• [In his lair, the Brain gloats]
    Brain: Patiently, we watched you all, waiting for our moment to strike. You forged your alliance. You trusted without cause and finally, when you thought your world was safe, it fell apart before your very eyes. You are merely pawns in a game and you have played your part perfectly. There is nowhere you can hide and there is nothing you can do to stop us. Each small victory brings us closer to an even greater prize — the elimination of an entire generation of heroes. And we owe it all to you, Robin. Your network has been crushed. Your friends have no way to communicate or follow your commands. Together, you may be formidable, but apart, you are lost, powerless, mine. You will fall, one by one. Who among you can possibly stop me, now?
    [On a deserted beach, Beast Boy destroys some robot commandos and his plane]
    Beast Boy: Now try and follow me.
  • Herald: How do we know his brother's here?
    Más: Porque, Trumpet Boy, nuestros poderes nos da una conexion magnetica. Lo más cercanos que estamos, lo más fuerte es nuestro enlace. Qué, no sabes nada? ["Because, Trumpet Boy, our powers gives a magnetic connection. The closer we are, the stronger is our link. What, you know nothing?"]
    [Herald stands there and grits his teeth in confusion]
    Pantha: He said it was a ... twin thing.
  • Private H.I.V.E.: [to Cinderblock] By the way: Nice catch, sir!
    Jericho [inside Cinderblock]: Thanks.
    [Everyone stops in surprise]
    Private H.I.V.E.: Since when have you been able to talk... sir?
    [The Titans leap into action with Jericho taking over Private H.I.V.E.'s body]
    Hey! Get out of me!
    Andre Le Blanc: What is the meaning of this?
    Pantha: It is called... an ambush.
  • Private H.I.V.E.: [with Jericho inside him] Quit hitting myself! Ungh! Quit hitting myself! Ungh!
  • Pantha: No one can escape the panther's claw!
  • [Heavily outnumbered in a room full of enemies]
    Beast Boy: I think we can take 'em!
    Pantha: I think you are correct!
  • Herald: [while fighting with Punk Rocket] I don't like your music!
  • Brain: Did you think your pathetic resistance could actually stop what I have created? Once again, Beast Boy, you fail. Madame Rouge, add them to the collection.
    Madame Rouge: Any final vords?
    Beast Boy: Yeah. I wouldn't stand there if I were you.
    [Busting out of the ground under Madame Rouge are Cyborg, Kole and Gnark]
    Cyborg: Lesson number one: never throw me down a hole unless you make sure I stay there!
    [Blasting through the ceiling comes Starfire, Red Star and Bumblebee]
    Starfire: The lesson two: we never give up!
    [Phasing through the ground come Raven, Melvin, Timmy, Teether and Bobby]
    Raven: Lesson three: your secret lair isn't very secret!
    Beast Boy: Titans, together!
  • [As the final battle rages]
    Cyborg: I don't even know where to begin.
    Beast Boy: I do. I'm not stopping until the Brain is mine!
    Cyborg: Well, let's get it started!
  • Más: Como funciona? ["How does it work?"]
    Menos: No tengo idea! Es más complicado que el Space Shuttle! ["I have no idea! It's more complicated than the Space Shuttle!"]
  • Madame Rouge: Is this part of the plan, leader?
    Brain: A minor annoyance.
    [Mas and Menos unfreeze the captured Titans and they join the battle]
    Madame Rouge: Your annoyance is no longer minor. I do things my way now.
    [She leaps into battle but Starfire tackles her and rams her into a wall]
  • [The five original Titans are reunited]
    Raven: So, does anyone actually have a plan?
    Starfire: Yes, we kick the butt!
    Cyborg: Just like old times!
    Beast Boy: Except better!
    Robin: Let's finish this!
  • [As Kid Flash clears the room and Más and Menos freeze the villains]
    Raven: Is this just me or is this getting easier?
    Madame Rouge: Children, when will you learn?
    [She gets tackled by Hot Spot and Wildebeest]
    Raven: Like I said.
  • Brain: A little something to keep them busy perhaps.
    [A huge robot army emerges from the floor]
    Cyborg: Aw, man! And just when this was starting to get fun!
  • Robin: It's over, Brain!
    Beast Boy: Isn't that obvious? Duh!
    Brain: Sometimes, the only way to win is to clear the fort completely. In only a moment, this entire base will be gone.
    [The Brain's metallic body is left behind as he makes his escape]
    Cyborg: It's a fusion device and a big one! I have no idea how to shut it down! We need a miracle!
    Starfire: No, we need a friend.
  • Herald: Any requests?
    Cyborg: Far away would be good!
    [Herald opens a portal to outer space. Cyborg and Starfire push the fusion device through the portal and the device explodes in space]
  • [The Brotherhood of Evil is defeated and the Brain captured]
    Cyborg: You know, for someone so smart, bringing all these guys together was pretty stupid.
  • Beast Boy: Dudes, check it out!
    [He throws the Brain into the freeze ray]
    Brain freeze! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!
    All the others: *groan*...
  • [Doctor Light breaks out of the bank with his loot]
    Cyborg: Maybe we ought to show him who he's up against!
    Raven: He's totally going to freak this time!
    [Almost thirty Titans prepare to attack one villain!]
    Robin: Titans go!
  • [Melvin, Timmy, Teether and Bobby look at Raven in awe]
    Raven: Ok Fine! Just stay away from anyone older than you!
    [The kids and Bobby go off to fight]


(Opening shot: a cluster of red location signals, winking into view against the black screen one by one. During the next line, a section of the world map in the Paris hideout of the Brotherhood of Evil fades in behind them, showing the blips on the American Pacific coast with more appearing throughout the country. Pull back.)

Brain: (voice over) Patiently, we watched you all...

(Dissolve to a close-up of Pantha's extended hand.)

Brain: (voice over) ...waiting for our moment to strike.

(Cyborg sets a communicator on the palm, whereupon the background goes red and the view dissolves a close-up of Starfire's two hands covering one of Argent's. The comm is visible through the fingers; when she pulls them away, the field reddens again. On the next line, dissolve to a pan across the world map, revealing marked locations in Europe and Africa.)

Brain: (voice over) You forged your alliance.

(Dissolve to Jericho's hand as Beast Boy passes him a communicator; the field goes red. Next dissolve: a slow pan across Raven in the Herald's limbo, offering one to him.)

