Teen Titans
The Sum of His Parts
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August 23rd, 2003
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(Opening shot: a park filled with people enjoying a beautiful afternoon. Pan across the area; there is Frisbee-throwing, kite-flying, a young man and woman picnicking, the whole deal.)

Male Picnicker: (holds out a soda) Soda?

Female Picnicker: Why, I'd love one.

(Cut to a close-up of Cyborg. He has bent over something just down o.c., but then straightens up.)

Cyborg: (Feels the fresh air.) Mmm-mmm. Would you look at that. A little sunshine, a little breeze. Only one thing could make this day better.

(Pull back a bit as he bends down again. The thing in front of him is a barbecue grill, and he opens the lid to expose…)

Cyborg: Four and a half pounds of baby back ribs.

(He lifts the rack away on a platter. Cut to a picnic table, where Robin is digging into a burger and Starfire is heartily sucking something down through a straw. Positioned just over her right shoulder, the camera does not allow us to see her drink on the table. Cyborg sits down.)

Cyborg: Man, I love picnic food!

(He buries his face in the ribs, chomping huge mouthfuls of pork, and Robin matches that effort with the burger. Cut to Starfire; now the top of her glass can be seen.)

Starfire: Agreed, Cyborg. (flushes happily) This tangy yellow beverage is truly delightful.

(She swigs some more of it. Back to the two boys, who stop scarfing down their food to stare in surprise.)

Cyborg: Uh, Starfire?

Robin: That’s mustard.

(Sight gag: she hugs the container; the mustard jar, with its screw cap removed, giant size as smaller ones float past in the background.)

Starfire: Is there more?

(The sight gag ends; Robin and Cyborg cannot tear their eyes away from the scene and their food sits forgotten in their hands. A shred of meat is clearly heard falling from Cyborg’s face in the stillness. Pull back from the table and pan to the tree where the grill is set up. Beast Boy, as a lemur, climbs around in the branches and hangs down from the lowest one by his tail; by the time he gets within reach of the grill, he is back in human form. He picks up two hot dogs.)

Beast Boy: Sweet! My tofu dogs are cooked to perfection. (Pull back; Raven sits in the shade of a nearby tree.) Yo, Raven. Try one. They’re loaded with soybeany goodness.

Raven: I respect that you don’t eat meat. Please respect that I don’t eat fake meat.

(The vegetarian Titan proceeds to wolf down both dogs at once. Cyborg runs past; cut to him on the open grass, football in hand.)

Cyborg: All right, y’all. Who wants to play some fool-ball?

(Robin, Beast Boy, and Starfire run over, clamoring to get into the game. They cut off abruptly and look in Raven’s direction; cut to her. She has not moved an inch.)

Raven: I’ll be referee.

(Close-up of the ball on the grass as Cyborg puts his hand on it. Pull back to show him ready to hike to Robin, and Beast Boy and Starfire set to block.)

Robin: Red! Twenty-three! Hut! Hut! Hut!

(Close-up of the ball again on the last “hut.” Cyborg hikes it back and then runs past the defensive line, and Beast Boy stands in front of Robin while Starfire goes after the running Titan.)

Beast Boy: One Gotham City…

(Cut to Cyborg in the open.)

Beast Boy: (from o.c.) …two Gotham City…three Gotham City...

Cyborg: (over the previous line) You can run, you can fly, but you can’t catch Cy! (Starfire flies after him now.)

Beast Boy: (from o.c.) …four Gotham City… (Starfire speeds up; back to Beast Boy.) …five Gotham City!

(Close-up of Robin, backing up to throw a pass. He yells in sudden fear as the ground shakes; cut to the source; Beast Boy, now a charging triceratops. The Titans’ leader skids backward, then jumps onto the green behemoth’s snout and runs straight down his back. Jumping clear of the tail, Robin fires a pass downfield. Cut to Cyborg, with no blockers anywhere in sight, and pan to follow his run. As he goes, the blue lights that shine through the transparent coverings of his cybernetic parts start to fade. Cut to the ball, sailing through the air, then back to him. The lights have come back on, but they soon fade again.)

Cyborg: I got it! I got it! I--

(His face suddenly freezes, as does he, but the camera keeps panning ahead. It finally stops and backs up quickly; Cyborg might as well be a statue for his total lack of motion. Hands still outstretched, feet frozen in the middle of a running stride. The football drops into view and bounces off the side of his head, and he slowly topples forward onto the grass.)

Robin: Cyborg? Cyborg!

(The big teenager’s mouth and normal eye close, and the red light of his eye implant winks out. Four very worried and surprised Titans, including Beast Boy in human form, gather around him in short order. Fade to black.)


Act One

(The screen remains black at this point. Dialogue, when it starts, initially sounds as if it is being heard through a speaker.)

Starfire: (voice over) Cyborg? (A flicker of light.) Cyborg!

