Danny Phantom: Season: 1 Episode: 6

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Splitting Images Bitter Reunions

[incomplete & unfixed/messed]


(Fade in to the exterior of Casper High. The flag on top is waving. Pan down to reveal Tucker sitting on the stoop in front of the doors, holding his PDA in his hands.)

Tucker: (voiceover) Some people have a lot, and some people don’t.

Zoom in on Tucker.

Tucker: But everybody’s got *something*.

Cut to Tucker, looking down, content.

Tucker: (voiceover) Me? I’ve got charm, (arches an eyebrow and grins smarmily) good looks, and modesty.

He straightens up a little.

Cut to Tucker’s PDA. On the screen it reads “AND MODESTY. –AND MY BEST FRIEND-“. Tucker is writing more green letters with his stylus.

Tucker: (voiceover) My best friend Danny?

Zoom in quickly on the PDA.

Fade to a box with an unopened pack of four purple wheels reading “SKATEBOARD WHEELS”. Around it is a rotary phone on top of some books, and a coiled pipe with a tag on it. Both a Caucasian hand and Tucker’s dark-skinned hand with his yellow shirt reach out and take it on either side, taking it offscreen.

Cut to Tucker and Danny both holding the wheels in one hand, looking down at them, stunned. A banner behind them reads “AMITY PARK SWAP MEET Sat . Sun”, the “swap” in orange and the “meet” in red. One box on the table in front of them has a kettle, a clock, and a lamp without a shade. There’s a box labeled “TRADING CARDS”. There’s a case with watches, a box of records labeled “JAZZ”, a box with a few CDs, a guitar, an egg-shaped container with a smile on it, and a Darth Vader mask.

Tucker: (voiceover) He has something else.

Danny and Tucker turn to each other and exchange glances.

Cut to Danny, smiling.

Danny: Two for me, two for you?

Pan left to Tucker, smiling as well.

Tucker: Sounds fair.

Dennis’s nitpick is that neither boy is established to own or use a skateboard, as both own motor scooters. Actually, Danny has a skateboard lying around against his wall in his room, but he never uses it, like how Jasmine never uses her red guitar.

Cut back to Danny and Tucker by the table. Tucker puts his hand with the wheels down as Danny sticks out his tongue and fishes through his pocket.

Tucker: (voiceover) Danny and me have known each other--

Danny and Tucker each hand over a bill, which a big man in a green shirt, blue cap and five-o’clock shadow accepts.

Tucker: --since like,--

Tucker turns to the side, admiring the wheels. Danny turns with him.

Tucker: --forever.

Cut to a purple tent-like stand that reads “Madam Babazita’s Mystical Oddities”, the top in purple and the bottom in yellow. Ornaments hang from the tent. A woman is sitting inside.

Tucker: (voiceover) And we share *everything*.

Quick zoom out to reveal the whole tent. The woman is smiling and sitting in a chair, wearing a pink bandana, a gold bracelet, and she has rosy cheeks with a beauty mark on her chin. Her table has a couple lamps, one tall and thin and the other a typical Aladdin genie lamp with smoke coming from it. In front of her is a crystal ball. The stand next to her features a mobile stand with the top up and open, with the same man from the previous stand standing next to a sign reading “Bootleg Videos DVDs Music”. Danny and Tucker walk in from the right up to Babazita’s stand and look at it.

Dennis mentioned this previously when observing WYW screencaps, but that man’s sign reads “bootleg”. Now, that may not be legal, but it’s completely realistic, and DP was meant to be as close to reality as possible without alienating its cartoon base. Meep!

Cut to the table. There are three lamps surrounded by a messy pile of cards. One has a star and moon on it, the next has a complex design with gold and rubies, and the third is the Aladdin lamp. Tucker is onscreen, taking it in hand. Pan up to Tucker, looking at it. Behind him is a banner reading “Tool Depot”, the O’s being gear-shaped.

Tucker: (incredulously) A genie in a bottle? (takes the lamp closer to himself and smiles falsely) I don’t think so.

Cut to Babazita, smiling a creepy smile with a long, hoop earring and a skull pendant on her cloak. Tucker puts the lamp back on the table with only his hand onscreen.

Here’s a little clue Dennis has. Babazita has a skull pendant on her cloak. Now, in Danny Phantom, things associated with ghosts tend to have skulls or skeletons. Who else wears skulls? Johnny and Skulker have skull necklaces. Ember has skull boots, and in PR she had a hat with a skull/musical note. If you look closely in other episodes, loads of random things will tend to have skulls or skeletons printed on them or designed within them. It’s a clue that Babazita is important and knows something about ghosts.

Tucker: Thanks anyway.

The lamp sparkles.

Cut to Danny and Tucker by the tent with the man’s bootleg stand behind them. The two boys walk off to the left, closer to the camera.

Cut to Danny and Tucker walking by, Danny looking up to the left and Tucker looking up to the right. A man by a stand/tent at the right has his finger to his chin, looking up to make a decision. To the left is a stand reading “Snacks –n- Candy” the table reading “Cotton Candy”. A woman in pinstripes us spinning cotton candy from the pot, next to her is a popcorn box. A young boy is by the stand. As Tucker and Danny walk past, pan left to show a young, husky red-haired girl with her ponytail in a bow and overalls, a blue balloon tied around her wrist. She is being dragged by the hand by her mother, a curly brunette with a blue headband, a blue belly shirt and skirt, holding a blue purse in her free hand. As the woman at the candy stand hands the cotton candy cone to the boy, the girl turns to the stand, pointing and pleading to her mother as she is dragging her.

Girl: Please mommy! Please mommy!

Cut to the girl, pointing and shouting.

Girl: Can I have (turns her head to look behind her) some cotton candy (turns back to the right, shouting and crying) please please (turns back to the left) please please?

That was annoying to type. I had to rewind that sequence a number of times. Did I tell you that fast-talkers with a lot of repeated words are hard to pick out? I’m sure that’s accurate, though.

Cut to the mother. She walks past a stand.

Mother: I think you’ve had *enough* sugar today. (She turns back to the right.)

Cut to Babazita’s tent. Next to it is a purple hand-shaped sign that reads “Palms Read”. The mother is walking past, looking down scornfully at her child that is reaching the other way.

Girl: I want it! I want it!

She turns to her mom, looking up, screaming and crying, scene panning right.

Girl: I want it!

Cut to the table. The lamp that Tucker was previously holding is wrapped in the string of the balloon. The balloon bounces down then floats up as the lamp is knocked off the table.

Cut to the ground by the table. The lamp shatters into many tiny shards as green smoke billows from the spot that it landed, panning upward.

Cut to Babazita, stunned at the billowing green smoke. She looks up as the smoke rises offscreen, ceasing to billow from the ground.

Cut to just over the star-spangled top of Babazita’s tent. Smoke billows from the bottom and dissipates as a green-skinned genie fades into view, her long black hair blowing in the wind and covering one eye so only one red eye is visible. She has a blue headband, and wears two skintight bracelets on each arm, one by her shoulder and one by her wrist. She has two bangles on her right wrist and one bangle on her left, and also is wearing a choker necklace. Her blue ghostly tail cascades below her, her arms elevated as she looks down upon the swap meet.

Little fast-forward comment. You know how in MB that Danny lost his memory and the accident was undone, yet Desiree ran rampant still? That’s because this event would have happened in that timeline because neither Danny nor Sam intervened, Danny minding his own business with Tucker, Sam not even present. Tucker did the most intervening just by putting the bottle there. Just so you know.

Genie: And your heart’s desire is my command.

She bends down with a few clouds of green smoke, then dissipates into green smoke and billows up and to the right.

Cut to Danny and Tucker walking, Tucker holding his backpack straps and Danny looking smug. They pass some stands that read “Try Your Luck”, “Skateboards”, and “Blowout Sale”.

Cut to Danny. His ghost sense goes off; a blue wisp of smoke comes from his mouth and leads directly to the right. Danny looks nervously at it.

Close-up on the back of Danny’s head. He turns around, looking up to check out what’s going on. His eyes roll a little lower.

Cut to a pink booth that reads “Kisses”, and a nerdy boy holding up many dollar bills. Next to it is Babazita’s palms sign. The green smoke billows over the stands and down under, turning back to the left.

Pan left to the candy stall. The woman in the pinstripes and hairnet is smiling and absently spinning cotton candy, while the popcorn popper mysteriously moved to the back of her. The green smoke swirls next to her. Zoom out as the smoke becomes the genie, which smiles, bends down and raises her arms to let out a torrent of pink cotton candy from the pot, looking up intently at her power. The scene darkens. The woman puts up her hands to block herself, and then leans back away from the candy in distress.

Cut to a darkened sky. The tower of candy grows upward and wider.

Cut to the genie with raised arms and an expression of powerful effort by the overloading cotton candy pot. The candy pot levitates and points up to the left, then rotates more to the left as the genie looks that way, spewing out an endless torrent of pink cotton candy. Pan left to the stream of candy.

Do candy pots normally do that? Sam’s toaster does, but it’s from Denmark.

Cut to a full crowd of concerned and frightened people. In the background is an oval sign reading “Center”. They scream and brace themselves as a pink wave of cotton candy engulfs them all.

Cut to four more people by the “Try Your Luck” and “Skateboard” booths. They start to run in terror but are engulfed by another wave of pink candy, filling the screen.

Cut to the girl, disappointed and being dragged. She looks up in the sky in wonder, and then screams ecstatically.

Girl: Cotton cand--!

The whole screen is now engulfed with candy.

Cut to a line of frightened people by the snacks stall and kissing booth. Pan right as they are all swept up in the cotton candy wave, some running away. The whole screen is filled with pink.

Cut to a man with glasses, a comb-over and a white coat sitting in a booth. He clasps his hands and smiles gleefully as people scream. And the wave of candy runs below him. Zoom out to reveal a sign “Dental Work” in a mouth shape, with the addition of the purple splat “Cheap”. Under the man is a picture of a tooth with three red boxes and lines pointing to facets of it.

Cut to Danny and Tucker looking up, aghast as the candy rains down on them. People run and scream in the background.

Tucker: (voiceover) We share everything, except *one* thing.

Zoom in on Danny. He makes a determined expression. He looks to the left, and then turns back right.

Danny: I’m going ghost!

Cut to Tucker looking stunned at Danny in a ready stance, Danny raises his arms as a flash of light comes from his torso and two rings pass over his body from his waist. People run and scream in the background as candy rains down, behind them are booths that read “Car Store” and “Sheep Skin Sea Cove”.

Cut to Danny’s legs. The ring passes over his jeans and shoes and vanishes into the ground, turning them into white boots.

Cut to Danny’s arms in the air. They are gray. Individual rings pass over both and vanish into the air as they become white gloves.

Color error; Danny’s arms are gray, but they should be a dark tan. Danny doesn’t wear long sleeves… or gloves in human form.

Close-up on Danny. A flash of light snaps on his face and two light beams pass over it, turning his black hair white. He opens his eyes and they are now a radiantly glowing green. Zoom out and rotate to show Danny Phantom standing next to Tucker who kept his position.

Tucker: (voiceover) Danny’s got super powers.

Danny bends down and takes flight offscreen. Pan to Tucker. He looks up as the screen is engulfed with another candy wave.

Cut to a darkened red sky. The genie swoops up and turns to the left.

Cut to Danny, flying quickly with a stern action expression, his hair blown back and one fist forward. He zooms ahead offscreen.

Cut to the genie. Danny floats up from below to her, seen from the back. The genie looks to him.

Desiree: (letting out her hands) I am Desiree.

Cut to Desiree.

Desiree: What is your (closes her eyes and puts her hands together) wish?

Cut to Danny.

Danny: None of your business,--

Danny’s face gets closer to the camera, closing in.

Danny: --candy pants!

Cut to Desiree, saddened with a finger and thumb bent together. She closes her eyes and points, leaning forward in a matter-of-fact way.

Desiree: Surely there must be--

She reaches out, pan left to her hand reaching forward and forward.

Desiree: --something…

Cut to Danny, stunned as the hand of Desiree reaches out for him. He lifts out his hands as the genie closes in on his chest area.

Danny: Hey!

He floats up in a fetal position, the genie’s hand leaves offscreen.

Danny: Get away!

Danny straightens his legs, but his knees are still bent. A green ball forms in his glowing green hand.

Cut to the glowing hand in a pale pink action background.

Cut to an angry Danny throwing his hand forward and grunting as a green beam comes out from it.

Cut to Desiree, shocked. The beam hits her square-on and she shrieks as she is knocked back far away, panning left over the city as she gets too far from sight.

Cut to Danny, confused with a smoldering green hand. Zoom in on Danny as he looks at his hand, arching an eyebrow.

