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Mic: Direct from Downtown Main Street, it's "Disney's House of Mouse."

And now, keep your hands and arms inside the house at all times, its Mickey Mouse!

Mickey: Hey there, everybody! Good to see you. Welcome to the house! Today, we got a show that won't be forgotten. (The spotlight went out) Unlike our electric bill.

Minnie: Horace, lights!

Horace: Out of the way, Dumbo!

Mickey: Wow, looks like we got a full house.

Goofy: Who ordered the chips?

2 of Spades Card: Pick a card, any card.

Mickey: Now I want to remind everyone of the House of Mouse rules: No smoking, no villain esteems, and no guests eating other guests.

Max: Hmm

Magic Mirror: Save it, queenie, everyone's fairer than you.

Donald: How are you doing? Welcome to my club.

Daisy: Sorry, Mr. Jafar, you don't have a reservation.

Jafar: I do have a reservation.

Daisy: Have a nice time.

Mickkey: ... the Beast, Aladdin and Jasmine, and uh, ooh, I see the Three Little Pigs are in the house. Hey, Lumiere, thanks for being my guest.

Donald: Look at him, that show off! I should be running this club.

Daisy: Now Donald, it is the House of Mouse. Maybe you'll get your chance some day.

Mickey: So, strap yourselves in for a great show. We got a couple of cartoons, and the amazing House of Mouse band, the Quackstreet Boys!

Pete: Out of my way, beak lips!

Daisy: Wait, you need a reservation.

Mickey: Every toon in town's out there. Oh, I can't take the pressure.

Minnie: Mickey, relax. Have a drink of water.

Pete: Stop the show!

Mickey and Minnie: Huh?

Pete: Ugh, I stepped in duck! Everybody clear out, 'cause I'm shuttin' down the cartoon club.

Timon: waiter there's a fly in my friend's soup. I want one, too! Hey, Simba, what'd you get in your soup?

Simba: Rafiki.

Mickey: Where do you get off, barging in here like... like you own the place!

Pete: Cause I do!

We'll I think you do -- Don and I run this club, fifty-fifty.

Oh, but I just bought the building, as of right now, you're all trespassing. So, get your stuffs, and git!

Yahoo! Now I can be the host!

You get out, too. It's all here in black and white.

Gawrsh, it's true. 

The House of Mouse is mine. Now hand over the keys.

Wait a minute, Mick. Take a look at this.

"The show must go on" Clause.

Is he related to Santy Clause?

This says, "You can't kick us out, as long as we put on a show." Right here in black and white.

Pete: (reads the note in rapid fire) long as the show goes on?!?! Oohhh, the legal system! They should have a law against it! Fine, have it your way, squeaky! Someday, the show won't go on, see? Then i'll kick all your sorry buttinskis outta here!

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