NARRATOR: From a secret island in the South Pacific, the courageous Tracy family run an organisation called International Rescue. When disaster strikes - anywhere in the world - they are always first on the scene. They go by the name they gave their incredible machines: The Thunderbirds. Five, four, thee, two, one, Thunderbirds are go.

[Introductory Credits]

(Accompanying music: Thunderbirds)

NARRATOR: But in this family of heroes, there is one son left behind.

----- [Wharton Academy, Massachusetts]

[ALAN is sitting at the back of the classroom, looking out the window and towards the sky. FERMAT is sitting to his left, concentrating on the teacher.]

MISS GARRET: So gentlemen, we all know that A squared, plus B squared equals...

ALL: C squared.

MISS GARRET: C squared, that’s right. [FERMAT shuffles around his notes.] But what happens when we add in Leonardo da Vinci’s E, F and... [She trails off as she notices that ALAN isn't paying any attention.] Mr Tracy?

FERMAT: [Whispered.] Alan. [He leans across the desks.] Alan!

[Everyone look around at him. ALAN looks around as well.]

MISS GARRET: How kind of you to come back from outer space, Alan. [He smiles. She starts walking towards him.] I trust re-entry wasn’t too rough. [She laughs and smiles.] Here on Earth, we’ve been discussing the Pythagorean Theorem. Did any of that happen to sink in? [He looks down at his desk.]

ALAN: I... I was just-

MISS GARRET: Apparently not. [She takes his notebook, which is open to the page on which he has been drawing a picture of Thunderbird 1. She reads.] "Thunderbirds are go." Well I hope you aren’t going anywhere special over spring break Alan, because I expect a ten thousand word paper on my desk the day you get back. [The boy sitting diagonally to the left of him makes an ‘L’ gesture at him.] That should keep you busy. [She slaps the notebook back onto this desk.]

[The bell rings.]

----- [The hallways]

[ALAN is chucking things into his locker.]

ALAN: That should keep you busy. Well you can take your ten thousand words and stick 'em right up your-

FERMAT: Alan! [He whacks him on the arm when he spots the HEADMASTER and MISS GARRET walking towards them. ALAN turns around.]

ALAN: Headmaster.

HEADMASTER: Mr Tracy. [He walks passed them.]

ALAN: Miss Garret. [She walks past them, her nose in the air. ALAN sighs and he and FERMAT shut their lockers.]

[They walk through the halls. ALAN has his hands in his pockets.]

FERMAT: You’ve got to be more careful, Alan.

ALAN: Why can’t I just tell 'em I'm a Thunderbird, Fermat?

FERMAT: Because technically you’re not a Thunderbird yet. And if your identity was discovered it’d be a d-d… it could be really bad.

ALAN: [He scratches his head.] I know. I know.

KID: [He is running through the hallways, pushing past everyone in front of him. People start running as he speaks.] ...Thunderbirds, come on. They're gonna be on TV. It's the Thunderbirds, they're gonna be on TV! Let’s go, they're gonna be on TV! [ALAN stops him. Others continue to run by.]

ALAN: Whoa, where are they?

KID: They're in Russia, at an oil rig fire. [ALAN lets him go and he resumes running.]

ALAN: Great, [He puts his hands back in his pockets] I’m stuck at school and my brothers are on another cool mission.

FERMAT: Wanna watch?

ALAN: Yeah. [They run off.]

----- [A room]

[Many students have already gathered and are watching the television. IWN news is on, showing that in Russia it is raining heavily. ALAN and FERMAT push their way through the crowd.]

LISA: We are told the super rig is now in total danger of collapse and there is real concern for the lives of six men who remain trapped on board. An emergency call went out to the Thunderbirds just a few minutes ago, they should be here any moment now. [She looks to the sky.] And here they are.

(Accompanying Music: International Rescue)

[Thunderbirds One and Two arrive, heading for the exploding rig. The students, including ALAN and FERMAT, cheer.]

ALL: Yeah!

----- [Super Rig, Russia]

SCOTT: Thunderbird Two from Thunderbird One, I have visual south coast, they’re trapped on an inspection platform.

JEFF: F.A.B., we’ll take it from here.

[The men are attempting to climb higher up and get off the platform.]

MAN: Come on, come on!

[Explosions continue. A tower becomes engulfed in flames. JEFF is watching it from the window of Thunderbird Two.]

JEFF: Scott get out of there, that tower’s coming down.

SCOTT: Got it. [He pulls Thunderbird One back as the tower falls down and hovers over the water.]

----- [Wharton’s]

[Students gasp.]

---- [Super rig]

JEFF: Thunderbird One, any damage?

SCOTT: Negative dad.

----- [Wharton’s]

ALAN: [He pushes his way through the crowd.] Come on, come on. Swing around. You can’t get close enough taking that approach angle. [The boy from the class room watches him. FERMAT follows ALAN forward.]

REPORTER: [In the background.] ...the horrendous weather is making it difficult to navigate the Thunderbirds...

----- [Super rig]

JEFF: Approach angle's no good. We're gonna have to swing around. [Thunderbird Two turns around.]

SCOTT: Watch for wind shear, Thunderbird 2.

JEFF: Scotty, I was watching for wind shear when you were still wearing diapers.

----- [Wharton’s]

ALAN: Come on, dad.

----- [Super rig]

[Explosions continues, one of which nearly hits Thunderbird Two.]

JEFF: Whoa, hold on.

SCOTT: Who needs the diapers now, dad?

---- [Wharton’s]

FERMAT: What do they do now?

ALAN: I bet they drop the rescue platform from Thunderbird Two.

----- [Super rig.]

[The rescue platform is dropped from Thunderbird Two.]

VIRGIL: Open them up, here we go. Rescue platform’s on its way.

JEFF: Virgil, how’s it going?

VIRGIL: It’s looking good dad.

MAN: Come on! [A man manages to jump onto the platform.]

VIRGIL: Ok, I’ve got a visual, hold it there. [He locks the targets.] Targets locked. Firing rescue lines. [Six lines are fired, hitting each man.] Come guys, hook 'em up.

MAN: Ready.

MAN: Hoist away!

JEFF: Let’s haul them out of there.

----- [Wharton’s]

REPORTER: [In background.] The Thunderbirds are actually rescuing...

FERMAT: Commencing reverse thrust. [He and ALAN make out as though they are piloting Thunderbird Two.]

----- [Super rig]

JEFF: Ok, let’s bring ‘em home.

MEN: Look out! [The men bang into each other as they are hauled up.]

----- [Wharton’s]

ALAN: We’ve gotta get them out fast. The rig’s gonna blow.

---- [Super rig]

MEN: Hang on! [They drop lower.]

----- [Wharton’s]

[Students gasp.]

----- [Super Rig]

JEFF: Whoa, sorry boys. Hold on tight, here we go. [The men are pulled up again.]

------ [Wharton’s]

ALAN: Come on, Virgil.

---- [Super rig]

VIRGIL: Hold on, guys.

JEFF: How you doing, son?

VIRGIL: Never better.

JEFF: Thunderbird One, commence lock down procedure.

SCOTT: F.A.B., Thunderbird Two. [He presses buttons.] Lining up target. [A section opens on the underside of Thunderbird One.] Fire. [A rocket is fired and it hits the oil rig and the fire is extinguished.] Yee-ha!

JEFF: Bull’s-eye! Outstanding shot. [SCOTT chuckles.] All right, boys. Let’s take these babies home.

----- [Wharton’s School, Massachusetts]

LISA: As you can see, the fire has been extinguished. [Students cheer and clap.] The rocket fired from Thunderbird One has robbed it of the oxygen it needed to burn. Amazing. The Thunderbirds have done it again, Chuck.

[Thunderbird One veers off and jets away; Thunderbird Two turns and follows her. Students continue cheering.]

CHUCK: Great work, Lisa, thanks a lot.

BOY: [He walks towards ALAN.] Ooh, I wish I could be a Thunderbird one day. Thunder-turd.


ALAN: That’s not a good one, diaper boy. [Students start laughing. The HEADMASTER enters, slamming the door open.]

HEADMASTER: Tracy! [Everyone goes silent and looks around.] There's someone here for you. [LADY PENELOPE enters behind him.]

(Accompanying music: Lady Penelope at Your Service)

LADY PENELOPE: [She smiles.] Hello boys. [ALAN makes his way through the crowd and smiles. FERMAT follows him.] Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward, at your service. Alan darling, your father’s been unexpectedly detained, and he’s asked me to pick you up, is that all right? [ALAN and FERMAT look at each other.]

FERMAT: Sure beats the bus!

ALAN: [He looks back to LADY PENELOPE.] Definitely.

LADY PENELOPE: Fantastic. Now, will any of these gorgeous young things be joining you? [Students raise their hands and shout.]


ALAN: Just... Fermat. [ALAN puts his arm around FERMAT’s shoulder.]

LADY PENELOPE: Quite right.

----- [Outside]

[LADY PENELOPE, ALAN and FERMAT walk out of the school, students and teachers follow behind them.]

ALAN: Lady Penelope, why are you in America? Are you on a mission from my father?

LADY PENELOPE: [Whispered.] Alan, shh. I am an undercover agent, so please try to be discreet. [She raises her voice.] Here we are.

[PARKER is waiting by FAB 1, a huge pink six-wheeler with cream interior and tinted bubble canopy. Students grouped around the car admire her in awe.]

FERMAT: Hi, Parker.

PARKER: Good afternoon to you, Master Hackenbacker. [They shake hands, very strongly.]

FERMAT: Ow. [He shakes his hand when PARKER lets go.]

ALAN: Hi, Nosey.

PARKER: Less of that attitude or I shall be obliged to deliver the Parker Haymaker.

ALAN: Ok, [He takes on a boxing stance and shifts from foot to foot] bring it on, big guy. [ALAN gets in the car behind FERMAT.]

[The boy from before touches the bonnet of the Rolls. Parker wags a finger at him. They drive off.]

LADY PENELOPE: Try not to run over any children, Parker.

PARKER: Very good, m'lady.

----- [FAB 1]

LADY PENELOPE: Come on, Parker, chop chop. [A red visor drops down in front of PARKER’s eyes as FAB 1 switches to her 'flight mode'; wings sprout from underneath and a large jet turbine engine pops out of the boot. Approaching a cliff, FAB 1 lifts off and flies.]

ALAN: Alright!


ALAN: Yes!

ALAN & FERMAT: [FERMAT looks out of the window and then to ALAN who is smiling. They high five.] Yeah.

LADY PENELOPE: [She is reading the newspaper "Financial Times".] Oh look, Parker, pink is the new black this season.

PARKER: I’m very glad to hear it, m’lady.

LADY PENELOPE: And hem lines are going up.

PARKER: That is good news, m’lady.

LADY PENELOPE: Oh and apparently England won the football last night.

PARKER: Yes! [He lets go of the steering wheel as he cheers and FAB 1 begins to drop altitude and swing towards the left] En-ga-land!

LADY PENELOPE: Calm down, Parker.

PARKER: Yes, m’lady. [He steers FAB 1 back onto the right course.] Sorry, m’lady.

----- [San Francisco City Hospital, California]

[A family are getting out of a taxi. The eldest son has a pan on his head, his mother is holding her youngest.]

MOTHER: Come on, out we go. [She helps her middle son out of the car.] Wait ‘till your father hears about this... [she shuts the door] pan head. [They start walking towards the hospital when a bright light shines down on them. She looks up and sees the front of Thunderbird Two appearing over the hospital.] Aliens!

BOY: Even better, it’s the Thunderbirds!

[Thunderbird Two lowers the rescue platform to the ground. Hospital staff come over to help.]

VIRGIL: Okay, lock it up. [VIRGIL opens the gate on it and ushers the men out.] Let’s go, let’s move it. [The men leave and doctors take them depending on their injuries.]

DOCTOR: We’ve got multiple fractures. Hey, we need some help over here.

NURSE: Here you are, some help.

[Thunderbird One appears and hovers over the hospital.]

JEFF: Mission complete. Thunderbird One, we are good to go.


[One of the rescued men is MULLION. He looks up at Thunderbird One and fires a compound at her, which hits the nosecone.]

----- [A submarine]

[THE HOOD is inside.]

COMPUTER: Tracking device activated. [The screen lights up with a map.]

THE HOOD: Ah, the chariot of the Gods. [He opens his eyes.] Having dallied with the mortals they return to Olympus. And so I follow.

