SAROYAN: The victim was found on the rocks underneath the New River Gorge Bridge.

Slanted temporal bone, prominent nasal spine, and the ectocrancial suture closure indicate the decedent is male, late 30s, early 40s.

Nice call.

The way he's broken up, I'd have ID'd him as Humpty Dumpty.

The only fracturing I've seen like this is from a skydiver whose chute didn't open.

The New River Gorge Bridge.

Ah, that thing is over 876 feet high.

We could be looking at a suicide.

He's crawling with insects, so time of death should be simple.

I'd say it looks like maybe five or six days.

I have enough tissue for DNA and a tox screen.

Some of the heart muscle has been recently damaged.

Hey, if I was falling 876 feet, I'd have a heart attack, too.

How soon can you examine the tissue and clean the bones?

A few hours. You can go home.

Then I will put Christine to bed.

Perhaps she'll enjoy hearing Humpty Dumpty.


BOOTH: So, you know, I'm thinking maybe next month me, you and Christine, we could rent a cabin at, uh, Palmer River and we can go fishing, huh?

She's 14 months old, Booth.

She enjoys the comforts of home far more than she would a cabin in the woods.

Oh, come on. You don't know that.

There has been copious research done by pediatricians and cognitive specialists that... Bones.

It's a family thing, all right?

All of us will be together.

It's impractical, Booth.

Sometimes it's good not to be practical. Sometimes it's good just to have fun, right? Create memories.

Christine wouldn't retain conscious access to a memory made at 14 months.

The neural network...

I'm sorry. What is it with you, huh?

Why are you angry? Why?

Because sometimes I would just like us to do something without you having to ask, you know, some scientist if it's okay.

I don't want to fight in front of Christine.

Why? She won't be able to access her memory, huh?

Why are you so afraid to be spontaneous?

You want Christine to grow up like that?

Oh, so now I'm a bad mother?

No! No. I'm not saying that at all.

Then why don't you put her to bed and I will go back to the lab and finish my work.

Oh-ho, wait a second.

You're really misunderstanding me here.

You've been quite clear, Booth.

Being rational makes me no fun and a bad mother.

I didn't say that!

I said that you're not spontaneous.

There's a difference there! Is this spontaneous enough for you? Good-bye!


Civilization is based on rational thought.

There is no certainty without evidence.

To dismiss the empirical with foolish emotionalism...

HAL: Somebody's burning the midnight oil.

Oil hasn't been used as a light source for over 100 years, Hal.

I thought someone was here with you.

Uh, no.

No, I-I was... I was making notes.

Hey, you gonna be here long?

I got to mark it in the log book.

A few hours. So... what's the story with this guy?

Initially, indications were that he jumped from a bridge.

But since he suffered a prior heart attack and, given that he landed on his back, the injuries to his right supraorbital margin...

You know I don't know what you're saying, right?

I'm sorry.

Simply put: it appears as if he was murdered and then thrown from the bridge to obscure that fact.

And with that I'll resume my important duties and go check the bathroom.

Have a good night.

♪ Don't come back

♪ Until you've realized what you lost ♪ ♪ Will no prayer of mine

♪ Move you to come see it's all fine ♪ ♪ I told you a hundred times

♪ I think about you every day

♪ Would it put you off to know

♪ That you're no better off with me? ♪ ♪ 'Cause it's all gone wrong

(phone ringing)

♪ Can you help me?

BRENNAN: Victim appears to have good skeletal health, aside from the injuries from the fall.


Hal, I'm working right now. I-I can't talk.





BOOTH: Bones. Bones, you here?

Look, I'm sorry, all right?

You're the best mother in the world.

I miss you. Christine misses you.


Oh, my God.

Oh, my God. Bones.

Bones, Bones, are you all right? All right.

Just stay with me here.

Bones, stay with me!

(crying) Yeah, this is Agent Booth.

Listen, I need an ambulance at the Jeffersonian, in the bone room. Now.


Okay, stay with me, Bones. Is anyone here?

I need some help! (crying)

Just stay with me, okay?

Everything's gonna be fine. Stay with me.

Bones, wake up. Stay with me. You gotta fight.

Everything's gonna be fine.

All right? Just...

BOOTH: Okay, Christine.


Hello, Tempe.


