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Toy Story 3
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Incredibles 2 Onward
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Speaker Dialogue
[Open Int. Logos]
(The film begins with the Disney and Pixar logos before transitioning to a stormy night outside the Davis household.)
[Trans. Int. Andy's house]
(A caption reads "Nine years ago", indicating this took place between the events of Toy Story 2 and Toy Story 3. Lightning then flashes as the scene transitions to Andy's room where Jessie and Bullseye jump in fright due to the lightning.)
Jessie Whoa! It's raining cats and dogs out there! *pats Bullseye comfortingly* I hope they make it back alright.
Hamm Heads up! Andy's coming!
Jessie *gasps*
(Jessie, Hamm and Bullseye freeze just as Andy enters the room. He dumps Woody, Rex, Buzz Lightyear, the Aliens, Slinky Dog, and the Potato Heads on the bed.)
Mrs. Davis *from downstairs* Andy! Time for dinner.
Young Andy Yes! I'm starving!
Mrs. Davis *from downstairs* Don't forget to wash your hands!
Young Andy *off-screen* Okay Mom!
(He exits the room. Once he's gone, Woody and the other toys spring to life and look worried. Woody runs to the window as Rex panics. Lightning flashes. Woody climbs onto the windowsill beside Jessie and Bullseye and looks outside.)
Buzz *off-screen* Do you see him?
Woody No.
Slinky Dog Well, he's done for.
Rex He'll be lost! Forever!
Woody Jessie. Buzz. Slink. Molly's room. The rest of you, stay put.
(Woody peeks out of Andy's room and makes his way silently across the landing to Molly's Room. He peeks in and sees tiny spots of light on the floor, which are projected by a lamp with Bo Peep and her sheep, Billy, Goat, and Gruff, on Molly's bedside table. Woody is about to approach but he ducks out of sight as Molly exits her room. He then signals to Jessie, Buzz, and Slinky and runs into Molly's room. He then climbs up onto the table.)
Woody Bo!
Bo Peep Situation?
(She uses her cane to pull Woody up onto the table.)
Woody Lost toy. Side yard.
Bo Peep Billy. Goat. Gruff. Raise the blinds.
(Billy, Goat, and Gruff obey and raise the blinds.)
Woody They have names? You never told me that. *climbs up onto the windowsill*
Bo Peep You never asked.
(Jessie, Bo, and Buzz join Woody on the windowsill.)
Jessie Where is he?
(They look outside. Lightning flashes, revealing RC the remote-controlled car being swept away in a storm drain in the side yard.)
Woody There!
Buzz How do we reach him?
(Woody and Bo have an idea and turn to each other in determination.)
Woody and Bo Peep Operation: Pull Toy!
Woody Slink!
Slinky Dog You got it, Woody!
Bo Peep Barbies!
(Three Barbie dolls, one of them Barbie from Toy Story 3, athletically jump up onto a chest of drawers. A soft boy toy catches a plastic carrot while several fragile doll toys pass a book to Bo. She puts it on top of the carrot which Jessie jumps onto.)
Bo Peep Go!
(The three Barbies jump on the book, sending Jessie flying up to the window lock above. She unlocks the window and Buzz, Woody, and Bo lift the window.)
Bo Peep Flashlight.
(Jessie turns on a flashlight and shines it on RC who is starting to lose his grip on the storm drain. Woody and Bo stare down at him for a moment before Bo straightens Woody's hat and nods to him determinedly. Woody then gets on Slinky and he stretches down to the driveway and towards RC.)
Woody Hang on, RC!
(RC sees Woody and Slinky coming and struggles to pull himself forward, so they can reach him, but the strong current keeps pushing him away.)
Slinky Dog I ain't got any more slink!
(Slinky grabs Woody's pull-string in his mouth so that Woody can reach RC. However, this proves far less than helpful as RC is slowly pushed away from them. Upon seeing this, Bo gasps. Woody tries very hard to reach RC but to no avail. Just then, he feels something push him forward, enabling him to reach RC and grab him. Woody looks up and sees Bo has used the monkeys to lengthen their reach. Woody smiles at Bo and pulls RC free of the drain just as a vehicle pulls up in the drive. Woody and Slinky begin to carry RC to Molly's window as a man gets out of the cars and runs to the front door. Buzz, Jessie, and Bo pull RC into Molly's Room and Bo smiles at Woody who smiles back. Just then the light turns on and Bo retreats inside. Woody is about to climb up when Mrs. Davis closes the window. Woody pulls himself up to see Bo getting packed into a box.)
Car Owner Oh, it's beautiful.
Mrs. Davis I'm so glad to see this old lamp go to a good home. We've had it since Molly was a baby.
(Woody watches sadly.)
Car Owner Molly, are you sure it's alright?
Young Molly Yeah, I don't want it anymore.
Car Owner Thank you.
(Woody watches them leave the room. Once they're gone, Buzz and Jessie spring back to life and open the window. They yank Slinky inside but there's no sign of Woody.)
Buzz Where's Woody?
(The man takes Bo's box to his car. He feels for his keys and realizes he left them in the house. He goes back to the door and knocks. The box moves under the car and opens. Bo and her sheep look up to see Woody with a worried look on his face.)
Car Owner Yeah, hi. I think I left my keys here.
Bo Peep Woody.
Woody Quick! We'll sneak in the hedges before he's back.
Bo Peep Woody, it's okay.
Woody What? No! No, no, no. You can't go! What's best for Andy is that...
Bo Peep Woody. I'm not Andy's toy.
Woody Wh-What?
Bo Peep It's time for the next kid.
(Woody stares at her then they hear the man talking to Andy's mom.)
Car Owner Oh, and thank you again for everything. I really appreciate it.
Mrs. Davis Oh, my pleasure. I'm glad it all worked out.
(Bo looks at Woody.)
Bo Peep You know, kids lose their toys every day. Sometimes they get left in the yard, or put in the wrong box.
(Woody stares at her for a moment then looks at Billy, Goat, and Gruff who back up.)
Woody And that box gets taken away.
(Bo nods. Woody stares at her and then smiles slightly. Still not wanting Bo to be alone, he attempts to get in the box, but then hears Andy's voice.)
Young Andy *o.s* Mom, where's Woody? *rushes outside*
Mrs. Davis Andy! Come inside!
Young Andy I can't find Woody!
(Bo looks at Woody, who then takes his hands off the box and looks down sadly before staring at Bo one more time. Bo straightens Woody's hat and smiles. The man returns.)
Man Well, good night.
Mrs. Davis Goodbye. Drive safe.
(The man picks up Bo's box and gets in his car. The car drives with Woody watching sadly as it disappears into the distance. Woody stares after it for a bit before Andy comes over. He picks Woody up.)
Young Andy Oh, there you are. *runs back into the house* Mom, I found him! I found him!
Mrs. Davis Oh, good. Come on and get inside.
(She shuts the door. The camera pans up to the sky, which becomes sunny and full of fluffy wind clouds. Randy Newman's “You've Got A Friend in Me” starts playing in the background.)
[Trans. Int. The Backyard]
(Disney presents. Andy holds Woody up and pulls his pull string.)
Woody's Voice Box Reach for the sky.

Young Andy: Da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da. [swings Woody in the air then runs around with him in his hand, pretending to be a horse. A Pixar Animation Studios Film] Ride 'em, Cowboy! Yee-haw! [pulls Woody's pull-string again]

Woody's Voice Box: There's a snake in my boot!

[The scene then transitions to Andy playing with Buzz and Jessie while laughing and then to him playing with Buzz and Woody]

Young Andy: [voicing Buzz] To infinity... [voicing Woody] And beyond!

[He swings them around before the scene transitions to after Toy Story 3, where Andy, now a young man, gives Woody and his toys to Bonnie Anderson in a flashback.]

Bonnie: [gasps and takes Woody from Andy] My cowboy!

[She hugs Woody as Andy smiles. Bonnie then gets up]

Bonnie: Woody, let's go!

[Andy chuckles just as Bonnie runs around her front yard with Woody. Bonnie giggles and pulls Woody's pull string]

Woody's Voice Box: You're my favorite deputy!

[Woody swings away, revealing the film's title: Toy Story 4. The camera pans down to Bonnie playing with her toys on the swing]

Bonnie: Reach for the sky!

[Woody swings his eyes into the camera before it pans out again to reveal Bonnie with a pair of fairy wings on her back, putting Woody on a chair before picking up the toys in a cooking cauldron]

Bonnie: They've escaped and they're headed right for us!

[The scene then transitions to Bonnie in a scuba outfit and jumping off her bed. She lands on her back and giggles. The scene then transitions to Bonnie playing with her toys while Woody is still on the chair, watching]

Bonnie: Full speed ahead! Yay!

[As the song ends, the camera pans down to Woody's boot, revealing Bonnie's name on the bottom of it. The screen then fades to black. The toys' voices can be heard in the background]

Trixie: Ugh! It's getting hot in here!

Mr. Potato Head: Where's my ear?

Hamm: You're on my foot!

Slinky Dog: Oh.

Buttercup: Hey, quit shovin'!

Trixie: Sorry!

Slinky: Could you move over a bit, please?

Trixie: That was my horn.

[There are various amounts of chatter until someone says "Sssh!"]

Buzz's Voice Box: To infinity and beyond!

Buzz: I know that was you, Potato Head.

Mr. Potato Head: Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha.

Dolly: Everyone, listen. I thought I told you, when Mom quickly cleans the bedroom like that, expect to be put in the closet.

Rex: Oooooh. How much longer?

Woody: Keep it to a dull roar, Rex. Deep breaths, Jessie, deep breaths. Settle down, Slink. Sit. Good boy!

Dolly: Sheriff, do I need to be worried?

Woody: No, no. My guys are veterans. They'll hang in there.

Dolly: Good. Just keep 'em calm until we get word.

Woody: Yes, ma'am.

[Dolly peeks out of the closet. A stuffed dog on the door looks downstairs, then at Dolly and shakes his head]

Buzz: How are you, uh, feeling about today?

Woody: Uh, good, good. Yeah, good. I'm good.

Buzz: Uh, Good.

[Dolly stares out of the closet. The dog on the door then jangles, giving the signal]

Dolly: We're on! Bonnie's done with breakfast! Any minute now.

Woody: You hear that? Any minute now. Wind 'em if you've got 'em! Keep your batteries clean, your joints unlocked...

Dolly: Uh, thanks, Woody. I've got it.

Woody: Yes, I'm sorry. You're right, you're right.

[They hear Bonnie coming and freeze. Bonnie opens the closet doors]

Bonnie: The town is open! [picking up various toys] Hi, Mayor! Banker! Hi, Ice Cream Man! Hi, Hat Shop Owner! Mailman! And the Sheriff! [takes Woody's badge] Okay, bye toys!

[Bonnie closes the closet doors and puts Woody's badge on Jessie as Woody watches]

Bonnie: Yee-haw! Sheriff Jessie! [as Jessie] Giddyup, Bullseye!

[Bonnie moves Bullseye up and down to make it look like he's walking. Woody comes back to life and sits up. The other toys in the closet stare at him before Woody stretches and picks up a card.]

Bonnie: They went that way! Chase them!

[The other toys go over to the door]

Bonnie: What a beautiful hat shop! You have so many hats...

Melephant Brooks: Wow. They're doing "hat shop."

Carl Reinerocerous: When's the last time we ever got to play that?

Chairol Burnett: Remember when she played "house"?

Melephant Brooks: I liked "house."

Bitey White: Those were the days.

Melephant Brooks: It was basic. You built a house, you lived in it, done.

Old Timer: Hmm. That's the third time you haven't been picked this week.

Woody: I don't know. I don't keep count.

Old Timer: Oh, you don't have to. I'll do it for you.

Woody: Okay, okay, okay, I get it. It's been a while.

Old Timer: Oh, looky there! You got your first dust bunny!

[Woody picks a dust bunny off his torso]

Chairol Burnett: Aw, how adorable. What you gonna name it?

Old Timer: Uh, what about Dusty?

Melephant Brooks: Francis!

