could make Rabbit happy for real.I'd say Rabbit's very lucky to have you as a friend.[SMACKS]Night, Mama.Good night, dear.When I share This Easter day With you Humph! That's it. Not my fault.I'm supposed to be the Easter bunny.If they'd just listen.If they'd follow orders.Do what I say. But no.[GROANING]Humph!Humph!

Narrator: Oh, dear. This is going to bemore difficult than I thought.Well, sometimes a narrator has to do what a narrator has to do.- [SPOOKY VOICE] Rabbit...- [GRUMBLES][MUTTERS]Rabbit...Easter bun-bun...Rabbit!Huh? What?What! Who's there?[SPOOKY VOICE] It is I,the narrator.What do you want?And why are you talking like that?[CHUCKLES, CLEARS THROAT] There's something I'd like you to see.Humph! This better be good.[COUGHS]Where am I?Where are you taking me?These are the pages that have not yet been written.- [GASPS]- Welcome to your future, Rabbit.Oh, my! It's lovely.Yes,it's Spring Cleaning Day.You finally got your wish.It's all been doneexactly the way you want.It's perfect![CHUCKLES]I thought you might be pleased.Well, where is everyone?Late as usual, I suppose.Late? Oh, goodness, no.They're gone, Rabbit.Everyone moved away.[STAMMERS] Moved away?Without telling me?This is ridiculous.I'll go get them right now.Why would they do a thing like that?No one leaves the Hundred Acre Wood without telling me. It's preposterous.Pooh?Oh, Pooh Bear?Where are you, Pooh?Oh, wait! Wait, I know.He must be at Piglet's.Piglet? Pooh Bear?Piglet, where are you?[LAUGHS]I thought for sure they'd be here.Oh, dear!Eeyore? [BOUNCING] Tigger! Tigger, it's me. Rabbit![BOUNCING]Where is everyone?[GASPS] Oh. Roo. Roo? Roo?Roo?I don't understand.Roo, who was so looking forward to...

Narrator: Spring Cleaning Day, was it?

Rabbit: No. Easter. What have I done? Where are all my friends?

Narrator: Friends, you say? You certainly didn't treat them like friends. Don't you remember...

Rabbit: Well I'm sorry. But I'm the Easter bunny, so I make the rules! It isn't fun. It's Easter! I specifically told you exactly what to do.And you didn't do any of it!You see, Rabbit?You never cared about what your friends wanted.All you ever did was think of yourself.No, I didn't. Did I?It looks as if you got what you wanted.Now you can always have things your way.No, that's not what I want. Mr. Narrator, you said that the pages of the future haven't been written yet.So, does that mean these words can be changed? Please, tell me I still have time to change! [SOBBING] No! No, it's not too late.It can't be.I'll be a good friend.Yes, that's it. I can change.I'll get their special Easter things.I'll give them Easter.I will!It's not too late.[GASPS]No![BIRDS CHIRPING] [GASPS] Huh?What?It's morning.I don't understand.Was it all just a bad dream?[GASPS] The box! Oh, please! Let it be a dream.They're here.They're still here![LAUGHS]Look at that. Oh!That means there's still time.I can change. I can change.Oh![LAUGHS]I want to jump like a jack rabbit.Oh, I'm as giddy as a school bunny.[LAUGHING]Wait a second.I'm having a brainstorm.It's brilliant, inspired...Absotively,posolutely electrifying! Oh, I'm starting to sound like Tigger.Hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo! Lucky me! They won't believe it's trueI know exactly what to do! We're gonna sing, we're gonna laugh We're gonna dance I'm going to bring us all together For the grandest Easter ever! Though I can't believeI got another chance!'Cause, this is how it Will be done now! I'm having fun now I'm out of controlI love it! Hip-hooray, it's Easter Day And it's gonna be the grandest of them [LAUGHS] The biggest, grandest Easter of them all! [SIGHING] That's it! I know what we gotta do!- Bye, Mama!

Kanga: Roo? Where are you going?

