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Steve: Hi, out there! It's me, Steve! Have you seen Blue, my puppy?

Kids: There she is!

(Blue comes out of her hiding spot & barks happily.)

Steve: Come on in!

(Blue throws the ball over to Mailbox before throwing it back at her, Blue barks before running through the doggy door,)

(Steve opens the door)

Steve: Oh, hi. Come on in. I'm looking for Blue. She's been acting kind of, different today. Will you help me? Oh, good. Come on. (He starts looking for Blue.) Blue?

(Blue is hiding under her blanket on the floor.)

Kid: There's Blue!

Steve: You see Blue? Where is she?

Kid: She's right there!

(Steve turns around and thinks he sees her under her blanket on the floor, then he goes over to see if she's there)

Steve: Blue?

(Blue comes out from under her blanket.)

Steve: (He laughs.) Blue, what are you doing under...

(Blue goes back under her blanket as Steve pats her & she's also whimpering)

Steve: Hey, Blue's kind of shaking a little bit. What's the matter? Do you think Blue's cold?

Kids: No!

Steve: No? (He sees Blue covering her eyes & hears her whimper.) Hey, do you think Blue’s scared?

Kid: Yeah. 

Steve: Blue, what are you afraid of?

(Blue comes out from under her blanket & leaves paw print on the right side of the screen.)

Steve: Oh! (He comes closer to the screen & sits on his legs.) Oh, that's a good idea. We'll play Blue's Clues to figure out what Blue’s afraid of.

(singing) We are gonna play Blue's Clues, And that will really help Blue, yeah!'

Steve: Now remember, Blue's paw prints will on the clues: Blue's Clues. Right. We'd better clean this... this...

(The paw print mysteriously disappears.)

Steve: Did you do that? Well if didn't do it, and, and, and I didn't do it, then... Whoa! That's kind of spooky. Well, you know what we need for Blue's Clues; our...

Kid: Notebook!

Steve: Notebook, right. Come on. Whew!

(Steve gets up & goes to Side Table Drawer.)

Side Table: I just love Blue's Clues. 

Steve: (He grabs a notebook.) Ooh, here it is. (He gets up.) You know, I can tell I'm really gonna need your help today, figuring out: what Blue is afraid of. Will you help me? You will? Great.

(music begins)

Steve: Okay. So, we got to find a...

Kids: Paw print!

Steve: Right. Cause that's the first...

Kids: Clue!

Steve: Yeah, then we put it in our notebook...

Cause they're Blue's Clues, Blue's Clues

Kids: Blue's Clues!

Steve: We got to find another paw print, that's the second clue. We put it in our notebook, cause they're whose clues?Blue's Clues!

Kids: Blue’s Clues!

Steve: We got to find the last paw print, that's the third clue. We put it in our notebook, cause they're Blue's Clues, Blue's Clues. You know what to do. Sit down in our Thinking Chair and think, think, think. Cause when we use our minds, and take a step at a time, we can do, anything,

Blue: Bow!

Steve: That we want to do! (does jazz hands) Okay, ready? Let's go help, Blue. (Blue comes from the left and leaves) Did you see which way she went?

Kids: Blue went that way. 

Steve: Oh, right, this way. Thanks. Let's go find Blue’s Clues together. 

(Steve heads to the kitchen)

Steve: We are looking for Blue's Clues, (a feather with a clue on it comes from the bottom and floats around) We are looking for Blue's Clues, We are looking for Blue's Clues, Wonder where they are. Hmm!

(the feather floats down to the end of the kitchen counter as Steve leaves)

Kid: A clue! A clue!

Steve: What was that?

Kid: A clue!

Steve: A clue?

(Steve turns around and sees the clue on the feather on the counter, then he goes over to see it)

Steve: This feather is a clue to what Blue’s afraid of. Wow! We have our first clue. Now what do we do?

Kid: Notebook!

Steve: We need our handy-dandy, super-duper, notebook. Okay, a feather. 

Steve drawing: We have a long line, and then some short lines coming out over here. And that makes…

Steve: A feather. So, what could Blue be afraid of? This feather? (chuckles) Nah. It must be, something with, this feather, yeah! Wonder what it could be? I think we need to find two more Blue's Clues. (he hears Blue) There's Blue. Let's go see what she's up to. 

(Steve goes outside, and Shovel, Pail, and Blue we’re out there and they see a big shadow come in)

Shovel: Oh, Pail, look at that big shadow!