Danny: What the heck?!

Cut to Danny’s glowing palm. Zoom in.

Danny: What’s going on?

Cut to Danny, looking at his glowing hand.

Danny: Is this… (looks up to the sky) a new ghost power?

It’s more, Danny. Let me explain.

This was the final “pilot” episode of DP. After many re-watching times of this episode and others, Dennis believes that the ectoplasmic energy is regenerative. Ghosts produce excess amounts of it to keep their form, do strenuous activities, and release energy beams. Now, with the addition of the energy beam to Danny’s abilities, this means Danny’s been part-ghost long enough that he now officially is one, and his energy producing ability has been “turned on” and can’t be turned off without removing a good part of his own self. This also means he won’t “change back” accidentally. You’re now officially a ghost now, Danny, not just a kid bopping around with ghost powers. We hope you accept this responsibility wisely.

Cut to Danny. He looks downs to the left as his hand smolders green.

Tucker: (offscreen) That was *slammin’*!

Cut to Tucker on the ground next to many piles of pink cotton candy with a taco stand behind him.

Tucker: Whatever that was,--

Zoom out. Danny descends with a glowing arm and puts it aside as Tucker thrusts his hands out.

Tucker: --you’ve got another power?

Cut to Danny, holding up his hand in questioning.

Danny: I guess.

Cut to Tucker, looking up.

Tucker: Man, (points up with a finger) see that’s the cool thing about your powers, man! (puts down his hand and leans forward) There’s no downside!

Cut to Tucker with Danny floating next to him, looking at his non-glowing hand.

Tucker: (raising a hand up high) Gimme five!

Danny raises his hand up and smiles, but it quickly turns to nervousness as Tucker is blasted offscreen by a green energy beam. Tucker yelps out.

Cut to Danny, putting down his arm and leaning forward, wide-mouthed.

Cut to Tucker, head-down in the pile of candy by a booth labeled “Kabob”, only his pants and part of his shirt is visible. He raises a hand as a pile of candy on the roof of the booth falls and covers him.

Tucker: I’m okay!

Another pile of candy falls on top of Tucker.

Fade to black.


(Possible cut to commercial) --


Title Screen is shown. Depicted is a cloud of purple mist with two evil, green eyes staring down at a scared Danny Phantom and what looks to be an evil, green-skinned, ghostly, angry Tucker both flying around Desiree’s genie bottle. The caption in the bottom left reads “In Sensational Dream—O-Rama!”

Fade to an aerial shot of the football field. The bleachers are full. There’s a sign over the bleachers reading “Go Ravens”. Four cheerleaders are pushing their pom-poms up and down on an otherwise empty field.

Tucker: (voiceover) So, anyway,--

Zoom in on the bleachers.

Tucker: --I guess the craziness really started--

Fade to the bleachers. Tucker is in the stands with his hands on his knees, enjoying the game, while Sam is pale, miserable, wrapped in a red blanket and has disheveled hair. There’s an Asian boy in a red sweater holding a cup sitting next to them

Tucker: (voiceover) --at the game Saturday night.

Sam starts to shudder and sneezes, spraying out droplets of spittle. Tucker looks to her, concerned as she takes an even larger breath and leans forward with a forceful sneeze.

Cut to Sam. Her skin is pale and sweaty. She sits up.

Sam: I’m sick as a dog and I hate sports. (looks to the right, annoyed) Why am I here?

Pan right to Tucker, looking smug.

Tucker: (lifting a palm) Because Danny’s here, (eyes widen as he puts down his hand and turns to the right) and he’s got the best seat in the house!

That’s right, Sam hates sports. This means all you Frightmare fans know that Sam would never be all googly-eyed over Danny and wear his letter jacket. Sure, she’d be supportive of her friend, but not in total love with him being an athlete.

Cut to the field. A goalpost is visible, and beyond the mesh fence are many hedges.

Announcer #1: (offscreen) And now everybody,--

The Ravens mascot runs onto the field from the left, with a googly-eyed look and the tongue hanging out of the beak, with a white red-ringer shirt with a red “C” on it. It jumps in the air and waves its wings to the left with feathers flying off, then the right in sequence as the announcer speaks.

Announcer #1: --here they are! Your very own Casper High Ravens!

As the Raven mascot lands, football players in uniform look to the offscreen audience with their hand up as if waving, but still. They have numbers on them in sequence, 1, 2, 3, and 4. A cloud of dust forms as they trample the mascot.

Cut to the mascot on the ground as the smoke clears. The beak with the tongue has been detached, and the mascot is face-down on the ground. The mascot lifts up his head, revealing it to be Danny with a shiner, bruises, and a missing tooth. The Raven’s head has two orbits and many sparkles around it, dazed.

Danny: (sardonically) Fill in for the mascot! It’ll be fun! (looks madder now) You’ll meet cheerleaders!

At least you’re showing some school spirit, Danny. Sometimes you hang out in school but don’t even participate in anything. Of course, isn’t being the mascot also being a cheerleader? The things a boy will do to meet girls.

Danny grunts as another player steps on his head and tramples him to the ground.

Close-up on a referee on a turquoise action background. He blows a yellow whistle.

Cut to the field. The football is on the tee, with two players from the visiting team with yellow jerseys and blue helmets and pants with the numbers 6 and 27 on them standing in position. Quick zoom out to show another player with the number 69 kicking the ball forcefully with his leg high and to the side.

Cut to an aerial shot of the field. 13 red players litter the field around the goalpost. The football flies onscreen and the screen zooms in on the background as it falls.

Cut to Dash in full football gear, with a red-and-white uniform and the number 4 on his jersey, black lines under his eyes. Another Casper player stands by him, with a 17. The ball lands and Dash catches it in his hands.

Cut to Dash. He smiles proudly and determined as the crowd cheers, then his eyes pop open and he screams in terror.

Cut to Dash holding the ball from the back. Two other Casper players’ legs are in the foreground. A wave of players from the opposing team with numbers like 7, 4, 10, 11, 6, 2, 5 and 1 land on Dash in a dog pile, a cloud of dust rising with the impact. Dash grunts in pain as the legs of the Casper players are knocked offscreen. The whistle blows.

Fade to three Casper players in a ready position as the crowd cheers. A player is crouched down on the ball, Dash is behind him, and another player is ready next to Dash. Two visiting players with a 6 and a 16 on their backs are crouched down and ready. A visiting player with a 7 on his back runs up and crouches.

Dash: Hike!

Cut to Dash’s arms. Another player’s darker-toned hands pass the ball into his.

Cut to the stands. Two cheerleaders are standing by with a white pom-pom hand on their hips and the red one down. One cheerleader has long brown hair and the other has short, red hair in a pigtail on the top of her head. Dash walks backward holding the football high above his head and another hand forward, the whistle blows as he aims. Then, he jumps and cries out with his helmet launching off his head as another wave of visiting players with varying numbers lands on top of him. Dash grunts in pain. The whistle blows.

I may have mentioned this transcribing MBK, but the cheerleader that looks like Vid from the Master’s Blasters is present in the background. Not sure if Danny wishes to meet her now, but he’s definitely not going to want to meet her later!

Cut to the stands. The stadium light is on and the full moon is up. The football sails through the air.

Cut to the field. A player from the visiting team, 16, is running and looking behind him. He is followed closely by two Casper players. 16 runs ahead and reaches for the ball, but Dash jumps onscreen and grabs it, looking at the bewildered visiting player and laughing.

Cut to Dash, sailing through the air with the ball close to his body, looking back and laughing. He looks forward and runs, zoom out to show players from the visiting team tackle him from all angles in a giant ball. The whistle blows.

Cut to Tucker, leaning forward in shock. The Asian with the drink and red hoodie is next to him.

Tucker: (throwing up his hands) This is pathetic.

Cut to Tucker.

Tucker: (putting down his arms, disappointed) Our team’s fading fast.

Zoom out to show Sam, miserable and wrapped in her blanket. Tucker looks to her in self-awareness as she sneezes forcefully.

Sam: (sniffling) Me too.

She stands up and looks down at Tucker, who looks up at her.

Sam: I’m out of here.

She turns and walks away, Tucker blinks and looks to the direction she leaves to.

Sam: Later.

Cut to a huddle of Casper players. Dash is there with players 7, 17, a double-digit number and one that’s blank.

Dash: Man, we should get turned into the kind of monster who could--

Cut to Dash He looks down to the back.

Dash: --crush these guys single handed!

Cut to an aerial shot of the huddle. There are nine players in it. Pan up over the stands and announcer box. A sparkling green cloud swirls its way onscreen and forms into Desiree.

Cut to Desiree. She smiles innocently and waves out her palm, panning left as a green wisp of sparkling smoke swirls downward.

Cut to Dash in the huddle. He turns around, slumping his shoulders as his suit has a tear and a scuff, his helmet has a scuff and his face is scratched, too. The green wisp billows into him from behind and his eyes go off in different directions as he glows green for a second. Zoom in. Dash grows a little more muscular, growling a beastly growl and his teeth are jagged, transforming into a ripped, green-skinned and red-eyed ghoul.

Cut to Dash’s normal arm. The jersey tears as it inflates and becomes green and veiny.

Cut to Dash’s normal leg. It swells and becomes green as the pants and shoes rip off.

Cut to the Raven mascot, liberally bandaged at the beak. Danny turns around inside the suit, arching an eyebrow as growling is heard.

Danny: Huh?

Cut to the green, beastly Dash standing next to Casper player 17. Dash turns to the other player and roars as 17 looks up in shock, then jumps up and vibrates in fear, crying out and taking off with a cloud of smoke.

Cut to Danny in the Raven suit. His ghost sense goes off. He looks up in wonder as the mist wafts away.

Cut to Desiree floating over the announcer’s box. She straightens her tail and takes off with puffs of green smoke.

Danny: (offscreen) Oh no!

Cut to Danny, looking up. Zoom in. He blinks in surprise.

Cut to the stands. Dash stands up onscreen, holding the football up and his arm out. He roars as the ball is tossed, panning right offscreen.

Cut to the goalpost. A legion of Casper players run to the post and look back at the ball sailing toward them. Zoom in on the post as the ball spins in place.

Cut to a dark-green action background as the ball is sailing. The ball spontaneously combusts from friction.

Cut to the beastly Dash. He bends down and jumps offscreen, roaring.

Cut to the flaming ball in the action background over the field. Dash runs up in a position to catch the ball, then takes it and looks forward, snuffing the flames. He runs faster offscreen.

Isn’t that passing the ball to yourself? Dennis doesn’t know about this in football, but in basketball it’s travelling. And Dennis knows from experience about a boy in 7th grade that repeatedly cheated in basketball by passing the ball to himself, tossing it away and grabbing it in mid-air. Hate that guy.

Cut to the announcer box. There are two announcers in it, one in a gray suit with black hair taking his microphone and a second with blond hair, square glasses and a green suit holding his microphone.

Announcer #1: Wow! It looks like those high-protein breakfasts are really paying off!

These two announcers are designed after Butch and Steve, but they certainly aren’t voiced by Butch and Steve. Meep!

Cut to Tucker, sitting in the front row of the bleachers because he somehow moved there. Danny runs up to him in the Raven suit.

Tucker: Do you believe this, Danny? (leans forward to Danny) Dash is a beast!

Cut to the other bleachers. Dash lands onscreen holding the ball up high, slamming it into the ground and causing it to quake with a small ravine in its wake.

Cut to Tucker and Danny, Tucker leaning forward and Danny in the Raven suit.

Danny: And getting beastier!

Unfortunately, Danny, that’s not a word according to my spell check. The term “more beastly” is grammatically correct.

Cut to Dash from the back. He turns around and throws up his arms, roaring as the background becomes a red action background.

Cut to the two announcers.

Announcer #2: Holy Mark McGuire! Look at those arms!

Cut to Tucker and Danny.

Danny: I think he’s running on ghost power! (turns to Tucker, throwing his wings forward) I need your help!

Danny puts down his wings as Tucker stands up, proud and determined.

Tucker: To kick some--

He puts up his fists to his chest, looking to Danny with a gleeful smile.

Tucker: --ghost booty?

Close-up on Danny in the beak of the suit. He looks uneasy as he rolls his eyes the other way.

Danny: Sort-of. (eyes flash green)

Cut to Tucker. He smiles determined.

Tucker: I’m in!

Cut to the field. Three visiting team players, 9, 16 and 12 are seen from the back in ready positions. Two Casper players are ready as well. Dash walks up behind the player with the ball.

Cut to a visiting team player, 16. He looks up, terrified. 9 is next to him. Zoom in.

Cut to a Casper player. He turns his head up to the left, then looks up incredulously.

Cut to Dash, growling with streams of ghostly energy coming from the top of his back. He looks up to the heavens.

