(The episode opens with young Owen rushing into the classroom, trying to find his friends)

Owen: Guys, guys, guys? guess what? (he bumps into the castle)

(It turns out that Owen's friends are playing inside the castle)

Courtney: What?

Owen: I finally won a toy crane prize sueprise!

(Harold, Leshawna, Izzy, Jude, Courtney, and Noah gasps in excitement)

Singer: Toy crane prize surprise!

Courtney: I like the way a challenge is my most motor development.

Duncan: Did you scoop up anything good?

Gwen: Last year alone there were 43 crane related deaths.

Duncan: Gwen, that might be a sadistic about real cranes.

Gwen: They are the closest said cranes. (she walks into the darkness)

Owen: Anyway i scored this! (he holds up a ball) it's a uber ball!

Jude: Sweet.

Owen: And it only cost me 78 dollars in quarters.

(A flashback is shown with Owen emptying his piggy bank , he puts in a quarter in the claw, the claw grabs a few dollars, but sadly it falls out of the claw. he puts in another quarter in the claw, the claw grabs a diamond, but also falls out of the claw.)

Owen: Aw!

(He puts in more quarters, the claw grabs a nintendo switch)

(Owen gasps)

(But sadly, the switch also falls out of the claw. Owen puts in more quarters, the claw grabs a teddy bear, but falls back down, Owen moans, he puts in more quarters.)

(Owen gasps)

(The claw grabs a ball, much to Owen's excitement. the flashback ends here.)

Noah: Careful, Owen. You know what chef does when he catches us with toys from home.

(A flashback is shown with the kids playing with toys from home)

Chef: (Takes Jude's robot) Mine! (Takes Noah's nintendo switch) Mine! (Takes Duncan's ball shooter gun) Mine!

(Flashback ends)

Owen: (Gasps) Right, I should put it away.

Duncan: Ha! what's the point of showing us your uber ball if you're not gonna bounce it? (he continues hammering the wall.) Whenever there's a chance to cause anarchy i like to take it. (He pops the bubble Izzy was blowing)

Noah: Bouncing it is a bad idea.

Duncan: (Dressed as a devil) Or is it the best idea?

Owen: On the one hand Noah is right, on the other hand Duncan is right, (An arm appears behind Owen's back) on the other hand...hey who's hand is that?

Owen: I'll bounce it ounce

(Owen bounces the ball but it goes crazy and destroys everything it touches in the classroom, until Chef comes in and grabs it)

Chef: Who brought this in my daycare?!?!?!

(The kids point at the culprit)

(Owen laughs nervously)

(In Chef's office)

Owen: Please Chef, please don't

Chef: You know the rule, any toys from home brought into my daycare without permission belongs to me, (sighs angrily) You kids have been losing toys from me for years, think you learn but nope. 

(Eye scanner makes noise)

Duncan: Hmmmm

Chef: No one here ever learns!!

Noah: Does that make you feel like your failing as a teacher?

Chef: Ask that question again!!!!

Noah: Someone's feeling a little touchy this morning (he whispers to Owen)

(Chef manages to open a locker)

Owen, Duncan and Izzy: (the three children gasps excitedly) Whoa! 😯

Owen: Remarkable

(Owen, Duncan and Izzy gasps in excitedly again)

(On the confessional, Duncan and Owen are bouncing)

Duncan: Did you see all those toys?!?!?

Owen: It was like Christmas in a closet!!! Only its not Christmas and that's not a closet

(Back in Chef's office)

(Chef places the Uber Ball in the locker)

Chef: I hope you learn something from this!!!

(Chef walks out of the room)

Izzy: He's learned that you're a big meanie

Owen: Uberball! I love you (he runs to the closing door) 

(Door bangs shut, hard thud)

Owen: Oof

(Owen groans woozily, above is an uberball chirp)

(Gasps in fascination)

Izzy: You are so funny, did you see what you did you were loke boo-bag, boo-gah, (then she giggles) 

(Duncan does a muffled groan) 

(Duncan gasps in excitement, then the grate of an vent makes a noise)

(Duncan is now in the confessional) 

Duncan: With a few supplies from that cabinet, I can finally escape from this day care, I'll need their help so I gotta convince them that this is about Owen's ball

(Duncan is about to make an announcement)

Duncan: If we work together like the best friends we are, we can reunite this beautiful, beautiful boy with the Uber Ball he so rightfully deserves

Owen: I never knew we were such good friends, Duncan but I guess we are, (he hugs Duncan tightly, Duncan reacts with a high-pitch voice)

Owen: Let's get my ball back!

Kids: Yeah!

Duncan: I made a map of the vents to get us into Chef's office, and Izzy knows the code to the keypad locks.

Izzy: Beep-beep poop popp poop poop beep

Duncan: Hey Great, Great Stop! Stop It!

Izzy: Beep

Jude: But, what about that rectal scan?

Courtney: (sighs) For the last time, Jude, rectal is the eye, retinal is the eye, rectal is the (but is interrupted by Owen)

Owen: But how are we going to open that lock?