Brain: (voice over) You trusted without cause.

(On the end of this, dissolve to a close-up of Kole and Gnarrk in their jungle and pull back slowly; Robin is holding one out to them. The next such transition shows the map, now with spots picked out in Asia as well. Pull back slowly.)

Brain: (voice over) And finally, when you thought your world was safe...

(Dissolve to the T-Ship, lifting off into the night, and tilt down quickly to ground level. Hot Spot stands here, fully heated up and with a communicator in hand-this is a flashback to the end of "Trust." The teen's appearance instantly gives way to that of Madame Rouge.)

Brain: (voice over) ...it fell apart before your very eyes.

(Exhaust washes over the screen and dissipates to give an overhead view of the city Bumblebee was patrolling when Angel and Punk Rocket attacked her. Night is falling, and she and her laser stingers follow suit after a moment, dropping away from the camera. The two enemies swoop down toward her and are soon lost in a thick bank of clouds, which clears on the next ne to show Starfire zooming low over a body of water and ready to start throwing some heat.)

Brain: (voice over) You are merely pawns in a game-

(Kitten swings down in front, riding the steed she borrowed from Killer Moth, and cracks her juiced-up whip at the camera. The glare yields to an extreme close-up of the insect's head; pull back as lifts away into the dusk.)

Brain: (voice over) -and you have played your part perfectly.

(The motion now exposes Starfire's limp body caught in the moth's forelegs, and in no time the rest of the swarm is on her. Cut to a pan across the nighttime Arctic landscape where we last saw Cyborg.)

Brain: (voice over) There is nowhere you can hide.

(Cut to the big man, standing a short distance from the T-Ship's stern. He arms his sonic cannon and looks around a bit, only to get blindsided by Mammoth and sent sliding into a crevasse.)

Brain: (voice over) And there is nothing you can do to stop us.

(After he has plunged out of sight, Mammoth steps to the edge and the camera zooms in slightly on his impassive face. From here, dissolve to a slow pan across Aqualad and Tramm, braced for trouble amid several craters on the ocean floor. The latter is down to his normal size, but quickly bulks up as he did while fighting XL Terrestrial. The craters suddenly erupt in spurts of flame and steam-underwater geysers or volcanoes-and the pair are briefly lost amid a great gush of vapor. Out of it emerge Trident and the grotesque whale form of Plasmus, swimming side by side; the Atlantean villain tackles Aqualad, while the living sludge bucket forms his fins into arms to bulldoze Tramm away. Both heroes are rammed into a rock formation, and the attackers back away as dust and collapsing stone hide the spot from view entirely.)

(Tilt up quickly through the depths and dissolve to a shot of Raven and Psimon floating in the darkened sky. The standoff they began in "Calling All Titans"-her black energy versus his neural output-is still going on up here. Close-up of her, panning slightly to one side; a dark spot appears behind her and starts to grow, and the camera pulls back as Kid Wykkyd emerges from this. Before she can even start to think about mixing it up with him, he flies around her in a tight circle, enveloping both in that same lightless force, and they are sucked out of sight.)

(On the next line, Psimon directs his brainwaves off to one side and opens up a portal, and KW reappears and unwraps Raven.)

Brain: (voice over) Each small victory brings us closer to an even greater prize.

(She is unceremoniously shoved through the opening, which shrinks as she passes through so that she and it vanish at the same time. On the next line, tilt down and dissolve to a long shot of the Eiffel Tower The camera movement continues through the layers of earth, passing a Paris subway tunnel, and reaches a maze of pipes or conduits before fading to black.)

Brain: (voice over) The elimination of an entire generation of heroes.

(The tilt continues until Robin is brought into view, standing in the dark on a large bare patch of floor. His hands and wrists are covered by metal cuffs similar to those worn by Starfire in "Go!", but connected only at the forearm ends, and the bindings put on him at the end of "Calling All Titans" have been removed. Now we are in the Brotherhood's hideout.)

Brain: (voice over) And we owe it all to you, Robin.

(The lights come up on this last word to reveal that he is standing on an elevated platform in a large chamber. Several empty shelves and a sprawl of machinery are ranged behind him. The platform retracts o.c. as he turns to eye the setup and the camera zooms in slightly on it, tilting down to frame the floor. A broad conveyor belt runs around the circumference; on it are the frozen Hot Spot and Wildebeest, each on a small platform, and a large emitter is suspended overhead. The floor beyond the conveyor is the same black-and-white checkerboard pattern seen in "Calling All Titans.")

(Two figures stand alongside the conveyor. Even though they cannot be seen in full detail from this distance, both are outfitted in very familiar full-body biohazard suits. One figure is Professor Chang standing in a doorway near a control panel, and the other is one of his men. Farther down the way is a large glass canister that contains Speedy; another man is keeping an eye on this.)

(Dissolve to a close-up of the immobilized human flamethrower and pan slowly to Wildebeest.)

Brain: (voice over) Your network has been crushed. (A lever is pulled; the conveyor carries Speedy along.) Your friends have no way to communicate or follow your commands.

(Now the mastermind is seen on screen for the first time; Robin stands near the camera, partially in view with his back to the Brain. A slow pan reveals that the Titan has clenched his teeth in silent, cold fury.)

Brain: Together you may be formidable...

(The conveyor again; Speedy is brought ahead a short distance and stopped.)

Brain: (voice over) ...but apart...

(Close-up; he looks around in a panic, and the camera tilts up to show the emitter now hooked into the top of his canister.)

Brain: (voice over) ...you are lost, powerless, mine.

(On the end of this, pull back to a longer shot with PC in the foreground. He presses a button, causing the rig to fill the container with a blast of freezing vapor. As it swirls out into the room, the glass side wall retracts into the floor; when it clears, the camera cuts to a close-up of the booted feet and tilts up. Every square inch of his body has gone as blue as Hot Spot and Wildebeest-he has been put into that same deep freeze.)

Brain: (voice over) You will fall... (Slow pan away from the equipment.) ...one by one.

(Stop on the platform where Robin has been watching this operation, with Monsieur Mallah watching him in turn. Cut to the Titan and the Brain.)

Brain: Who among you can possibly stop me now?