Dash: Fifteen!

Cut to Dash, growling again.

Dash: Twenty-five!

Cut to the field with all the players in the ready position. Dash crouches behind the player with the ball.

Dash: Thirty-two!

Danny Phantom flies up in his blue, intangible/invisible form with his ghostly tail.

Cut to Dash with Danny hovering over him as his tail becomes a pair of legs.

Danny: Whoa!

He stands up straight and puts a hand over his nose, closing one eye.

Danny: Ghost Energy’s pretty strong, (looks over Dash in a ready-to-act pose) but hopefully (raises a hand to take something) ripe for the picking!

Cut to Dash from the back. Ghostly energy streams waft from his helmet. Danny’s intangible and invisible hand plunges into the back of Dash’s helmet.

Cut to Danny, reaching into Dash. Dash’s eyes pop open in surprise as he roars again.

Cut to a farther shot. Danny pulls out a ghostly imp form with Dash’s face, with red eyes and pointed ears. Danny looks at it in terror as the ghost wails to Danny. Danny flies offscreen holding Dash’s ghost. Dash’s eyes pop open with realization.

Cut to the players in ready position. Dash shrinks, first he shrinks and gains his normal eyes, then shrinks again and resumes his tan color, then shrinks to his normal size.

Cut to Dash behind another player. Pink dazed-starts pop around him. His jersey and pants are torn up.

Dash: Uh… hike?

Cut to Dash and the other Casper player. Dash is tosses the ball as the Casper player runs off, zoom out at a torrent of visiting team players tackle Dash in a ball of players with clouds rising. Dash grunts in pain as the whistle blows.

Cut to Danny, intangible and invisible behind the stands. He is holding the very visible and tangible Fenton Thermos with selective tangibility. Zoom out.

Danny: Back to the (uncaps the thermos and sends out a blue energy beam) Ghost Zone for you, pal!

Cut to Dash’s ghost, being pulled offscreen in little ectoplasm droplets coming off him.

Tucker: (voiceover) Danny had no problem getting--

Cut to Danny behind the stands with the thermos as Dash’s ghost is surrounded by the blue beam and is sucked to it.

Tucker: (voiceover) --that ghost out of Dash.

Cut to Danny, sucking the ghost in the thermos. He caps it with a smile.

Tucker: (voiceover) But we lost the game.

Cut to a far shot of the bleachers as Danny resumes his color and swoops over with his ghostly tail, flying offscreen.

Tucker: (voiceover) Which was bad news for the guy filling in for Danny--

Fade to the field in front of Casper High after the game. The clock reads 2:00. The Raven is hanging upside down from the goalpost. Zoom in on the Raven.

Tucker: (voiceover) --who was filling in for the guy who usually wears the mascot suit.

Cut to Tucker in the beak of the suit with his wings in the air.

Tucker: (voiceover) Me. (talking) Man, every time Danny goes ghost--

Zoom out and rotate quickly to show Tucker hanging upside down from the goalpost by his feet.

Tucker: --I get the short end of the stick.

Even if you get tortured, Danny didn’t mean it. See, he needed a fill-in because if he went missing in action during the game (which was suspicious enough as it is with Dash becoming a beast), then someone would suspect something. Luckily, no one really cares who wears the mascot suit.

Other than that, it’s either really late or Casper’s clock is broken, which it usually is.

An auburn-haired boy with a goatee and a letter jacket comes up from the back.

ATHLETE: Hey guys! (turns around and points with his thumb to Tucker) A Raven piñata!

Cut to four athletes, two holding baseball bats. The first is Kwan, the next is a dark-skinned boy with a flat top (I’m sure his name is Dale in the credits of OoaK and SI, though), a Caucasian boy with red hair and a boy with a white shirt with a red 4 on it, his wild black hair in his red visor.

VISOR ATHLETE: (chuckling as the four boys put up their bats in their hands) Let’s hit him until the candy comes out!

Cut to Tucker hanging upside-down in the mascot suit. His eyes pop open in shock.

Fade to the open, swirling Fenton Portal far away in the lab.

Cut to the ceiling. Danny phases through hands-first un to his waist invisible and intangible with the completely visible Thermos in his hands. He looks to the left, then quickly flies out of the wall.

Cut to the portal. A console with a green circle in the center is next to it. Danny flies down and lands on the floor.

Cut to Danny as he resumes full color, looking up to the right.

Cut to a glowing green high-tech dream catcher with a wood and cloth hut next to it. Feathers and strings are hanging on the dream catcher. Danny is in the foreground. Zoom in on the dream catcher.

Cut to Danny holding the thermos and looking to the right. The console is by him. He turns to the thermos, then looks behind himself carefully as he places the thermos into the circular slot with both hands on the top.

Cut to the thermos in the slot with Danny’s hands on it.

Danny: End of the line,--

Danny removes his hands and the thermos vibrates as the green bar on it slowly gives way to a light blue one.

Danny: --gruesome.

Cut to the Portal. Danny is looking at the portal from the console. Dash’s ghost swirls around and lets out a high-pitched wail, then the portal flashes and dims out until the ghost is gone and three towers of steam come from the edge of the portal.

Cut to Danny, smiling. He takes flight backwards and turns forward while still looking behind himself not seeing the dream catcher in front of him. Pan right as he passes through, out comes a normal Danny and a blue, ghostly Danny. The blue Danny stabilizes and looks down as the human Danny looks up in sudden realization. The human Danny falls to the floor with clouds of dust rising and the blue Danny looks down with concern.

Cut to the floor. Danny grunts in pain as dust settles, the dream catcher is behind him and is starting to glow a little. Danny looks up.

Cut to the blue Danny, mystified.

Danny: Huh?!

Cut to the human Danny on the floor. He blinks.

Cut to the blue Danny in the air. He swoops downward offscreen.

Cut to the human Danny on the floor by the dream catcher. The blue Danny flies into the human as the human closes his eyes and starts to glow all green. Jack sneezes offscreen, Danny looks up.

There’s a bit of controversy about this scene, but Dennis thinks otherwise. While in IC, Danny was clean-cut separated into two complete different halves, in this episode Danny Fenton wasn’t really Danny Phantom yet, because Danny Phantom was merely a ghost-fighting alias and not a known identity for him. Therefore, I think that the blue, ghostly Danny is a mere manifestation of his ghostly powers, and with the ectoplasmic energy blast developed I’m guessing his ghostly side is too deeply rooted to stay alone without it. It’s not like you can get rid of it and it’s gone, there’s a niche there where your ghost half was excised. So unlike Danny Phantom overshadowing Danny Fenton in IC, this one only places itself back where it belongs, on Danny’s genome.

Danny looks up as the green glow fades away.

Jack: (offscreen) Who’s that?

Cut to the wood-and-cloth hut. Streams of steam are coming out.

Jack: Is somebody (lifts up the cloth of the hut and steps out, looking pale) out there?

Maddie lifts up some cloth as well, she also look pale.

Cut to Danny, getting up.

Danny: Am I interrupting something? That I hope I’m not?

Cut to a pale and sick Maddie by a pale Jack. Her hair is disheveled and she sniffles. Then she opens her eyes with sweat dripping below them.

Maddie: Your father and I are purifying ourselves of negative ghost energy.

Cut to Jack, who sneezes forcefully, then sniffles and wipes his nose with his glove. He starts to sweat.

Jack: (slumping over) We’re trying to richly expel any viral ghosts in our systems with the Fenton--

Cut to Danny.

Jack: (offscreen) --Ghost Catcher.

Danny looks to the left. Quickly pan to show the Fenton Ghost Catcher, glowing with a thick blue aura.

Jack: (offscreen) It’s like an Indian dream catcher--

Cut to a sick, miserable Jack. He puts out a hand in a matter-of-fact way.

Jack: --except it expunges ghosts and not dreams, (puts down his hand) you see.

Cut to an aerial shot of the tent with steam coming out. Jack and Maddie looks at Danny from the outside, Maddie with a hand on her chin. Danny walks up to them.

Danny: You might just have a cold, you know. (shrugs) It doesn’t have to be a ghost cold.

Cut to Jack and Maddie, looking incredulous. Maddie has her hand on her chin. She removes it as the two exchange glances, then turn back to Danny and start walking away.

Jack: I remember when I was that naïve.

Cut to Danny, glad to be out of a close one. He turns to the left.

Cut to Danny looking over his shoulder at the Ghost Catcher which is glowing heavily. He turns his whole body to face it, looking dwarfed by it.

Cut to a part of the Ghost Catcher. Danny walks up and looks at it, putting up a hand and plunging it through like a pool of water, panning left. The hand sparkles blue as a ghostly, blue hand comes out of it. Danny quickly retracts his hand.

Danny: Whoa!

Cut to Danny, trembling. He takes back his hand and holds it safe with his other hand.

Danny: This one actually *works*!

Cut to Danny holding his hand by the Ghost Catcher.

Danny: A little too well.

Zoom out slowly.

Danny: I’m filing this under “must avoid”.

Fade to a purple house on the street. There are pink bushes and trees and a purple car is parked next to it.

Tucker: (voiceover) Even during trying times,--

Zoom in on the top-right level of the house to a window dimmer than the others.

Tucker: --one has to remember a fallen comrade.

It’s the next day. Yesterday was Saturday, this day is Sunday.

Cut to a close-up of Sam in her bed, pale and sweating. She has a red hot water bottle on her head and a cell phone by her ear.

Tucker: (voiceover) Poor Sam was so sick, and all cooped up in her house.

Zoom out to show Sam tucked into bed with red and white bed sheets.

Tucker: That’s the worst.

Sam sneezes forcefully and her hot water bottle goes flying. Glass is heard shattering.

Sam: I feel like I’m gonna die. I *hate* being sick!

She breathes in and her nostril shudders, then she sneezes forcefully again.

A phone half-side pans in from the right. Danny is seen in a burgundy walled room with his cell phone.

Danny: Hang in there, Sam. (rolls his eyes upward) Tucker and I are gonna come visit you when we’re--

Danny looks up and behind him, Sam opens her eyes a little.

Danny: --done at the mall. (looks to his phone) You want us to bring you anything?

Sam sneezes again and settles down. Danny looks up in a *sigh* way.

Sam: No, no please, don’t bother.

Sam looks off to the right as Danny looks to the left.

Sam: My folks are taking--

Sam looks up a little, Danny looks up in a “*sigh*” way.

Sam: --pretty good care of me.

Danny’s half of the screen disappears as the screen zooms out to reveal Sam’s grandmother by her bed holding a tray with a bowl of steaming broth. Sam is smiling.

Cut to a far shot of the whole room. There’s a closet full of clothes, a poster with a fist wearing a spiky bracelet and another reading “elec” on the wall. Unlit candles are in the foreground. With Grandma Manson is one doctor holding a clipboard and three nurses, a blonde nurse, an African-American nurse, and an Asian nurse.

Sam: Guys, it’s just a cold!

A doctor clad in blue slides in with a doctor’s mirror and a defibrillator in both hands. Sam looks shocked.

Doctor: Clear!

The doctor lifts up the two ends of the defibrillator and they shock with blue lightning.

That may be extreme, but entirely untrue. Shocks are only advised when a person’s heart isn’t beating on a rhythm (more like vibrating), and the shock isn’t as big as that to make bodies jump, but enough to get the heart started. You learn that in Health class with CPR training, and I’m certified to use a defibrillator.

Cut to a theater. On the marquee reads “DEAD TEACHER IV” in bold red letters. Cars are honking in the street. Another car drives up.

Cut to inside the theater. The red ribbon-gate is seen. Tucker and Danny walk up, Danny on his cell and Tucker looking at Danny, bored.

Danny: She’s gotta be sick if she’s--

Zoom out and pan left as they walk, Danny puts away his phone. Two kids in the background look at blank movie posters.

Danny: --missing “Dead Teacher IV”.

As Danny and Tucker approach a trash can, Danny turns intangible and walks through it unfazed. Tucker turns forward and smiles.

Tucker: “This time it’s personal”.

Stop panning left as Danny regains visibility. In the back is a giant, cute sign for “SAYONARA PUSSYCAT” featuring a cute anime cat with big blue eyes, a pink bow, whiskers, blush and a pink shirt with a flower on it. The arms of the sign wave. Two girls, a red-haired girl and a curly black-haired one with a bun, both in pink, are standing to the left of it. To the right are a brunette girl with purple clothes, a blond boy with a red shirt, and a dark-skinned boy in a green beanie.

Sayonara Pussycat is an obvious parody of the Hello Kitty franchise. Of course, Sayonara is “bye” in Japanese. Not sure what plot it’d be if it was a movie, it’s more for accessories, really.

