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(On a night sky background, we see a star, a la Pinocchio. Then, some clouds appear, a la Mary Poppins, and a pirate ship, a la Peter Pan. We then see the castle, a la Cinderella, done in CGI, while different fireworks are appearing. A circular line is drawn over the castle (in the same vein as the previous logo), then the castle enters many dots from the bottom of the screen to reveal "WALT DiSNEY", in the post-1979 Disney script logo font, albeit slightly revised. "PICTURES" fades in, while the circular line is nearly staying visible on the logo)

(The narrator stood on the balcony of her royal apartment, which commanded one of the best views of Pixie Hollow. Her eyes seemed to rest on the magical landscape before her, but she was thinking about a place very far away)

(The queen was picturing the mainland, where the humans lived, and where spring had yet to appear)

NARRATOR: Have you ever wondered how nature gets its glow? Who gives it light and color as the seasons come and go?

(In Pixie Hollow it was fall, winter, spring, and summer all year round–and all at the same time. Each season occupied a corner of the magical realm of the fairies. It was only on the mainland that one season followed another, each waiting–sometimes patiently and sometimes not–for its turn)

Narrator: Who helps all creatures, great and small, to walk, to swim, to fly?

(Right now it was winter on the mainland. The narrator could picture the frosty magnificence of Kensington Gardens in London. She knew how the moonlight peeked through the clouds and glistened on the tiny snowflakes)

Narrator: Who crafts such tiny details? You might see them if you try. For it's all the work of fairies, but they stay well out of sight.

(INT. NURSERY, BLOOMSBURY – NIGHT. Somewhere on the mainland, at that very moment, a baby lying in her crib laughed with delight. The narrator listened as the laugh, invisible but filled with magic, soared out of the crib. It flew toward the nursery's open window, where a lonely fluffy dandelion poked through through the soil of a window box. The laugh dove through the danelion and carried one of the soft, white seed wisps into the air)

Narrator: And the first time that a baby laughs, a fairy's life takes flight.

(EXT. LONDON – NIGHT. A new fairy was on its way to Pixie Hollow. But it had a long road ahead)

(The dandelion wisp flew upward. It was carried across the rooftops of London and through the smoke of a chimney. It blew past Big Ben, along the Thames River, and over Tower Bridge)

(The narrator clasped her hands as she followed the journey of the laugh, still so very far away. So many obstacles. So many things to go wrong)

(The laugh collided with the bell of a slow-moving ship. No one on board heard the almost inaudible ping. But the narrator heard it, and she heard for the laugh's safety)

(But joy is fierce. Joy is strong. And joy is resilient)

(The laugh spun woozily as the dandelion wisp swirled, but before long it regained its bearings and continued on. It touched down briefly on the sea, and a jingle echoed across the waves)

Narrator: (SINGING) When the moon comes out to shine her face

The birds are fast asleep

And the lanterns hang from every post

The fairies leave their keep

They join their hands and sing their songs

That nary a soul can hear

In the springtime when the earth is new

To the fairies they draw near

To the fairies they draw near

(Finally, the tiny wisp was taken up by the wind once more, and the laugh was carried through the clouds and blown toward a shining beacon: the Second Star to the Right!)

(The narrator let out a sigh. All would be well. The laugh was moving quickly now–as eager to reach its destination as the narrator was for it to arrive)


(EXT. NEVER LAND – DUSK. The laugh approached the mythical island of Never Land with a jingle and a giggle. Faster and faster it flew, skimming the plains, cresting the mountains, and finally emerging over the home of the fairies: Pixie Hollow)

(EXT. PIXIE HOLLOW – NIGHT. The enchanted land shimmered with every color of the rainbow. Wintry woods glistened with snow, while nearby a summery glen was bursting with greenery and vines heavy with fruit. Chuckling happily, the laugh sped down toward the center of Pixie Hollow. There stood a majestic tree, radiating magic)

(The soft tinkling sound of the laugh caught the attention of a garden fairy at work. She looked like a flower herself, dressed in a rose-petal tunic)

(Other garden fairies darted from the bushes and flower beds and began to follow the wisp)

(The wisp floated over a waterfall, where water fairies played. They all shook the water from their wings and happily ran after the wisp)

(The wisp passed under the branches of a pine tree, giggling at the tickle of the pine needles. Animal fairies peeked out from nests and knotholes. They, too, followed)

(Light fairies in shimmering outfits dove through sunbeams to join the procession)

(INT. PIXIE DUST TREE – NIGHT. Soon all the fairies of Pixie Hollow arrived at the Pixie Dust Tree. They settled on the branches of the huge, magical tree like a flock of chattering birds. Their beautiful wings and clothes glowed in the light of the Pixie Dust Well, which surged in the center of the tree. They eagerly waited for the wisp-of-a-laugh to arrive)

(High in the air, VIDIA intercepted the wisp before it could overshoot the mark. Vidia–with her purple clothes, raven hair, and superior attitude–wasn't the most popular fairy in Pixie Hollow. But she was the fastest)

(She flew over, under, and around the laughing wisp, creating breezes to guide it safety to the Pixie Hollow Tree. Finally, the dandelion wisp came to rest on an outcropping of mushrooms that formed a balcony above the well)

(The jingle faded away, and every fairy fell silent and waited)

(A dust-keeper fairy named TERENCE approached the wisp, holding a chalice brimming with pixie dust. He carefully poured the dust over the wisp)

(The wisp swayed with a tinkle. Its shining strands shimmered and waved, moved by the magical dust. When it settled into its final form, the wisp was not a wisp anymore–it was a tiny fairy dressed in a flowing white gown!)

FAIRY 1: Hello.

FAIRY 2: Hello.

Fairies: Hello./Hi./Hello./Hello.

(The new arrival was hardly more than a baby's laugh with a mop of blond hair on top)

Tinker Bell: (shy voice) Hello?

(When she waved, her fingertips jingled like tiny bells and sent puffs of pixie dust into the air. She stared at the others in wonder, but soon she was distracted by the arrival of the MINISTER OF SPRING, the MINISTER OF SUMMER, the MINISTER OF AUTUMN, and the MINISTER OF WINTER. These elegant leaders of the seasons took their places on perches above the Pixie Dust Well, smiling down on the new fairy with welcoming faces. Then they turned to look at a space between the branches where the air was beginning to shine)

Tinker Bell: Queen Clarion.

(The new fairy, later named TINKER BELL, watched in wide-eyed amazement as a misty cloud of golden dust wove its way through the limbs of the Pixie Dust Tree. Then the mist cleared to reveal a radiant and regal fairy with magnificent wings. The narrator was none other than QUEEN CLARION)

(The queen regarded the new arrival with a warm smile)

Queen Clarion: Born of laughter, clothed in cheer, happiness has brought you here. (winking at the new fairy) Welcome to Pixie Hollow. I trust you found your way all right.

Tinker Bell: (stammer) I think so.


(Queen Clarion flew behind the new fairy)

Queen Clarion: Now, let's see about those wings.

(With gentle hands, she unfurled two gossamer wings from the little fairy's back)

(The gathering of fairies sighed again: Oooooh!)

(The new fairy seemed dazed and uncertain, until Queen Clarion took her hand and led her into the air. Tentatively, she flapped her wings, rising slowly. She hovered for a moment: then she began to fly with increasing confidence)

(The other fairies applauded and laughed when she raced in a giddy circle and turned a somersault)

(They liked this new arrival. And each fairy looking on hoped that the new fairy would turn out to be a member of his or her talent guild)

(Queen Clarion waved her hand and several dozen toadstools magically sprouted around the edge of the Pixie Dust Well, forming a row of pedestals)

(The fairies fell silent. Arriving and flying were all fine and dandy, but watching a new fairy figure out her talent was the most exciting part)

(One by one, fairies of every sort flew toward the pedestals, clutching small objects that represented their talents. ROSETTA the garden fairy gently carried a beautiful flower. The water fairy named SILVERMIST stepped forward holding a drop of water as if it were a ball and placed it on top of a pedestal)

(IRIDESSA brought a glowing flower lamp–the symbol of the light fairies)

(FAWN, an animal fairy with a long braid, left a tiny egg on a pedestal, but only after giving it a reassuring pat)

(Vidia swept past the new fairy with her nose in the air. She didn't give a hoot what the new arrival turned out to be, but she always enjoyed a chance to show off her abilities. She opened her hand to reveal a tiny spinning whirlwind)

(More and more fairies brought symbols of their talents. The new fairy watched these ceremonial proceedings in confusion. She looked up at the queen)

Tinker Bell: What are these things?

Queen Clarion: They will help you find your talent, little one.

Tinker Bell: But how will I know which one is…

(The queen gave the new fairy a gentle push toward the toadstool pedestals)

Queen Clarion: (soothing voice) You'll know.