(The words "Reserve Battery Activated" appear as the background lightens into a blank view that appears as if it could be on a badly tuned television set. The display changes to "Power Remaining 00: 30: 00," and the clock starts to count down. This is Cyborg's perspective.)

Raven: (voice over o.c.) What's wrong with him? (Static.)

Beast Boy: (voice over o.c.) Is he gonna be okay?

(The view blacks out again and then gives way, as of an eye opening, to the four concerned teammates. The poorly tuned, grainy quality remains for the moment.)

Robin: Shh. I think he's coming to.

(Now the image jumps a bit and gradually refines itself, and the audio returns to normal.)

Robin: Cyborg! Are you all right? (Pull back; Starfire and Robin help him up. His lights are back on.)

Cyborg: Yeah. (grunts) Thanks.

Raven: What happened?

Cyborg: Something musta gone wrong with my systems.

(He raises his forearm, and the camera cuts to a close-up of it as he brings up a display panel. It shows a nearly-drained bar graph and the "Power Remaining" timer.)

Cyborg: (from o.c.) Oh, man! (Pull back to frame him.) My power cell's dying.

Starfire: (panicked) Dying?!?

Cyborg: It's only a battery. I'm fine. Happens every couple of years. Just a natural part of being unnatural.

Robin: So what do we do?

(Cyborg picks up the football and hands it to Robin.)

Cyborg: You keep playing. I go home and change batteries. (He starts away.)

Beast Boy: You sure you don't want help?

Cyborg: Just 'cause I can't have fun doesn't mean y'all can't.

(Dissolve to a patch of sunny sky, seen from slightly above ground level, and tilt down to the battery-powered Titan on the way back to home base. The temporary shutdown is now weighing heavy on his mind.)

Cyborg: (sighs) Sure was a nice day.

Boy 1: (from o.c.) Cyborg!

(Surprised, Cyborg turns around to see who has called his name. Pull back to show the speaker as a young fellow, perhaps ten years old, seen from behind. On the next line, the camera shifts to show him in a baseball jersey, cap, and mitt.)

Boy 1: Whoa, Cyborg! It's really you! You're my favorite 'cause, look!

(He pulls off the mitt to expose a prosthetic hand.)

Boy 1: You're just like me!

Cyborg: Um...yeah, I...I guess I am.

(Something starts beeping; an alarm from his systems, and he looks at his forearm. Opening the display panel, he finds the words "Titan Alert" flashing on it.)

Boy 1: Cool!

Cyborg: Nice meeting you, kid, but I got butt to kick. (He runs off.)

Boy 1: Cool!

(The panel now shows the power bar and timer again, now with a bit over thirteen minutes to go. Cyborg closes it and sprints resolutely across the park. Dissolve to a close-up of a nervous, gagged man whose eyebrows twitch in puzzlement. He emits muffled yells as the camera pulls back a bit and turns upside down. Pull back farther; he is strapped into a straitjacket and hanging by his ankles from the ceiling of this place, a jewelry store. In the fore, loading the display cases' contents into a bag, is a magician in full formal attire: tuxedo, white gloves, long red cape, top hat, flower in lapel. Two odd features stand out; his blue skin and the black mask over his eyes. He turns from the case and bows to the captive. This is the Amazing Mumbo.)

Mumbo: Thanks so much. You've been a wonderful audience. Now watch as the Amazing Mumbo vanishes into thin air! (He produces a wand and twirls it.) Mumbo Jumbo!

(Pointing the wand at the ground, he conjures up a burst of light and smoke that fills the screen; when it clears, he is gone. Cut to the entrance to Tito's Junkyard, where he races into view. His legs are pistoning so fast that they look something like those of the Road Runner in top gear. Mumbo races through the piles of discarded items, then skids to a stop and snaps his fingers. A large diamond, part of his haul from the robbery, appears between them.)

Mumbo: (inspecting it with a loupe) Not bad for a matinee.

Robin: (from o.c.) Show's over, Mumbo!

(The villainous legerdemain artist gasps and looks back over his shoulder; pan quickly to a ledge overlooking the junkyard. All the Titans save Cyborg are there.)

Robin: Now hand over the jewels before the critics decide to trash your performance.

Mumbo: Now, Robin, I'm sure there's a peaceful solution here... (He produces a lit bomb in each hand.) ...but this isn't it!

(He flings them at the four, who dive for cover to avoid the explosions. Laughing, Mumbo plucks a flower from his lapel and tosses it at Robin; it goes off at his feet and just misses him. The Boy Wonder lands at the edge of a trash pit, ready to go again, but Cyborg's hand reaches up and pulls him in before he can do anything. The black mask hangs briefly in the air before falling after him. Cut to inside; the big fellow has something strapped to his back.)

Cyborg: Who said you could start the party without me?

Robin: Cyborg?! What about your power cell?

(Something explodes very close to them; cut to the cackling Mumbo, who now has a handful of cherry bombs and is letting them fly in all directions. Starfire and Raven have taken cover behind neighboring junk piles, and they return fire; starbolts from the former, a few strategically levitated and aimed pieces of waste from the latter. Mumbo dodges both girls' counterattacks and then jumps very high to avoid Beast Boy's charge as a velociraptor.)

(Back to Robin and Cyborg in the pit.)

Robin: Go home. Get fixed. We can handle this without you.

Cyborg: I won't let you guys fight alone.

Robin: And I won't let you put yourself in danger.

Cyborg: I got it covered.

(He turns around, showing the thing on his back to be four car batteries wired together.)

Cyborg: External battery pack. (He brings out his sonic cannon.) Teen Titans! Go!

(One giant leap carries him out of the pit. Close-up of Mumbo, with his hat off.)

Mumbo: Huh?

(Pull back; he has the hat in hand and is about to pull something out of it. A blast from the cannon hurls him to the other end of the junkyard; he groans as a tin can bounces off his head and the hat rolls to a stop nearby. Putting it on and standing up, he tugs at his shirt sleeve and starts to pull a long rope of knotted-together handkerchiefs from it.)

Mumbo: Nothing up my sleeve... (getting to the end, he whips the rope forth) ...and, presto!

(Cyborg is dashing in, but the silks wrap themselves tightly around his body to immobilize him.)

Cyborg: No!

(He is spilled to the ground in an instant. A sound from o.c. draws Mumbo's attention elsewhere; cut to the source, Robin, angling himself for a flying kick. Mumbo stands near one end of a pipe that juts from the trash piles.)

Mumbo: Need a hand?

(He reaches into the pipe, and his hand comes out the other end; an impossibly long reach for any mere mortal-and grabs Robin's cape. The young man flails his arms and legs, trying hopelessly to escape. Mumbo's other hand shoots out from several other pipes and gives him a high-speed beating.)

Raven: Azarath Metrion Zinthos!

(She heaves a few large appliances at the prestidigitator, who has stopped thrashing Robin. He just stands there and dispels her magic with a gesture; the junk remains suspended in midair for a moment and becomes a shower of rose petals at another wave of the hand.)

Mumbo: You think that's good? Watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat! (sweeps it off) Hocus-pocus!

(Out comes a wave of stuffed rabbits that covers Raven from head to toe. Mumbo puts the hat back on and adjusts his gloves; now Beast Boy, as a bighorn sheep, thunders straight at him.)

Mumbo: (producing and spreading a deck of cards) Pick a card, every card!

(Half the deck is now in each hand, and he throws the pasteboards straight ahead at the superhero. When they reach him, they have grown to many times normal size, large enough to sweep him off his feet.)

Mumbo: For my next trick, I'll require a lovely assistant.

(He whips a cane out of his cape on the end of this line and promptly reaches into the air with its hooked end. Cut to Starfire in flight; she is caught around the waist and yanked down with a cry of surprise. A few wooden slats assemble themselves into a floating box that encloses her entire body except for head and feet, which protrude from the ends. The next thing to be brought out of the mad magician's cape is a long handsaw, which he brandishes over her. Obviously, he is about to attempt the old sawing-a-woman-in-half trick.)

Mumbo: (as a big sweat drop slides down behind Starfire's head) It's only fair to warn you... (Cut to her; he continues o.c.) ...I have no idea what I'm doing.

(Pull back. Cyborg shoots across the screen and nails him with a huge flying tackle, and the two slide among the trash heaps, throwing up thick clouds of dust. They clear to leave the four-hundred-pound Titan pinning the villain to the ground.)

Mumbo: I hate fighting dirty. Shall we clean you up?

(A jet of water squirts from the flower in his lapel, hitting Cyborg with the force of a fire hose and throwing him over the garbage mountains. He lands in a nearby dump truck; cut to inside. The water has shorted out his jury-rigged power supply and knocked it off his back. A red light starts to flash on his forearm; close-up of the display panel, counting down from five seconds. Pull back as he tries to climb out, then cut to the panel again. The timer reaches zero, and his systems shut down as they did in the prologue. Frozen in place, he offers no resistance as the dump truck's hydraulics kick into gear. The load of garbage is dumped out the back, taking Cyborg and the car batteries with it, and falls into a Dumpster whose floor has rusted away. Beneath it is the entrance to an underground cavern; the refuse tumbles away in the blackness.)

(Robin runs to the truck.)

Robin: Cyborg? Cyborg! (It kicks into gear; Mumbo is at the wheel.)

Mumbo: Exit stage left.

(He floors the accelerator and peels out. The other three Titans gather behind Robin; Beast Boy is back in human form.)

Robin: Titans! He's got Cyborg!

(They spread out to start a search. Dissolve to an overhead view of the Dumpster and zoom in slowly, then dissolve to just inside the cavern and tilt down from the entrance. The missing Titan lies immobile among the rest of the trash; around him in the gloom, several round red eyes light up. He is dragged slowly toward them, after which they wink out. Fade to black.)

Act Two

(The word "Online" is typed onto the black screen, then disappears to make way for "Charging" in the same manner.)

Computer 1: (in time with the above) Online. Charging.

(A horizontal band of white light crosses the middle of the screen and widens to fill the entire view. The brightness yields to a shot of a large circular chamber with strong overhead lights; the camera is pointing up at the ceiling. Cyborg's hand reaches into view in time with his weary groans; this is his perspective. His systems are working again. A male voice begins to speak; very level, measured, almost monotonic.)

Voice: You are operational.

(The speaker moves into view and looks down at Cyborg. It is a tall android figure swathed in a long robe; all we can see for the moment is the head, which sports a flat, angular face marked by two glowing blue slits for eyes. Instead of hair, circuit pathways cover the scalp. This is Fixit.)

Fixit: That is good.

(Pull back. Lying on a large table, Cyborg has several wires plugged into his chest. He groans.)

Cyborg: What's going--?

Fixit: Rest, friend. (walks o.c.) Your new power cell is not fully charged.

(The Titan reaches overhead and pulls down one of the lights to aim it across the chamber. Cut to a motley group of robots in another area; their eyes glow red, marking them as the ones that towed him in here.)

Cyborg: (from o.c.) Who are you? (The light pans across many others on elevated benches.)

Fixit: (from o.c.) I am called Fixit. (Back to Cyborg.)

Cyborg: Whoa.

(Cut to a darkened patch and pan the light across the spectators again.)

Fixit: (from o.c.) You were broken. I have brought you here to be repaired.

(On the end of this, the light reaches the ceiling and tilts down to illuminate him. He crosses the chamber.)

Cyborg: Where's "here"?

(Fixit moves into view near the camera; his robe blacks out the screen. From here, dissolve to a group of buildings in Jump City, seem from ground level. A plume of smoke wafts into view, and the camera pans/tilts down to the source; it is the dump truck Cyborg landed in, which has crashed into a building. The other four Titans have caught up to it. Mumbo is nowhere in sight.)

Starfire: Cyborg is not inside!

Robin: (checks his tracking device) And his locator signal is being jammed. (puts it away) This doesn't make sense. (Beast Boy turns o.c.) Why would Mumbo want to kidnap Cyborg?

Beast Boy: (from o.c.) Guys!

(Close-up of the illusionist's discarded top hat on the ground.)

Beast Boy: (picks up Mumbo's top hat) Over here! I found something! (peeks in)

Robin: I wouldn't--

(A huge flock of doves flies out of the hat. When they have gone, the four Titans are covered with feathers, Beast Boy most of all.)

Raven: Way to go.

(Snap to black, then fade in to a close-up of Cyborg's forearm. He opens the display panel and finds the power bar completely lit and the message "Full Power 100%.")

Fixit: (from o.c.) Charging is complete. The new power cell is functioning properly.

(Pull back; Cyborg is unplugged and sitting up. A couple of hovering robots complete a repair scan and float away.)

Cyborg: Yeah. (stretches) I'm feeling better. Lots better.

Fixit: Of course you are. (walking o.c.) I am Fixit.

(Cut to ceiling level; mechanical junk of all types tumbles into the chamber from an overhead chute. Tilt down to ground level as Fixit goes over to the pile.)

Fixit: Things come to me broken. I make repairs. (He picks up two small parts.) Let me see. (They float out of his hands; he studies them.) Yes...yes...hmm...pity. (He picks up another one.) Interesting. The damage is too extensive. (It floats; he takes up a fourth.) Perhaps if we can find another processor.

(During the previous line, Cyborg gets off the table and watches Fixit for some seconds. Finally, he waves and starts to leave.)

Cyborg: Well, thanks...for everything.

(Several of the red-eyed robots turn suddenly in his direction. The components Fixit had suspended in midair hit the ground, and he advances across the chamber with a new note of urgency in his voice.)

Fixit: You cannot leave. (Cyborg, at the exit, stops and turns back.)

Cyborg: I can't?

Fixit: (returns to normal tone) You are not repaired, not fully.

Cyborg: I'm not?

Fixit: My examination revealed many flaws, serious flaws.

Cyborg: (panicked) Serious? How serious? What's wrong with me?

Fixit: There is no cause for alarm. More repairs are needed. More repairs will be made.

Cyborg: But, I feel fine. Are you sure I'm--?

Fixit: Quite. Will you remain? It is for the best.

Cyborg: Well, yeah, I guess. (works his forearm controls) Let me just tell my friends where I am.

