Teen Titans: Season: 2 Episode: 7

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Date With Destiny Titan Rising

[incomplete & not enough]

Written by Rob Hoegee
Directed by Alex Soto
Storyboard by Irineo Maramba, Samuel Montes, Scooter Tidwell, Chap Yaep
Animation services by Dong Woo Animation Company, Ltd.
Transcribed by Alan Back for TitansGo.net (http://www.titansgo.net)


(Opening shot: a leather-bound book whose front cover displays the Titans’ insignia. As the camera zooms in, it opens to the first page—a drawing of Earth, seen from outer space—and a kindly male voice begins to narrate.)

Narrator: Long ago, on a small blue planet called Earth…

(Page turn: now a flying-saucer cutout floats against the cosmos, with Starfire grinning and flashing a peace sign inside. On the next line, pan to follow it to Titans Tower.)

Narrator: …there was a young alien girl who lived in a T.

(She beams and points to it as he finishes. Page turn: she smiles at the camera.)

Narrator: She had many friends.

(The other four Titans pop up around her, causing that smile to widen even more. Page turn: she strains to keep a flaming meteor from crushing Jump City.)

Narrator: She was very powerful…

(Page turn: she holds a pair of smelly magenta boxer shorts at arm’s length over the washing machine while Robin, Raven, and Cyborg keep their distance. The underwear is decorated with various animals—straight from Beast Boy’s wardrobe—and a small panel floats up the screen. He is within it, wearing only a towel and shower cap and laughing his head off.)

Narrator: …and very brave. And although she never thought much of it…

(Page turn; we see her twirling feet, and she floats gently down in the soft light.)

Narrator: …she was also very beautiful. Her life seemed entirely perfect…until one day.

(A large bump pops out on her forehead; she gasps as the light returns to normal. This gives way to a hysterical scream, and the view snaps to black.)


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