This is the transcript for "What Does Blue Want to Build?"


Steve: Hi, out there! It's me, Steve! Have you seen Blue, my puppy?

Kids: There she is!

(Blue comes out of her hiding spot & barks happily.)

Steve: Come on in!

(Blue throws the ball over to Mailbox before throwing it back at her, Blue barks before running through the doggy door.)

(Steve opens the door.)

Steve: Oh! Hi. Come on in. We're a building. Wanna see? Cool, come on. (He walks to Blue to greet someone.) Hey, Blue! Look who's here.

Blue: Bow, bow!

Steve: Dominoes.

Blue: Bow!! bow, bow! bow, bow! Bow.

Steve: (He shushes, until the dominoes is almost gonna fall.) Hey, do you think that part will make the bell ring?

Blue: Bow?

Viewer: Yes.

Blue: Bow, bow!

Steve: Let's see.

Blue: Bow, bow! bow! (Barking excited after the dominoes fall until the bell dings.)

Steve: Did you see that? What the... You know what's gonna happen?

Blue: Bow!

Steve: Okay, let's build another one.

Blue: (Barking "No".)

Steve: No, You Don’t Wanna Build With Our Dominos Again.

Blue: (Barking No)

Steve: Oh, Okay, What Do You Wanna Build?

(Blue leaves paw print on the left side of the screen)

We’ll Have To Play Blue’s Clues To Figured Out What Blue Wants To Build?

We Are Gonna Play Blues Clues Cause It’s Really Great Game Yeah.

Okay, You Know The Drill, Blue’s Pawprints Will Be On The Clues. Blue’s Clues.

We Better Clean This Up Aren’t You. Don’t You Think.

I Have An Idea.

Could Use This. And Uh…

Ooh, This Maybe Yeah.

There. Look At This Contraption.Yeah.

This Contraption I Built.

You Know The Contraption It Is. Right.

This Is Pawprint Scrapper Offer Dee Pawprint Dee Duplicationing Device.



Hey, You Know What Contraption We Need To Play Blue’s Clues,

Our Handy Dandy…

Viewers: Notebook!

Steve: Notebook, Right. Come On.

Sidetable: Blue’s Clues I’m So Excited.

Steve: You Know I Think I’m Really Gonna Need Your Help Today.

Trying To Figured Out What Blue Wants To Build, Will You Help Me?

You Will Great.

Oh, Okay So To Play Blue’s Clues 

We Gotta Find A…

Viewers: Pawprint.

Steve: Pawprint.

Right. Cause That’s The 1St…

Viewers: Clue.

Steve: Clue. Yeah.

Then We Put It Our Notebook.

Because They're Blue's Clues, Blue's Clues!

Steve: We've Gotta Find Another Pawprint,

That's Our 2Nd Clue!

We Put It In Our Notebook,

'Cause They're Whose Clues? Blue's Clues!

We've Gotta Find The Last Pawprint,

That's The 3Rd Clue!

We Put It In Our Notebook

'Cause They're Blue's Clues, Blue's Clues!

You Know What To Do?

Sit Down In Our Thinking Chair

And Think, Think, Think!

'Cause When We Use Our Minds,

And Take A Step At A Time,

We Can Do Anything...

Blue: Ba-Bow!

Steve: That We Want To Do!

Sidetable: Psst. Steve. Aren’t You Forgetting Something.

Steve: Uh, I… I Don’t Think So.

Got My Tool Belt.

Uh… Got My Notebook.

Right Here.

Uh. Paper.

Got My Hands.

Write Stuff Down Uh…

What? What? What Are We Missing?

Viewer: Crayon.

Steve: Oh, Oh Yeah. Look At That.

I Forgot The Crayon.


Oh, Here It Is. Thanks Sidetable Drawer.

Now We’re Ready Let’s Go.

This Isn’t Are Crayon?

Viewer: A Clue A Clue.

Steve: Oh, There’s A Clue On This…

This… Flashlight. Cool.

You Know What We Need Our…

Viewer: Notebook!

Steve: Notebook. Right.

Cool, Alright, A Flashlight.

Sidetable: Psst.

Steve: Oh, Thanks

Sidetable: You’re Welcome.

Steve: A Flashlight Has A Circle

On One End And A Long Line That Curves Over Here

And A Rectangle For The Button.

And We Have A Flashlight.



Okay, So What Could Blue Wanna Build With A Flashlight?

I Think We Should Find 2 More Clues. To Figured This Out.

Thank You So Much For All Your Help, Sidetable Drawer.

And By The Way, It Was Very Nice To Talk To You.

Blue: Bow, Bow!

Steve: Did You See Which Way Blue Went?

Viewer & Sidetable: That Way!

Steve: Oh, That Way.


We Are Looking For Blue’s Clues.

We Are Looking For Blue’s Clues.