♪ Bones 8x15 ♪ The Shot in the Dark Original Air Date on February 11, 2013

♪ Main Title Theme ♪ The Crystal Method

BOOTH: We're at the hospital, Bones.

You're gonna be all right.

EMT 1: Systolic is 55. She's brady at 30.

What's that mean? Sir, please step back.

What does that mean? It means she's lost a lot of blood. Now, please, let us work.

Stay with me, all right, Bones?

You gotta fight. You gotta fight.

Bones, you gotta fight!


Just stay with me.

Stay with me!

(laughs) Okay.

I understand what's happening.

What's happening?

I'm hallucinating.

Wow. Most people get shot and appear in another reality, they ask themselves if maybe they're in heaven.

I don't believe in heaven.

And yet here you are, having a conversation with your dead mother.

You aren't actually here, Mom.

BRENNAN: I lost consciousness while my adrenal system was working overtime.

My brain is struggling to make sense of what's happened.

(chuckles) The house is exactly as I remember it: Dad's Barcalounger; the horrible bouquet floral sofa...

You helped me pick that out.

You said you liked flowers.

I guess I've changed.

You most definitely have changed.

Tell me about your life.

Since you are nothing more than a projection of my imagination, you know everything about me already.

Come on. Humor me.

I'm with a man.

I have a daughter.

What's her name?


Her name is Christine.

I'm honored.

And the man?


I love them both very much.

I have to get back to them.

Oh, Tempe, I'm afraid it's not your decision.

Whose decision is it?

You know what I'm going to say.

This is not real.

You are still the most stubborn creature on God's green earth.

I do not... believe in God!

I have to get back!


DePAUL: Her pressure's back up.

Hemoglobin level? DePAUL: Still below six.

Her superior mesenteric artery's been partially torn.

You need to go up on the vasopresser.

Thank you, Dr. Saroyan.

We'd have never guessed that ourselves.

I apologize.

She's my friend and I'd really rather not have her end up in my autopsy room.

I apologize. You give us any damn advice you please.

I'll just feel a lot better when I find that bullet.

Nothing is showing on the X-rays.

But that's crazy.

MacGREGOR: That we agree on because there's also no exit wound.

The bullet has to be behind some bone.

When she's stable, we take a bunch more X-rays from different angles.

(monitor beeping) DePAUL: She's in V-tach.

MacGREGOR: Damn it... Defibrillator.

Get that separator out now!

MacGREGOR: Clear!

Please. Please...

MacGREGOR: Clear!

I hate to say "I told you so," but it's not your decision.


Why am I in these clothes?

You always loved that sweater.

I was wearing it when you left.

I know.

I have to get back.

CHRISTINE: How's your father?

I have to go back. I have a daughter.

I know how you feel.

Once I had to leave my daughter behind too.

I'm pretty sure it killed me.

You had to leave us, Mom.

You did what you had to do for Russ and me.

We understand.

No, see, this is your one small problem, is that you think that you can understand things that are simply not understandable.

They throw you for a loop.

Throw me for a loop?


NURSE: Yes, doctor.

SAROYAN: Seeley?

She's stable.


Thank you.

Her heart stopped.



But she's out of surgery.

Still critical.

Thank God you weren't five minutes later.

No, it's a miracle, right?

Bones, she doesn't believe in God.

You know, since...

It's the only explanation, right?

Well, for some reason, you got it into your head that you had to see the woman you love.


Any word on the shooter?

I don't know. There's a security guard.

He was also found dead on the second floor in the stairwell.

Hal? Yeah.


Why would anybody kill Hal?

I don't know. No one knows.

There was nothing touched. There was nothing disturbed.

There's got to be some kind of a connection here.

Well, I need to go back to the lab.

I'll autopsy Hal, and if I can find the bullet in him, that will give us a jump on Dr. Brennan's attacker.

What? Why?

Because there is no bullet in Brennan.

And no exit wound.

That's not possible, Cam.

It's got to be a small caliber, maybe a .22 stuck behind the ribs.

Seeley, they're bring her out in a few minutes.

Your place is here with her.

Not out working the case.

I know, right, okay. Okay.

All right.


(indistinct chatter)

SWEETS: That's Dr. Brennan's blood.

I can't believe that she survived this.

I wonder if it has something to do with this case Brennan was working?

That's what I was thinking.

Unless I'm one of your prime suspects.