----- [FAB 1]

PARKER: Pardon me, m’lady, approaching Tracy Island. [The radar beeps, he looks at it. Two blips, one green and the other blue, are shown approaching on either side of FAB 1's pink blip.] And radar indicates we have some company.

[She looks around. Thunderbird One appears to their left and Thunderbird Two to their right. ALAN gives SCOTT a thumbs up, he waves back. ALAN turns to Two where JEFF salutes to him. SCOTT weaves Thunderbird One under Thunderbird Two and then over, spinning One around as he does so.]

LADY PENELOPE: Now that’s showing off. [Thunderbirds One and Two speed away.]

ALAN: I wish that was me.

----- [Tracy Island]

[The kitchen.]

BRAINS: I’m about to run post-flights checks, Mr Tracy. Anything I sh-sh-sh... anything you wanna tell me?

JEFF: Brains, I noticed a build-up of vibration on Thunderbird 2 followed by illumination of the number five engine out-light.

BRAINS: Ok, Mr Tracy, I’ll c-c... study the flight data in the guidance processor.

[ALAN and FERMAT are standing at the countertop. As JEFF and BRAINS walk in, ALAN turns around.]

ALAN: Dad! [He runs towards JEFF.]

JEFF: Alan! [They hug. FERMAT runs towards BRAINS and they hug.] Let’s look at you. [He looks ALAN over before noticing the elder Tracys.] Oh man, uh-oh look out. [SCOTT, VIRGIL and GORDON come over to him.]

VIRGIL: Hey, sprout. [He ruffles ALAN’s hair.]

SCOTT: Hey, buddy. [SCOTT ruffles ALAN’s hair. VIRGIL and FERMAT high five.]

ONAHA: Come and get it.

JEFF: Onaha, it smells delicious. I’m starved. [He walks around to the back of the counter, SCOTT follows him as does ALAN. BRAINS hands a plate to FERMAT.]

ALAN: Dad, I saw the mission on TV. It looked pretty dangerous.

JEFF: [He pours himself a drink.] Saving lives is a dangerous business, but it’s what we do. [He pats ALAN on the shoulder. GORDON takes a plate. SCOTT goes and sits down, drinking from the juice carton. They walk round to the front of the counter.]

ALAN: Do you think the fire was cause from thermal up cast? I mean that would explain the whole thing-

JEFF: Whoa, whoa, whoa! Enough shop talk, I wanna hear about school. [VIRGIL takes a plate and goes to sit down.]

ALAN: School’s boring. Plus I’ve been thinking, maybe I could be home educated now, that way I could sit in on missions from time to time. What do you think?

JEFF: No shortcuts Alan. No school, no rockets. Say, why aren’t you wearing your retainer. [He goes to sit down.]

SCOTT: So I’m getting this reading, telling the wind is blowing 60 knots right up my Keister.

GORDON: No kidding. [JEFF and ALAN sit down.]

ALAN: Did you try readjusting the flaps?

SCOTT: Well that’s the first thing I did, Sprout. It’s not my first day on a Thunderbird you know.

GORDON: Try to keep up. [He pats ALAN on the back.]

VIRGIL: Yeah, don’t you have homework to do or something?

GORDON: Unless he blown up this school like the last one. [They laugh. GORDON ruffles ALAN’s hair.]

SCOTT: Yeah keep Alan away from the ships, he’s a hazard.

JEFF: Ok, that’s enough. Pass the salad. [JEFF hands the salad to GORDON, who takes it and offers it to ALAN who shakes his head.]

VIRGIL: Man, I haven’t seen that much fire since that volcano erupted in Fiji.

GORDON: That wasn’t Fiji, that was Istanbul.

VIRGIL: No, no, Istanbul was the earthquake.

SCOTT: Yeah, well nothing compares to Argentina.

ALAN: Dad I’m not really hungry. Come on Fermat, let’s go. [He gets up and leaves. JEFF, SCOTT, GORDON and VIRGIL watch him go.]

FERMAT: But- you- I... I’m not done. [BRAINS motions for him to follow.] Ok. [He gets up and goes before coming back and grabbing some chips off his plate.]

[JEFF watches him go and then looks down.]

----- [Outside]

[KYRANO is tending to the plants.]

JEFF: Kyrano, have you seen Lady P?

KYRANO: By the pool.

JEFF: Of course.

[LADY PENELOPE is sitting on a sun lounger. Her phone rings. She answers.]


----- [Thunderbird One’s Hangar]

FERMAT: We’re not supposed to go in there. We could get in trouble!

ALAN: Ah you worry too much. [He keys in the access code, part of which is “--4261----“]

FERMAT: How’d you get the access code for Thunderbird One anyway?

ALAN: Fermat, my friend, what you don’t know can’t hurt ya. [The door opens.]

----- [The poolside]

LADY PENELOPE: I’ll be right there. [She closes her phone and begins to gather her things.] It seems the fire at the oil rig was no accident.

JEFF: Any suspects?

LADY PENELOPE: Not yet, but I’ll keep you posted. [JEFF takes her hand and helps her up.]

JEFF: Thanks for bringing Alan home.

LADY PENELOPE: My pleasure. Any excuse to visit paradise. [KYRANO watches them and puts his hands on his hips. TIN-TIN runs up the steps and past the pool.]

JEFF: Tin-Tin.

TIN-TIN: Hey, Mr Tracy.


TIN-TIN: Good evening, Lady Penelope.

JEFF: Do you know Alan’s home?

TIN-TIN: Alan’s back? [She starts looking around.] I mean oh, Alan’s back. Hey dad. [She runs over to him and waves goodbye to them.]

JEFF: When are those two gonna get along? [They start walking.]

LADY PENELOPE: When Tin-Tin decides the time is right. Girls are always far ahead of boys with that sort of thing.

JEFF: What sort of thing?


JEFF: Alan and Tin-Tin? I didn’t see that one coming.

LADY PENELOPE: No, you wouldn’t.

JEFF: Have a safe flight home, Penny. [He goes up the stairs to the house, she continues walking straight ahead.]

LADY PENELOPE: Thanks, Jeff.

----- [Thunderbird One]

ALAN: Okay Fermat, run pre-flight checks.

FERMAT: Right. Hydraulic systems… [He clicks the switches] are green.

ALAN: Commence main launching sequence.

FERMAT: F.A.B., Alan. [ALAN clicks the switches.]

ALAN: Wouldn’t hurt to just fire up the instruments. [He hits the wrong switch and Thunderbird One starts up.]

FERMAT: No, wait Alan [He bats ALAN’s hand away from the switches] that’s a - wrong switch. [They try to turn it off.]

COMPUTER: Warning. Engine sequence breech.


COMPUTER: Warning. Engine sequence breech. [Alarms blare and the pool begins to move back. In Jeff's office, he notices the alert.]

ALAN: Oh, could this day could get any worse? [Thunderbird One’s systems shut down.]

JEFF: Alan, my office. Now.

FERMAT: It just did. [ALAN puts his head back against the seat.]

[They leave Thunderbird One, which hisses as her emergency systems shut down.]

ALAN: I can’t believe it.

FERMAT: We’re so busted. [He runs his hand along the side of Thunderbird One. His hand touches the compound.] Look at this.

ALAN: What is it?

FERMAT: It looks like some kind of gallium electrolyte compound.

ALAN: Gotta get out of here.

----- [JEFF’s office]

[JEFF is sitting at his desk. ALAN runs in.]

ALAN: Dad, I know you’re mad, I shouldn’t have been in the ship, but if you would just give me a minute to explain-

JEFF: You’re damn right you shouldn’t have been in there.

ALAN: But, nothing happened dad. I had it under control.

JEFF: Under control? Do you have any idea the importance of secrecy in our operation? [ALAN looks away and puts his hands in the pockets of his jeans.] You fired up a Thunderbird without activating the anti-detection shield. You put everyone in danger when you act selfishly. You wanna be part of the team you have to play by the rules. You understand? Do you?

ALAN: [He looks up.] Yeah, I understand. I understand that you don’t want me to be a Thunderbird. [JEFF looks down.] You don’t want me to do anything. You won’t even listen to me when I’m trying to tell you something important!

JEFF: I’ve heard enough. You’re grounded for the rest of spring break.

ALAN: But dad-

JEFF: Bottom line Alan, you need to grow up.

ALAN: Then let me. [He turns and heads towards the door.] Please. [He goes.]

(Accompanying music: You need to grow up)

[JEFF looks at a picture of LUCY, SCOTT, JOHN, VIRGIL, GORDON and ALAN. He leans in closer. The computer monitor buzzes. He answers it.]

JEFF: Hey John, just about to turn in. What can I do for you?

JOHN: I could sure use a pizza. Do you know a place that delivers?

JEFF: Thirty minutes and it’s free, right? Anything else on your mind?

-----[Thunderbird Five drifts over the Earth. She is a huge, ringed space station with a large golden antenna.

----- [Thunderbird Five]

JOHN: Well... got a forest fire in Vladivostok, a typhoon heading for Singapore. What’s happening on planet Tracy?

JEFF: Alan’s home for spring break.

JOHN: Ah, I thought I could see a storm brewing in your region.

JEFF: Teenagers.

JOHN: We’ve all been there. And dad you’ve done a great job since mom died.

JEFF: Thanks John. Keep an eye on that typhoon for us and er, I’ll call Vladivostok and see if they need any help with that fire.

JOHN: F.A.B. dad. Sleep tight. [He closes the communications link and flicks a switch to monitor the typhoon.]

----- [Tracy Island]

[Morning. The equipment store. FERMAT runs over to where BRAINS is working.]

FERMAT: Morning dad.

BRAINS: Hey son, there’s something I’d like to s-sh-s... here take a look. [He takes the neuromat off its stand and puts it on.]

FERMAT: A neuromat control system?

BRAINS: It’s great to have you back. [They smile.] Bet you didn’t think that spring break was going to be this wo-wo-wo... fun. Watch this. [The mobile phone begins to lift up.] And the tiny phone lifts up. Perfect. [Fermat notices that behind them, the Mole is also lifting up.]

FERMAT: Dad, it... [The neuromat sparks and stops working. The Mole drops to the ground, shaking the building.]

BRAINS: N-N-N... almost perfect. [He takes it off and puts it back on its stand.]

FERMAT: There’s something I wanted to talk to you about, dad.

BRAINS: Oh, right, oh... oh, oh, ok, having problems with... with a gir-gi-gir... Chi-chi-chi... wo-wo... female?

FERMAT: No, no. Alan and I found some kind of gallium electrolyte compound on the nosecone of Thunderbird One.

BRAINS: We should check that out st-st-st... immediately.

FERMAT: That would be g-gr-g... swell. [They go with their arms around each other.]

----- [The beach]

[ALAN is skipping stones. He takes out his rock launcher and loads it with a stone before firing it over the water. The stone skips over the water until it hits a periscope.]

----- [The submarine]

MULLION: The Island is in sight.

THE HOOD: Transom, I need you.

TRANSOM: Yes Sir. [She climbs down the ladder. MULLION watches her] Sir, our cloaking device has evaded their detection systems. We have a positive visual from the tracking solution on Thunderbird... [Mullion appears behind her] One.

THE HOOD: Mullion.

MULLION: Sir. [He comes back down and the stairs and locks the missile into place.] Sir, armed and ready. Shall I target the main structure?

THE HOOD: Why would I want to destroy what will soon be mine? One of the principal tenants of Eastern Martial Arts is to use your opponent’s strength against him. [He puts his fingers against MULLION’s chest. His eyes glow. MULLION can no longer move.]

MULLION: This is ridiculous.

THE HOOD: It would be almost impossible to force the Thunderbirds to leave their Island, on the other hand, it requires no effort at all to let them go. [He moves his hand and MULLION falls to the floor.] The Thunderbird’s purpose is to rescue, all we need to do is give them a victim. [He looks up to TRANSOM.] Commence targeting.

TRANSOM: Straight away, Sir. [She returns to sit at the computer.] Target acquisition of Thunderbird Five is locked. [A light beeps and turns green.]


[The missile is fired. It breaks through the sea and straight up into the atmosphere.]

----- [Thunderbird Five]

[Alarms blare. JOHN gets up and looks at the other screen which predicts a 92%, 99% and then 100% impact probability.]

COMPUTER: Red Alert.

JOHN: What the..?

COMPUTER: Warning. Impact imminent.

JOHN: [Over radio.] Thunderbird Five to Tracy Island, mayday- [Thunderbird Five is hit, blowing a huge chunk out of her.] Mayday! [The explosion pushes JOHN backwards. He hits the floor, rolls over and then is thrown into the wall.]