(These words cause Robin to grit his teeth hard enough to send any dentist into convulsions. From here cut to a stretch of beach in the daytime. Two things stand out: the smoking central section of the T-Ship, and the remains of one of General Immortus' robot soldier platoons. A few sparks crackle among the unmoving metal bodies and parts thereof as the camera pulls back to frame Beast Boy farther inland. The expression on his face eloquently describes just what he would like to do to the old military man, given five minutes alone with him in a back alley. He holds up a small control button.)

Beast Boy: Now try and follow me.

(A click, and the craft he rode in on is swallowed up in a cataclysmic explosion-he just tripped a self-destruct mechanism. The smoke and flames boil toward us before the view fades to black.)

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Act One

(Opening shot: a treetop level of a jungle, tilting down slowly toward the ground. It is daytime, and a rather peaceful day at that. Cut to the grim-faced Beast Boy on the move through the undergrowth; after several yards, his belt buckle starts to beep and flash red. Close-up of a mass of leaves, which he parts from behind; cut to the blinker and tilt up to his puzzled face. A longer shot reveals that he has stopped in front of a large rock formation to scope out the scene for a moment. Another patch of leaves is pushed aside, exposing a plate with the Titans' insignia set into the stone.)

Beast Boy: I never thought I'd have to use this place.

(Snap to black, against which a shaft of light lances across the screen as a large circular hatch slides open-we are now inside "this place." The lone Titan's silhouette stands at the doorway, and he steps in after a moment; his belt's homing device has shut itself off now. Cut to a door similar to the ones in Titans Tower, which opens to expose him on the other side. He steps in, face betraying his utter distaste at having to come here, and the camera cuts to behind him and tilts up to show more of the facility.)

(He has entered a room laid out somewhat like the Tower's operations center, but far more sparsely furnished. A small round couch sits at the far end, along with a T-marked coffee table and a large monitor, and the rough-edged feel is accentuated by the crates and cable spools resting near the side walls. Bunk beds are set up next to the monitor. Plunking himself on the couch, he finally allows himself a smile.)

Beast Boy: You know, for a top-secret emergency outpost, it's actually kinda homey.

(The room is plunged into total darkness when the lights go on the fritz. A frustrated groan is followed by the flare of a new bulb, which Beast Boy is screwing into a ceiling fixture while standing on a ladder. Close-up: he dismounts and turns around, and the camera pans slightly to show M�s now standing right behind him. With a scream, the green homemaker stumbles backward to the floor, knocking the ladder out of the way. The two boys regard each other with mixed uncertainty and suspicion for a silent second or three; finally Beast Boy speaks up.)

Beast Boy: Oh, M�s! I, uh...uh, where's your brother? M�s: (panicked) Se�or Beast Boy! Se llevaron a Menos! Por favor, qu� est� pasando? No s� qu� hacer! Fuimos atacados por Cinderblock y el Johnny Rancid, y luego mi comunicador Titans explot�!

["Mr. Beast Boy! They took Menos away! Please, what's going on? I don't know what to do! We were attacked by Cinderblock and the Johnny Rancid, and then my Titans communicator exploded!"]

(He pulls out the fried communicator on the end of this line.)

Beast Boy: M�s, slow down! (standing up) I can't listen that fast. M�s: (calmer) Somos los �nicos que quedamos? ["Are we the only ones left?"] Pantha: (from o.c.) No, my friend.

(Her voice catches him totally off guard; cut to her, walking in. Evidently she got out of that wrestling match against Adonis and Atlas with her skin still intact.)

Pantha: This Brain-he sent the wrong opponents to capture me. (She reaches them.) Pantha remains undefeated!

(The camera shifts to frame all three, the boys with their backs to the monitor, she facing them across the couch. The quiet is suddenly broken by a reverberating note from the Herald's trumpet; behind Beast Boy, a portal begins to open, exposing a bit of his world and letting the glare spill out. Close-up of Pantha, shielding her eyes.)

Pantha: What is this?

(Pull back to frame the others doing likewise. The light fades, and a floor-level shot frames the fully open passage and the hornblower's boot stepping into this dimension. Tilt up to his face, then cut to the trio. He has pocketed the instrument.)

Beast Boy: It's the Herald! Herald: Good to see we're not alone. I brought someone with me.

(He sounds a fair bit like a young jazz musician from the 1950s or 1960s. Back to the others, whose faces brighten considerably, after which we see a close-up of the Herald stepping aside.)

Herald: (addressing portal) All right, Jericho. It's cool.

(Out comes the boy with the long blond sideburns, concern written all over his face and without his acoustic guitar. Beast Boy, M�s, and Pantha let off a round of disappointed moans, having expected a great deal more of the Herald's surprise guest.)

Pantha: I'd hoped to find the Teen Titans, not...this. I believe I will be better on my own. M�s: Debo encontrar a mi hermano. ["I should find my brother."]

(The wrestler heads for the door, followed by the solo speedster.)

Herald: (turning to leave) I guess I'll go back to my own dimension. Beast Boy: STOP!! (Slow pan toward the door.) Nobody's going anywhere! We have to stick together. (Back to him, addressing M�s and Pantha.) I need all of you with me if we're going to stop the Brain.

(Now he glares back toward the Herald and Jericho, who were just about to step off. Instead, the portal seals itself and they turn to face him.)

Beast Boy: And we are going to stop him.

(Dissolve to the bunk beds up front; he paces in front of these.)

Beast Boy: He has us on the run. That means the Brain will never expect us to take the fight to him.

(Cut to behind him; the other four have taken seats on the couch.)

Pantha: Why should you be in charge? (Head-on view.) Beast Boy: I've been fighting these guys longer than any of you. I know what we're up against.

(This gives everyone pause; cut to behind them and track slowly around the couch.)

Beast Boy: Look. This may not be the perfect team, but it's all we've got. We're the Teen Titans now. If we work together, we can accomplish anything.

(Smiles and nods greet this little pep talk.)

Beast Boy: So...exactly what can you guys do? Herald: (standing) My horn opens rifts in space. Pantha: (standing, flexing arms) I am strong! M�s: Antes iba r�pido, pero sin mi hermano... (He trails off into a sad little moan.)

["I used to go fast before, but without my brother..."]

(Attention on Jericho, who looks nervously about for a moment. Instead of saying anything, he smiles and points the index and middle fingers of one hand toward his eyes.)

Beast Boy: (unimpressed) Okay...this might be tougher than I thought.

(Dissolve to a city sidewalk, the camera tilting slowly up from ground level. It is a winter's night, judging from the accumulation of snow on buildings and concrete, and M�s looks around for a moment. Close-up; he calls out at the top of his lungs.)