Chairol Burnett: Harry!

Carl Reinerocerous: Karen!

Melephant Brooks: Fuzzball!

Bitey White: LeBron?

Chairol Burnett: No, Fluffy!

Melephant Brooks: How about Thumper?

Chairol Burnett: Tumbleweed!

Old Timer: "Tumbleweed." Oh, that's good. That's good.

Melephant Brooks: Well, he's a cowboy, so that makes a lot of sense.

[Woody continues to watch Bonnie play with Jessie and Bullseye]

Bonnie: [as Jessie] So many choices. I just can't decide!

[Bonnie's dad, Larry, comes in]

Larry: Bonnie? What are you doing? We've gotta go. You don't wanna be late for kindergarten orientation, do you?

Bonnie: But I don't wanna go.

Larry: We talked about this. We're gonna meet your teachers, see your classroom...

Bonnie: [holding up Jessie] Can I bring a toy?

Larry: [takes Bonnie's hand and pulls her to her feet] Toys don't go to school, that, that's the rule.

[Bonnie drops Jessie as they leave the room. Woody watches. Once they're gone, the toys unfreeze]

Dolly: Freeze! [everyone freezes] Nobody move! Bonnie always forgets something. She'll be back any second. [sees Hamm reaching for a coin] That goes for you too, Hamm.

Hamm: But it's money!

[Woody comes out of the closet]

Buzz: You all right, Woody? I'm sure she'll pick you next time.

Woody: Oh, come on, I'm fine. No problem.

Jessie: Hey, Woody. Here. [Jessie hands Woody his sheriff badge]

Woody: Oh, thanks, Jessie.

Buzz: We're here for you, buddy! [Buzz exchanges a look with Jessie as Woody walks towards Dolly]

Mr. Pricklepants: [To Dolly] I don't want to play the baker.

Dolly: Pricklepants.

Mr. Pricklepants: The hat shop owner is the role I was born to play!

Dolly: [Interrupting Mr. Pricklepants] Ok. Right, All right, Pricklepants, back to your bakery.

Woody: 'Scuse me, Dolly.

Dolly: Woody, can't you see I'm threatening everyone? Go back to the closet.

Woody: Yeah, I know, I know. It's just... I'm worried about Bonnie. A toy should go with her to orientation.

Dolly: Didn't you hear Dad? You'll get Bonnie in trouble.

Woody: Yeah, but kindergarten is so different. It can be too much for a kid. Having a buddy with them to get through it can really help things. I remember with Andy, I would go to school with him...

Dolly: [Interrupting Woody] Uh-huh. I'm sorry, Woody, I hate to sound like a broken record, but Bonnie's not Andy.

Woody: No, no, no, of course, I get that. But if you would just hear me out... [Dolly shuts the closet door on him, cutting him off]

Dolly: Places, everyone! [All of the toys fall in their positions and Woody sighs as Bonnie walks back in]

[Woody peeks through the closet and sees Bonnie crying a bit under her bed]

Julia: Bonnie? [Bonnie's mom, Julia, walks up to the foot of the bed] What are you doing back there? C'mon, we have to go. [Bonnie stands up] That's my big girl.

Larry: [Larry offers Bonnie his hand] Come on. We gotta hurry, ok? Don't forget your backpack.

Julia: You're gonna have so much fun. [Bonnie and her parents exit the room]

Dolly: [Opens the closet door] All right, now what was it you were saying Woody? [Dolly realizes that he is gone and looks to the other toys in the closet for an explanation, but is met with blank stares] Woody?

[On the car ride to kindergarten, Woody looks out of the window of Bonnie's backpack and sees Bonnie looking worried and scared]

Julia: Here we are.

[Bonnie walks up the stairs of the school with her mom and into a classroom of children running around laughing and talking to their parents. Bonnie is scared, so she hugs her mother's leg for consoling]

Julia: Bonnie, honey, it'll be okay.

Miss Wendy: [Approaching Bonnie] Hi! Are you Bonnie? My name is Miss Wendy. I'm going to be your kindergarten teacher! [Bonnie looks unsure] We have a special place where you can put your backpack. [Bonnie perks up at this] You want to see?

[Bonnie looks right at her mother for confirmation and she puts a hand on Bonnie's shoulder to say it's ok. Bonnie walks away with Miss Wendy to the cubbies and waves goodbye to her mom with a smile on her face. Her mom exits the room with the other parents and Bonnie's worry returns to her face. She nervously looks at all of the kids, hiding her face behind her backpack]

Miss Wendy: Here we are, Bonnie. [She presents a cubby to her] Just for you. [Miss Wendy turns around to address the class] Okay, class, let's all find a seat at a table, so we can start craft time. [Bonnie sits at a nearby table by herself, afraid to engage the other children] [Off-Screen] On the first day of school, you'll need a place to put your pencils. So, today, we're going to make pencil holders. Now, everyone take a cup, and we'll use the art supplies to decorate them.

[Bonnie begins to reach for the art supplies when another kid approaches her table]

Bonnie: Hi. [Bonnie waves and smiles at the boy, but he ignores her and takes the craft supplies away from Bonnie's table, supposedly to his own]

[Woody, peeking through the window of the backpack, gasps at this as Bonnie looks down and starts to tear up. Woody watches the kid spit out an apple into a trash can and he notices that some craft supplies fall in with it. Woody leaves the backpack, drops down and hides behind a lunchbox while some kids run by, giggling. He uses the lunch box as cover to run to the trash can unnoticed. Once inside, he grabs a box of crayons and throws it on the floor near Bonnie. She hears the sound and turns around while sniffing and trying not to cry. When she sees them, she leaves her chair to bend down and pick them up. Woody uses this as his chance to grab a bunch of supplies and book it to Bonnie's table as fast as he can. He jumps onto the chair while Bonnie isn't looking and drops the supplies at her spot. He then hops back into her backpack to watch her reaction. She stands up from picking up the crayons and jumps back in surprise at seeing the craft supplies there. She looks around the room, wondering how they got there. She picks up the spork and has an idea. She then breaks a popsicle stick in half and sticks some white dough on it making it look like feet. Then she adds the spork for a body and uses a pipe cleaner for arms and hands. Bonnie then adds some googly eyes, a red band for a unibrow and a blue band for a mouth. Bonnie smiles at her new creation and writes her name on the bottom of the feet with a blue felt tip pen. Woody watches and smiles. Miss Wendy comes over]

Miss Wendy: Oh, Bonnie. That is so clever.

Bonnie: [moving Forky to make it look like he's walking, as Forky] Hello, I'm Forky. Nice to meet you!

Miss Wendy: Why, hello, Forky, it's nice to meet you. I'm Miss Wendy.

[Woody smiles, proud of his work, and closes the backpack. Later, at going home time]

Bonnie: [runs out of the classroom, sees her mom and dad and runs up to them with Forky in her hand] Mom! Dad! Look what I made! [hugs her mom] His name is Forky!

Larry: Oh wow!

Julia: That is so cool!

Bonnie: I finished kindergarten!

[Her parents look flustered for a moment]

Julia: Uh... no. That- That- That was just orientation.

Larry: But for being such a brave girl, we have a surprise for you.

Bonnie: What is it?

Larry: [While Woody looks from the backpack] Since school doesn't start for another week, we are going on a road trip!

Bonnie: Can I bring Forky?

Julia: 'Course, you can!

Bonnie: Yay!

[Bonnie puts Forky in her backpack. Woody comes out from a notebook]

Woody: And they said I shouldn't go to school with Bonnie. [to Forky] We got this whole Kindergarten thing under control, eh? [to himself] I can't believe I'm talking to a spork.

[Just then, one of Forky's eyes moves. Woody hears it and stares at Forky. Forky stays still for a moment, then seconds later, he comes to life, gasping for breath and Woody jumps back, startled. Back in Bonnie's room]

Bonnie: [dumps her backpack on the floor of her room] Hi, toys! [exits the room] Bye, toys!

[Woody exits the backpack, only to be confronted by the other toys]

Woody: Ow.

Trixie: He did go to kindergarten!

Mr. Potato Head: I knew it.

Woody: No, no, no, guys, listen...

Buttercup: You tryin' to get Bonnie in trouble?

Woody: No, of course not!

Dolly: You could have been confiscated.

Rex: What does that mean?

Hamm: Taken away.

Rex: [gasps] No!

Jessie: Or worse. You could have been lost!

Woody: No, no, no, guys, listen. Bonnie had a great day in class, and we're going on a road trip.

Buzz: Road trip?

Buttercup: Vacation!

Jessie: Yee-haw!

Aliens: Ooooohhhh...

Woody: But then something really weird thing happened. Bonnie made a friend in class.

Buttercup: What a kid!

Dolly: Oh, she's already making friends.

Woody: No, no. She literally made a new friend. [to Forky from inside the backpack] Hey, it's okay. Come on out. [Forky slowly peeks out from behind the backpack, extremely nervous] That's it. Come on, there you go. [Everyone quietly gasping]

Forky: Uh...

Woody: Come on, let's get you out of there. [Carries Forky out of the backpack] You got this. Good. Good. Everyone, I want you to meet Forky.

Slinky Dog: Golly bob howdy!

Dolly: Wow!

Mr. Potato Head: Look at that!

Rex: Look how long his arms are!

[Woody readjusts Forky's eye]

Forky: Trash?

Woody: No. No, toys. They're all toys.

Forky: T-t-tooooo... Trash?

Woody: No, no, no. That's the trash. These are your friends.

[Toys collectively say hi to Forky, causing him to fall over, detaching one of his eyes, and go into a state of panic]

Forky: Trash!

[Forky starts booking it towards the trash bin]

Woody: Shh, shh, no, no it's okay.

Forky: Trash!

[Forky continues to panic, constantly saying the word trash]

Trixie: Woody, I have a question. Um, well, actually, not just one, I have all of them. I have all the questions.

Buttercup: Uh, why does he want to go to the trash?

Woody: Because he was made from trash.

Forky: Trash!

Woody: Look, I know this is a little strange, but you got to trust me on this.

Forky: Trash?

Woody: Forky is the most important toy to Bonnie right now.

Mr. Pricklepants: Important? He's a spork.

Woody: [Putting Forky back together] Yes. Yeah, I know, but this spork-- this toy is crucial to Bonnie getting adjusted to kindergarten. [Forky's arms lower down significantly] Oh.

Dolly: Woody, aren't you being a little dramatic about all of this?

Woody: I know this is new to everybody, but you should see how much this little guy means to Bonnie. When she started playing with him, she had the biggest smile on her face. I wish you could have seen it. Bonnie was really upset, and I swear, once she made Forky, it as a complete transformation.

Jessie: Uh, Woody?

Woody: Just a second, Jessie. So, we all have to make sure nothing happens to him.

Jessie: Something happened to him.

[Forky jumps into the trash bin]

Forky: Ha-ha-ha-ha!

Woody: Oh, Chutes and Ladders!

Forky: Ah, trash.

[Woody tries to get Forky out of the trash, to no avail]

Woody: No, no, no! No, no, no! You're a toy now, Forky! Come on! Stop! Stop it! Hey! No, no, no! Come on!

Forky: Trash! Trash! Trash!

Woody: Well, I guess I'll babysit him till he's used to the room.

[The toys hear Bonnie laughing. They all freeze as she enters the room.]

Bonnie: Hmm.

[She puts her backpack on her bed and climbs on. She starts searching in the backpack for Forky]

Bonnie: Forky? [Woody tosses Forky on the bed] Where are you, Forky? [Bonnie turns to see Forky] There you are! I thought I'd lost you, silly.

[Forky sneaks back into the trash, only to be tossed back up. This goes on until later that night when Bonnie's sleeping. Woody sighs]

Forky: No, no, no, no, no. Big girl scary!

Woody: [whispering] Like I said before, Bonnie's not scary. She loves you and you need to... [Bonnie's arm lands on top of Woody] Ooh.

[Bonnie pulls Woody closer to her. Woody eventually falls asleep. The next morning, he wakes up to find that Forky isn't on the bed]

Woody: Forky?