(When the new fairy approached the flower, Rosetta and her friends huddled close together in delighted anticipation. Several of them gave the new arrival an encouraging nod. The little fairy reached for the flower, but the moment her finger touched the delicate bloom, its glow faded)

(The garden fairies let out a collective sigh of disappointment. But the water fairies were glistening with hope as the new fairy approached the next pedestal. She tried to lift the shimmering droplet of water, but the glimmer around it faded as well. The water fairies sighed)

(The new fairy's attention was next drawn to the whirlwind. As soon as she lifted a tentative hand to touch it, the whirlwind faded into thin air. Vidia smirked. She hated competition)

(The new fairy was getting discouraged. Now she was afraid to touch anything. She flew up and down the line of pedestals. She passed a seed, a lamp, an acorn, a show, an axe, a paintbrush, a large kitchen spoon, and finally, a hammer made from a rock and a piece of wood. As the new fairy soared by, the hammer began to glow)

(The fairies murmured and whispered among themselves)

(The hammer shone brighter and brighter. It practically vibrated with energy. Finally, it rose into the air. Turning end over end, the hammer flew toward the little fairy. Instinctively, she reached out and caught it. Bursts of light shot out in every direction as soon as her fingers closed around the handle)

(The fairies gasped then they began to laugh and applaud. The new fairy had found her talent! Or maybe it had found her)

(Silvermist was impressed)

SILVERMIST: Whoa! (to her friends, Fawn, Iridessa, and Rosetta) Never seen one glow that much before, even for Vidia.

(Vidia, who was hovering within earshot, huffed and looked away, pretending that she didn't hear and didn't care. But she did hear, and she did care. Vidia was used to being one of a kind, and she didn't appreciate being upstaged by a little wisp with a hammer)

(Rosetta's rosy complexion glowed even pinker)

ROSETTA: You know, I do believe you're right. Little daisy top might be a very rare talent indeed.

(Vidia tossed her dark hair off her shoulder and turned away)

(The little blond fairy was still confused. What did it all mean?)

(Queen Clarion put a hand on the fairy's shoulder)

Queen Clarion: (CHUCKLES) Come forward, tinker fairies, and welcome the newest member of your talent guild, Tinker Bell.

(Tinker Bell scanned the crowd of gorgeous elegant fairies, waiting for one of them to step forward and claim her. But no one did. Instead, they moved aside to make room for a group of gawky, unkempt, tool-belt-wearing tinkers. Among them were a tall and gangly one and a huge and lumpy one)

BOBBLE: Glad we had a bath today, eh, Clank?

CLANK: Excuse us!

BOBBLE: Coming through!

CLANK: Sorry! Make way for tinkers!

(Tinker Bell's heart heart sank, and the glow faded from the hammer. It fell from her hand and hit the ground with a dull thunk!)

(She stared at the two fairies in dismay)

(The tall, gangly one (BOBBLE) gave her a polite bow. He wore dewdrop goggles that made his eyes look large)

(His big companion (CLANK) lumbered forward)

Clank: Hady-hi, hady-ho, Miss Bell. I'm Clank.

(Something wet hit her in the eye when he spoke, and his voice was so loud it practically knocked her over backward)

(The gangly tinker grabbed Clank by the tunic and pulled him back)

Bobble: Splinters, Clank. Say it, don't spray it.

(When he spoke, his words tripped along in a charming accent from Scotland)

(Then he grabbed Tinker Bell's hand and shook it enthusiastically)

Bobble: Phineas T. Kettletree, Esquire, at your service. Pleased to make your acquaintance.

Clank: Oh, foo! He's Bobble, I'm Clank.

(Bobble rolled his eyes at Clank)

Bobble: (SIGHS) Clank, Bobble.

(He then turned back to face Tinker Bell)

Bobble: We're pleased as a pile of perfectly polished pots you're here.

(Tinker Bell couldn't help smiling at their cheery greeting)

Tinker Bell: Uh… Me, too.

Bobble: (CHUCKLES) Come on, Miss Bell. There's so much to show you.

(Bobble took her hand and they soared into the air)

(EXT. PIXIE HOLLOW – DAY. He gestured broadly to the enchanted land below them)

Clank: You've arrived at a most wondrous and glorious time.

Tinker Bell: Really? Why?

BOBBLE: Why, it's almost time for the changing of the seasons. You see, here in Pixie Hollow, there are different realms for every time of year. Well, there's one up ahead.

(EXT. THE WINTER WOODS – DAY. They flew over a group of pine trees white with snow. A blast of cold air made Tink shiver)

Clank: Winter Woods. It's always quack cold here.

(Bobble pointed toward a group of fairies dressed in silver descending from the sky)

Bobble: Look there! Snowflake and frost fairies returning home for…

Clank: For some well-deserved rest.

BOBBLE: Aye. They've just finished bringing winter to the world.

(EXT. THE AUTUMN FOREST – DAY. Next, they flew over a forest filled with red and orange leaves. A fairy hovered in the air, carefully painting the edges of a golden leaf. Clearly this was the Autumn Realm)

Bobble: It's the off-season for the autumn fairies, too.

CLANK: Always practicing that perfect shade of amber, eh?

(EXT. THE SUMMER GLADE – DAY. Finally, they approached a lush green meadow, bursting with sunshine, where giggling fairies were chasing a dragonfly. A fragrant mixture of honeysuckle and happiness floated upward, and the three tinkers took a deep breath)

(Bobble gestured at the frolicking fairies below)

BOBBLE: And the fairies of Summer Glade still have plenty of time to get ready.

CLANK: But not as much as the autumn fairies, of course, because, well…

BOBBLE: Yes, Clanky. Because right now, fairies of every talent are preparing for my favorite season, springtime!

(EXT. PIXIE HOLLOW – DAY. They turned again, and Bobble pointed to a grassy valley where some fairies, including Iridessa were spinning rainbows out of thin air)

Tinker Bell: Oh!

(One fairy was herding a little group of flower bulbs, which rotted along like small children)

ROSETTA: Get along. Get along, little sproutlings, and dig.

(Others were carefully painting the spots onto patient ladybugs)

Fawn: Hello, there!

(Tink blinked, amazed and delighted with everything she saw)

(Bobble beckoned to her to follow)

Bobble: Come on, Miss Bell. You've got to see where we live.

(They arrived)

Bobble: Welcome to Tinker's Nook.

Tinker Bell: Oh, wow!

(This grand, beautiful place was going to be her new home!)

(But when Clank gently tilted Tink's head down. She had been mistaken. Tinkers' Nook wasn't in the graceful hills up ahead. It was down in a little dirt-floored valley formed by a tangle of twisting tree roots. It wasn't bright and flowery like the rest of Pixie Hollow. Tinker Bell felt a little disappointed)

Tinker Bell: Oh.

Clank: (laugh)

(Bobble smiled proudly)

Bobble: Come on. There's so much to show you.

(Clank and Bobble flew down into the strange little nook, and Tink tentatively followed them)

(EXT. TINKERS' NOOK – DAY. But when they landed, she realized Tinkers' Nook had a charm of its own)

(Unlike the simple flower homes she had seen elsewhere in Pixie Hollow, the tinker fairies' houses were cleverly constructed of twigs and leaves. And each had its own unique shape and design)

(Tinkers' Nook was a busy place, too. Wagons pulled by adorable field mice carried buckets and bushels between the various buildings. Everywhere Tink looked, she saw something new and fascinating. There were tinkers running around in all directions, and the air was filled with the sound of hammering and sawing, happy greetings, and shouts of encouragement)

Tinker Bell: Cute.

(For the first time since meeting the tinkers, Tink began to feel as if maybe things were going to be okay. She walked behind Clank and Bobble, marveling at all the different kinds of work the tinkers did)

(One group was constructing a carriage using a flower for a canopy and a gourd for the wagon. Another was loading baskets made of iris blooms onto a leaf conveyor belt)

Bobble: Just taking some supplies down…

Clank: They're taking supplies down to the workshop.

(He's just as anger as Bobble to make sure Tink saw everything there was to see)

(Overheard, fairies were filling woven-grass baskets with acorns)

TINKER FAIRY: Let her go.

(Bobble adjusted his dewdrop goggles)

BOBBLE: Watch out for falling…

Clank: Watch out for falling maple seeds!

(Bobble pointed to a group of little houses)

Bobble: And over here is where most of us live. There's your house…

Clank: There's your house, Tinker Bell.

(Bobble tried to tell Clank to knock it off, but Clank was already flying toward the circular house nestled on top of a root)

Tinker Bell: It's mine?

CLANK: Sure is.

(She could hardly believe how cute it was! It looked like a little teapot made out of bark–short, squat, and round, with a curly root on the side that curved like a handle. A jaunty green leaf formed the roof, and Tink caught a glimpse of a chimney peeking out the top)

(She followed Clank, holding her breath)

(INT. TINKER BELL'S TEAPOT HOUSE – DAY. Once inside, Tink gasped with delight)

Bobble: We were hoping the new arrival would be one of us, so we got the place all ready.

(The inside of her little house was wonderful–round and cozy, with wood-grain walls, twig-wicker furniture, and leaf curtains. It was just perfect, as if someone had prepared it especially for her)

(Tink opened the closet door and saw a row of green, leafy garments–each one larger than the last)

(Uh-oh! The decor was wonderful, but the wardrobe selection was...well...She didn't know what to say. Clank and Bobble seemed to notice her dismay)

Bobble: We rounded up some work clothes…

Clank: We didn't know your size.

Bobble: Yes, our apologies, but…

Clank: But they might be too big.

Bobble: Yeah, well, that's only…

Clank: 'Cause you're so tiny.

(He stared at her between his fingers, as if he were measuring her)

(Bobble elbowed Clank to let him know he was being impolite)

Bobble: That'll do, Clank.

