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Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!
What a Night for a Knight
Air Date
September 13th, 1969
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Hassle in the Castle

Act 1

[theme song playing]

[intense music]

[engine revving]

[door creaks]

Act 2

[wolf howling]

Shaggy: What a nervous night to be walking home from the movies, Scooby-Doo. And all because you had to stay and see "Star Dog Ranger Of The North Woods" twice

Scooby: Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!


Scooby: What's that?

Shaggy: It's co-coming from the bushes. Go see what it is, Scooby

Scooby: Huh!

Shaggy: Don't worry, I'm right behind you

Scooby: Thanks a lot


Scooby: Oh, well





Shaggy: Scooby, come back! Wait!

Act 3




Act 4

Scooby: Huh? Where he go? Where he go?


Shaggy: Like, next time, signal

Scooby: Sorry

Shaggy: Hey, what's that? Looks like a deserted-type pickup truck

[intense music]

Shaggy: Anyone home?



[chuckling nervously]

Act 5

Daphne: You're right, Shaggy. This sure is strange

Fred: Yeah. What's an empty, old suit of armor doing in the driver's seat of this pickup?

Shaggy: Maybe he went out for the knight. Get it?

[both laughing]

Velma: Very funny

Daphne: Gosh! I wonder who this creepy hunk of tin belong to

Fred: Well, the name on the crate says "Jameson Hyde White Professor of Archeology. London, England"

Scooby: Hyde White?

Shaggy: I've heard of hide-and-seek before but I've never heard of Hyde White

[both laughing]

Velma: That's an English name, you comedians

Daphne: Hey, what's this? It's a delivery label that says "Deliver to the County Museum". So that's where the old knight was headed for

Shaggy: That's using the old noodle. But, like, what happened to our mysterious professor?

Daphne: Well, if he was driving this truck, he's disappeared

Fred: Well, gang, it looks like we're up to our armor plates in another mystery

Act 6

[dramatic music]

Mr. Wickles: Oh, dear. Oh, dear. I suppose I should thank you for finding the Black Knight. But with Professor Hyde White's mysterious disappearance and all, I wish you hadn't

Daphne: Why is that, Mr. Wickles?

Mr. Wickles: Because of the legend

Fred: Legend?

Mr. Wickles: