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Transformers: Age of Extinction
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Where in hell your Magician. He will here, Lancelot. Them in prepare a second wave - Ready! - Attack! Yes, yes! Your magician, Merlin can not help us. We out number 100 to 1, How can we get out this. He promise give us a great power. You're my king, I will sacrifice my live, but this Merlin is not a wizard. He is a whorse drunkhead Oh, God, i'am so tired, One last time. Magic those exist. It's found long long ago Inside crashes Alien ship. Hello? Hello? lt's I, a hunter spirit, Master of the darklands. Is't any one there? lts I, Merlin. The Wizard. Remember me? What are you doing? No, I keep your secret. I keep it, just I promise. I'm not told anyone about you. No one! But you have understand. We're present a despirate fight. In the time doomsday, I'm serious. That's happening down there now. So a wfull! Many explosions and swords clashed. I hate to ask, but we need your help. No spells, no magic. We are retreating! Live to go another day. No, without sacrifice, there can't be no victory. - This is madness! - He will be here. Alright, I'm like the they say. I'm a liar, I'm a shaman. I'm a cheat all my live. But if I could, for once moment change this world for to bettter. I'll give up everything, everything! I give up to drink, money, women. Drink and money !. Listen .. Good man will die without your help. Women and children. I know your world is destroyed. I'm sorry. Please don't let us die too. I beg of you. I will unite transform and the dragon in yours comand. Yes, that's just what we are think. - Commont! - Protect this stick. One day, a great hero will come for it. go! Attack! It has been said through the ages, without sacrifice, there can be no victory. I've seen it all. I'm Optimus Prime. And the magical gift of my creator. Will master it all. and I am coming! for you! These are terible times Optimus Prime has left us. To found his maker. Some say he will not return His enemy, Megatron, disappears. Without a leader, chaos ensues. Two species of war, one flesh one metal. Transformers are declared illegal on earth. World created new para military force, TRF. Except in Cuba, where they are free to play on the beach. Holla, amigos, come on. - No, he's busy. - He's always busy. Mojito needs ice. Ice! We are not animals. But this alien been keep arriving. Endless waves. Too many to count. We look into sky and wonder .. - Hello? - This is for them. Oh I like this, good choice. This .. Get rid of it from my desk. No way! Where did you get that? How much is the rest of our time? 100 billion, trillion comets in cosmos. I turned on the tracker Go, go, go! And they chose the earth. Why? You want to see the robot? Are you crazy? This is an alien no go zone. There a reason is bigers fence surrounded. We should not be here. We are kids, we can get away this anything. No, man. I will give me a souvenir. Waw .. This is real. Look over there. Waw, cool. It's all dead robot. Whatever. My father say he shot them all. - Yo, what is it? - Oh, that's a robot. - I think it's dead. - What? - It's dead. - Totaly is dead. - This is crazy big robot. - Right, right? Hey, guys, I think it's moving. Warning, unauthorized tresspassing. This is the security area and the alien confinement zone. Please step away and surrender. Hey! Here, stupid! Wait, go! - Come on, get up! - Wait us! Sir, this area is active. We just got news there are 2 robots. what have you got? Do not look back. Damned, I'm almost heart attack. Relax, we are covered. - Wait. - What is that? What happend with your arm He shot you? Damned! We can not leave it. I tried to fix it. This week you behave like children. It's alright. You did good. Waw, you have a big heart. That seems to working, pumping .. No! - Waw! - It is alright. I told you we cover. She can be. Cyclops, zoom in on the target. Can not identify, at least 5 people. Children. Shit. Can not confirm. The children are in danger. - This is crazy enough. - It's none of your business. - You tease. - Request air help right now. Danger, do not fire. - What is it? - Let's go. As you know, that's my boyfriend. How long has it been there? You kids have to get out of here. - Kids? You're. - I live here. - This is my home. - What is this? Living room or dining room? - Someone should take care of them. - I don't think so. - They scared, they lose direction. - Hurry! I get hot croll and also vision. - Tango is armed. - I'll be there in 30 seconds. No fire? No place, house, and family. You know how that feel? No, because you have a bigger house to go. - I don't have one. - Shh. - I love her. - Are we given permission? No, he's armed. His children are in danger. Confirmed, the alien have a weapons. Fire! He is down. Bravo, extract those kids. We move now! - Get up! - I can not. No, no. Look at me. Wake up, you'll be okay. I want to thank you. Wake up, look at me. Wake up, I'm not leaving you. You're all I have left! No, no .. Hey, this is all I have. Maybe you guys want to ride. Hey, where's the key? Where are the key? I will take us away from here. I'm tired of people messing with me. - Let's go, this is over. - No! - I can fix it. - You can not fix it. He's dead. Hey, look at me. Do you want to die too? Let's go, now! - Come on, come on! - Come on! Come on. Come on, no time, Let's go! What? Hey, hey, wait. You are a guy! - I'm not that guy. - The woman told me Transformers. - So you are a legend. - Some legend? You to late. - Go, go. - Hey, you know there's a reward for turning you in! - Really? - Yes. Oh, you want your face to be hit hard? - No .. Okay. - Okey. Go. - You are stupid. - See you arround. Legend. Weaks. - Release me. - Easy. Easy, allright? I'm just here to help you. Easy, buddy. You bad, okay? Drag it from inside me. It's allright. The charm will protect you. - You do not owe me anything. - Take this. I can not. Keep it. He didn't make it, Bee. I will go alone. This is a bad day. I got the target. - This is the data, sir. - He's Cade Yeager. This is over. Help yourself. Where are the others? What are you hiding? - I'm not betraying a friend. - Friends? This is an invasion. One day we wake up, they're in charge. You say they are in charge? They keep coming from the sky. Something is going to happen, you can not escape from it. what was that? That was a mistake! Wait, waw .. Next time you shoot somebody, do not off guard until you're sure he's dead. Put the weapon, trust me! Easy bee, easy I am very angry, you will hope you die as a child. - Shoot him! - You will die before I fall. - I said stand down! - Shoot, shoot! Shoot. Shoot! Do not do that, Bee. Hold your fire!! Hold it. - You, drop it! - I will not drop this shit. You .. Hey .. The military does not want to like this , Bee, you have to believe that. This is a new world and these guys are calling the shot All they want is a home and you know it. You push them and they'll push back All right, man. I like doing shootings. This weapon will destroy you. Translations, see you, bastard. - Maybe you want to get out of here. - Get your plane to go. Come on.they're not gonna touch us. Star-One, cancel. No activity. TRF step back. drop your guns Are you sure you do not want to shoot? I am a big target. Coward. This is not what we want. They are all bad. No, they are not. Eagle Eye, track them. I have never seen like this, general. This is older than Optimus Prime. The Decepticon barricade was spotted in the same location. The CIA has been watching them for a long time. LEGAL Yes, he has an interesting friend. His wand is hidden in the earth, our great weapon. We will find this stick. - That sound, I can hear it in my nightmare. - Megatron. - Waiting for confirmation. - That's it. - Lord Megatron. - Get rid of it. Tell me you found it. I saw it a knight give it to man. There are too many enemies there. You let him get away with it! We must have it. - Without it we can not find the stick! - I know who can. TRF. - The commander wanted the weapon. - Or called a stick. Secure