----- [The submarine]

[THE HOOD smiles.]

----- [Tracy Island]

(Accompanying music: T3 Takeoff)

[Kitchen. GORDON is sitting talking to ONAHA, SCOTT is at the table with his laptop.]

COMPUTER: Red alert. [GORDON looks around. SCOTT gets up and starts running.] Red alert. [BRAINS and FERMAT enter JEFF’s office.] Red alert. [FERMAT clicks the switch to open the Command Control panel. BRAINS sits down.]

BRAINS: Switching to Command and Control centre. [He activates it.]

----- [The submarine]

[It continues on course to Tracy Island.]

[Alarms continue to ring. JEFF’s office continues to change to Command and Control mode. JEFF, SCOTT, VIRGIL and GORDON enter. GORDON is putting his shirt on.]

JEFF: How bad Brains? [He walks around behind BRAINS to look before going to his silo. GORDON, VIRGIL and SCOTT go straight to the silos.]

BRAINS: Thunderbird 5 - major damage sustained. Possible strike by a m-m-m, possible strike by a m-

JEFF: Meteor.


JEFF: Thunderbirds are go. [The chutes close over.]

----- [Thunderbird Three]

[The round house begins to move away to allow for Thunderbird Three’s take off.

JEFF: Check retros.

SCOTT: Go. [JEFF presses a switch. Thunderbird Three begins to leave her silo.]

COMPUTER: Guidance systems green.

JEFF: Go to maximum thrust.

[Thunderbird Three's engines ignite and she streaks into the sky, leaving Tracy Island far behind in moments.]

----- [The submarine]

THE HOOD: There’s goes the cavalry, but who will rescue the rescuers?

----- [The beach]

[ALAN shields his eyes as he watches Thunderbird Three take off. TIN-TIN jumps over a tree and stops beside him. He looks around at her.]

FERMAT: [He emerges from the bushes, tripping several times.] Alan, Tin-Tin. Thunderbird Five has been hit! Thunderbird Five has been hit! Thunderbird Five has been hit! [ALAN holds FERMAT at an arm’s length from himself.]

ALAN: Ok, ok, ok, don’t panic. [He looks over to where the submarines has hit land and begun to emerge from the water. FERMAT and TIN-TIN look around too.] On the other hand.

ALAN, TIN-TIN & FERMAT: Run! [They run into the bushes, ALAN helping FERMAT who keeps tripping.]

----- [The submarine]

[The periscope looks around. MULLION opens the hatch, THE HOOD looks away from the sunlight.]

MULLION: We made land.

THE HOOD: Cut them off.

TRANSOM: Activating communications blackout.

----- [JEFF’s office]

[BRAINS is monitoring the screens. Alarms blare and flash.

COMPUTER: Warning, intruder alert. [The screens begin to flicker with interference.] Communications failure. [Interference continues.]

BRIANS: What the hec... Devil is going on?

COMPUTER: Warning, intruder alert. Communications failure.

BRAINS: Mr Tracy do you copy?

COMPUTER: Warning, intruder alert.

BRAINS: Thunderbird Three please respond.

[Silence on the communications line. Alarms continue to blare and the screens continue to flicker with interference.]

----- [The beach]

[ALAN, TIN-TIN and FERMAT watch from the other side of the beach in the bushes.]

ALAN: How’d they find the Island? Do you think it was what I did in Thunderbird One? Do you think I ruined everything?

FERMAT: No, that compound we found could have some sort of transmitting capability.

TIN-TIN: We have to do something.

FERMAT: My dad’s in the control room, but… how we can get there now.

ALAN: The vents. [They start running.] Let’s go. We have to get a message to my dad!

----- [Thunderbird Five]

[JOHN is leaning against the control panel, his right arm over it and his left hand holding it. Sparks flick from a small explosion.]

COMPUTER: Emergency power to ten percent.

JOHN: [Over radio.] I’m losing all power.

COMPUTER: Emergency power to ten percent.

JOHN: [Over radio.] Repeat… [Sparks fly again from an explosion, JOHN turns his head away.] I’m losing all power.

----- [Thunderbird Three]

JEFF: [Over radio.] Hold on John, we’re coming in. [Off radio.] Gordon, prepare for immediate docking.

GORDON: You got it dad. Reverse main thrusters on my mark. Three… two… one…

SCOTT: Easy, watch the roll.

VIRGIL: Roll index angle minus two degrees.

COMPUTER: Initiate docking sequence. [Thunderbird Five’s dock point flashes. Thunderbird Three connects to it.]

GORDON: We’re locked on. [They all start getting up.]

JEFF: Nice work.

COMPUTER: Docking sequence complete.

SCOTT: Tunnel hatch secure.

JEFF: Emergency packs boys, let’s move.

COMPUTER: Air lock pressure equalised.

JEFF: [He keys in the access code.] We’re in. Let’s go.

----- [Thunderbird Five]

[The hatch door opens, JEFF, SCOTT, VIRGIL and GORDON enter.]

JEFF: John! [Sparks fly again from more explosions.] Scott, tackle that fire.


JOHN: [JEFF kneels beside him and helps him to sit up.] Boy, am I glad to see you guys.

JEFF: Easy, you’re hurt. Virgil, take care of your brother. [He gets up.] Gordon, give me a damage assessment. [He grabs an extinguisher and starts tackling another fire.]

----- [Tracy Island]

[MULLION leads his men, followed by THE HOOD and TRANSOM. They are approaching the house.]

----- [The bushes]

[ALAN, FERMAT and TIN-TIN are still running.]

ALAN: Come on, hurry!

----- [Outside JEFF’s Office]

[The door has been shut. They round the corner.]

TRANSOM: [She scans the door.] One inch steel plate with sequential titanium locking mechanism.

MULLION: [He cricks his neck.] I love a challenge. [He rolls his shoulders.]

----- [Outside the house]

[ALAN, FERMAT and TIN-TIN make their way towards the vents, crouching to try and avoid the guards.]

FERMAT: Watch out for the guards. [ALAN opens the vent door.]

ALAN: Get in, get in. [FERMAT and TIN-TIN go in. He follows them.]

----- [JEFF’s office]

[The office has been returned to normal. BRAINS is sitting reading a magazine “Modern Finance Weekly” upside down and whistling, trying to act natural even as the loud banging gets louder. The door is suddenly broken open and MULLION walks in. BRAINS chucks the magazine down and stands up and walks towards them. MULLION grabs him by the collar and pulls him towards the sofa.]

BRAINS: What’s going on?

THE HOOD: So this is Mount Olympus? [MULLION pushes BRAINS onto the sofa. TRANSOM looks at him.] And these are the Thunderbirds. [He looks at the picture on the wall.] I should have guessed. The billionaire ex-astronaut, of course. Isn’t he the one who lost his wife in an accident? [BRAINS shakes his head.] Avalanche, wasn’t it? How tragic.

----- [The vents]

[They are walking along, bent over as there isn’t room to stand.]

ALAN: Just keep going straight ahead.


----- [JEFF’s Office]

TRANSOM: Professor Hackenbacker? [BRAINS blinks and nods.] We met at last year’s international conference on nanotechnology. [He starts shuffling along the sofa, she follows him, moving to stand in front of him.] I thought your thesis on neutrinos was extremely stimulating. [She smiles.]

THE HOOD: Transom, concentrate.

TRANSOM: Sorry Sir. [She activates her hand held device.] The Command Control switch is here. [She starts walking towards JEFF’s desk.] Fingerprint recognition system. [She presses the switch.]

THE HOOD: Professor, please [he walks towards the sofa] activate the control switch.

BRIANS: N-N-N-N-N… you must be kidding.

THE HOOD: Professor, you and I share an interest in the science of the mind, the difference is I was born with my powers. Trust me when I tell you you’ve barely touched the surface. [MULLION pulls BRAINS up. TRANSOM pushes her glasses up.] Even the strongest minds can be broken it would be a pity to break yours.

BRAINS: Fu- [THE HOOD’s eyes widen] Fu-Fu… no way.

THE HOOD: Activate the control switch, Prof. [He raises a hand and his eyes glow. MULLION lets go of him and he walks towards the control switch.] Like a puppet on a string. [BRAINS’ hand hovers above the switch. THE HOOD increases his power to try and get him to activate it. He has to increase his power a second time and finally, BRAINS activates the switch.]

COMPUTER: Activating command and control. [BRAINS sits down.] Activating command and control. [The office begins to change. JEFF’s desk switches with another one, the pictures change and the floor moves. One of the pieces MULLION is standing on, so he quickly moves.]

TRANSOM: We have control.

MULLION: Get out. [He pulls BRAINS out of the chair.]

TRANSOM: Sorry Professor, nothing personal.

[In the vents, FERMAT, TIN-TIN and ALAN look around the corner of the vent that is above the office.

----- [Thunderbird Five]

[JEFF is sitting behind JOHN, VIRGIL is sitting in front of him. JOHN is breathing through an oxygen mask His right arm is in a sling. GORDON and SCOTT are standing by the control systems. Alarms blare. Explosions and flying sparks continue.]

SCOTT: We got a constant warning line on our EPS system.

JEFF: Attempt manual override.

SCOTT: No, that’s negative! [JEFF gets up.]

----- [Tracy Island]

[The vents. ALAN, TIN-TIN and FERMAT are walking along again.]

ALAN: What vent is it?

FERMAT: Ok, this one. [He points and stops where he is.]

----- [Thunderbird Five]

[Alarms continue to blare.]

JEFF: Back to Thunderbird Three now. John, we gotta move. [GORDON goes to the hatch door. He lifts him up, JOHN groans. VIRGIL is standing on JOHN’s on left.]

GORDON: The locking mechanism’s jammed.

THE HOOD: Attention Thunderbird Five, [he appears on the screen] as you can see I have taken over your facilities, you no longer control your operational systems. [JEFF walks towards the screen. GORDON walks back over.]

----- [Tracy Island]

[The vents. ALAN, TIN-TIN and FERMAT lift the vent cover.]

ALAN: They’ve taken over.

----- [JEFF’s Office]

THE HOOD: Warm them up, Transom.

TRANSOM: Increasing temperature to maximum.

[ALAN, TIN-TIN and FERMAT look down through the vent. They are behind SCOTT’s silo to Thunderbird One. THE HOOD stands up as MULLION and his two guards bring in KYRANO and ONAHA. KYRANO is pushed forward whilst ONAHA struggles in her captor's grip.]

ALAN: Who’s the bald freak?


[THE HOOD’s eyes glow. KYRANO puts his hands to his head, TIN-TIN winces.]

TIN-TIN: Dad! [KYRANO falls to the floor. ONAHA tries to reach her husband but is restrained.]

FERMAT: They’ve got… my dad.

JEFF: Ok, you have our attention. Who are you? What do you want?

THE HOOD: Oh how rude of me, you can call me ‘The Hood’. Now listen, Mr Tracy, we won’t be negotiating. I’m going to use the Thunderbirds to rob the largest banks in the worlds, starting with the bank of London. The world’s monetary system will be thrown into chaos and the Thunderbirds held responsible.

SCOTT: You’ll never get away with it!

JEFF: Why the Thunderbirds?

THE HOOD: An eye for an eye, Mr Tracy.

JEFF: An eye for an eye?

THE HOOD: Perhaps you’ve forgotten me, but surely you remember saving the life of my brother, Kyrano. [TIN-TIN gasps. MULLION pulls KYRANO to his feet and throws him in front of the monitor.]

KYRANO: I’m sorry, Mr Tracy. I thought he was dead.

THE HOOD: [He laughs.] Take them away.

MULLION: Yes Sir. [They take KYRANO and ONAHA from the room. ALAN, TIN-TIN and FERMAT lift their heads.]

ALAN: Whoa.

TIN-TIN: [FERMAT puts his hand on TIN-TIN’s.] That makes The Hood my uncle?

FERMAT: Every family has a black sh- black she- [He sneezes. BRAINS takes out a tissue and wipes at his nose.] This room's murder on my allergies. [They lower their heads again.]

THE HOOD: You left me to die that day. You may have broken my body, but you have no idea how powerful my mind has become. [He sits down and leans back.] Now you will suffer, as I suffered, waiting for a rescue that will never come. [He raises his hand. TRANSOM cuts of the link.]

----- [Thunderbird Five]

[Alarms blare quietly in the background. Thunderbird Five’s systems shut down, the lights go out. Without power, geostationary orbit is lost and Thunderbird Five begins to fall towards Earth.]