[He soon finds Forky sleeping in the trash]

Larry: Bonnie! [Woody freezes and falls off the bed, tipping the trash bin] Let's go! Rise and shine! [Bonnie wakes up, while her dad steps on Woody] Who wants to go on a road trip?

Bonnie: Me! I'm gonna bring Dolly and Buttercup and Forky and... [Bonnie notices that Forky is not on the bed] Forky? Where are you?

Larry: He's gotta be here somewhere.

Bonnie: Forky? [Woody once again tosses Forky up on the bed] Forky! [Bonnie picks him up]

Larry: Come on. let's eat some breakfast and hit the road! [Dad steps on and squishes Woody's head]

Bonnie: Let's go, Forky!

[Woody unfreezes, feeling strained]

Buzz: Whoa. He's quite a handful, Woody. You need help with him on the road trip?

Woody: No. No, no. I got it, I got it. [blows his head back in shape] We'll just be stuck in an RV. He can't get far. I got this. I got it.

[Cut to the road trip in the RV. Randy Newman's “I Can't Let You Throw Yourself Away” plays during a montage of Forky trying to throw himself in the trash while Woody tries to stop him]

Forky: [During the montage] [at the gas station] No, no! [at Poultry Palace] Oh, yeah! [at a lookout point] Ha-ha-ha! [Woody grabs him] No-no-no-no-no! [at a rest stop] Trash, here I come! [Woody lassos him with his pull string] Come on. [struggling with Woody] I don't wanna be a toy!

[When the song ends, Bonnie is seen dozing off with Forky in her arm. Woody, trying to stay awake, is keeping an eye on him. Buzz sneaks over to Woody]

Buzz: [whispering] Hey, buddy.

Woody: [whispering] Hey, Buzz.

[Buzz inches closer to Woody]

Buzz: You doing okay?

Woody: I don't know, Buzz. I know you weren't around when Andy was little, but I don't remember it being this hard.

Buzz: Want me to take the next watch? I'll keep an eye on Forky.

Woody: No, no. I need to do this. That little voice inside me would never leave me alone if I gave up.

Buzz: Huh. Who do you think it is?

Woody: Who?

Buzz: The voice inside of you. Who do you think it is?

Woody: Uh... Me. [Buzz stares at him, failing to understand] You know, my conscience? [Buzz gives him a look, indicating he still doesn't get it] The part of you that tells you things? What you're really thinking?

Buzz: [suddenly starting to realize but doesn't know Woody is talking about the brain, not the voice box] Fascinating. So, your inner voice advises you.

Woody: [turning as if to look at something] What?

[Buzz stays silent, thinking about what he's learned. He then presses one of his talk buttons setting off his voice box, much to Woody's horror]

Buzz's Voice Box: It's a secret mission in uncharted space! Let's go!

[Woody pounces on Buzz to keep him quiet. Then, as they look at Bonnie, they find her hand empty. Forky is gone!]

Buzz: Where's Forky?

[The camera zooms in on Bonnie's hand. Forky is not there]

Woody: Oh, no! [looking around] Forky! Forky!

[They look up to find Forky climbing up onto a bed. He's trying to escape!]

Forky: I am not a toy! I'm a spork.

Woody: Be quiet!

Forky: [climbing onto the bed and waddling to the window as Woody follows] I was made for soup, salad, maybe chili, and then the trash. [jumps up in front of the window and lets the wind carry him out of the RV] I'm litter! FREEDOM!!!

[Woody hyperventilates as he looks scared at Forky throwing himself away]

Woody: Hamm, how far to our next stop?

Hamm: [checks the satnav] 5.32 miles, give or take.

Woody: I can make that. [running up to the window] I'll meet you at the RV park.

Buzz: Woody, hold on a minute. [Woody jumps out of the window] Woody!

[Woody climbs onto the back of the RV. He lands on the bumper and holds his hat. He looks down at the vast moving tarmac below him before looking up again. The RV then hits a bump, sending Woody flying off the RV and onto the tarmac. He lands upside down and watches the RV disappear around the bend. Woody gets up, dusts himself off and puts his hat back on. He then looks at the road ahead and begins looking for Forky]

Woody: Forky! Forky, where are you? Forky! Forky, where are you?

[Woody hears mumbling and turns to see Forky stuck upside down in the ground. He sighs in annoyance. Later, after Forky has been freed, Woody drags him along the ground back to the RV park as planned. Forky tries to walk next to him but keeps falling]

Forky: Carry me?

Woody: No.

[Forky gets up and waddles beside Woody]

Forky: Why do I have to be a toy?

Woody: Because you have Bonnie's name written on the bottom of your sticks.

Forky: Why do I have Bonnie's name written on the bottom of my sticks?

Woody: [starting to lose his temper] Because she... [gathers himself] Look, she plays with you all the time, right?

Forky: Ugh. Yes.

Woody: And who does she sleep with every night?

Forky: The big white fluffy thing?

Woody: No, not her pillow. You.

Forky: Ugh.

Woody: All right, Forky. You have to understand how lucky you are right now. You're Bonnie's toy. You are going to help create happy memories that will last for the rest of her life!

Forky: [snapping out of his thoughts having not been listening to Woody] Huh? What?

[Woody makes annoyed groans of frustration then gathers himself again]

Woody: [to himself] Okay. Doing it for Bonnie. Doing this for Bonnie, you're doing it for Bonnie. [to Forky] Okay, like it or not, you are a toy. Maybe you don't like being one, but you are one nonetheless. Which means you are going to be there for Andy when he...

Forky: Who's Andy?

Woody: [realizing his mistake and corrects himself] I mean, Bonnie. You have to be there for Bonnie. That is your job. [takes Forky's arm and they start walking again]

Forky: Well, what's your job?

Woody: Well, right now, it's to make sure you do yours.

Forky: Carry me?

Woody: [now annoyed] NO!

[There is silence for a moment before Forky looks at Woody]

Forky: Who's Andy?

Woody: [looks down then up again] Andy was my other kid.

Forky: You had another kid?

Woody: Yeah, yeah. For a long time. And it was pretty great. I was a favorite toy, actually. Running the room was my job. Keeping all the toys in place...

[Cut to sometime later]

Forky: [referring to Buzz] So, he thought Andy's room was a planet? Wow, that is messed up.

Woody: Right! That's exactly what I thought when he first showed up.

Forky: [laughs] Yeah. I mean, how is that not annoying?

Woody: Thank you!

Forky: Seriously, that is the...

[Cut to Woody with Forky on his shoulders]

Woody: Well, then you watch 'em grow up and become a full person. And then they leave. They go off and do things you'll never see. Don't get me wrong, you still feel good about it. But then somehow you find yourself, after all those years... sitting in a closet just feeling...

Forky: Useless?

Woody: Yeah.

Forky: Your purpose fulfilled?

Woody: Exactly.

Forky: Woody, I know what your problem is.

Woody: You do?

Forky: You're just like me. Trash!

Woody: What is it with you and trash?

Forky: It's warm.

Woody: Ew.

Forky: It's cozy.

Woody: I guess.

Forky: And safe! Like somebody's whispering in your ear, [whispers into Woody's ear] "Everything's gonna be okay."

Woody: Forky, that's it. That's how Bonnie feels when she's with you.

Forky: She does?

Woody: Yes!

Forky: [finally realizing why Bonnie made him be a toy] Wait a sec. [jumps down from Woody's shoulders] You mean she thinks I'm warm?

Woody: Yep.

Forky: And cozy?

Woody: Uh-huh.

Forky: And sometimes kinda squishy?

Woody: Well, that, too. Yes.

Forky: [gasps] I get it now. I'm Bonnie's trash.

Woody: Yes! [suddenly realizes what Forky said] Wait. What?

Forky: I am Bonnie's trash!

Woody: No, no, no, not exactly.

Forky: Oh, she must be feeling awful without me. Woody, we've gotta get going, she needs me! Woody: Yea- wh-

Forky: [starts running with Woody right behind] Hey, Bonnie, I'm coming! Come on, Woody! Bonnie, I'm coming! Ooh-hoo-hoo-hoo!

Woody: Whoa, Whoa! Forky, slow down! Forky! Forky!

[They run on. Later, they head past an antique store. Woody spots the sign for the RV park]

Woody: Forky, look. Bonnie's right over there.

Forky: [gasps] Hurry!

[Forky gets down from Woody's shoulders and they start running towards the RV park when Woody stops suddenly. He turns and sees little spots of light on the ground. He looks up and there, in the window of the antique store, is Bo's old lamp. Woody walks towards the window. Forky stops running and turns to see Woody walking towards the window of the store]

Forky: Huh? Woody?

[Woody stops and stares at Bo's old lamp in the window]

Woody: Bo?

[He looks at the lamp then at the RV Park sign before heading to the door. Forky waddles up behind him as he approaches the door]

Forky: Woody? Aren't we-- Aren't we going to Bonnie?

Woody: I know, I know. But my friend might be in there.

Forky: Friend?

Woody: Oh, a friend, uh... Well, a friend is... Well, a friend is like you and me.

Forky: Trash?

Woody: Trash, like... Yes. And I'm very worried that she might be lost.

Forky: [starting to walk away] But Woody, Bonnie's right there.

Woody: [grabbing him] Yeah. Yeah. We'll have you back before she wakes up. Come on.

[Woody and Forky climb up to the door and enter the antique store through the mail slot. Inside, the two toys look around calling for Bo]

Woody: Bo?

Forky: Bo?

Woody: Bo?

Forky: Bo?

Woody: Bo?

Forky: Bo?

Woody: Bo?

Forky: Bo. [Forky starts to get bored] Bo, Bo, Bo, Bo, Bo...

Woody: Bo?

Forky: Bo? [repeatedly saying the word Bo] Bo! Bo! Bo! Bo! Bo! Bo! Can we go back to Bonnie now? I don't see your friend.

Woody: Yeah, okay. She's not in here. Come on, let's go.

[Just as they start to leave, they hear creaking coming from the isle. An old baby stroller comes into view. Woody and Forky hide among the vases as the stroller passes them]

Forky: [Not so quietly] Is that Bo?

[The stroller stops and the old, creepy-looking ventriloquist's dummy that's pushing it faces them]

Forky: AH!

[The dummy turns to their direction. The toys come out of hiding]

Woody: Uh... Hey, howdy. Hey there. Uh, sorry to bother you, but...

Gabby Gabby: Why, you're not a bother at all.

[A vintage doll, Gabby Gabby, pops up from the stroller]

Gabby Gabby: We were just out for my early morning stroll. And look! Ha-ha! We met you! My name is Gabby Gabby. [motioning towards the dummy] And this is my very good friend Benson.

Woody: Oh, uh, Woody. Pleasure to meet you.

Gabby Gabby: Well, it's nice to meet you, Woody. [Looks at Forky] And you are...?

Woody: This is Forky.

Forky: I'm trash.

Woody: [stuttering] Our kid made him.

Gabby Gabby: Kid? Toys around here don't have kids. Are you two lost?

Woody: Lost? No, no. But we are looking for a lost toy. [Gabby Gabby notices his pull string in the reflection from a metal tray] She's a figurine. Used to be on that lamp in the window? Name's Bo Peep?

Gabby Gabby: Bo Peep? Oh, yes, I know Bo.

Woody: You do?

Gabby Gabby: Hop on in. We'll take you to her.

Woody: Oh um, you don't have to that. [Benson comes over and picks up Woody and Forky anyway] Well, okay.

[Benson tosses them in the stroller]

Gabby Gabby: Benson, be careful with our new friends.

Forky: Wow, what service.

[Benson pushes the stroller as "Midnight, the Stars and You" plays on a record player, boosting the ominous vibe of the store]

Woody: Uh... Thank you for your help. I haven't seen Bo in years.

Gabby Gabby: [going off-topic] May I ask, when were you made?

Woody: Me? Uh... I'm not sure. Late 50's?

Gabby Gabby: Me, too! Gee, I wonder if we were made in the same factory. Wouldn't that be something? I gotta say, you are in great condition.

Woody: Well, I try to stay active.

