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[[Ben 10: Ultimate Alien]]
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The Beginning of the End (Ben 10: Ultimate Alien)
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The Ultimate Enemy Part 2

Regroup, men! Awaken the iron! How many of these Esotericas are there?! Kevin! Come on! Perdition! That's what I was gonna say. What you say is no longer of any significance, Ben Tennyson. The ruination of this universe is at hand. The Diagon comes! Come no further, Diagon! If you break the seal, you will taste my sword. Do not address the Diagon. Direct your threats to me. I thought Vilgax was dead. Which time? My master grows ever closer. The moment is at hand. Vilgax! What's happening? Aaaah! What are you-- What's happening? Ship! Ship! Ship! Aaah! The master prevails. Now all beings on earth serve him. Seriously?! Believe it. There's billions of lives that I can't sense anymore. Every living person on earth has been transformed into an Esoterica. Behold the true power of the Diagon! That seal's looking a little wobbly. Aaah! Yeah, don't care how strong you are. You got zero leverage in there. Put this back on. Away with it! It's the iron in your helmets that keeps Diagon from controlling you. You've been fighting this guy for 1,000 years, and you didn't know that? The sword of Azmuth is all the protection I need. I'm on it-- A spell to hold the Diagon. Make itbig spell. Master, grant your humble and obedient vessel even more power. The earth must be prepared for your coming. Granted. Salt the earth. Yes! For the blessed order! Hyah! Eatle! Hyah! Unh! What has happened out there? Speak, servant. Your Minion speaks no more. You're mistaken. I speak for my master, which makes me more powerful than ever! George! Finally. Free me. Consider it done, master. So far, so good. Maybe everybody in town took off once they got turned into Esotericas. Uh-oh. I did say "maybe. " Look, for all we know, I could be shooting your mom or Julie or Grandpa Max. Under the circumstances, Grandpa Max wouldn't want us to go easy on him. Just so we're on the same page. Hyaaaaaah! Go! On your left! Presidium! Useless lump of matter. Break the seal. I am your obedient vassal. The power I gave you is more than enough. Of course, master. This imperfect vessel humbly begs your forgiveness, master. Are you a vessel or a vassal? He is the dragon's pawn. Whether the world survives or not, his doom is assured. You don't know what you're talking about. Master! Containment, confinement, concatenation This one doesn't even have an index! No Diagon-Buster spell yet? Nothing strong enough to cast across dimensions. What about those books charmcaster left behind? Nope. Told you you should have snagged them all. I would have if-- what's that? I'm improvising. Your protection spell won't hold forever. You're right. And they're bringing in reinforcements. Why not? There's 6 billion of them now. Come on! On your six! Keep moving! It'll take a second to-- Aaah! I hear and obey, oh, great Diagon. Gwen. What's wrong? You know that lucubra thing? Yeah, the monster we sent back through the seal a few months ago. I think it left something in my head. So, what-- now the Diagon's got ahold of you? Uh-oh. Aaaah! Every being in this dimension will kneel before him. Gwen! It'll have to do. Gwen! The Diagon is master. The seal will be broken. Two against one, Vilgax! You're outnumbered! No. You are. Every other being serves the Diagon, as do I. Right. If you're really Vilgax, you're not serving anybody but yourself. Liar! I'm going to make you eat those words. What of it? He hath already eaten everything else. Jocularity in the face of danger. Hyaaah! You've got a blind spot. Ha! Whoa! The Diagon's got Gwen! Huh? Unh! My so-called herald refuses to use the power I've given him. Knew it. No, master! - I have never-- - Fortunately, the most powerful being in your world is at my command. Let her go, creep! Great to see you, my anodite. Easy enough, master. The seal will break. The great one will return. The Diagon will rule. Gwen I don't want to hurt you. That's disturbing. Hurt me? What's taking so long? You cannot break my control. Wrong-- I hope. Aah! Easy. Kevin. I can't believe you did that. I can't believe it worked. That's to keep him out. You left yourself wide open. I could have hurt you. You'd never hurt me. Soon, you will all face my wrath. Yeah, yeah. You too, Ben. Thanks. No need. - As long as I wield - Azmuth's sword. Got it. When the Diagon comes, you will be the first to fall. Then you're going to tell us how to stop that from happening and change everybody back. Don't make me sic my anodite girlfriend on you. Talk. Master! I need more power! Master! Guess you're on your own. Not entirely. You took your time, Psyphon. Gathering everything you require took longer than expected, master. - I-- - Don't prattle. Where is it? My apologies. I have it right here. Not yet. Juryrigg! At last. Indeed, dragon. Now it begins. - George, did he-- - Yes. 'Tis the moment the forever knights have been preparing for these long millennia. The dragon has freed himself. There's Nothing there. Where is he? Where am I? I'm everywhere.

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