1. Ariel Winter as Hilary
  2. Isabella Acres as Jillian
  3. Bobby Moynihan as Alexander
  4. Wayne Allwine as Mickey Mouse
  5. Tony Anselmo as Donald Duck
  6. Bill Farmer as Goofy/Pluto
  7. Russi Taylor as Minnie Mouse
  8. Tress MacNeille as Daisy Duck
  9. Jim Cummings as Pete


(The episode starts off with Hilary getting ready.)

  • Hilary: "Okay, Guys! I'm ready to practice for the talent show!"
  • Jillian: "Watch as our sister, Hilary juggles not one, not two, but three balls."
  • Alexander: "Here we go! One Ball."

(Alexander tosses a ball to Hilary and she starts juggling.)

  • Jillian: "Two balls."

(Jillian tosses another ball to Hilary and she continues to juggle.)

  • Hilary: "Three balls."

(Alexander tosses another ball to Hilary and she juggles all three of them.)

  • Hilary: "And now, the grand finale."

(Hilary juggles all three balls. But, then, they bonked her in the head one by one.)

  • Hilary: "Whoops! Looks like I need to keep practicing."
  • Alexander: "Well. You better hurry. The talent show starts in a few hours."
  • Jillian: "And you need to perform your juggling act."
  • Hilary: "I know. I hope I can do better for the talent show."
  • Alexander: "Ready to try again."

(Suddenly, her necklace started to glow.)

  • Hilary: "Looks like we'll have to try again later, guys. I just remembered that I need to run a quick errand."
  • Both: "Okay!"
  • Hilary: "Gotta Run. With my balls. See you later!"

(Hilary rushes off.)

  • Hilary: "I need to get to the Magical Enchanted Library."

(Scene cuts to Hilary arriving at the Magical Enchanted Library.)

  • Hilary: "I'm here. I'm here. Don't start without me."

(A book flies out and Hilary catches it.)

  • Hilary: "Donald the Genie. Ooh. How interesting."

(The book flies into the storytelling device and it reviews the story.)

(The scene fades.)

  • Hilary: "I have to go help Donald make his friends' wishes come true and give this story a happy ending."

(Hilary hurries off. And then, she magically appears at the Clubhouse.)

  • Mickey: "Hi, everybody!"
  • Hilary: "Hello, Mickey! It's so great to see you! What's the occasion?"
  • Mickey: "It's Do Our Favorite Things Day. I've got my tap dance shoes on. Cuz, tap dancing is one of my favorite things to do. Here I go! Tap, tap, tap, tap, tap. Tap, tap(Giggles)."

(Suddenly, the doorbell rings.)

  • Hilary: "I wonder who that could be."

(A handy helper opens the door and Goofy, Daisy, Minnie and Donald appeared.)

  • Mickey: "Oh boy!"
  • Hilary: "You said it! There's so much to do today!"
  • Mickey: "What's one of your Favorite things to do?"
  • Hilary: "Well. Um. Ya see Mickey. The thing is, that Alexander and Jillian have been helping me juggle stuff. Anyway, I was practicing of becoming a pro. It's short for professional. But still, juggling does take practice ya know."
  • Mickey: "Great! Say, you wanna join us as we do our Favorite things?"
  • Hilary: "Of course! The more the merrier! That'll be fun, fun, fun! It could really help improve my juggling skills."
  • Mickey: "Hot Dog!"
  • Hilary: "This is gonna be great!"
  • Mickey: "C'mon! Let's go get our mouseketools. To the Mousekadoer!"

(Song: Mouseketools.)

(Song ends. Toodles flies away.)

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