We Are Looking For Blue’s Clues.

I Wonder Where They Are.

You See Here What I’m Saying.

Talking Popsicle Sticks. Cool.

Pink Popsicle Stick #3: We’re Building.

Steve: Building I…

Light Pink Popsicle Stick: Can You Figured Out What We’re Building?

Steve: Let’s Try Out To See What We’re Building.

Popsicle Sticks (Whispering)

Blue Popsicle Stick #1: 1.

Blue Popsicle Stick #2: 2.

Pink Popsicle Stick #1: 3.

Pink Popsicle Stick #2: What Will It Be?

Steve: Hmm. Uh, Well, It Looks Like About To…

Can You Tell What Their Building?

What Is It?

Viewer: A Ladder.

Blue Popsicle Stick #2: Yes.

Blue Popsicle Stick #1: It’s A Ladder.

Light Pink Popsicle Stick: Climbing Up, Climbing Down.

Steve: A Ladder. Great Job.

Popsicle Sticks (Whispering)

Pink Popsicle Stick: 1.

Light Pink Popsicle Stick: 2.

Red Popsicle Stick #1: 3.

Red Popsicle Stick #2: What Will It Be?

Steve: Oh, Well, That’s A… Uh Gonna…

Can You Tell What Are Sticks Are Building Now?

What Is It? Do You Know?

Viewer: An Umbrella.

Pink Popsicle Stick: Yes.

Light Pink Popsicle Stick: It’s An Umbrella.

Red Popsicle Stick: When The Rain Falls From The Sky.

Yellow Popsicle Stick: We Have An Umbrella To Keep Us Dry.

Steve: An Umbrella. Out Of Popsicle Sticks. Cool.

Pink Popsicle Stick #1: 1.

Pink Popsicle Stick #2: 2.

Pink Popsicle Stick #3: 3.

Yellow Popsicle Stick: Now What Will It Be.

Steve: Oh, That, Right There That’s Only Got A…


Can You Tell What Are Those Popsicle Sticks Are Building Now?

What Is It?

Viewer: A Truck.

Pink Popsicle Stick #1: Yep.

Pink Popsicle Stick #2: It’s A Truck.

Pink Popsicle Stick #5: Honk, Honk.

Light Pink Popsicle Stick: Honk.

Pink Popsicle Stick #9: Honk.

Steve: A Truck! Great Job! You Got This All For This Tools.

Tickety Tock: (Rings Her Bells)

Steve: How Did You Do That?

Tickety Tock: Steve? Steve?

Steve: Oh, That’s Tickety. I Gotta Go.

1, 2, 3. 4, 5, 6. See Ya Later, Popsicle Sticks.

Popsicle Sticks: Yeah. Good Job. Bye. Thanks.

Steve: Yes, Tickety.

Tickety: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5… Uh. Uh.

Viewer: 6.

Tickety: 6. Thanks. 6, 7, 8, 9. Look Outside On The Clothesline.

Viewer: A Clue.

Steve: Oh, Yeah, They Should Be Dry.

Viewer: No. A Clue On The Clothesline.

Steve: Oh, That Our 2Nd Clue.

Let’s Go.

Here We Are. At Our 2Nd Clue.

Hey, Wait A Minute. Where Did He Go? Didn’t He…

Where’s The Clue?

Viewer: On The Sheet.

Steve: On The Sheet.

1 And A 2. It’s Our 2Nd Clue.

Our 2Nd Clue Is This Sheet.

Okay, We Need Our, Handy Dandy…

Viewer: Notebook.

Steve: Notebook, Right.

Okay, A Sheet. 

This Kinda A Wavy Rectangle Right.

With A View Little Wrinkles.

And We Have A Sheet.

So, We’re Trying To Figured Out What Blue Wants To Build?

What Was Our 1St Clue?

Viewers: A Flashlight.

Steve: A Flashlight. Right.

Ooh. And Now Our 2Nd Clue Is A…


Viewer: A Sheet.

Steve: A Sheet. Right.

So, What Could Blue Wanna Build With A Flashlight And A Sheet?

Do You Know?

Could Be. I Think We Need To Find Our Last Blue’s Clue.

Pail: Minest.

Shovel: No, Minest.

Steve: Hi, Shovel And Pail, What Are You Up To?

Shovel: We’re Building.

Steve: Building.

Pail: Dribble Sand Castles.

Steve: Drip…

Wow! Those Are Lot Of Drippily.

Shovel: Steve. Which Castle Is Taller. Mine, Right.

Pail: Or Mine The Taller.

Steve: Well, Uh. Let’s See. Uh, Shovel’s Dribble Castle Goes To There.

And Pail’s Goes To There. So The Tallest One, Is A…

Viewer: That One.

Steve: That One?

Blue: Bow, Bow! Bow! Bow, Bow!