Clark, hey, man.

Stepping in on the Bones stuff.

This could be dangerous.

Yeah, well, my middle name is danger.

It's actually Thomas, but... Thomas.

His name's Thomas Edison.

Good luck.

Aw, hey, so, how's Booth?

Holding up.

Did you call Clark?

No, he actually showed up on his own.

Here's something Dr. Brennan must've found just before she got shot.

Tiny and metallic.

Okay, well, that'll be my department.

Maybe you can find something.

Why, what's wrong?

Preliminary X-rays showed no bullet in Hal.

No bullet in Hal, no bullet in Dr. Brennan.

What? They were both shot.

That's correct.

That doesn't make any sense.

Big entry wound, no exit wound, white cauterized tissue, and a vanishing bullet.

It doesn't make any sense at all.

(monitor beeping steadily)

(inhaling deeply)

(Brennan mumbling)

(quietly): I have to go... have to go...


I'm right here.



What happened? Just relax.

All right?

You're in the hospital.

All right? You were shot.

Oh, God.

I had a dream.

I didn't understand...

You don't have to understand, okay?

Everything's gonna be okay now.

All right? It was cold.

When I was shot.

Well, that happens, all right?

You lost a lot of blood.

Not from blood loss.

Cold at the wound site.

MAX: Here you go, Booth.

She's up.

Oh, my God, Tempe. Easy.

I'm okay, Dad.

You flatlined. Max, she doesn't need to know the details. Where's Christine?

I thought I heard her with you when you found me.

It's all right.

She's in day care. Oh.

I'll take good care of her. I'll pick her up.

(laughs): Okay.

Look, did you see anything before you got shot?


I, um, was wearing my... magnification headgear.

It was a blur.

That guard was there.

Hal-- he was there.

Hal was killed.


Did they recover the bullet from me?

There was no bullet. There was no exit wound.


That's impossible. I know.

Cam and the others are all over it.

I should help. Oh, no, no.

I told you she'd try. Listen, the doctor said that you shouldn't move, understand?



When I flatlined, how... how long before my heart started beating again?

Two minutes.

You were dead for two minutes.


These are the people who were in the building last night.

SWEETS: The suspects. SPARLING: Witnesses.

Everything points to someone who fled after the shooting.

So, we're hoping one of these people saw him.

You know, psychologically speaking, a shooter...

You offered to help and I appreciate that, but this is my investigation, Lance.

Okay, I'm just asking you to keep an open mind.

Did you find anything on Hal the security guard?

He was new, only been here about six months.

His badge was used to access the lab at the time of the shooting.

What about the security cameras?

All disabled prior to the shooting.

That's why we're hoping one of these people can help us.


She's awake. Yes.

Oh, thank God.

Booth wants us to tell him about anything that we find. So far, the guard hasn't given us much.

Gunshot wound to the abdomen, massive internal bleeding, but no bullet. And no exit wound.

Same as Dr. B.-- there's a clear trajectory but nothing.

She said it was cold when she was shot.

But most victims describe it as a burning sensation.

How is it possible to shoot two people and not find a bullet?

When you eliminate the possible, you are left with the truth, no matter how improbable.

What are suggesting, Dr. Hodgins?

Have you ever heard of an ice bullet?

An ice bullet?

That's been posited for years, but no one's ever fired one successfully.

But it's technically possible and it would explain why no bullet was found in either body.

Do you have any other theories?


Set up the test.

Someone's got to be the first, right?

You were working last night?

I had to catalog some papyrus Hellenistic epigrams.

We're doing an exhibit on the Posiddipus Scroll.

I slept in my office last night.

I am the chief of restoration, so I often work late.

My shift ended at 6:00. Hal Bennett was my replacement.

Did you hear a shot?

Or see anything strange? Nothing.

I-I wear headphones.

Listen to classical music.

My office is next to the air conditioner.

I can't hear a thing.

There was a man in the hall when I went for coffee-- he was leering at me.

Maybe he had a thing for Dr. Brennan.

I was at the coffee machine and she walks up wearing this tight skirt. What am I supposed to do?

Not stare?

Hal was just with us six months.

He's a good guy.

Maybe a little clumsy.

Clumsy how?

I once saw him trip and fire his Taser into the floor.

Is there any indication that Hal could've been mixed up in something illegal here?

