Teen Titans
Things Change
Air Date
January 16th, 2006
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(Opening shot: an overhead view of several buildings in Jump City during the day. Zoom in slowly, then cut to a long shot of the Titans' favorite pizza joint and tilt down to ground level, where motorists and pedestrians are going about their daily business. The area is very much at peace with itself; a girl's cell phone rings from within her purse, and she pulls it out.)

Girl: Hello?...Yeah.

(Tranquility still prevails, and here come the Titans for an afternoon stroll.)

Beast Boy: Our city is the greatest city ever.

Cyborg: Paris was pretty great, don't you think?

Raven: Paris?

Cyborg: (puts his hands to Raven and Beast Boy's shoulders) Once we made those Brotherhood of Evil freeze-sicles.

(A reference to the climax of the no-holds-barred battle that took place between the world's young heroes and the Brotherhood in "Titans Together.")

Robin: I've got to agree with Beast Boy. It sure is good to finally be back home.

Starfire: (flying up) I, too, have missed our glorious city. I cannot wait to rent the videos and feast on the worms of sour gumminess.

(By the end of this line, she has swung close to the camera, eyes closed in sheer joy. When she opens them again, they go wide in sudden surprise; she stops short and backs up quickly, and the background dissolves to a tilt toward ground level as she lands near the others. All five stare in genuine befuddlement as she lets off a little gasp.)

Starfire: The worms are gone!

(Cut to the upper portion of the video store's facade; the same location that served as milieu for parts of "Fear Itself" and "Go!", and tilt down to ground level. They are looking at the front entrance, which has been boarded up along with all the windows. Close-up of the door, which has a big CLOSED sign pasted up across the planks, then cut to the dejected Starfire as Beast Boy sidles up with a smile.)

Beast Boy: Come on, Star. (pulls her away) Marlene's Candy Store is just around the corner. (Another corner; he leads her around it.) It's got the best peanut butter squares in town.

(Both stop dead this time; his jaw drops open and he lets off a strangled little cry. Cut to the site of a building under construction and pull back to frame his face on the next line. A big sweat drop has sprung out on his temple, clearly indicating that this was not what he expected to find.)

Beast Boy: My peanut butter squares are gone!

(Overhead view of the framework, tilting down on the next line; all five have now gathered at the site. Part of the brickwork has been put up, and the construction covers a good-sized piece of acreage.)

Cyborg: The whole block is gone. They're building a new office complex. (Head-on view of them.)

Robin: Things sure have changed. Guess we've been away longer than we thought.

Raven: Where am I gonna buy my books?

Beast Boy: I don't remember any bookstore.

Raven: That's because you never bought a book.

Beast Boy: Hmm.

Cyborg: And the auto parts shop that was next to the bookstore is gone, too. (Cut to behind them; pull back slowly.)

Beast Boy: I remember there used to be a toy shop, or was it a barbershop? I distinctly remember it was some kind of shop.

Raven: That narrows it down.

(Cut to a closer shot of the ironwork for the arched entrance and follow Starfire as she flies toward the masonry.)

Starfire: (gestures) And I remember AJ's Music Store was over there.

(Her back is to the bricks, so she does not immediately notice two small red eyes that open among them. However, the emergence of their owner, an immense humanoid creature whose body is made up entirely of the fired-clay blocks, gets her attention in a hurry. The face is marked black and white, with no visible nose or mouth, and the form rapidly turns to pure white. Extreme close-up of the eyes, which narrow by means of camera shutters that extend from within the sockets, then cut to the stunned Titans.)

Cyborg: I definitely don't remember that being there!

(Cut to behind Starfire and tilt up; the thing is at least three times her height and five weight classes above her. She backs up at full speed just before a huge white hand lashes down and punches into the ground where she was.)

Robin: Titans! Go!

(Everyone else charges, the Tamaranean dodges a big swing or two, and the Boy Wonder charges in to relieve her. Another strike sends him leaping high over the site; he angles his leg straight down for a kick, but the creature catches his foot easily in one hand and slams him face first into the dirt. He is chucked away with ease and ends up crashing into Raven, who has taken up a midair position, after which Beast Boy rushes in and transforms into a velociraptor. He tackles the white behemoth only to get flipped onto his back in a cloud of dust; its fist arcs out, a flash, and the predator has been propelled high and far over the construction site.)

(The camera pulls back slowly until he fetches up hard against a lamppost and hits the ground in human form. Getting up woozily with stars circling above his head, he sees a weighty slab of pavement bounce across the street and just barely miss a few onlookers, throwing up a thick curtain of dust when it finally settles. Close-up of this; the view clears partially to expose some of these people in full detail, shielding their eyes and faces from the debris. At the center of the group is a slim young girl with long, straight blond hair, one arm thrown up across her face. She lowers it to give the camera a clear view of two large, light blue eyes and an instantly recognizable face. The clothing is that of a schoolgirl, short-sleeved white shirt, black necktie, dark blue skirt, but there can be no mistake; it is Terra, alive and well, or else an absolutely perfect double for her.)

(Cut to Beast Boy and zoom in. His head has cleared from the tumble he just took, but the sight of her has completely scrambled the connection between his brain and his mouth. It takes him a second to restore it.)

Beast Boy: Terra?

(Close-up of her, also a bit dazed from what has just happened. Zoom in slowly and snap to black.)


Act One

(Opening shot: the knot of spectators, with dust now swirling about their knees.)

Beast Boy: (running toward them) Terra!

(A grinding of metal from o.c. draws his gaze; he turns to catch sight of a bulldozer being flung from the construction site toward him. It thunders to the pavement and skids away as he dives for cover; when he lifts his head, he finds that out of the entire cluster of watchers, only Terra has vacated the premises. Close-up of the ones who surrounded her.)

Beast Boy: (from o.c.) Terra?

(He stands up, looks around for a second, and runs back toward the combat zone. Here the huge albino aggressor is dropping from the uppermost stories; starbolts burst uselessly against the body and the shooter catches it with her face. She is driven to the ground, whereupon Cyborg races in and starts a right hook swinging for the jaw. The punch finds its mark and is followed up by several just like it; only a pile of girders stops the creature from backing up any further than it already has.)

(Close-up of one hand as it touches the steel, then pan to frame the rest of the body, which takes on that same hue over every part except the face. This thing has the ability to take on the physical properties of whatever it touches, just as it did while camouflaging itself against the bricks in the prologue. It picks up a girder and swings in the same motion, launching the big man with enough force to drive him into the side of a building across the street, just below roof level.)

(Cut to Beast Boy, diving in as a falcon. He goes into a midair somersault, comes out of it as a trumpeting elephant, and lands hard on the behemoth, which has assumed its normal form. The hit skids it back and dumps it into an expanse of wet cement that has been poured for the building's foundation. It comes to a stop, liberally splattered with the gray gunk, and transfigures itself accordingly before standing up. Both arms lash out, hyper-extending across the street toward the giant green pachyderm and pouring cement all over him. He is stopped in his tracks and becomes a pterodactyl, but the rapidly hardening material prevents him from being able to lift off.)

(Long shot of the now-hardened enemy. A sheet of Raven's black energy slashes down and chops through both arms like a guillotine, then another that cuts off an additional length, and the body returns to normal, regenerating the arms, as a dark arm lashes in and drags it up. Cut to her in midair, she heaves it over her shoulder and lets it drop to a sidewalk, where it plows through a fire hydrant. It straightens up amid the resulting fountain as Cyborg drops in, ready for round two.)

(A look toward the construction site shows Robin and Beast Boy closing in fast, the latter back in human form and properly cleaned up. Raven and Starfire swing low to back them up, but the beast turns its body to water and hurls itself through a nearby sewer grate. Cut to just below this spot, the camera pointing up through the blackness at the slots of light that shine through. The whole patch of pavement is torn free by Starfire, and Robin rushes up and jumps in.)

(Pull back slightly; his boots hit water and stone several yards down, and he is on the move. Starfire flies in after him, then Raven, and Cyborg stops at the edge for a good look. Cut to him.)

Cyborg: (resignedly) Why does it always have to be the sewer?

(Down he goes, revealing an equally uneasy Beast Boy behind him. The last Titan hesitates at the big man's splash into the flowing waste; cut to a patch of the empty street and pull back to frame him eyeing it. After a second or two, he turns resolutely away from the spot.)

Beast Boy: There's only one way I'll know for sure.

(He has been unable to shake the thought of seeing a flesh-and-blood Terra from his mind, and he runs off. Snap to black and tilt down into an underground cavern that echoes with the distant plinks of falling water drops. A flashlight beam emerges in the distance, and the changeling steps into view on the source end of it. He swings the light back and forth as he picks his way along.)

Beast Boy: Hey, Terra! It's me, Beast Boy! Sorry I haven't been here in a while. Uh...how's it going? (Head-on view.) You're gonna think this is crazy, but...I thought I saw you today.

(His perspective of the ground before him; the flash sweeps here and there while he walks.)

Beast Boy: I guess it wasn't you because you're still a statue and all.

(The circle of light reaches the pedestal on which the Titans placed her at the end of "Aftershock." His plaque is still mounted on it:)




(However, two things are noticeably missing: the bouquet of roses Starfire left, and the statue itself. He gasps sharply; cut to his feet as the flashlight drops forgotten to the stone, then to his flabbergasted face. Zoom in slightly.)

Beast Boy: You're not still a statue! You're alive!

(Cut to the exterior of Titans Tower, zooming in slowly, then to the operations center. He has called up a map of Jump City on the window/screen and is using a computer console to scan it. Behind him, the door opens to admit the other four Titans; Cyborg makes a shuddering noise of disgust.)

Cyborg: Next time a creature goes down the sewer, (Close-up of them.) I say we just let it go.

Robin: Beast Boy, where were you? (They cross to him.)

Beast Boy: (turns from the console) You guys aren't gonna believe this! (Irritated faces glare at him.)

Cyborg: You better have a good reason for bailing on us.

Robin: What was so important that you couldn't stay with the team?

Starfire: We could have used your assistance.

Raven: Well? (Brief pause.)

Beast Boy: I saw Terra!

(That name catches everyone else flat-footed; the next four questions come all at once.)

Robin: What?

Cyborg: How?

Raven: When?

Starfire: Where?

Beast Boy: (giddily) I know! Isn't it great? I-I saw her downtown!

Robin: What did she say?

Beast Boy: I didn't actually get to talk to her. She was across the street, a-and when the creature attacked, she disappeared.

Raven: You sure it was her?

Beast Boy: Oh, I'm totally sure.

Cyborg: Maybe you just thought you saw her. (Robin crosses to Beast Boy.)

Robin: Sometimes, you want to see something that isn't there.

Beast Boy: (angrily) I did see her! She was real, a-and her statue is gone!

Cyborg: How could it be? The girl turned to stone.

Starfire: Perhaps one of Raven's spells?

Raven: I tried everything I could. Nothing worked.

(Letterbox view, top two-thirds of the screen: a long profile view of the five, panning slowly toward the kitchen.)

Cyborg: And none of my chemical analyses ever led to an answer either. None of this is making any sense. (Fullscreen: close-up of Beast Boy.)

Beast Boy: It doesn't have to make sense. Terra's back. That's all that matters.

(An alarm goes off, and in a long shot of the room, we see that an area of the map has begun to flash. Back to the group.)

Robin: It's the creature! We'll talk about this later.

Beast Boy: (really keyed up) You may not care about her, but Terra's out there somewhere. (runs for the door) And I'm gonna find her.

(He shoulders roughly through the others on his way out, paying absolutely no mind to the four incredulous stares that aim themselves at his back. Cut to an overhead shot of a broad canyon, panning slowly to follow his flight as a falcon. It is the same landscape in which the Titans first met Terra forty-nine episodes ago. He dips toward ground level; cut to within the canyon, the camera angled up toward the cloudless yellow sky and blazing sun. However, there is no trace of the earth-moving blonde to be seen.)

(Dissolve to an empty amusement park and tilt up to the sky. It is now late in the evening, and the avian Titan wings listlessly around near a roller coaster. Cut to its highest summit, the camera pointing down toward the shuttered game booths; he lights here and resumes human form to survey the area. Pan slightly ahead, then cut to a close-up of his unsmiling, resolved countenance and pull back slowly; no leads here, either. This is the park to which Terra took him in "Betrayal" in order to keep him occupied while Slade's robots assaulted the Tower, and he has found his way to the huge Megacoaster. After a few seconds' silent study of the park, he turns back into a falcon and takes off.)

(Cut to the exterior of Ben's, the diner that served as the couple's first stop that same night. Inside, a shot is being set up on the pool table; the end of the stick strikes the cue ball and sends it into the others, and the camera shifts to point across the felt at Beast Boy's slumped human form. He is sitting alone at the counter, just as he and Terra did when she ordered "the usual." Close-up of that dish, apple pie a la mode, with a fork lying unused on the plate, then cut to a profile view. He regards the food with no appetite whatsoever as the camera shifts to a long shot from the other end of the counter, the click of pool balls drifting toward him.)

(Close-up of the bell hanging inside, above the door. It jingles to mark an arriving customer, whereupon the camera cuts to the mirror behind the counter. Beast Boy's reflection looks glumly up and catches sight of this person, a teenage girl with shoulder-length blond hair, wearing a black T-shirt with a yellow-orange star and a skirt in this latter color. The Titan's eyes widen upon noticing her presence.)

Beast Boy: Huh?

(Pull back; he turns on his stool to eye her fully and gasps. A close-up of the girl reveals that she has large blue eyes not dissimilar to Terra's, and a young man steps in to accompany her. The two cross the floor toward the pool table as Beast Boy's face falls: a false alarm. On the next line, a waitress steps partly into view behind the counter.)

Waitress: (from o.c.) Can I help you?

(Tilt up to her lined face and piled-high hair, then cut to a profile view of the two.)

Beast Boy: (smiles and points at the pie) I'll take one for the road.

Waitress: (walking toward the kitchen, fading out) Well, you must be in a hurry, then, or something, 'cause you can't even sit down for a little while...

(Back to him on the end of this; his momentary cheer fades away quickly as her last words die out. From here, cut to the upper reaches of the office complex under construction. It is now the following day, and the camera tilts down several yards before the view dissolves to the heavy equipment at the base. Pan a short distance across the machines and dissolve to an overhead view of Beast Boy plodding across the dirt. Another dissolve and pan brings him into view at the skeleton of the arched entrance. Across the street is a school; the ringing of its bell comes loud and clear through the still air, and he perks up and looks toward it as the camera zooms in.)

(On the grounds, several students walk by, clad in the same white shirt/black tie ensemble worn by Terra in the prologue, and she can be seen through gaps in the crowd. The boys wear blue slacks, the girls skirts. She is now enrolled here, and the look on her face and the way she grips a textbook broadcast her current feeling of unease very clearly. However, she soon smiles and is met by a redheaded girl; Beast Boy stares slack-jawed and gasps as the camera zooms in slightly.)

(On campus, Terra has now struck up a lively conversation with this other girl, while a third, black, has stopped by to listen. No words are heard, but all three seem to be enjoying themselves. Zoom in on the blonde, the rest of the scene vanishing in a sudden glow of white light, then cut to him running across the street. The camera is positioned just inside the wrought iron fence that runs around the perimeter of the property, and he grips two of the bars as soon as he is within arm's reach.)

Beast Boy: Hey, Terra! It's me! Beast Boy! (Cut to behind him, looking at the three girls.)

Redhead: (to Terra) You know him?

(Terra shrugs noncommittally and all three walk off, prompting a choked little cry of surprise from the green would-be Lothario. He drops his arms with a frustrated moan, then runs off in their direction.)

Beast Boy: Terra, wait up!

(Just inside the fence, panning across the knots of strolling students. Now we can see that they wear black shoes-loafers for the boys, oxfords with knee-high white socks for the girls. Stop on Terra and her two friends, then cut back to him, feet pounding fast enough to win Olympic gold in the hundred-yard dash. A corner-rounding leap carries him through the front gate and smack into their path to bring them up short. The sign above the door marks this facility as the Murakami School.)

(In close-up, the three girls direct wordless, thoroughly bewildered stares at the camera as it pans slowly across them. Beast Boy's hugely smiling face is framed in a similar shot, and the cycle repeats itself from them to him. He raises one hand to wave and beams from ear to ear on his second shot, and the view shifts back to the girls; another long silence before anyone speaks.)

Terra: Sorry. You've got the wrong girl.

(His mouth falls slightly open at the sound of these six words. Fade to black.)

Act Two

(Opening shot: a line of stoplights, all red, hanging at intervals above a city street. Cut to the wall-to-wall windows that make up a building's entire front and reflect the fluffy white clouds, then to a pedestrian crossing signal mounted on a lamppost near the Murakami School. The upper half is lit, showing the hand for "don't walk"; in an overhead shot of the area, the stupefied Beast Boy stares at the three girls he has just accosted at the edge of campus. Cut to ground level, the camera positioned outside the fence to put him and them on opposite sides of one brick post.)

Beast Boy: You don't remember me?

Terra: Should I?

Beast Boy: I'm Beast Boy. (Close-up.) We used to hang out together. Y-you thought I was funny.

(He grins uneasily and scratches his head; she giggles a bit and manages a small smile that perks him up in a flash, and he laughs as well.)

Beast Boy: See? I can still make you laugh. (Now her smile is gone.)

Terra: (now a bit annoyed) Like I said, you've got the wrong girl.

(During the line, the camera cuts to outside the fence, framing them on opposite sides of the post as before. Having said her piece a second time, she turns to start on the way home; close-up of his hand landing on her shoulder, then pull back. A fence bar cuts between their images.)

Beast Boy: Maybe if we just talk, then you'll remember.

Terra: I've gotta go.

Beast Boy: Just one pizza? (hint of desperation) I'm buying. What have you got to lose?

(His perspective of the extended hand; two shirt-and-tie-clad chests slide in from either side to catch his arm. Sight gag: they belong to the two friends, who tower over him with heads much larger than normal, and they glare down at him as he whimpers in pain in "Super Deformed" style. Terra rolls her eyes wearily.)

Redhead: She's not interested.

Black girl: Yeah. Get lost, Brat Boy.

Beast Boy: (crushed) It's Beast Boy.

(He pulls his arm free with some effort and eyes the swollen extremity with watering eyes and a little more moaning. The gag now ends with a cut to the blonde, who looks ruefully in his direction between her friends' indignant faces; veins throb on the cheeks, and the camera focus is on her. Next, the view shifts to behind the blockers and zooms in slowly on the rejected Titan and his throbbing fingers before cutting to a close-up of Terra.)

Terra: Maybe one slice.

(Pull back; Terra's acceptance hits the other two like a poleaxe to the gut, and they turn to gape pop-eyed at her with question marks appearing overhead. Beast Boy, on the other hand, lets sheer joy shine from his eyes and ecstatic smile Sight gag: we see a view of Earth from low orbit, with him standing up from a spot near the United States' Pacific coast and Titans Tower. His arm stretches toward the heavens in a thumbs-up, the thumb itself showing a wildly grinning face, as his yell of triumph rings out around the globe.)

(Gag ends. Cut to him in a full run, dragging Terra by the hand while her books tumble in all directions.)

Beast Boy: Oh, great! I'll take you to our favorite place! (Pull back; the other girls watch the spectacle, still disbelieving.)

Redhead: You sure you want to go with this guy?

Terra: It's okay. I'll see you tomorrow.

(Cut to a thoroughly abused street elsewhere in the city proper and pan slowly to bring Cyborg's feet into view, standing on an upended slab of pavement. Close-up of his forearm as he extends it ahead; a panel shows a jumping signal, and he reaches into view with the other hand to fine-tune it. Pull back; he eyes the display as Robin and Starfire come up.)

Cyborg: I don't know what to scan for. Brick, metal, concrete, it could be anything.

(Raven walks in, concentrating. Zoom in on her face; she comes out of it after a moment.)

Raven: I'm not able to sense it either. (Pull back.) I can't believe I'm gonna say this, but I wish Beast Boy were here. Maybe he could follow the scent.

Robin: We've just gotta keep looking.

(Close-up of a puddle that reflects the sky and the buildings' upper stories. His boots splash through it, after which the camera cuts to a shot of the quartet moving out. The water source is a broken pipe protruding from a wall.)

Starfire: I am concerned for Beast Boy. Do you think Terra truly has returned?

Robin: Anything's possible.

Starfire: But how?

Robin: Maybe she freed herself.

Cyborg: Or there coulda been an earthquake while we were gone.

Raven: Maybe the effect just wore off. (Close-up of Starfire.)

Starfire: If she is back, why would she not locate us? (Pan to Raven.)

Raven: (as all walk o.c.) Last time we saw her, she wasn't exactly one of the good guys. (now o.c.) Maybe she didn't want to be found.

(Tilt up to a patch of the crumbling brick wall they have just passed. The red eyes and camouflaged face of the chameleon creature emerge, followed by the masonry head and shoulders as it turns to stare after the four Titans. Extreme close-up of one eye, reflecting their backs; the camera shutter contracts slightly over the red-tinted image.)

(Cut to a horizontal stoplight under a sky that has taken on the purple glow of twilight. Where the signals at the start of this act were red, this one is green. Tilt down to ground level; it stands across the street from the ever-popular pizza joint, and a cut to the balcony reveals the place to be fairly busy. Zoom in slowly on a back table, where Terra is seated to watch Beast Boy standing on his stool. He gestures as if telling a dramatic story while she drinks a soda; cut to them.)

Beast Boy: And then, we pushed the Brain in the freezing machine. (Close-up of her on the end of this; she takes a pull and laughs.)

Terra: Brain freeze. That's funny. (Another laugh; he jumps down into his seat.)

Beast Boy: Finally, someone gets my joke!

(Recall that no one appreciated it at the end of "Titans Together." Propping his head on one palm, he gazes across the table with huge adoring eyes. Slow pan across him, then cut to a vertical panel of the smiling blonde that slowly descends against a black field.)

Beast Boy: (voice over) You haven't changed a bit, Terra.

(The rest of the background fades in around the panel as her cheerful mood evaporates almost too fast to follow. Now she aims a bemused glance his way and the stoplight switches from green through yellow and stops on red.)

Terra: Why do you keep calling me that?

Beast Boy: Because you are Terra.

Terra: What makes you so sure?

(Letterbox view, panning slowly across her uncertain expression. The image narrows from top and bottom, not unlike a squinting eye.)

Beast Boy: (voice over) You look like her, you...you talk like her, you laugh like her.

(Now the black bars cut off everything but her face. Fullscreen: slow pan across his slightly puzzled face.)

Beast Boy: Don't you remember anything from before?

(The ice settles in her glass with a clink that seems greatly magnified in the quiet.)

Terra: I just remember high school.

Beast Boy: You used to live in the desert before joining the Teen Titans.

(During this line, the view changes to a vertical panel that shows the six friends in SD style; Terra sporting the outfit she wore while a member of the team, along with a slightly dirty face. The image pulls back slowly against a black field. Overhead view of Terra at the table, the camera pointing past the edge of the shading umbrella toward her.)

Beast Boy: (from o.c.) You couldn't control your powers at first.

(Cut to a photograph of the two, he grinning like an idiot while she points the camera toward them with one hand and hooking the other around his waist. It tears apart and the halves fall away to reveal her in the armored suit Slade gave her in "Aftershock." Flames blaze behind her cruelly smiling face as the camera tilts up to show the master directly behind her, his imperturbable masked countenance framed against a glowing red field.)

Beast Boy: (voice over) Then Slade helped you, (Present: close-up of Terra, now unsettled; Beast Boy continues o.c.) and you wanted to take over the city.

(Cut to the moment, late in Part Two of that episode, at which she has sent him away on a slab of rock to avoid the volcanic eruption she has inadvertently unleashed in Slade's lair. Horrified at the knowledge of what is to come, he reaches desperately toward her.)

Beast Boy: (voice over) But in the end, you couldn't go through with it. (She floats slowly by, face downcast.) And you saved us all.

(Fade to black, then in to a profile of her in the present. The whole story has struck her as more than a little hard to swallow.)

Terra: Why would you want to be friends with someone who was so much trouble?

Beast Boy: Because I know who she really is.

(Letterbox, top two-thirds of the screen: they and the table are in silhouette, as is the waiter who brings a steaming pizza out to them. Fullscreen: it is set down and he smiles warmly. A close-up and slow pan across the pie shows it loaded with pepperoni and anchovies, and a panel pops up showing his face.)

Beast Boy: One supreme pizza with extra anchovies, hold the mushrooms. Just the way you like it. (He winks; back to her.)

Terra: I don't like anchovies. I'm allergic. (stands up) I should get going.

(Close-up of her glass, which is upset when her hand brushes against it. The spilling soda reflects her face, which is cut off by the top edge of the screen.)

Beast Boy: (from o.c.) No, stay! (Cut to him.) I-I don't eat anchovies either. We'll get whatever you want. (Back to her, framed as before.)

Terra: I've got a lotta homework and I need to get to the computer lab. (She walks off.)