Hey, toys in the 80s got away with getting their own (sometimes horrendous) cartoons and movies. Who needs plot?

Girl #1: Oh my gosh!

Cut to the two girls by the arm-waving sign. The red head is looking up at it with her hands clasped, the black-haired one has her hands clasped and is looking to the other girl. The red head turns to her friend.

Girl #1: I can’t wait for the Sayonara Pussycat movie! I wanna see it so *bad*!

The red-head turns to the sign as the black-haired girl puts her hands on her friend’s shoulders.

Girl #2: Oh my gosh, I know! (closes her eyes and clasps her hands to her chest) Isn’t she *soooo* (puts her hands back on her friend’s shoulders) cute?

The two girls walk off. The black haired girl turns her head to look around as Paulina walks up with her hands clasped.

Paulina: Sayonara Pussycat is (throws down her hands) *so* cute!

Cut to Paulina. She clenches her fists and smiles.

Paulina: Why can’t I be that (puts her fists together) popular?

Cut to two empty movie posters with lights around them. Desiree phases through intangible and invisible puts up her hand and resumes full color. Green magic smoke comes from her hand and wafts downward.

Cut to Paulina all gleeful as the smoke comes over her. As it clears, Paulina opens her eyes and turns green, glowing green all over.

Cut to a snack counter. Four people are in line, a boy with a red baseball cap, a woman with curly blonde hair and a blue shirt and skirt, a balding gray-haired man with glasses and his hands clasped, and a tall, dark-skinned man. An employee with a white hat and a red bowtie is standing at the register by the popcorn machine.

Paulina: (offscreen) Hi everybody!

Everyone turns around and gasps. The employee’s hat flies off.

Cut to three teens, all looking shocked. There’s a red-haired girl with a pony tail, a red-haired boy with a green backpack and a blond boy with glasses and a pronounced Adam’s apple.

Paulina: What do you--

Pan right to show three more teens, a blond boy with a blue backpack, a brown-haired boy with glasses, and a brown-haired girl with a purple tank.

Paulina: --think of me?

Cut to another crowd of people. From left to right is a muscular man in a white sleeveless shirt, a thin man in a long blue shirt and blue cap, a person with short blond hair and a bleu shirt with a girl that has a single blonde pigtail. Then there’s a woman in a pink beret with a soda and a man with a shirt, tie and glasses holding a bag of popcorn. They gasp.

Close-up on a floating Paulina with white skin, big, anime-esque eyes and pink blush spots. Zoom out to show her floating and waving her arms with white sparkles all about.

Cut to a woman with short blonde hair and an orange shirt, a woman with curly red hair and a green shirt, and a man with green eyes and a tie. Hearts and blue sparkles fly over them.

All: We love you!

Cut to a couple, a boy with a white tee with purple neck ring and his girlfriend with a white tee that has turquoise rings and a spot on the chest. The boy clasps his arms and the girl throws up her arms, crying.

All: We love you!

Cut to Paulina hovering over a crowd. The crowd waves their arms.

All: We love you, Paulina!

Cut to Paulina. She lands on the ground and marches forward gleefully.

Paulina: Look at me! I’m so cute and cuddly and--

The scene rotates as a crowd of teens follows her. Paulina looks back at them.

Paulina: --ever so wonderful! Don’t you think?

Cut to Paulina marching in front of a crowd of teens. The teens throw up their arms.

All: We agree! We love you, Paulina!

Cut to Danny and Tucker by a couple arcade machines. Danny is about to put a coin into a machine labeled “Crash Nebula”, and is looking the other way. Tucker looks shocked.

Danny: Paulina?!

Intercom: Attention moviegoers!

Danny and Tucker look up.

Cut to the two megaphone intercom on the ceiling.

Intercom: Googleplex cinemas has--

Cut to Danny’s confused face looking up.

Intercom: --officially declared it--

Danny blinks and tilts his neck straight.

Intercom: --Happy Fabulous Paulina Day!

And why exactly are Danny and Tucker unaffected? They just so happen to be a pair of Paulina’s greatest supporters. Must be the strange ghost part that leaves them unaffected.

Cut to a corner of the theater. Paulina walks into the corner, seen from the back.

Paulina: I don’t know what (turns around to face away from the corner) to say!

Cut to Paulina looking at a crowd of adoring teenagers looking down to her.

Paulina: Why squander my popularity here? (leans in to her fans) I’m so adorable, I bet I could become (lifts up her arms) Super Fairy Queen of All--

She starts to grow in short spurts until she is taller than the crowd. The crowd looks up at her.

Paulina: --Teenagerdom!

Cut to Paulina growing in short spurts over the heads of the crowd until she reaches the ceiling.

Paulina: Isn’t that (throws up her arms and smiles gleefully) luscious?

Cut to a crowd of teens with blue sparkles among them cheering and clapping and yelling “yay!”

Cut to Danny. He turns to the right, determined.

Danny: Tucker, I--

Zoom out to reveal Tucker holding the thermos out to Danny. Danny looks down at it, sad.

Tucker: Do what you gotta do.

Danny takes the thermos and looks to the left, determined. Tucker turns to the right and walks away, pointing a thumb.

Tucker: I’ll get seats.

Pan left as Danny turns. A flash of light appears around his waist and grows into a blue ring of light, passing over him transforming him quickly into Danny Phantom. He takes off with a puff of smoke.

Cut to the giant Paulina jumping up and down by her crowd of supporters. A clock on the wall reads “3:00”. Danny swoops in invisibly with the thermos on his back on and hands forward, pushing Paulina up and away.

Cut to an empty, purple theater save for Tucker in one seat next to the aisle, his elbow on the armrest and his hand on his cheek. The screen reads “Ponies! Ponies! Ponies!” in big, bubble letters and hearts next to a blue pony with a gold necklace.

Tucker: Man, I cover for Danny, my movie gets sold out, and I gotta watch--

Zoom in on Tucker.

Tucker: --*this* now.

Impossible. When Danny transformed to get rid of the ghost in Paulina, you were supposed to get tickets/seats. Therefore, neither you nor Danny will watch the movie you wanted to see because Danny’s busy right now and obviously doesn’t have a ticket.

My solution? Do something else or catch a later screening.

Cut to Tucker pouting in his seat with a drink in the cup holder. He puts out a hand.

Tucker: I’m tired of being left out all the time! (He puts down his arm) Man, I wish I had ghost powers too!

That’s the first wish someone made in this episode. The girl said she wanted cotton candy. Dash said they should get turned into a monster. Paulina asked why she couldn’t be so popular. Good for you, Tucker.

Cut to a farther shot of Tucker pouting in an empty theater so the exit doors and projector lights are visible. Zoom in on the projector windows.

Cut to the windows. A green, ghostly spot of light appears on the wall and Desiree swoops intangible and invisible through it carelessly, resuming full color and flying down.

Cut to the pouting Tucker. Desiree floats down with her hands just above him. Tucker looks up, self-conscious, then lifts his hands to his mouth and gasps.

Cut to Desiree. She swirls her hand around and creates green sparkles. Green smoke rises around her.

Desiree: Your heart’s desire is my command!

Cut to Tucker in a fetal position in his seat, scared and guarding with one hand. Green sparkles pop around him. He closes his eyes as green smoke closes in on him, then looks around when the green smoke envelops him.

Cut to the top of the theater. Desiree floats up, turns invisible and phases away above the Exit door.

Cut to a cloud of green smoke. The smoke clears revealing Tucker clinging to his seat and many green sparkles. Tucker opens an eye for a spot check.

Cut to Tucker. He relaxes and looks up to the left, then the right.

Cut to an empty cluster of seats. Cut to a second empty cluster of seats.

Cut to Tucker. He starts to glow with a green aura, then pops intangible. He cries out in surprise as he falls through the seat. Pan down. Tucker pops his head up through the seat and smiles.

Tucker: *Suh-weet*!

Cut to a supply room full of boxes and rolled up posters. On the wall are two sci-fi posters, one of a futuristic gladiator and another of a robot by a planet with rings of Saturn. Pan left to a wall with many trash bags and a broom by a door. Paulina phases head-first through the wall with Danny on her back. She lands on the floor and turns to Danny as Danny floats beside her, both resuming full color.

Cut to Paulina.

Paulina: Hi! (lifts her arms and leans forward gleefully) I’m Paulina. (looks up and puts her hands on her face) I’m adorable and swell (lifts her arms up again) and full of big-headed anime goodness!

Cut to Danny, looking incredulous. He puts out an arm.

Danny: Bye bye, Kitty!

He should have said “Sayonara, Pussycat!” Would’ve sounded wittier.

Actually, I think this was wittier; shows that Danny understood what the title meant.

Danny’s hand glows all green

Cut to Danny and Paulina. Danny lets out an ecto-blast hitting Paulina square in the forehead. She screams and waves her arms.

Cut to Paulina with the beam through her forehead. She stands down. Pan right as the beam exits her and hits a wall, forming into a white shape.

Cut to the white shape, glowing green. It turns into a green Sayonara Pussycat. It floats and smiles gleefully.

SAYONARA PUSSYCAT: Hi! Isn’t everything (opens her big, red anime-esque eyes) in the world (puts her hands to her face) sweet and (spins around) wonderful and--

Cut to Danny. He holds up the thermos with both hands, and then points it forward near his waist. A blue beam is sent out. Zoom out.

Cut to the cat ghost. When it gets enveloped by the blue beam, it screams “Meow!” and is pulled away with the beam.

Cut to Danny, smiling as the cat ghost in the blue beam is pulled into the thermos. It smolders blue a little until Danny caps it and screws it tight.

Cut to Paulina, shocked as she is inside a white flash of light. The screen flashes black and white until it resumes the shape of the original Paulina. Paulina is now confused and in a normal supply room. She bends down and puts a hand to her head in a “what hit me?” way.

Cut to Danny, looking down and smiling.

Danny: *Cool*! It worked!

Cut to a full shot of Danny.

Danny: I can’t wait to tell (crouches down in the air and turns intangible) Tucker!

Danny flies out through the ceiling.

Cut to Paulina with a hand on her head, dazed and sparkling.

Paulina: Where am I? (moves her hand onto her cheek and looks forward a little) And why do I feel that I’m special and adorable?

Her eyes pop with realization. Then she smiles and lifts her hand.

Paulina: Because I *am*!

Zoom out. Paulina walks off, content.

Cut to an exit door next to curtains in the theater. A flash of light and two rings spread around the corner so we can’t see it. When the rings dissipate, a few sparkles pop and Danny steps cautiously from the corner, putting his hand on the doorframe. He then steps down the stairs and turns to the right, stopping and blinking.

Cut to a crowd of people in the theater, one person walks to his seat. Pan left. Two people is standing in the aisle. All the seats are full.

A careful observation shows numerous occurrences of the same two background characters filling the seats. Hit “pause” and look.

Cut to Danny, with his purple backpack.

Danny: Huh. (puts a finger to his chin and arches an eyebrow) No Tuck. (walks away) He must’ve taken off.

Cut to the front of the theater and many rows of seats with the lights dimmed. “DEAD TEACHER IV” fills the screen with black letters in a red, drippy setting and a zombie-like professor holding a green rod.

This reminds me of my school’s feature length movie for the Film Festival, “Staff Infection”. It was about teachers turning into zombies and trying to eat the students. The virus was spread through the cookies that Student Government gave the teachers, and it was killed by none other than aged chicken soup from the school cafeteria. By the end, only three characters survived.

Cut to a bunch of people in the seats, specifically an old woman with glasses and a large bowl of popcorn.

Cut to the recessed lights. Tucker Foley swoops onscreen with his olive-green ghostly tail that resumes into legs.

Tucker: (voiceover) Oh sure, that’s what he (looks down on the crowd) probably thought…

Tucker clenches his fists, then leans back and turns intangible, swooping down offscreen.

Cut to the old woman with popcorn next to a teenage girl with red hair, a pink shirt and a soda. Tucker swoops down and takes a handful of popcorn and eats it as the woman looks down at it.

Tucker: (voiceover) But why would he even suspect--

Tucker leans to the girl’s cup and slurps from the straw, the girl looks at it uneasily. Pan left. Tucker takes the gray toupee of a mustachioed man’s head and puts it on the blond boy in the red shirt’s head. The boy looks shocked. Pan left more as Tucker takes a teenage boy with red hair and glasses’ arm and puts it around the black-haired girl adoring the Sayonara Pussycat sign. The boy looks smug but the girl gets angry and lifts a fist, shocking the boy.

Cut to above the crowd. Tucker floats up invisibly and looks down.

Tucker: (voiceover) --that I was having the time of my fourteen-year-old life!

Tucker smiles and braces himself as a blow is heard landing and a boy yells “Ouch!” Tucker points and puts a hand on his chest and laughs. Then he flies off.

Cut to outside the theater. The marquee still reads “Dead Teacher IV”. Cars honk outside it and people crowd around it. Pan right around a corner of the street. Zoom in on a pink car with a yellow surfboard on top.

Cut to a blonde, long haired surfer by the wheel, hanging a hand out the window and looking bored. His seatbelt is on.

SURFER: (leaning back and holding up a hand) Oh, man! (looks forward and leans down his hand) Booogus.

Cut to the man in the car. He grabs onto the wheel.

SURFER: Stupid car. *sigh* (leans back and throws his hands out) I wish you could just fly (puts his hands back on the wheel) over stuff so I wouldn’t have to sit here!

This is the second actual wish of What You Want.

Cut to the dashboard of the car. Green smoke wafts from the radiators.

Desiree: So you wish it--

Cut to the surfer’s confused face as smoke wafts over it.

Desiree: --so shall it be.

The green smoke stops wafting. The surfer looks down, arching an eyebrow.

SURFER: What the heck?

Cut to the radio. The surfer starts to turn a dial and the arrow goes right, then left, then right again.

SURFER: Hey! This isn’t my station!

Cut to the surfer’s pink car with the yellow board on top in the street. The surfer is shocked as his car glows green, the tires turn horizontally, and it blasts off with green clouds spreading. The surfer yells out in terror.

Cut to a bunch of bright, purple buildings. The green-glowing pink car swoops over all of them.

Cut to the doors of the megaplex with a woman at a box office counter. A glass door opens and Danny walks out.

Cut to Danny, a little disappointed with his backpack in his back. Suddenly, his ghost sense goes off and he is taken by surprise, looking at it. He then looks up.

Cut to the white sky. Desiree swoops up and turns to the camera, looking down and smiling. She then loops over and flies away.

Cut to Danny, looking up.

Danny: Geez, lady! (looks angry and hunches his shoulders) Don’t you ever take a break?!

Danny then looks up again.

Cut to the sky. The flying car swoops onscreen and loops around, flying offscreen.

Danny: A flying car?

Cut to Danny on the ground by the box office. He turns to the theater and runs past a potted plant behind the box office. Pan left across three ticket booths with employees in them as a flash of light comes from behind the booth and two blue rings pass up and down. Danny Phantom steps from behind the booth and takes flight.

Cut to the car. The surfer is terrified at the wheel and is yelling out. Danny flies up to it with two arms out and his tail cascading in the back.

Cut to the surfer, scared and his long hair blowing in the wind. Danny drifts down to the window.

Danny: Hey! Slow down, Jeff Gordon! You’re going over the speed limit!

Danny looks behind him, then turns back to the man. The man looks up at him.

Danny: And the height limit!

Close-up on the surfer. He wails.

Cut to Danny flying next to the possessed car. The car zooms away, Danny looks exasperated. He then looks below as Tucker with his ghostly tail flies under him, putting a hand to his mouth.

Tucker: Don’t sweat this one, Danny. (puts his hands forward) I’m on it!

Danny looks smug and happy as Tucker zooms away with green rings and sparkles behind him. Then Danny looks concerned and stops suddenly in mid-air, looking wide-eyed with his hands at his side.

Danny: Huh?!

Cut to over the countryside with buildings and houses in the distance. The flying car flies in and flies off. Tucker is seen from the back and follows the car.

Close-up on Danny. Zoom in.

Danny: *Tucker*?!

Fade to black.

-Cut to commercial-

Fade to a panning shot of a field. The flying car floats down, then swerves the bottom toward the camera, then up and away from it. The surfer wails the whole time. Cut to the door of the car. It descends to reveal the panicking surfer with both hands on the wheel. A blue, intangible Tucker phases through the ceiling and sits down in the passenger seat. Tucker puts up a finger as the man looks terrified at him.

Tucker: Chill, dude!

Tucker curls his fingers into a fist by his chest and resumes full color.

Tucker: Tucker Phantom’s (puts down his arm) on the case! Cut to the backseat of the car. Danny phases his head through the backseat invisibly.

Danny: “Tucker Phantom”?

Danny phases the rest of the way through and lifts a hand next to his head in an annoyed way. Danny: Okay, ignoring the (looks up sardonically) total originality of that,--

Danny sits down, resumes full color and throws his hands up. Danny: --how the heck did you get ghost powers, anyway? What? Tucker can’t have a cool name, too? Foley, Phantom. Not like Fenton and Phantom but close enough. Of course, Dennis’s last name is very close to “Ghost” and would probably be [Dennis] Ghost if given the choice. Clunk. Cut to Tucker, looking to the backseat.

Tucker: Who knows? (looks gleeful) And more importantly, (looks down, thrilled) who cares? Cut to the car. The surfer has his hands off the wheel, confused. Danny looks angry. Tucker turns forward and lifts his hand. Tucker: And now if you’ll excuse me,-- Danny grits his teeth as Tucker takes the wheel. Both Danny and the surfer are scared. Tucker: --I have some heroic exploits to attend to! When Dennis saw the first half, she thought Tucker would be like a partner to Danny with his newfound powers. As of this point, it’s more like Tucker’s trying to get a slice of the hero jazz himself. The man lifts his hands in front of him and leans back as Danny reaches from the backseat onto the wheel and grunts in effort turning it. Cut to Danny. He turns his eyes to the left. Danny: *Tucker*! (eyes pop open in terror) We’re too young to drive! Cut to the flying car outside. Streams of green energy come from it. It swerves away from the camera, then points the bottom toward it as the surfer wails. Then it does a barrel roll.

Danny: (offscreen) Let go of the wheel!

The car does another barrel roll.

Danny: This is serious! Cut to the backseat. Danny is slammed back-first into it. Cut to a back view of the car, closing in on a building. The silhouettes of the surfer, Danny and Tucker are in the window. Cut to in the car. Tucker has his hands on the wheel and is wailing, the surfer has one hand on the wheel and another by his mouth, he panics as well. Danny is in the backseat looking determined. Zoom in on them. Cut to Danny with his hands on the chair in the backseat. He puts his head down to concentrate as his body starts glowing all blue and turns intangibly blue. Cut to the flying car as Tucker and the surfer are wailing. The car glows blue and turns intangible, phasing into the windows of the building. Cut to inside an office. No one is present. It contains items like file cabinets, papers, desks, chairs and a potted plant. The clock reads “3:00”. The car phases through the back wall and the next wall as Tucker and the surfer wail. Cut to another part of the office with a sink and three cubicles. The car phases through four cubicle walls and out the back wall. Cut to an office with a sofa, computer, plant and water cooler. The car phases through the back wall and through many more, panning left as the wing rotates. Cut to outside the building. The car phases out of it and swoops around to the right offscreen. Cut to a window of the car. Tucker puts his hands on the pane and looks out the back way. He looks angry. He closes his eyes.

Tucker: Oh sure. Cut to Tucker in the window with the surfer at the wheel. Danny is poking his head through the backseat window, incredulous.

Tucker: (lifting a hand and looking up, annoyed) Phase the car through the building!

(Tucker puts his hand on the pane and looks at Danny.)

Tucker: You *had* to save the day, *didn’t you*? Cut to Danny.

Danny: Uh, (looks back) *yeah*, because (looks forward angrily and points a thumb over his shoulder) a car smashing into the 28th floor of *anything* (puts down his hand and leans forward for emphasis) is *BAD*! Cut to Tucker leaning on the window, his eyes narrowed and his fists on the pane.

Tucker: You’re just jealous! Because there’s somebody else (points to himself with his thumb) around to grab the spotlight now! Cut to the surfer. His fists is by his chest and is pointing forward nervously.

SURFER: Yo! Hallucinations! (looks forward and pokes his finger in the air) Focus! Cut to Danny.

Danny: When have I ever grabbed the spotlight? This early in Danny Phantom, Danny’s ghost identity isn’t really known to anyone outside the Ghost Zone, according to Sidney in SI, and Vlad in BR one episode later (but he probably knew from Skulker in OoaK). Danny’s ghostly identity is fairly under wraps until PE, which is bad attention, and by FP Danny doesn’t really want the spotlight; it just shines on him too much. Only time I can think of Danny enjoying and relishing attention is IR, which Tucker wholeheartedly supported. Clunk. Cut to Tucker with his hands curled on the pane.

Tucker: How about right now, for instance?

Close-up on the shocked surfer’s face. He starts wailing again. Cut to a house with a fenced field by it. The car flies over it. Pan right over another house, a barn, a cart of hay and a fenced field with grazing horses to an open silo full of corn. Cut to the open silo. The car flies into the window displacing a large amount of corn. Pan down to the closed doors on the bottom of the silo. The doors slam open and corn is dumped out onto the field along with the car and the surfboard, the car’s doors are open. Cut to just next to the car and the surfboard. A chicken falls down into the corn and clucks with feathers everywhere. It starts to peck at the corn. The chicken flails its wings as the surfer’s head pokes out from underneath the corn. He looks up, confused. Then he smiles as the chicken pecks again.

SURFER: Shyeeah! There’s a chicken on my head! Cut to a pile of corn by the barn with the surfboard in it. Danny phases out of the corn.

Danny: Tucker, *please*. (resumes full color and lifts his hands) This is stupid. Tucker phases out of the corn next to Danny and resumes full color.

Danny: You’re my best friend. Danny puts out his arms and looks to Tucker.

Danny: I’m not jealous, I’m concerned! Cut to Tucker.

Tucker: Well, (clenches his fists) don’t be! (narrows his eyes) This town’s big enough for more than (floats up and away) one ghost kid!

Cut to Danny, looking up in concern. Zoom out.

Danny: Tuck! (holds up a hand) wait!

Cut to Tucker. He drifts up, then turns around in ready pose, blasting off in a beam of green light with a series of rings. Cut to Danny.

Danny: Whoa! I can’t fly that fast. Danny looks forward in concern, zoom in.

Danny: Is he getting more powerful? Cut to a strip mall. There is a TV repair place next to a postbox. Another store reads “Pets”. In between is a shop that reads “Mr. Meat Butcher Shop” in a cleaver sign, with two sausage links reading “BEEF”. Sam is heard sneezing twice. Zoom in. Tucker is seen with his head on a platter near two hams. Sam: So why didn’t you guys see a movie today? A part of Dennis is both laughing and crying at the fact that the butcher shop is coincidentally named “Mr. Meat”. For obvious reasons. Close-up on Tucker with his PDA.

Tucker: Uh, we got a little distracted. Cut to the PDA. Sam is in her bed with her purple, fuzzy pajamas and her bat slippers blowing her nose. Her hand is on her laptop. She removes her tissue and looks forward.

Tucker: I’m just goofing off-- Cut to Tucker in the window. His head and hand is on a platter with a sign reading “Head Cheese” by it.

Tucker: --by myself now.

Cut to a farther shot of the store. A man in a suit walks past without a care, but cringes as his hair jumps off his head when he passes. Contrary to the joke, a meat connoisseur like Tucker would know that Head Cheese isn’t a cheese, but yes, it is made from the meat of the head of a pig. Feet and hearts, too. Clunk. Cut to Tucker’s head and hand with PDA on the platter by some meat. A dog sniffs up to the window and looks at Tucker.

Sam: What happened? Tucker sticks his tongue out at the dog, who runs away while Tucker looks mean.

Sam: Danny have ghost trouble? Tucker looks to where the dog was running.

Tucker: You might say that. (looks back to the PDA as if nothing happened) So, how are you? Cut to Sam, in her bed with her laptop and a tissue.

Sam: Ugh, it’s horrible, Tucker. Sam breathes in and sneezes into her tissue. Cut to Sam’s laptop. Sam’s legs are next to it. A window is open reading “Tucker Cam”, and Tucker looks forward with his head on the platter. Sam puts down her hand. Cut to Sam in her bed. Her bedposts look like spider webs; posters on her wall read “electroclash” and have an art-deco-style person on it. A skull plushie is by her window and the tray where the soup was is next to her. Sam: But somehow I’ll (puts her hand on the top of her laptop) muddle through. Cut to the laptop. It dings. Next to the laptop is a cordless phone and a remote.

Tucker: (voiceover) I didn’t want-- Sam closes her laptop.

Tucker: --to tell Sam about my new ghost powers yet. Cut to Sam. She picks up the remote

Tucker: (voiceover) What if she got as jealous as Danny did? Sam pushes a button on the remote with her thumb. Cut to a side-view of Sam and her bed. There’s a Japanese lantern on the top. Records litter the floor. Large stereo speakers sprout from the floor and start blasting rock/metal music so loud that everything (including Sam’s bed) is blown back. Fade to Casper High. The bell rings. Change of day. It’s Monday.