(His back turned to Fixit, he does not notice that the android's eyes have gone red. What he does notice is that when the display panel for his built-in communicator opens, it shows a badly garbled signal; jammed by the proprietor of the place.)

Cyborg: Whoa! (Fixit's eyes go blue again.) Something really is wrong with me. (He shuts it off.)

Fixit: (gestures to the table) Rest now. You may contact your friends later. (Cyborg climbs up.) I am sure they are not too concerned.

Cyborg: (lying down) Maybe they should be.

(Cut to the other four Titans racing through the streets, then to a building front that has been garishly decorated with rainbow-colored clouds and stars. No points for guessing who did this bit of graffiti. Pan to a parked bus, which disappears in a puff of smoke, then to the location where it materializes; a block or so down the road. The camera moves on to another corner, where a mailbox jumps into view under its own power, spits out a live rabbit, and bounces away a bit before doing this again. Pan to follow a young woman as she floats out from around this corner; ten feet or so off the ground, horizontal, headfirst, with three large hoops encircling her body. The old "levitating woman" trick has received a new twist thanks to Mumbo.)

Beast Boy: I'll say this much for Mumbo; he's an easy act to follow.

Starfire: Oh, I would commit myself to a life of muck-shoveling in the filth mines of Cornex if Cyborg could only be returned safely.

Raven: He was malfunctioning. He shouldn't have been helping.

Robin: I tried to stop him, but he's Cyborg.

Mumbo: (from o.c., distant) Mumbo-jumbo!

(The sound of a spell being cast is heard, and all four Titans run toward it. Cut to an ATM at a street corner; it is spewing a mountain of cash onto the sidewalk. As the heroes run up, the camera pans away from them a bit to show two other machines exhibiting the same green diarrhea. Mumbo is at the last one, hammering away at its keypad. He laughs, then cocks an eyebrow at the new arrival and sweeps his hat off; a replacement for the one he lost.)

Mumbo: Sorry, folks.

(He holds the hat upright, open end down; all the money is promptly sucked up into it as if it were a vacuum cleaner, after which he puts it back on.)

Mumbo: No time for autographs. (He runs o.c.)

Robin: Titans! Get him!

(Cut to inside an alley. The magician runs along its course as Raven flies after him.)

Mumbo: Open, says me!

(Cut to the wall at the alley's dead end. Responding to his command, the bricks disappear, several at a time, to make an opening big enough for him to pass through. They pop back into place just in time to stop Raven from following. Cut to Mumbo, still running along. A loud lowing causes him to hit the brakes and yell in fear; pull back as the source steps into view, Beast Boy as a large bull. He snorts angrily and charges, and the camera cuts to his perspective as Mumbo pulls his cape off and holds it in front of him. The garment is jerked away to reveal that a brick wall has suddenly appeared behind it. Beast Boy rams this head on, and the camera pulls back from the impact to show him lying dazed next to its remains. Mumbo steps out from behind the masonry, his cape back on, and turns his hat into a sombrero with a flick of the wrist.)

Mumbo: Olé!

(He turns the headgear back to normal and runs off down the alley. However, he is not alone for long; Starfire flies over the roof of an adjacent building and throws a starbolt at him as she takes over the pursuit. Overhead view of him, with her shots peppering the ground on either side. She pulls into view, and the camera cuts to him; he conjures a bouquet in one hand.)

Mumbo: Flowers for the lady.

(He tosses the bunch up over his shoulder and they explode in her face. A few more steps bring him to another dead end, where Robin drops into view to square off. His handy-dandy fighting staff is out and fully extended for a twirl in no time flat.)

Mumbo: Abracadabra!

(A flash of light, and the metal shaft has turned into a cobra. Robin yells in surprise and drops the venomous creature. Close-up of it on the ground as Mumbo's shadow passes by and his laughter is heard, then cut to him running up a flight of stairs to make his escape. All four Titans charge after him, Beast Boy back in human form.)

(Close-up of Cyborg's full power gauge; pull back slightly. This is his perspective.)

Cyborg: I don't get it. All my sensors say I'm fine. (He lowers his arm; Fixit approaches.)

Fixit: Your sensors are incomplete. Mine are more precise.

Cyborg: Guess I'm just... (Pull back; he lies on the table; fully wired up.) ...getting kinda nervous. How long am I gonna be down here, anyway?

(Cut to a gathering of robots on the chamber floor. A small droid floats past them.)

Fixit: (from o.c.) Repairs could take some time. (Cut to him.) Besides, why would you want to leave? (The droid reaches him; he grasps it.) Look around you.

(A cable extends itself down from the ceiling, plugs into a port on Fixit's forehead, and begins to glow red.)

Fixit: Look at yourself. (Another droid floats over.) You belong with us.

Cyborg: No, I don't. I mean, you've got a nice place here and you've been really cool to me, but... (Back to Fixit; he continues o.c.) ...I couldn't live down here. I don't know how you can.