Beast Boy: (as she passes) We've got an awesome computer at the Tower! You can work there, be finished in half the time.

(She halts, having gotten only a few feet away, and turns to face him after a moment. The face that greets her is that of a young man whose world is one good sneeze away from falling apart at the seams.)

Terra: Okay, but I've gotta be home before dark.

Beast Boy: (brightly) 'Kay.

(He crosses to her, leaving the puddle of soda to reflect nothing but the sun and sky. Dissolve to a long shot of the Tower, then to the two youths in the operations center. They are at the door, and the kitchen, couch, and coffee table are strewn with assorted trash and used items.)

Terra: (softly) Wow! This is cool!

Beast Boy: This is where the Titans get all their mission assignments.

(Cut to the kitchen and pan slowly across the piles of unwashed dishes.)

Beast Boy: (from o.c.) Over there's the kitchen, and...

(Similar shot of the couch and coffee table; potato chips, soda cans, CDs, and the GameStation 2 system have been tossed around here.)

Beast Boy: (from o.c.) ...a-and that's where we play video games. See? (Back to them.)

Terra: Must be nice to live here.

Beast Boy: You used to live here, too.

Terra: (smiles faintly) I think I would remember living in a place like this.

(Cut to a pair of panels against a black screen, each showing one of the teens; She looks around curiously and he watches her with obvious unease as they drift apart toward the bottom corners of the screen. When they stop, he thinks for a second and smiles in her direction.)

Beast Boy: Come on. I'll show you your room.

(Cut to a patch of night sky filled with the pinpoint lights of distant stars and tilt down. They are now in Terra's old room, which has been fixed up to look exactly as it did before she let Slade's robots in to rip the whole place apart. The wall-to-wall desert landscape artwork, the big green bed, the corner bookshelves, the couch and coffee table facing the window; all here, as is the "sky" painted on the ceiling.)

Beast Boy: Stars, because you like to sleep outside.

Terra: (crosses the floor) Not me. I hate camping out. Too may bugs.

(Cut to the table, where her old lava lamp is bubbling merrily away. Next to it is the heart-shaped metal box Beast Boy gave her in "Betrayal." Behind it, she steps into view and eyes the alcove that houses her bed, then goes to the table. Close-up of the box, zooming in slightly; she reaches into view and picks it up, and the camera pulls back as she runs an eye over it with no immediate recognition. Another close-up of it; she flips open the lid to expose the mirror set inside it, and the camera zooms in on her reflection while his approaches from a short distance.)

Beast Boy: I made that for you. Remember, Terra? (Hearing that name sours her a bit.)

Terra: It's cute. Listen. I've really gotta go.

(The lid is snapped shut. Dissolve to a shot of the setting sun on the horizon of Jump City Bay and tilt down. She watches the day's end from the shore of the Tower's island as he walks over; cut to their reflections on the water.)

Terra: Maybe your friend is out there somewhere. I hope you find her.

Beast Boy: I already have.

(Close-up of a small stone resting in his palm, then pull back as he lifts it. One good throw sends it skipping across the water, after which he holds another one out to her; a reversal of their positions during their first one-on-one meeting in "Terra.")

Terra: Beast Boy-- (Back to their reflections.)

Beast Boy: Come on. You've gotta remember! Something! Anything!

(He gets no answer but a sad shake of the blond head. Long shot of them, then back to the shore. Beast Boy suddenly bends over to get at something just out of view, prompting a question mark to appear briefly by her head; what he comes up with is a fist-sized dirt clod.)

Beast Boy: You can move the earth!

(Sight gag: in SD style, he pitches the clump and hits her dead in the face. His eyes bug out and his jaw drops at the colossal faux pas he has just committed; the gag ends and she just glares back at him with gritted teeth, wondering which piece of him to rip off first.)

Terra: Why did you do that? (She runs off.)

Beast Boy: Terra! I'm sorry! (Long shot of them.) Maybe you need more time to remember how to use your powers! (runs after her) Come back! I'll help you!

(Cut to a heavily bashed-up bit of a city street, just outside the museum. Night has fallen, and one axle of a nearby overturned car spins lazily. Inside, we see a close-up of a dinosaur skeleton in a darkened gallery; a flashlight beam roves along its length, and the camera pans/tilts down to ground level. Here come the other Titans, their path illuminated by Cyborg's shoulder-mounted beacon and Starfire's hands.)

Cyborg: Come out, come out, wherever you are. (The light sweeps across some more exhibits.) We'll never find it!

(Close-up of some hieroglyphics engraved on a stone slab; one bionic fist swings into view and thumps against the surface in frustration. When he pulls it away, two familiar red eyes appear and the creature jumps out with its body disguised as stone. It goes right past everyone and charges across the gallery, knocking items aside and reverting to its normal coloration and form as it goes. At the far wall, an easy leap carries it up onto a display stand; cut to the other side as it smashes through and drops out of sight. The four heroes run up through the swirling dust, and the camera tilts down to ground level as they take the drop as well.)

(The view shifts and pans to show the area they have arrived in: an outdoor courtyard filled with statues. Needless to say, the prospect of having to search a place like this does not fill anyone with great optimism, judging from the chorus of weary groans.)

(Cut to an overhead view of the Megacoaster. Zoom in slowly, then cut to a close-up of a dilapidated horse's head on the merry-go-round. The next shot shows the internals of disused booths set up for ring toss and the old milk-bottle pitching game. Next: the sign over the House of Mirrors. Tilt down to ground level; this attraction has also fallen into decay. It looks as if the entire amusement park has fallen on times hard enough to warrant its closure.)

(Next, the camera cuts to an extreme close-up of a broken mirror inside. His reflection passes by, multiplied several times due to all the cracks.)

Beast Boy: How could she have forgotten everything?

(Close-up of an area speckled with glass shards, tilting up. He has reached the chamber in which she finally revealed herself as a double agent and is staring at a panorama of cracked glass.)

Beast Boy: There must be something I can say to help her remember.

Slade: (from o.c.) Maybe she doesn't want to remember.

(That level voice throws the mother of all scares into the Titan who tried to eat its owner alive the last time they met in this place. Cut to behind him and tilt up slowly; now, as then, Slade's image appears in every broken pane. Close-up of one face.)

Beast Boy: (from o.c.) Slade! (Cut to him.) I should've realized you were behind this! Why did you bring Terra back? (Extreme close-up: Slade's eye.)

Slade: I had nothing to do with her return.