[Benson touches the ring on Woody's pull-string, causing him to turn and give Gabby a clearer view of it]

Gabby Gabby: And look at that, you have a voice box like me. Benson, show him.

[Benson stops the stroller and goes over to take out Gabby's voice box from her back]

Woody: Oh, oh, that's- that's really not necessary.

[Benson puts the voice box in Gabby's hand. She pulls the string]

Gabby Gabby's Voice Box: [Incredibly distorted] I'm Gabby Gabby, and I love you.

Forky: Wow, you need to fix that.

[Gabby removes the cover on her voice box and pulls out the voice record]

Gabby Gabby: My record works just fine. [Gabby shows the inner mechanism to Woody and Forky] It's the voice box that's broken. Does yours still work?

[Before Woody could respond, Benson pulls his pull string]

Woody: Hey!

Woody's Voice Box: There's a snake in my boot!

Gabby Gabby: Listen to that! Let's see it. I bet it's the same type.

Woody: Oh, no, no, no thanks, mine's sewn inside. [tries to get back on-topic] Is Bo around here because we need...

[The grandfather clock chimes 8 o'clock]

Gabby Gabby: Oh. The store is about to open. Don't worry, we'll take you where no one will see us.

Woody: Oh, oh, no. We can't stay.

Gabby Gabby: Yes, you can.

[Before they know it, three more dummies surround the stroller. At that point, Gabby's intentions are clear]

Woody: We gotta go.

Gabby Gabby: You can't leave yet. You have what I need. [motioning to Woody's voice box] Right inside there.

[Just then, the doorbell in the antique store chimes. Gabby looks in their direction. Margaret, the elderly owner of the antique store enters the building with her granddaughter, Harmony, and her mom]

Margaret: Returned that lamp the next day.

Harmony's Mom: You're kidding me!

Harmony: Mom, can we go to the park now?

[Gabby gets pleased by the sight of Harmony]

Gabby Gabby: Harmony!

[While she's distracted, Woody and Forky seize the opportunity to escape from the stroller]

Gabby Gabby: Stop him, please.

[The dummies give chase. The two toys run for their lives. Woody's boot gets stuck on typewriter keys, but soon breaks free just in time.]

Forky: What's going on? Come on! Let's go! He's coming, he's coming! I see him!

[They navigate their way through the store with the dummies close behind]

Woody: Forky, we gotta get out of...

[Woody looks to his side only to see he's just carrying Forky's pipe cleaner arms. He looks back to see one of the dummies chasing him carrying the rest of Forky]

Forky: Woody!

[As he's running, Woody sees Harmony browsing the antiques. The dummies swipe Forky's arms from his hands. Finding no other way to escape, he pulls his pull string and goes limp]

Woody's Voice Box: I'd like to join your posse boys, but first I'm gonna sing a little song.

[Harmony hears Woody, goes over to him and picks him up. She runs over to her mom and grandma]

Harmony: Grandma, look what I found. [Showing Woody] Can I take it to the park?

Margaret: Sure.

Harmony's Mom: Mom, she has enough toys from the store.

Margaret: Oh, it's fine. Nobody buys the toys anyway.

Harmony: Thanks, Grandma!

[Harmony and her Mom exit the store. Harmony pulls Woody's pull string]

Woody's Voice Box: Yee-haw!

Harmony: Mom, can we go to the carnival?

Harmony's Mom: We're going to the park. Maybe later, sweetie.

[As they leave for the park, one of the dummies peers out of the store window, covering Forky's mouth. Woody looks back, worried. Meanwhile, at the RV park, Bonnie's parents are outside relaxing. Rex looks out the window, checking for Woody’s return]

Slinky: Any sign of Woody?

Rex: I don't see him!

Mrs. Potato Head: Shh!

[The toys look at Bonnie, sleeping, holding a regular spoon they used as a cover-up]

Jessie: Maybe we should have gone with the fork.

Buzz: The spoon is safer.

[The toys freeze as Bonnie wakes up.]

Bonnie: Mmm.

[She sees the spoon in her hand. That's not Forky]

Bonnie: Forky? Where's Forky? [quickly gets upset] Mom! Dad!

Larry: What's wrong, honey?

Julia: Are you okay?

Bonnie: I can't find Forky! He's missing! [She begins sobbing a bit]

Julia: Oh, Bonnie, it'll be all right. I'm sure he's here somewhere. You know, if you don't find him, you can make a new one.

Bonnie: No! There's only one Forky!

Larry: Uh... Let's go look outside. Maybe he fell on the ground somewhere.

[The Andersons go outside the RV to look for Forky. The toys also start to look worried]

Dolly: Oh, poor Bonnie.

Julia: We're gonna find him okay?

Bonnie: We have to find him, Mom. He needs me.

Buzz: Woody was right. We all should have been safeguarding the utensil.

Trixie: Why isn't Woody back yet?

Rex: Do you think he's lost?

Buttercup: Buzz, what do we do?

Trixie: What do we do, Buzz? [Buzz stammers, unsure of how to respond] Buzz, what do we do? What do we do, Buzz? What do we do, Buzz? Buzz! Buzz.

Buzz: I, uh...

Rex: What would Woody do?

Hamm: Eh, jump out of a moving vehicle?

Buzz: What would Woody do?

[Remembering his conversation with Woody last night, he pushes one of his buttons]

Buzz's Voice Box: It's a secret mission in uncharted space. Let's go!

Buzz: [going off of what he heard] I think I have to go.

Rex: Where?

Slinky Dog: Where are you goin'? Why?

Trixie: Should we all go? Are we going?

Mr. Potato Head: And then what?

[He pushes the button again]

Buzz's Voice Box: No time to explain! Attack!

Buzz: No time to explain!

[Without hesitation, he jumps out the back window, shocking the others]

Mr. Potato Head: Oh, no!

Jessie: Buzz!

Dolly: Okay, what is with everyone jumping out the window?

[Buzz runs through the park and heads towards a carnival that's happening in town. He hides among the dumpsters]

Buzz: Woody and Forky were last seen on the highway. But where is the highway?

[Buzz pushes another button]

Buzz's Voice Box: The slingshot maneuver is all we've got! Full speed ahead!

[Buzz sees the Octopus carnival ride]

Buzz: Thanks, inner voice!

[Buzz runs over to the ride and jumps up to the bottom of one of the cars]

Buzz: Hi-ya!

[Buzz hangs on until he can see the highway]

Buzz: The highway. On my way, Woody!

[Buzz lets go and opens his wings, flying towards the highway. His path gets blocked by a Round-Up carnival ride and bumps into it. After bouncing off a few more rides and carnival stands, he eventually lands in front of the port-a-potties only to be hit by an opening door. Axel, the carnival carney exiting the potty, sees Buzz and picks him up]

Axel: Rad.

[He attaches Buzz to the wall of a carnival game, Star Adventurer, with a plastic tie and becomes the top prize]

Axel: Hey! Step right up! Put your money down! Get yourself a real Buzz Lightyear! Hey! Hey!

[Woody is then seen on one of the kiddie swings in the park being pushed by Harmony]

Harmony's Mom: Harmony, hone. Sunscreen.

Harmony: Okay. Be right back, mister cowboy.

[Woody gets off the swing without being noticed]

Woody: Okay. Antique store, antique store... [Woody sees the Ferris Wheel] Oh, that way!

[He tries to leave the park on a toy construction truck but gets blocked by a school bus. He retreats to a playground sandbox as kids start to come out. An eager toy pops out from the sand]

Toy: Did you see 'em? How many are there?

[Another toy flies over and lands beside him]

Woody: Whoa, whoa

Toy: We got a busload of campers!

[Three Combat Carl action figures run over to the sandbox]

Combat Carls: Hut! Hut! Hut!

Combat Carl: [As they jump in] Aha! Here they come!

Woody: Huh?

Combat Carl: Playtime, baby!

[Woody books it as all the kids from the bus come storming in the playground. He hides behind one of the slides as a kid gets off. He sees the kids playing with some of the toys. One of the toys in the slide starts climbing back up]

Toy: Oh, baby! It's a good day to play, huh? Am I right?

[Just then, Woody sees three familiar-looking sheep run across the playground]

Woody: Huh?

[He sneaks through the playground but freezes at the merry-go-round where one of the kids is playing. She picks up Woody and introduces him to another toy she's playing with]

Kid #1: Hello, Mr. Cowboy. How are you today? Do you like riding horses?

[As it turns out, that toy was Bo. She has a few bandages on her arms and still sports her polka-dot skirt and crook as well as her blue undergarments and a pink bow in place of her bonnet. Time seems to slow down as they look at each other while being played with. This playtime's interrupted by another kid]

Kid #2: Wanna play on the swings?

Kid #1: [Putting Woody and Bo down] Wait for me!

[Woody starts to sit up, making sure if it is Bo]

Woody: Bo?

[Bo puts her crook down on him as other kids pass by. When the coast is clear, she pulls him to her side]

Bo Peep: Come on.

[They sneak their way out the playground, hiding behind a frisbee, and into some bushes. From there, they get a proper reunion]

Woody: BO?!

Bo Peep: Oh, I can't believe it's you!!

Woody: Bo Peep!!

Bo Peep: I never thought I'd see you again!!

[Bo sweeps a leaf from Woody's shoulder and straightens his badge]

[overlapping one another]

Bo Peep: So, which kid is yours?

Woody: So, which one is yours?

Bo Peep: None.

Woody: No one.

Woody: Wait, you're- you're a lost toy?

Bo Peep: You're a lost toy?

Woody: That's awful.

Bo Peep: That's great. [confused by what Woody said] Huh?

Woody: I mean awfully great that you are lost out here. [He then sees a skunk racing towards them] Skunk, skunk, skunk!

Bo Peep: Watch out!

[Bo stops it with her crook. However, that skunk seems to be making revving sounds]

Woody: Huh?

[It becomes clear that it's not an actual skunk but rather a remote-controlled skunk. The "skunk" backs up]

Bo Peep: I told you not to drive so fast. You almost ran him over.

[Bo opens the side of the skunk to reveal Billy, Goat, and Gruff controlling it. Seeing Woody, they tackle him to the ground, excited to see him again]

Woody: Oh, hey, guys! Whoa! Whoa! Hold on there! Okay! I missed you, too. If it isn't Bobby? [Billy glares] Gus? [Goat glares] Uh... Lefty? [Gruff glares]

Bo Peep: Billy, Goat, and Gruff.

Woody: Right! Right! Right! [The sheep trot back to Bo] Sorry, guys.

[They glare at him again]

Bo Peep: Girls?

Woody: Girls! Of course!

[They disappointingly bleat at him]

Bo Peep: All right, all right. [Goes back over to Woody] Okay, let's get a look at you. You need any repairs?

Woody: Repairs? No, I'm fine.

[The sheep bring Bo a safety pin]

Bo Peep: Hey! Nice find, girls.

Woody: Where did you get all this stuff?

Bo Peep: Here and there. You know, some kids play rougher than others, so I try to be prepared.

Woody: How long have you been out on your own?

Bo Peep: Seven fantastic years!

Woody: [Shocked] Seven?!

Bo Peep: You would not believe the things I've seen.

[The sheep bring in a grape soda bottle cap, similar to the one from Up].

Bo Peep: Uh, no.

[She goes over to a Polly Pocket style compact and knocks on it]

Bo Peep: Gigs.

Giggle McDimples: [from inside] Yo!

Bo Peep: Come on out! There's someone I want you to meet.

[The compact opens to reveal Giggle McDimples in her office]

Giggle McDimples: Be right down.

[She navigates through her little compact world to the gate at the end and hops on Bo's shoulders]

Giggle McDimples: What's the situation? We heading out of town or... [She sees Woody] Whoa! Who's this?

Bo Peep: [whispering as the sheep bring Woody a plastic straw] You remember the rag doll I told you about?

Giggle McDimples: [whispering] The cowboy?

Bo Peep: Yep!

Giggle McDimples: No way!! [She laughs contagiously]

Bo Peep: [whispering as the sheep bring Woody a band-aid] Don't stare.