Pail: Oh, oh! What do you think it is?

(Steve comes in who is making that shadow by holding his arms up making a scary pose)

Steve: Blah, blah, blah!

Shovel, Pail & Blue: Aah!!!

Steve: Just kidding. It's me, Steve. (doing scary shadow pose) Blah!

Shovel: Look! My shadow does what I do!

(Shovel and Pail move around watching their shadows. Then Steve follows them to find more shadows, and he looks behind him at his shadow and does his scary pose at Blue)

Steve: Blah!

(Steve follows Shovel and Pail and they come to a shadow)

Shovel: Ah, look!

Pail: What is that a shadow of?

(Steve comes in and bends down, and he slowly turns to the viewers)

Steve: Do you know? What is that a shadow of?

(Steve slowly bends up and Shovel and Pail go up to what's making the shadow)

Kids: A tree!

Shovel and Pail: Oh!

Steve: (stammering) It’s, wow! You are so good! That's just a shadow of a tree, with a little bird’s nest even. That's not scary. 

(The momma bird flies in her nest at the tree)

Pail: Yeah, see the bird’s nest? Look!

(Everyone leaves to find another shadow and Steve stands in front of the tree)

Steve: Little bird. 

(Shovel and Pail come to another shadow that's different from the tree’s shadow)

Shovel: Ah, look!

Pail: Look! What is that a shadow of?

(Steve comes in and bends down, then he slowly turns to the viewers)

Steve: What is that a shadow of?

(Steve slowly bends up and Shovel and Pail go up to what's making this shadow)

Kids: A birdbath!

(A red bird flies into the birdbath)

Shovel and Pail: Oh! 

Steve: Hey, wow! You, are so good at this. It's just the shadow of a birdbath. That's not scary either! (laughs) Are you ready? Let's go look for more, Blue’s Clues.

(Steve leaves Shovel and Pail to go find more clues)

Kids: A clue! A clue! A clue!

Steve: (comes up to the viewers) Did you say what I think you said? (gasps) A clue, right here in the garden? (he turns around and sees the clue on the ground) The clue?

(Steve goes over to it and bends down)

Steve: Our second clue. (chuckles) But what is it?

Kids: A shadow!

Steve: Oh, a shadow, right. But a shadow of what? (as he thinks and is not looking, the shadow walks sideways away from him along with the clue. Steve looks back, and noticed that the shadow the clue was on is gone) It's gone! Ooh! Well, we better hurry up and write this clue down, in our handy-dandy…

Kids: Notebook!

Steve: (pulls out notebook) Notebook, right. Okay, so, this, shadow. 

Steve drawing: Curve up here, sort of bumpy at the top, a curve down here, a wavy line on the bottom, we have this…

Steve: Shadow. Hmm. So, we need to figure out what Blue is afraid of. What was our first clue?

Kid: A feather. 

Steve: Right, a feather. And now we have, this shadow. Hmm. Feathers and this shadow. What could Blue be afraid of with feathers and this shadow? Feathers and this shadow? I think we need to find our last Blue’s Clue. 

(Steve hears some metal banging and clanking)

Steve: Do you hear that? Sounds like it's coming from, the kitchen. Let's go!

(Steve goes to the kitchen, to the counter and finds Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper with a camera)

Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper: Allo!

Steve: Hi, Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper. Have you seen Blue. 

Mr. Salt: Yes. She's right here. 

(Steve follows them to find Blue and she was the one who is banging a pot and pan with two spoons)

Steve: Hey, Blue!

Mrs. Pepper: Steve, Steve! We just got our pictures back. Want to see? Let’s show Steve! Let's show Steve!

(Blue and Mr. Salt leave with the camera and Blue takes the pots with her)

Steve: Do you want to see Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper’s pictures? Yeah! This is gonna be so much fun! (Blue comes back) And then we can look for more Blue's Clues. 

(Mr. Salt comes back with their three pictures)

Mr. Salt: Uh, okay. Here's one. Oh, it's fantastic. Really. 

(Mrs. Pepper looks at the first picture)

Mrs. Pepper: Oh look, Steve. It's fantas—(Mrs. Pepper screams and everyone else gets startled) What is this?! Steve can you tell this picture is of?

(Mrs. Pepper brings the close up picture up to the viewers. This picture is something brown with little holes)

Mr. Salt: I think I got a little too close. 