Fixit: What do you mean? The power supply is adequate. Replacement parts are easy to find.

Cyborg: I need more than that! What about sunlight? What about fresh air? What about food?

Fixit: I do not require these things. (The cable disconnects.) And when repairs are complete... (walking o.c.) ...neither will you.

(Cyborg gets himself vertical and unplugs the lines hooked into his body.)

Cyborg: You know what? I'm feeling all right now. So thanks anyway, but I'm just gonna go.

(He walks away. Fixit turns from his work and puts even more urgency and command into his voice than when the patient first tried to clear out.)

Fixit: Stay.

(His eyes go red. Cyborg suddenly finds a number of spectator robots blocking his path. He takes a step back and is surprised by a few small ones that jump onto his shoulders and chest and grip firmly.)

Cyborg: Yo, what are you--? (A flexible arm reaches into view and grabs his wrist.) Hey!

(Cut to the source, another robot. It reaches out with its other arm.)

Cyborg: (from o.c.) Let me go!

(Back to him; the second arm clamps onto his other wrist. He struggles against the contraptions' hold on him, but cannot break free. Pull back a distance; several other members of Fixit's legions extend cattle prods from their upper surfaces and electrify them. The current races along the two extended arms toward the captive, and as he starts to scream, the camera cuts to Fixit's emotionless countenance and pans to follow his gaze back to the table. It tilts until it is nearly vertical, and Cyborg is carried into view and placed on it. He has been securely bound.)

Fixit: Repairs are not yet complete.

(The table swivels a bit to give the Titan a direct view of a large closed door. Zoom in slowly.)

Fixit: (from o.c.) Your biological components are imperfect and must be replaced.

(The door hisses open, releasing a cloud of vapor. Behind it is only blackness, but after a second or two this yields to show, hanging on a support framework, an array of secondhand robotic parts; enough to replace every remaining natural portion of Cyborg's body. The face is missing its left eye, since he already has an implant on that side. A small gasp is heard from the o.c intended recipient of this overhaul. Cut to an extreme close-up of him.)

Cyborg: (horrified) No.

(Dissolve to a close-up of the robotic face. Everything except the glowing red right eye fades to black; it does the same a moment later.)

Act Three

(The screen remains black as the following line is spoken and the words are typed up.)

Computer 2: Biological components removed. Repairs complete.

Fixit: (voice over) Awaken, friend. Awaken and see your new face.

(The view flickers and gives way to a shot of Cyborg, seen from behind and looking in a mirror. Every last scrap of organic tissue has been switched out for the artificial parts that had hung on the rack. He rubs a hand down the side of his face, then raises it in a fist with a growl of rage. Close-up of the reflection; the fist comes down and shatters the glass. Behind it is blackness, with a point of light shining in the distance and shooting rays toward the camera. Cyborg is sucked into view toward this; it starts to grow, filling the screen.)


(A flash of white, and we see him on Fixit's examining table; back to normal, wired up, and now held to the table with thick steel bands. He yells in pure fear as his eyes snap open; the previous scene was a nightmare.)

Fixit: (from o.c.) Do not be afraid.

(Cut to him by the table. His eyes have assumed their normal blue color.)

Fixit: You were dreaming. (walking o.c.) Sleep will not be necessary once repairs are complete.

Cyborg: (struggling) What if I don't want to be repaired? What if I like me this way? (Fixit goes to the rack of parts.)

Fixit: Such thoughts come from your imperfect biological components.

(He raises a hand; a tool floats into it, and he does a bit of welding on he face.)

Fixit: They will be replaced momentarily.

Cyborg: Not if I can help it.

(Cut to a rooftop. Mumbo leaps into view and bounds from building to building. Starfire flies after him, then Raven, and Beast Boy brings up the rear as a kangaroo. The crazed magician makes one impossible jump after another as the three Titans struggle to keep up. Pull back to an overhead view; Robin gets into the action, hoofing it along the rooftops of higher buildings. After a few more blocks, Mumbo stops dead and whirls to face them, bringing his wand to the ready.)

Mumbo: Abracadabra!

(He waves the wand; cut to the two flyers and the hopper as they scatter to avoid the hexes.)

Mumbo: (from o.c.) Alakazam! Hocus-pocus!

(Back to him. He laughs madly, the top of his head flapping clear of his neck after the style of the Canadian characters on South Park.)

Mumbo: You'll never stop the Amazing Mumbo! Never! Ne--

(Close-up of his wand hand on the end of this line. Something black and green whips past and carries the prop with it. Pull back; Mumbo is caught completely off guard.)

Mumbo: Huh?