immediately. Stay in disguise and cooperate with TRF. They can not be invited to work together. Our history with Bee and autobots... We will do what just to get Prime back. Approaching the destination planet. Power decreases. My world. What has happened to my world? Your world is dying. I have been waiting for you Optimus. Meet your creator. You are my creator? I am the Contessa, the prime of life. What have you done to my home? I will kill you! You dare to oppose your Lord? Your battle has destroyed Cybertron. Megatron who started it! You who have destroyed your world, stupid! My perfect creation, you are going to fix it! Or the entire race of transformers will be destroyed. I made you, you are mine to command! How did you get that? Scottish castle. Sir, we have been waiting for 1600 years. I think it's really happening this time The knight has arrived. The heirloom has returned. Finally it will all start. Come on! Forward! Yes! Okay, thanks. I was unaware. - The reason why you're careless. - Same as you are single. What ..? Idiot Dear God. I'm late. Oh! 484 years of struggle for free from barbarism. Two worlds colliding and only one survivs. Lancelot, Percival, King Arthur. Honorable men, brave, sturdy, naked, sweaty. Some people are willing to sacrifice for victory. Does it seem too perfect? Because whole shit! Arthur, appointed from the General of Romania. and the king Just plain bombers. And there is Merlin the counselor King, probably never existed The question is, why do we tell all these stories? Besides the fact that the dragon is evil. Because we want to believe we can become a hero in our own lives. When everything is lost, we can save something meaningful. Or just because of the dragon. Well, it will not be long, man. Everything is ready. You know what to do, don't you? We must rebuild my world. There is a way to heal your world. My power of creation, the stick was stolen from me. By my 12 guardian knights. They betried me and hide it on earth. Giving it to humans. The stick is the only way to bring life back to Cybertron. You are going to find it for me. Do you want to atone for sin, Prime? - Do you? - My Creator, I do. No fear, no hate, no anger. No fear, no hate, no anger. Get out of me! I'll kill you, flying rat! He is very calm. Very peacefull. I'm very bored on this island. God. Oh, hey, chief. The horse that... God, what is that horse? You really like with Indian culture, huh? Do not call me chief. My name is Sherman. - Are not you a chief? - Well, but you say it racially. - My car is stolen. - What? - Again. - That's bad. You know? Everything is out of control. Crimes are everywhere. - I lost a lot of my stuff... - Stop it, just get back my car. This is not an autobots dating site. No, I just want to imagine. Look at the pretty one. Waw, look at his ass. I'm ready! I have not done that for a long time. I was not intentional. - Hey! - What is wrong with you? - What's wrong with me? - Next time, slowly! I want to arrive with cool. You're fouling this place! This is a junk yard! Quickly! Hey, do not blame me. Hey, where's everybody? There is guest! - You got into trouble? - Yes, big problem. That's what you get for choosing the yellow car. - You'll get into big trouble. - Be quiet! Before I beat you. - You'll never be Optimus Prime. - You talk too much. Come on, why are you guys calm? You guys are starting to annoy me! Come here, Grimlock! What's in your mouth? I'm wasting time protecting you. Drop the car! I know you took it! Drop it! You must return it! Spit it now! Come on! Do not eat cars. Return to the cave and think about what you did. Why do not you control it? You hired me to look after them all? Do you think I have super powers? It's an alien dinosaur! They tried to eat me yesterday. - You want to go to jail? - No. You will go to jail. Because you helped me. I'm a fugitive, I boss, you're my boys. When you leave, this place becomes a wild forest. - I do not know what to do. - This is a dumpster, you guard it. That's it. You hired me to become a vice president. - Did I say that? - Yes, that's what you said. - I'm just lying. - Do not take that position! This is not a small company. I am not doing it for money. You're not doing it for money? What is wrong with you? What do you want to eat? He's here. I do not know... I told you he will not come back. I swear I did nothing. What are you doing? I never saw it. Come on, just say it! You want him blown up! - You feel great... - Hey, you know I'm emotional, right? Come here! - I will beat you! - Stop... Yes, you are tough! Have you been exercising? Oh, he's so annoying. I do I have to destroy it? - With pleasure. - I heard it. Calm down, what... Why do you really like the violence? Hey, what are you doing here? Have you found our ship yet? I'm bored here waiting to be caught. Sand and gasoline will kill you before you get shot. - Do not bother me! - Watch Out! - Do you want me to learn? - You tough, huh? What if you just bring it! I'm not a salesperson like you. Oh, that's it. See I found the head Star Scream in Bufallo. - There is also a new tool. - Will it work this time? You know it's still working, come on. Did you hear that? You'll be able to talk. I'm so glad. What else do you get? Where did you get that? Old treasures. And what is original? Definitely not. Give it to me. - I'll take it. - You do not know how precious this is? I know, because you do not do your job. I'm hurt. There are seven heirlooms like that which symbolize the end of the world. And that heirloom appears here as a sign. If it was real, I would board the ship and blow up the planet. All right, I'll soak in the oil. Turn around, you're off guard. - You can not refuse it. - You do not understand what you're saying. - Hey, sir! - This is not happening. You can not be here in here, I'm having trouble. I'm not a kid, I can fix the machine. - Yes, good. - Better than others. I have a name. lzebelle with Z. I do not care about your name , this is not a place for... - Just go home! - I do not have a house. And they? They just killed my family. So I will not go anywhere. I want to stay here and fight them. They? What do you know about them? They are terrible. You can not fight them and defeat them. They are aided by the whole world. You're just a kid. Why are you still following me? Hey... He can fire out! Take a look! Your trailer is on fire. Hey, to the corner there. Friend, I'm proud. But you can burn my house. I know you can, you have to shoot it through... No... Hey, get me some beer. You have to stop messing up. Perfect. You have another job. I still have to train them. What happened to your family? Texas. - You were. - My wife died, my daughter is in college. - Like he's on the moon. - At least he's alive. If I meet him, we both got arrested. Your turn to tell a story, or may be hard to tell. Decepticon fired rocket and blew my house. And I live in an orphanage. Hey, you're so cute. You must go, you can not stay here. Sorry. All right. - I'm leaving tomorrow. - Good, if you're hungry there's food in the fridge. - Everyone will know where you are. - Am I being blackmailed? - 14 years. - You should be a child. You think you're cool, huh? I have news for you. Autobots injured by gunfire, you have 30 seconds. What are you doing? Transformers does not have a machine like that. Their machines are old. The 60's is not so long. If I do, I will channel his energy channel to... - The main engine. - Yes. Not bad. Take care of what you say. The Mojave Desert. We want to get there, take us. We've found it. Let's drag... Six buildings... There are six locations. - They appear everywhere. - Alien, whatever they are. Like a horn that grows from hell. - Oh my God, Cybertron is coming. - What? We have to tell the President in 70 minutes. Tell me. - It's an old model airplane. - This plane can still fly? - Does he have cancer of the neck? - Worse. It's the size of a planet with the speed of light. I do not understand. Is it dangerous? - I'll explain it... - I have to go, no need. No, it's not dangerous. This one must kill you. Three more days. What