(Mrs. Pepper brings it to Steve and shows it to him)

Steve: Oh, well that's a, (looks at picture) whoa! Do you know what that's a picture of?

Mr. Salt: Uh, (takes out a loaf of bread) how about bread? Is it a picture of bread?

Steve: Bread?

Kids: No. 

Steve: No. 

(Mr. Salt puts the bread away)

Mrs. Pepper: How about a (takes out a graham cracker) graham cracker?

Steve: A graham cracker?

Kids: Yeah!

Steve: Yeah, that's it!

Mr. Salt: Oh, right! Look!

(The thing in the picture zooms out and reveals that it is a graham cracker)

All: Ooh! Ah!

(The picture zooms back in and Mrs. Pepper puts it aside. Then Mr. Salt takes the next picture out of the stack and looks at it)

Mr. Salt: I think I got a little close for this one, too. 

(Mr. Salt gives it to Mrs. Pepper)

Mrs. Pepper: (gasps) What is this one?

(Mrs. Pepper gives it back to Mr. Salt)

Mr. Salt: Uh, Steve. Do you know what (shows it to Steve) this is a picture of?

Steve: (looks at picture) Whoa! Uh, whoosh! Uh, it's a… (Mr. Salt brings the next picture up to the viewers. This picture is something that is sort of a reddish purplish color) Do you know what this is a picture of?

Mrs. Pepper: Hmm. How about, (takes out a bunch of purple grapes) purple grapes?

Steve: Do you think it's a picture of purple grapes?

Kids: No!

(Mrs. Pepper puts them away)

Mr. Salt: Is it a picture of, (takes out a piece of chocolate) chocolate?

Steve: Chocolate?

Kid: No!

Steve: No. (Mr. Salt puts it away) Hmm. 

Mrs. Pepper: How about (takes out a raisin) a raisin?

Steve: A raisin?

Kid: Yeah!

Steve: A raisin! That's it!

(The picture zooms out and reveals that it is a raisin, then it zooms back in)

Mr. Salt: A raisin! Now I remember! Look see?

(Mr. Salt puts the next picture aside and picks up the last picture and looks at it)

Mr. Salt: Oh, this one! This one, (kisses it) is magnifiqué.

Mrs. Pepper: This one. It's magnif… (screams) Oh my! (brings the picture up to the viewers) What could this picture possibly be?

(The last picture is of something that's green. Then she goes back)

Steve: Okay, okay. Don't you worry. We'll, we’ll figure this one out too. (looks at picture) Wow! Do you know what this is a picture of?

Mr. Salt: (takes out broccoli) How about broccoli?

Steve: Broccoli? Is it a picture of broccoli?

Kid: No. 

(Mr. Salt puts it away)

Mrs. Pepper: Well, how about, (takes out celery) celery?

Steve: Celery? Do you think it's a picture of celery?

Kid: Yes!

Steve: Yeah?

Blue: Yes. 

Steve: Oh, yeah! Right! It is celery!

Mr. Salt: Oh, celery. But of course! Watch!

(The picture zooms out and reveals that it is celery, then it zooms back in. Mrs. Pepper holds up all three pictures, and everyone takes them to the refrigerator, and they both hang them up with magnets that match the pictures)

Mrs. Pepper: Thank you, Steve. 

Mr. Salt: Yeah, thank you. 

Steve: Well, you’re welcome. Wow! Those pictures were kinda spooky. I mean they were all just so… 

Mrs. Pepper: Close. 

Steve: Close. Yes, close. That's the word I was looking for. Good work with those eyes. 

Mail Time, Mail time, Mail time, Mail time, MAIL TIME!

Steve: The mail’s here! Let's go! Here's the mail, it never fails. It makes me want to wag my tail. When it comes, I want to wail, “Mail!”

(Mailbox comes in and Steve sits in the Thinking Chair)

Mailbox: Mail’s here, mail’s in. Knock knock. 

Steve: Who’s there?

Mailbox: Boo!

Steve: Boo who?

Mailbox: Don't cry, I brought you a letter!

(Mailbox laughs and Steve doesn't get it quite yet. Mailbox opens and Steve gets his letter out)

Steve: Thanks. 

Mailbox: You're welcome!

(Mailbox leaves)

Steve: Oh! Boo-hoo, cause I was crying, see? Get it? (laughs) That's pretty funny. We just got a letter. We just got a letter, We just got a letter, We just got a letter, Wonder who it's from?

Steve: Look, it's a letter from our friends. 