(Cut to Robin, holding aloft the wand he swiped; he breaks it in half. Mumbo screams as bags of money, all the loot from his crime spree, go flying out of his pockets. He then cries a waterfall while his top hat shrinks and disappears; finally, he collapses o.c. Pull back to reveal that he is now an ordinary-looking old fellow, on his knees among the vast amounts of cash. Starfire, Raven, and Beast Boy touch down behind him, and Robin's shadow falls across him from the front. He is dragged up by his shirt front for a little face-to-face talk.)

Robin: No more tricks! Where, is, Cyborg?

Mumbo: How should I know?

Robin: Where is he?!?

Raven: You took him from the junkyard! (Pull back to frame everyone; Beast Boy is in human form.)

Starfire: What have you done with him?

Mumbo: Nothing! Honest! When you broke the wand, you broke all my spells. Even if I had done something, it'd be over now. Poof! He'd be standing right here. (Robin drops him.)

Beast Boy: If Cy's not with him, then he's still back at--

Robin, Beast Boy, Raven and Starfire: (all together at the same time) The junkyard!

Mumbo: (smiling nervously) So, do I still have to go to jail?

(He gets a very nasty look from the four Titans and his face falls. A big drop of sweat slides down his temple.)

Mumbo: I thought so.

(Cut to Cyborg, now straining mightily against the steel bands that hold him to the table. Zoom in past him to Fixit, who continues his spot repairs on the new parts. He stops after a moment.)

Fixit: I am ready. We will begin now.

Cyborg: Perfect timing.

(A mighty surge of muscle power breaks him loose. Unplugging himself, he slides off the table and makes a run for it. Fixit's eyes go red as he beams a command; cut to just outside the exit door, which closes in response. Cyborg gasps an instant before it seals itself, blacking out the screen; snap to him inside.)

Cyborg: I didn't want to have to do this, but...

(He reconfigures his arm into cannon mode and prepares to fire, but the weapon merely fizzles out with a wisp of smoke.)

Cyborg: Huh? (Fixit's eyes are blue again.)

Fixit: (advances toward the camera) Your defensive systems have been disabled for the procedure. They will be reactivated when repairs are complete.

(Snarling, Cyborg runs at him, but a red-eye flash sends several metal tentacles snaking down from the ceiling. They ensnare him just before he can tackle Fixit; he hauls fiercely at them and is able to reach one hand forward. Close-up of it, within inches of the hermit's robe. The fingers close on the fabric and pull it away, and the camera backs up to ground level and tilts up to give a good view of what is within. There is a jumble of internal organs heavily interwoven with cables and switches, even a small, fully jointed robotic arm. Fixit, then, is not a true android, but rather a mix of mechanical and organic parts just like the Titan he is trying to "repair.")

(Cyborg sucks in a long, shocked gasp, but Fixit shows no trace of anger at having had his innards exposed to full view.)

Fixit: The biological malfunctions are growing worse. (closes his robe) We must begin at once.

(He moves o.c. Cut to the floor of the underground cavern; a circle of it is illuminated by the sunlight spilling in from above. The car batteries Cyborg had wired up to power himself lie in a jumble here. Robin drops into view and looks them over carefully; the other three Titans are gathered at the edge of the hole that leads in.)

Robin: His battery pack. He must have fallen down here. (Beast Boy jumps down as well.) Star! Can you give us some light?

(Pull back; now all four Titans are underground. One of Starfire's hands begins to glow, and she holds it up to substitute for a torch. They advance into the gloom.)

Robin: Cyborg!

Beast Boy: Cy!

Starfire: Cyborg?

(After they have passed o.c., leaving the screen blacked out, snap to a long shot of the chamber. Cyborg has again been secured to the table, and Fixit has bent to his work. Sparks fly from the welding in progress, to the sound of weak moaning. Close-up of one hand, which twitches convulsively, then of Fixit's expressionless face. The sparks' glare plays over his flat features.)

(Snap to black, the lightless exterior part of the cavern. The other four teammates advance into view, but stop at the sound of machinery moving o.c. Robin gasps in surprise; pull back to frame the source, one after another of Fixit's robots, blocking the forward path and cutting off retreat. Beast Boy cranes his neck for a look at the biggest of the lot.)

Beast Boy: Wow... (He chuckles nervously.) Uh, any of you guys seen a dude about this tall with one red eye and titanium body armor?

(He reaches up to indicate the height on "this tall," then turns his left eye red and adopts an approximate likeness of Cyborg in time with the other two features he names. The robots' only response is to step forward in readiness for battle. Robin backs up a step of his own; Beast Boy has assumed his normal appearance.)

Robin: Teen Titans! Go!

(Starfire stays put while the other three spread out. She throws a string of starbolts at the robot advancing toward her and blows it apart with the last one. Robin punches another to send sparks flying, then smashes it to junk with a high kick. A third is forcing Beast Boy back into the inky shadows, so that his eyes are all that can be seen of him. We hear a low growl from that corner, and the lights come up to show that he has transformed into a huge gorilla and caught the mechanical aggressor in a crushing grip. He tears it apart and sets out to find others.)