about the weight? Is she overweight? No, this is just my equipment. Everything is a bit heavy. - You're so fat. - Stop it! Now let's drag. I'm receiving signals from lstanbul and Kathmandu. You have 20 seconds. - Really? - She is still small. Here there can be no dinosaurs. Hello, dad? I know you can not talk. No answer. But you can hear. I'll keep saying it. You do not need to save the world. You have to holiday. I do not want you to die alone, wherever you are. I know your time is only 5 seconds, so I'm fine and safe. And I love... It's much longer and they'll know our location. You're a great dad. My father never called. Pentagon. We captured it and locked it up here. We are dealing with bad thing here. Looks like Decepticon also wants it. There are 6 buildings around the world. It's certainly Megatron. Listen, he caught a member of TRF and wanted to negotiate. With it? What does he want? - He sent his men. - We've landed. - Everything is safe. - The Government approves it, provided he is supervised. You will be there. Because he is not our friend. You know who they killed first? The lawyer. There are very powerful weapons out there. We've worked with them. If we are going to do this, we have to let the monster in. Do I know you, man? - I want my boys. - Who? Mohawk. Mohawk? How are you friends? I want to kill you right now. (MOHAWK) See you later. I'm sure 'll kill you later. Allowed. Okay. Dreadbot. Dreadbot. Detained because of, bank robbery .. Assault, murder, double killing, 3 murders .. 9 people died, he even did not take his money. No. We will not set him free, no. What? I mean, we can be flexible. - If he's using a GPS tracker, it's okay. - Okay, okay. Okay. Nitro Zeus. Sweetheart, finally free. Thanks to Megatron I'm finally free. (NITRO ZEUS) Thank you. I'll miss you, Tim. Thanks for the hospitality, man. By the way, Enrique, Jeff slept with your wife. But the government asks that he not leave his state. - And we are serious about that. - Okay. - Okay. - And, last and most important. Berserker. I will destroy your brain. (SHOPPING) - Not at all. - Yes No. No. No, there is a limit, choose again. Onslaught. You need a bigger door. (ONSLAUGHT) Ah .. We'll meet at the meeting point and I have to call someone. Great, yes, yes! What do you really want Megatron? Just like everyone wants, man, go home. Yes, it does not matter to me either. Megatron, he wants something that Yeager has. Something they need to help them find this weapon. We will let the Decepticon, do the dirty work for us .. With my permission they will given Yeager coordinates. You're tracking Megatron, at every step. Take the weapon. And I'll finish them off. Do not be afraid. There is no limit, no rules. Hey, guys. I do not know what you doing by freeing them. What's really going on, Alex? Additional supplies, share with your teammates. (To punish and enslave) Today, we are hunting. The air force will oversee all the movements of these robots. Fighter aircraft. I do not want any loopholes when sending the Decepticon, 100 / . Decepticon has given Yeager location. Cyclops, Decepticon approaches the target where it belongs. Can you get rid of Decepticon's hand? Perfect. You look like an ugly little robot. You look like a cool little robot. Very cool. - Here it is, Bee. - Just do what you want. Hey, Zee. Come here, fix the real robot. Doc, login, doc. Okay, that's it. No, no, the third is on your left. No, wait, your left, there. I know what I'm doing, do not tell me to hurry. Hey, calm down, okay? You think he likes this? It's like in the dentist's office. Do you like dentists? No. How can you only listen to him? Your daughter. Can not reply. He has a big mouth. They say if you do, they will match your voice .. and a computer in a different place tracks you. Oh, that's how we live. What will you tell him? Brush your teeth, work hard, move away from the boy band, especially his drummer. Yes, the drummer is the worst, and also dumb. - DJ, a jerk. - Come on. We have a habit, reciprocate each other, he always asked Dad, what are you doing tomorrow? and I'll answer I 'll think about it tomorrow. Looks like you lost tomorrow Yeager. That's exactly what he said. - Okay, Bee. - Done. Come on, man, get up. Let's listen. Come on. Your real voice. For the first time, man. Try. This is very stressful. Oh no, this is not my voice. I will kill him, Bee. - This is nonsense. - You know what, I have not given up yet. Okay, one day you'll speak with your real voice. The traitor, bastard. Cade. Eh .. that thing, the code. The code is red . Someone's coming. Shit. Scan the shroud. We've seen the target. Hold it! This is a protected land. It's time for evacuation, let's move. Cyclops, the target moves. They know. - Time to go, guys. - I know there will be problems when I see the government. Bring as many weapons as you can. I can not go to jail, I can not go to jail, man. - Hey! This is a real world, let's go. - I can not go to jail. I'm too skinny to be in jail, I can not even lift a load. - Bee, let's move! - Let me take care of this. I will destroy someone. Get out of here, Cade, I'll give you time. - Do not try to be a hero Hound, we're off right now. - Wait! - Wait! - I was born to be a hero. You can not leave me, you leave me, they will take Sqweeks. Bring Sqweeks, he's a powerful robot. Target out of place. Megatron, we have a robotic carcass here. Too bad, because I'm ready to destroy some heads. This is the crafty carcass of my friend. Too bad you can not see it. Come on, feel this, bastard! They are coming towards you, Lennox. We fight them, they will protect themselves. Yes, we'll see. The tactical position, come on! You two, get out of here, hide, come on. Decepticon. Okay, you know what you have to do. What's this? You bring them to us. Cade. Target is 6 clicks away. They are in an abandoned city. Come on down. Hey! Yaeger has important information, just catch him. TRF operation, do not interfere. They are my friends. Hey, there's a terrible thing going on outside there, at least I want to keep my gun. Not today. I keep running the plan. The whole city has been fitted with a trap. You, sit down, right now. Stay here. Just so you know, maybe we'll go to jail, so .. Maybe you should get used to it. Here it comes. Autobots, be prepared. Hey, Cade, do you mind if I run away? Do not move until I give the signal. Oh, yes! Decepticon is here. I know they are nearby. - I'll kill you all right now. - Check this city. He's here. I want to tell you what we are for. Come here. Behold, that ugly little robot. Smells emit their scent. Disgusting. Hey! Put him down! - No, no, no. - Did you see that? He came without fear. Go to hell. This planet is hell. Ah! What's in your hands! - Put him down! - Shit. - You think I'm scared of you guys, bastards? - Hey, stop. Cade Yaeger, I need that talisman. You're crazy! You do not know what you're doing! You can not come with me anywhere! - Do not lose them! - I will chase them. Do not move! I can laugh. The chubby head, fantastic. Decepticon, back off! Let's play around with this thing. That's the only plan you have? Duck, duck! - What is it? - TRF. I will go in there. Come on. Run! This should be for terrorists, not Americans who pay taxes. Not that I pay taxes, but .. Hey, Max, Prime, stop playing around, come on. Am I the only one here? Ouch .. This is not true. We're safe here. You're always in control. You should be like a mother. Come on, come on, fast. Run! Quick, move! Hide in that room! Come on, come on, fast! I promise not to get shot and now I'm fired upon. The worst promise. Is this covered by health insurance? They did not do it, you tried to to treat your own gunshot wounds. Beware! Run! Run! Run! Target is visible, ready to attack. You must be dead. Oh, shit, there's another one! Let me handle this. What are you doing? This machine has a face scanner. Are you crazy? - Stay behind me! - What? - I will not do it. - I handled this, standing behind me. - Do not do that. What are you doing? - Go behind me. - He did not shoot me. - I will not do it to myself. That's a bad