Duncan, I got one of Chef's eyes 

(Shrieking violins play) 

All: Eww!!

Duncan: Relax I'll put it back and he'll won't know it's gone cause I stuck a big marble in place which he can't see in his other eye.

Duncan: (pointing to Noah) Noah, why don't you stay behind and make sure Chef doesn't notice we're missing.  

Courtney: Or, I can stay behind.

Duncan: No dice, princess you'd rat us out first chance you get.

(A flashback with Courtney in the confessional)

Courtney: I've absolutely would. 

(Flashback ends) 

Courtney: (sighs) Fine, I'll go. 

Gwen: (Creeps out the other kids) Your all going to die up there so, bye (then returns back into the darkness).

Izzy: (Excited) Bye Gwen!!!

Duncan: All right, let's go.

Owen: Ungh! Urrgghhhh! Ahhhhhhhhhh!

Duncan: Come on.

Owen: I'm okay! Oh!

Izzy: Beep-boop beep-boop-boop bop-boop-bop-boop.

Duncan: Free toys! Oh yeah!

Harold: Woo-hoo!

Jude: Score!

Izzy: Gum!

Owen: Uberball, it's me, Owen. Remember all the good times we've had? I guess it hasn't been that long.

Harold: Har! Har!

Jude: Yay!

Courtney: Guys, stop playing with all these toys! We're only here for Owen's-- (Gasps) My Hanna Hug doll?! No. This is wrong. We need to put everything back. Duncan, tell them to... Duncan?

Duncan Uh, thanks, guys, but this was actually an escape plan - for me. Later!

Izzy: Oh no, he'zh gogd da map!

Courtney: The map?! Duncan, wait!

Chef: Why is it so quiet in here today?

(Noah arrives)

Noah: Your... eye! Oh, um, we, we are uh... we are uh... playing, playing a game!

Chef: Nice! What are y'all playing?

Noah: Marbles. No! Not, not face marbles. Uh... umm... ahhh... Uh... umm... ahhh... Hide and seek, but it is so hard. Yeah, they're... the best hiders on earth!

Chef: Aw, don't be so hard on yourself, Noah. You'er bad at lots of things.

Noah: (Whimpers)

Chef: Uh... wait now. I-I-I didn't mean it like that. I know, let's make a list. We'll put a gold star for all the things you're good at and a sad cat sticker for what you're bad at. Hmmm... things you're good at... Uh, let's start with things you're bad at; that'll be easier.

Noah: (Sighs Heavily)

Izzy: Trust me, I'm super good with directions 'cause I swallowed a compass when I was a bab--

Courtney: Does anyone remember which way will get us outta here?

Harold: Arr! Let a pirate lead the way. Owww! (Echos) Ow, ow...

Duncan: Mission Accomplished! Phase 2, take care of number 1.

Harold: Arrgh! This pirate be lost, mateys.

Courtney: What?! Great! We're gonna die up here.

Izzy: (Claps) Gwen will be so happy.

Owen: (Sniffles)

Jude: Don't cry on me, bro. If your dam breaks, my dam breaks.

Owen: I'm not crying. I-I smell something. (Sniffs) Is that...

Owen's Brain: pizza?

Owen: (Excited Laughs) It's pizza lunch day!

All: Hurray! Yay!

Owen: C'mon, guys, this way!

All: Go pizza! Go pizza! Go pizza!

Chef: And you don't always make it to the bathroom in time. Should that be a sad cat sticker? Yeah... because it's kind of gross. Oh, we're out of sad cats.

Noah: (Whimpers) This is really taking a chunk outta my self-confidence. (Crying)

Chef: Okay. Okay. Hang on. 'Uh, let's do the other side. Uh... you're the loudest crier I knew, huh? Yeah... Let's pretend that's a good thing!

Duncan: That was a brilliant... (Screams) plaaaaaaaaaaaan!

Chef: We'll work more on the things-your-good-at list later 'cause the pizza will be readu soon, so--

Duncan: (Sheepish Chuckles)

Chef: (Angry Growls)

Owen: The smell is getting stronger! We're almost-- (Loud Clanks) Okay, I'm stuck.

All: Go, pizza! Go Pizza! (Clanks) Owww...

Chef: I'll deal with you in a minute. Hide and seek game over. Now!

Noah: Come out, come out, wherever you are.

(Cracking and Rumbling)

All: (Screams and Heavy Thuds)

Owen: Ungh!

Chef: (Growls)

(Robot thumps and Chatters)

Chef: You didn't!

Owen: We just wanted my uberball back. Hey, where'd it go?

Duncan, Owen, Harold, Izzy, Courtney, Jude and Chef: (Gasps)

(Slow motion and lightning sizzles)

(Powering up and Super-charged whoosh)

(Supercharged whoosh)

All: (Screams) (Ball pings wildly) (Screams in Terror and Clanging Pings)

Harold: Ungh!

Izzy: (Screams)

(The school gets destroyed)

Owen: We still get pizza, right? OW.