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Steve: Can you make the sound?


Steve: Close but it's more of a ploop think ploop.

Kid: No, a clue!

Steve: There's a clue on these drops of water.

Mr. Salt: turn of the faucet?

Steve: Good idea, Mr. Salt.

Shovel & Pail: Bye, Steve.

Steve: Let's try not to make any noise on our way back to the house so we can hear all these really great sounds. Okay?

Kid 1: A Clue!

Kid 2: A Clue!

Steve: [no audio]

Kid: Right there!

Steve: [no audio]

Steve: How did Blue get a paw--?

Steve: Wow you did such good job with that. Don't think so blue Blue?

Kid: (screams) A CLUE!!!

Steve: Oh! You see Blue?

Kid: (yells) A CLUE, RIGHT THERE!!

Gerald: [Boing-Boing]

Mr. McCloy: That's a very odd thing for a young boy to say!

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