Roo: I know how to make Rabbit happy again!

Pooh: Yummy, yummy, honey.Just a smackerel more...

Roo: Pooh! Wake up!

Pooh: What about breakfast?

Roo: No time! We've got a job to do! Wake up, Piglet!

Piglet: Ah! Who's there?

Pooh: Hello, Piglet!

Roo: Rise and shine, Eeyore!

Eeyore: I'm shinin'

Roo: Whoo-hoo-hoo-hoo! Come on, Tigger! We gotta spring into action![ALL] Whoa!So, where're we springin' to? We're making Rabbit happy.

All: Whoa!

Tigger: Who turned out my lights?

Roo: Knock, knock, Mama.


Kanga: Oh, dear.

Pooh: Mmm, breakfast!This is no time to dilly-dally.Let's get to work. Hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo!There. All done.[LAUGHS] It's really quite nice.Don't you think?I just hope Rabbit thinks so, too.Why don't you ask him yourself?-

Tigger: Gasp!- [ALL GASPING]- [ALL SHUDDERING]- [GASPS]What is the meaning of this?Hi, Rabbit.We just wanted to say,[GULPS]We're sorry we ruined your Eas...Don't say the E word,little buddy!What did you say?Um, Springity Cleanin' Day.

Roo: We're sorry we ruined...

Rabbit: "Eas". Ha-ha. I distinctly heard him say "Eas." Now, what could he possibly have meant by that? Were you about to say...Easter?- [ALL GASPING]- Oh, dear!Well, I have something to say about that.You can't have Easter![CHUCKLES]Well...What I mean is...[CLEARS THROAT]You can't have Easter without all this!Why, it wouldn't be Easter without your stripedy egg, Tigger. Or your honey pot, Pooh.And I believe this is your lovely basket, Piglet.And Eeyore, here are your fluffy bunny ears.And I even made you a tail to match![LAUGHS] Gettin' attached to it already.And Roo! Didn't think I'd forgotten you, did you?I believe I owe you an Easter egg hunt!

Roo: No way.

Rabbit: Yes, way.I know it's a little late,but Happy Easter, Roo. Wow!Happy Easter, everyone.What the dickens, and I do mean "Dickens," is going on here?What's going on here?Easter! That's what! Now Tigger, [CLEARS THROAT]I thought perhaps you might like to lead the Easter egg hunt!- But, Rabbit...- No buts! I'm the Easter bunny,and I make the rules! Rule number one is...There aren't any rules about Easter!Now go, go have fun!Go! Go! Go!

Roo: Everyone, wait! You can't have Easter! What I mean is...You can't have Easter without this.

Rabbit: Is that my Easter bunny hat?

Roo: For our one and only Easter bunny!- Hip, hip, hooray!- [CHEERING]Hooray for Ra-Ra! I came here this morning to give you a very special Easter.But,you've given me the grandest Easter ever!Now, what do you say we go hunt some Easter eggs?- Think you can teach me?- Yeah! Come on! First you sneak up on 'em,and then you bounce!

Tigger: Hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo!

Rabbit: Hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo!

Piglet: Pooh Bear! What happened to Rabbit?

Pooh: Well, I would like to explain. But I can't. You see, Rabbit isn't who he was on the holiday that wasn't, and he is who he wasn't on the holiday that was.So there you have it,if you see what I mean.

Eeyore: Which we don't.

Pooh: Oh, well, what I mean is, He's the Easter bunny!

Rabbit: 'Cause what I like most about Easter Is the way we show our pals that we care For the fun never ends When you give to your friends

All: And you share the wonder of A bright and sunny honey of an Easter! With painted eggs and jelly beans too! Of all the fun and neat stuff The candy and the sweet stuff My favorite Easter wish'll come true When we share this Easter day With you!

Tigger: Oh! [SNIFFLES] I just love a hoppy ending.

Narrator: And so,they all hopped off together on this grandest Easter ever in the Hundred Acre Wood.

Roo: B-B-F-N! Bye-bye for now!