TUCKER: (voiceover) And speaking of Danny… Cut to a drinking fountain by a door and a row of lockers. A poster above it reads “READ. DON’T BE AN IDIOT.” Lancer walks up to the fountain, bends down and reaches for the knob while putting his other arm behind his back and smiles. Close-up on the knob by Lancer’s hand. The knob abruptly turns by itself. Cut to Lancer by the fountain. He is sprayed by a large stream of water gushing from the fountain. Cut to a wet Lancer.

LANCER: Moby (looks down) *Dick*! Cut to Lancer’s shirt by the fountain. The belt unbuckles and is pulled from his pants, then falls to the ground. Cut to a wet Lancer with his hands on his face. He leans forward and looks carefully while splitting his hands. Cut to a full shot of a wet Lancer with his belt on the floor. He puts down his arms, confused and bends down to pick up his belt, only to be splashed by another spray of water. He bends back up, angry and wetter. Cut to a wet Lancer with water dripping on his face and shirt. He puts his arms at his sides has his tie is lifted up and becomes undone. Lancer looks incredulously at his tie. He then lifts his arms in shock. LANCER: *Gulliver’s Travels*! Close-up on Lancer.

LANCER: I’m losing my (eyes pop up) mind! Cut to a full shot of Lancer with his tie undone and his belt on the floor. His pants fall down, revealing a pair of pink boxers with white, vertical stripes. Lancer is taken aback by the sight.

LANCER: (bending his knees) And my pants! Two students, a boy with red hair and a green backpack in the foreground and a girl with a purple belly shirt, skirt and a small pigtail on top crowds to Lancer and laughs. The boy holds his belly while the girl skips past with her hand on her mouth. Lancer looks irate. Cut to a corner by a staircase. One wall has a bulletin board on it, the other wall with a poster for a Bake Sale with bread, a cupcake, and a mound of a cake. Tucker phases invisibly through the wall and looks back, then resumes full color as he hides behind the corner and peeks. Cut to Tucker peeking behind the corner. Behind him is a door reading “Personnel Only”. Tucker puts a hand on his mouth and pounds the wall laughing as Danny with bags under his eyes walks up, not amused. Cut to Danny. He sniffles.

Danny: Nice trick. (looks mad) Do you do kids’ parties? Cut to Tucker from the back by the bulletin board. He turns around.

TUCKER: Dude, relax. (turns to the right and shrugs) I’m just having fun. (looks with realization, then puts down his hands) You okay? Cut to Danny by the “Personnel Only” door. He looks to the side.

DANNY: I may be catching Sam’s cold, (arches an eyebrow and holds out a hand) but that’s not important right now. (lifts both hands out) Tucker, look-- Danny has only called Sam, not been to her house. He said he WOULD visit her with Tucker, but they got distracted and Tucker called her later. Because germs don’t spread through the phone (but we advise you disinfect your phone regularly, germs breed on it and you don’t realize how much you spit on it), I say he’s catching his parent’s cold. Of course, there is always the possibility Danny popped in on Sam offscreen before school or after Tucker left the prior day or something. That said, it could in fact be a combination of Maddie, Jack, and Sam’s colds. It’s kind of strange he’d specify the bug as being Sam’s cold if he *didn’t* visit her offscreen. (Unless he just associates the bug he’s catching strictly with Sam’s.) Cut to Tucker.

Tucker: (holding out his hands) No need. (puts his arms up by his shoulders) You can keep that superhero jazz to yourself, (puts down one hand and points with the other) I’m in this for the kicks.

Dennis finds this opinion very Tucker-like, but doesn’t believe Tucker would go about pulling pranks on people. He’s more of a joy-rider like Danny, really. I think he’d be better off using his ghost powers to score slam-dunks and take shortcuts, but if he did that, we wouldn’t have a story! It’s obvious there’s a part of Desiree in there controlling him, or the powers went to his head faster than Danny’s power going to his head in M-M. Cut to Danny and Tucker. Tucker puts his hands on his hips.

Danny: I was afraid-- Danny looks to the side in a *sigh* way, Tucker looks smug.

Danny: --of that. Danny puts a hand on Tucker’s shoulder and puts his other arm out in front of him.

Danny: I hate to do this, pal,-- Danny leans back, clenching a fist and straightening the arm on Tucker’s shoulder.

Danny: --but I need to see what’s going on inside of you and there’s only one way-- Danny concentrates and glows blue, Tucker arches an eyebrow.

Danny: --to do that. Tucker looks a little scared as Danny turns blue and his eyes are green. Danny bends down and jumps into Tucker’s chest. The screen darkens as Tucker turns all green. Cut to Tucker, petrified. He leans forward as he begins to glow green and his eyes turn red, grunting with effort as he curls his fingers and grits his teeth. He concentrates and clenches his fists. Cut to a full shot of Tucker, crouching and grunting. He stands up straight. Pan right as a blue, ghostly Danny Fenton is ousted head-first out of Tucker, screaming. Tucker gets overshadowed by Danny often, and seems to be the only one conscious of being overshadowed instead of getting the “what happened?” memory blur. If only he could use this move without the aid of ghost powers. Luckily, no one else overshadows Tucker, but one person DID attempt to overshadow Sam before but got someone else. Clunk. Cut to the “Personnel Only” door. Danny is flying on his back and phases head-first through the door as a crashing is heard. Cut to the door. Tucker puts his hand on the knob and opens the door outward, revealing a very weak Danny lying among fallen mobs, buckets and brushes. That door opened outward. Doors are supposed to open inward when entering a room. Cut to Tucker looking mean in the doorway.

Tucker: Don’t (points a finger) *ever* do that again. Close-up on Tucker.

Tucker: *Get it*?! Cut to Danny among the cleaning supplies.

Danny: Got it. Cut to Tucker in the doorway with his arms at his sides. Danny is seen among the cleaning supplies, weak and dwarfed.

Tucker: *Good*. Tucker turns around and walks away.

Tucker: (voiceover) Okay, maybe I was a little rough on Danny. Cut to Danny, sad and upset. Zoom in.

Tucker: (voiceover) But nobody likes a party pooper. And man, was I having a party! Fade to outside the cafeteria, as evidenced by a large “CAFETERIA” sign above the door. There are two trash bins visible in the hall. A line of five students is holding trays. The second to last student turns his head back. Cut to inside the cafeteria. A boy is sitting down and chatting at a seat holding a cup with a plate of green slop. The same five students are in line. As a floating tray passes by them, they all turn in shock.

Tucker: (invisible) ‘Scuse me, pardon me-- Pan right to show Star, shocked as Tucker lifts his spoon.

Tucker: (invisible) Da-ta-da-- Cut to the tray as a spoon piles green slop on the plate.

Tucker: (invisible) --da-duh-da, da-da-da-ta-da, da-da-da-ta-da. Cut to the lunch line of uneasy students. Tucker continues to hum as he lifts his spoon. Everyone else takes off screaming and drops their trays. Cut to the band classroom. In the front are a boy with a violin and three other students playing woodwinds. The middle row has small brass instruments. The back row is the large brass group. They all play. Zoom in. Cut to the ceiling. Tucker phases in invisibly holding a very visible 2-liter bottle of purple soda. Cut to the funnel of the tuba. Tucker flies up with his soda sloshing, leaning in to pour it all inside. Cut to the bottle as it continues to drain in the tuba until the last drop. Tucker removes the bottle. Pan down to the tuba player, a husky boy with glasses and a red shirt. He stops playing and arches an eyebrow, then removes his mouth with his cheeks full as purple soda drains from the mouthpiece. Streams of soda spurt out of the boy’s ears, mouth and nose. Another instance where Danny Phantom doesn’t fail to retain some cartoon silliness like when toupees and hats fly. Clunk. Cut to the side of Casper High. Students crowd around. There is a tree that has orange leaves, so it’s still apparently autumn. Pan across the grounds to a telephone pole. A blue mist appears from the pole and turns into Tucker, peeking behind it.

Tucker: Hmm, there’s one little ghost trick (looks eagerly smug and looks to the side) I haven’t tried yet. (crouches down) The ghost imposed hook-up. Cut to Paulina, walking along with a blue book by her side. Cut to Danny, bored. Zoom in suddenly as his ghost sense goes off. That’s never happened before this time. The ghost in Tucker is getting stronger… Cut to Tucker from the back, peeking behind the pole. Pan right to Paulina walking along. Cut to Danny.

Danny: Oh no.

Cut to Tucker, smiling an evil smile behind the pole. He glows blue and turns invisible, then flies off. Cut to Paulina, walking along. Tucker flies head-first into her body. Paulina throws herself back a little as she glows blue. Close-up on Paulina. Her eyes become a glowing blue. She closes her eyes and looks to the side, smirking. Cut to Paulina with a hand on her hip. Danny walks up from the foreground. Cut to Paulina.

Tucker: I just want (Paulina lifts a palm) to let you know, (Paulina looks forward and holds her palm out) I’m gonna start dating Tucker Foley! (leans back and points a finger) He’s much cooler than you are, (makes Paulina lean forward with her hands on her hips) so, stop chasing me. Cut to Danny, looking annoyed.

Danny: Tucker, (lowers his eyelids) get out of there. Cut to Paulina. She closes her eyes.

Tucker: (immature tone) Why don’t you make me? Cut to Paulina, careless and Danny, fists clenched. Paulina opens her glowing eyes and smiles a mean smile.

Danny: *Fine*! Danny turns invisible with green eyes and leans forward. Danny: I will! Danny jumps inside Paulina, who leans back petrified and glows green. She crouches forward with fists clenched. Cut to Paulina from the back, crouching over. She turns around and stands solid with her eyes a glowing green. Danny: Tucker, you’re turning the whole school upside down, (makes Paulina lower her eyelids) how about giving it a break? Cut to Paulina from the back. Her eyes glow blue as she turns around and points with one hand on her hip.

Tucker: How about getting off my back-- Paulina puts her palm down and leans forward, clenching a fist.

Tucker: --and letting me have a little fun? Cut to Paulina from the back as she turns with her eyes green. She narrows her eyes and points with another finger.

Danny: Because your fun is kind-of mean. Now-- He puts down Paulina’s hand and makes Paulina point over her shoulder with her thumb. Danny: --get out of Paulina! Cut to Paulina from the back with her thumb over her shoulder. She turns around with blue eyes and throws her arms at her sides.

Tucker: I was here first! (narrows Paulina’s eyes) You go! Cut to Paulina, leaning into the shot with green eyes.

Danny: No! *You*! Cut to a tree. Paulina leans in with blue eyes.

Tucker: *You*! Babazita’s genie gave me (makes Paulina point at herself with her thumb) these powers and I’ll use ‘em how I want! Cut to an angry looking Paulina from the back. A tree is by her and the school is in front of her. She closes her eyes and glows blue as Danny Phantom exits her body invisibly, looking down on her. They stop glowing. Danny: Then maybe I need to have a chat with this-- Cut to Danny.

Danny: --Babazita. Danny rushes off quickly. Cut to an angry Paulina with blue eyes.

Tucker: Fine. But you and I aren’t-- Paulina closes her eyes and puts a hand to her mouth for amplification.

Tucker: --friends anymore, Danny Fenton! Paulina leans back petrified and glowing green with red eyes as Tucker flies out of her. She resumes normal color, confused. She closes her eyes.

Paulina: Oh, what? (looks to the right) *Huh*? Zoom out to show a crowd of confused students around her, one boy scratching his head and a girl with her hand to her mouth. Paulina tries to have herself as she curls her fingers to her chest.

PAULINA: And… (angrily but confused) I never was friends with-- She looks angry, then points up in the sky and looks to the side, completely out of it.

Paulina: --you! Cut to an aerial shot of Casper High. Paulina is in the crowd. She puts down her arm and walks off.

Tucker: (voiceover) It was our first argument, and we were having it over a girl! Pan right over the orange trees. Tucker floats up and looks down, smiling.

Tucker: (voiceover) Well, in one, actually. (turns around with a smug smile) But you get the point. Tucker takes off. Fade to Babazita. She is wearing a pink bandana, hoop earrings, blush, eye shadow and her gold skull pendant. She looks skeptical.

Tucker: (voiceover) That…was my mistake. Zoom out to show Danny from the back hunched over the table with one hand on it and the other hovering over it. Danny silently explains the situation to Babazita.

Tucker: (voiceover) Reminding Danny where the ghost came from. Zoom out. Danny steps back as Babazita jumps onto the table. Cut to Babazita on the table. She clasps her hands together, and then raises them up and belly dances.

Tucker: (voiceover) Apparently Desiree was a harem girl-- Fade to a painted image of a human Desiree with her arms overhead looking to the side with a smile, decked in gold jewelry.