JEFF: Wait- [The communications links is shut off.] Scott status report. [SCOTT looks at the screen.]

SCOTT: CO2 levels are rising.

JEFF: All right, wire the oxygen scrubber to the emergency batteries, clean the air. [SCOTT nods.]

VIIRGIL: How long will that give us? [JEFF looks to JOHN.]

JOHN: About four hours.

----- [Tracy Island]

[JEFF’s Office. FERMAT starts to sneeze. They pull their heads back up. TIN-TIN and ALAN chuck their hands over his nose, but he still sneezes. BRAINS tries to cover it up as him.]

MULLION: Someone’s there. [He walks over to the shoots and looks up at the ceiling. He puts his hand through the ceiling and grabs FERMAT’s ankle. FERMAT yells and screams, but Mullion hold on. TIN-TIN snarls and bites his hand very hard. MULLION yells and pulls his hand back.]

TIN-TIN: Run, run!

ALAN: No jump, we can get through to the silos. [He jumps down, FERMAT and TIN-TIN follow.]

THE HOOD: Apparently the Island’s not as secure as you thought. [He notices the photos.] Children. [BRAINS looks up at the whole.] Did you find any children?

TRANSOM: Here they are. Thunderbird Two silo in the loading arm. [MULLION goes. His two henchman are standing at the door, he pushes at them and they follow him.]

THE HOOD: Seal them in. [She activates the seals for the doors.]

----- [The Thunderbird Hangar’s]

[The loading arm is diverted away from Thunderbird Two.]

ALAN: Hold on. [The loading arm stops on the floor.]

[The doors to the hangars and silos are shutting.]

TIN-TIN: The doors, you guys, let’s go. Come on.

FERMAT: Let’s go. Go! [They run towards Thunderbird Three’s silo. The door shuts as they get there.]

ALAN: This way. [They run towards the door for Thunderbird One which also shuts as they get there.]


TIN-TIN: They've got us trapped! What do we do now?

FERMAT: If we can get to Thunderbird One’s silo we can escape through the service tunnel, but we need a plan, Alan. [They turn around and start walking.]

ALAN: I’ll use the Thunderiser on the door.

COMPUTER: Elevator, active.

ALAN: You guys get the goons with the Firefly.

FERMAT: Alan, this equipment is only to be used in an emergency. [TIN-TIN and ALAN look at him.] I guess this qualifies. [TIN-TIN nods.]

ALAN: Yeah.

(Accompanying music: Thunderise)

[ALAN runs to the Thunderiser, TIN-TIN and FERMAT to the Firefly. ALAN and FERMAT get into the respective drivers seats. TIN-TIN climbs to the top of Firefly.]

TIN-TIN: Here they come. Fermat, can you drive this thing?

FERMAT: Ur, no. [He brings the Firefly out. A heavily modified excavator, she proves difficult for FERMAT to handle.]

TIN-TIN: Hey, watch it.

FERMAT: I took microbiology, not Driver’s Ed. [ALAN brings the Thunderiser out. FERMAT stops in front of the elevator.] Set the pressure to maximum.

TIN-TIN: Got it. [She sets the pressure dial to maximum.]

MULLION: [They exit the elevator, but stop dead as they see the Firefly's cannons aimed at them.] Retreat. [Too late. TIN-TIN hits the fire button and high-pressure green foam gushes out of the Firefly's twin cannons, blasting the thugs back into the lift.]

TIN-TIN: Woo! Let’s move it. [FERMAT gets out. ALAN sets the Thunderiser to the door.]

ALAN: That’s it. [The screen shows the area selection.] Time to Thunderise. [He presses the button. The Thunderiser begins to create a hole in the door.] Yes. [TIN-TIN climbs down from the Firefly. ALAN gets out of the Thunderiser. TIN-TIN runs over.] Come on, let’s go.

MULLION: Get them! [He tries to get up, but falls over again.]

ALAN: Where’s Fermat?

TIN-TIN: Fermat!

ALAN: Fermat!

FERMAT: Coming. [He puts the Guidance Processor of Thunderbird Two in his pocket and then runs across.]

ALAN: Hurry up. [He and TIN-TIN go through the door. FERMAT comes through the door behind them.] What were you doing back there Fermat?

FERMAT: I had… an idea.

ALAN: Just try and keep up ok? I’ll open the tunnel, we gotta keep moving. [He keys in the code, part of which is “90100-”]

COMPUTER: Access denied.

ALAN: [He turns to TIN-TIN and FERMAT.] Go back. Yell when you see them coming. [He turns back to the door and keys in the code again.]

COMPUTER: Access denied. [ALAN looks behind him. THE HOOD is standing there.]

THE HOOD: Alan. You can run if you want. Were you surprised to hear what your father did to me? It is frightening when we realise our parents aren’t perfect. But perhaps you already suspected that about your father. Why did he build these magnificent machines? To settle his guilt? Because he let your mother die. [ALAN shakes his head.] Open the door Alan. [ALAN shakes his head. THE HOOD smiles.] Open. The. Door. [His eyes glow.]

ALAN: We can’t go this way. He's there. [He starts backing up. THE HOOD’s eyes glow again, but still have no effect. FERMAT and TIN-TIN re-enter, MULLION and his two henchmen following. FERMAT trips.]

FERMAT: No. [He stands back up.] What are we gonna do Alan? [They begin to back up.]

ALAN: I don’t know. I’m thinking, ok? [They look to the ceiling; they are right under the rocket. THE HOOD looks up as well. ALAN finally sets his eyes on the control panel, specifically the “close and secure duct doors/release duct doors” switch. He stretches his arm out in front of TIN-TIN and FERMAT.] Keep backing up, I’ve got an idea. [He takes out his rock launcher and fires. THE HOOD avoids the shot.]

TIN-TIN: That’s your idea?

THE HOOD: It’s not me you’re angry at Alan.

ALAN: [He smiles.] It’s not you I’m aiming at. [He fires again. THE HOOD moves out of the way and the stone goes straight back to hit the panel. The floor beneath them opens and they fall through.]

THE HOOD: Get them!

MULLION: Transom, fire up Thunderbird One. And set to broil.

[They yell as they travel down the chute. Thunderbird One starts up, the flames following down the chute. TIN-TIN looks back and screams. The flames come out of the holes in the Island. They fall into the ocean. In JEFF’s office, TRANSOM looks on the cameras for them. She stands up.]

TRANSOM: No sign of them.

MULLION: Of course not. The little brats went up like fire-crackers. Pop, pop, pop. [He laughs. BRAINS runs forward to punch him.]

THE HOOD: Don’t… [THE HOOD’s eyes glow and BRAINS stops right in front of MULLION, falling to the floor, holding his head] give him the satisfaction professor. [THE HOOD blinks several times.] This is taking too long. Figure out the equipment you need to get into those banks and load it into Thunderbird Two. No more delays. [He leans against the desk.]

MULLION: Yes Sir. [He goes. BRAINS looks at THE HOOD who stands back up straight.

----- [The beach]

[ALAN, FERMAT and TIN-TIN make their way to the shore. FERMAT coughs.]

FERMAT: How about a little warning next time you pull a stunt like that?

ALAN: Relax Fermat, it’s just a little water. [FERMAT falls over in the water. ALAN falls with him die to trying to help him up.]

FERMAT: I could have drowned.

ALAN: You mean you can’t swim? [ALAN and FERMAT fall over again.]

FERMAT: I repeat, I could have dr-owned.

----- [On the beach]

[ALAN and FERMAT are wringing out their clothes, down to some very garish undergarments.]

ALAN: I said I was sorry Fermat. Let’s put this behind us, ok? We gotta watch each other’s backs. Nice drawers.

FERMAT: Thank you.

TIN-TIN: Boo. [ALAN and FERMAT jump. She appears behind them and walks towards them.]

ALAN: No, come on, Tin-Tin, stay there.

TIN-TIN: You’re worse than a couple of girls. Hurry up and get dressed. [She chucks their clothes at them.] Those are nice drawers.

[FERMAT, ALAN and TIN-TIN walk along the beach.]

FERMAT: Data from Tracy Island is sent to Thunderbird Five via satellite, right?

ALAN: Right.

FERMAT: So, there’s a miniscule possibility, that if we reach the Island’s satellite station, we could-

ALAN: Blow it up.

FERMAT: No, we could hack into it and give control back to Thunderbird Five.

ALAN Good thinking, Fermat.

FERMAT Thank you.

ALAN: All right let’s do it. [He walks away from the rocks and starts drawing in the sand.] Here’s the plan. We’re here, right? We should go along the shore, around the base of the mountain, to the access road here, and then up to the transmitter. So what do you think?

TIN-TIN: Good, except that [she points to each place on the map ALAN has drawn in the sand] we’re here, not there. And the transmitter’s there, not here. [She draws a line straight down the middle with a stick.] We have to go through the jungle.

FERMAT: But that’s fo-fo-fo… off limits.

TIN-TIN: It’s gonna be dangerous.

ALAN: I’m in. [He holds his hand out, TIN-TIN puts hers on top of his. FERMAT shrugs and then puts his hand on top as well. They start walking through the jungle.] We’ve gotta get up there fast. All our folks are in trouble and if The Hood gets off the island....

FERMAT: Actually, he’s not going anywhere for now. [He takes the Guidance Processor out of his pocket and passes it to ALAN.]

ALAN: This is the Guidance Processor from Thunderbird Two! He can’t take off without it. Fermat, you’re a genius, how did you get this?

FERMAT: Alan, my friend, what you don’t know can’t hurt you.

----- [LADY PENELOPE’s home]

[PARKER is out front, cleaning the Rolls. The radio in the car starts beeping.]


PARKER: M’lady?

LADY PENELOPE: We have an emergency. [He presses a button on his watch and the car locks up. He goes inside.]

----- [The bathroom]

[LADY PENELOPE is in the bath, looking a screen.]

LADY PENELOPE: What a charming fellow. [PARKER knocks at the door.] Come in. [PARKER enters with a tray of tea.] Have a look at this Parker. He… [She changes the screen with her toe] and this woman – poor girl – both work… [She changes the screen again with her foot] for this man, known as The Hood.

PARKER: [He hands her a cup of tea.] Sounds like an alias to me, m’lady.

LADY PENELOPE: Quite right Parker. Real name, Trangh Belagant, presumed dead when his illegal diamond mine collapsed in the jungles of Malaya. [She sips her tea.] Hmm, perfect Parker. The Thunderbirds rescued over five hundred mine workers in the collapse, [she changes the screen with her toe again] including Mr Belagant’s brother.

PARKER: [He points.] M’lady that’s Mr Tracy’s loyal man servant, Kyrano!

LADY PENELOPE: How’s my schedule for today, Parker?

PARKER: You have clay pigeon shooting with Lord Marlborough, a benefit gala for the Institute of the Blind and incidentally, there’s a typhoon bearing down on Singapore.

LADY PENELOPE: [She hands him her teacup.] I suppose that’s urgent.

PARKER: Yes m’lady. There is also a bridge collapsed in Buenos Aires and a volcanic eruption in Jakarta.

LADY PENELOPE: The Thunderbirds still haven’t responded?

PARKER: No m’lady, and the media is awash with speculation in regards to their whereabouts. [He changes the channel on the TV.]

CHUCK: [On TV.] Over to Lisa Lowe.

LISA: Chuck, disaster after disaster around the world today and still no sight of the Thunderbirds. Typhoon Jago hit land here in Singapore one hour ago and thousands have been left homeless by a volcano in Jakarta. Only the Thunderbirds have the incredible equipment necessary…

LADY PENELOPE: I think it’s time to send the emergency signal, Parker.

LISA: …Without them, the world will really suffer…

PARKER: I fear you’re not wrong, m’lady. [He presses the top of the teapot. A red light appears and starts beeping and flashing.]

----- [Tracy Island]

[JEFF’s Office. The emergency signal beeps and flashes. BRAINS struggles to get free from where he is tied to a raised panel of the floor.]

----- [The jungle]

[TIN-TIN walks ahead of ALAN and FERMAT who are helping each other, walking with their arms linked through the river.]

ALAN: I’m telling you Fermat, it was- it was like The Hood was inside my head back there.

FERMAT: What do you mean, Alan? [He whacks his neck where a fly was buzzing around him.]

ALAN: Maybe he can read minds or… control minds or something. [He looks up at the sky briefly.]

FERMAT: Don’t be silly Alan, everything can be explained by science. [He whacks another fly.]

