Steve: Hi Out There It’s Me Steve Have You Seen Blue My Puppy!

Viewers: There She Is!

Blue: Bow-Bow! Bow-Bow-Bow-Bow-Bow!

Steve: Come On In.

Blue: (Barking)

(The viewers stop at the door)

Steve: (On The Door) Oh! Hi! How Are You? Come On In. 

Viewer: Open This Door.

Steve: What? Oh, Right.

I’m Sorry, I Opened The Door And Then You Can Come In And Say “Oh! Hi! How Are You? Come On In.”


Hey, Blue And I Drawing A Picture.

Do You Wanna See It? 

Viewers: Yeah!

Steve: Great. Come On.

Whoop. Pardon Me.

And Here We Are.

Blue: Bow, Bow!

Steve: Hi Blue.

Blue: Bow, Bow!

Steve: Ooh. You That Looks Great, Blue.

You Finnish The Outline.

Blue: (Barking Yes)

Steve: Now What Should We Do?

Viewer: Colored In.

Blue: Bow! (Barks Yes)

Steve: Colored In. Great. I Love To Color.

Blue: (Barking Walks Colors In The Pictures)

Steve: That Looks Great, Blue.

Blue: Bow, Bow!

Steve: Let’s Hang Up On The Refrigerator.

Blue: (Barks No)

Steve: No? You Don’t Wanna Hang Up On The Refrigerator.

Blue: (No Barks)

Steve: Okay, Well Then What Do You Wanna Do With Our Drawing?

(Blue leaves paw print on the right side of the screen)

Steve: What A Great Idea? We’re Gonna Play Blue’s Clues To Figured Out What Blue Wants To Do With Our Drawing?

I Love Blue’s Clues.


   We are gonna play Blue’s Clues

   Cause it’s a really fun, yeah!

Steve: So remember, Blue’s paw prints will on the clues: Blue’s Clues. Right. We Better Clean This Pawprint Off. Hmm.

Ooh Let’s Wipe It Off.

So, What Will Be Our 1St Step?

Viewer: Spray.

Steve: Right. 1St You Should Spray This Water On This Pawprint.

There We Go, And Then We Can Take Our Sponge.

And Wipe Off The Drippy Parts.

There, Hmm. Now We’re Ready To Play Blue’s Clues.

Kid (Voice Off): Steve, Steve?

Steve: Oh, Right You Know What Comes Next?


Viewers: Notebook.

Steve: Notebook Right Come On.

(Steve goes to Side Table Drawer)

Ahh. Ooh.

Thanks, Sidetable Drawer.

Sidetable Drawer: You’re Welcome.

Now, You Can Play Blue’s Clues.

Steve: Right. Here It Is.

Will You Help Me Again Today?

Oh, You Will. Great. Cause I’m Really Gonna Need Your Help.

Trying To Figured Out What Blue Wants To Do With Our Drawing.

(music begins)

Steve: Oh. Okay. So, we got to find a...

Kids: Paw print!

Steve: Paw print, right. Cause that's the first...

Kids: Clue!

Steve: Clue, yeah. Then we put it in our notebook. 

   Cause they're Blue's Clues, Blue's Clues

   We got to find another paw print,

   That's the second clue

   We put it in our notebook,

   Cause they're whose clues? 

   Blue's Clues!

   We got to find the last paw print,

   That's the third clue

   We put it in our notebook

   Cause they're Blue's Clues, Blue's Clues!

   You know what to do

   Sit down in our Thinking Chair

   And think, think, think

   Cause when we use our minds,

   And take a step at a time

   We can do anything...

Blue: Ba-Bow!

Steve: That we want to do! (does jazz hands)

So Keep Your Eyes Open.

For Our 1St Blue’s Clue.

But Before We Do That.

Could You Show Me Which Way Blue Went?

Viewer: That Way! That Way.

Steve: Oh, That Way. Thanks.


   We are looking for Blue's Clues

   We are looking for Blue's Clues

   We are looking for Blue's Clues

   Wonder/I wonder where they are

Viewers: A Clue A Clue.

(Stamp Humming)

Steve: Yup. That’s What We Need To Do Next.

Find A Clue.

Viewer: No It’s A Clue!

Steve: Oh, You See A Clue. Right. Where?

Viewer: Right There.

Steve: Oh, Look. It's A--.Stamp.

A Dancing Stamp.

There Was Been I Was Looking For.

So, A Stamp Is Our 1St Blue's Clue.

What Comes Next?

Viewers: Notebook.