(Tink gave them the biggest smile she could to show that she wasn't worried. She'd figure something out. There were so many things to be pleased with, she could hardly contain her happiness)

(Bobble smiled, clearly relieved that she wasn't upset)

Bobble: Please come on down to the workshop when you're ready. Fairy Mary will want to meet you.

CLANK: Goodbye.

(Clank and Bobble bowed and left Tink to enjoy her new home. She couldn't wait to see more of Pixie Hollow! But before she could go out and about, she was going to have to put on something besides a dandelion nightgown)

(She took a humongous leaf muumuu out of the closet and pulled it over her head. It was the perfect size–for Clank)

(After a moment of thought, Tink grabbed a pair of thorn-shears from a table and began to cut. With the help of a pine needle and some spider-silk thread, she solved her wardrobe problem in no time)

(Her mop of blond hair fell into her eyes and she pushed it away impatiently. Now, if she could just do something with this hair...)

(She glanced in the mirror and twisted her hair on top of her hand. her lips curved into a broad smile)

(Yep! That was the look)

(INT. TINKER WORKSHOP – DAY. Sometime later, Tink found the workshop by following the sound of hammering. The wide, bustling room was scattered with worktables and carpenters' benches. All the work areas were piled high with woven-grass baskets, acorn buckets, and spider-silk sacks)

(On the far side of the workshop, Tink spotted Clank and Bobble fixing a wagon. She hurried to join them)

(Using a stone hammer, Clank was trying–and failing–to pound a wheel onto an axle)

(Bobble pulled at Clank's tunic)

Bobble: Stop! What?

(He leaned in to examine the axle)

Bobble: A five-gauge twig for an axle? Clank, I told you it took a seven.

Clank: Oh, you said five.

Bobble: I said seven! Oh, Clank, I tell you, sometimes you can be pretty, pretty…

(He broke off when he saw Tinker Bell)

Bobble: So pretty.

(Bobble takes his gaze and–POINK! POINK!–his eye-goggle droplets popped)

(Clank stared at Tink)

Clank: Who's that, then?

Bobble: It's Tinker Bell, you snail brain.

(Tinker Bell couldn't help laughing. She knew she looked different–but she hadn't realized just how different!)

(Tink looked around)

Tinker Bell: Wow, everyone seems so busy.

CLANK: Well, spring won't spring itself.

(Bobble nodded, putting his new droplets into his goggles)

Bobble: Indeed, my bellowing buddy. And we tinkers are a big part of it. Allow us to elucidate, Miss Bell.

(Bobble began singing)

Bobble: We fiddle and fix.

Clank: We craft and create.

Bobble: We carve acorn buckets.

Clank: To hold flower paint.

Bobble: Weave saddles and satchels.

Clank: For birdies, you see.

Bobble: Make baskets and bushels.

Clank: To carry the seeds!

BOBBLE: When preparing for spring.

Clank: We do all this and more!

Bobble: Yes, being a tinker is never a bore!

Clank: Yes, being a tinker is never a bore!

(Clank and Bobble ran out of breath and broke off, laughing)

(Tinker Bell clapped with delight)

Tinker Bell: That was great.

Bobble: So you see, Miss Bell, we help fairies of every talent with our creations.

Fairy Mary: Unfortunately, all those fairies are out of luck this year.

(A stern voice interrupted)

Fairy Mary: Unless we can actually deliver these things to them.

(Bobble and Clank snapped to attention as a stout tinker fairy flew toward them)

(Her hair was pulled back in a businesslike way, and every pocket of her green leaf-tunic bulged with tools. She made a soft landing and did some quick calculations on a birdseed abacus)

Fairy Mary: The wagon repairs are finished, I trust?

(Clank and Bobble exchanged a worried look–the repairs were far from finished! They stepped in front of the broken wagon to hide the missing wheel)

Clank: Yes, Fairy Mary.

Bobble: Tip-top shape.

Clank: No wheels missing whatsoever!

(Fairy Mary looked skeptical. She tried to peek around them)

Fairy Mary: Then let's see it.

Bobble: Ah, you see… Well…

Clank: See, with your eyes?

Bobble: Define "see," actually…

(Suddenly, Bobble pointed to Tink)

Bobble: You have to meet Tinker Bell!

(Fairy Mary's head swiveled)

Fairy Mary: What? Who?

(Clank beamed)

Clank: She's new, Fairy Mary.

Tinker Bell: Nice to meet you.

(Fairy Mary's gaze settled on Tinker Bell, and her face lit up)

Fairy Mary: Rapture! A new charge on whom we can lavish all our tinkering wisdom and expertise! Let me see those hands.

(Tink held her hands out for inspection)

Fairy Mary: Teetering teapots, so dainty.

(Fairy Mary smiled at Tinker Bell)

Fairy Mary: Don't worry, dear. We'll build up those tinker muscles in no time.

(Tinker Bell giggled)

Tinker Bell: (CHUCKLES) Okay.

(Fairy Mary turned back to the wagon, all business again)

Fairy Mary: Now, boys, the deliveries?

Bobble: Aye, we're on it. As a matter of fact, we're heading out right this second.

Clank: (not-very-quiet whisper) But we've only got one wheel.

Fairy Mary: What was that?

(Bobble threw Clank a dirty look)

Bobble: (STAMMERING) Nothing really, Clank was just asking…

(He paused, searching for inspiration)

(Tinker Bell stepped between Fairy Mary and the boys)

Tinker Bell: If I can go as well!

(Bobble blinked behind his goggles, clearly pleased with Tink's quick thinking)

Bobble: Yeah! Good one. Very nice.

Clank: Yes! I wondered that, if you could go with us. Yes.

Bobble: That's exactly what he was saying.

(Fairy Mary regarded them all with suspicion)

Fairy Mary: Very well. Get on with it, then.

(She's just reminding them who was boss. Then she bustled off to attend to the next item of business)

(Clank and Bobble jumped into action. Clank picked up the missing wheel. Bobble gave a loud whistle and a mouse came galloping over to pull the cart)

(Tink turned to see if Fairy Mary was watching their departure, and if she had noticed the missing wheel)

(She was)

(She had)

(And she was laughing)

(EXT. THISTLE TRAIL – DAY. Tink rode next to Bobble in the mouse-drawn wagon as they headed to Springtime Square with their many deliveries. Clank trotted along beside them, holding up the axle where the wheel was missing)

Clank: Slow down, Cheese, I can't keep up!

Cheese: (SQUEAKS)

TINKER BELL: The mouse's name is Cheese?

(Bobble shrugged)

BOBBLE: Must be. He always comes when we yell it.

(Tink heard a pitter-patter behind the wagon. When she turned to find out what was making the sound, all she could see was swaying grass and a worried look on Clank's face)

(A very worried look!)

(The pitter-patter grew louder. Tink peered through the weeds and flower stalks to see who–or what–was out there)

(She glanced at Clank again. He seemed even more alarmed. His eyes were darting back and forth, searching the landscape and peering into the weeds. Tink's heart began to pound, and she tightened her grip on the edge of her seat. She had a feeling that something bad was about to happen)

Tinker Bell: (SCREAMS)

(Suddenly, Clank lurched forward)

Clank: OOOUGH!

(Tall, prickly plants came running toward them at full speed)

CLANK: Sprinting thistles! Bobble! Bobble!

(They gouged the sides of the wagon, scratching the paint and poking Clank in the backside)

Clank: AAAUGH!

(Cheese was so scared that he bolted ahead, pulling the wagon on one wobbly wheel)

(The wagon careened wildly down the path with Tink and Bobble holding on for dear life)

(EXT. SPRINGTIME SQUARE – DAY. As they barreled into Springtime Square, Tink caught a quick glimpse of fairies flitting back and forth, carrying berries, seeds, pots, and baskets. Piles of supplies were neatly stacked everywhere. Then the wagon hit a bump–and soared into the air! Tink and Bobble yelled, and fairies scattered in every direction, jumping and diving to get out of the way)

(The wagon landed with a tremendous THUMP! Tink and Bobble were thrown to the ground, and Cheese squeaked in dismay)

(Fawn ran toward the scene of the crash with some other fairies. She grasped Cheese's bridle and stroked his nose)

Fawn: Easy. Easy, boy.

(The frightened mouse immediately began to calm down)

Fawn: It's all right. Fawn's got you.

(Tink sat up, woozy and disoriented. Silvermist ran toward her)

Silvermist: (imitating Fawn's tone) Easy. Easy, girl. It's all right. Silvermist's got you.

(She earnestly stroked Tink's nose–which really didn't do much more than tickle)

(Rosetta and Iridessa flew to join them)

Rosetta: Oh, you all right, sugar cane?

(Tink tried to sit up, but Iridessa pushed her back down)

Iridessa: Be careful, Rosetta, she may faint! Elevate her legs. No, wait.

(She pulled Tink back up)

Iridessa: I mean her head. Wait, wait, wait. Okay.

(Iridessa chewed on a nail, muttering to herself. She was obviously trying to remember what they had told her in fairy-aid training. Then she snapped her fingers)

Iridessa: (triumphantly) If she's red, raise the head. If she's pale, raise the tail.

(She grabbed Tink's face and smooshed her cheeks between her hands)

Iridessa: Does she look pale or red?