ALAN: I’m just trying to figure out his weakness. Everyone has an Achilles heel, right?

FERMAT: My Achilles heel is actually my Achilles heel. It’s got a blister the size of a basketball. [They chuckle. They stop walking. He calls.] Tin-Tin, [she stops and turns around] can we s-s-

TIN-TIN: Stop?



FERMAT: Ok. [ALAN lifts FERMAT out of the river and they continue walking.]

ALAN: No more cheeseburgers for you, Fermat.

----- [LADY PENELOPE’s home]

[LADY PENELOPE is changing behind a screen. PARKER is picking hairs of her jacket.]


PARKER: Nothing, m’lady. [He passes the outfit to her. She chucks her gown over the screen. PARKER takes it and chucks it over the clothing hook before grabbing her suitcase.]

LADY PENELOPE: Right, you’ll have to tell Lord Marlborough I have broken my shooting arm. We will send the Institution of the Blind a dozen guide dogs, and bring the car around.

PARKER: Yes, m’lady.

LADY PENELOPE: [She comes out from behind the screen, as usual dressed to kill in her favourite pink attire.] The Thunderbirds appear to be in a spot of trouble and I don’t like it. Let’s go Parker. [They go. Outside, the Rolls drives down the drive, changing to ‘flight mode’ and taking off.]

----- [Tracy Island]

[Thunderbird’s Hangar. MULLION stands by The Mole.]

MULLION: Ready for launch. We’ll use this to get into the vaults.

THE HOOD: Subtle as usual, Mullion.

MULLION: I didn’t realise we'll be getting points for style. We’re robbing banks, remember? [THE HOOD’s eyes glow, MULLION looks away.]

THE HOOD: Don’t worry, you’ll get your money.

MULLION: Transom, initiate pre-flight diagnostics.

[TRANSOM clicks the buttons in Thunderbird Two. THE HOOD sits down in the loading arm. An alarm rings. MULLION raises a hand to his ear.]

MULLION: What’s going on?

COMPUTER: Guidance Processor Error.

TRANSOM: The Guidance Processor.

MULLION: What’s wrong with it?

TRANSOM: [She holds out the place where it should be.] There isn’t one. [MULLION punches The Mole.]

THE HOOD: Clever Alan. It’s the children, they have it.

MULLION: No way. They’re dead. No one could live through something like that.

THE HOOD: I did. [He gets up.] Get them, Mullion, take whatever you need. And make sure you get the Guidance Processor before you lose your temper.

----- [The jungle]

[ALAN, FERMAT and TIN-TIN are walking up the hill. ALAN and FERMAT are still on the stairs, whilst TIN-TIN is at the top.]

FERMAT: Alan, don’t you think that Tin-Tin’s just blossoming?

ALAN: Blossoming? What’s that supposed to mean?

FERMAT: Come on Alan, you have a c-c-c… crush on her.

ALAN: You gotta be kidding, I mean she’s… She’s not that bad I guess.

TIN-TIN: [She reaches the top of the hill.] Ok guys, take five.

FERMAT: Five isn’t gonna do it.

TIN-TIN: Guys? [She turns around to look for them. She smiles as she sees them struggling to climb up, but she stops smiling when she sees something moving on ALAN’s shoulder.] Don’t move. [FERMAT climbs up and jumps away from ALAN when he sees it.]

ALAN: What is it?

TIN-TIN: Androctonus scorpion.

ALAN: [He looks to his shoulder. It's a nasty-looking thing.] Is that dangerous?

FERMAT: Point zero two five (0.25) milligrams of its venom is fatal.

ALAN: So dangerous is in fact an understatement. [TIN-TIN holds the crystal around her neck. Her eyes glow. The scorpion floats off of his shoulder.]

FERMAT: Watch out. [The scorpion falls onto the floor and scuttles away.]

ALAN: Tin-Tin, what was that?

TIN-TIN: Let’s get going. [She starts walking. ALAN and FERMAT follow.]

ALAN: Hey. She has the same powers as her uncle, The Hood.

FERMAT: You think?

ALAN: It must run in the family. Did you do that?

TIN-TIN: Just drop it, ok?

ALAN: Still think everything can be explained by science?

FERMAT: Not girls!

----- [JEFF’s office]

[THE HOOD has his eyes shut. He opens them.]

----- [Thunderbird Five]

[An alarm blares. SCOTT and GORDON are sitting on the floor, JEFF is standing in front of them. Without warning the heat exchanger blows up with significant force. JEFF, SCOTT and GORDON are caught in the blast. JEFF is blown right over to where JOHN is sitting by the control panels.]

JEFF: Scott, Gordon, you okay? [He crawls back over to them.]

GORDON: [He sits up.] We’re okay.

SCOTT: [He coughs and extends a hand upwards. GORDON and JEFF help him up.] The heat exchanger’s blown.

JEFF: You don’t say.

----- [Tracy Island]

[MULLION and his two henchmen are driving along in a jeep.]

MULLION: Come on. Those brats are in here somewhere.

----- [The Satellite relay tower]

[FERMAT is trying to hack into it. TIN-TIN is sitting on a rock, ALAN walks over to FERMAT, tapping his hands on his jeans.]

ALAN: How are we doing Fermat?

FERMAT: Don’t rush me Alan, this is very d-delicate equipment. [It sparks with a small explosion.] Ah! Which is now broken. [TIN-TIN and ALAN come to stand with him.]

ALAN: Can you fix it?

FERMAT: Maybe, but I’ll need something to solder with.

ALAN: We’re in the middle of nowhere Fermat, where are you gonna find something like that? [They spot his retainer. FERMAT and TIN-TIN look to each other and then back at ALAN, smiling in a way he doesn't like.] What? [ALAN yells as they take out his retainer with a pair of pliers. His scream echoes across the island.]

FERMAT: Perfect. [He holds TIN-TIN’s crystal up to reflect the sun whilst looking at the metal on the pliers.]

TIN-TIN: Gee Alan, I never would have figured you for a cry baby.

ALAN: I’m gonna kill you.

FERMAT: What did he say?

TIN-TIN: I think it was some sort of apology. [She pulls the knife out of his mouth. She smiles at him, but he glares at her. He moves the crystal away to reveal where the metal has been burning.]

FERMAT: Yes. I got it. Yes! You’re the man Fermat. [ALAN and TIN-TIN stand beside him again. He takes out the controller.] The first step is to establish connection with Thunderbird Five.

----- [Thunderbird Five]

[JOHN is sitting by the control panel.]

ALAN: Dad?

JOHN: It’s Alan. [JEFF, GORDON, SCOTT and VIRGIL run over.]

ALAN: Dad?

JEFF: Alan, where are you? Are you safe?

ALAN: I’m at the satellite relay station with Fermat and Tin-Tin. [They smile.] Fermat’s going to hack into the main computer system and give control of Thunderbird Five back to you.

JEFF: We’re standing by.

FERMAT: Okay, we’re almost there.

----- [JEFF’s office]

TRANSOM: [She straddles him and takes off his glasses.] Goodness me, Professor, you’re so good looking without your glasses on. I think you may find that’s another thing we have in common. [She takes off her glasses] Pretty. [She leans in to kiss him. Alarms beep.]

COMPUTER: Unauthorised transmission.

TRANSOM: Oh, now that’s not fair, just when things were starting to sizzle. [She gets up and looks at the computer. THE HOOD enters.]

COMPUTER: Unauthorised transmission.

TRANSOM: A burst of transmission from the Island satellite station, should I jam it?

THE HOOD: And give Mullion the coordinates.

----- [The jungle]

[MULLION and his two henchmen are speeding along in the jeep.]

TRANSOM: Take the main track south east and head up Satellite hill.

----- [Satellite relay tower]

[FERMAT is still trying to give control back to Thunderbird Five, Alan is standing a little way from him with the controller. The picture on the controller begins to flicker with interference.]

FERMAT: They’re onto us, we’re being jammed.

ALAN: Can you finish?

FERMAT: I’ll try.

JEFF: Alan, what’s happening? [The image continues to flicker.]

ALAN: Hang in there dad, one minute ok.

FERMAT: It’s not gonna work Alan, the signal’s too weak for data transmission.

ALAN: Dad, can you hear me? They’re jamming the signal, we’re gonna lose you, but don’t worry I’ll take care of everything ok. [The picture continues to break up.]

JEFF: That’s a negative, it’s too dangerous. Follow emergency procedure, wait for Lady Penelope at the rendezvous point. Alan can you read me? Alan-

ALAN: Dad-

----- [Thunderbird Five]

JEFF: Alan, we’re losing you.

ALAN: Dad!

[The signal is cut off. JOHN watches as JEFF, GORDON, SCOTT and VIRGIL all lean away from the screen.]

----- [Satellite Relay Tower]


[ALAN throws the controller across the Island.]

ALAN: Useless! [He sits down at the top of the hill.]

FERMAT: It is now.

TIN-TIN: I’m sorry Alan. This is hard on all of us. [She and FERMAT sit down beside.]

ALAN: No, it’s ok, I’m fine.

FERMAT: You don’t have to be such a tough guy, Alan. I’m worried about my dad too.

TIN-TIN: I’d do anything to be with my parents right now.

ALAN: But The Hood knows we’re alive now. We have to go. [He gets up.]

FERMAT: Even worse, they knows exactly… [They hear the jeep approach and come out of the bushes. FERMAT and TIN-TIN get up.] Where we are! [They run down the hill, careful of the rocks.]

MULLION: Come on. [They return to the jeep.]

[ALAN, FERMAT and TIN-TIN keep running, FERMAT trips but gets back up. They continue running until they fall down the hill. They yell as they roll down the hill and end up in a stream.]

FERMAT: Oh great, more water.

ALAN: Tin-Tin, can you slow them down?

TIN-TIN: I’d be delighted.

ALAN: Then do it. Then meet us at the junkyard. Come on Fermat. [He helps him to swim out of the water.]

----- [The Junkyard]

[ALAN and FERMAT move things out of the way of a yellow hover sled.]

ALAN: This will get us out of here. [He smiles.]

----- [The Jungle]


MULLION: There. Come on! [TIN-TIN spots a nest of hornets. She pulls a tree branch down.] Straight ahead. [She lets go. The branch flings back, knocking the nest which hits MULLION and breaks. Angry hornets swarm around him, causing him to fall from the jeep and into a pond. Hornets descend upon him, stinging without mercy. TIN-TIN runs off to the junkyard.]

----- [The Junkyard]

[ALAN attaches a trailer to it.]

FERMAT: It’s gonna make this thing hard to control you know.

ALAN: No problem.

FERMAT: You really mustn’t exceed four bars of boost or else… or there might be a-

ALAN: I said no problem.

[TIN-TIN runs towards them.]

TIN-TIN: Guys, let’s go, we gotta get out of here. What is this?

FERMAT: It’s a hover sled.

ALAN: It’s our ticket out of here, unless you’ve got a better idea.

TIN-TIN: Yeah, let’s wait for Lady Penelope like your dad said.

FERMAT: Here. [He passes her the seat cover.]

ALAN: Great plan, let’s sit here and wait to get caught. I say we have to do something, now. Right Fermat?

FERMAT: Actually, I agree with Tin-Tin. [She smiles.] I don’t think this is s-s… safe.

ALAN: [He secures the trailer to the back of the sled.] You don’t think anything’s s-s-s… safe. [TIN-TIN and FERMAT stare at him.]

FERMAT: Just because I s-s… stutter, doesn’t mean that I’m wrong. If we’re a team, we should make decisions as a team.

ALAN: Do you guys want to sit here and take a vote [he taps the seat] or do you wanna get out of here? ‘Cos I’m going.

[FERMAT gets into the trailer.]

TIN-TIN: You can be a real jerk sometimes. [He gets on the sled. She gets in the trailer, he starts the sled up.]

[MULLION sees them go past. He gets up and returns to the jeep.]

MULLION: Go. Go! [The jeep starts up and they follow them.]

TIN-TIN: [She looks behind them.] Oh no.

MULLION: Come on, faster! [They speed up. The trailer begins to come lose.]

FERMAT: Alan, you’re going too fast.

ALAN: I need more speed to get above the trees. Hang on. [He accelerates. The trailer detaches, whilst the hover sled flies into the air. FERMAT and TIN-TIN roll back on the trailer and fall onto their backs.] What did I tell you guys. [He looks behind him and then stops when he sees TIN-TIN and FERMAT have been captured.] Oh no. [He keeps going.]