Steve: Right. We Put In Our Handy Dandy Notebook. Right.

So, A Stamp.

1St We’ll Draw A Rectangle.

Then A Squiggly Line For The Boarder

1 And A 0 For The #10.

And We Have A Stamp.

So, What Could Blue Wanna Do With Our Drawing With A Stamp?

Maybe, So, So, A Stamp Is Our 1St Clue.

So I Guess Our Next Step. Is To Find Our 2Nd Clue.

Then Maybe We Can Figured Out What Blue Wants To Do With Our Drawing?

Mr. Salt And Mrs. Pepper: (Gasps)

Mr. Salt: Steve? Steve!

Mrs. Pepper: We’re So Glad You’re Here.

Mr. Salt: That Was There Mystery Maker In Our Kitchen.

Mrs. Pepper: And It Looks Like Their Are Made An Ice Cream Cone.

But We Don’t Know Who It Is?

Mr. Salt: Will You Help Us Figured Out The Mystery Maker Are We.

Steve: We Definitely We Need Our Help To Figured Out Who Is This Mystery Ice Cream Cone Maker Is.

Will You Help?

You Will. Great.

Okay, Let’s Look At The Evidence.

We Have Ice Cream Scooper.

Aha. Cones.

Uh-Huh? Sprinkles.

So It Looks Like The Mystery Maker Made An Ice Cream Cone. 

So If They Made An Ice Cream Cone. 

Where Did They Go Now?

Viewer: Out The Door.

Steve: Oh, Yeah. Out The Door And Look At That They Left A Trail Of Sprinkles.

Come On. Let's Follow The Trail.

They Were Here. See, The Evidence.

There's Melted Ice Cream. 

I’ll Bet It's From The Mystery Maker.

So After Going To The Picnic Table.

Which We Did The Mystery Maker Go Next.

Viewer: That Way.

Steve: Yep That Way Come On.

Are You The Mystery Ice-Cream Maker Is Right Here.

Now Where Did They Go?

Viewer: Through The Door.

Steve: Through The Door. Right.

The Trail It's Gone.

Now Where Did The Mystery Maker Go?

Viewer: The Bathroom.

Steve: The Bathroom. It Looks Like We Finally Caught Up Who Do You Think It Is?

Viewer: Blue!

Blue: Bow, Bow!

Steve: Ahh! Blue, What’s That You Are You The Mysterious Ice Cream Cone Maker.

Sprinkles Trail Cleaner-Upper.

Blue: Bow, Bow!

Steve: Okay Let Me Get This Straight

1St Did You Make An Ice Cream Cone?

Blue: Bow, Bow!

Steve: And Then Did You Go Outside To The Picnic Table?

Blue: Bow, Bow!

Steve: Uh-Huh? Uh-Huh And Then Did You Go Back Inside The Front Door And Into The Bathroom.

So That You Can Wash Your Hands From The Ice Cream.

It Was Blue All Along.

Mystery Solved.

Now It’s On To Our Next Step?

Blue: Bow, Bow, Bow, Bow, Bow!

Viewer: A Clue A Clue.

Steve: Yup It’s True. We Are Looking For Blue’s Clues.

Viewer: No A Clue.

Steve: Oh! Oh! You See A Clue. Where?

There It Is Clue #2.

Becomes After Clue #1.

And It’s A—. A—.

Viewers: Envelope.

Steve: An Envelope. Right.

We Need Our…

Viewers: Notebook.

Steve: Notebook. Right. So, An Envelope.

A Long Rectangle

Some Lines To Make Flap

A Line Here And Here.

An Envelope.

Now, What Was Our 1St Clue?

Right. A Stamp.

And Now We Have Clue #2.

An Envelope.

So, What Could Blue Wanna Do With Our Drawing With A Stamp And Envelope?

What Do You Think?

Yeah, I Think We Better Find Our 3Rd Blue’s Clue To Figured This Out.

Felt Friend: Steve? Steve!

Who Is That Voice Coming From?

Oh! Why, Hello There.

Felt Friend: Hi, Steve. I Got Dressed All By Myself Today.


Steve: Well That’s A Very Good 1St Try.

Are You Sure Whatever Thing Wanted.

Felt Friend: Well, I’m Getting Little Uncomfortable.

Will You Put These Clothes On So We Can Make Me Feel Better?

Steve: Okay, Let’s Start From The Beginning Into This Together.

Will You Help? Great.

Felt Friend: This Feels Funny. But Could Not 1St.