Giggle McDimples: [whispering] I'm totally staring.

[They go over to Woody]

Bo Peep: Woody, this is Giggle McDimples.

[Giggle laughs again]

Woody: Oh, hi, Giggle.

[Giggle notices Woody's sheriff badge]

Giggle McDimples: Whoa, you didn't tell me he was a cop. [She hops onto Woody's shoulders, sporting a set of shades] Howdy, Sheriff. Officer Giggle McDimples. I run Pet Patrol from Mini-Opolis. Yeah, search and rescue. Ants, caterpillars, miniature poodles, spiders.

[As Giggle talks, the three Combat Carls from earlier head towards Bo]

Combat Carls: Hut! Hut! Hut! Hut! Hut! Hut! Hut!

Bo Peep: Carl! Where you headed?

Combat Carl #1: Combat Carl just heard there's a birthday party at the playground on Main Street.

Combat Carl #2: Rumor has it, they got two pinatas.

Combat Carl #3: That could be 20 to 30 kids.

Bo Peep: Nice! [High-fives Giggle]

Combat Carl #1: Oh, yeah! Combat Carl's gettin' played with! [Two of the Combat Carls high-five each other while the other one is left hanging] You guys in?

Bo Peep: You bet! Woody, you are gonna love this!

Woody: Uh, no, I can't, [saluting] sir. Bo, I need to get back to my kid.

Combat Carls: What?

Combat Carl #1: You got a kid?

Woody: Yeah.

Combat Carl #1: Way to beat the odds, soldier. [The two Carls high-five Woody while, once again, the other one is left hanging] Meet you at the playground, Peep. Combat Carl's got a pinata party to crash. All right, move out.

[The two Combat Carls head out. After a bit of waiting for a high-five, the other Carl joins them]]

Combat Carls: Hut! Hut! Hut! Hut! Hut! Hut! Hut!

Bo Peep: [A little surprised] So, you're, uh, with a kid? It's not Andy, is it?

Woody: No, no, no, no. He went off to college. But he gave us to Bonnie. Aw, she's just-

Bo Peep: [Bo's face lights up] You have a little girl?

Giggle McDimples: No way!

Woody: Yeah, yeah. It's why I'm out here. Her other toy is trapped in this antique store, [Bo's smile fades] and I have to...

Bo Peep: Second Chance Antiques? We know that store.

Woody: That's great. That is great! If you know the store, you could really help me find him...

Bo Peep: No way. We wasted years there, just sitting on the shelf, collecting dust.

Woody: Oh, Bo, that's awful. But I don't have a choice. I have to get that toy from Gabby.

Giggle McDimples: Woah. Steer clear of that weirdo.

Bo Peep: If I were you, I'd cut my losses and go home.

Woody: But Bonnie needs him to get through kindergarten.

Bo Peep: Oh, kids lose toys every day. Bonnie will get over it.

Woody: No, no, but... you see... Bonnie needs him just like... Molly needed you.

[The sheep get excited by Molly's name]]

Woody: Aw, no. Sorry, girls. Molly's not here.

Giggle McDimples: Molly? Bo, I didn't know you had a kid.

Bo Peep: That was a long time ago.

[Woody sits on the skunk while Giggle listens]

Woody: Oh, Bo's kid was something special. She was the cutest thing, but so afraid of the dark.

Bo Peep: It was just a phase.

Woody: Oh, you weren't there in the beginning. Hearing Molly cry each night, it broke every toy's heart. And then, Bo came into the room. Her lamp was the only thing that made Molly feel safe. Mom would let her keep Bo on all night.

Giggle McDimples: Ha! Who knew you were such a softy?

Woody: And Molly would fall asleep with her hand resting on Bo's feet.

[Bo throws an elastic at him]

Bo Peep: Okay! Okay. I get it.

Woody: Bo, my kid really needs this toy. Will you help me? For old times’ sake.

Bo Peep: [giving in] All right, all right.

Woody: [running to hug Bo] Thank you! Oh! Oh, thank you!

Giggle McDimples: All right. Guess we're doing this. [Puts on her shades] Let's ride!

[The gang hops inside the skunk]

Bo Peep: Second Chance Antiques, and step on it.

[Bo closes the skunk and it drives off to the antique store. Back at the store, inside a big glass cabinet, Gabby is touching up her freckles with ink as Forky struggles with Benson]

Forky: Ow! Hey! Hey!

Gabby Gabby: Benson, are we finished?

Forky: Ow!

[Benson finishes reattaching Forky's arms]

Forky: Oh, that feels great!

Gabby Gabby: Look at that! Good as new.

Forky: Yeah. Thank you, uh, Benson.

[Benson gives him an assuring look, grunting]

Forky: Uh, so um, when's Woody coming back?

Gabby Gabby: Like I said, soon. He won't forget about you.

Forky: How do you know?

Gabby Gabby: You have your child's name written on your feet... Sticks. That makes you a very important toy.

Forky: That's exactly what Woody says.

Gabby Gabby: Hmm. Interesting.

[Harmony and her mom can be heard entering the store again]

Harmony: Hi, Grandma! We're back!

Gabby Gabby: She's back.

[Gabby goes over to another end of the cabinet, where she can see Harmony]

Forky: Who is she?

Gabby Gabby: Harmony.

Forky: Wait a second, she took Woody. [gasps] Did she lose him?

Gabby Gabby: No. My Harmony is perfect.

[Harmony run over to a section in the store and pulls out a tea set and pretends to have tea]

Gabby Gabby: Forky, it's tea time. It's tea time.

Forky: Whoo-hoo! What is tea time?

Gabby Gabby: Oh, I'll show you.

[Gabby pulls out a book that came with the doll and opens it to a page that shows Gabby Gabby and a girl that looks like Harmony during teatime. She watches Harmony as she holds a teacup]

Harmony: A little bit of milk, two lumps of sugar.

[They both pretend to drink the tea with the same gestures]

Gabby Gabby: I've been practicing. How do I look?

[Forky examines Gabby in comparison to the picture in the book]

Forky: Uh... A little higher.[Gabby raises her cup higher] Stick out your pinky. [She extends her pinkie] Nice!

Harmony: Mmm! delicious!

Harmony's Mom: Harmony, sweetie, I'm leaving. Come give me a hug.

[Harmony runs over to her mom]

Harmony: Bye, Mom. I love you.

[Gabby turns the pages of the book to a picture of the girl playing with Gabby Gabby. It makes her and Forky smile. She then flips to a picture of the girl pulling Gabby Gabby's pull string. Gabby put her hand down on the page]

Gabby Gabby: When my voice box is fixed, I'll finally get my chance.

[Forky puts his hand on top of Gabby's, sympathizing with her. One of his pupils moves down]

Gabby Gabby: [closing the book] Now, about our friend Woody. [Putting Forky on her lap] I wanna know everything about him.

Forky: Oh, yeah, Woody. I've known that guy my whole life. Two days! Hey, did you know that Bonnie was not his first kid? He had this other kid, Andy. And you know what? I don't think he's ever gotten over him.

[Back at the Star Adventurer game, Buzz is still hanging on the wall. A girl just finished a round of the game and leaves. When no one was looking, he tries to escape]

Bunny: Psst. Hey, Lightyear.

[Buzz stops for a moment, unsure of who talked]

Ducky: Hey, up here, Astro-boy.

[Buzz looks up to see two carnival animal plushies, a duck and a bunny, mad at him]

Bunny: If you think you can just show up and take our top prize spot, you're wrong!

Ducky: Dead wrong!

Buzz: You don't understand. I'm trying to...

Ducky: [Interrupts] Cheat the system and get with a kid? Yeah, we know.

Buzz: No! I need-

Bunny: [Also interrupts] A child to shower you with unconditional love? Join the club, pal.

Ducky: Yeah, join the club!

Buzz: Come on, help me get out of here.

Ducky: Oh, I'll help you. With my foot!

[Ducky tries to kick Buzz but struggles to reach him]

Bunny: Get him. Ho-ho-ho. Get him.

Ducky: Bunny what are you doing?

Bunny: Hmm?

Ducky: I-I can't reach him. Help me out here, come on.

Bunny: Oh. Sorry, Ducky. I'm not a mind reader, you know.

Ducky: Well what's not to understand?

Bunny: Hmm?

Ducky: You gonna make me say it?

Bunny: What?

Ducky: With these tiny legs, I cannot reach without your help.

Bunny: Oh.

[While Ducky and Bunny are arguing, Buzz resumes his escape attempt]

Ducky: Uh-huh. Okay?

Bunny: Okay.

Ducky: This is what I've been talking about, Bunny. You need to work on your attention and your listening skills.

[Ducky finally kicks Buzz in the head with help from Bunny]

Ducky: Ha! Ha-ha!

Ducky: How you like that, cheater? Huh? [Kicks Buzz's head again] Ba-squam!

Ducky: Yeah! Ha-ha! Oh, oh, to infinity and my foot! [Another kick] Boom!

Bunny: That's it!

Ducky: In a galaxy far, far away, you got kicked in the head! [And another]

Bunny: Boom!

Buzz: How do I get out of here?

[Buzz once again pushes a button]

Buzz's Voice Box: This planet is toxic. Closing helmet to conserve oxygen.

Ducky: In the vacuum of space, they cannot hear you scream! [Screams] Ow! Let go of me! Get off of me!

[Ducky and Buzz fall from the wall as they scream]

[Bunny hears this and runs off, and Ducky and Buzz land from the game]

Ducky: Ooh! So that's what gravity feels like.

Bunny: Yeah, that's it.

Ducky: Hey, where are you going? You better get over here, spaceman!

Bunny: Yeah, put us back up there!

Ducky: Bunny, what are you doing? He's getting away, let's go!

Bunny: I'm trying.

Ducky: Come on!

[Meanwhile, back with Bo, her sheep, Giggle and Woody in the skunk]

Bo Peep: Antique store, here we come!

Woody: Bo, why do you ride around in a skunk?

Carnival Goer #1: Whoa! Skunk!

Carnival Goer #2: A skunk!

[The carnival-goers mistake the RC skunk for a real one and get out the way, answering Woody's question]

Woody: Oh, I get it. Smart.

Giggle McDimples: [Sees a corndog cart coming towards them] Corn dogs, corn dogs, corn dogs,-

[The skunk swerves behind the rocks but starts to lose control.]

Bo Peep: Woah!

[The skunk crashes below the nearby carousel, sending the toys flying. Giggle throws the fluffy rock, Bo lands on the fluffy rock]

Bo Peep: Why are you so bad at driving? You got six eyes.

[Billy, Goat, and Gruff bleat]

Bo Peep: Thanks for the landing. [Bo gets up and offers her hand] Come on, follow me.

[Woody grabs Bo's hand, only to have her whole forearm pop off. Woody, holding Bo's severed arm, starts screaming in a panic. Bo also starts screaming but then starts laughing. Giggle and the sheep join in]

Bo Peep: I'm fine.

[Woody still looks panicked]

Giggle: [off screen, laughing] His face! That's hilarious!

Bo Peep: I'm fine. Don't worry. [Woody hands back Bo's arm, his hand trembling] Happens all the time. [Calls out to her sheep] Tape!

[A roll of white tape is thrown to her. Giggle hops onto Bo's shoulder]

Giggle McDimples: Not a bad hiding spot.

Bo Peep: Yeah. [Heading towards the side of the carousel] Leave the skunk. We'll fix it later.

Giggle McDimples: 10-4.

Bo Peep: This will be more fun. Let's get you to that store!

Giggle McDimples: Okay, spill it. The cowboy, what's the deal?

Bo Peep: There's no deal.

Giggle McDimples: Uh-huh. Don't do this to yourself. Cowboy's got a kid.

Bo Peep: Giggle...

Giggle McDimples: Trust me. I've been there. You know about me and He-Man. I'm not proud. Shh! Here he comes! Oh, man...

Woody: What?

Giggle McDimples: No, not you.

Bo Peep: Second Chance Antiques, straight ahead.

Giggle McDimples: Heavy foot traffic at the entrance.