Beast Boy: You did something to take away her memory, and you took away her powers!

Slade: I did nothing, dear boy. If the girl does not remember or does not use her powers, it is because she chooses so. (Track slowly around Beast Boy and pull back on the next line.)

Beast Boy: Why wouldn't Terra want to remember? She was a hero! She had friends! She saved all of us! (Extreme close-up: Slade's eye.)

Slade: Don't you see? She no longer wants to remember you.

(That does it. The shape-shifter spins himself into bull form and charges, shattering that mirror and sending a spray of glass in all directions. An instant later, he has become a bear and shattered another image with his deadly claws; next, he attacks one reflector after another with uncharacteristic ferocity. Throughout this rampage, the masked face can be seen in every piece of glass large enough to display it. Finally, Beast Boy stands in human form amid the fresh litter of shards; slow pan across the chamber, then cut to him catching his breath.)

(The sound of a rising snarl draws his attention upward, and down comes Slade himself like a ton of bricks from the lightless rafters. Beast Boy somersaults away, avoiding the armored fist by the thinnest of margins; pull back from him slightly on the next line.)

Beast Boy: I won't let you hurt her again! (Slade stands up.)

Slade: You're the one who is hurting her. Let her go.

(The young hero holds his position, the pupils of his eyes narrowing to enraged pinpoints in an extreme close-up of his face. The lids squeeze tightly shut, and he backs away from the camera while turning into a gorilla big enough to frighten even Monsieur Mallah. Now the two combatants charge toward each other, but Slade bounds nimbly up to avoid Beast Boy's pounding fists, blocks a punch, and counters with one that rocks the ape back hard. The masked criminal lands a follow-up flying kick that drives Beast Boy against the jagged edges of a smashed mirror, then delivers a second one to propel him through it entirely.)

(Glass, dust, and concrete billow out from the remains of its frame; a second later the changeling thunders back into the fray as a velociraptor. His jaws open as wide as they will go, he snaps them shut around Slade's arm and charges across the floor to smash him through another mirror. More dust and debris pour out, filling the screen, and clear to expose Beast Boy in human form. He steps through to the area behind the mirrors, a passage whose end vanishes into darkness, but stops at the sound of the next two words.)

Slade: (from o.c.) Face it.

(Close-up: the green teen looks around, a chink of light shining in from the chamber through a hole in the mirrors.)

Slade: (from o.c.) She doesn't want to see you anymore.

(Beast Boy heads off, after which the speaker's image appears in the hole and crosses away. Back to the former.)

Beast Boy: (threateningly) Leave Terra alone!

(Cut to a slow pan behind him, looking back in through the hole in the wall at the chamber, then to a close-up. As he flicks his eyes from side to side, the camera tilts up slightly; Slade emerges from the unlit stretch behind him. A flash, and the view has gone across the wall again, just in time for Beast Boy to be knocked back in through one of the fresh holes. He gets to his feet as quickly as he can in order to meet the enemy's full-throttle rush, but a flurry of punches comes his way and rocks his head back and forth like a speed bag. The pummeling ends when he is lifted off his feet and flung most of the way to the opposite wall.)

(Incredibly, he bounces right back up, his immeasurable anger written across every bit of his emerald face, and quick-changes into a growling tiger. He leaps at Slade with a swipe of his claws and leaves a deep gouge across the armored chest; on the return trip, the target seizes both forelegs and they grapple at close range. The feline Titan takes a very short and painful trip to the floor, then comes up as a bear and shoves Slade up against a mirror, pinning his shoulders as bits of glass rain down. However, the steel-clad legs kick up with enough force to drive Beast Boy back and lay him out.)

(Now Slade leaps high over the prone green grizzly and angles his foot for a stomping attack, but the intended victim disappears an instant before the sole smashes down. Something tiny flits away to hover nearby; presently it can be discerned as a hummingbird. Up comes Slade, who has a bit of trouble tracking the erratic movements; so Beast Boy makes the task a bit easier by turning into a tyrannosaurus rex. His roar thunders through the abandoned labyrinth, Slade stands his ground, and down comes the colossal head to knock him flat.)

(Cut to the exterior of the House of Mirrors; the foe comes crashing out through the sign above he door and tumbles gracelessly away. Most of the entrance disintegrates in a storm of dust and rubble as the T-rex Beast Boy charges out after him, and the stalking advance makes its way past the game booths before the jaws snap shut on the steel-sheathed archenemy's legs. Slade's agonized yell hangs in the air as Beast Boy carries him along toward the Megacoaster; a mighty blast of smoke and flame marks their collision with the framework.)

(The impact comes with enough force to start the entire ride crumbling, and when the screen clears, Beast Boy is framed among the ruins, in close-up and back to human form. He heaves for breath as the camera pans across the tangled steel and concrete; it stops on one of Slade's forearms protruding from the mess, and Beast Boy steps over to it. Cut to his perspective of a fallen slab, which he pulls away for a good look the pinned adversary. He is greeted with the sight of a mask that has been partially broken away to reveal not a human face, but an assembly of electronic parts, and sparks crackling up and down the wrecked armor. Instead of coming to see Beast Boy in the flesh, Slade has sent a robotic duplicate, just as he did in his final meeting with Robin/Red X in "Masks.")

Robot Slade: She doesn't want to see you anymore. (Cut to Beast Boy; it continues o.c.) She doesn't want to see you anymore. (Long overhead view of the two, pulling back slowly.) She doesn't want to see you anymore.

(Fade to black.)

Act Three

(Opening shot: the sun in a clear blue sky amid happy little clouds. It is now the following day, and the camera tilts down to the Murakami School as the bell rings. Inside, a wall clock shows the time as 8:49 and students head off to class. A few lean against the full-length hall windows, while elsewhere the traffic clears out to expose Beast Boy, who has confronted Terra's two friends. Neither girl seems particularly willing to part with any useful information. Sight gag: Beast Boy is rather thinner than normal, and his head has taken on a very blocky profile.)

Beast Boy: Where is she? I need to talk to her.

(A classroom door opens to admit her into the hall; she glares disgustedly toward him and walks off without a word.)

Beast Boy: Terra! Wait!

(The gag ends as he runs after her and catches up.)

Beast Boy: I'm sorry about yesterday.

Terra: (strides ahead) I'm gonna be late for biology.