M�s: Hey! Rockman! Me est�s buscando? ["Are you looking for me?"]

(Overhead view, panning slowly toward the buildings to bring Pantha into view on a nearby roof. We then see the Herald peeking out around a corner; pan to Jericho, hunkered down in the snowdrifts across the way. They are a short distance behind M�s, and Beast Boy is watching from a spot very close to the Herald. Back to the little guy.)

M�s: (nervously, over shoulder) Creo que no est� funcionando. ["I think it isn't working."]

(The camera shakes from a distant thundering tremor, throwing a healthy scare into him; zoom in as he turns to face forward, then cut to behind him. The patch of sidewalk at his feet erupts in a belch of flame and concrete dust, accompanied by a grating roar, and he backs up a step or two. Ground-level shot behind him, tilting slowly up to frame the vast tonnage of Cinderblock towering over him-his taunt has drawn out the enemy.)

Beast Boy: Titans, go!

(As the walking monolith reaches down to seize M�s, Pantha runs to his aid and is soon joined by the Herald and Jericho. Out comes his tongue, while his thumbs go in his ears and he waggles his fingers back and forth. This bit of juvenile silliness gets the enemy growling a bit; now M�s runs straight ahead between the massive feet. CB bends over to look between his legs after the boy, at which point the camera cuts to his perspective. Framed upside down is Beast Boy, as a charging rhinoceros.)

(There is a flash at impact, which clears to leave CB tumbling toward the Herald, Jericho, and Pantha. Before he can hit the ground, though, she catches him and flings him off to one side. Now the music man brings up his trumpet and blows a note, opening a rift back to his dimension right in CB's path. It closes once he has sailed through.)

Herald: Jericho! Get ready!

(He sounds off again; cut to a view of the sky between the buildings, the camera pointing straight up. A new portal opens and CB plummets through it toward us; in an overhead shot, he crashes to the sidewalk on his back. Beast Boy has resumed human form. At ground level, Jericho runs up, leaps onto the concrete chest, and stares directly into the foe's tiny red eyes. In a close-up and slow zoom, the whites of his own eyes disappear and the irises go a paler shade of green; pull back as his entire form fades partly away and sinks into CB's chest.)

(Close-up of the great stone face, whose eyes now show whites that have taken on that same pale green tint. Zoom in slightly, then cut to the other four.)

Beast Boy, M�s: Cool! (CB sits up.) Herald: Jericho? Are you in there?

(For the first time since making his debut in "Divide and Conquer," the giant speaks intelligibly, in a low growling voice. Jericho has managed to take control of him.)

Jericho/CB: I'm here. He may have bricks for brains, but I can see enough. The Brotherhood base is in Paris. Herald: Done.

(He plays his trumpet, creating a little window at ground level; the area around the Eiffel Tower appears within. Zoom in slowly on this, after which the screen flashes white and clears to show Jericho/CB lumbering down a Paris street with the Herald, M�s, and Pantha-all seemingly knocked out-under his arms. Tilt up slightly; Beast Boy, as a spider, scuttles up the side of the head, and the others look up toward him. They are merely pretending to be out of commission so they can be smuggled into the hideout.)

Pantha: This plan of yours-I hope it works.

(Cut to behind them, now stopped at a set of large wooden doors. These swing open, exposing two armed guards-ordinary humans, not Immortus' androids-who stand aside to let Jericho/CB enter with his trophies. Fade to black.)

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Act Two

(Opening shot: a close-up of a Brotherhood banner hanging on a dimly lit wall. Pan to the new Titans team walking along a stone-lined passage; Jericho/CB has set his "captives" down, and Beast Boy is back in human form. Cut to M�s, walking point with arms stretched out in front as if feeling his way along, and pan back to the others.)

[Aniimation goof: The plus sign on his chest is black rather than white in this shot.]

Herald: (to Beast Boy) How do we know his brother's here? M�s: (irritated, stopping) Porque, Trumpet Boy, nuestros poderes nos da una conexi�n magn�tica. Lo m�s cercanos que estamos- (sweat drop on Herald's head) -lo m�s fuerte es nuestro enlace. (walking on) Qu�, no sabes nada?

["Because, Trumpet Boy, our powers give us a magnetic connection. The closer we are, the stronger our link is. What, don't you know anything?"]

(The recipient of this dressing down grits his teeth and lets one eye bulge out for a moment.)

Pantha: He said it was a twin thing.

(Overhead view of the passage, M�s back on point and Jericho/CB bringing up the rear of the party, then back to floor level.)

M�s: Estamos cerca! Por ac�! ["We're close! Through here!"]

(They take a few more steps and stop, and a quick series of images flashes by on the screen. PC at the control panel of his quick-freeze system, about to ice Speedy...his hand pressing the button...the bowman's glass canister retracting amid a flood of sub-zero mist...then back to the passage. M�s' eyes suddenly tear up, and he looks as if he might lose it at any second.)

Beast Boy: Dude! What's wrong? (Zoom in slightly.) M�s: Menos...

(Cut to a screen filled with the bluish vapor, which clears away to show the other twin within a canister and freshly frosted over. Pull back to show PC eyeing him from the control panel, then cut to a collection of villains in shadow: Plasmus in humanoid form, Gizmo, Katarou, Trident, Control Freak, PR. Every face sports an expression of unwholesome glee at the massive coup they have pulled off against the world's young heroes.)

Brain: (from o.c.) Victory is at hand.

(Overhead view of the hideout; the Brotherhood's four core members overlook it from a raised platform.)

Brain: And for your part, a gift. (From-the-ground view of the four.) I give you Robin.

(The conveyor belt; one of PC's men throws a lever, and a canister containing the Titan is set on it. His manacles have been removed. Fists of all make and model are thrust into the air, accompanied by raucous cheering from the assembled evildoers.)

Robin: (straining against glass) This isn't over! (From-the-ground view of the Brain, zooming in.) Brain: For you, it most certainly is.

(Back to an empty stretch of the passage. M�s steps into view, turning this way and that as if he were dowsing for underground water, then stops suddenly and lowers his hands. He is momentarily at a loss, but Beast Boy leads the others on.)

Beast Boy: We have to keep moving.

(Cut to inside an adjoining tunnel as they walk past its entrance, then to Pantha. She abruptly freezes in her tracks.)