Bo Peep: Easiest way in is…

Bo & Giggle: The roof!

Bo Peep: Let's go antiquing. Hold on!

Woody: Huh?

Woody: Whoa!

Woody: How did you end up here? I thought you were given to a new family.

Bo Peep: Oh, you know how it goes. Their little girl grew up and didn't need me anymore, so...

Woody: Oh, I'm sorry, Bo.

Bo Peep: Eh, who needs a kid's room when you can...

Bo Peep: you can have all of this?

Giggle McDimples: Whatcha looking at, Sheriff?

Woody: What? Oh, uh... N- uh… That wasn't... No, uh, nothing. I w-- Well, I was looking at the store. Right there. Th- I was looking at the antique store.

Bo Peep: Giggle, count us down.

Giggle McDimples: Five.

Woody: Countdown for what?

Giggle McDimples: Four.

Bo Peep: You want to get to the store, don't you?

Giggle McDimples: Three. Two. One!

Buzz: The highway exit has to be somewhere. Where is it?

Buzz's Voice Box: Meteor shower! Look out!

Buzz: Woody? Good work, inner voice.

Bo Peep: So, how about you? How's your new kid?

Woody: Bonnie? Oh, she's great. Jessie is loving it.

Bo Peep: Jessie's still with you?

Woody: Oh, yeah, the whole gang's still together. Well, I mean, most of us.

Bo Peep: What about Rex?

Woody: Yeah, yeah, Rex, Bullseye, Slinky, the Potato Heads...

Bo Peep: Buzz?

Woody: Yeah, Buzz, too. I cannot wait to see his face when he hears that I found...

Buzz: Bo Peep?

Bo Peep: Buzz!

Buzz: Ha-ha-ha!

Bo Peep: My old moving buddy!

Woody: Buzz?

Bo Peep: It's so good to see you!

Buzz: Woody, it's Bo Peep!

Woody & Buzz: What are you doing here?

Buzz's Voice Box: Buzz... Buzz... Buzz... Buzz... Buzz... Buzz Lightyear to the rescue!

Bunny: Three years!

Ducky: Three years!

Bunny: That's how long we've been hanging up there waiting for a kid!

Buzz: Look, I'm sorry about that.

Ducky: You ruined our lives. Shame on you!

Woody: Who are these guys?

Ducky: Lightyear promised us a kid.

Woody: You did what?

Buzz: I did not. Hey! Wait a minute!

Buzz's Voice Box: I am Buzz…

Ducky: Eat my plush!

Woody: All right now, come on, stop it! Cut it out now!

Bo Peep: Come on, guys, break it up.

Woody: Guys, I have a kid!

Ducky: You got a kid?

Bunny: Like a kid-kid?

Ducky: Like a human kid, not a baby goat?

Woody: Yeah. Now let go of Buzz and come with me. I'll take you to Bonnie.

Ducky: W- We’re getting… We're gettin' a kid?

Bunny: Yes!

Ducky: We're gettin' a kid?

Ducky: {\i1}♪ We're gonna get a kid{\i}

Bunny: {\i1}♪ Kid{\i}

Ducky: {\i1}♪ We're getting a kid{\i}

Bo Peep: All right, let's go.

Ducky: {\i1}♪ We gonna get something, oh{\i}

Bunny: {\i1}♪ We gonna uh, uh, uh{\i}

Buzz: Where's Forky?

Woody: Ugh. Long story.

Ducky: {\i1}♪ Kid, we get a kid{\i}

Bunny: {\i1}♪ Kid, kid, kid{\i}

Ducky: {\i1}♪ We gonna kid ♪{\i}

Bunny: {\i1}♪ We gonna kid, kid ♪{\i}

Bonnie: He's not anywhere. Forky's gone.

Julia: Oh, honey, I'm sorry.

Larry: Okay. Let's look outside one more time. But then we have to keep driving, okay?

Jessie: They're about to leave!

Toys: Leaving?

Mr. Potato Head Oh how could this get any worse!

Hamm: They can't do that!

Mrs. Potato Head This is terrible!

Rex: The panic is attacking me! Aah!

Mr. Potato Head: Hey! Watch it, buddy!

Mrs. Potato Head: What do we do?

Jessie: We have to stop them!

Dolly: How?

Buttercup: We could frame Dad for a crime, so he goes to jail.

Rex: Or go back in time and warn Woody about the future.

Trixie: That's crazy. Time is a flat circle.

Rex: Jessie!

Julia: I'm sorry, Bonnie. We looked everywhere. But we need to get going now, okay?

Bonnie: Can we please leave a note for Forky so he knows where we're going? He has to go to kindergarten.

Larry: Huh? Agh! Are you kidding me? I can't... Everything is going perfect... I just bought it. Urrrggh!

Julia: Okay! Daddy's going to use some words. How about we go to the carnival? Or maybe check out some of those shops in town?

Dolly: What did you do?

Jessie: We're not going anywhere. If you get my point.

Mr. Potato Head Hey!

Dolly: Brilliant!

Slinky: That was genius!

Hamm: Nice work, Jessie!

Dolly: I'm sure Buzz and Woody are on their way back right now.

Buzz: Whoa! Forky is in there?

Woody: Yeah.

Bunny: Now, hold on. I have a question.

Bunny: Who will Bonnie love more? Ducky or me? Say me.

Ducky: No, say Ducky.

Bunny: Bunny.

Ducky: Ducky.

Bunny: Bunny.

Bo Peep: Okay, guys. Playtime is over. You have to follow my lead. We stay together, we stay quiet. Are we clear?

Woody: Absolutely. Lead the way.

Ducky: Are you kidding me?

Bunny: Move over.

Ducky: You move over.

Bunny: Quit pushing me.

Ducky: Stop.

Billy, Goat, & Gruff: Shh!

Bunny: Oh, my maker! That sheep has three heads!

Ducky: No, no, no!

Bunny: What? All six eyes just looked into my soul.

Ducky: Gonna have nightmares.

Bo Peep: That's most likely where your Forky is being kept.

Woody: All right, this isn't so bad. We just can't be seen by the dummies.

Giggle McDimples: Not just the dummies.

Bo Peep: Her cabinet is surrounded by a moat of exposed aisle.

Giggle McDimples: Where Dragon roams.

Buzz: We can handle a cat.

Giggle McDimples: No. Not this one.

Bunny: Is that how we look on the inside?

Ducky: There's so much... fluff.

Woody: So, how do you propose we get up there?

Bo Peep: We could go straight across.

Woody: How?

Buzz: That's quite a jump.

Bo Peep: We know the perfect toy to help.

Julia: Oh, Bonnie, check it out. Look at all this cool stuff.

Woody: Bonnie? We gotta get Forky now!

Bo Peep: Woody, don't...

Bo Peep: Stick to the plan.

Giggle McDimples: 10-4. Follow me.

Buzz: Roger that.

Gabby Gabby: Woody just sits in the closet? With no playtime?

Forky: Yeah, he told me himself, he's useless.

Gabby Gabby: That's awful.

Forky: Such pretty hair...

Bo Peep: What are you doing? You need to stick to the plan.

Woody: But it's Bonnie. She's right...

Bonnie: Can we go to the carnival, too?

Woody: ...there.

Bo Peep: Come on. Stay quiet. You better hope the dummies didn't see...

Woody: Whoa!

Bo Peep: My sheep!

Bo Peep: What did I say? I lead. You follow.

Woody: Bo, I'm so sorry. Really. Just tell me how to help.

Bo Peep: You really wanna help? Then stay out of my way. I'm getting my sheep back.

Woody: What about the others?

Bo Peep: Giggle knows what to do.

Margaret: Here you go.

Giggle McDimples: That's our objective. We have to get that key. It's the only way inside the cabinet.

Buzz: You can't be serious. How are we supposed to do that?

Ducky: Okay. You know what, leave that to us.

Bunny: We know exactly what to do.

Ducky: Mmm-hmm.

Margaret: Aw. Where did you two come from?

Ducky: The keys! Give 'em up now! Where are they?

Bunny: Give us the keys! Give us the keys!

Buzz: Well, we're not doing that.

Ducky: Yeah, yeah, I agree, too visible.

Bunny: It's a good point. Something more subtle.

Ducky: Ooh, what about "Winner, winner, chicken dinner"?

Bunny: Yes.

Ducky: The keys! Give 'em up now! Where are they?

Buzz: Uh... you're kidding.

Bunny: Really? Okay, okay. You insist... All right. Well... Oh, what about the old "Plush Rush"?

Ducky: There you go!

Giggle McDimples: [interrupting the idea] Argh. Where is this going?

Ducky: Shh! Don't interrupt.

Ducky: Okay, right?

Bunny: Uh-huh?

Buzz: Not gonna happen. N-O.

Bunny: Okay, do you want the key or not?

Giggle McDimples: Rah! What is wrong with you?

Ducky: What is wrong with...? We just gave you three brilliant ideas.

Bunny: It's one thing to say no. It's another to offer a reason...

Buzz: How do we get that key?

Gabby Gabby: You're kidding! Really? Woody's back?

Forky: Woody's back?!

Gabby Gabby: And you're sure it's Bo Peep who's with him?

Gabby Gabby: Thank you, Benson. Make sure the others are ready.

Forky: Ooh-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo! Woody's back! I'm coming, Bonnie! Bonnie.

Gabby Gabby: First, we must prepare for his arrival.

Forky: Prepare?

Gabby Gabby: Have you ever played hide-and-seek?

Forky: No. But it sounds complicated.

Gabby Gabby: Oh, it's easy. I'll teach you, okay?

Forky: Okay.

Gabby Gabby: The first thing you do is one of us finds a place to hide...

Forky: Scary.

Gabby Gabby:...while the other one counts to ten then tries to find them.

Woody: What are we doing?

Bo Peep: Shh! Just stand there and be quiet!

Bo Peep: I'll do the talking.

Bo Peep: Hi, Tinny!

Bo Peep: Aw, nice to see you, too.

Bo Peep: Yeah, he's with me.

Bo Peep: My friend? No, no, no. He's my accessory.

Bo Peep: Hey, guys.

Toys: Bo!

Bo Peep: Long time no see.

Doug: Couldn't take it out there, huh?

Bo Peep: Hey, Doug. Saw your better half at the front of the store.

Doug: Yeah, you mess with the cat, you get the claws.

Toy #1: Bo came back!

Toy #2: Magic 8-Ball was right!

Woody: Excuse me. Sorry.

Franklin: What are you doing here? I thought the store had no return policy!

Robot: Bo, help me out. I need a battery. Battery… Battery…

Woody's Voice Box: We got to get this wagon train a-movin'!

Bo Peep: Agreed.

Robot: Help, help, help, help, help.

Bo Peep: Cheater.

Robot: Battery.

Bo Peep: Have you seen Duke?

Toy: He's in the back.

Duke Caboom: Look who jumped 40 school buses and landed back into my life.

Bo Peep: Hi, Duke!

Duke Caboom: Who's the cowboy?

Bo Peep: Duke, meet Woody. Woody, meet...

Duke Caboom: Duke Caboom. Canada's greatest stuntman. Ha! Oh, yeah! Ha! Ha! Yes!

Woody: Huh?

Bo Peep: He's posing.

Bo Peep: Duke? Duke, we need to...

Duke Caboom: Hold on. One more. Oh, yeah! What brings you back, Peep?

Bo Peep: We need your help. Gabby Gabby has his toy and my sheep.

Duke Caboom: No. Billy, Goat, and Gruff? Those are my girls.

Duke Caboom: What were you doing getting tangled up with Gabby Gabby? You know better.

Bo Peep: Yeah, some toy thought it would be a good idea to wander into the aisle.

Duke Caboom: That doesn't make any sense.

Bo Peep: It doesn't, does it?

Duke Caboom: Everybody knows the best route is behind the shelves.

Bo Peep: That would have been a better route, wouldn't it?

Duke Caboom: Wow, this toy sounds like a complete idiot.

Bo Peep: He does!

Woody: Ohhh…

Duke Caboom: Wait, are you that toy?