Steve: Oh, Good Measuring. That One.

Pail: Aww. No Fair. I Wanna Make Mine As Shovel.

Will You Help Me?

Steve: Okay, Uh. How Can We Make Pail’s Dribble Sandcastle As Even Shovels.

Viewer: Add Sand.

Steve: Oh, Right  Of Course. Add Sand. We Got To Plenty Of Sand.

Pail: Okay, I’ll Add Sand And You Tell Me What To Stop.


Viewers: Stop.

Steve: Okay, This Castle Goes To There, And This One Goes To There So.

I Say There A…


Viewer: Even.

Steve: Even. Let’s See.

Blue: Bow, Bow. Bow. Bow, Bow!

Steve: Yeah. There Are Even. Good Job.

Pail: Now. That Their Than Let’s Build.

Shovel: What About The Bridge Castle.

Pail: Yeah, Then We Visit For Each Other.

Mailtime, Mailtime, Mailtime, Mailtime, Mailtime!

Steve: The Mail’s Here.

Here's The Mail. It Never Fails.

It Makes Me Want To Wag My Tail.

When It Comes I Wanna Wail,


Mailbox: Mail’s Here! Mail’s Here.

Steve: Wow! That’s A Really Nice Open Upper Contraption.

Mailbox: Thanks.

Steve: Luckily. I Have My A Letter Get Out Of Contraption.

Mailbox: That’s Pretty Good.

Steve: Yeah, Well Thanks.

Mailbox: You’re Welcome.

Steve: We Just Got A Letter.

We Just Got A Letter.

We Just Got A Letter.

We Just Got A Letter.

I Wonder Who It's From

Oh, Look, It’s A Letter From Our Friends.

All: Hi, Steve And Blue.

Girl: We’re Painting A House Just Like Yours.

Boy: I’m Painting A Door Knob.

Girl: I’m Painting The Yellow House.

I’m Painting The Roof.

Boy: This Gonna To A Little Trick Me.

Girl: There.

All: Bye.

Steve: Bye. That House Looks Very Familiar.

Hey, We Still Have To Figured Out What Blue Wants To Build.

We Still Need 1 More Clue. Let’s Go.


Tink: Whee!

Steve: Ooh. I Got It. I Got It.

Tink: Hang On.

Steve: Hello.

Tink: Hi, I Need To Get Back.

Steve: Back Where?

Tink: To Get That Thing I Built.

Steve: Oh You Mean That Contraption.

Tink: Well, I Built That Thing The One We Fling Up To Ride On.

Will You Help Me To Get Back To My Friend.

Steve: Sure Will Help?

Blue: Bow, Bow, Bow. Bow, Bow, Bow!

Tink: Whee!

Steve: Ooh. Blue Skidoo, We Can Too.

Tink: There, Look. That’s The Flunker.

Blue: Bow!

Steve: Oh! That’s The Finger The Thing That Flunker!

Tink: Yeah. And There’s My Friend.

I Need To Get The All The Way From Down There.

Steve: Down There!

Tink: Uh-Huh?

Steve: Will You Help?!

Blue: Bow!

Steve: Thank You!

Okay, We Can Do This.

Blue: (Barking Yes)

Steve: Ooh. How Are Gotta Get Across Here Now?

Tink: I Don’t Know? Let’s Jump.

Blue: Bow? (Barking No)

Steve: Well, That’s It’s Pretty Far.

Blue: (Barking Yes)

Steve: Anything Else With That We Can Do.

Viewer: Swing Across.

Steve: Oh.

Blue: Bow, Bow!

Steve: Swing Across. With This Here A…Rope.

Blue: (Barking Yes)

Steve: Great Idea.

Blue: Bow!

Steve: Hold On. 1, 2, 2 And A Half.

Tink: 3. Swing. Whee!

Blue: Bow!

Bow, Bow!

Tink: I Remember This Part.

We Need To Go This Way.

Blue: Bow, Bow!

Tink: (Gasps) Oh, No!

Now What Do We Do?

Steve: What Do You Think, What Should We Do Now?

Viewer: Turn It. Turn It.

Steve: Turn The Wheel. Great Idea.

Tink: But I Can’t Reach It.

Steve: Oh. How Can I Turn The Wheel But I Can’t…

Maybe I Could Build Something.

Blue: (Barking “Ta-Dah!”)

Steve: Ahh. Or A Using A Wheel Turner Contraption.

Blue: Bow, Bow, Bow! Bow, Bow!

Bow, Bow, Bow, Bow, Bow!

Tink: Oh, Before I Came From Right Here.

Steve: That’s The Flinger.

Tink: I Can’t Get Down Now?

How We Gotta Get Down Here To Down There.

Steve: Do You Know? How We Get Down Here To Down There.

Viewer: Push It Down.

Blue: Bow!

Steve: Oh Push It Down. You Think Push One End Down.