----- [Inside the house]

[MULLION has both of them held over his arms. Their hands are tied behind their backs.]

TIN-TIN: What are you doing?

FERMAT: Oh no, not the fridge. [MULLION puts them down, FERMAT runs over to BRAINS and TIN-TIN kneels down beside her parents.]

ONAHA: Tin-Tin!

KYRANO: Sweetheart, are you alright?

TIN-TIN: I’m fine dad. [She kisses both of them.]

MULLION: Cool off. [He pulls BRAINS and FERMAT away from each other and sits FERMAT down.] Kid. [He laughs and leaves, shutting the door as he goes.]

----- [Tracy Island]

[FAB 1 approaches.]

PARKER: Tracy Island approaching, m’lady, switching to aqua mode. [The car changes from ‘flight mode’ and lands on the water.]

LADY PENELOPE: Isn’t life fun sometimes.

PARKER: Rib-tickling, m'lady.

----- [JEFF’s Office]

[The radar beeps.]

THE HOOD: What is it?

TRANSOM: We have an unidentified craft approaching the Island at high speed.

----- [Tracy Island]

[ALAN has climbed up the rocks. He stops at the top and looks out over the sea, where FAB 1 is speeding towards the Island.]

ALAN: Lady P.

----- [Thunderbird Five]

[Thunderbird Five continues to toss in the vacuum, Thunderbird Three still attached to her. GORDON and SCOTT are sitting down. VIRGIL is standing by the monitor.]

JEFF: [He wipes at his forehead.] Woo, somebody roll down a window, it’s getting a little hot in here!

VIRGIL: [He reads off the screen.] Re-entry into Earth’s atmosphere in thirty-seven minutes. [JEFF looks at his watch.]

SCOTT: Oxygen’s out at thirty, so we won’t feel a thing.

JEFF: Stop it!

GORDON: Come on dad, the situation's hopeless.

JEFF: No it’s not, there’s still time. We’ve got people on the ground working for us.

GORDON: Alan? [He shrugs.] He’s just a kid.

JEFF: He’s a Tracy. [Explosions continue.]

----- [Tracy Island]

[ALAN runs through the jungle towards the house.]

----- [The house.]

[LADY PENELOPE and PARKER walk up the stairs by the pool. She is carrying an umbrella. (Note: Lady Penelope has changed again, into a more functional but no less tasteful pink jumpsuit.)]

LADY PENELOPE: This doesn’t look good, Parker.

PARKER: No, m’lady.

LADY PENELOPE: [She points with the umbrella.] That Bougainvillea is completely parched and someone should do something about that hideous hammock. [She passes the umbrella to PARKER who puts it over his arm. They enter the house. MULLION, TRANSOM and THE HOOD are walking down the stairs. They stop part way.]

THE HOOD: Whom do we have here? Mullion.

MULLION: [He jumps down from the stairs onto the table and kicks the vase off of it.] I should warn you I know Judo, Krai Magna and Taekwondo. [He jumps down from the table to stand in front of them.]

LADY PENELOPE: And I know Parker.

PARKER: M’lady. [He hands her the umbrella and takes off his hat. He punches MULLION’s face, directly hitting his nose. THE HOOD turns away in exasperation.]

MULLION: You’ve broken my nose.

PARKER: Yes, that was very much the intention of the manoeuvre. [TRANSOM runs towards LADY PENELOPE who spins out of the way, thus TRANSOM falls on the floor.]

LADY PENELOPE: One tries so hard in life to sort things out on an intellectual [TRANSOM attempts to kick her, but she deflects it with her arm] slash conversational level, but sometimes it’s just not possible.

[She trips TRANSOM up. She then flips over and brings her leg down onto TRANSOM’s ribs. She flips backwards, hitting TRANSOM in the face with her foot before continuing to flip over. THE HOOD walks closer and watches. MULLION and PARKER are fighting by the kitchen counter. MULLION captures PARKER and throws him over the counter. PARKER whacks his head against the desk, plates smash. MULLION turns around to LADY PENELOPE who kicks him in the face three times until he falls down.]

PARKER: Shall I bring the car around, m’lady?

LADY PENELOPE: Parker, have a bit of a lie down. [MULLION stands back up behind her. PARKER gets to his feet.]

PARKER: Excuse me, m’lady.

[She moves to the left. He punches MULLION square in the face. He then picks up a small frying pan before putting it down and picking up the larger one next to it and whacks MULLION with it. MULLION grabs him by the collar and pulls him over the counter. TRANSOM attempts to whack LADY PENELOPE with a pole. She avoids it and kicks her stomach, pushing TRANSOM onto the sofa. PARKER throws the set of coloured glasses at MULLION. LADY PENELOPE flips up onto the back of the sofa. TRANSOM rolls off of it.]

THE HOOD: [He claps.] Lady Penelope. Of course he has his palace, why not his princess?

LADY PENELOPE: Flattery will get you nowhere. [TRANSOM swings the pole at her again. She jumps and lands back on the back of the sofa. TRANSOM tries to get her again, but she flips over. The third time, she takes the pole from TRANSOM, but breaks a nail. She stops and checks her nails.] Have you any idea what a manicure costs these days?

[She kicks TRANSOM, who lets go of the pole and falls over, smashing into something breakable by the sound of it. PARKER and MULLION continue avoiding each other’s punches. LADY PENELOPE flips off the sofa. PARKER punches MULLION. TRANSOM gets back up with a wooden, carved face. LADY PENELOPE flicks the pole around before poking TRANSOM in the stomach with it. PARKER runs at MULLION and pushes him backwards.]

PARKER: Coming through, m’lady. [He pushes MULLION onto the table. PARKER punches MULLION and he falls onto the sofa. LADY PENELOPE kicks TRANSOM in the face and she falls onto the sofa. They tip the sofa over. THE HOOD walks around and focusses on the sofa. His eyes glow.] Duck, m’lady! [They duck down as the sofa flies across the room and into the glass panel, shattering it. ALAN is hiding in the bushes. THE HOOD bends over in exhaustion.

ALAN: He’s weak. Using his power makes him weak. [THE HOOD looks around. LADY PENELOPE flips out of the way. MULLION charges at PARKER, pushing him into the small pool. TRANSOM runs at LADY PENELOPE who moves out of the way, causing TRANSOM to stop precariously at the edge of the house.]

THE HOOD: You’re a formidable opponent, Lady Penelope. More than a match for most men.

LADY PENELOPE: That’s not saying much then, is it. [She kicks TRANSOM over the edge and into the outdoor pool; she screams and falls in with an almighty splash. PARKER goes to punch THE HOOD who stops him using his power. LADY PENELOPE flips over onto the lower ledge by the pool.]

THE HOOD: I suggest you let us pass

LADY PENELOPE: Don’t try your parlour games on me, you sad, little man. You committed a serious crime trespassing on this island and in about… [PARKER puts his watch in front of her.] Four seconds, I’m going to get quite cross with you. [She goes to kick him, but he stops her by using his power. She holds on to PARKER’s shoulder and lowers her leg.]

THE HOOD: How are you Alan? [His eyes glow again, LADY PENELOPE and PARKER raise their hands to their heads. ALAN ducks lower in the bushes.] I hope you don’t think I’m going to chase you. [THE HOOD increases his power.] You can make it stop Alan. [He increases his power again.] You have something that belongs to me. [He holds his hand out.]

PARKER: Really, sir, don’t mind me. This isn’t the first time my head’s been pulverised and it’s never did any real harm before.

ALAN: Stop, stop, I’ll give it to you! [He comes out from the bushes and throws the Guidance Processor towards the pool.] Fetch! [THE HOOD uses his power to bring it to him.]

THE HOOD: You made a match of it Alan, I’ll give you that. Put them with the others. [He turns the Guidance Processor around, looking at it curiously. MULLION grabs ALAN.]

MULLION: You’re coming with me. [TRANSOM takes PARKER away. He grabs LADY PENELOPE over his shoulder.]

LADY PENELOPE: Put me down, this outfit is couture. [She whacks his back.]

----- [Thunderbird Five]

[They are floating around inside due to the lack of gravity. JEFF breathes through an oxygen mask before putting it on JOHN.]

JEFF: Don’t go to sleep. John, look at me. Keep your eyes open. [He looks around. VIRGIL, SCOTT and GORDON are on the other side of Five.]

----- [Tracy Island]

[The fridge.]

[TRANSOM enters with ALAN, sitting him next to FERMAT. She smiles at BRAINS.]

MULLION: You need to cool off Lady. [MULLION brings in LADY PENELOPE and PARKER. Their hands are now tied behind their backs. PARKER also has his feet tied together.]

TIN-TIN: Lady Penelope!

LADY PENELOPE: Big oaf! [TRANSOM and MULLION go. She and PARKER try to follow them out, but the door shuts.] Right, that’s quite enough losing for one day. [She walks deeper into the fridge. PARKER hops along behind her.]

ALAN: So… how does it feel to be right all the time?

FERMAT: Not… b-bad… actually.

ALAN: I’m so sorry, Fermat.

FERMAT: We make quite a pair. It’s hard for me to t-t-talk. It’s hard for you to l-l-listen. [He puts his head on ALAN’s shoulder.]

LADY PENELOPE: [She is looking at the ceiling.] Parker, I have an idea.

PARKER: [He hops over.] Excellent, m’lady.

LADY PENELOPE: Brains, how long do Jeff and the boys have?

BRAINS: I… can’t think. I’m too c-c-c-c….old.

----- [Thunderbird Two]

[THE HOOD and MULLION are sitting down. TRANSOM puts the Guidance Processor in. Thunderbird Two’s systems come back online.]

COMPUTER: Guidance Processor installed.

TRANSOM: The Guidance Processor has been installed.

COMPUTER: Engine sequence completed.

TRANSOM: Thunderbird Two is ready for take-off.

COMPUTER: Begin launch sequence.

THE HOOD: What is our ETA?

MULLION: Under an hour. Bank of London, here we come. [He sets the location on the monitor. Thunderbird Two’s hidden runway opens. Alarms blare.]

----- [The fridge]

COMPUTER: Thunderbird 2 preparing for take-off.

ALAN: We gotta be quick, The Hood’s getting away.

PARKER: In position, m’lady. [He drops his hat underneath an icicle on the ceiling, making sure the ropes tying his hands together are in line with it.]

LADY PENELOPE: Here we go. [She looks up and begins to shake her foot to loosen her heel.]

COMPUTER: Launch sequence, stage two. [Thunderbird Two begins to exit her hangar.]

[She kicks her foot up, her heel flinging off and hitting the icicle. It cuts the ropes around PARKER’s hands.]

PARKER: Good shot, m’lady.

[Thunderbird Two continues to exits the hangar. PARKER is cutting the hopes around his legs.]

LADY PENELOPE: Come on Parker, let’s give those bad guys a good thrashing.

----- [Thunderbird Two]

[Thunderbird Two leaves the hangar.]

COMPUTER: Hydraulic systems… green. Guidance systems… green. Launch sequence, stage three. [The trees fall back on hydraulics as the platform reaches the end. Thunderbird Two is secured on the raised platform.]

----- [The fridge]

PARKER: [He taps the lock.] This appears to be a straightforward six lever mortice, m’lady.

LADY PENELOPE: I love it when your checkered past comes in handy, Parker.

PARKER: Thank you m’lady. Unfortunately I feel I shall I need a piece of wire to access the mechanism. [LADY PENELOPE reaches under her top to her bra and begins to take the wire out. PARKER coughs, everyone turns around. BRAINS covers FERMAT’s eyes.]

LADY PENELOPE: [She holds out the wire.] Will this suffice Parker?

PARKER: Most certainly, m’lady. [He takes the wire and begins to work on the lock.]

LADY PENELOPE: I didn’t actually need it anyway.

PARKER: Of course not, m’lady.

[Thunderbird Two takes off. The lock clicks. PARKER pulls the door open.]

FERMAT: Quick, they’re getting away! [They all leave the fridge.]

ALAN: Ok, everyone get to the control room.

FERMAT: Hat. [He hands PARKER his hat. PARKER puts it on.]

----- [JEFF’s Office]

[They all run in. FERMAT starts typing on the computer. LADY PENELOPE and ALAN go to the communications monitor.]

ALAN: Get in there quick Fermat, and save my family. Then we'll get The Hood. Good luck.

COMPUTER: Access to mainframe, denied.

FERMAT: It looks like they slipped a back door key into the access codes.

BRAINS: I’ll follow your lead, son.