idea! Oh! Shit. Gosh! Are you okay? - Cade, I just wanted to say to you, I love you friend. - What? The work is not the way I think, but I appreciate it all. What are you doing? I'm dying. It's just a rubber bullet, man. - No holes? - No holes. No bullets, nothing. - No holes! - Stand up and do not pretend like a hero. Is it just a rubber bullet? The pain is like a real bullet, friend. I think it broke through my body. Come on, we move now. They always want to attack. Okay, we'll kill the big one, and we'll finish it all off. Come on. Come on, come on, fast. They are coming. - Gosh! - Leprechaun! Who are you? Leprechaun, is a small, green, and Irish creature, and it is offensive. What do you see, little girl? What do you see? Hello, Mr. Cade, I'm assigned here to take you away. - Take me away? - Correct. No, no, you will not bring anything! - Oh, dude, slowly. - Do you want to make a fuss? - Oh, no! Oh shit! - No, Cade! - Cade! Cade! - Hold on! Hold on! Oh, I'm so careless. - Is he still alive. Is he still alive? - Hold on. No, he will die. My lord, this is not my fault, but he just stepped out of the elevator. - 10 floors. - Oh, my God. Do you have a backup plan, sir? - Is he still alive? - I do not know, he just flew away. Ah, there you are. Nice to see you still alive. As nothing happened. - This will keep you clean. - Hey, wait! - Back off, man! - Look, you've looked better, sir. - Who are you? - My name, Cogman, sir. And I'm here because of it. And it's here because of you. It will not escape from you until your work is done. Ah! You've been selected. - I'm not elected. - I'll explain everything if you want to come with me. I'm gonna destroy this cockroach for you, Cade. Do not kill the messenger, or I will kill you. Oops! Well, now, I'm afraid all this mess is caused by you. - If you want to save your friend,you're leaving. - That's her Leprechaun. Escape with the Head of the ninja servant? Your friend will be saved if you do not exist, and your presence is not safe. You are more important than you ever imagined. You're needed, sir. Immediately. Tuanku always say, all important decisions in life .. often depends only on one moment. You will be fine. Now we are family. I promise I will take care of you. The plane is waiting. We're going to England. Bee. With, little girl, I'm the -in control now. Do not expect a story to sleep. Welcome to Air Folger Flight, wear seat belt, no snacks, drinks and fun. - Track, Yaeger. - He's in the air now. It needs a search, but ultimately we can find him. The Megatron crew, on a trip to England. So is with Yaeger, it just happens. I want you to fly with Your team to England, as soon as possible. Lift up, pick up the phone. - Yes. Oh, you again. - Do not hang up. I'm telling you you can not give me anything, off you go. I need help, I want help but can not .. You have a flight, Cuba has no flight since 1940, so does the pilot. Books about Cybertron. I found it. - It seems impossible. - Not if you know the correct cleaner. And I know a lot. The book is there, never seen for centuries. Interesting, made especially for disappear at room temperature. and made of some sort of gold sky or something. The Trinity Library, today, at 4 pm. Come, if you want to know how serious I am. The object is certain is the planet destroyed Cybertron. 7 more hours before the collision. Optimus, it's time you know the truth. The place you call Earth, has another name. Unicron. Earth, Unicron? The old enemy of Cybertron. Yes. You're gonna kill him. With my wand, we will dry up life on Unicron. - The earth will die. - Yes. And your world will be reborn. Nemesis Prime. I will fight whomever is blocking my path. The alien shape is continuously shaped, some of which are 400 meters in size. Alien crap. Have you found a man, Viviane? - No. - Too bad. He really has to search here. And many once, and some of them are very tempting. This one is looking for WCB I do not know what it is. - That, a car, baby. - Correct. - Great Beautiful Lady. - Is it true? Who knows. Dear God. - Oh, this one has its own bottom space. - Great, I like the basement. Look, it's perfect for you. You like old things. You like that. History is being rewritten and you want to talk about men. Or woman. - Oh, again. - Women looking for women, here it is. You can ask me about my job. Why do we do that? That's just a dusty old book. - No, I welcome the end of the day. - What is so bad .. About me that you have and I have with your father. - He will ask. - Do you know the father I do not have? A thing he likes to be around at the table he says he is praying for me .. - Honor. - You can say that again. If only you could stop longing people who had died. You may want to check learning. The garbage. There may be something that you want to save. Do not touch it. Sorry, dad. I do not want anything for you said I take a lot. Joe Elfod, emergency request by High Lea. At this time. Oh, God. Stop! Fuck! Fuck, oh God! Move! God, sorry! Okay! Okay! Ah, please, lady, do not do that! - What? Oh, you live. - This will be a rough ride. - You're one of them! - Be quiet! Just there! So, damn it! High wave, shock wave! Please, let me know that I kidnapped from one of the famous ones. I'm so sick of all this! Oh, please! I'm being kidnapped! Miss, sit down! Please! Please help! Help me! Help me! Help me, please, I'm here! Wow! Wow, I love this car! Oh, God. Police! Haha, great introduction. It's okay, David. There, come on. There. We have guests, stop that! - Stop your lecture! - ldiot! Hello there! What the fuck? - It's done, stupid. - I really am sorry about that. But he, uh, you know, he still think this is still 1918 or 1914. - Something like that? I know. - Very sad. The journey of war, something like that. I mean, a better person, more than a few, A better man, day excited is better .. As a matter of death and life and its kind. - That's sad, sir. - Far from Tibere. This is a long journey. Yes, but bad. I mean very sad. You remember that, I mean. You know there's a leak to the brain . Dementia robot. You know sad. Yes, I do not know why you smoke on that pipe, mate. But, what is going on here? Did you drag me to the time of the transformer? If he's the best person for me to speak, I'm outta here! Wow, wow, wow. Okay. Um .. Bumblebee. We only met when I was small, shorts, so be it. Probably higher or shorter, I can not remember it. - But I never forget the face. - Hey, you remember this guy? I do not know you! Let me see this, right? Please. Very interesting. Yes, you keep a secret for very long .. You know it will be real deep deep. You're starting to get curious. Is my life useless? Did you ever feel that way, Mr. Cade? Cuman Cade. Look, old, I do not have much patience for puzzles now. Yes, but you want to know, buddy? Why do they keep popping up here? To Earth. Correct? Ah, I really like the right time. It's really great. - No, no, no! - Wait! No, no, no. Its small. Why should you be like that? - No, back off! - See there! Hey! Wait! So, this kind of kidnapping situation or his first transformer experience him? It must be both. He has a good fighting ability! He is very complicated! My name is Edmund Burton. Descendent to 12. The last member of who survived the Witwattin Sect. Wow. How are you? - Does he have to peek like that? - Hello, miss. As I say, hot, hot. - Say what? - Hot, hot. - As red? - Hot, hot. - Hot means sexy. A French accent only. - Is he French? - No, he just likes his accent. - No, no, no! I hate the accent, but I can not get rid of it. I'm stuck with his accent. - Yes! - He's a soldier, Miss Vivian. He swears to your father to protect you. - Oh. - What a wonderful one you have. It's a great vehicle, you can travel from Buckingham in that car. Okay, you, American man. Shut up. What am I doing here? - Yes, why is he here? - Introduction. Miss Vivian Wembley, historian from Oxford co-author also as Doctor of philosophy at Oxford. Also as a Mental Doctor at Oxford, I think. Anything else? Besides, meet Cade. Yeager. Cade Yeager. I am an inventor. - Oh, you're an inventor. - Yes, right. - What