Pantha: Stop! Someone is coming.

(There is the sound of distant running footfalls; down the way, three figures dash in from around a corner-Le Blanc, then Adonis, then Mammoth.)

LB: At last, the little punk will get it!

(Private HIVE emerges well behind them. By the time the four reach Jericho/CB, he has the other heroes' seemingly unconscious bodies in his arms to fake them out. The straggler stops to address him.)

PH: Cinderblock! They're about to freeze Robin! (running off) Hurry or you'll miss it! (The possessed hulk stumps off after him.) By the way, nice catch, sir. Jericho/CB: Thanks.

(The Army brat's eyes go as big as Ping-Pong balls upon hearing an actual word from that behemoth; he hits the brakes, as do the other three villains, and scratches his head for a second. Pull back overhead as they gather around him.)

PH: Since when have you been able to talk...sir?

(The other four heroes choose this moment to quit playing possum, and they are let go to jump down while Jericho's immaterial form vacates CB's body. He heads straight for PH, whose eyes go pale green to mark the possession.)

PH: (stumbling back) Hey! (clapping hand over own face) Get outta me! LB: What is the meaning of this? (CB topples backward to the floor.) Pantha: (dramatically) It is called an ambush!

(The newly deputized Titans charge ahead. M�s is first to get in a lick, kicking Adonis' thickly armored foot; incredibly; this does not hurt the little fellow but does leave the big one hopping and yelling in pain. Here comes the Herald with a little serenade, opening a rift that sucks the blue power suit clean off. Adonis is left wearing a jumpsuit in this same color, and he drops in a heap as the opening seals itself. Zoom in slightly; he raises his enraged face, then lets off a panicked scram as the Herald barrels toward him. The caped horn man leaps high and drops o.c. with his foot angled for a kick.)

(The screen flashes white and clears to show Pantha hoisting Mammoth up to her shoulders. A little spin action gives her enough momentum to heave him well away, after which PH backs into view. He is struggling to keep one fist away from his face thanks to Jericho's possession.)

PH: Quit hitting myself! (He socks his own jaw.) Quit hitting myself! (Again.)

(A little more strain does him no good; he decks himself a third time and falls away. Cut to Pantha at a full run.)

Pantha: No one can escape the Pantha's claw!

(On the end of this, the camera rotates slightly to show Mammoth back on his feet. She clamps one big hand over his face, the screen briefly tinting red at he same time; when she releases her grip, its scorched print is there on his features for all to see. He screams in pain and pitches face first to the ground; pan ahead as Adonis and PH go down as well. LB is the only one left standing; cut to him as he makes a scared little noise in the back of his throat.)

LB: (backing up) I will go now.

(His retreat is summarily cut off when he turns to find Beast Boy facing him as a very large and angry bull. The sight alone is enough to make the Frenchman scream like a girl and keel over in a dead faint on his back. Beast Boy resumes human form while the others gather around; Jericho has left PH and solidified himself.)

Beast Boy: Let's move!

(He charges away and they follow. Cut to a set of closed wooden doors, which are immediately blown to kindling wood so the quintet can race in and stop. Beast Boy points up o.c.)

Beast Boy: All right, Brain! You're going...

(An o.c. floodlight switches on, bathing them in its harsh glare.)

Beast Boy: (scared) ...down?

(Cut to a pan across ranks of shadowed, snickering enemies-the audience in this particular room of the hideout. Billy Numerous, Mad Mod, KW, CF, Katarou, See-More, Trident, Johnny Rancid, the Master of Games, KM, Atlas, the Amazing Mumbo, Ding Dong Daddy, Kardiak, Plasmus, and a very beefy fellow dressed as a masked wrestler. He wears a blue outfit with a yellow star on the chest, along with a red mask and cape, and he was among the contingent who gathered to hear the Brain at the end of "Homecoming." The powered-up transformation JR underwent in "Calling All Titans" has reversed itself, and he has gotten rid of his steel helmet.) Beast Boy: (forehead vein throbbing) What's so funny?

(Overhead view: they are in the middle of the checkerboard floor, the villains at the far end in front of them. Pan back to the elevated vantage point of the core Brotherhood members.)

Rouge: The five of you against all of them? (Cut to her.) Even I find that amusing. (The floor.) Beast Boy: Tell me where our friends are! Brain: (from o.c.) Little green one... (The platform.) ...you always try so hard-and always fail so completely. This time will be no exception. Beast Boy: Where are they?!? Rouge: Would you like to say hello?

(She gestures casually to one side, all the lights come on, and the camera tilts quickly up from the floor as the gate-crashers turn to look. The large shelves seen in the prologue are no longer empty, but now contain twelve ice-cold heroes. Top to bottom: Hot Spot, Wildebeest, Speedy, Bushido, normal-sized Tramm, Aqualad, Argent, Thunder, Lightning, Killowat, Robin, Menos.)

(Close-up of Robin, panning slowly to Menos, then cut to M�s.) M�s: Menos! (Pull back; Beast Boy leans in.) Beast Boy: (horrified) No... Rouge: (mock pity) Oh, but it seems you are too late.

(He glances over his shoulder toward the gathered henchmen. Cut to a pan across some of them-a Brotherhood soldier outfitted like the door guards in

Act One, Wintergreen, Atlas, Angel with her wings significantly shrunken, Overload, Fang, Gizmo, Cheshire-then back to the supremely vexed Titan.)

Beast Boy: (clenching fist) I think we can take 'em.

(He drops out of sight and comes up as a tyrannosaurus rex as the camera pulls back to frame the rest of his crew.)

Pantha: (socking fist into palm) I think you are correct.

(The first wave of bad guys charges across the floor and the new Titans team does likewise. Beast Boy leaps over the others' heads, causing the foes to scatter as he crashes down among them. As soon as he hits the floor, Pantha races up his back and propels herself off his head, where Steamroller is firmly caught in those monstrous jaws. The bellowing woman plows into Cheshire, Gizmo, the Instigator, and Warp and sends them flying like bowling pins. Next she decks DDD and Katarou and heaves away XL-the last back to normal size since his dust-up with Tramm in "Calling All Titans.")

(XL tumbles to the floor right in front of the charging Herald, almost knocking him off balance, but the hero goes up for a leap and plants both feet in Mammoth's chest. He then kicks Mumbo down, sails over MM, and gets Psimon in the solar plexus. This last enemy comes down near PR, who jumps over him and scrubs his guitar strings at full force; the resulting shock wave sends the Herald to the tiles. However, it takes him only a second to straighten up and twirl his trumpet in one hand.)