Steve: Hmm? What Should Felt Friend Put On 1St?

His Socks, Or His Shoes?

Viewers: Socks!

Steve: Right. His Socks.

Hey, Felt Friend, Why Don’t You Put On Your Socks.

And Then Your Shoes.

Felt Friend: That Feels Much Better.

But This Feels Funny Too.

Steve: Hmm? Now What Should Felt Friend Put On 1St?

His, Coat, His Shirt, Or His Sweater?

Viewers: In His Shirt.

Steve: Oh, Right. 1St The Shirt. 

And Then What?

Viewer: This Sweater.

Steve: Oh, Right Felt Friend.

1St You Put On Your Shirt.

Then You Put On Your Sweater.

Felt Friend: I Love Now.

My Coat. Those Aren’t Last.

Thanks For Helping Me, Steve.

Steve: Hey, Great Job. Now We Can Go Find Our 3Rd And Last Clue.

Bowl And Spatula: Let’s Make Muffins.

Blue: Bow, Bow, Bow! Bow, Bow, Bow! Bow, Bow, Bow, Bow, Bow, Bow, Bow!

Steve: Oh, In The Bakery. Come On.

Steve: Blue skidoo, we can, too I Hope Their Are Banana Muffins.

Their My Favorite.

Bowl: Hi, Steve.

We’re Making Muffins.

Steve: Banana Muffins.

Bowl: Yeah.

Spatula: But All Recipe Cards Got All Mixed Up.

Bowl: Will You Help Me Put These Recipe Cards In The Right Order.

Steve: Well, Because You Get Make Any Banana Muffins.

They’re Got All Right Order.

Yeah, We’re Ready To Help?

Bowl And Spatula: Which Recipe Card Goes 1St?

Steve: Do You Know What Which Recipe Card Goes 1St To Make Banana Muffins?

Viewers: Mixing.

Steve: Oh, Right Mixing. Mix The Ingredients Together.

To Make The Batter.

Bowl: That’s A Start.

But Which One Of These Cards Goes Next?

Steve: So, If Mix The Ingredients Is 1St.

Which Recipe Card Goes Next?

Viewer: Pouring.

Steve: Pour. Right You Are So Smart.

Because We Have To Pour The Batter Into A Tin.

Bowl And Spatula: But Which One Of These Cards Goes Next?

Steve: So If The Mix The Ingredients. Right.

And Then We Pour The Batter Into A Tin.

Which Card Is Next?

Viewer: Bake Bake Them.

Steve: Right. You Bake Them. Their Always So Love You Bake Them.

Spatula: Oh, So This Must Come Last.

Bowl: Put Them On The Plate.

Steve: Yup. That’s The Last Step.

Spatula: Yeah.

Bowl: Yeah. That’s The Right Order.

Now Let’s Make Them.

Steve: Oh, Well 1St You.

Viewer: Mix The Ingredients.

Bowl And Spatula: Mix A, Mix A, Mix A.

Bowl: Whoa! Mmm.

Steve: Then You?

Viewer: Pour.

Bowl And Spatula: Pour A, Pour A, Pour A.

Muffin Tin: Mmm. Yummy.

Steve: Then You.

Viewer: Bake Them!

Bowl And Spatula: Bake A Bake Bake A.

Bake Our Muffins.

Those Look Like They Need A Little Cooling.

Steve: Yep. And Then—. Then You Put ’Em On A Plate And You Eat ‘Em.

Blue: (Barks Excited)

Steve, Bowl, Spatula: Eat ‘Em, Eat ‘Em Eat ‘Em All Up.

Bowl And Spatula: Steve, We Can’t Eat Those Muffins Till After Lunch!

But Thanks For Helping Us!

Steve: Oh, No, No. Thank You.

Hey, We Still Have One More Clue Left To Eat—.

I Mean, Find.

Blue: (Barks No)

Steve: Hey, Do You Know What Comes After Clue #2?

Blue: Bow?

Steve: Clue #3.

Blue: (Barks Yes)

Steve: Right. Let’s Go.

Blue: Bow, Bow!

Bow, Bow, Bow, Bow, Bow, Bow!

Bow, Bow, Bow, Bow, Bow, Bow!

Viewer: (Gasps) A Clue A Clue.

Steve: Oh, What? You Wanna Wave Too.

Go Ahead.

Viewer: No A Clue.

Steve: Oh, You See A Clue. Where?

Viewer: On Mailbox.

Steve: Oh, Heh. Hey, Mailbox, You’re A Clue.

