Penny: Hey, guys.
Leonard: Hey.
Howard: Hey.
Leonard: What are you doing here?
Bernadette: We heard about some sexy scientists working hard all weekend.
Penny: Yeah, so we brought you some lunch and we are gonna go look for ’em.
Leonard: Soup, sandwiches and emasculation. Just like my Mom used to make.

Penny: Hey, wouldn’t it be funny if after all your years of hard work, I’m the one who makes a scientific breakthrough? (chortles) He doesn’t think that’s funny.

Amy: Sheldon, this is silly.
Sheldon: You got emotional when that lab monkey died.
Amy: That lab monkey told me he loved me in sign language.

Leonard: Penny says they’re having fun working on the prototype.
Howard: Remember when her fun was nightclubs and drinking games?
Leonard: I know. I lowering the bar so slowly. This time next year she’ll have a coin collection.

Amy: Why do you have a storage unit?
Sheldon: Just wait.
Amy: How long have you had it?
Sheldon: Just wait.
Amy: Do you want me to hold that computer?
Sheldon: Just wait… You know what? Actually, yes, thank-you. Welcome to my Fortress of Shame.
Amy: What-what am I looking at?
Sheldon: It’s basically everything I’ve ever owned. Um, every book, every T-shirt, every piece of broken electronics. Just…all of it.
Amy: All of it?
Sheldon: I have a Ziplock bag filled with all my old Ziplock bags.
Amy: Okay. Well. I would like to tell you that there is nothing to be ashamed of. So I’m gonna need a minute. (Having trouble processing the situation.)

Bernadette: All right, how are we gonna play this when they return?
Raj: I know. You guys should totally be making out with me.
Penny: Sweetie, I know you think jokes like that are funny, but do you really think you could handle making out with both of us?
Raj: No, ma’am.

Raj: (just gets Howard's text) Uh, would you ladies please the room?
Penny: Why?
Raj: I need to rub my genitals on their prototype.
Bernadette: (suspecting something) What's going on?
Raj: Leonard and Howard don't have a flat; they went to the movies. Look! (walks over to Penny and Bernadette, and they both look at the text message Howard sent)
Penny: Un-freaking-believable.
Bernadette: (at the same time) Son of a bitch.
Raj: You know what? I'm gonna let them know that I'm here with you, and that they're busted.
Penny: No, you know what? Don't, don't. Let's let them think they're getting away with it.
Bernadette: (grinning devilishly) Yeah, let's see how deep a hole they can dig for themselves.
Penny: Mm-hmm.
Raj: Interesting. I mean, it's not testicles on a cyrostat, but I like it.

Sheldon: I’m sorry if you think less of me.
Amy: I don’t.
Sheldon: Really? ‘Cause every time I come in here, I think less of me.
Amy: Why?
Sheldon: Because I’m a fraud. No. I purport to be a man of the mind. I’ve been such a-a vocal champion of the Singularity, but how can I leave my body behind and become one with the Internet, when I never even thrown away a toothbrush?