Tucker: (voiceover) --who had been promised-- Pan out to show the whole image to include a fat Sultan on a plush throne.

Tucker: --her heart’s desire. (Fade to an image of Desiree overlooking a castle with many mosques as the Sultan points to it.)

Tucker: (voiceover) Her own kingdom. (Fade to an image of a sad Desiree crying and looking away.)

Tucker: (voiceover) Only to be banished-- Zoom out to show the Sultan’s wife in the doorway, angry and pointing out. The Sultan looks confused behind her.

Tucker: --by the Sultan’s jealous wife. Fade to Danny, looking blankly.

Tucker: (voiceover) She died of a broken heart. Cut to Babazita with her arms out at her sides. She groans as she clutches her heart and twitches her eyes, faking a heart attack.

TUCKER: (voiceover) And old age. She then calms down. (Fade to a picture of a ghostly Desiree flying forward, as if looking for something. She is in a medieval Robin Hood-like village).

Tucker: (voiceover) After that her spirit roamed, (Fade to an image of Desiree smiling with her hand out as if granting a wish).

TUCKER: (voiceover) granting people’s deepest desires- Zoom out to reveal the whole image as a Robin Hood-esque man is leaning back and ecstatic over a bag with a dollar sign on it raining gold coins on him. Dennis nitpicks because the dollar sign, an S with two lines, is American (it was originally a U within an S). Desiree is in Britain long before America existed. Fade to Desiree, floating away, looking sad.

TUCKER: (voiceover) But at a great personal cost. Zoom out to reveal that the man is holding a stack of gold coins in his hand with many hearts floating around him to a greedy-looking maiden in blue holding out her hands. Fade to Babazita holding her heart, also looking sad.

Tucker: (voiceover) Hey, who knew? That’s not exactly how the wishes go, Desiree. Usually something bad would happen to the wisher. Maybe that girl steals his money and dumps him. Babazita shrugs.

Cut to Danny, listening intently. Zoom in on him. That was a fairly fractured fairy tale. Dennis wanted to write a detailed version of the tale but she couldn’t because her genre is the crazy realms of science fiction. After she finishes her current story, she has another weird science fiction one in the works, but more close-to-home this time. She’ll get around to doing it when she gets bored one day and inspiration strikes. Fade to a park. Danny is standing next to a fountain with a coin on his fist and the Thermos in the other. A woman on a bench feeds the ducks. The trees all around are orange and some city buildings are seen in the background. Danny puts a hand to his nose and sniffles. He puts his arm back in place. Zoom in.

Danny: If you’re trying to snag a wishing ghost-- Cut to Danny looking down at a silver coin in his two fingers.

Danny: --what better place than (perks up and smiles) a wishing well? Danny flicks the coin and looks down at it.

Cut to the fountain. Ripples are in it. Danny looks at his reflection in the water until it vanishes completely when the coin splashes. Cut to Danny, looking down. He rolls his eyes back, then to the side. He looks down, frustrated.

Danny: (whispering) Dang it. Danny sneezes and looks bored. He turns around and walks off with bags under his eyes. Cut to Danny, walking away with bags under his eyes with his thermos. A man with red hair and a business suit walks up to the fountain with his hands in his pockets. He gazes into the fountain. Cut to the man. He holds up a coin in two fingers.

BUSINESSMAN: I wish I had a million (flicks the coin) bucks. Cut to the water. The coin splashes. Zoom out to show the legs of the man. Pan up. The man looks off to the side as the sky turns magenta and the trees turn blue. Green smoke wafts as swirls around him and his arms. The man looks up to the right.

Desiree: So it is-- The man looks down. Desiree: --desired,-- The man looks to the left a little and smiles.

Desiree: --so shall it-- The man looks down to the right.

Desiree: --be. The man looks down now. Cut to Danny, walking away until he turns around suddenly with his thermos.

Danny: Huh? Close-up on Danny. He makes a serious face as his eyes turn green and his hair turns white. Record fastest transformation in all of Danny Phantom: A split-second because it was done on a close-up. Cut to the man with green smoke swirling about him. Danny walks over with his hands out and picks up the man. The man is confused at the smoke wafts away. Danny takes the man in his arms.

Danny: Oh no, you don’t! Cut to a back-view of Danny holding the man. An impish, green Desiree sways up with her red eye.

Desiree: Young intruder,-- She resumes shape and color, her hips swaying as she looks down upon them.

Desiree: --you dare to interfere with (lifts her arms and clenches her fists) *my*-- Close-up on her eye.

Desiree: --spellbinding?! Cut to a dazed Danny holding a dazed man in his arms. The man is clinging on to Danny. Danny looks to him.

BUSINESSMAN: Money isn’t everything!

(The man wails and takes off. Danny has his empty hands out as he turns to the right where the man ran off to. Cut to Danny. He crouches over and points a finger.)

Danny: Listen, Desiree. I want you to take away Tucker’s ghost powers *pronto*! He actually tried to make a deal with the genie. Of course, he did WANT it, so it should have worked, but… Maybe if he had said “I wish”. Cut to Danny pointing up, seen from the back. Desiree floats above him in front of the fountain.

Desiree: I cannot.

Danny puts his hand back and gets into a fighting stance. Desiree smiles and crosses her arms.

Desiree: By noon tomorrow, you’re friend’s fate will be sealed! She lets out her arms and starts laughing an evil laugh. Cut to Desiree. She stands up straight and serious.

Desiree: His jealousy-- Zoom in on Desiree.

Desiree: --will transform him *forever*-- She leans forward and clenches her fists in front of her, smiling a plotting smile.

Desiree: --into the most (flies up and lifts her breast to the sky) powerful ghost boy in the (opens her eye) world! But this is before BR, and Vlad’s not a boy. There’s only one, all Tucker has to be is one micron more powerful than Danny. Clunk. Desiree laughs evilly again. Cut to Danny, popping up into the shot.

Danny: Tuck? (looks down at himself, arching an eyebrow) He’s not *that* jealous, (looks to the audience, then up at Desiree) is he? Cut to Desiree, her chin high. Desiree: More than (looks down and narrows her eyelid) you know. Cut to Danny in a fighter’s stance with Desiree floating next to him. Desiree: Tomorrow his jealousy and frustration will cement into (straightens up and throws down her arms) rage and (clenches her fists up) rebellion. She leans to Danny with her fingers curled. Desiree: He will be complete. During that monologue, Danny didn’t even move. Well, he blinked a couple times, but I call it “cardboard-cutout syndrome”. It happens often in DP, most obvious in IC and during a tree falling in BM. Desiree swoops away but Danny jumps up and grabs her tail in both hands. Cut to Danny. He puts his head down in a serious tone. Danny: You change him-- Zoom out to show his hands on Desiree’s tail.

Danny: --*back*!

Cut to Desiree from behind. She turns her head, angry and she clenches a fist.

Desiree: You dare lay a hand on (tenses her arms at her sides) me? She turns more and holds up a hand with tensed fingers.

Desiree: No man may lay a hand on me unless *I*-- Close-up on Desiree.

Desiree: --wish it!

Cut to Danny holding Desiree’s tail.

Danny: Yeah?

Zoom in on Danny.

Danny: How ‘bout a fist?!

Cut to Danny holding Desiree’s tail and Desiree looking angry at him. Danny grunts with effort doing a spin-punch but Desiree floats away and he part of her tail left behind fades away. Cut to Desiree, floating back into the shot with a smug look. She holds out her hand, and it curls into a tied lasso loop. She throws it back, panning right as the rope moves forward. Desiree’s arm-morph move is fairly unique to her. She uses it again in MB when she turns her hand into a sledgehammer to crush Danny. Cut to a frightened Danny as the rope lands around his waist, causing him to cringe down. He screams as he is pulled up offscreen. Cut to Desiree, strained with effort floating up to toss Danny. Pan up to Danny in Desiree’s lasso loop. He grunts again as the rope is flung the other way. Cut to a happy old lady in a pink dress and glasses on a bench holding a paper back and feeding the birds. The birds coo and fly away, panning right as Danny grunts in pain, landing on and totally crushing the other half of the bench. Cut to Desiree in the air, retracting her arm. She flies forward in rage on a dark purple action background. Cut to Danny, getting up. He is holding a ball of green energy in his hands behind his head, about the size of his head.

Danny: Get back!

Danny tosses the ball into a beam onto a magenta action background. Cut to Desiree looking shocked as she flies forward on her magenta action background. She cries out as she is flipped over and knocks away by the energy ball. Cut to just over the fountain. Desiree shoots from the air in a stream of green smoke and lands face-first with her hands on the ground, her hair covering her. Danny swoops around and floats over her. Cut to Desiree on the ground. She looks up, irritated. She holds up a hand that glows white and smiles a wide-toothed smile as it grows big and runs forward in a green action background. Cut to Danny, floating as the hand closes in and takes him, slamming him on the ground. Danny grunts in pain as the concrete cracks. Cut to Danny, restrained by Desiree’s large, glowing hand. He tries to pry off her hand.

Danny: Can’t break (turns his head left) free! (looks up at Desiree) Can’t go intangible and-- He bends his arm and holds onto the hand to pry himself free, his eyes twitching with effort. Danny: --escape! Danny’s eyes pop open, panning up-left to the Fenton Thermos and its strap by a pile of rubble. This is a good time when the morphing/misting power would come in handy at a time when it was still considered a power. Danny misted out of a dragon’s grasp in PB (his only misting until he decided not to do it again), and he got out of a Hair Hornet lasso in AotKGS by morphing out of the loop with his spectral tail. Cut to Desiree.

Desiree: You can’t do anything unless I (leans back and holds up a fist by her side) wish it! Cut to Danny in the grasp of Desiree.

Danny: Or *I* do!

Zoom out to reveal the Thermos in the rubble. Danny reaches for it and puts his hand on the cap. Cut to a side view of Desiree floating over Danny with her giant hand on the ground, taken by surprise. Danny is unscrewing the lid.

Danny: I wish you would disappear (holds up the thermos in front of Desiree) inside this thermos!

Cut to Desiree, shocked.

Desiree: What?

She leans back with her hand near her chest and her giant fist in the air.

Desiree: *No*! Close-up on Desiree.

Desiree: I must obey! Cut to Desiree with her giant fist. She starts to glow all blue as she lifts her arms and starts getting pulled away in wisps.

Desiree: You will pay for this! Cut to a smiling Danny holding up the thermos with the blue beam as the green smoke of Desiree is sucked inside. Desiree continues to scream.

Desiree: HEEEEY!

Cut to the thermos as the last of the green smoke is sucked in. Danny caps it. Zoom out. Danny pops with realization.

Danny: If I weren’t a C student, I would’ve thought of that five days ago.

Danny: Now to find Tuck! Danny prepared for flight and takes off.

Fade to the interior of Casper High. The clock reads 11:45. Zoom out. Danny runs up.

Danny: Quarter to noon and-- Danny turns his head back and walks toward a door under the clock.

Danny: --no sign of Tucker-- He pops with realization.

Cut to Danny. His ghost sense goes off, and he turns up to the left. Cut to the top of the door by the clock, which somehow reads “9:00” now. The sign reads “School Records”. Cut to Danny. He looks all “*sigh*”.

Danny: Should’ve guessed.

Cut to Tucker at a computer terminal in a darkened room fill of filing cabinets. Beeping is heard. Zoom out to show Tucker typing and the door behind him. Danny walks through intangibly and resumes full color as Danny Phantom. Cut to the screen. It reads: Permanent Record Tucker Foley: History D Spanish C Algebra F Sewing A Physical Ed. F Computers A All the letters turn into As.

Danny: (offscreen) Tucker, you’re changing your grades? Cut to Danny, berating.

Danny: That’s *cheating*! Not just cheating, that’s illegal. Kids get expelled when they hack into school computers and change their grades. You don’t really need ghost powers to accomplish that, only if you need to phase through a locked door and you can’t get the key. Cut to Tucker from the back at the computer. A lamp next to him is on. He turns around and spreads one hand on the keyboard, hanging the other on the chair. Tucker: I like to think of it as (puts out a palm) “academic enrichment”. He hangs his hand on the chair and smirks. Tucker: Want me to do yours? Cut to a smug Tucker in the chair being looked over by an irked Danny with his fists clenched. Danny: No way. Tucker pops up, mad. Danny shows concern.

Danny: Tucker,-- Danny holds out a hand of warning as Tucker gets up and turns to face Danny. Danny: --you’re in real danger. Cut to the body of Tucker, looking mad. He glows green. Pan up to show Tucker’s face transforming, with green skin and liver spots, pointed ears, teeth and fingers as he growls. Cut to Danny, holding up a hand in fear. He puts up two hands to block. Danny: Take it easy. (hunches over and puts out his hands in a matter-of-fact way) We’re friends, (curls his fingers) remember? Cut to a glowing, ghostly Tucker in a fighter’s stance, Danny is seen from the back. Zoom in slowly on Tucker.