Herald: I don't like your music.

(As he gets the mouthpiece to his lips and blows, M�s races past him. Cut to PR, with the Puppet King and Wintergreen nearby; the sound waves wash over the anarchist and open a portal to the parallel dimension behind him. Here comes M�s, straight through a double line of vicious onlookers, to deliver a flying shoulder ram that drives him through the rift. It immediately closes again, but the little guy has only a moment to smile at his handiwork before a savage yell from o.c. gets his feet moving. The source-CF-dives into view after him but gets only a handful of air; he slides to a stop at Jericho's feet.)

(The silent blond youth kneels to stare the fat geek straight on; close-up of the intense green-eyed face, zooming in. His eyes change color as they did when he possessed CB, after which the camera cuts to another stretch of the floor. The original HIVE Academy headmistress and Wintergreen rush by, accompanied by the as-yet-unknown villain Phobia-black/green bodysuit, long black boots and gloves, matching cape and hood, pale skin-who appeared in the montage at the end of "Homecoming." After all three have passed o.c., CF stands up, badly dazed and with the whites of his eyes showing the green tint of Jericho's presence.)

(Elsewhere, M�s squares off against PK; a moment's pause, and the little Titan rushes forward for a right hook. There is a flash of impact, which clears to show his foe bouncing very hard off the floor and into a wall before collapsing on his back. Now the MOG rushes toward the camera; another flash, and Pantha has nearly put him into orbit with one punch.)

Pantha: Who is next?

(The answer: a gang of BN clones who pop up all around her. Pull back as they pile on and others rush up; in seconds she is badly outnumbered, but she manages to fling them all away with ease. Close-up of one duplicate as he skids across the floor; she seizes his ankles and starts whirling him around like a flail to bash the others away. This one is then hurled across the room, thumps into a hanging Brotherhood banner, and drops to the floor. Tilt up to the core members' platform.)

Mallah: They fight with much enthusiasm. Allow me to crush them. (He prepares to jump down.) Brain: No, let our friends have that pleasure. The end for these five will come soon enough.

(On the floor, the T-rex Beast Boy is swiftly beset by Angel, KW, MM, Mumbo, SM, and XL, but one huge tail sweep clears them all away. He no longer has SR in his jaws. Now a squad of Brotherhood troops runs in to continue the fight. They bound onto the thunder lizard's head and try to topple him; he does his best to buck them off, and a longer shot reveals a few dozen others ready to help out. Despite his best efforts, they pile on faster than he can dislodge them and he finally goes over on his side.)

(Elsewhere, we see an extreme close-up of JR's back as he falls, exposing Jericho/CF as his assailant. He has pulled out his four-bladed lightsaber, and he uses it to drive back KW and then DDD before mixing it up with Trident. The two end up face to face, each trying with all his might to drive his weapon into the other's kisser; after a long few seconds, the possessed jerk tumbles to the ground as Jericho passes into the Atlantean. Now Trident turns to face MM and the boy flashes over to him; here comes KM, who plows into the freshly liberated Trident by mistake. Jericho's next move is to leave the Brit and rematerialize an instant before Overload tackles him-again too little, too late.)

(Jericho backs up cautiously and does not notice the cackling Gizmo's leap from behind. A bag is pulled down over his head to stop him from being able to possess anyone by eye contact. Overhead view, pulling back; CF, DDD, KM, and XL close in as Gizmo forces Jericho to his knees. Next we see a close-up of Pantha as she stands up and the camera pulls back to show SM in her right hand and Warp in her left. The two miscreants are thrown straight ahead to slam into the lens, but they have not even slid all the way down before IN barges in and rams her away.)

(Angel, BN, and a soldier clear out to keep from being flattened by the tumbling heroine. As he starts to get up, SR moves in, his arms joined to form one large cylinder that grinds her against the tiles. Cut to the shelf on which Robin and Menos have been put on display; M�s climbs up here, but PC's hand on his shoulder stops him cold with a small gasp. He and one of his men are considerably put out at the young fellow's meddling.)

(Back to the floor, where the Herald has landed in a crouch right in front of KM. Katarou runs in and pastes the insect face across the jaw, not knowing that Jericho has vacated the premises. The move gives the Herald a perfect opening to swing his trumpet and catch the big bald bruiser square under the chin with its bell, sending him sprawling. Fang jumps in from the side, but a tuck and roll takes the Herald through his spider legs and to clear space. A jet of silk issues from the mouth; the music man gets his horn up, but the viscous liquid shoots straight into the bell and gums up the works.)

(The Herald eyes the suddenly muted instrument quizzically, then raises his head and stares popeyed. His perspective: Cheshire, Fang, IN, Kardiak, and Overload have gathered to take him on. The girl with the grinning cat mask is first to jump, landing a kick that sends the Herald into the arms of the big red-masked wrestler.)

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Posts: 376 Cut to the freezing apparatus area, where a line of empty canisters stands waiting. PC goes to the control panel while his man starts to get Menos ready for life as an icicle. Pan away across the floor; JR carries the struggling Beast Boy-back in human form-toward the conveyor. He is pushed down and gets a boot in the back to pin him, while a vein throbs in his forehead. Now the other three heroes are carried over: the Herald held by the wrestler, Jericho by KM, Pantha by SR. On the next line, pull back overhead to show the other villains gathered behind these three pairs. The bag has been removed from Jericho's head.) [Animation goof: Hot Spot stands among them.]

Brain: (from o.c.) Did you think your pathetic resistance could actually stop what I have created? (Cut to it, Immortus, and Rouge on their platform.) Once again, Beast Boy, you've failed. Madame Rouge, add them to the collection.

(She lashes both arms ahead and reels Beast Boy in as JR lifts his foot. Close-up from the waist up: she has now dropped to the floor, and the two are face to face an instant later.)

Rouge: Any final words?

(A pronounced crackling noise from below draws his attention; cut to her feet, under which the tile begins to crumble. Back to them.)

Beast Boy: Yeah. I wouldn't stand there if I were you.