Look, man, I keep to myself.

I don't know anything.

I thought one of them would be able to help.

They're all on different floors or down a locked corridor.

Or so they say.

You okay? Look.

I'm usually objective, but they all look guilty to me.

Everyone does.

Look, this case is personal for you.

It's natural to lose perspective.

I'm the shrink, okay? I know.

I'm just being a friend.

BOOTH: That's it? That's all we have?

The ice bullet and the metal fragment-- yeah, for now.

27 people working on this and we have nothing, Sweets.

Look, I know how frustrating this must be.

Really? Do you? 'Cause you don't. I don't think you do.

Everyone's doing their best, Booth.

How is she?

She's improving. And you?

We had a fight.

Before she got shot.

That's why she was at the lab.

She thought I said that she was a bad mother.

She just misunderstood what I was saying.

I'm sorry. I mean, what if that was the last thing that she thought?

I mean, she's a great mother. Oh, yeah, I know.

Why would I say something like that?

I think what you're really asking is how could something like this have happened?

We'll find out.

I found a tiny antemortem puncture on the sternum that fits perfectly with the metal fragment that Dr. Brennan placed under the microscope.

And you're sure it came from a piece of Taser prong?

It's a perfect match to the type of Taser Hal was issued.

The victim must've been shot at close range for it to be embedded in the sternum.

Multiple shocks with a Taser have been known to induce ventricular fibrillation, which could cause cardiac arrest.


I got it.

His height and the facial reconstruction gave us a match on the bridge victim: Johannes Groot.

So it's possible that Hal the security guard killed Johannes Groot?

It would explain why Hal was so interested in the body Brennan was working on, and in how the security cameras got shut off.

Okay, but then who killed Hal?

And why?

Johannes Groot. What is that? Dutch?

I don't see any wooden shoes.

(laughs) Groot had a thing for planes.

Well, yeah, he was a sales rep for a jet leasing company.

This is his company's fleet.

What's up your butt?

See that clock? Yes, that looks like a clock.

This is a Swiss Atmos clock.

It's worth $10,000.

So what do you think?

A one-time extravagance? A gift?

Beats me.

Hey, um, I'm sorry we didn't connect.

You know, after we connected.

How did you get from a clock to our failed romance?

If you must know, a clock, time, time passing, too much time passing, awkwardness. "Oh, God, she must hate me for not calling." "Why didn't she call me?" Wow.

All that from a clock?

You must have your own version of what happened between us, right?

We went out a couple of times.

Went to bed once. It lacked fireworks.

Moving on. Well, uh, normally I'm quite good in bed.

Daisy and I had just gotten out of a long-term relationship...

I know how you feel.

You do?

You were right.

Thank you.

Uh, about our guy having expensive taste, I mean. Oh.

These suits are bespoke.


That means handmade-- very expensive.

I know what that means. Totally know what that means.

He's living far above his salary.

Family money?

Nope. So our guy's crooked somehow.

There was a struggle here.

Somebody hit this table pretty hard.

What's that?


Confetti with numbers on it?

I didn't see who shot me.

I had the magnifier over my eyes, so all I saw was a shape.

Did the FBI find anything?

It's your job to recover.

It's everybody else's job to figure out who shot you.

And did you know that if you fire a Taser, it releases confetti that's marked with a special tracking number?


Sweets and Sparling found Taser confetti matching Hal the security guard's Taser.

Hal went to the first victim's house, Tased him.

Killed him.

Groot's heart gave out.

(gasps) Whoa, Brennan.

Are you okay?

I feel...

What, pain?

I feel wonderful.

Brennan! (monitor flatlines)

Oh, my God! Brennan?

Brennan?! Hey, hey, we need, we need a nurse in here!

Nurse, we need some help!

Do you remember the last time we saw each other?

Of course. I was 15.

I went to bed and I never saw you again.

But I survived.

Of course you did.

We had a fight.

You and I.

We had a fight the night before you disappeared.

We fought about a boy.

Scott something, right?

Scott Morrison.

You said that I was changing myself too much for him.

My clothes...

You started smoking cigarettes because he did.

I didn't know that you knew that.

And I told you that you were too dreamy and emotional, making decisions on what you felt instead of using your brain.

You did that.

And you slapped my hand away.

(chuckles) And then I left and I never saw you again.