Bo Peep: So, here's the plan. We need to jump over the aisle to Gabby's cabinet. And you are the toy to do it.

Duke Caboom: No.

Bo Peep: Duke.

Duke Caboom: Nope.

Bo Peep: Duke?

Duke Caboom: Nuh-uh.

Bo Peep: Duke?

Duke Caboom: No way!

Bo Peep: Duke.

Duke Caboom: Pass.

Bo Peep: Duke!

Duke Caboom: Negative.

Bo Peep: Duke.

Duke Caboom: Rejected.

Woody: Oh, please, Mr. Caboom, this is really important. My kid...

Duke Caboom: You have a kid?

Bo Peep: Uh... Hey, Duke, show us some more poses, what do you say?

Duke Caboom: I had a kid.

Bo Peep: Oh, no.

Duke Caboom: Rejean. Rejean was so excited when he got me after Christmas. It was the happiest Boxing Day of my life.

TV Announcer: That's Duke Caboom, riding the amazing Caboom stunt cycle! Caboom!

Duke Caboom: I was ready to finally do what I was made to do.

Kid on TV: Caboom!

Duke Caboom: But when Rejean realized I couldn't jump as far as the toy in the commercial... It's a commercial! It's not real! Rejean threw me away! It's not fair! Why, Rejean? Why?

Bo Peep: Okay, okay. Calm down, Duke. That was a long time ago. Right now, we need the only toy who can crash us onto Gabby's cabinet.

Woody: Crash?

Duke Caboom: Crash?

Bo Peep: Any Duke Caboom toy can land, but you are the only one that can crash the way you do.

Duke Caboom: I am?

Bo Peep: Yes! Forget Rejean. Forget your commercial. Be the Duke you are right now. The one who jumps and crashes!

Duke Caboom: Be who I am right now.

Bo Peep: Who's the Canuck with all the luck?

Duke Caboom: Caboom?

Bo Peep: Who's the greatest of the Great White North?

Duke Caboom: Caboom!

Bo Peep: Who's the most spectacular daredevil Canada has ever seen?

Duke Caboom: Duke Caboom!

Bo Peep: Can you do the jump?

Duke Caboom: Yes, I Canada! Ha. Uh-huh. Ha!

Bo Peep: We've got our ride.

Duke Caboom: Yes!

Woody's Voice Box: Yee-haw!

Giggle McDimples: Yo, Bo!

Bo Peep: Gigs! You made it!

Bo Peep: Good work!

Woody: How'd you get it?

Buzz: How do we get that key?

Bunny: It was hard.

Buzz: Very difficult.

Ducky: Barely made it out alive.

Bunny: Yeah.

Ducky: So, you're welcome.

Bo Peep: Okay. Let's do this.

Margaret: Let me wrap that up for you. Don't want anything to happen to it on the way home.

Bo Peep: Good. That sale buys us some time. Wait for it. All right, let's go!

Woody: So, how long were you in here?

Bo Peep: I don't know. Couple years. I didn't wanna sit on a shelf waiting for my life to happen. So, I left.

Woody: Wow. You've handled this lost toy life better than I could.

Bo Peep: Aw, Sheriff. You're selling yourself short. I think you'd make a great lost toy.

Woody: You really don't think you'll ever be in a kid's room again, huh?

Bo Peep: Nope. And now with the carnival traveling through, it's our chance to hop a ride and leave town.

Woody: Y-You're leaving?

Bo Peep: Sure am. You ever think about getting out there, seeing the world?

Woody: Without a kid? No. You can't teach this old toy new tricks.

Bo Peep: You'd be surprised. So, how'd you end up in this store in the first place?

Woody: Well, I-I, uh, saw your lamp in the window and I thought, well, maybe, uh, maybe you were inside... and so I, uh, I... Wow.

Bo Peep: Yeah.

Woody: Will you look at that?

Bo Peep: This is the only part of the store I ever liked.

Bo Peep: That's gonna be quite a jump for you and Duke.

Woody: Hm. For me?

Bo Peep: Didn't I tell you? You're going with him.

Woody: I am?

Duke Caboom: Let's caboom.

Bo Peep: It'll be fine, Duke's the best.

Woody: Yeah, at crashing.

Giggle McDimples: And now!

Bo Peep: Go!

Woody: Whoa!

Duke Caboom: Huh? Rejean. It's a commercial. It's not real! I can't do this! I'm sorry, Rejean!

Woody: No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no!

Duke Caboom: What's new, pussycat?

Woody: Forky?

Bo Peep: Girls?

Woody: Forky, where are you?

Forky: You're never gonna find me.

Woody: Forky?

Forky: Woody! How'd you find me?

Woody: Bo, I found him!

Forky: Hi.

Bo Peep: Wait, it's an actual fork?

Forky: Bo! Bo! Bo! Bo! Bo! Bo!

Giggle McDimples: Buzz! The dummies are gone!

Buzz: What? Where'd they go?

Woody: Okay, we can go now!

Bo Peep: No. I need to find my girls.

Gabby Gabby: Hello, Woody. Hi, Bo.

Bo Peep: Where are my sheep?

Woody: Yeah!

Forky: Look! Woody found me!

Ducky: Take the bunny! I'm too cute to die!

Buzz: Hi-ya!

Bunny: Oh, no, no!

Buzz: Woody!

Gabby Gabby: I just wanna talk.

Woody: Yeah, with my voice box!

Buzz: Pull!

Woody: Whoa!

Woody's Voice Box: You're my favorite deputy.

Woody's Voice Box: Somebody's poisoned the water hole.

Woody's Voice Box: I'd like to join your posse.

Woody's Voice Box: Reach for the sky!

Bo Peep: Girls! Drop it.

Woody: No! No! Forky!

Bo Peep: We've gotta go!

Woody: Wait! Forky!

Forky: Woody!

Bo Peep: Oh!

Buzz: Bonnie's backpack?

Giggle McDimples: Ah! Ahh!

Bo Peep: Giggle!

Ducky & Bunny: Aah!

Gabby Gabby: Don't let Woody leave!

Bo Peep: Grab on!

Bo Peep: Duke, get us out of here!

Duke Caboom: Oui! Here, kitty, kitty!

Woody: Wait! We don't have Forky!

Forky: Woody!

Woody: Forky!

Woody: Is everyone okay?

Bo Peep: Shh. It's okay.

Duke Caboom: Shh. It's okay.

Ducky: Bunny? Bunny? Bunny! No, no, no, no. No, no, no, no.

Ducky: Oh, Bunny!

Bunny: It's gonna be okay.

Woody: Forky's still in there. If we hurry, we can get him before they lock him up.

Ducky: You want us to go back in there?

Duke Caboom: We barely got out alive.

Buzz: Woody, it's better if we wait.

Woody: No, no, no. There's no time. We can easily get back inside.

Buzz: But I saw Bonnie's...

Woody: By my count, there were only four dummies.

Buzz: But the backpack...

Woody: We outnumber them. So, we have the advantage.

Bo Peep: Woody, look at us! Nobody is with you. It's over, okay?

Woody: No. No, no, no. We are wasting time. We can do this.

Bunny: Come on, Pull-string.

Giggle McDimples: It's not worth it.

Ducky: Yeah, yes, listen to her!

Bo Peep: Nobody wants this!

Woody: I do!

Bo Peep: Why?

Woody: Because!

Bo Peep: Why?

Woody: Just because!

Bo Peep: [grabs Woody] Why?

Woody: Because it's all I have left to do!

[Bo gasps at Woody as he breathes heavily]

Woody: I don't have anything else.

Bo Peep: So, the rest of us don't count?

Woody: That's-- That’s not what I meant. Bonnie needs Forky.

Bo Peep: No. You need Bonnie! Open your eyes, Woody. There's plenty of kids out there. It can't be just about the one you're still clinging to.

Woody: It's called loyalty. Something a lost toy wouldn't understand.

[Bo gasps softly and Woody glares at her]

Bo Peep: [firmed in tears] I'm not the one who's lost. Let's get out of here. We've got a carnival that leaves in the morning.

Bunny: Come on.

Ducky: Mmm-hmm.

Bunny: We'll find our own kid.

Ducky: You're crazy.

Woody: Bo!

Bo Peep: Bye, Woody. Good luck with Bonnie.

Buzz: Woody, you did all you could. Time to go home.

Woody: No.

Buzz: Woody.

Woody: I don't leave toys behind, Buzz.

Buzz: Yeah, but, Woody, you're actually leaving...

Woody: Not now. Not ever.

Buzz: And he left me behind. Ah. What now, inner voice?

Buzz's Voice Box: Mission accomplished. Return to base.

Buzz: Go back to the RV? What about Woody?

Buzz's Voice Box: We're going home, space ranger. Fall back, this planet... Retreat! There's too... Go! Time to fly! Exit the... Back... Run... Get out! Returning to Star Command.

Buzz: Okay. Okay. Thanks a lot, inner voice.

Margaret: Harmony, honey, help Grandma close up for the night.

Harmony: Okay. Then can we go to the carnival?

Margaret: Sure.

Woody: Ahhh!

Gabby Gabby: Hello, Woody. I knew you'd be back.

Woody: [using a pencil to defend himself] You don't know me.

Gabby Gabby: But I do. You were left in the closet, feeling useless, wondering if you'll ever get played with.

Woody: I'm not leaving without Forky.

Gabby Gabby: Can we agree on just one thing?

Woody: What?

Gabby Gabby: That being there for a child is the most noble thing a toy can do.

Woody: Okay.

Gabby Gabby: I was defective right out of the box. I can only imagine what it must have been like for you. All that time you spent with Andy, riding a bike with him for the first time, comforting him when he skinned his knee, proudly watching him grow up. And then you got a second chance with Bonnie, giving her comfort when she's scared at school, helping her when she needs it most. You've been there through all their ups and downs. Please. Be honest with me. Was it as wonderful as it sounds?

Woody: It was.

Gabby Gabby: All I want is a chance for just one of those moments. I'd give anything to be loved the way you have.

Woody: Just leave me Forky. Bonnie needs him.

Gabby Gabby: Of course.

Larry: Ha-ha! The flat tire is fixed!

Jessie: Come on, Woody, hurry up. Where is he?

Jessie: Buzz!

Toys: Buzz!

Dolly: Where's Woody?

Hamm: And Forky?

Buzz: We have a situation. They need to be extracted from the antique store.

Rex: How do we do that?

Larry: Okay, let's make sure we have everything.

Julia: Oh. Finally.

Buzz: It's okay. Any minute now, Bonnie will notice her backpack is missing. She'll realize she left it at the antique store, and will head back in there.

Julia: Okay. Looks like we have everything. You good, Bonnie?

Bonnie: Yup.

Larry: Great. Let's get out of here.

Hamm: Okay, genius, what do we do now?

Buzz: Hmm.

Buzz's Voice Box: Scanning perimeter. Laser at full power!

Rex: Buzz, what are you doing?

Buzz: I'm thinking.

Larry: Honey, will you please shut that toy off?

Julia: Yeah, I got it.

Buzz's Voice Box: Attack! Meteor shower! Look out! It’s a secret mission in uncharted space! Let's go! Buzz Lightyear to the rescue!

Julia: Bonnie, how do you turn this off?

Buzz's Voice Box: Full speed ahead! Open the pod bay doors!

Bonnie: I don't know.

Buzz's Voice Box: It's just you and me now, cadet. A distress signal is coming from that rocket.

Larry: Just toss it in the drawer.

Buzz's Voice Box: To infinity and beyond!

Buzz: Uh, your backpack's in the antique store! Let's go!

Bonnie: Oh, no, my backpack!

Bonnie: I left my backpack in the antique store!

Julia: You did?

Larry: All right, let's swing by and get it.

Giggle McDimples: Ugh! I can't believe the nerve of that cowboy. I mean, who does he think he is? Exactly! He was way out of line. You did the right thing leaving him behind.

Duke Caboom: Hey, Lamb Chops?

Bo Peep: Hmm.

Duke Caboom: Coast is clear.

Bo Peep: Oh.

Bo Peep: Head to the middle. When the carnival leaves tomorrow, we'll hide right there.