did you find out? - Many things. - Like .. - Like many things. Like .. - Things you've heard. - As? Things you'll hear, patterns and money. - Oh. - Oh? Do not say, what is it Oh? You know, I can do it, Ah, in English I am. And I'm too great to be here, that's where I'm not here to be despised .. By parents and daughter with stripper dresses? - Stripper? - Well .. Cuman in America has extraordinary education in humiliation. And if my dress makes you uncomfortable, maybe I can just let it go. - Okay. - Oh, dear! - Quite patient! - What is your problem! But I'm not a robot! - Gentlemen! - Do I have to decide the head, ma'am? Tempting, but, I can defend myself. But I would love to cut the wind pipe. I already said, Coltman, you're not finished to hold up the urge. Generally in some ways. Yes, my lord. Like making a cake. Or cook food. Polish silver. I tried, my lord. - He is the Head in all fields. - It's annoying. Seriously separate personality. Good. Coltman. Do you have that he has lost? - You ruined it? - I've been serving Elsatorsy for 700 years. You're the worst I've ever served. This is my predecessor. Wolfgang. And that's my aunt, Ed. My aunt's aunt. For some reason, he is with my ancestor's uncle. He's crazy. He's so bitch. And he is my grandfather there. Elowishes, and that is Ann, my third cousin. He drunken water mud sea, he committed suicide. Quite crazy. It's so crazy. Bullet holes. Ah, ah, no, no, no! No, no, no! That was the watch that killed Hitler. Do not play with it. Bad predators. It's old, but crazy. At home in this moment, we have to play smarter. Genius, explorer, scientist, artist, artist, world leader. Renaissance, secret security, people like, the great Casto. The Russian Emperor, General Washington, William Shakespear, Queen Elisabeth V. Abraham Lincoln, Redgudauglas. Wright brothers. George Einstain. Leonardo Da Vinci. Motha. Perkumpulan Witwiccans Edmund telucas. Brenicus Tesla. Galileo. They are all included in secret services. All unite in one purpose. Protect historical secrets from Transformer. Here, on Earth. To be honest, you can find in the genealogical tree. Merlin, Viviana, goes into the 40th generation Go to that table, there is a photo there. Your father is a member. He really wants to tell you. And my own family. A team of the youngest. CB7. He looks just like Bee. True, he's like the devil. AIR FORCE Very ambitious in his unit. Help change the tide of war, you know. Please invite him. We are not invited. Let's go right! Forsta! Forsta! - Bee? He is very kind. - Yes. During the war, they call it everything. Good is not one of them. It's all started from 1414. As king of Arthur and his witch, Merlin. Go forward and master the Sax Muhamatoin, Mabey. That's the mythical sword. It is a myth. Yes, every legend, every myth and every story. Hope in the campfire. As logical explanation. Oh, so I agree, how hot it is to leave it. Logic is left in the building, you're talking about magic. What? Like Lamborgini who walk and talk? Whatever high technology in it is more like magic. - You are clearly learning. Impressive. - Yes, depending on it. Zero talk, Doctor or professor of philosophy or whatever you call yourself. - Excuse me. Hey, buddy. - So you're evolving. Wait. Buddy. This place was built as the original place of the round table knight. The first, Gwain, Justin, Lancelot, Sir Richard. 12 knights. And 12 behind them is 12 from Cybertron. We are fighting for honor. We are fighting for mankind! For all the good of mankind. The old brothers! And the new brothers! For the old one! For a new one! No sacrifice, no victory. 12 Alien knights, and so it Camelot and mankind. Growing. For honor. Coltman? Hello? You're in the mood again. I'm making the atmosphere more powerful. More calm. What's the problem with you? What I can find Stanglin necklace. It belongs to King Arthur himself. Now, legend has it that the last knight will be chosen one day. His struggle for saving the world begins. It seems that Mr. Cade is the last knight . It is you. What? Are you traveling around the world looking for me? No, not yourself specifically, you're not too valuable from the state of Texas. Not a bit. Stop it. What? If you do not stop it, I'll send you back to Cybertron. - With your little box. - Oh, scary. I am not a noble. No, he means, quality as a knight. Mr. Cade. Quality as a knight, most important. Yes, the quality of the knights, the noble heart, boldness over justice, integrity. - I have some. - The most important. - You seem to be virgin. - In hurry? Yes, I was in hurry by a strange comrade who took me off the plane. No, virgin. P-E-R-J-A-K-A. Ability. I know that, I'm kidding. I know about it, thanks. Not sad, Mr. Cade. - It's been a long time. - Well, how long has it been? A week, a month, a year? - It's been a while. - Ah. Hm. Huh? What is this? Is that some kind of English thing? No, no, just curiosity. - Well, maybe I saved myself. - Why do you keep yourself in old age? - You, English lady, be quiet. - I just asked. We are chatting about your sex life. - Yes, whichever is .. - What's this? Sort of a map? Well, this table is from Cybertron. The puzzle I'm working on. Truly my whole life. - So which is very interesting? - Travel Cybertron. Intended as cosmos. Seglastron. Wait a minute. I've heard that before. In the exchange. - What does it mean? - Your last breath .. Protecting his wand. This is ridiculous. They have their names. We have the kit name. Stick Merlin. In the description with a special race, is combined with its DNA. Which one is only he who has key to unlock the power of Alien. What they know right now .. Magic. His wand is buried with with Merlin's body. A thousand years hidden. If it falls in the wrong hands, it means the destruction of the human we know. and love. 12 knights guards join into a mighty dragon. To protect it. And now his stick is in great danger. Megatron. - He's eyeing this. - So the battle is on us. That's why he came here, that's why they continue to earth. Which one we have to claim the stick before it's too late. Wait, we what? Only Merlin's direct descendants can 3 master their full strength. And you, Miss Vivian. The last descendant of Merlin on earth. And that's how you are. is our last hope. Okay, wait. Step back. You say I'm related to the Merlin wizard. Oh. Surprising enough, is not it? Only you know what the stick location is. Some of you are your dad, he surely left a clue, is not he? Are you sure? He has a look that he does not know where his barrels are. Listen, the only thing my dad passes over to me is out of his learning place. Two worlds collide, only 1 are survivors. Precisely your world! And the learning time is over. You were born for this. This is the most recent of the worlds that came here. And only we are blocking them. Better to find the stick immediately. Now! T-red. Outside the castle, lock up. - Ml6 and TER come here. - Move! Come on! Coltman, take us to London. Okay. - Coltman, what car is ready? - Immediately, my lord! Oh, I take care of it, son! Let me show you how to solve it. Hurry up, go! Hurry up! Hurry up! - Get out of here, Bee! - Come on! Get out of here! This is the time for cleaning. Buying This Movie Bearti Ki la Kena Akel orang bangka Einstain will be very annoyed. Hurry up, this way! In this direction! Hurry up! Shotgun! I told you, Shotgun! Checking in your area. Accepted, 2C, 8.7. In the stomach. Okay, TER, attacked. Team leader Santos US, what do you have? Possible robot car, you notice this. TER in transit. It's chaos, they run away. Ml6 chasing them. - Yes. - I get a call from .. Henry the cleaner, the Trinity library, - You're late. Do not mess with me - We're having a bit of a problem. in this moment, it's hot and i'm angry! Meet me behind, Bee. I'm crappy in this game. But you bite your nails, you give everything away. - Mother? - Here. - Who wins? - Every one. - Just give it. - This is Cade. Cade, this is my family. - Hello. - Hello. - Hi. - Cade. - Hi. - Hello. I'm Maureen. - Do you have an underground cellar? - Oh, my goodness, hands like Ruffle Maple. - Your