(He stops and watches her go into this classroom, the door slamming shut once she is in. Cut to an overhead view of a row of stores and pull back slowly until Cyborg comes into view on a roof across the street, watching intently. Robin, Raven, and Starfire join him after a moment, whereupon he slams a fist onto the ledge with a loud groan, hard enough to crack the stone.)

Cyborg: Every time we catch up to it, it vanishes before our eyes!

Raven: (flies closer) Are we just supposed to wait for it to reappear?

Robin: This thing is out to destroy everything. It's not stopping, and neither are we.

(The street again; a storefront blows out, throwing a parked car across the pavement, and out comes the creature as Starfire swoops down.)

Starfire: (calling up to the others) There it is!

(Raven lifts off, Robin fires his grappling hook and swings away, and Cyborg vaults over the ledge to join in. At ground level, the thing executes a series of froglike jumps to get across the street and onto the roof of a car; glass cracks and sheet metal crumples when it pushes off. Here come the four pursuers at full tilt; cut to another corner, where starbolts and a sonic cannon blast barely miss their target. It skids through the turn, the four Titans hot on its heels, and nearly takes another of Starfire's shots to the kidney before diving to one side.)

(The move carries it onto an upper-story ledge, but it thinks again after a third starbolt rips into the architecture. Back to the street it goes, bounding ahead as the camera tilts down slightly. There is a low wall across the far side of the cross street here; the camera passes this for a close-up of the concrete before the whole thing blows out toward us. Back in the street, the four Titans race toward the fresh hole and thick dust clouds; on the far side, they come out and find their enemy headed for the top of a dam.)

Raven: Not so fast!

(Her crossed hands blaze black as she swings them wide with a loud grunt, causing one blast of energy after another to erupt from the stone surface. The first two strikes are a hair late, but the third throws the fugitive off balance and into the trees that line the riverbank. Old growth is smashed to kindling wood under the incredible momentum; cut to the near end of the trench created by its skid and pan to where it has stopped. Even after taking Raven's king-size hit, the beast is able to get to its feet unharmed, but right away a starbolt lashes the air and nearly takes its head off.)

(It leaps over the piled dirt and frog-jumps uphill through the forest as she pitches again, Robin scales a disc, and Cyborg and Raven bring up the rear. Ordnance and levitated timber fly everywhere, just barely missing the great white form.)

Cyborg: (bringing up the cannon) There's nowhere for you to hide!

(The glare of his blast fills the screen and clears to show a hall inside the Murakami School. Not a soul is in sight, and the only sound is the ticking of a clock as the camera pans to one wall. Beast Boy is here, sitting huddled by the biology classroom door with his back against the lockers. He looks up across the way; close-up of the wall clock, which displays 11:00. A series of dissolves puts it to 11:07 and then 11:25, and the camera cuts back to him. Though his spirits are already low enough, a dissolve shows him in an even miserable frame of mind, and in a second one he has fallen asleep. He promptly gets the ever-loving daylights scared out of him with a scream when the bell rings, and he heaves himself upright just before the door opens. Terra is the third one out; he starts after her.)

Beast Boy: Are you gonna keep running away from me?

Terra: I'm not running from anything. Go home!

Beast Boy: Not until you talk to me.

Terra: (turns o.c.) You can't keep following me.

Beast Boy: Why not?

(Cut to Terra, now at a door marked with the pictograph for a girls' facility, and pull back to frame Beast Boy on the next line. A big sweat drop has popped out on his forehead.)

Terra: It's the girls' locker room.

(Cut to a pothole-pocked road in the forest and tilt up slightly, to the sound of distant thumping, to bring the building at its end fully into view: the Recycle Center. The ruckus is accompanied by the glare of explosions shining through the windows; the big chase has worked is way in here, and a few of them blow out after a second. The glare fills the screen and clears to show an area inside, just in time for Raven to sail into view and hit the wall back first. Her attacker stands on a catwalk not far away and turns to find Cyborg rushing in; one devastating hook after another smashes into the black-and-white face as Robin runs across the floor to check it out.)

(He gets there just before the big man misses and takes a left to the jaw that lays him out. Out with the grappling hook again; he fires and manages to snag the raised white arm. A hard yank on the line drags the creature off balance, and Cyborg gives it a wicked little smile and a two-handed swing to the chin that launches it off the catwalk. It drops into a hopper full of aluminum cans, one of several that are moving along a track, and Cyborg jumps after it.)

(Starfire moves in to give aerial support and catches sight of a large electromagnet sliding along its overhead track. Meanwhile, the white body has turned to aluminum and takes a punch across its jaw; the bionic fists are then both caught and shoved back. An indicator light on an electrical panel blinks from red to green, and the magnet locks into position directly above the hopper. The big man's pounding stops suddenly as his eyes pop and he flails his arms wildly, and then, with a surprised yell, he is yanked up by the powerful attractive force and plastered spreadeagle to the magnet's surface. A few cans, doubtless steel ones that got mixed in with the aluminum, go up with him, and the enemy climbs out and runs off.)

Cyborg: (as Starfire swings in close) Hey, Starfire, little help! Get me down from here!

(The magnet starts to move again; she flips over and starts trying with all her strength to tear him loose as the camera pans ahead of them to a row of vats filled with boiling, molten metal. After a little more straining, she fires an eye blast that snaps the device's support, dropping it, her, and Cyborg safely into a pile of boxes at the wall. In the foreground, the metal-bodied monster backs into view before Robin's fighting-staff offensive. A blow clangs off the forearm, but the follow-up kick hits its mark in the breadbasket and drives it back a bit. Robin's next roundhouse staff swing bashes into the legs and topples the creature backward into a collection of oil drums.)

(A few lids come loose, allowing the contents to splash out over an extended hand; in a moment, the entire body is petroleum rather than metal. When the Boy Wonder leaps in for a swing intending to fracture its shoulder, his staff just sinks harmlessly into the gunk. Cut to an extreme close-up of its back as his weapon cleaves through it, exposing his disbelieving stare on the other side, then back to the creature. The long split seals itself neatly, the camera cutting briefly to the back again in the process, and it extracts the staff with one hand and drags Robin up by the wrists with the other. Extreme close-up of one red eye, reflecting his gaping surprise as the camera shutter focuses on it, then pull back. A violent heave sends him into a pile of boxes.)