LADY PENELOPE: Thunderbird Five come in. Thunderbird Five, come in.

ALAN: How long have they got before re-entry?

FERMAT: Ninety seconds and counting.

COMPUTER: Access to mainframe, confirmed.

FERMAT: I’m in!

ALAN: Good job Fermat!

FERMAT: Ok, I just need someone on their end to confirm the access protocol.

BRAINS: Thunderbird Five, come in.

ALAN: Dad, come on, are we coming through?

BRAINS: Mr. Tracy, can you hear me? Come in.

LADY PENELOPE: Thunderbird Five come in.

ALAN: Dad, come on!

BRAINS: Mr. Tracy, can you hear me? Come in.

ALAN: Dad?

BRAINS: Thunderbird Five, come in.

ALAN: How long have they got?

FERMAT: Forty five seconds until re-entry.

BRAINS: Damn it Jeff, wake up! [Silence. ONAHA looks on nervously.]

JEFF: I think that’s the first time you’ve called me by my first name, Brains. [Everyone smiles, ALAN moves closer to the screen.] Thanks for waking me.

ALAN: Dad.

JEFF: Alan. Well done.

FERMAT: Mr Tracy, confirm access protocol.

JOHN: [He confirms the protocol.] Confirmed. We are back on line.

BRAINS: Gravity restored. Put Thunderbird F-F… your craft into geo-stational orbit immediately.

---- [Thunderbird Five]

JEFF: F.A.B., Brains.

COMPUTER: Geo-stationary orbit re-established. [JOHN gives him a thumbs up.]

JEFF: Looks like we’re good to go.

----- [Tracy Island]

[JEFF’s Office]

ALAN: Dad, are you alright?

JEFF: We’re fine. We still have a job to do. Where’s The Hood?

BRAINS: In Thunderbird Two, Mr Tracy. He’s headed for L-L-L…


BRAINS: She’s right.

ALAN: He’s got The Mole on board.

JOHN: It looks like Thunderbird Three lost a booster, dad. We’ll never get there in time.

ALAN: Let me go after The Hood. He’ll destroy everything you’ve built, everything the Thunderbirds stand for.

JEFF: Negative, I’m sorry, it’s too risky.

ALAN: I can do this, you know I can. What am I saying? [He puts his arms around FERMAT and TIN-TIN’s shoulders.] We can do this.

----- [Thunderbird Five]

[SCOTT, VIRGIL and GORDON are tidying up. JOHN and JEFF are standing by the control panel. JEFF looks to JOHN, who nods.]

JEFF: Ok Alan, we’ll meet you there. Thunderbirds are go.


JEFF: Ok boys, we are outta here. [SCOTT, VIRGIL and GORDON go. JEFF puts an arm around JOHN and leads him to Three.]

----- [Tracy Island]

[JEFF’s office. They enter SCOTT’s chute.]

TIN-TIN: Are we really going?

ALAN: Yep.

TIN-TIN: Oh, boy. [PARKER puts his hat on and salutes to them. ALAN and TIN-TIN put their hands on top of each other’s.]

ALAN: You ready, Fermat?

FERMAT: N-n… I guess. [He puts his hand on top. The chute shuts.]

----- [Thunderbird One]

[FERMAT are sitting in the front, TIN-TIN and LADY PENELOPE are sitting in the back. (Note: Lady Penelope has changed again, to a Thunderbird suit with pink lining.)]

COMPUTER: Engine sequence activated. Anti-detection shield, activated.

FERMAT: Flight controls are green. Hydraulic systems are good.

ALAN: Right, set primary fuel pumps. Main engines start.

LADY PENELOPE: Don’t boys just love their toys.

COMPUTER: Engine sequence, complete. Launch sequence, initiated. [Alarms blare, the pool moves back.] Launch sequence complete.

LADY PENELOPE: [She and TIN-TIN hold hands.] And off we go. [ALAN and FERMAT launch Thunderbird One. Thunderbird One takes off, streaking up and over.]

ALAN: All right!

----- [London]

[Thunderbird Two approaches Tower Bridge. Two operators are sitting drinking tea, one notices the approaching behemoth.]

OPERATOR: Get the bridge up! Get the bridge up!

[The bridge opens just in time and Thunderbird Two moves through without a problem.]

----- [Thunderbird One]

BRAINS: Thunderbird One come in.

ALAN: Roger, Brains.

BRAINS: Situation update, Thunderbird 3 is about to initiate separation.


LADY PENELOPE: Boys, Thunderbird Two is in final approach to London.

ALAN: I know The Hood’s weakness, Fermat. I can stop him if we get there in time.

FERMAT: Standby, we’re going to maximum thrust.

Thunderbird One's engines open up at maximum and she shoots through the sky.


----- [Thunderbird Three]

[Thunderbird Three separates from Thunderbird Five]

JEFF: Gordon, heat ‘em up. [The two working boosters fire up.]

----- [London]

[Thunderbird Two hovers over the London Eye and begins to land on Jubilee Gardens. People assembled there scream and scatter in earnest. Thunderbird Two lands in Jubilee Gardens, crushing an ice cream stand under one of its landing gear.]

CHUCK: We’re getting reports of some kind of incident in London, involving the Thunderbirds. Lisa, are you there?

LISA: Chuck, I’m here at Jubilee Gardens where Thunderbird Two has made an impromptu landing, causing total panic in Central London. As far as we know, there has been no emergency call from this area, so it is unclear why Thunderbird Two would be active here at all. I don’t know if you can see this, Chuck, but Thunderbird Two seems to be unloading some kind of machine.

----- [The Mole]

THE HOOD: Set a course for the vault. [The Mole emerges from Thunderbird Two, running over a child’s bike before stopping. It drills down into the ground. People run over to stand by the rail to look at the scene.]

TRANSOM: Sir, if we stay on our present course, we’ll sever the monorail’s subterranean supports. Shall I correct our position?

THE HOOD: Stay on course.

TRANSOM: But Sir, we’ll cause a major disaster.

THE HOOD: No, we won’t. The Thunderbirds will.

[The monorail’s supports are hit by the mole. The monorail begins to shake and the track begins to break up. The people in the carriage begin to panic.]

----- [Thunderbird One]

(Accompanying music: Major Disaster)

[They arrive at Jubilee Gardens.]

LADY PENELOPE: Set us down, boys.

ALAN: Initiate landing, Fermat.

FERMAT: Right.

COMPUTER: Three point landing sequence initiated. [Thunderbird One turns towards Jubilee Gardens.]

ALAN: Retros to 75, flaps to 16.


COMPUTER: [Alarms beep.] Danger, landing sequence, error.

FERMAT: You’re going too fast.

ALAN: Thanks. Retros to 90.

[Thunderbird One lands with a few bumps before screeching to a halt.]

LADY PENELOPE: Text book, boys.

----- [The Mole]

TRANSOM: Activating electromagnetic pulse to disable the Bank’s security systems.

MULLION: ETA, one minute.

[The Mole begins to break through the Vault floor.]

----- [Thunderbird One]

LADY PENELOPE: [She is on her mobile.] Parker, meet me at the Bank of London.

PARKER: Yes, m’lady. [She ends the call.]

[ALAN, TIN-TIN and FERMAT run to Thunderbird Two.]

----- [Thunderbird Three]

[Thunderbird Three approaches Earth.]

Jeff: Ride it out boys.

----- [Thunderbird Two]

[They enter the main control area.]

ALAN: The Hood’s getting away.

TIN-TIN: Those people can’t hold on much longer.

FERMAT: What are we gonna do Alan?

ALAN: We’re the Thunderbirds, are duty is to save those people. Brains, we’re going into the accident zone.

BRAINS: F.A.B., and good luck.

[Thunderbird Two takes off and approaches the monorail. Just as they reach it, the rail holding up the car finally breaks and it plummets. TIN-TIN gasps. The monorail falls into the river, and sinks as the support post crashes down onto it.]

ALAN: Brain, the monorail is down. Repeat, the monorail is down. [He activates autopilot.] I’m going underwater in Thunderbird 4. [He gets up.]

COMPUTER: Automatic pilot.

ALAN: You have the bridge.

FERMAT: Me? Fly alone?

ALAN: Fermat, the Thunderbirds need you Fermat. I need you.

FERMAT: F.A.B., Alan. [He switches to the main control seat. He switches autopilot off.]

COMPUTER: Manual control.

[Thunderbird Two hovers, people continue watching.]

----- [Thunderbird Three]

[Thunderbird Three approaches London.]

JEFF: Brains, come in, what’s the situation?

BRAINS: The Hood had caused a major disaster with The Mole. The mono-mon-mono-mon… one track railway is down in the Thames.

JEFF: Where’s Thunderbird One?

BRAINS: It’s on the ground. The k-k-kids are in Thunderbird Two. [SCOTT looks relieved.]

JEFF: F.A.B., we’re right behind them.

----- [Bank of London]

MULLION: Look at all this gold!

THE HOOD: Stay focused Mullion, nine more banks to go.

----- [Thunderbird Two]

[Thunderbird Two hovers closer to the broken monorail track. ALAN enters Thunderbird Four.]

ALAN: Fermat, deploying Thunderbird 4 in three… two… one. Thunderbird 4 is go. [Thunderbird Four is deployed from the undercarriage of Thunderbird Two.]

----- [Bank of London]

[MULLION, THE HOOD and TRANSOM are emptying the vaults. She takes a flashy-looking diamond necklace out of one of the drawers and sticks it down her bra.]

----- [Underwater, the monorail and Thunderbird Four]

[Thunderbird Four’s search lights switch on.]

ALAN: I can see the monorail.

[The interior is starting to flood and people are scrambling away from the water]

MAN: Someone help!

CHILD: Mummy!

ALAN: Don’t panic, guys.

MAN: Help me!

COMPUTER: Extending magnetic claw. [The magnetic claw grabs the monorail.]

ALAN: Fermat, I’ll hold the monorail in place. Can you get a line on that stanchion and lift it up.

----- [Thunderbird Two]

FERMAT: I can’t get a clear fix on the target. I might hit the passengers.

TIN-TIN: I’ll go and fix it myself. [She gets up.]

FERMAT: What, you mean swim?

TIN-TIN: Get me as close as you can. [She goes.]

[ALAN is holding the monorail in place. TN-TIN has tied the line around her waist, she makes her way out of the pod and onto the ramp. She stands in the centre and extends her arms out before diving in.]

----- [Underwater, the monorail & Thunderbird Four]

ALAN: How we doing on that line, Fermat?

FERMAT: Just look out your window. [TIN-TIN smiles at ALAN as she swims by and gives him a thumbs up.] Come on Tin-Tin, come on.

[TIN-TIN is fixing the line around the stanchion.]

ALAN: Come on. Come on, Tin-Tin, you can do this. [After struggling to find the line, she manages to click the hook onto the line, securing the stanchion of the monorail. ALAN smiles.] Opening the air lock. [He opens the airlock on Thunderbird Four. The contact magnets grip onto the monorail.]

CMOPUTER: Contact magnets, activated.

ALAN: Ok Fermat, we need a lift.

----- [Thunderbird Two]

FERMAT: F.A.B., Alan. Commencing reverse thrust. [Thunderbird Two reverses, pulling the monorail.]

---- [Underwater, the monorail & Thunderbird Four]

MAN: There’s someone there.

ALAN: [TIN-TIN enters Thunderbird Four.] That was amazing Tin-Tin.

TIN-TIN: Thank you.

---- [Thunderbird Two]

ALAN: Nice job, Fermat.

FERMAT: There’s nothing to it, really.

----- [Above the water]

[Thunderbird Three arrives. People look around and watch as Thunderbird Three lands in Jubilee Gardens.]

----- [Underwater, the monorail & Thunderbird Four

ALAN: Easy does it.

WOMAN: What’s going on?

[Thunderbird Four and the monorail continue to rise up.]

----- [Above the water]

[JOHN, GORDON, SCOTT, JEFF and VIRGIL run to the side of the rails and look over the Thames. Three ships are circling the area where the monorail went down. Alarms wail.]

----- [Underwater, Thunderbird Four]

[Thunderbird Four and the monorail continue to raise up. ALAN and TIN-TIN look up as light begins to filter through. The monorail and Thunderbird Four appear on the water in between the search boats.]

MAN: There they are!

[JOHN, GORDON, SCOTT, JEFF and VIRGIL cheer. People also cheer and clap. TIN-TIN holds her hand out to ALAN who puts his on top, holding hers. They look at each other and separate their hands.]