And It The Other Went Move Up.

Great Idea.

We Need Something To Heavy That.

Blue: (Barking ”I Know, We Can Use This To Heavy”)

Steve: Yeah, Blue. It Looks Heavy. Let’s See.

Blue: Bow! Bow, Bow, Bow, Bow, Bow!

Steve: Hello, Tink’s Friend. Here’s Tink.

Safe And Sound.

Tink’s Friend: Thanks. Now We Can Play.

Tink: Yeah! Let’s Do That Again.

Steve: Alright.


Blue: Bow, Bow, Bow, Bow, Bow, Bow!

Steve; Whew! You Know That Flinger. Whoo. Really Flings You.

You Gotta…

Viewer: It’s A Clue. A Clue.

Steve: A Clue. Our Last Clue.


Viewer: On The Table.

Steve: Aha. Hahaha. Our 3Rd Clue It’s Snack Table.

I Didn’t Know What Snack Table.

We Need Our Handy Dandy…

Viewer: Notebook!

Steve: Notebook, Right, Okay So, A Table.

A Table Has A Square On Top

And Rectangular Legs.

Okay So Our 3Rd Clue Is A Table.

Well, Table Is Our 3Rd Clue.

Our 3Rd Clue. You Know What That Means. We’re Ready For Our…

Viewer: Thinking Chair.

Steve: Thinking Chair. Let’s Go.

Okay, Now That We’re In Our Thinking Chair. Let’s Think.

Alright. We Need To Figured Out What Blue Wants To Build.

And Our Clues Are…

A Flashlight,

A Sheet, 

And A Table.

So, What Could Blue Wanna Build With A Flashlight, A Sheet, And A Table.

Hey, Do You Think She Wants To Put The… The Flashlight In A Sheet And… And Do Little Flashlight Dance On The Table?

Viewer: No! No.

Blue: (Barking No)

Steve: Well, It Used Wanna To Put The Flashlight In The Sheet. Maybe Wants To Use Take The Flashlight, And Put The Sheet Over The Table.

And… Build A…

Viewer: A Tent.

Steve: A Tent.

That’s It! That’s Brilliant!

Blue Wants To Build A Tent By Putting The Sheet Over The Table.

And Take The Flashlight And Crawl Under.

Because It… It’s Dark Under There.

We Just Figured Out Blue’s Clues.

We Just Figured Out Blue's Clues,

We Just Figured Out Blue's Clues,

We Just Figured Out Blue's Clues,

And We’ve Got To Build Our Tent!

Blue: Bow, Bow!


Steve: This Is So Cool.

Blue: Bow, Bow!

Sidetable: I’m So Excited.

Here The Flashlight.

Red Popsicle Stick: Knock Knock.

Blue: Bow, Bow!

Steve: Oh, Look It’s The Popsicle Sticks.

Come On In.

Remember How We Figured Out What We’re Building.

Red Popsicle Stick #1: 1.

Red Popsicle Stick #2: 2.

Pink Popsicle Stick #1: 3.

Pink Popsicle Stick #2: 4.

Pink Popsicle Stick #3: 5.

Pink Popsicle Stick #4: 6.

Pink Popsicle Stick #5: 7.

Pink Popsicle Stick #6: 8.

Pink Popsicle Stick #7: 9.

Blue Popsicle Stick: 10.

Shovel: Knock Knock.

Blue: Bow, Bow!

Steve: Oh, Look Who It Is?

Blue: Bow!

Steve: It’s Shovel And Pail.

Remember How We Build Our Measuring With Our Dribble Sand Castle.

Shovel: I’m Taller Than You.

Pail: No I’m Taller Than You.

Shovel And Pail: Steve!

Steve: Oh, We Go Up Here.

Blue: Bow, Bow!

Steve: And You Will Go To Here.

Blue: Bow, Bow!

Steve: So I Would Say You’re Both,

Viewer: Even.

Blue: (Barking Yes)

Tink: Knock Knock!

Blue: Bow, Bow!

Steve: Hey, You’re The Party.

It’s Tink. 

Blue: Bow!

Steve: Remember How We Helped The Contend The Build The Contraption She Build.

Tink: Hey, Nice Contraption. Wait. They Don’t Have Any Flingers In Here.

All That Look At That They Have Many Party.

Steve: You Know What? Me Too. That Flinger Is Really Smart.

It’s Amazing.

Blue: Bow, Bow, Bow! Bow!

Steve: Now It's Time For So Long,

But We'll Sing Just One More Song!

Thanks For Doing Your Part!

You Sure Are Smart!

You Know, With Me And You And My Dog Blue

We Can Do Anything That We Wanna Do!

Viewers: We Can Do Anything That We Wanna Do!

Steve: Bye Bye. See Ya. Bye

Viewers: We Can Do Anything


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