chest area. - Do not touch him. Um. I will change. - Hurry up, let's go to the library. - This chase is tiring me. ROAD SIGN ST HELENSI Ml6 and TER will find us. We must be fast. My dad bought a lot of stuff. Let's find storage space. What are we looking for? We search like a map or a letter .. or a book or .. Jeez .. It will take years to find something here. I do not know where to find this damn stick. Look at this fake horse. Which stuff is here, people too have such stuff. What is happening there? Check behind each photo. That may be inside! Just tear up! - Hurry up! Do it quickly! - Come on, come on, it's fun! I can not get it out! - Oh, wow, great. - Oh, my God. A lot! It's like fighting and trying! Slow. - I'll take a peek. - No! Every man has a secret place, believe me! Do not, it's too expensive. Come on, pick up! Shit! Tell me where that is? Not too fast. I won it. Tell me now. For that you have to be a special person, you sir, not a special person. We met there and I will tell you. Here now. Through the phone really no problem. - Over the phone do that. - As the 12th royalty With the power given by King Arthur. And legion of round table, I give you, - asylum to enter .. Ancient .. - Position! Not the entrance, do not mess around. - Fix it. - Enough, just tell me now! Shut up. Line 6 sequence 6. Hurry man! They've been after him, come on! I'm over there and it's a bit confusing to talk to you. Come on, you said no work today, let's be a legend! Come on, quickly! I'm working on it, okay? 5 minutes! I swear! You always say 5 minutes and that means no. You just go catch Rodgrido in Rio and start the game. - I hate Rodgrido! - I said I'll be with you 10 minutes, Okay? Come on, I'm in the middle of doing something. - All right. - Okay, I'm back. The bastard droid knows. There's a Cybertron and there's .. There's Yin and Yang. Where there is a Yin there. One will destroy the other. One big bastard until the remaining 1 left. Wow .. Earth is a Unicorn, one day he will rise up to fight it. He will end the planet to revive himself. - Hurry up! - All right, start! Tell me how it happened. I just sent it. The key to go to its location. Why they are scattered around the world. The answer is easy, time and nature. - Interesting them. - It's the super continent! That's the same shape on the round table! Look again in the middle. I want the exact location in the center of the circle. - Genius! - It's Stonehenge. One of the greatest mysteries of antiquity, no one understands its purpose until now. - No one but me. - That's where it all started. You're the person behind the person. Do something. I will handle it, my brother. Do not worry. I've never had a brother. That was good. Time to the beach. Are you ready? Viniane follows Merlin. What does that mean? My wardrobe. Viviane follows Merlin. Only humans start magic. And now of course a girl. Maybe this is it. Must have something to do with it. Yes, God is in my hands all this time. Well the team, come on, come on! - Stay still wherever you are! - Come on! - Surrender! - God, that's a big gun. My Lord, the GRF is behind us. Why are you parking the car so far away? Oh, you sucks. - Do not let us get caught. - That's my specialty, my lord. God, I do not ask to kill him. This is like the old days! Get out of the way! Which one reminds me, Sir Edmund. Are you available for this afternoon? Oh my goodness, am I seen available? - Out of whore! Get out of my way! - Geez! - Hello, huh? - It's in the Navy museum. The Navy Museum, I guessed! Bee! I will divert the police! Scatter! - More news, Decepticon .. - We are coming Decepticon .. - This way will be tense. - More stressful? Oh, yes. Shit, they're all around us, we do not have that power. Be acting for that, okay? Oh, you want all sorts? Cogman, destroy them! Good work, son! This is a one-way street! What? Wait this is a one-way street! I'm not driving! He's driving! - Look out! Watch out! - Calm down! Bee next to us last! It will be a big game. Aw, it hurts. What is that? You're crazy! Submarine. - Did we get away from them? - Hey, stop you have not paid! - Sorry. - That's okay. I paid. They really love submarines. - This is the most crowded day. - Yes, right is not it? That's the generation of mothers. And this museum is closed for ever. All right! Away from this place right now! Away from this place right now! Come on! Come on! Come on! Let's go! movement of your fat butt! Get out! Come on, come on, come on! This thing will not work. I mean this maze is really complicated. The mission is in large waters. It's one of those and they say it's in salt water. That's actually quite disgusting. But now this is the greatest machine of all things, the one I've been waiting for all my life. To be able to change the flow of human history, you know? Now in the end, I can not join you. But, my lord, you have been waiting for this moment for 70 years. I know. I know. But I'm afraid I'm not the material. And .. You have your mission and I have my mission. Oh, no, no. You .. You did not leave us with that crazy machine. - I do not think so! - I prefer crazy words. This is all you have done in your life, Your pain and your suffering for the loss of your wife, apart from your daughter and custody. It's all just for trip as it is today. You talk a lot. I think I'm so. Em, my dear. Your father left this for you. For yourself. You know how to start. Good luck for you two. This is probably the weirdest thing I ever did today. Only girls can do it. Good luck! Wow! Okay, I did not do that. Jumps? What do you mean Jumps? War-time submarines used to turn on the engine. And there is a transformer. - May I see it? - Look? I'm looking! Let me see! You're out of the way! Yes, God, get out of it, man! - Is that water? - No doubt, Sherlock! - Of course it's water. - Do you know how to operate it? You know how to operate it, right? He said you're in charge of this. - Let me see. Let me see! - Do not touch me! - Get out of the way! - Do not scare me! What's happening on the alien ship remains on the alien ship. And at least your last words what? TO center I have a positive contact, tracking number 5205 .. The submarine must be heading to the loose waters toward us. Then we have to stop them with whatever we have. Contact everyone to attack to that position. - All get ready there. - All get ready there! Contacts are at 150 and the distance is 1000. Contacts are at 150. We must prepare the SEAL team and DFV, we have to chase them. Let's go! A1, ready to go. A1 will depart. - Cogman, is that normal? - It's perfectly normal, bu. Maybe classic but there submarine behind us. - What? - This is your submarine, not my submarine. My submarine? 7 hours ago I am just a professor. All right. We're leaving! Put us down to 025. Team 2 is behind us. We get contacts at 1000 depth. Alone on the submarine is not a good thing. Why did they send submarines here? There must be a submarine ahead, we have to dive first. Well we have arrived, warning shots, let's prepare one for the respect. Shoot! We get our contacts, at 1440. No! Hold on! - He has turned and leads to us! - Get ready for the blow! Hold on! He went diving! We are safe for now. Take your hands off! There is time and place for everything! This is not the time so is the place! - Hey! Where do you want to go? - Not now! Get away from here! The crazy guy just left our ship like a torpedo! - I see I see it too! - These are your people. Good day. Does the prime minister exist? - Who? - Prime minister, who else? - This is very important. - Oh, that's very important, why do not you say? Oh, thank you, bastard! I myself who will meet him, good afternoon. Go there, hurry up! - Oh, my God .. Sorry. - That's okay, it's just this thing previously in my hand now it is moving around. Yes, that .. It does not taste .. It's more .. - Over there .. It's headed .. Into your pants. - Yes, it goes to .. - Be careful, is it tight or mencekram? - This is not painful but .. I do not know what this is, like alien trash. I think the goal .. We will know the purpose if you want .. - Cogman! What's all this about? - End of this world, I order food. - Last meal will be prepared. - Good! - I'm starving. - Do not try anything with me. Wait, Cogman? - So my grandmother says .. - My daughter will love .. - My grandmother will be very .. - Daughter will love this .. - Yes, same thing. He loves it .. - He keeps telling me to .. - occasionally and .. Really? - I know, yes, always .. - Really .. Go on a date! - What did he say? - Go find a boyfriend .. - Is this a date? No, this god is not a date. - This is just .. - This is romantic. - Sushi ala Cogman. - Wow. Looks great! No sacrifice, no victory. Is the president in his bunker? Yes. What about Putin? bastard! - Are you the new prime minister? - Security to my office now! Oh, excuse me, well I use the old way. Well, the door is in use for some specific things. And at this time is quite extraordinary. I will make this very simple. Small buddy who is quite dangerous .. I'll let it out we all will die with bad you understand? Thank you. My name is Edmund Burton. His Majesty ordered Wickwicen guardian secret history about Transformer on earth. - Wickwicen? - Wickwicen, yes. But they all have died. Not everything. Anyway still not. But I really need you to use all .. - But .. Wait a minute .. You .. Appear from the wall .. - Shut up! Let me finish .. - And now .. - Shut up! Be quiet! Okay, as I said, I need you to send your resources, all your military assets, because you know once that this world will end. And I know where and when. You are the first to see this ship from the dark ages. Your Talisman is the key to open this ship. Sonar has it about 800 meters. I think we got it in the 8 o'clock direction I think we saw it. Is the light below here. Oh, my God .. Look at that, it's a huge alien ship. I can not say how big this is. That's very big .. The ship knew we were here. Stay behind him! Shit .. This is the seal team 1. Try it there. PFV 2 keep close together. Stay close. That's below, we'll go inside. We will lose radio contact. We are in a stream! Stable! Stable! Stable! Hold on! - Hard to control! Hang on! - Get out of the wall! Now what? You are the last knight, you are the special person. You find that out. - Let's go! - I will not go to that water. My flesh will wet to the center of my brain. Now both of you are in my junk list. We have been in blind .. Blinded by the sun .. The planet comes out of the back of our star. It seems to act freely. Dozens of people have modeled it. The first impact will be our station . There is no way out. The earth will follow in our footsteps. The Domenic model, possibly total victim. There are two months! There are two months! The world is about to end! Someone says this will kill the world. Human life as we know it will change in 12 hours. The destruction in which the experts tell you will be great. - This is hard to believe. - Yes it can not be trusted. Which is what I want to do. Wow! - Bee go back looking for another way, come on! - What? Are you serious? Like I like to end up in a place like this? He wants us to go through here. Wow .. Look at that! The merchants. He finally came to our place. Very good! - We'll meet him. - We're going to start a big show, all of it. Hey, can I come along? You might need me. Oh, little lady, I it's the worst parent. Alphabot! Make trips at the forefront. - Let's give them hell! - I'm driving! Okay, I hate it once told you this, but .. I thought you were brave enough .. Is that a compliment? You could have replied to me. Well, it will not happen organically. I'm the first person to turn on his submarine. Hold it! Hold on! I think it's here! Subtitle improved and synced by: hadimh Please visit us at telegram channel: This is a tomb .. Houston Station, fifth step to configure. Turns the trigger on automatically. It's happening. They are in the atmosphere now. Ok this is the initial step. If this fails, there is no other choice. Conjunctions can not be avoided, hopefully lucky, and may God bless. You check there. What's this? I think they always keep something. Wait, look at this. It's a button. This is Merlin. He is real. All that. Wait, what did he write? Namine erith. That means no one can have it. What do you mean? We are far away here. But after all of this .. We will not open it? - Of course I will open it. - Good. Come on. Ready? Let's open it. You must be kidding. We're so far here for this? There is only grandfather, great-grandfather who is lying in a box and a stick? You must be kidding. How will we save the world with this? I can just cut the tree in my house, and .. Do not say anything, okay? Your romantic accent will not work now. - I can not say anything. - Thank you God. - Maybe someone stole it. - No, there is something else. There must be somewhere here. I did not come far far away in vain. The whole world is at stake. This place is scary. I get a mark of where. This thing... may still be alive. What happened to you? Who came to take this? Shoot him, shoot him. - Look out! - Come here! I will draw his attention, go away from here. I took the wand. Shoot! You took his wand. Drop him! Wow, wow, this thing is moving. He clung. Drop your weapons. Do it! Drop your weapon, or I will drop this stick. - You do not know what you're doing, stop it! - Drop the weapon! - Let's just shoot me! - No! Only me can use it. Come on! Shoot! Shoot me! You do not know what you're doing. Do not. Take the stick. I came to take the stick. Optimus! Optimus! What are you doing? Give me the stick. - This is me Cade. You remember? We fight together. - I'm fighting for my own Prime. My own planet! - Cade. - This is not you Prime. Give me his wand, man. Cade. - I'll kill you. - Give it to him. Now. Who dare challenge me? Something's wrong Bee, something is happening, it's not Optimus. We have to find him Bee. Remember CV7? You have to be the Autobot again. Look, you gotta go back up okay, get out of here. - Wait what about you? - Bee always help me, now I have to help him. - Go. - Go back to DSB, let them know we lost the weapon. Well sir. You heard him, back to the submarine. We are gonna find him, Come on, we have to go up! Shit, gosh .. We can do it, come on. Wait, there are waves coming! I am one of the Prime. You're not who it is. Come on! This will be the sector 14-16. Send the plane to see it. We see Optimus. Prime, Prime, stop! Prime you have to stop! Prime stop! Look at me Prime. What are you doing? He's Bee! Prime! You can not do it. Stop! I am Bumble Bee, your oldest friend. Optimus, I will give my life for you. Bumble Bee. You're right, I have not heard since Cybertron fell. What have I done? I am the most to do this task. I know you will not be able to do it. He knows I'm strong, and you're weak. You ignore Cybertron. Now you will see it dead. No! The wand! Impossible! Not good. Death! You must die! Cade! You betrayed your own people. - No, enough! - You picked the wrong side. The guard knight, will kill me. - Quintessa is a fraud! - No! - He made you .. - Prime! Affected his magic. The punishment is death. Great Notunde. Great Notunde. Cade. I've let you down. I have cursed the earth. Earth, the only place in the universe, The residents let I call it .. House. Well, you can save him Prime. I can not do it without you. 1 chance, that's all we have. Depends on you Prime. Without you. We will all die. Now or never. My brother. I will never betray you again. I am Optimus Prime, to save Earth, we have to go to Cybertron. And destroy Quintessa. His ship is coming. That's very beautiful. QRS to Houston, he is below. Optimus Prime gives us the coordinates into place, that is the room. The weapon will go there. Send troops and keep watch. Find and prepare for battle. I'm at 21,000 feet, we saw the target, we found it. The coordinates are good. Headquarters contacts, visible targets. In this room .. In this room .. We must think about how to attack him. We have to cripple it. Come on, come on, come on. Nice to see you. Let's get out of here! Come on! Our General will take the helicopter to the launch room. I do not like that. Lennox, believe