(There was an awkward silence as the other fairies examined Tink)

Rosetta: She looks squished.

(Iridessa's glow flickered with embarrassment as she realized she had gone a little overhead with the fairy aid)

Iridessa: Sorry.

(She lets go of Tink's face. Tink did her best to smile reassuringly at the light fairy)

Silvermist: Here, let me, raindrop.

(She took Tink's arm and helped her up)

Silvermist: So, what happened to you, anyway?

Tinker Bell: Well, I…

(Tinker Bell didn't even know where to begin. Just then, Clank and Bobble popped up from beneath a pile of berries)

Clank: (in answer to Silvermist's question) It was sprinting thistles!

(Fawn, Rosetta, Silvermist, and Iridessa gasped)

(Rosetta angrily put her hands on her lips)

Rosetta: Those weeds are an absolute menace. Always trampling things, poking people in the petunia.

(Tink felt a rush of pride as she watched Bobble and Clank straighten the wagon and organize the pots and gardening supplies in the back. The garden fairies couldn't do what they did without the help of the tinker faires)

BOBBLE: Gather round, ladies. We've brought some selections from the new spring line of tinker specialties!

Fawn: All right!

Silvermist: Show us, show us!

(Iridessa's glow flickered with anticipation)

Iridessa: What'd you bring?

(Bobble handed Iridessa several tubes made of bark)

Bobble: Your rainbow tubes, Iridessa.

(Iridessa snatched the tubes gratefully)

Iridessa: (GASPS) Finally! Silvermist, could you help me?

(Silvermist smiled and sprayed a fine mist of water into the air. Iridessa flew through it, spreading her arms and creating a rainbow with her pixie dust. Then she landed, grabbed an edge of the rainbow, and rolled it into a tube)

(Tinker Bell was astounded)

Tinker Bell: What're you gonna do with that?

Iridessa: I'm gonna take it to the mainland.

Tinker Bell: What's the mainland?

Silvermist: It's where we're gonna go change winter to spring. The seasons change all the time there.

Rosetta: I'll get to apply my artistic sensibilities.

(She accepted a pussy willow paintbrush from Clank, dipped it in a nearby bucket, and began painting a blossom)

(Fawn took a milkweed-pod satchel from Bobble's hands and dropped a handful of nuts into it)

Fawn: Yeah. And I'll have breakfast ready for all the wittle fuzzies coming out of hibernation.

(Tink was just about to ask how to get to the mainland when Iridessa took her hand and pulled her into the air. Iridessa pointed toward the sky)

Iridessa: We just follow the second star…

Silvermist: Ride the breeze, follow the waves…

Rosetta: (taking up the story) All the way across the sea…

Fawn: And then, there it is.

(She waved her hand to create a sparkling cloud of pixie dust)

(The whole thing sounded so exciting and so beautiful, it took Tink's breath away. She struggled for words)

Tinker Bell: Wow! The mainland sounds

(She couldn't think of a word powerful enough, so she made one up)

Tinker Bell: flitterific!

(Tink's new friends looked at each other and shrugged modestly)

Bobble: (CHUCKLES) Yes. The glamorous lives of the nature-talent fairies, eh? We'd love to stay and chat, but…

Clank: But we tinkers have real work to do. Right?

FAWN: Don't get your wings in a bunch.

ROSETTA: Don't be like that.

(Bobble and Clank motioned to Tink to follow, and the three tinkers darted back to the wagon as the fairies teased them. Tink could tell that this good-natured back-and-forth was as much a part of the routine as the new deliveries were)

(She took her seat on the wagon next to Bobble. Clank picked up the axle. Tink turned and waved at her new friends)

Tinker Bell: Nice to meet you all!

FAWN: You, too! Fly with you later!

ROSETTA: Fly with you later!

(EXT. FLOWER MEADOW – DAY. Bobble pulled Cheese to a stop as the wagon rolled into Flower Meadow. Bobble consulted his leaf-scroll list)

BOBBLE: Right! Here we are. A pretty large order of pollen pots for the…

(He flinched as a purple blur zipped past them with a whoosh!)

(The blur slowed for a moment. It was Vidia. She twirled around and around, whipping the air into a funnel of wind. The funnel hovered over a flower, sucking up the pollen. Then it moved to another flower and repeated the trick)

(Tink was mesmerized as she watched the pollen-yellow whirlwind gather more and more dust out of the flowers. Neither Clank nor Bobble seemed to pay much attention. She guessed they had seen all this before. But Tink was fascinated, and she wanted to learn more about this fairy)

(Clank unloaded some pollen pots, and Bobble looked at his leaf scroll, figuring out their next stop)

Bobble: Last thing is berry bushels to deliver to the glen…

(Tink interrupted)

Tinker Bell: Is it okay if I just catch up with you later?

(Bobble shrugged)

Bobble: Oh, I suppose.

Clank: Can you find your way back?

(He put down the last of the pots and took up the axle again)

(Tinker Bell's eyes were still glued on Vidia)

Tinker Bell: Yeah, yeah. Sure I can.

BOBBLE: Well, I… All right, then.

Clank: Just be careful!

(As the wagon rumbled off, Tinker Bell flew over the flowers and followed behind Vidia, who was busy guiding the whirlwind toward the pollen pots)

Tinker Bell: Hi, there!

(Her voice startled Vidia so much that she lost control of the pollen-filled whirlwind. The stray wind spun away from the two fairies, throwing pollen everywhere and knocking over the carefully stacked pots)

Tinker Bell: Sorry.

(Vidia glared at her, pollen was swirling in the air between them. This wasn't going at all the way Tink had hoped. She smiled sheepishly and tried again)

Tinker Bell: Vidia, right?

Vidia: (violently) (SNEEZES)

(Her black ponytail momentarily flipped forward. Then, without a word, she flew away to continue her work)

(But Tink was determined to make friends)

Tinker Bell: We didn't officially meet. I'm Tinker Bell.

(Vidia came to a stop and gave her a long look)

Vidia: Oh, yes. The new girl.

Tinker Bell: That's right! So, what's your talent?

(Vidia began spinning again, until she was nothing but a blur. When she slowed down enough to be visible, she fixed Tink with a cocky glare)

Vidia: What do you think it is?

(Tink bit her lips)

Tinker Bell: You're a pollen-izer? Pollen-ator?

(Vidia's eyes narrowed)

Tinker Bell: Pollen-picker? Pollen-plucker?

(Vidia looked at Tinker Bell)

Vidia: I am a fast-flying fairy, a true rare talent. And this is but a small part of what I do. I make breezes in the summer, blow down leaves in the fall. My winds even brought you here, dear. Fairies of every talent depend on me.

(Tinker Bell smiled)

Tinker Bell: Hey, that's just like what I do.

Vidia: (SNORTS) Excuse me?

Tinker Bell: I mean, tinkers help fairies of every talent, too. So we're kind of the same, you know?

(Vidia's wings fanned slowly. She draped an arm over Tink's shoulders and leaned closer)

Vidia: Sweetie, I make forces of nature. You make pots and kettles. I work up in the sky, and you work down in a ditch.

Tinker Bell: Hey!

Vidia: Don't get me wrong, sunshine. Being a tinker is really swell and all, but I wouldn't go around bragging about your talent. It's not like spring depends on you.

(Tinker Bell refused to be put down)

Tinker Bell: Of course it does! And when I go to the mainland, I'll prove just how important we are.

(Vidia looked confused)

Vidia: When who goes to the mainland?

(Tink almost rolled her eyes)

Tinker Bell: Me, of course! For spring!

(Vidia smiled. It wasn't a very nice smile)

Vidia: Oh, of course. You'll prove it, huh?

Tinker Bell: Yes, I will.

(Vidia's nasty smile got bigger)

Vidia: Well, I, for one, am looking forward to that. Excuse me.

(She flew off so fast, Tink could hardly see her go)

Tinker Bell: No. Excuse me.

(Okay. So it wasn't much of a comeback–but at least Tink had the last word)

(EXT. BEACH, NEVER LAND – DUSK. Tinker Bell flew over Pixie Hollow, replaying in her mind the exchange with Vidia)

Tinker Bell: (mimicking Vidia's sarcastic voice) "Mine is a rare talent." Ugh.

(Tink snorted in disgust)

Tinker Bell: Try and tell me tinkers don't matter. I'll show her what a rare talent really is, when I…

(She broke off as a glint of light caught her eye. It was coming through the trees below)

(Curious, Tink flew down to investigate. She followed the glint to a sandy cove near where the ocean's waves lapped gently against Never Land's shore. She landed where she thought she'd seen the glint and began digging with her hands)

(Before long, Tinker Bell uncovered a silver coin. She turned the coin from side to side, watching it catch and reflect the fading rays of the sun. It sparkled so beautifully!)

(Are there any more of these? she wondered. She began to dig again)

(The sand yielded treasure after treasure)

(First she unearthed a huge brass screw. She spun it on her finger)

(Then Tink found a spring. She loved the way she could push and pull it and then watch it snap back into shape with a defiant sproing!)