Tucker: We’re only friends on your terms. But now (points to himself with his thumb) I make the rules around here. (puts his hands back into the stance) And my first rule is-- Close-up on Tucker. Tucker: No more Danny Phantom. Cut to a glowing Tucker looking angrily at a scared Danny. Tucker takes in a deep breath and jumps in the air, letting out a stream of rank, yellow smoke at Danny who is knocked back offscreen. Cut to outside the door in a darkened hallway. Danny screams as he phases through the door on his back head-first. Pan right to a row of lockers with one teenage boy at his. He looks to the spot that Danny phased through. Cut to a science lab with many beakers, test tubes, and chemicals on counters with stools. A formula on the blackboard reads “radical R/Q-squared Ri”, Danny slams intangibly into it, resuming full color and shattering it, sliding down to the floor. Cut to Danny with his head down. He looks up. Danny: He’s getting more malevolent. Close-up on Danny. His eyes pop up. Danny: More ghost-like! Malevolent means “malicious and spiteful” (and I love having both together, it feels like I’m sucking on a very delectable sour candy). Synonyms for “ghostly” include “spectral” or “supernatural”. Clunk. Cut to the wall of the science lab with a shelf of beakers by it. Tucker phases through the door and resumes color. Cut to Danny with a hand down. He stands up. Danny: Tuck, *please*! (puts his hands up to block) You have to listen to me! Close-up on Danny. Danny: There isn’t much time! Cut to Tucker. He extends his arm and points. Tucker: You’ve got that right! He sweeps up his hands behind him and looks up as he produces a ball of energy. Tucker: Your time is up! Pan left as Tucker sends out the green beam. Cut to Danny, crouching on the ground by the debris. He jumps and evades as the beam hits the wall behind him. Cut to another blackboard near the ceiling. It reads “radical (symbol) squared/Q-squared Ri. Danny flies up and rotates so he’s parallel to the ceiling as shots miss him. He swoops down as the shots smolder. Cut to Danny swooping down behind Tucker as Tucker looks up and shoots another beam. Danny lands and flicks off Tucker’s beret with one finger and an evil smile. Tucker stops immediately, confused. Danny flies off as Tucker attempts a spin-punch but fails. Tucker then sends out another green beam. Cut to a counter in the science lab with flasks, beakers and test tubes. Danny lands and runs in slow-motion as Tucker’s beam hit the wall behind them, then a beaker, then a flask, the table, the test tube rack, the large flask and the table and the wall. Danny ducks behind the table with a teaching skeleton next to him. Cut to an angry Tucker with green-yellow streams smoldering on him. They stop smoldering as he bends down and puts on his beret. Zoom in as his face becomes totally shocked. Cut to Danny holding the teaching skeleton over his shoulder as he turns to toss it toward the camera. Cut to Tucker. He turns intangible hunches over with his hands on his head, opening an eyes to the wall as the skeleton crashes into it and becomes a pile of bones. Tucker resumes color and surveys the damage. Cut to Tucker, popping up in the shot.

Tucker: *Ha*! Is that the (closes in on the camera) best you can do?! Cut to Danny from the back with his hand on the counter. He ducks as more zappers shatter more beakers. Pan down to Danny with his hands back to the counter. Danny: Unfortunately, yes. I can’t get through to him! Close-up on Danny. He smirks. Danny: But I know what can! Cut to Tucker floating in the foreground in front of a charred wall and counter. Danny floats up in front of it. Danny: Catch me if you can, Sucker Phantom! Danny stands up straight with a cheesy smile and wave as he turns intangible and phases through the floor. Cut to the floor. There’s a stream of light where Danny phased through. Tucker walks up to the spot with his fist clenched.

Tucker: That’s Tucker Phantom! He turns intangible as he tenses his arms at his sides and yells.

Tucker: *Tucker*! No wonder Danny’s banned for life for handling all fragile school property. Look at that mess they made in the lab! It’s worse than Sidney’s mess in the previous episode because Tucker used ghost beams to char the equipment as well as shatter. Tucker jumps into the floor. Cut to a locker room. Towels are hanging. Danny descends onscreen.

Danny: The girl’s locker room!

Danny speeds away into the lockers. Tucker descends. Cut to Tucker. He relaxes and looks to the side, resuming full color.

Tucker: The girl’s locker room... (smiles and puts his hands down) So this is what it’s like in here!

Danny comes in and bags a bra over Tucker’s head, smiling evilly. Zoom out. Danny pulls him aside and starts flying off with him. Tucker screams. Cut to an aerial view of the school gym. It’s dark and empty and the clock reads “11:00”, once again broken. The center of the floor reads “Ravens” on both sides and has a shield with “CH” instead of the correct CHS on it. Danny and Tucker phase through the wall above the bleachers. Cut to a basketball hoop. Danny slam-dunks Tucker head-first through the hoop with the bra, Danny’s butt is in the air. The bra falls as he looks down upon the floor with an evil smile. Cut to the floor. Tucker lands on his nose with his legs over him. The bra falls on his butt so the cups look like cheeks. It reads 11:55. Zoom out to show Danny looking at it. He turns his head.

Danny: Only five minutes left! Danny tenses his arms and smiles an evil smile.

Danny: *Ha*! Close-up on Danny.

Danny: You got *no* game!

Cut to Tucker on the ground, looking down. He lifts his head up, angry. Then he stands up as the toes on his shoes fall off. His skin starts crawling. Pan up as Tucker grows and roars like a beast, his shirt is torn at the edges. The background turns red. Close-up on Tucker. He opens his solid-red eyes. Cut to a scared Danny. Zoom in. Cut to Tucker from the back with Danny floating far away. Tucker’s backpack looks tiny compared to him. Danny turns around, turns intangible and flies off through the wall. Tucker crouches, turns intangible and follows him. Cut to a reddened sky, far away from a grayed Casper High. Danny swoops up with a long tail from Casper with his arms tensed at his sides, swoops toward the camera and panning left as he flies away over the town. Tucker follows him with his green ghostly tail. Cut to a red action background. Tucker’s fists are in the foreground with Danny in hot pursuit. Danny swoops around and vanishes in a spark. Tucker’s hands open in surprise. Cut to Tucker. He is flying forward but slows down in the air.

Tucker: Where are you?

Cut to Tucker. He strains his veiny neck up.

Tucker: Where?! Tucker is surprised as a ghost sense that looks just like Danny’s goes off. Pan right as Tucker turns and purses his lip to a Danny floating behind him is his arms crossed. Dennis questions why Tucker has a ghost sense, other than Desiree just wanted to copy all of Danny’s powers two-or-tenfold. That’s why a half-ghost registers on his radar. Urban Jungle made for a lot of retcons. Danny: What’s the matter? Cut to Danny.

Danny: Can’t catch what you can’t see?

Cut to Danny, floating with his arms crossed. Tucker floats in from the left trying to grab him, but Danny vanishes is a flash of light. Cut to FentonWorks. Pan up over the huge machine over the house. Danny floats in turning visible, flying prone on his stomach. Cut to Danny as he looks behind him.

Danny: Where is he? (rolls his eyes up) He has to have followed me! Danny turns his head behind him.

Danny: It’s almost noon!

Tucker floats up in front of Danny and ambushes him. Danny is terrified and has bags under his eyes. Tucker: Yeah, what’s the (yells as he looks over Danny) dizzle, *fizzle*?! Tucker bags Danny and swoops down. Cut to the top of the machine on FentonWorks. Pan down as Tucker and Danny fly down intangibly through the top. A flash of light is seen from one of the second-floor windows with a crash, and from a first-floor window with a glass shattering. Cut to an intangible Danny on a red action background with Tucker’s hands on him.

Danny: (fake distressed tone) No! (looks down) Don’t throw me into (looks up) the Ghost Zone! (closes his eyes and shouts) *PLEASE*! Danny opens his eyes. Cut to Tucker.

Tucker: I wasn’t going to, (smiles) but that is a *great* idea!

Cut to the lab. The top of the Ghost Catcher is visible. Danny and Tucker phase through the ceiling. Pan down to the floor, with the closed Portal visible. Tucker holds Danny in front of him. Cut to a digital clock. It reads “11:59:51”. The numbers change with the second.

Danny: (offscreen) Only gonna have one shot at this. Pan left to Danny looking back at the clock. He looks down seriously as he and Tucker resume full color. Cut to Danny’s body with clenched fists. They start to glow all green. Cut to Danny, looking down. His eyes pop with realization. He sneezes forcefully with a blue stream coming from his mouth into Tucker's face. Cut to Tucker holding a Danny with glowing hands. Tucker and Danny land as Tucker releases his grasp, holding out his hands. Danny is in a fighter’s stance.

Tucker: Hey! Cover your mouth! Tucker looks in surprise as Danny lifts his hands behind him, jumping forward to punch Tucker and fling him offscreen. Danny goes back into his read pose with glowing hands. Cut to the Ghost Catcher. Tucker floats toward it back-first with his arms and legs forward. When he travels through it, the ghostly blue monster Tucker floats out and the normal, human Tucker with streams of smoke coming from it lands on the floor safely on his backpack. Cut to Tucker on the ground. He opens his eyes groggily.

Tucker: Is... (points up a finger) Is that *me*?

Cut to the blue monster Tucker growling and hanging his arms over the normal Tucker. The human Tucker crouches back as saliva drips from the ghost’s mouth. Tucker covers his head with an arm and puts up a foot when the monster roars at him, but the monster stops in surprise as his tail is pulled offscreen. He looks to the back in shock, panning right as Danny is sucking him into the Thermos. Cut to Danny, sweating.

Danny: No, (lowers his arms a little) it’s not you, Tuck. (closes his eyes) Not anymore.

Cut to Danny with the Thermos. He puts the thermos down and caps it as Tucker walks onscreen with his palms out in apology.

Tucker: Aw. Man, Danny. (puts his hands to himself) I’m sorry. (looks down) I-I couldn’t control myself.

Danny: Dude, (opens his eyes calmly) don’t worry about it. (sniffles) You were under the genie’s spell, and you broke it. Not quite. Cut to Tucker.

Tucker: Yeah, but, (looks up in concern) none of that would’ve happened (looks down) if I wasn’t jealous.

Cut to Danny and Tucker, Danny with his hand on the cap.

Danny: Or if I had been a little less of a show-off around you. Both kids smile as Danny holds out a hand.

Danny: Friends?

Cut to their hands coming together.

Tucker: The best. Danny didn’t exactly show-off, other than the time he phased through a trash can absently. It’s more like Tucker perceived it that way. But that still rings true. Cut to Tucker and Danny shaking hands with the hut and the staircase behind them. Pan left. The two walk off carelessly. When they are gone, Jack opens the tent and looks while Maddie looks the other way. Cut to Jack and Maddie. They exchange glances and shrug. Jack closes the door. In this episode, there are a number of Tucker and Danny conversations that other people aren’t supposed to hear for some reason. But my real nitpick is that the stairs were just next to the hut and the kids didn’t walk anywhere near them. Where’d they go? Jack and Maddie could’ve either saw them or they flew away invisibly before the Fentons could see them. Fade to a blue house on a street. Two trees grow around it.

Tucker: (narrating) Tucker Foley, digital journal. Saturday. It’s been four days already? Wow! Time sure flies in just one fade. Zoom in on the house.

Tucker: (narrating) They say “be careful what you wish for”. To that I’d like to add a big fat “DUH!”

Cut to a sick Tucker, pale and sweating on a pillow, wrapped in a pink blanket and a green, plaid towel with white polka dots, a thermometer in his mouth and writing with his stylus on his PDA. The PDA beeps.

Tucker: (narrating) Especially when it comes to best friends.

Zoom out to reveal a sick Danny, pale and sweating, on a pillow with a red hot water bottle on his head, wrapped in yellow blanket and a red towel. Tucker looks to him, smiling.

Tucker: (narrating) ‘Cause I couldn’t wish for a better one.

Tucker and Danny sneeze at the same time. Cut to Tucker and Danny. They are both on a green sofa with their blankets and towels. Danny has blue bunny slippers. On the table is a box of tissues, used tissues, a bottle of red medicine, and a green bottle. Tissues litter the floor. The wastebasket is brimming with them, and there’s another box next to the sofa. Sam walks up with a yellow tray and two orange bowls of steaming broth.

Sam: Geez, do you guys have to share *everything*? Cut to Danny and Tucker. Danny sniffles and smiles.

Danny: You don’t know the *half* of it. Tucker and Danny smile at each other. Iris out on Tucker.

-End Title Card Screen-