me, that's our friend. Aircraft Autobot, we can use it. That'll get us there. The Autobot plane will drop the bomb , and launch the DLC. - The risk will be enormous. - They want to do what? At an altitude of 21 thousand feet? - There is a woman, a teacher. - From Oxford. I think he's there. Well that's amazing. They will put it in the room and steal the stick. Okay, that's the stupid idea you might have. Personally I will rely on and math physics to save the world. Not magic, fairy, or goblin. There is a Decepticon clock direction 1. I live for this, I live to destroy this planet. For our world, I enable this portal. Yes .. Soon, he will not be helpless. Shoot! You are a rotten human! Hey! Hey. You received a message to bring it all here? Come on. Hey, I am carrying Optimus Prime. He will do it all. Save our lives. I bring bung troops, I bring troops. Knights, Autobot. This can not be and will not be the end. To save earth and its inhabitants. We will steal the Quintessa stick. Just you Vivian who can take it back. I will lead the way into his room. And when the time comes, is linked to the Cosmos. Let those who live long after we know, if this is our best time. I love that guy, I creeps every time. I did not have time to say hello. They are coming. You think that's enough? No, not at all. My Lord, Mr. Burton. I got Cogman. I am getting my time .. You succeeded my master. This is the hardest part of my job. See you dead. Thanks Cogman. Continue. Of all the people I've been serving. You are the coolest. - Megatron. - I have found your wand. Only 1 can hurt us. I can feel it. - He can not come here. - My appointment will stop them. See our world healed, and their world dead. The birth of a planet. They are coming. It will hit us. - Bring the plane closer now! - Come on, quickly! Go north! Come on, hurry up! We must go! That will happen to us! Come on, quickly! They're here. Mastering the cities. Millions of people will die. It uses Earth's geothermal energy to rebuild itself, what if the core of our earth is cold, which now makes a strange climate. The magnetic field is tired, causes high levels of radiation. I hope you understand this. The earth becomes microwaved, we popcornnya, given a bag, then bum . We are roasted. Very similar to me. Looks like Wilson to me. Well, they're all messed up. 3 minutes. Hey, 3 minutes! - They will help us? - No, we help them. Some brave soldiers sacrifice themselves. I told my students that it is nonsense. Go now! Let's go! - What are you wearing now? - You ask that now? lya. Do not wear a boss? Go to the plane. - Come on, go... come on, go. - Come on, quickly. - Okay, let's go. - This will be fine. - Come on, go! - Let me attach it. Pair which one? What's this? - Uh, this is correct, right? - Of course it is correct. Are you okay? Can you borrow your cell phone? Must send message to my daughter. Thank you. Look up the sky. I am there for you. Thank you. Goals visible. - Get ready for contact. - Be accepted! Attack! Bee, come back. 30 seconds to the landing zone. - I'll tell you this will be hard. - We will not give the ruins a fall, right? Our flight is at 12,000 feet. We duplicate it. The air is too little, no remaining air tube. We will attack in full. That's bad news. Oh, yes. What do you think? Anything you want to say? You never stopped to mock me. Commands. You're with them. With them? I believe in the Great . Optimus Prime. And that's right, I do not ever hesitate in the least. You are in doubt, or we will all die. Now you want to fly with me .. I appreciate you bringing troops to me. thanks. Unplug the symbol. We have no home. Linux your team to hold. Shoot, or drop it .. Lower! Pilot, get off now! - Get off! - Hold on! What are you doing here? I do not know, - but you sent a message. - I do not mean so. We have to get out of here now. Maybe a bad idea. We will fly across them. We see the target. - Handle! - No! All personnel wipe out all threats. This is not made for against Offspring. Focus forward. Center, we got shot! The spider was to divert the planes. There is an enemy behind me. Beware! Beware of attacks from above. It's a command. Behind us. Buying this movie means you have been lied to bangka kid It's our landing zone. Cripple the shooter. Children, focus on the shooter. Hold on, we will fall! - Do not be on edge! - Drag .. drag! Will fall .. will fall. The handle! Come on, move on! Find a position! Shoot! Shoot! Shoot a friend. Killing them! Come on, come on! It's destroying us! It's their headquarters. Secure! Air aids can not come. Good, is not Bee? Let's go! Move to the side! Let's go! It's time for action! - What are our choices? - Sneak quietly. Or we will be attacked all out. We can not move forward. We were shot at! Back! - Where to go? - I'm fed up with them! Squeeze. Hey, hey. I need you to blow up the shooter. You are small and nimble, no will anyone see you coming. Blow it up! Comrades, change! Kill them! I do not have enough ammunition for that creature. Let me take care of it. Oh, you will die. Autobot wins! Die! This is not good, general. We do not move. The plan does not work well, right? Better to use physics. Okay, I just did a simulation. That's like a 9 ton tiger. Come on, give me an idea, come on. Okay, there are roots traveling there. You should blow it up. Use nuclear to blow it up and let it swing and let gravity do the remaining . The room was crumbling, The movement of energy stops, and you're safe. Thanks again. I need nuclear authority. 1-XD, we backed down. The task ends. We sent a replacement target to be attacked by Fighter jet. Received, we exit. I saw it. North side. 3 hours of us. Shoot a target for jet attacks. They will tear down everything including us. Hey, we're not gonna break passion to Prime, okay? - He's coming. - They just changed all the plans we can not go inside. What? This operation is over. If we stay here, we will die. - I have to get in there. - All take your equipment. We're gonna go! Wait .. wait! What the fuck? Good work, little friend! Go forward, move, fast! - Come on, go! - Let's go! We protect you! Optimus! Yes! You are ugly! Did you forget who I am? I'm Optimus Prime! Autobot, attack! Where is the target? Track! Track! - We are waiting for confirmation of the goal. - Come on! Everything, shoot! Missable launch! Go, go! - Come on, go! - I do not think I can do this. 9 seconds. We're gonna go home, lzzy. We have to go! - They are everywhere! - Yes, we will beat them! - Good work Lennox, let's work. - Let's work. - Well, we'll do this together. - Let's begin! Come on, hit .. hit! Okay, we have to go! A smart pilot! - What are you doing? - It's just an outpost. What? Wait! Hey, shit! - Vivian, come here! - Yes, my Wembley. Hey! Please! Command, ask for advice. The room Ignition has been destroyed. Repeat, ignition room is destroyed. The energy transfer is still continuing. 50 minutes left. Not working! Command, it just makes things worse. No! Follow me, I will guide the way. - Okay, that's it! - Not this time! Okay, go! Beware! Time to die! I'll blow your head, Megatron! Death now, bubble head! Megatron, kill them! We used to be brothers. First. Oh, wait for us. Wait for us. - Hold my hand! - Yes! Do not let go! Quintessa, you have no ethics! Nemesis, betrayal base! Greet my friend, Bumble Bee! I stung like a bee. Yes! You will not die. I will save you. It's not the time This is real. After all the legends. Everything is correct. That some brave souls are united .. to save this world. We can be our heroes in our lives. We all, if we have the courage .. to try. Destiny can always be changed. But now our world merges into one. We must improve our planet. Work together, if we want to survive. The crazy family, huh? You've done great things. Absolutely incredible. A dangerous secret hidden deep within the earth. Where there are many more on this planet , than it looks. I'm Optimus Prime. Calling all Autobots. It's time to go home. Are you lost? I will not do that. Do not touch him. He does not like that. Who does not like what? Unicorn. But I can show how to kill it.