(But the most fascinating thing she found was an eyeglass lens about the size of a fairy's window. Tink put her hand behind it and watched the lens magnify and distort her fingers. She laughed out loud)

(Tinker Bell hurried to gather up all her treasures, piling them into a wobbly stack in her arms)

(Tink smiled happily. She wasn't just a tinker fairy–she was a treasure-finding fairy! Here she was, brand-new to Pixie Hollow, and already she had discovered these amazing things. Tink wasn't sure just how, but she knew that with these treasures, she would surely find a way to prove herself)

(Then Vidia would see how important a tinker fairy could be!)

(INT. TINKER WORKSHOP – EVENING. Bobble looked up from his bench when Tink flew into the workshop with her armful of treasures)

Bobble: Hey, Tink, what you got there?

Tinker Bell: Oh, hi. I don't know. I just found them.

(She plopped the treasures down on her worktable. Clank and Bobble hurried to examine them)

Clank: (SNIFFS) Lost things.

(Tinker Bell frowned)

Tinker Bell: Lost things.

(Bobble nodded)

BOBBLE: Aye. Stuff gets lost and washes up on Neverland from time to time. You know, from the mainland.

Tinker Bell: These come from the mainland? That place sounds more fascinating all the time.

(Before Clank could answer, Fairy mary came bustling by with her seed abacus and checklist, busily taking note of the items and supplies)

Fairy Mary: Berry bushels, check. Pollen pots, check.

(She absently glanced at Tink's worktable)

Fairy Mary: Lost things, check.

(Fairy Mary broke off with a frown)

Fairy Mary: Lost things? Why are you fiddling with that junk?

(Tinker Bell shrank under Fairy Mary's disapproving glare)

Tinker Bell: Oh, um… Well, they were just so unusual.

Fairy Mary: You mustn't be wasting your time with that rubbish. And I won't have it cluttering up my workshop.

(She shot a stern look at Clank and Bobble)

Fairy Mary: And as for you two, no more dilly-dallying around. And don't forget about the Queen's review tonight. Goodness, there’s still so much to be done! Thank you.

(Fairy Mary started to gather up the Lost Things and flew away with her arms full)

(Clank noticed Tink's disappointed look)

Clank: Sorry about your trinkets, Miss Bell.

Bobble: Well, we'd best be getting ready for the review, anyway.

(Tink lifted her head)

Tinker Bell: What is the Queen's review?

(Bobble rubbed his hands in anticipation)

Bobble: You see, the Queen is going to review all the preparations for spring!

(Clank smiled)

Clank: Yeah, it's a good time for us tinkers to show what we can do, eh?

Bobble: Oh, indeed.

(Tink's spirits brightened considerably)

Tinker Bell: Really?

(Clank jerked his head toward the wagon)

CLANK: Like me. I can be a wheel.

(He joked as he and Bobble headed back to their worktables)

(Tink didn't laugh. Her mind was already racing ahead, making plans)

Tinker Bell: Perfect. That's my chance.

(Tink dove into action. She gathered twigs, sap, walnut shells–even silk from a surprised but good-natured spider)

(Her moment was coming, and she had to be ready)

(EXT. SPRINGTIME SQUARE – NIGHT. Springtime Square was full of fairies feverishly working to make everything ready for the Queen's Review)

(Flower-painting fairies lined up buckets of fresh-squeezed flower paint. Planting fairies stacked bushels of seeds and nuts to be counted)

(Ladybugs stood in rows. Some waited patiently for their black dots to be applied; others still needed their first coat of red. A fairy waved them over)

Flower-Painting Fairy: Okay, everybody, turn! Ready for the base coat over here!

(Fawn, Rosetta, Iridessa, and Silvermist were busy with their own tasks, and Clank and Bobble hurried from group to group, lending a hand wherever they were needed)

(The Minister of Spring floated through the square, overseeing everything. His face was serious, but his clothes were joyous and colorful. he wore a long, blue robe, with a pink azalea blossum on his lapel)

(A garland of leaves held the minister's long hair off his high forehead as he bent over his leaf-scroll checklist)

Spring: Splendid, splendid. Stack those neatly, plenty of time before the Queen arrives.

(He broke off when he heard a tinkling sound)

FLOWER FAIRY 1: It's the Queen!

Spring: What? She's here? Now? Play, music fairies. Yes, play!

(A band of music fairies struck up a Celtic tune, signaling the others to line up along the pathway. The fairies hurried to take their places)

(Queen Clarion came gliding in with the Minister of Fall, the Minister of Winter, and the Minister of Summer behind her)

(The Minister of Spring bowed with great dignity)

Spring: Queen Clarion, Your Illustriousness! As Minister of Spring, I welcome you to Springtime Square.

Queen Clarion: What? No fireworks, Minister?

(The Minister of Spring looked panicked)

Spring: Oh, well, yeah, that could be arranged. Light fairies! Light fairies!

(Queen Clarion giggled)

Queen Clarion: I'm teasing. You always make such a fuss, and everything always turns out wonderfully.

(The Minister of Spring relaxed and laughed)

Spring: (CHUCKLING) Well, I think you'll find that we have things well in hand.

(He pointed at a large, closed flower growing on an ornate platform)

Spring: When the Everblossom blooms, we'll be ready to bring spring to the mainland!

Queen Clarion: Music to my ears.

(Queen Clarion turned to the crowd)

Queen Clarion:  I know you've all put in months of practice and preparation, but keep up the good work these last few days, because just as fairies…

TINKER BELL: Queen Clarion!

(The queen broke off in surprise when Tink came hurtling along in her wagon. Tink pulled Cheese to a screeching halt, jumped out, and shouldered her way through the crowd to the front)

Tinker Bell: Queen Clarion! Did I miss anything?

(The music squawked to a halt, and the crowd turned toward Tink, annoyed and surprised)

Spring: No, no, no.

Tinker Bell: Phew! Good.

(Tink pretended to wipe her brow in relief)

(The Minister of Spring stepped forward to send Tink away, but Queen Clarion put a hand on his shoulder)

Queen Clarion: It's all right.

(Tink motioned for the fairies in front of the wagon to make room. She lifted the leaf tarp that covered the back)

Tinker Bell: I came up with some fantastic things for tinkers to use when we go to the mainland.

(The queen's eyebrows rose in surprise)

(Some of the fairies in the crowd whispered. Others glared)

TINKER BELL: Let me show you!

(Tink held up her first invention. The contraption looked like a nutcracker mad of sticks, rocks, and grass twine)

(She turned to Fawn)

Tinker Bell: First, baby chipmunks can't eat the whole nut, right? Their little teeth can't chew big bites.

(Tink placed a big nut in the contraption and began to crank)

Tinker Bell: So you just crank back this lever, and it's…

(The rocks pressed on the shell from either side, tighter and tighter. But instead of cracking–)


(The nut shot out of the device and smacked a baby squirrel right in the nose)

(The little creature stood stock-still, shocked. Then his big, dark eyes welled up with tears and his furry little chin quivered. There was a terrible silence in Springtime Square, until the squirrel let out a wail and ran off. All the fairies watched, horrified)

(Tink did her best to smile)

Tinker Bell: (LAUGHS NERVOUSLY) Whoops. It's kind of a work in progress.

Spring: Yes, yes, yes. Very clever.

(From the Minister of Spring's finger snap, the music resumed)

(But it was no use. Tink kept right on. She knew she could do this. Her next invention was sure to go over better)

Tinker Bell: And I made this, too. It's a flower-sprayer.

(Queen Clarion held up her hand, trying to stop her)

QUEEN CLARION: Tinker Bell, I…

Tinker Bell: Here, allow me to demonstrate.

(Tinker Bell turned the wooden handle and...KERBOOM!)

(The contraption exploded, covering the Minister of Spring with berry paint)

(The music resumed but stops again)

Tinker Bell: Sorry. But wait till you see this last one.

(This wasn't going so well. She felt a hand on her shoulder and looked up at the queen)

(Queen Clarion's eyes wee understanding and full of sympathy, but her voice was firm)

Queen Clarion: Tinker Bell, sweetheart, has no one explained?

(Tinker Bell bit her lip. Her heart pounded and she felt her throat tighten. She had a bad feeling that whatever Queen Clarion was going to say wasn't something she wanted to hear)

Tinker Bell: Explained what?

Queen Clarion: Tinker fairies don't go to the mainland, dear.

Tinker Bell: What?

Queen Clarion: All of those things are done by the nature-talent fairies. Your work is here in Pixie Hollow.

Tinker Bell: But I thought that…

Queen Clarion: I'm sorry, Tinker Bell.

(Tink looked at the assembled fairies. Some would not meet her eyes. Others gazed at her sympathetically)

(Only Vidia seemed to be enjoying Tink's heartbreak. Her face was twisted in a mean smirk. Tink didn't want to give her any satisfaction. She tried to pull herself together)

Tinker Bell: Oh, okay. No. No, that's good. I mean, I really couldn't make it anyway. So, good. Yeah. This actually works out good. I mean, well… So, I'm just gonna… Yeah.

(She took the reins and began leading Cheese away, trying not to look at the crowd as it parted for her)

(The music fairies burst into feverish song, desperate to fill the unhappy silence)

(Iridessa and Fawn hurried toward the wagon, with Clank and Bobble running behind them. Rosetta and Iridessa flew along, too)

(But Tink turned away from them. She shook the reins to hurry Cheese, eager to disappear into the dark so that she could cry undisturbed)

(INT. TINKER WORKSHOP – NIGHT. Back in the empty workshop, Tink dropped her contraptions on her worktable and slumped down on her stool)

Fairy Mary: (O.S.) Back so soon?