Ducky: Uh, no way!

Bunny: Stuff that.

Duke Caboom: Awesome.

Bo Peep: Stick with me. You'll be fine. Ready?

Ducky & Bunny: No!

Giggle McDimples: And another thing, Woody asked you for help.

Bo Peep: On your mark...

Giggle McDimples: And he treats you like that?

Bo Peep:...get set...

Giggle McDimples: He only cares about himself.

Bo Peep: No!

Bo Peep: You're wrong. Woody's always trying to do right by his kid.

Giggle McDimples: By putting everyone in danger. Ugh. That kind of crazy loyalty just...

Bo Peep: You gotta love him for it.

Giggle McDimples: Whoa, say what now? Hey, hey, hey, Bo! What's the plan? Fill me in here.

Bo Peep: Get in! We're going back.

Bunny: We just got here.

Giggle McDimples: You heard Bo! We're going back! Move your plush! Let's ride!

Woody's Voice Box: You're my favorite... -soned the water… There’s a… snake…

Woody: Ugh… Ah… Oh…

Gabby Gabby: Yay!

Woody: Oh!

Gabby Gabby's Voice Box: You are my best friend. Let's play all day!

Gabby Gabby: Oh, Benson! Did you hear that? Isn't that lovely?

Gabby Gabby's Voice Box: Time for tea.

Gabby Gabby: Oh, thank you, Woody. Thank you! All my dreams are coming true because of you. Thank you! Thank you!

Woody: Uh, you're welcome.

Gabby Gabby: It's time, Benson. Goodbye, Forky. I'm going to miss our talks.

Forky: Me, too. Good luck, Gabby.

Gabby Gabby: Thank you, my little utensil.

Forky: Bye, Gabby! Goodbye, Benson! He is terrifying.

Margaret: Hello.

Julia: Hi.

Woody: Bonnie?

Margaret: Can I help you with anything?

Julia: Yeah. We called about the backpack.

Margaret: Oh, yes. I couldn't find it. Feel free to look around.

Woody: Quick! Before she finds it!

Forky: Look! There's Harmony.

Gabby Gabby's Voice Box: You make me so happy! Let's be best friends.

Forky: Oh, this is it!

Woody: We're going home, Forky! Huh? Forky! Oh!

Forky: No, no, no. Woody, look! It's really happening!

Gabby Gabby's Voice Box: I'm Gabby Gabby, and I love you.

Forky: I'm gonna cry.

Margaret: Oh, what have you got there?

Harmony: I found this old doll.

Margaret: You can take it home if you want.

Harmony: Nah.

Forky: What happened? Gabby was supposed to be her toy.

Bonnie: There's my backpack! Mom, it's over here. Forky! Mom, I found him!

Julia: Oh, there he is! Now, please leave him in there, so he doesn't get lost again.

Forky: But what about Gabby?

Woody: Forky, listen to me very carefully. This is important. Tell Buzz to get the RV to the merry-go-round. You understand?

Forky: Absolutely. What is a merry-go-round?

Woody: Wh- Th- The spinny ride with lights and horses.

Forky: Oh. You mean a carousel.

Woody: Yes! Yes. A… carousel. Yes! Meet me at the carousel.

Forky: Got it.

Woody: Gabby! Hey, Gabby!

Gabby Gabby: You can have your voice box back. I don't need it anymore.

Woody: Oh, yes, you do. Harmony wasn't your only chance, Gabby, but we have to hurry. Come on.

Gabby Gabby: No. Harmony was my chance. My time's over. Now, please go away.

Woody: You hear that?

Woody: A friend once told me, "There are plenty of kids out there." And one of them is named Bonnie. She's waiting for you, right now. She just doesn't know it yet.

Gabby Gabby: What if you're wrong?

Woody: Well, if you sit on a shelf the rest of your life, you'll never find out, will you?

Bo Peep: He's right.

Woody: I learned that from the best.

Bo Peep: Come on, Gabby. Let's get you to Bonnie.

Buzz: The carousel?

Forky: Yeah, it's the spinny ride with lights and horses. Woody said to meet him there.

Mr. Potato Head: You gotta be kidding!

Trixie: How do we do that?

Buttercup: Oh! We could, uh...

Dolly: We are not sending Dad to jail.

Buttercup: You're no fun.

GPS: Left turn in 0.5 miles.

Jessie: Wait a second. I have an idea.

Carnival Goer #1: Skunk!

Carnival Goer #2: Skunk!

Giggle McDimples: Too many people. Gonna need an alternate route.

Gabby Gabby: Will we make it to the carousel in time?

Woody & Bo: Yes, we Canada!

Duke Caboom: What? What is it?

Trixie: Recalculating. Take a right.

Larry: What? A right?

Trixie: Right turn ahead.

Larry: Huh. Does the GPS sound funny to you?

Julia: Honey, it's fine. Just drive.

Larry: Hmm, I thought it sounded funny.

Buzz: Another right!

Mrs. Potato Head: Right.

Trixie: Take another right.

Julia: Huh?

Larry: Another right? Really?

Buzz: Turn right!

Trixie: Now! Turn right!

Hamm: We're headin' back.

Slinky: There's the carousel!

Rex: Do you think Woody will get there in time?

Duke Caboom: Nope. Forget it. Never. No. No way. Declined. No dice. Rejected.

Bo Peep: Duke, Duke, you got this.

Woody: This is the fastest way to the carousel. You made the last jump.

Duke Caboom: Yeah, but that was 4 feet. This is 40!

Bo Peep: Exactly! Duke Caboom would never repeat a stunt.

Duke Caboom: No. He'd never do that.

Woody: No, no, no. He's the toy that went on to crash 40 feet into that target!

Duke Caboom: Yeah, he is. I'm Duke Caboom! Oh, man. I can do this!

Woody: Yes, you Canada!

Duke Caboom: I can do it with my eyes closed.

Bo Peep: Yes, you... What?

Duke Caboom: Three, two, one. Go!

Woody: What? No, wait!

Gabby Gabby: What is he doing?

Bo Peep: Oh, no.

Duke Caboom: This is for you, Rejean.

Duke Caboom: Caboom.

Bo Peep: Yes!

Woody: He did it! All right, our turn!

Bo Peep: You heard the sheriff. Let's go.

Ducky & Bunny: Ha!

Woody: Yee-haw!

Trixie: Another right!

Larry: Another right? That's the wrong way.

Julia: Are you sure?

Larry: Stupid rental. I'm turning us around.

Trixie: No!

Larry: Huh?

Trixie: Recalculating. Turn right.

Julia: Must be broken.

Trixie: No! No!

[Mrs. Potato Head signals. Buttercup sneaks between the seat and pedals and pulls down on the go pedal, so hard that the RV speeds up]

Larry: What is happening?

Julia: Honey, what are you doing? Slow down!

Larry: I can't! I can't!

Julia: Press the brake.

Larry: I'm trying.

Julia: Press it!

Giggle McDimples: Got a visual on the RV, heading southbound.

Woody: Gabby? Gabby?

Gabby Gabby: I think she's lost.

Woody: Are you sure?

Woody: Change of plans.

[Meanwhile, the RV is being hyjacked by Trixie and Mrs. Potato Head]

Police Officer: Pull over.

Larry: I can't! This is a rental! I don't know what's happening!

Gabby Gabby: I'm so nervous. What if she doesn't like me?

Woody: Gabby.

Gabby Gabby: I don't know if I can do this.

Woody: Gabby, it's just like you said. This is the most noble thing a toy can do.

Bo Peep: Okay. Just edge yourself a bit into the light. Not too far. That's it. Perfect.

Bunny: Winner, winner...

Ducky: Chicken dinner.

Girl: Are you lost, too?

[she pulls Gabby’s pull-string]

Gabby Gabby's Voice Box: I'm Gabby Gabby. Will you be my friend?

Girl: I'll help you.

Girl: Excuse me, can you... Can you help us?

Security Guard: Oh, honey, what's wrong?

Girl: I can't find my mom and dad.

Security Guard: It's okay. I'll help you find them. I'm sure they're not far.

Mom: She was right next to us.

Dad: She was right here!

Mom: And I looked away for one second.

Girl: Mommy!

Girl: I couldn't find you, and then I found this doll.

Mom: You did?

Girl: Her name is Gabby Gabby.

Duke Caboom: Whoa. We actually did that. Oh, yeah. Yes!

Giggle McDimples: That was amazing.

Ducky: That’s wonderful.

Bunny: Yeah!

Police Officer: Pull over now!

Buzz: Almost there. Stop!

[Mrs. Potato Head gives Trixie the stop signal]

Trixie: Stop!

[Buttercup lets go of the go pedal and RV stops in front of a trash can, knocking it over]

Bonnie: Are we home?

Larry: Huh?

Police Officer: Sir, will you please step out of the vehicle?

Buttercup: Dad's totally going to jail.

Buzz: Everyone, topside. Let's move. Forky, I've got a very important job for you.

Forky: For me?

Larry: Have a good night. What the...? You've gotta be kidding me.

Bunny: Hey. Um... So long, cowboy.

Ducky: Happy trails.

Woody: Billy, Goat, Gruff. Take care of her, girls.

Bo Peep: I’m uh…

Woody: Uh. Uh…

Bo Peep: I'm glad I got to see you again.

Woody: I... I don't...

Woody: Goodbye, Bo.

Woody: Buzz, I... I...

Buzz: She'll be okay.

Buzz: Bonnie will be okay.

Woody: You sure?

Buzz: Hey. Listen to your inner voice.

Hamm: Bo?

Rex: Is it really her?

Slinky: I'll be danged, it's Bo!

Bo Peep: Jessie.

Jessie: Bo!

Woody: Oh!

Woody: So long, Forky.

Buzz: Forky? Who's watching the doors?

Mr. Potato Head: Go, go, go!

Hamm: Oh, boy.

Julia: Oh, my goodness. The awning. What is going on?

Rex: Does this mean Woody's a lost toy?

Buzz: He's not lost. Not anymore.

Buzz: To infinity...

Woody: And beyond.

[Mid-Credit Scene #1]

Kid: Yay!

Frog #1: There goes another one.

Frog #2: We're never getting outta here.

Bunny: Psst. Frog legs.

Ducky: Up here, Rainbow Connection.

Bunny: You Mr. Toads wanna take a wild ride with a kid?

Ducky: We can make that happen.

Frog #1: You can?

Frog #2: Really?

Ducky: Oh, yeah! Leave it to us, Jeremiah.

Girl: Aw.

[Mid-Credit Scene #2]

Woody: All right. Nice job, gang!

Bo Peep: Every prize with a kid.

Giggle McDimples: What's next?

Ducky: Leave that to us.

Bunny: We know exactly what to do.

Ducky: Mmm-hmm.

[Mid-Credit Scene #3]

Ducky & Bunny: Plush Rush!

Ducky: How you like that, huh? You got plush-rushed, son! Dance! Dance! Get those knees up! Let's see those feet move! Whoo!

Bo Peep: Or we can get more toys to kids.

Woody: Yeah, let's do that.

Duke Caboom: Do you really have laser eyes?

Bunny: Yeah.

Duke Caboom: Whoa.

[Mid-Credit Scene #4]

Bonnie: Hi, toys. Bye, toys.

Dolly: Jessie's back!

Trixie: What's first grade like? Tell me everything!

Jessie: Well, it was...

Buzz: How was "Present and Explain"?

Hamm: Uh, you mean "Show and Tell" there, big guy.

Buttercup: You see any kids eat paste?

Jessie: Guys, listen! Bonnie had a great day in first grade. She even made a new friend in class.

Rex: Oh, she's already making friends.

Jessie: No, no, she made a new friend. Come on out, it's okay.

Forky: Hi. I'm, uh... I'm Forky.

Knife Toy: Trash?

Forky: No, no. Toy. I am a... We are all toys. Unique, beautiful toys. I will explain everything.

Knife Toy: How am I alive?

Forky: I don't know.

[Post-Credit Scene]

Duke Caboom: Caboom!

Duke Caboom: Yes!

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