(He turns into a fly and buzzes out of her reach, barely avoiding the blast that roars up through the damaged floor tile to hurl Rouge toward the other villains. She straightens up, works her neck back and forth-by a couple of feet-and glares back toward the blast site. Here, enough smoke has been thrown up to fill the screen; it clears to give a good view of Cyborg's foot. The camera then pulls back to frame all of him, cannon ready to go, and Gnarrk alongside with Kole perched on his shoulders. All three are ready to eat the opposition alive.)

Cyborg: Lesson number one-never throw me down a hole unless you make sure I stay there!

(Across the room, a patch of ceiling blows out behind the villains. The smoke from this blast clears to bring two new arrivals into view-Bumblebee and Red Star, the latter having survived his final overload at the end of "Snowblind." Starfire floats down to join them, ready to pitch a few starbolts, and all three are just as worked up as Cyborg and company.)

Starfire: The lesson two-we never give up!

(Now Raven's black energy spills up through a stretch of floor, and she rises above as it washes over all the tiles.)

Raven: Lesson three-your secret lair isn't very secret!

(Melvin, Timmy, Teether, and Melvin's not-so-imaginary friend Bobby come up the same way. Cut to a pan across a set of rather surprised evil faces: MM, Katarou, KM, DDD, JR, and finally Rouge. Next Beast Boy resumes human form and drops to a crouch in a clear spot.)

Beast Boy: Titans! Together!

(As he calls out, the camera pulls back to frame all fifteen heroes-the eleven new arrivals, and every member of Beast Boy's team, save the captured M�s, free of their enemies' grip. Gnarrk holds the crystallized Kole to use as a club; Herald has cleared Fang's silk from his trumpet; and Beast Boy becomes an elephant as he, Gnarrk, the Herald, Jericho, and Pantha charge toward the camera. Fade to black.) Raven: Is it just me, or is this getting easier? (She stops short.) Rouge: (from o.c.) Children...

(Head-on view of her; all Titans save Cyborg gather to face her down.)

Rouge: ...when will you learn?

(The double flying tackle she takes from Hot Spot and Wildebeest answers that rhetorical question.)

Raven: (to the others) Like I said.

(The huge brawler and the mistress of disguise go bouncing across the floor as two flame jets slash down, but Rouge turns her tumble into a leap and kicks Hot Spot in the back when he flies by. He slams into Wildebeest, and both go tumbling toward the prone MME; one of Jinx's spells shoves the ogre aside just in time, and a moment later she steps into view. All three fighters close ranks at Rouge's approach; a finger snap from the turncoat wipes out the tiles beneath those spike-heeled boots and leaves their owner sliding into the new hole.)

Jinx: (innocently) Oops. Did I do that?

(On this line, JR sails past on his motorcycle, leaving a flame trail in the air, and is chased by Argent, who creates a pair of long arms and reaches for him. Rouge, meanwhile, has gone into the broken spot as far as her knees and is unable to extricate herself, as that spell has packed the fragments in very firmly. Here come Hot Spot and Wildebeest to give her a hand; they grab her under the arms and run full tilt, paying no mind to the strain on her rapidly elongating body. Another snap from Jinx releases the feet so that they snap back like a rubber band; the boys then release their grip and let her tumble head over heels toward the freezing apparatus. She hits the emitter with her back, thumps heavily down to the conveyor, and is promptly put on ice by M�s and Menos.)

(Cut to the front of the elevated platform where the Brain has been watching the whole debacle. Mallah climbs up its banner; zoom in slightly.)

Mallah: (reaching the top) Master, it is time we left. (Close-up of the two.) Brain: Agreed.

(Mallah scoops up the rolling mastermind under one arm and heads for the door, only to be brought up short by Aqualad and Tramm, riding the tidal wave that stopped Immortus' charge. In a flash, the water-breathing hero has turned the torrent into a swirling typhoon and scared Mallah into trying a different way out. No luck here; a few blasts rip across the screen and are soon followed by the shooters, Bumblebee and Speedy. Close-up of the two villains, panning to the edge behind them as all five original Titans gather here. Beast Boy has become a pterodactyl, but resumes human form upon landing, and Cyborg, Raven, and Starfire are locked and loaded.)

Robin: No one's leaving! (Mallah turns the Brain to face them.) Brain: Then you give me no choice.

(Zoom in slightly. Its transparent bell jar detaches from the mobile pedestal, taking the upper portion of the skull face with it and leaving the lower jaw behind. All watch dumbfounded as Mallah pulls the Brain loose and stars to work his way up through the rafters. Tilt up to follow him and show the fights continuing on the floor.)

Brain: A little something to keep them busy, perhaps.

(It is carried o.c. as a platform rises up through a hole in the floor; on it is a fresh platoon of enemies, and a close-up exposes them as Immortus' robot troops. Thunder, Lightning, and Red Star have a very clear view of the weapons being raised and aimed at the Titans.)

Cyborg: Aw, man, and just when this was starting to get fun!

(Raven throws up a shield with no time to spare and keeps the team from being blown apart by the ensuing fusillade. She and Starfire swing down for a counterattack, the barrier protecting them both, and Aqualad and Tramm surf in for backup. Tilt up; Mallah continues to ascend through the structural ironwork.)

Beast Boy: (starting a run) He is not getting away.

(Quick change to a pterodactyl, followed by a steep climb and Robin's sprint. He fires a grappling hook toward the ceiling and swings up on the line, while on the platform the Brain's abandoned pedestal has started to beep. Cyborg races past, but stops short and turns toward the thing; a red flash, and the camera pulls back slightly as the lower panels flip outward in a hiss of vapor, exposing a red-lit core. The big man is so surprised by this that he stumbles backward to the platform, and the camera cuts to a close-up of his face and pulls back as his expression changes to one of anger. He eyes a forearm panel, and a cut to his perspective shows a set of graphs responding to the power output of this device. Tilt up slightly; the core now glows brightly and the uppermost portion goes green.)

(In the next shot, the camera points straight down at the platform as Robin hauls himself up past Beast Boy. He reaches the grapple's anchor point, lets go of the trigger, and is carried up to perch above he still-climbing Mallah.)

Robin: It's over, Brain. (Beast Boy flies up and resumes human form in a crouch.) Beast Boy: Isn't that obvious? Duh! Brain: Sometimes the only way to win is to clear the board completely.

(During this line, cut to a long overhead shot; Mallah carries the Brain higher, avoiding the two Titans' pincer movement in which Beast Boy has become a leopard. A second later, the huge primate is well out of their reach.)