(Tink spun around in surprise)

(Fairy Mary stood on the far side of the workshop, checking on supplies and making tick marks in her leaf notebook)

Tinker Bell: You didn't go?

Fairy Mary: Goodness, no. Far too much work to do down here.

(Tink watched Fairy Mary cheerfully counting pots and wondered how she could be so satisfied)

Tinker Bell: Vidia was right. Being a tinker stinks.

Fairy Mary: Excuse me?

Tinker Bell: It's just, why don't we get to go to the mainland?

(Fairy Mary snickered)

Fairy Mary: The mainland? Who gives a pile of pebbles about the mainland?

Tinker Bell: But, Fairy Mary, the other fairies get to go.

(Fairy Mary put her hands on her lips)

Fairy Mary: Now, Tinker Bell, are you a garden fairy?

Tinker Bell: Well, no.

Fairy Mary: Are you a light fairy? Animal fairy? Water fairy, perhaps?

Tinker Bell: No and no.

(fairy mary shook her head)

Fairy Mary: No. You're not. You are a tinker. It's who you are. Be proud of it.

(She began to fly away, pausing to add)

Fairy Mary: The day you can magically make the flowers grow, or capture the rays of the sun and whatnot, then you can go. Until then, your work is here.

(With that, she was gone)

(Tink let her fall on the table in despair. There had to be something better in store for her than this–a pile of failed inventions and no trip to the mainland. There just had to be)

(Thanks to Fairy Mary's words, it wasn't long before she had a brand-new idea)

Tinker Bell: Good idea, Fairy Mary.

(Tink spread her wings and zipped into the air)

(She had a foolproof plan, and when the Everblossom bloomed, she would be among the fairies leaving for the mainland. This time for sure!)

(INT. PIXIE DUST WELL, PIXIE DUST TREE – MORNING. The next morning, Tink arrived early at the Pixie Dust Well. All the fairies began their day by lining up for their daily dose of dust. They were chatting while they waited. Tinker Bell ducked out of sight and waited to make an entrance)

FLOWER FAIRY 1: Get your pixie dust yet?

SPARROWMAN 1: Just did.

Sparrowman 2: Nice day for flying.

FLOWER FAIRY 1: Sure is.

(Tink saw Iridessa, Fawn, Rosetta, and Silvermist, who were waiting to receive their dust from Terence)

Terence: Here you go, Silvermist.

Silvermist: Thank you, Terence.

(Silvermist closed her eyes and held her nose when Terence poured the dust on her)

Silvermist: (nasal voice) I hope Tinker Bell is okay.

(Terence started to pour dust on Rosetta, but she politely stopped him and produced her own flower powder-puff. She delicately dipped it into the dust and gave herself a quick powder)

Rosetta: I know. That poor little sapling. She looked pretty wilted yesterday.

(Iridessa steps up for her dust)

Iridessa: Well, I wouldn't blame her if she stayed in bed all day.

(Tink listened from her hiding spot and smiled. Her friends were going to be so amazed when she told them about her great new plan!)

(The four fairies were indeed startled when Tinker Bell popped out)

Tinker Bell: Morning, girls!

(Terence was so surprised by Tink's perky manner that he dropped his dust ladle on Iridessa's head with a bonk!)

(Tink gave them a big smile)

ROSETTA: Tinker Bell?

FAWN: Tinker Bell?

(Tink did a fancy spin around a branch and then proudly landed on it)

Tinker Bell: Guess what? I've decided I'm not gonna be a tinker fairy anymore.

(Fawn and Iridessa looked shocked)

(Rosetta and Silvermist looked bewildered)

Rosetta: What?

Fawn: What?

Silvermist: What?

Iridessa: What?

Tinker Bell: Well, I was thinking. Why do I have to be a tinker? Just 'cause some silly hammer glowed? I mean, who's to say it wasn't some big mistake? Maybe I can just switch my talent.

Rosetta: Switch your talent? I don't know, Tinker Bell…

Tinker Bell: If you could teach me your talents, any of them, maybe I could show the Queen I can work with nature, too.

(A gnat landed on Tink's arm as she spoke, and she absentmindedly slapped at it. Fawn's eyebrows shot up in dismay)

Tinker Bell: And then she'd let me go to the mainland for spring.

Rosetta: Oh, Tinker Bell. That's just not how it works.

Fawn: Well, maybe she could.

Silvermist: She's right. She could.

(Iridessa wasn't buying it. Even her glow looked unsure)

Iridessa: Well, I've never heard of someone switching talents before.

Silvermist: She's right. Me, neither.

Tinker Bell: Look. You all do things that are beautiful and magical and important. But me, well, there's gotta be more to my life than just pots and kettles. All I'm asking is that you give me a chance.

(The group exchanged uneasy glances)

(Finally, Silvermist stepped forward and Took Tink's hand)

Silvermist: I'll help you, Tinker Bell.

(Tink's heart soared)

Tinker Bell: Thank you, Sil.

Fawn: Me, too. Could be fun.

(Rosetta shrugged)

Rosetta: Well, first time for everything, I guess. What harm can come from trying?

(Iridessa was the last holdout. But Tinker Bell made her eyes so big and he smile so hopeful that Iridessa finally caved)

Iridessa: Well, I still think this is a bad idea.

(EXT. LILYPAD POND – DAY. Their first stop was Lilypad Pond, where a gentle stream ran through the grass-lined pool)

(Silvermist and Tink flew over the area, with Fawn, Rosetta, and Iridessa right behind them)

(Silvermist was trying to decide where to start)

SILVERMIST: So, for your first day of water fairy training, I could show you how to make ripples in the pond.

Tinker Bell: Okay!

Silvermist: Or teach you how to talk to the babbling brook.

Tinker Bell: Oh, that sounds fun, too.

Silvermist: Or wait, wait, wait. I got it, I got it, I got it!

(Silvermist somersaulted backward and hovered over a glistening spiderweb)

Silvermist: Dewdrops on spider webs!

(Tinker Bell hovered beside Silvermist. She was mesmerized by the web's intricacy. Beautiful drops of dew clung to the delicate strands like jewels)

(They gazed at the web together, and Silvermist wiped an admiring tear from her eye. Then she grabbed Tink's arm, eager to get started)

Silvermist: Come on. I'll show you how to do it.

(Fawn waved)

Fawn: Good luck, Tink!

(Rosetta gave her a wink)

Rosetta: You can do it!

(Iridessa just stood there, obviously waiting for something awful to happen. Fawn and Rosetta gave her an expectant look)

Iridessa: Oh, um… Go get 'em.

(Silvermist led Tink to the edge of the pond)

Silvermist: Just cup your hands like this, reach into the water, and…

(She lifts out a perfect dewdrop. She looked at Tink)

Silvermist: Okay, you've heard of a dewdrop?

(Tink nodded)

Silvermist: This is a don't drop.

(Her face was serious, but a mischievous glint sparkled in her eye)

(Tink just started at her. Had Silvermist made a joke? Should she laugh? But she looked se serious!)

Silvermist: That's water fairy humor.

Tinker Bell: It's good.

Silvermist: Come on.

(Silvermist took her dewdrop and flew to the web, with Tink behind her)

Silvermist: Okay, Tink, now, this next part can be a little tricky. It takes a very steady, delicate hand to…

(She carefully placed the drop on the web. The drop settled, clinging to the thin strand)

(Silvermist stared at Tink's empty hands)

Silvermist: Where's your dewdrop?

Tinker Bell: Oh. (embarrassed) (GIGGLES) Forgot my dewdrop.

(She had been so busy watching Silvermist, she had forgotten to try it herself)

(Tink flew back to the pond. Slowly and gently, she pulled up a beautiful sparkling drop)

Tinker Bell: Hey! I did


(The dewdrop burst like a water balloon in her hands)

Tinker Bell: it.

(Silvermist appeared beside her)

Silvermist: Shake that one off. Shake it off. You can do this!

(Tink tried again. She carefully pulled out another drop and began to fly toward the web)

(Fawn cheered)

Fawn: That's it. That's it, Tink. You're doing it! You're…


(The dewdrop burst again)

(Tink blew out her breath, lifting her bangs off her forehand. This was harder than it looked. She dipped her hands back into the water)

Silvermist: Now, Tink, try to…


Silvermist: No, no, sweetie, you need to…


Silvermist: Well, maybe if you…


(The other fairies winced as Tink failed again and again. They watched her flit back and forth, trying to get each dewdrop to the spiderweb before it burst)

Iridessa: Well, you have to admire her persistence.

SILVERMIST: Tinker Bell!

Iridessa: Although, sometimes hammers glow for a reason.

(Tink was so frustrated that she wanted to scream. But she refused to give up. She lifted another drop–a huge one. But instead of trying to carry it, she heaved it toward the web, hoping it would stick before it could burst)

(Silvermist, Iridessa, Fawn, and Rosetta watched the giant drop fly through the air and land smack-dab in the middle of the web with a satisfyingly wet splort!)