Girl & Two Boys: Hi, Steve!

Girl: We're making shadow puppets. You, see how many shadows you can make against the wall?

Boy with glasses: Argh! A monster!

Girl: You take your hands and you, like twist them together so that your palms are facing you. And then you twist your thumbs around, and then you start waving your hands. And that makes a butterfly. 

All: Bye, Steve!

Steve: Bye. (he closes it and puts it away) Yeah. Kind of (wiggles his fingers) scary, huh?

(Blue comes out from behind the Thinking Chair)

Steve: Oh, come on, Blue. We'll figure out what you're afraid of, too. 

(Steve hears a scary humming noise. Then he gets up and he sees a little ghost in the picture of a haunted house in frame by the Thinking Chair)

Steve: Oh, it's a ghost. A ghost?

(Blue comes and sees the ghost in the frame. Steve thought he should skidoo to see him. As he gets in his position to skidoo, Blue gets scared and she doesn't skidoo)

Steve: Blue skidoo… (Steve noticed that Blue didn't skidoo in) Skidoo…

Steve: Yeah, Blue. I know. That picture, does look kinda spooky. Hey. Let's jump in, together. 

(Steve holds his hand up and Blue gives him a high five with her ear and then get ready to skidoo)

Steve and Blue: Blue skidoo, let's go together 

(Steve and Blue skidoo into the picture and they are now outside a haunted house)

Steve: Wow! Look at this house! Have you seen that little ghost?

(The little ghost comes in)

Kid: (whispers) Right there!

(Steve turns around and he sees him)

Steve: Oh! Hello, little ghost. 

Ghost: Hi, my name is Boo. 

Steve & Blue: Boo?

Boo: Aah! You scared me. 

(they all hear a scary thumping noise)

Boo: (gasps) Did, did you hear that, too? That's why I need your help. Lots of noises and the noises scare me. 

Steve: Will you help figure out what the noises are? You will? Good. (Steve and Boo go over to the door) Um, we can help figure out what the noises are so they won't be so scary. 

(they all hear the thumping noise again)

Steve: So, what do you think that, mysterious sound is?

Kid: Footsteps. 

(Steve and Boo come back up to the viewers)

Steve: F-f-footsteps? Okay, Boo.  

Boo: Aah!

Steve: Let's see if we can find, those footsteps. 

(They all go to the right into the house and they all go behind a pole. Steve peaks on the right side of the pole and Blue and Boo are on the left. Then Steve comes around the pole and they hear the thumping noise)

Steve: I think it's coming from over there. 

(They all keeping going to the right past a chair covered with a sheet to some old wooden stairs, and a shadow is coming down them)

Steve: What is it? I can't look!

(Everyone covers their eyes, and a black kitten comes down the stairs as Boo opens his eyes)

Boo: Oh, look! Whew! It's just my kitten making those sounds. 

(Steve opens his eyes and sees that Boo is right)

Steve: Oh, (chuckles) it's just little kitten footsteps. (he waves to Boo’s kitten) See? Nothing to be frightened about, Boo.

Boo: Aah! (Boo’s kitten gets scared and he runs back up the stairs. Then they hear a loud crash as Boo floats behind Steve) Uh-oh! What was that?

Steve: I think we're gonna need your help again. (loud rumble) Do you know what that sound is?

Kids: Thunder!

Steve: Th-th-th-thunder? Okay. Let's go see where that, thunder’s coming from. 

(They all go behind the stairs to a window and it's raining outside, and a flash of lightning strikes outside and it was making that loud crash)

Boo: Oh, I see. It's thundering outside. 

Steve: See? It's just a noise. Nothing to be spooked about, Boo.

Boo: Aah!

(They hear clanging and metal rattling)

Boo: Uh-oh!

Steve: Uh-oh! Um, do you know what that mysterious sound is?

Kids: Pots and pans!

Steve: P-p-p-pots and pans?

(A ghost hand comes in holding a pot filled with hot chicken)

Boo’s dad: Boo, lunch is ready.

Boo: Oh! It's my dad, making me lunch in the kitchen with his pots and pans. Gotta go, bye! (in distance) Thanks. 

Steve: Oh, you're welcome… Boo. 

Boo: (in distance) Aah!

(Steve and Blue go back to where they came in, and then Blue skidoos back to the living room)

Steve: Oh, we still have to find our last clue! Let's go!

(Steve does the skidoo dance and then he skidoos back to the living room. When he got back, the phone rings and makes him startled)

Steve: (gasps, then sighs) It's just the phone. 

