Season: 1 Episode: 5 Air date: August 23, 2003

Cast: Scott Menville - Robin Tara Strong - Raven Greg Cipes - Beast Boy Khary Payton - Cyborg Hynden Walch - Starfire Tom Kenny - Mumbo, Fixit

Crew: Director(s) - Alex Sot Storyboarder(s) - Alan Caldwell, Eric Canete, Eddie Lin, Irineo Maramba, Sam Montes Writer(s) - David Slack

Summary: When Cyborg freezes during a football game at the park, he has no choice but to go home and change his battery. But he's stopped on the way by Mumbo the criminal magician, then saved by a strange artificial being who calls himself Fixit. He plans on "fixing" Cyborg by removing his human parts and replacing them all with metal, making him completely robot. Can the Titans find Cyborg and save him before it's too late?



First appearances of Mumbo and Fixit. It is revealed Starfire enjoys drinking mustard. In the junkyard, Robin's mask fell off when Cyborg grabbed him. Ron Perlman as Slade is credited in this episode, but he never appeared. When the Titans are playing football at the beginning of the episode, instead of chanting the usual, "One Mississippi, two Mississippi....", Beast Boy instead uses Gotham City, which is where Robin used to reside with his crime-fighting mentor, Batman, before moving to Jump City and forming the Teen Titans. Speaking on the development of the episode, producer and story editor David Slack said, "'Sum of His Parts' was a rare thing where the story broke in about two minutes. We were behind schedule and we had to come up with an episode quick. We had four in the pipeline, but nothing following. Glen and I plotted it out, he kicked me out of his office and then I got home and wrote.” Mumbo was created to lighten the tone of what would have been a dark episode. Information sources Titans Tower

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