(But instead of sticking to the web, it bounced off and flew toward Silvermist and the other fairies. SPLAT! The dewdrop burst with so much force, it soaked all four of them and knocked Silvermist flat on her back)

(Tink hurried to help Silvermist to her feet. She was sorry her friends had gotten wet, but at least she was making some progress, The dewdrop had been on the web, if only for a second!)

(Silvermist shook the water off her wings. Her eyes darted around, finally resting on Iridessa)

Silvermist: You know, you always struck me as a light fairy kind of gal.

(Iridessa winced)

(Tink knew that Iridessa didn't think her plan was so great, but she still felt optimistic)

(Tink smiled happily, determined to ignore the fact that Iridessa was definitely not smiling back)

(INT. TINKER WORKSHOP – DAY. Meanwhile, at Tinkers' Nook, a tall pile of acorn pails waiting for handles grew higher and higher on Tinker Bell's worktable)

(The nature fairies would need every bucket, pail, and basket they could get their hands on. Clank and Bobble worked at a feverish pace. Clank was busy assembling the bodies of the pails and putting them on Tink's worktable so that she could make the handles. Bobble was weaving grass baskets)

(It was hard work. Noisy, too. Clank grabbed a couple of wads of flower fluff and stuffed them into his ears. Then he cheerfully began to chop the tops off acorns to make pails. CHOP! WHAP! CHOP! WHAP! CHOP! WHAP!)

Bobble: (SNGING) Here we go in the treasure…

(Bobble continued to weave dainty blades of grass into baskets. He glanced over at Tink's table)

Bobble: Have you seen Tink?

Clank: No, thank you. Not thirsty!


Bobble: No, no. Not "drink," Tink!

Clank: Pink? I like purple meself!


Bobble: Tink! Have you seen Tink?

Clank: What?

(Clank stopped, smelled his armpits, and scowled at Bobble)

Clank: I do not stink! Maybe it's you, eh?

(Clank finished his chopping and pulled the fluff from his ears. He looked over at Tink's worktable and noticed the glowing pile of pails to be mended)

Clank: Hey, have you seen Tink?

(Bobble fought the urge to strangle him and shook his head)

(A worried look fell across Clank's face)

Clank: Fairy Mary's gonna be cross.

(Bobble nodded)

Bobble: Aye, Clank. We'd better take some of this off Miss Bell's plate, so…

CLANK: All right, then.

(They flew over to Tink's table. Bobble took a pail from the top of the pile just as Clank pulled one from the bottom)

Bobble: No, no, no! Wait, wait, Clank!

(But it was too late)


(The entire pile came sliding down. Bobble's and Clank's tidy worktables were now covered with mountains of unmended pails)

(Unfortunately, Fairy Mary chose that very moment to come flying in)

Fairy Mary: What are… Will you two stop mucking about?

(Bobble and Clank each pointed a greasy finger at the other, hoping to escape a scolding)

Bobble: What Clank did was, he took it off…

Clank: Bobble told me that I should…

(But Fairy Mary's eagle eyes were on Tink's table, which was now completely clear)

Fairy Mary: I see Tinker Bell has got her work done, mysteriously. Where is she, anyway?

(Bobble exchanged a nervous look with Clank and they both began talking at once)

Bobble: Well, you see, she's…

(Clank talked right over him)

Clank: She went with Cheese to…

(But Cheese was in the corner of the workshop, and when he heard his name, he came right over. He clearly hadn't gone anywhere with anyone)

(Fairy Mary's eyes narrowed)

(Bobble worked desperately to save the situation)

Bobble: No, no. Clank means she went to get cheese, you see, the food, for Cheese the mouse…

Clank: Yes, the food, for Cheese the mouse.

Bobble: …because he was whining.

(Clank, quick to catch on for once, hurried to back up the story)

Clank: Yeah. Like a baby.

BOBBLE: Like a wittle, wee baby, there.

(Fairy Mary gave them a long stare that let them know they weren't fooling her. Then she took off)

(Bobble let out of sigh of relief. Fairy Mary had let them–and Tinker Bell–off the hook this time)

(Next time?)

(Well...Fairy Mary wasn't the most forgiving fairy in Never Land)

(Bobble hoped Tinker Bell would come back and start tinkering again soon)

(They needed her)

Iridessa: Okay, what can I teach you that's gonna do the least amount of damage?

Iridessa: Oh, I know. Follow me, Tinker Bell.

Iridessa: The last light of day, it's the richest kind of all!

Iridessa: Wait for it. Wait for it.

Iridessa: Okay, and now!

Tinker Bell: Oh, wow.

Tinker Bell: It's incredible.

Iridessa: Now for the fun part.

Fawn: Do you think it's heavy?

Rosetta: No. It's light.




Iridessa: Okay, okay.


Tinker Bell: Stay.

Iridessa: Here, Tink. Let me…

Tinker Bell: No! I almost got it.

Iridessa: If I just get you started…

Tinker Bell: This is impossible!

Iridessa: Look out!


Tinker Bell: Oh, no.


Silvermist: I wonder how it's going.

Iridessa: Fly, Tink, fly!

Silvermist: Uh-oh.

FAWN: We'll save you, Tink!

SILVERMIST: Bob and weave! Bob and weave!

ROSETTA: Cover your tushy!


We fiddle and fix.

Craft and create.

Carve acorn buckets.

To hold flower paint.

Preparing for spring.

CLANK: We do all this and more.

Yes, being a tinker is never a bore!

Yes, being a tinker is never a bore!


FAIRY MARY: Tinker Bell,

I'd like a word with you.

Fairy Mary!

See, I was on my deliveries,

and it's actually kind of…

Save it.

I know what you've been up to, missy.

And I had such high hopes for you.



You'd do well to listen to her…


So I can do this my whole life?

I don't wanna be just a stupid tinker!

No, no, not that you guys are…

I didn't mean that… Guys, I wasn't…

I have to go.

Fawn: Now, flap them. Flap them. That's it! Have fun!

Fawn: Hey, Tink! You ready?

Tinker Bell: A little nervous, actually.

Fawn: Oh, don't be silly. Come on, you'll be fine.

Bird: (chirp)

FAWN: We're teaching baby birds how to fly.

Fawn: First, you have to get their attention. Smile and establish trust.

Fawn: See?

Fawn: Okay, open your wings, honey, and flap them up and down. Up and down.

Fawn: That's the way. Faster, faster. That's right.

Fawn: Yes! You're doing it! Okay. Come out this way a little bit.

Fawn: You're okay. You're okay. You got it. Keep flapping, keep flapping! (to Tink) Hey, why don't you help that last little guy?


Okay, okay.

Just smile and establish trust.

Hi, there!

Hey, little fella,

you wanna do some flap-flap today?

Oh, sure you do!

All you do is,

you just flap your wings, like this.

No, no, no. None of that.

Come on. All we got to do is…

Look. I'm going to level with you, okay?

I kind of bombed out on

the whole water and light fairy things,

and I'm starting to

run out of options here.

If you could see fit

to flap your little wings

and take flight

for a few measly seconds,

I might be able to go to the mainland

and bring happiness to the world!

What do you say?

Wrong answer.


If I end up making acorn kettles

for the rest of my life,

I am holding you

personally responsible.


(LAUGHING) Hey, hey. Look at this!

Okay, just stop squirming.

Would you just… Hey!

Okay, okay, okay.

I'm letting go. I am letting go.

This is not working.

Hey, maybe that guy can help.

He's a really good flyer.

Hey, up there!





FAIRY 1: What's happening?

Quick, hide!

FAIRY 2: Look out!



A hawk! Tinker Bell's in trouble!



This is my hiding spot!


But it's all yours, now.

Get him!

ALL: Get him!


FAIRY 1: What?

FAIRY 2: You all right?

FAIRY 1: So scary.



Are you okay, Vidia?


Let me help you.

Don't touch me! I'm fine!

But I was only trying to help.

Well, stop trying.

Silvermist: Tinker Bell…

Tinker Bell: I can't hold water. I can't hold light. Birds hate me. I'm just so useless!

Fawn: Tink.


I failed for the third time in a row.

At this rate, I should get to

the mainland right about… Oh… Never!




Rosetta: Sil!






FAWN: You fixed it!


IRIDESSA: Beautiful!

ROSETTA: Amazing!

Tinker Bell: What are you guys doing here?

IRIDESSA: It might be the sparkliest thing I've ever seen, and I've seen a lot of sparkly things!

Silvermist: It's a really pretty thingy. What is it?

Tinker Bell: I don't know. I just found it.

Rosetta: Tinker Bell, don't you even realize what you're doing? You're tinkering!

Tinker Bell: What? No, no, this isn't… I was just…

Rosetta: Creating those gadgets, figuring things out, fixing stuff like this, that's what tinkering is, sweetie!

Iridessa: Don't you like doing this? Isn't it what you really love?

Silvermist: Yeah! Who cares about going to the mainland, anyway?

Tinker Bell: Well, I do, remember? I want to see where these things come from. Why are you saying this? Are you just giving up on me?

Tinker Bell: I mean, aren't you going to teach me to be a garden fairy anymore?

Rosetta: Sweet pea, I think this is your talent.

Silvermist: Tink, we just want you to be happy.

Tinker Bell: If you really want me to be happy, you'll help me get to the mainland like you promised.

Fawn: Please, Tinker Bell, just think about it.


