Bernadette: (to Howard): "Look at that, you shaved it all."

Leonard: "We are young!"

Penny: So, you really going to break up with her?
Raj: Yeah, I think so. Do you have any advice?
Penny: Well, I have broken up with my fair share of guys. I mean, how many times have I broken up with Leonard?
Leonard: I stopped counting at four.
Penny: All right my advice to you is to do It at her place so you can leave when you do. Uh tell the truth, make it quick and be prepared for tears.
Raj: OH, I’m going to do a pre-cry before I go in there. Really dry myself out
Leonard: She meant Emily.
Penny: On, I-I really didn’t.

Emily: You’re seriously breaking up with me?
Raj: Yeah.
Emily: And you thought right before Valentine’s Day was a good time to do it?
Raj: You’re right. Let’s talks again in a few days.
Raj: Hey, Clairie. Hi. It’s-it’s Rajesh. I was…I was wondering if you’re free for Valentine’s Day?
Claire: Sorry, I just got back together with my boyfriend.
Raj: But I just broke up with my girlfriend!
Claire: Right before Valentine’s Day? What an ass!
Raj: Please take me back. Our love was meant to be! [Emily slams door in his face.]
Raj: I’m gonna be all alone on Valentine’s Day.
Leonard: Well you were right…tears.

Sheldon: Oh, speaking of Valentine’s Day, I haven’t forgotten about you tonight.
Amy: What do you mean?
Sheldon: Well, you’ve become such an integral part of my life as well as this show I felt it only right to include your name in the title.
Amy: Oh. {Pause] That is so sweet.
Sheldon: So from now on this program will officially be known as “Dr. Sheldon Cooper and Dr. Amy Farrah Fowler presents Dr. Sheldon Cooper’s Fun with Flags”.
Amy: Catchy.

Amy: Since we’re live, you’ll finally be able to reach out to us with your flag thoughts and flag questions.
Sheldon: Allow us to answer a few quick ones that we get all the time. Uh. Yes, I really am a doctor. Uh. Yes, she really is my girlfriend.
Amy: No, I just blink a lot, it’s not Morse code for “Rescue me.”

Penny: Hi there, what’s your name?
Maitre D': Glen.
Penny: Oh boy, it is crazy I here tonight, huh, Glen?
Maitre D': Well, you know, Valentine’s Day.
Penny: Oh yes, bet your girlfriend is super bummed you had to work tonight. Anyway, look, we have been hear waiting a while and I just…
Maitre D': With all due respect, ma’am, there’s nothing I can do.
Penny: [Chuckles.} You don’t have to call me ma’am
Maitre D': Okay.
Penny: I mean we’re basically the same age.
Maitre D': [Laughs] Okay.
Penny: How old are you?
Maitre D': I’m twenty-one. How old are you?
Penny: Just shut up, Glen. [Grabs Leonard.] Come on, let’s get out of here.
Leonard: What? Why?
Penny: Because I’m young. Let’s go.

Penny: I was just hungry and cranky and I’ve never been called ‘ma’am’ before.
Leonard: Is that a big deal?
Penny: Kind of. When was the first time someone called you ‘sir’?
Leonard: Sixth grade, but I wore a sport coast and carried a briefcase, so…
Penny: Can you believe when I met you I was twenty-two? I mean, it’s crazy. Where did all that time go?
Leonard: Hmm you watched “The Bachelor” a lot.
Penny: Yeah, go ahead and make jokes, but your thirties are almost over.
Leonard: NO, they’re not.
Penny: You’re closer to forty than you are to thirty.
Leonard: Ha, ha. You married an old man.

Bernadette: [To Valentino Rabbit] We’ll find another time to tell him I’m pregnant.

Sheldon: [Toasting.} Congratulations on a successful live show.
Amy: And a lovely Valentine’s Day.

Sheldon: Raj, now, I'm sorry that you're suffering. When Amy and I were broken up, I also suffered. And this may sound surprising, but I'm grateful for having gone through it.
Amy: Really?
Sheldon: Yes. I believe our relationship now is stronger than ever.
Amy: So do I.
Sheldon: When-when we were apart, I learned how important you are to me. And I realize that when two people are in love, sometimes they... [Leonard and Penny burst in.]
Leonard/Penny: Happy Valentine's Day!
Leonard: We are young and fun!