GORDON: Yeah! Way to go Alan! [They run over to Festival Pier. ALAN and TIN-TIN run up the steps to meet them.]

ALAN: Glad you could finally join us. [JEFF hugs him.]

JEFF: Hey, don’t go getting cocky after one mission. We still have a dangerous situation here. I need you boys to close down this accident scene. Tin-Tin, go get Fermat, meet us at Thunderbird One. [She goes.] Alan, you come with me. [They start walking.]

SCOTT: Okay, let’s clean it up, guys. [SCOTT and GORDON go down the stairs to the Thames with many police and ambulance officers. VIRGIL and JOHN run in the opposite direction towards the authorities parked cars and the crowd.]

JEFF: We gotta get to the Bank of London fast.

ALAN: Lady Penelope went after The Hood.

JEFF: I know. She may need our help.

----- [The Bank of London]

[THE HOOD is holding a diamond. LADY PENELOPE is standing behind him pointing a gun. (Note: Lady Penelope has changed again; her hair is up and she is wearing a sparkly pink outfit.)]

THE HOOD: Ashes to Ashes, diamonds to diamonds. Lady Penelope, what an unpleasant surprise. [He turns around.]

LADY PENELOPE: Don’t be rude. I can’t tell you what a pleasure it would be to use my little finger to pull this big trigger. [He tilts his head.] Don’t move!

THE HOOD: Mullion. [He whacks the gun from her hand, MULLION picks her up.]

LADY PENELOPE: That’s not cricket.

THE HOOD: I’m sorry. The only part of sport I ever liked was winning.

LADY PENELOPE: How ghastly. [MULLION puts her down inside the vault. She whacks him with her handbag.]

----- [Thunderbird One]

[ALAN and JEFF sit down.]

ALAN: Hey dad… that stuff The Hood said, about you leaving him to die, he was lying right?

JEFF: No. You see you can’t save everyone, Alan. It doesn’t matter how hard you try or how brave you are. It doesn’t even matter if it’s someone you love. Someone you’d give up your life in a second to save. You just can’t save everyone. [He looks down.]

ALAN: What was mom like? [JEFF looks at ALAN.]

JEFF: She was a lot like you. [ALAN smiles.] Come on, we’ve got a job to do.

----- [The Bank of London]

[MULLION handcuffs her to a rack of gold bars.]

THE HOOD: Finish her off, Mullion.

LADY PENELOPE: Shame on you, I always despise a man who delegates the important jobs. [THE HOOD chuckles and walks away. LADY PENELOPE turns to MULLION who is looking at her.] Oh dream on, sad act. [He laughs and grabs her chin.]

----- [Outside, the Bank of England]

[Thunderbird One has landed. FAB 1 pulls up. JEFF, ALAN, TIN-TIN and FERMAT run towards the bank.]

JEFF: Good timing, Parker.

PARKER: Good afternoon, Mr Tracy. [He gets out of the car.]

JEFF: Come with us.

PARKER: My pleasure, Mr Tracy. [He follows them in.]

----- [Inside, Main Vault]

[MULLION is wearing a tiara and chucking bags of gold up to TRANSOM. THE HOOD walks over. MULLION stops laughing.]

THE HOOD: The Thunderbirds. [MULLION takes off the tiara.] They’re here. Kill them.

----- [The entrance]

[JEFF, ALAN, TIN-TIN, FERMAT and PARKER run down the stairs.]

JEFF: Alan, you guys stay here with Parker. I’m gonna go find Lady Penelope. [He runs off.]

ALAN: But what about The Hood? [He turns around and points.] Look out Parker. [PARKER, TIN-TIN and FERMAT look around to nothing and ALAN runs off. They turn back around.]

PARKER: Master Tracy!

FERMAT: [He looks behind him.] Oh, look out Parker!

PARKER: [He points at him.] All right, that’s enough of that. [MULLION appears behind them.]

MULLION: Don’t move. [They run forwards. TRANSOM appears. They stop. PARKER holds his fists up.]

TRANSOM: Go on then. [She copies his stance.]

PARKER: [He lowers his fists.] No, sorry, I can’t hit a lady.

TIN-TIN: Allow me. [She slide between TRANSOM’s legs and kicks her before running off. TRANSOM runs after her.]

TRANSOM: Get back here.

MULLION: I’ve been waiting to get my hands on you little brats.

PARKER: And I’ve been waiting to get my hands on you. [He takes off his hat and hands it to FERMAT. He clicks his knuckles and then attempts to punch MULLLION. They match each other twice, before MULLION finally hits his jaw. PARKER clicks his jaw and then punches again. MULLION hits his head and then his stomach. He groans.] Now that was a punch.

FERMAT: [He is wearing PARKER’s hat.] Parker, can we wrap this up?

PARKER: What did you have in mind Master Hackenbacker?

FERMAT: Well strategically speaking, the best chance of success lies with the Parker Haymaker.

PARKER: I concur. [FERMAT kicks MULLION below the belt, PARKER swings his arm and then hits MULLION in the face, causing him to fall backwards. PARKER and FERMAT shake hands before PARKER motions for his hat. FERMAT hands it to him.]

----- [Main Vault]

[JEFF enters. LADY PENELOPE is still in the main vault, handcuffed to the gold bars.]

JEFF: Penny! [He runs towards her.]

LADY PENELOPE: Jeff, no! [He stops and turns around.]

THE HOOD: Did you save them all this time, Jeff? Or did you leave someone behind?

JEFF: I didn’t make you what you are.

THE HOOS: It’s not me you have to convince. [He motions to ALAN who is standing by the entrance. JEFF looks over at ALAN and then back to THE HOOD.]

JEFF: [He runs forward.] Leave my son out of this. [THE HOOD’s eyes glow, JEFF is thrown back into the cage with LADY PENELOPE and the door shuts.]

ALAN: Dad! [ALAN runs over and grabs the door.] Dad! Dad!

THE HOOD: I’m disappointed in you Alan. [ALAN turns to face him.] I thought we were kindred spirits.

ALAN: Well we’re not. I’m Jeff Tracy’s son. [ALAN runs towards him.]



THE HOOD: … you certainly are.

LADY PENELOPE: Alan, no. [THE HOOD’s eyes glow, ALAN is thrown across the floor and ends up hitting a wall.]

JEFF: Alan! [He attempts to get up, holding onto the bars of the cage.]

[THE HOOD growls spins around, his powers allowing him to float up to the metal ledge above.]

----- [Somewhere in the vaults]

[TRANSOM is chasing TIN-TIN. TIN-TIN grabs a hold of a bar inside a cage and spins over it.]

TRANSOM: Come here, you little minx. [She attempts to grab TIN-TIN, but runs flat-out into the wall. TIN-TIN lands outside, curtsies and shuts the cage door.]

TIN-TIN: Bye, bye. [She goes. TRANSOM runs to the door.]

----- [The Main Vault]

[ALAN crawls along the floor and then gets to his feet.]

JEFF: Alan, stay back.

THE HOOD: You want so desperately to walk in daddy’s footsteps. [He extends a hand and his eyes glow. ALAN’s hands go to his throat as he is raised of the ground and begins to choke.]

JEFF: [He crawls towards the door.] Let him go.

THE HOOD: Did you really think you could challenge me?

JEFF: Let him go! Please! [ALAN continues to choke.]

LADY PENELOPE: Let him go!

JEFF: Please! Let him go. [THE HOOD lets go, but only because he is getting weak from using his powers. ALAN falls to the floor.]

LADY PENELOPE: Alan! Alan, are you alright?

JEFF: Alan, get out, run.

ALAN: He’s getting weaker, he can’t take much more. [He gets up.]

JEFF: Neither can you. [ALAN runs to The Mole.] Alan, no! [ALAN begins to climb up the drill of The Mole. THE HOOD uses his power to start The Mole.] Look out! [The Mole starts up. ALAN jumps and grabs onto the metal ledge.] Alan!

THE HOOD: [He looks around at JEFF and LADY PENELOPE.] I’m glad you could be here to see this, Jeff. [He stands on ALAN’s right hand. ALAN yells and lets go with that hand.] Goodbye Alan. [THE HOOD stands on his left hand. ALAN yells but doesn’t let go. [TIN-TIN enters.]

TIN-TIN: No! [THE HOOD looks around. TIN-TIN holds the crystal around her neck and looks up at him. Her eyes glow. His eyes glow.]

THE HOOD: Oh. [His power weakens before he and ALAN switch places due to the ledge tuning over.]

TIN-TIN: Oh. [She lets go of the crystal and holds her head. JEFF is still watching intently.]

THE HOOD: Leave me Alan. Leave me to die. [His right hand lets go of the metal and he looks down at The Mole before looking back up at ALAN.] Like your father did.

ALAN: I don’t want to save your life… [his left hand comes off the bar, ALAN grabs his arm before he can fall.] But it’s what we do. [He looks to his dad. JEFF nods.]

----- [Outside the Bank]

[THE HOOD is being carried out by MULLION, TRANSOM is following them. Police officers are surrounding them as well as security guards. Thunderbirds One, Two and Three fly by in perfect formation.]

THE HOOD: See you soon… Jeff.

PARKER: [He extends a hand. LADY PENELOPE takes it and gets into the car.] Now that was definitely showing off.

[In the background, TRANSOM gets into a police van. MULLION struggles.]

MULLION: Get off me!


SECOND OFFICER: Now you calm down.

----- [Tracy Island]

[Sunset. The pool. LADY PENELOPE and JEFF are standing by the barbecue. JOHN is on an inflatable lounger in the middle of the pool. SCOTT, VIRGIL and GORDON are chucking a ball to each other.]

VIRGIL: Gordon.

GORDON: Nice catch.

VIRGIL: Hey, Scott.

GORDON: Get him. [They tackle JOHN.]

JOHN: Get off.

LADY PENELOPE: …Jeff what did you put in these fajitas?

JEFF: It’s a Tracy secret. [LADY PENELOPE laughs.]

[FERMAT is swimming. He surfaces as the edge of the pool where BRAINS is waiting.]

BRAINS: That’s my boy. [He extends his hands and helps FERMAT out of the pool.] One more week and you’re gonna be swimming like a f-f-f… d-do-d… sh-s-sh… aquatic creature. [He puts towel around FERMAT and they walk over to the barbecue.]

ALAN: Nice job Fermat.

FERMAT: Thanks.

TIN-TIN: So, what do you think? [She twirls.]

ALAN: He’s getting there. [He turns around.] Whoa, Tin-Tin, you’re just really um… blossoming.

TIN-TIN: Ew, did you say blossoming? [JEFF rings a triangle.]

(Accompanying music: F.A.B.)

JEFF: Gather round everybody, I have an announcement to make. Tonight is a special night. We’re all together, because of three very special people. Fermat, Tin-Tin, Alan. The world needs Thunderbirds, but the Thunderbirds need you. [He gives each of them an International Rescue badge.]

FERMAT: Mr Tracy.

TIN-TIN: Thank you, sir.

JEFF: Congratulations Alan. No shortcuts, you earned it. You all did.

PARKER: [He sniffles.] I’m not usually an emotional man, but sometimes even the toughest nut must crack. [KYRANO puts a hand on his shoulder, ONAHA hands him a Kit-Kat.]

SCOTT: Hey, way to go sprout.

GORDON: That’s my boy, Alan. [They push him into the pool and then jump in after him, GORDON and JOHN pulling FERMAT in too. JEFF laughs. Chatter starts.]

SCOTT: Yeah. [TIN-TIN and LADY PENELOPE smile at each other. LADY PENELOPE winks at her. JEFF’s mobile rings.]

VIRGIL: Come on, Alan.

JEFF: [He answers the call.] Yes Madame President. [Chatter stops.] I see. Of course, straight away. Boys. [The boys get out of the pool. JEFF turns to LADY PENELOPE.] Sorry, Penny, duty calls.

LADY PENELOPE: Of course it does. And quite right too.

----- [JEFF’s Office]

[Night. SCOTT, VIRGIL, GORDON, JOHN and ALAN are standing in front of their respective shoots. The elder four look to ALAN. JEFF smiles.]

JEFF: Thunderbirds are go. [ALAN smiles. They all look to JEFF.]

[Alarms blare in the background. Thunderbirds 1 and 3 take-off, streaking off into the night sky.]

----- [Tracy Island]

[LADY PENELOPE’s pink rubber dinghy. PARKER is pedalling.]

LADY PENELOPE: Fast as you can, Parker.

PARKER: Certainly, m'lady.

- [The End] -