(Now it stands near the can-filled hoppers; pan ahead slightly as Raven levitates one of them off its track. Her hands come down, it follows suit, and the attacker catches it in the face and gets bulldozed into the side of a storage tank. Flames lick up from the top; a second later the oil oozes out from underneath, flows up the hopper's end, and forms the creature's body again-not even a scratch. Next, a couple of cannon shots flash into view, each one punching a hole through the chest that instantly seals itself. Cut to Cyborg and Starfire; the former with that electromagnet still attached to his back and firing away.)

(The thing liquefies again to avoid the next shots, flows up to the top edge of the hopper, and reforms itself. Molten metal is now pouring in from the damaged tank, and one of Cyborg's next blasts punches a hole in it and releases its contents to douse the creature. He disarms and heaves a visible sigh as the girls look on and Robin comes up.)

(Close-up of the red-hot flow, which is now dribbling out onto the floor. A few spots of flame erupt here and there; tilt up as the metal swirls and assembles itself into the all-too-familiar physique, now wreathed in fire from head to toe. Cut to a close-up of Robin and zoom in as his eyebrows come down.)

Robin: We need Beast Boy.

(Cut to the exterior of the Murakami School, then to its library. Here it is typically quiet, and we see the librarian; old woman, gray hair in a tight bun, reading glasses, at the front desk. Elsewhere, a boy and girl are hanging out by the magazine rack and others pass here and there.)

Boy: (softly) Hey, wanna go out sometime? My dad said I could borrow his car.

(She laughs softly on the end of this. Cut to a long shot of the front desk, the camera positioned a few feet above the floor, and tilt down past the shelves and several tables to bring Beast Boy and Terra into view. They are sitting on opposite sides of a table, with a very large pile of books separating them; she studies while he sits wearily, head in hands. Cut to her, then to him; sight gag; Beast Boy's head is squashed considerably and a runner of drool hangs from his mouth.)

(He has placed his communicator on the table now, and of all the possible moments in present or future time, it chooses this very one to go off. Instead of sounding off its usual show-theme ringtone, though, it buzzes like an alarm clock gone mad, scaring its owner out of his deep blue funk with a yell.)

Beast Boy: Oh...I'm awake!

(Several panels pop up, each showing a student's head, and all admonish him with a "Shhh!" Cut to his side of the table, the camera pointed at the books; the sight gag has ended.)

Terra: (whispering, from the other side) Go outside! (Her side; pull back as Beast Boy peeks over.)

Beast Boy: So you're talking to me now?

Librarian: Shhh! (The table; focus on Terra.)

Terra: (whispering) You're gonna get me in trouble! Go outside! (Focus shifts to Beast Boy.)

Beast Boy: (a bit softer than before) Not unless you come with me.

(He gets a nasty glare from the librarian, who pulls out a ruler and slaps its end against one palm threateningly. Having had enough of this discussion, Terra gets up angrily and walks off. Cut to the exterior of the school, zooming in slowly, then to one of the sunlit hall windows. We then see a long shot of the two facing each other in front of these, followed by a close-up; Beast Boy has his back to the glass. A moment's silence, which is broken when Terra speaks.)

Terra: (impatiently) Okay, you've got two minutes.

Beast Boy: Maybe you don't remember, but I do. (Cut to Terra; he continues o.c., reaching into the frame.) You're my friend. You're a Teen Titan. (She backs up from the light.)

Terra: You're wrong. (Long shot.)

Beast Boy: You don't belong here, Terra. (Close-up of her.)

Terra: Stop calling me that!

(She brushes an errant lock of hair away from her left eye, not the right as she used to do after losing her butterfly clip. Now she drops her head and looks uncertainly away.)

Beast Boy: It's who you are.

Terra: What do you want from me? (Cut to their shadows on the floor tiles.)

Beast Boy: (from o.c.) Why can't things just go back to the way they were? You were so happy then.

(Long shot of them. There is another pause, which breaks when the camera cuts to a close-up of the blonde's chest and the textbook clutched over it and tilts up slowly.)

Terra: Things were never the way you remember. Now just leave me alone. (Behind her.)

Beast Boy: (pulls something out of his belt) Here. Take this, in case you're in trouble.

(A close-up of his hand reveals that he has dug out his communicator and is holding it out to her. Tilt up to her conflicted expression on the next line.)

Beast Boy: (from o.c.) In case you need me. You can call me anytime. (She makes up her mind.)

Terra: I don't need it. (Pull back to frame both.)

Beast Boy: But...

Terra: (walking away) Time's up.

Beast Boy: Terra...

(She stops. Cut to in front of her, tilting slowly up toward her face; she has closed her eyes and again dropped her head.)

Terra: Things change, Beast Boy. (Close-up behind her; she turns around.) The girl you want me to be is just a memory.

(The view shifts to frame them both, separated by the length of three tiles with the brilliant sunlight through the windows as their backdrop. Pull back slowly, cut to Terra, then to Beast Boy.)

Robin: (over the comm) Come in, Beast Boy!

(He flips the cover open and is met with a static-filled screen that resolves into the leader's face. Behind him, the battle with the walking alchemy laboratory rages on in the Recycle Center.)

Robin: We need your help!

(More static as the transmission ends; he closes it up and aims a pleading glance toward Terra.)

Beast Boy: Come with me. (Terra shakes her head.)

Terra: You go. (Cut to him, zooming in; she continues o.c.) You're the Teen Titan. That's who you are. (Back to her.) That's not me. I'm not a hero. (Cut to her legs.) I'm not out to save the world. (Cut to Terra again; she backs slowly away.) I'm just a girl with a geometry test next period, and I haven't studied.

(She retreats into a dimmer area as the bell rings and the classroom doors open to let the students out into the hall. The heartbroken Titan stays rooted to his spot, not noticing the people passing in front and behind him. Through the back-and-forth hustle, the slim blonde's figure can be seen for a few seconds, and then it is suddenly gone, having seemingly vanished with no trace. Beast Boy keeps standing there stolidly, the action around him shifting to slow motion and the camera pulling back after a second or two. Finally, he pulls out his communicator and thumbs its buttons.)

Beast Boy: Beast Boy to Robin. I'm on my way. Over.

(Back into the belt it goes, and he finally gets his feet moving in a run. Cut to a profile of the green face, finding its old determination again even though the events of the past day or so have shaken his life so badly. Whether this girl has amnesia, is deliberately repressing both her powers and the memories of her past, or is simply not Terra, will have to be dealt with another day; there is a job to be done. The camera circles back to show him heading for the open school doors. Zoom in on the dazzling sunlight as he races out and disappears into it, then snap to black after it has filled the screen.)

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