(Steve walks over to the phone and picks it up)

Steve: Hello?

Voice: Hoo! Hoo!

Steve: Who is this?

Voice: Hoo!

Steve: No, I’m, I’m asking you, who. 

Voice: Hoo!

Kid: A clue! A clue!

Steve: Who?

Voice: Hoo! Hoo!

Steve: I'll be with just one second, I'm just trying to figure out who…

Kid: No, it's a clue!

Steve: A clue? You see a clue?

Voice: Hoo! Hoo!

(Steve sees the clue on the sound)

Steve: Oh! I see a clue, too. It’s this…

Voice: Hoo!

Steve: sound! What is this sound?

Kids: Hoo! Hoo!

Steve: Hoo-hoo! Huh! 

Voice: Hoo!

Steve: Okay, (hangs up phone) we know to do. Put in our handy-dandy…

Kids: Notebook!

Steve: Notebook. (gets ready to draw) Okay. 

Steve drawing: The sound is kinda like this, lots of circles, like O’s. And we have…

Steve: Hoo, is our third, clue. You know what this means? We’re ready for our…

Steve & Kids: Thinking Chair!

Steve: Come on!

(Steve sits in the Thinking Chair)

Steve: Okay, now that we're in our, Thinking Chair, let's think. All right. So, we need to figure out what… (Blue pops out from behind the Thinking Chair) What Blue is afraid of. And our clues are: a feather, this shadow, and this sound: Hoo-hoo! So, what could Blue be afraid of, that has feathers, this shadow, and makes the sound, hoo-hoo? Well, maybe… (Blue comes out) Maybe, Blue’s afraid, of a shadow dancing feather. Hoo-hoo! Hoo-hoo!

Kid: No. 

Blue: No.  

Steve: No. That's not scary. Well, what could Blue be afraid of, that has feathers, a shadow that looks like this, and makes the sound: Hoo-hoo? Well a bird has feathers. But what kind of bird…

Kids: An owl!

Steve: An owl? An owl! That's it! That's brilliant! An owl has feathers, and, it's shadow looks like this, and, an owl makes the sound: Hoo-hoo! We just figured out (like an owl) Blue’s Clues!

(Steve gets up)

Steve: We just figured out Blue's Clues, We just figured out Blue's Clues, We just figured out Blue's Clues, Because we're really brave!

Steve: So, Blue, we figured out what you're afraid of. It's an owl. That's all it is. (Blue’s ear points to the bedroom, because she wants to show him) Oh, okay. Let's go see. 

(Steve and Blue go to the bedroom to a window between Steve's bed and Blue’s bed and they see an owl on a branch outside and it's shadow on the floor)

Steve: Hey, you see that, Blue? It's the owl’s shadow, with the ears and everything. 

Owl: Hoo! Hoo!

Steve: You hear that? Hoo-hoo! The owl’s calling to you, Blue. (to the owl) Hoo-hoo!

Owl: Hoo-hoo!

Steve: Probably wants to say hi. 

(Steve and Blue go up to the window)

Steve: Oh look. The owl’s feathers. That was a clue. Blue, I’d like to introduce you to Mr Owl, Mr Owl, this is Blue. 

Owl: Hoo! Hello, Blue. Hoo-hoo!

(Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper come in with the camera)

Steve: Oh look. It's Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper. Remember what we did with them?

Kid: The pictures!

Steve: Right. Oh no, don't get too… (Mr. Salt takes a picture, and the flash makes Steve's eyes blind) Close. 

(As Steve rubs his eyes, Shovel and Pail come in)

Shovel: Never fear, Shovel and Pail are here. 

Pail: We wanted to see the owl's shadow. 

(Boo comes in)

Steve: Oh, look. It's… Boo!

Boo: Aah!

Steve: (laughs) So, did we all meet Blue’s new friend, the owl?

All: Hello. 

Owl: Hoo-hoo!

Steve: And look, Blue’s not afraid anymore. Good job! Oh, it's time. 

(Steve goes to the thinking area for So Long)

Steve: Hey, thanks so much for all your help today. Now It's time for So Long. But, we'll sing just one more song. Thanks for doing your part. You sure are smart. You know, with me and you and my dog, Blue. We can do anything 

Steve: That we want to do! Bye bye! See you later! Bye! 

(Steve and Blue wave goodbye to the viewers as they go out the door)


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