Brain: In only a moment, this entire base will be gone.

(Back to the platform, panning slowly across Cyborg and the energized pedestal. Its upper section has now gone out.)

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Posts: 376 Cyborg: It's a fusion device- (Starfire flies in.) -and a big one. I have no idea how to shut it down. (truly scared) We need a miracle. Starfire: (getting an idea) No. We need a friend.

(She takes off, leaving the big man alone to watch the fireworks that dance across the floor while the grand finale ticks away behind him.)

Brain: (from o.c.) I am afraid you have simply run out of options.

(Tilt up into the highest reaches on the end of this line, where Mallah has nearly reached a gaping hole in the ceiling that gives onto the Paris landscape.)

Brain: Pity.

(The gorilla leaps easily to a broken strut as Beast Boy-back in human form-and Robin stare after him.)

Beast Boy: I'll take the monkey, you take the jar. Robin: (straightening up) Sounds like a plan.

(The shape-shifter is off as a hawk in a twinkling, soaring far out over the explosion-rocked floor before going into a steep climb. Mallah is now only a few feet away from the surface, but Beast Boy zooms well ahead, resumes human form for an instant, and immediately becomes a gorilla. Gravity does its thing and carries him down to knock the Brain loose and drive Mallah clear of the pipe he has been climbing.)

(The Brain bounces onto a lower stretch of the pipe and starts rolling down; here comes Mallah, racing desperately after it with Beast Boy grabbing for his ankles. The green-furred hands find their mark and drag the real ape back just as the Brain drops off a broken end.)

Mallah: Master! No!

(He turns his head to throw a glare of supreme fury toward Beast Boy and comes up in a roaring lunge. Both combatants topple off their perch and smash into another snapped pipe; the hit causes the end to break off and send them hurtling toward the tiles. Robin is perfectly placed to catch an eyeful of the plunging Brain, and he dives after it through the hailstorm of laser fire. A grappling hook flashes back up as the broken length of pipe comes down after him. His shot snags in the supports, the line goes taut, and down he goes in a wide arc toward the floor, making a perfect one-handed catch and swinging clear before the iron crashes down.)

(Back to Cyborg, still regarding the Brain's bomb with great trepidation; now the whole thing has gone red. Starfire flies back to him, carrying the Herald, and sets him down.)

Herald: Any requests? Cyborg: Far away would be good!

(Up comes the trumpet for a blow that opens a rift just behind the explosive. A starry patch of outer space can be seen through it; cut to the other side as Cyborg and Starfire grab the device and heave it through. The lights have gone out except for the red core, and it floats gently away while the gateway closes. It passes Earth, the camera panning to follow, and drifts far enough away to disappear from sight before exploding with a force that would make any nuclear arsenal seem like a wet firecracker.)

(Back on the floor, several Brotherhood soldiers keep up their machine-gunning while Robin crosses toward a scatter of smashed robot parts. Tilt up slightly as Red Star flies overhead to strafe and Aqualad rides his wave across without Tramm. The Boy Wonder has the Brain under one arm.)

Robin: Beast Boy?

(Cut to behind him, looking directly into the wall of water, and tilt up. More bits and pieces float past before the tide recedes to expose the freezing system. Immortus, Mallah, and Rouge are here, all frosted over by M�s and Menos still at the controls; close-up of the ape, panning to the old general as Beast Boy walks up. He has resumed human form and is brushing dust from his hands with a satisfied little smile.)

(A long shot of the area brings the upper shelves into view, now stocked with flash-frozen villains; tilt down to ground level. Top to bottom: Mumbo, CF, IN, KW, SM, Kardiak, KM, PH, MM, LB, DDD, the frozen Brotherhood trio. The camera stops on the other four Titans, who gaze at the assembly as Gnarrk walks up, with the organic Kole on his shoulders, and Hot Spot does the same.)

Cyborg: (to Brain) You know, for someone so smart, bringing all these guys together was pretty stupid.

(Overhead view of the group; now all the heroes have gathered here, save Beast Boy, M�s, and Menos. Robin tosses the Brain up toward the camera; cut to the conveyor, where the shape-shifter catches it and the boys are still in the driver's seat.)

[Animation goof: PK is among the gathering.]

Beast Boy: (giddily) Dudes, check it out!

(He tosses the disembodied leader toward the freezer, the camera panning to follow, and a jet of chilled vapor hisses down over it. When the view clears, we see that the Brain has been embedded in the upright position atop an ice pillar, the overall contour suggesting a mockery of its original perch. Here comes Beast Boy, who throws an arm around it.)

Beast Boy: Brain freeze!

(He laughs, but a pan across the audience is accompanied by a round of loud, disgusted groans.)

[Animation goof: XL, back to normal size, is now part of the group.]

(Dissolve to the exterior of the Tower and zoom in slowly. It is daytime here on the home front. A second dissolve and zoom puts the camera just outside the uppermost stories.)

Beast Boy: (from inside) Home sweet home!

(A sigh from Cyborg; cut to him, looking out a window.)

Cyborg: I sure missed this place. (Kid Flash's reflection appears in the glass, surprising him.) Kid Flash: (looking around) Cool pad!

(He is off in a blink. Long shot: this is the operations center, and the Titans are gathered at the window as he zips around to one side.)

Kid Flash: Got any eats?

(Pan to the kitchen, where everyone else is hanging out and taking up nearly every bit of available space; the speedster finds his way to the refrigerator. The original crew stares bug-eyed at the swarm of unexpected guests, but their puzzlement is cut short when their insignia pops up on the window/screen. Tilt up to the sound of an alarm, after which the displayed view dissolves to a shot of Dr. Light zapping the door of a bank vault.)

Starfire: The Dr. Light? Raven: Somehow that doesn't surprise me.

(Dissolve to a street in Jump City, with not a pedestrian or motor vehicle in sight. The peaceful mood is shattered when a door blows out with terrific force, and out through the dense smoke comes Dr. Light with armloads of moneybags. He has just shot his way out of the bank he was robbing, and he stops to make sure the coast is clear. Cut to the Titans atop a nearby roof, the camera positioned just past its edge and angled up at them.)

Cyborg: Maybe we oughta show him who he's up against. Raven: He's totally gonna freak this time.

(Pull back to ground level. Heroes old and new are arranged up and down the building's height, itching for a piece of the high-wattage thief. Fade to black.)

Robin: (voice over) Titans! Go!

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