(Raven raises her arm to cast a spell as the lights go out entirely on her. Two black slashes of energy cross the screen; fade in to show the biggest robot of the lot, with two glowing incisions crossing its upper body. The thing shorts out, slides apart along the fault lines Raven has opened, and explodes.)

(Close-up of Fixit's tray of tools. One floats up, then another; pull back to frame him, still hard at work. The two devices hover nearby within easy reach, and he takes one of them in hand after a moment. A piece of Cyborg's armor plating clatters to the floor. Now Fixit takes the robotic face off the rack; cut to a close-up of the madly struggling Titan as the shadow of his single-minded repairman falls over him, then to his perspective.)

Fixit: Do not resist. It is for the best.

(He lowers the face toward the camera. Cut to Cyborg.)

Cyborg: No, it isn't! If you take out my biological components...

(The face is set in place; his next three lines sound as if they are coming through a speaker set in it. Extreme close-up of the right eye behind the red glass.)

Cyborg: ...you take out the best part of me! The part that makes me who I am!

Fixit: Your memories, your "self", will be preserved. (His eyes go red; close-up of them.) I will download them into your new brain.

(The port on his forehead opens to allow a cable to extend outward. It plugs itself into Cyborg's new face, right between the eyes.)

Cyborg: No...you can't do this, please! You don't understand!

(Extreme close-up of the right eye, squeezed tightly shut. It opens as the camera zooms in through the pupil.)


(The screen flickers briefly and begins to show scenes from the prologue and Act One, dissolving from one to the next; Fixit is copying memories to his own system. Pan across the park...Cyborg, Robin, Starfire at the picnic table...Starfire hugging the mustard jar...Cyborg and Robin staring at her in disbelief...gathering for the football game...Raven asking what happened to him when he conked out (mirror image from original scene)...the start of the game's first play...Robin backing up for a pass...Beast Boy counting down to tackle...the ball sailing through the air...Cyborg going long for the catch...the other four Titans, waiting to see if he will come around from the shutdown...Starfire and Robin helping him up...the boy with the artificial hand running up to say hello...the catcher's mitt being removed to expose the prosthesis...then a flash of white, and we are back in the chamber. Fixit cries out and stumbles away from Cyborg, the connecting cable retreating into his forehead. He crashes to the ground.)

(In the outer portion of the cavern, the shots Starfire is holding in check light up the area again. She, Raven, and Beast Boy, the last back in human form, have found themselves staring at a great many robots who have been knocked out by their combined efforts. Pan to Robin, who is trying to catch his breath; he starts in surprise at the sound of o.c. machinery. Cut to the source, another squadron struggling to move forward, then to him as he backs up into the other three. The units totter toward them and then go dead-incapacitated by the shock to Fixit's system.)

Robin: Huh?

(The floor of the chamber. The face that was to have replaced Cyborg's drops next to the table, whose steel restraints have all been broken, and the real McCoy climbs off and kneels groaning next to it. Robin reaches into view and puts a hand on his shoulder.)

Robin: (from o.c.) Cyborg! (Pull back to frame both.) Are you okay?

Cyborg: Yeah.

(They straighten up. Pull back; the other three Titans are in the chamber as well.)

Fixit: (from o.c., wistfully) So...beautiful.

(Cut to just behind Cyborg and zoom in slowly over his shoulder. Fixit is kneeling by the rack of parts.)

Fixit: I had forgotten how beautiful. The world... (Cyborg walks up.) ...through your eyes.

Cyborg: Through human eyes. The same kind you have.

Fixit: (looks at his hands) Perhaps I am the one in need of repairs.

Cyborg: And maybe I'm the guy who can help repair you.

(He holds out a hand, and the fellow mechanical half-breed smiles and takes hold, allowing himself to be helped to his feet.)

(Dissolve to a patch of clear sky and tilt down to the park. Once again, people are enjoying the fine weather in their own way. Cut to a long shot of the Titans, save Cyborg, gathered around a picnic basket set out on a blanket. The fifth member of the team walks into view, carrying the football, but is stopped by a familiar voice.)

Boy 1: (from o.c.) Cyborg! Hey, Cyborg!

(Cut to him; he runs up, with his mitten gone and prosthesis fully exposed, and he has a friend with him.)

Boy 1: (to his friend) See? It's Cyborg. He's just like me!

Boy 2: Whoa, cool!

Cyborg: I am just like you. But it's not your arm that makes us the same. (Cut to the two; he points at the first boy's heart and continues o.c.) It's the stuff connected to it.

(Both beam at this; pull back to frame him.)

Cyborg: Now, go deep!

(They do so, laughing, and he lets the pigskin fly. Tilt up and pan to follow its spiraling flight across the park, then fade to black.)

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