Will you teach me how to be

a fast-flying fairy?

Please? I know I could do it!

With your help, I could be flying

as fast as you in no time.

Vidia, you're my last hope.

All my friends have given up on me.

Rosetta won't even try to teach me

to be a garden fairy now.

I bet I could at least paint some flowers

or plant some sproutlings.

I mean,

there must be something I could do.

Or if you really want to be

a garden fairy…


Capture the sprinting thistles.

Well, okay. I can do this. Yeah!

Okay. Ready, Cheese?

Come on. They're just weeds.

Besides, there were only

seven or eight at the most, right?


We can do this. I know we can do this.

What do you say?


This ought to be good.

TINKER BELL: Come on, you!

Oh, come on!

Just a bit this way!

It's working! It's working!

Come on!


Wait, wait, wait.

Come back! Come back!

These things just won't listen!

Come on, Cheese. Go, go, go!

Okay, definitely more than eight.

Please file into the corral

in an orderly manner!


Oh, no! Come on!

Come on, now.


TINKER BELL: Sorry. Sorry.

Excuse me. So sorry.

Rosetta: This is the last batch.



Sorry. Sorry!

Oh, no.

Fawn: Tink. What happened?

Tinker Bell: I…

Rosetta: Tinker Bell, what did you think you were doing?

Tinker Bell: I was just… I was just trying to… I thought if I could capture the thistles, then…

Rosetta: There isn't a garden fairy alive who can control those weeds! What were you trying to prove?

Tinker Bell: I…

Silvermist: She's right, Tink. This has all gone too far.

By the second star!

All the preparations for spring…

How did this…

Queen Clarion, it was me.

I did it. It was all my fault.

Tinker Bell.


I'm sorry.

SPRING: I don't think we can

fix this in time.

We're going to have to cancel spring,

or postpone it at the very least.

WINTER: What, and put my

snowflake fairies back to work? Oh, no.


But we can't! We can't do that!

If the snow isn't melted,

the seedlings won't grow,

the fruit won't ripen in the summer…

And in the autumn,

there will be nothing to harvest.

Spring must happen on time,

or the balance of nature

will be undone!

There must be something we can do!

Certainly this has happened before!

It has!

Did you ever hear of the Ice Age?

Settle down, all of you.

Fairy Mary, is it even possible to redo

everything in such a short time?


SPRING: Oh, no.

We were so close,

and now it's all gone.

SUMMER: Who's going to paint

our leaves now?

AUTUMN: The apples and pumpkins

will never grow.

SUMMER: No rolling hills

covered in daffodils?

SPRING: And it took months to harvest

all those seeds!

AUTUMN: Animals waking

from hibernation

will have nothing to eat!

You okay, Tink?

Yeah. Yeah, I'm fine.

I just came hoping to get a quick refill.

I'm going away for a while.

Well, how long you going to be gone?

Well, actually, forever.

Forever? Well,

(CHUCKLES) in that case,

a double scoop.

Forever's a pretty long time, so I hear.

Thanks, Terence.

You know my name?

Well, sure. Why wouldn't I?

I don't know.

I'm just a dust-keeper guy.

I'm not exactly seen as the most

important fairy in Pixie Hollow.

Terence, what are you talking about?

You're probably the most important one

there is!

Without you,

no one would have any magic!

Why, your talent makes you

who you are!

You should be proud of it! I mean…

I am.

(STAMMERING) I'd better get going.

Hey, Cheese.

"Be proud of your talent." What talent?

I couldn't even get

these silly things to work.

Lost things.

That's it!

Attention, everyone!

I'm afraid I have distressing news.

There is no way spring

can come on time.

Months of work was lost,

and it will take us months

to restore it all.

So when the Everblossom

opens tomorrow,

I'm afraid we will not be going

to the mainland for spring.


Wait! I know how we can fix everything!

Tinker Bell?

Tinker Bell, I don't think this is…

Just hear me out. Please.

How long does it take you

to paint a ladybug?

I don't know. 10, 15 minutes, I guess.


See? We can build more.

I can show you how.

Making paint, gathering seeds,

we can do it all in no time.

We have to at least try!

Wait a…

Are we really gonna listen to her?

She's the reason we're in this mess

in the first place!

But I can fix it.

Yippee! Tinker Bell's going to save us

with her dopey little doohickeys.

VIDIA: Hide the squirrels!

What is your problem, Vidia?

Why do you think

you're so much better than me?

I am better than you, sweetie.

I didn't ruin spring.

At least now I'm trying to help.

Have you ever helped anyone

besides yourself?

Well, I tried to help you!

Maybe I should have told you

to capture the hawk

instead of the thistles!


Perhaps Tinker Bell was not

the only one responsible.


It seems to me that

your fast-flying talent is well-suited

to chasing down each and every one

of the thistles.

Yes. And I expect them all

to be returned to Needlepoint Meadow

as soon as possible.

But that could take forever!

Then I suggest you get started.

Now, Tinker Bell,

are you sure you can do this?

Because I'm a tinker. It's who I am.

And tinkers fix things.

But I can't do it alone.

BOTH: Command us, Miss Bell.

Silvermist: I'll help.

Fawn: Show us how, Tink!

Rosetta: I'll help you.

Iridessa: Me, too!

Okay, gather up all the twigs you can,

all different sizes, and tree sap.

We need lots of that.

But most importantly,

we need to find lost things.

Okay, what have you got?

How about this?

Will this do?

Can you use this fuzzy thing,

Miss Bell?

Oh, yeah!

BOBBLE: It's not fuzzy.

CLANK: Yes, it is.

No, it isn't.



Magnification, please. Thank you.

And that's how you do it!

Now, what do you suppose the…


You smell funny.

I saw it first.

I bumped into it.

TINKER BELL: Just tie this off here.

So, you just squeeze this,

then let it go, and…

See? Simple!

Now, just put the berries in,

and we'll have plenty of paint

in no time!


Rosetta: Six, seven and eight.


You did it, Tinker Bell.

You saved spring.

We all did it.

Silvermist: Queen Clarion? Can't Tink come with us to the mainland?

Fawn: Yeah, she's done so much for everyone.

Tinker Bell: No, no, you guys, really. I don't need to go.

Rosetta: Buttercup, it's what you wanted.

It's okay. My work is here.

And I still have so much to do. I gotta…

FAIRY MARY: Not here, you don't!

Well… But I don't…

Surprise, Miss Bell.

We found your tiny dancer!

Actually, I ran across this myself

many seasons ago.

I didn't have a clue what it was

or how to fix it.

But you did, Tinker Bell.

You are quite a rare talent indeed.

And I'd imagine there's a little girl

out there who's missing this.

What do you mean? How…

I think that perhaps

a certain tinker fairy

might have a job to do after all,

on the mainland.

You mean, I…

IRIDESSA: I knew you'd get to go!

FAWN: Oh, Tink!

We can help, Miss Bell.

We can help. I'm strong.

Iridessa: I'm so happy for you. Come on. We gotta go line up.

Thank you, Your Highness.

But how will I find who it belongs to?

You'll know. Now go!

Good heavens.

Thank you.

Tink. Hey,

something to help you on the mainland.

Terence, that's so sweet.

Good luck, Tink.

To the air, fairies! To the air!

The mainland awaits!


with me now to the sky

Up over the hills and the sea

Far beyond where our memories lie

To a place where I'm free to be me

Oh gather ye now one and all

No matter what all ye may do

Let the stars fill your soul

when the moon cradles all

So to yourself be true

The blanket of snow is all gone

Each flower waits for the sun

And the whispering tears of the rain

Holds promise for everyone

Then come away with me friends

No matter where you call your home

With a light in our hearts

We will never part

Fairies to the north!

Fairies to the south!

To the east and west!

Deep in the forest we go

The creatures are all fast asleep

Fawn: Wake up, sleepyheads! Come on! There you go. Good squirrel.

With a kiss and a wink

we will waken our souls

While always their safety we'll keep

And then, then we'll dance

through the night

Till the sunbeams sparkle at dawn

And away we will go

Like last winter's snow

Soon our work will be done

Oh gather ye now one and all

No matter what all ye may do

Let the stars fill your soul

when the moon cradles all

So to yourself be true

Oh gather ye now one and all

No matter what all ye may do

Let the stars fill your soul

when the moon cradles all

So to yourself be true


So to yourself be true



Mummy! Guess what, guess what!

MRS. DARLING: Yes, Wendy.

What is it, darling?

NARRATOR: A fairy's work is

much more than,

at first, it might appear.

You did it!

Suppose your broken clock ticks,

though it hasn't in a year.


Perchance you find a toy you lost,

or jingling bells you hear.

It all means that

one very special fairy might be near.

(SINGING) Watch all the flowers

dance with the wind

Listen to snowflakes

whisper your name

Feel all the wonder lifting your dreams

You can fly

Fly to who you are

Climb upon your star

You believe you'll find your wings

Fly to your heart

Touch every rainbow painting the sky

Look at the magic glide

through your life

A sprinkle of pixie dust circles the night

You can fly

Fly to who you are

Climb upon your star

When you believe

you'll find your wings

You can fly

To your heart

Rise to the heights of all you can be

Soar on the hope of marvelous things

Fly to who you are

Climb upon your star

When you believe

you'll find your wings