Mailbox: Ahh! I’m A Clue. I’m A Clue. Steve! I’m A Clue!

Steve: Yup. And— We Put You In Our Handy-Dandy Notebook.

Mailbox: Me. I Get To Be The Notebook.

Steve: (Laughs) Okay Mailbox. 

1St A Line That Curves For His Flap

Then A Line Here Like This

And A Line For The Post

Then A Mailbox’s Face

And It’s Flag.

There. Mailbox.

Mailbox: Yup. That’s Me.

Steve: So, Mailbox Is Our 3Rd Clue And We Have All 3 Clues.

We Have All 3 Clues.

You Know What That Means.

We’re Ready For Our Last Step The Thinking Chair. Let’s Go.

Okay, Now That We’re In Our Thinking Chair. Let’s Think.

So We’re Trying To Figured Out What Blue Wants To Do With Our Drawing?

Hmm? Well, What Was Our 1St Clue?

Oh, A Stamp, Right.

And Now Our 2Nd Clue Is An Envelope.

And Our 3Rd Clue. You Know Our 3Rd Clue.

A Mailbox.

So We’re Trying To Figured Out What Blue Wants To Do With Our Drawing?

Hey, Do You Think Maybe Blue Wants To Put The Stamp On The Envelope And Maybe Folded Our Drawing.

So It Fits In The Envelope.

Then What Should We Doing?

Viewer: Mail It.

Oh, Sure, Blue Wants To Mail Our Drawing.

1St You Want To Our Drawing In The Envelope Then She Wanna Put A Stamp On It Then She Wants To Mail Our Drawing.

Steve: We just figured out Blue’s Clues!

   We just figured out Blue's Clues

   We just figured out Blue's Clues

   We just figured out Blue's Clues

   Cause we're really smart!

Blue Do—. Do You Wanna Get A Stamp,

An Envelope And Mail Our Drawing.

So Blue Do You Wanna Mail Our Drawing Too.

Oh, Can You Tell This Letter Is For?

Viewers: Magenta.

Steve: Right. Let’s Go Our Letter To Our Friend Magenta.

Blue: (Barks)

Steve: Hey, Mailbox. We Have Our Letter For You To Magenta.

Blue: Bow, Bow!

Mailbox: I Hope Sure Gets Our Letter Right Away.

Steve: Thank You Mailbox.

Blue: (Barks)

Mr. Salt: Hi, Steve.

Mrs. Pepper: Is There A Mystery Maker Outside.

Steve: Oh, No We Have Our Mystery Maker Was.

It Was—.

Viewer: Blue!

Mr. Salt And Mrs. Pepper: Aha!

Felt Friend: Steve. It’s Got Your Dressed All By Myself.

Steve: Oh, That Is So Great.

Remember How We Get Dressed For Myself.

Bowl: Hi Steve.

Spatula: Hi Steve.

Steve: Remember How We Helped Bowl And Spatula Make Banana Muffins.

Mail Time, Mail Time, Mail Time, Mail Time, MAIL TIME!

Steve: The mail’s here!

   Here's the mail, it never fails.

   It makes me want to wag my tail,

   When it comes, I want to wail, “Mail!”

(Mailbox comes in and Steve sits in the Thinking Chair)

Mailbox: I Have A Letter To Our Magenta And She Said This One Fat.

Steve: Wow. That Was Fat. Really Fast.

(Mailbox opens and Steve gets the letter)

Steve: We just got a letter. 

   We just got a letter

   We just got a letter

   We just got a letter

   From our friend, Magenta

Blue: Bow, Bow, Bow!

Boy: Hi, Blue. 

Magenta Got Your Letter.

And Here’s One For You.

Brown Guy: Hit It!

All: We've Got A Picture From Steve And Blue.

Brown Guy: What Did You Say?

All: Thank You.

Magenta: (Barks “Thank You!)

(Barks “Bye-Bye!”)

Bow, Bow, Bow! (Licks)

Bow, Bow!

Steve: Bye.

Magenta: Bow, Bow!

Steve: Wow! What A Great Letter To Our Magenta And Thank You So Much.

Do You Have Send A Letter Too.

Blue: (Barks Yes)

Steve: Yeah. Yeah We Can Send It A Letter For Us.

We Love Getting There.

Blue: (Barks Yes)


   Now it's time for So Long

   But we'll sing just one more song

   Thanks for doing your part

   You sure are smart

   You know, with me and you

   And my dog, Blue

   We can do anything 

Steve: That we want to do!


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