I loved you so much.

Oh, honey, I knew that.

I hate that the last thing I did was slap your hand away.

It's all right, Temperance.

How do you know?

Maybe that's why you took my advice and you never changed yourself for another person again... so you'd never be hurt.

You tucked your heart away and you used your brain.


BOOTH: She's waking up.

Thank God!

Here we go.

Would you stop scaring us like that, please?

(chuckles) Sorry, Dad.

Did it throw you for a loop?


What is it, Max?

Her mother used to say that to me all the time.

What happened? You had a reaction to the antigens in the blood we gave you.

Did you give her the wrong blood?

No, we cross-matched her correctly when we gave her blood during surgery.

That doesn't make any sense.

Maybe you got it mixed up?

We double-checked every step of the supply line.

Well, she's gonna be all right, isn't she?

We're running some more tests now.

Thank you, Doctor.

Don't look so worried.

Booth, I...

Okay, okay, I'm gonna get some coffee.

I'll be back.

Are you okay?

Booth, I...

What is it?

I don't understand it.

For some reason, I feel like it's you who keeps calling me back here.

Calling you back from where?

I went to another place.

My mother is there.


Obviously, I'm hallucinating, so...

Or, or she's helping you.

Look, you came back. That's the main thing.

You really think that I could actually be seeing my mother?

Yes, I do.


Bones, you okay?

I just want to sleep for a little while.

Okay. Just...

So that's an ice bullet?

I've run into a myriad of problems using a traditional brass jacket and gunpowder.

How many is a "myriad" of problems?

One: the heat generated by the ignition of the gunpowder melts the ice bullet before it can leave the barrel.

Two: an ice bullet is only a third as dense as lead.

In order for ice to penetrate, it has to move three times faster than a normal lead bullet.

So a myriad is a lot. It sounds impossible.

Well, only if you define "ice bullet" as frozen water and a "gun" as a gun.

You ready?

The ice bullet shattered without even piercing the silicone. Yes, but what if the shooter were using a projectile that was made out of a substance more dense than ice?

Then the substance would leave traces in the body.

What if it were made of blood?

A blood bullet?

Centrifuged red blood cells.

That would explain Dr. Brennan's incompatibility reaction.

Yeah. That's what gave me the idea.

See, her body reacted to the blood in the bullet.

Well, how did you get the blood cells cold enough to remain stable?

I froze them in liquid hydrogen.


And no exit wound.

So the blood from the bullet melts and mixes with the victim's blood.

Nobody ever tests the blood on the floor of a crime scene for DNA or other markers.

They just sweep it away.

You are...!

Mwah! Oh!

You're welcome.

I looked at the guard's X-rays again.

I was so focused on the shooting that I didn't see this. Right here.

A small cranial fracture on the right side.

I definitely feel something.

Let me shave the hair.


This injury's definitely antemortem.

It looks about five or six days old.

Around the same time he struggled with Groot.

And it was infected. We should find out why.


That injury is deep, right through the periosteum to the bone.

Could you collect the pus and particulates, Dr. Edison?

Oh, yeah, there we go.


There are some kind of slivers in here.

Flecks of something shiny.

Hodgins is gonna have a field day.

Where's Booth?

He got a call from Cam about the case.

I'm stable, so I told him to go.

Well, I talked to the doctor.

He said you should be resting.

I'm just examining my X-rays, Dad.

Which isn't resting. Honey, why don't you relax? Let Booth and the geeks at the lab take care of this.

Look, I brought you ice cream.

Hmm. Mint chocolate.

It was your favorite when you were a kid.

Mom used to get it at Parkside Candy.

They would pack it by hand.

Booth said you saw her.

Your mother.

The locus coeruleus in the midbrain can release noradrenaline during highly traumatic events.

It can affect perception.

You were gone for two minutes.

You went somewhere.

No, Dad.

There's no other place.

Does she ask about me?

Does she say hi?

In my dream... yes.

She misses you.

We were very happy-- all of us, weren't we?

I miss that so much.

So much.


So, the particulate matter you found in the guard's skull wound turned out to be a mixture of gold paint and wood flakes.

Any idea what that is?

Oh, yeah, of course.

The wood is from an olive tree grown on Crete.

That's specific. Oh, it gets better.

The wood is old.

And carbon dating tells us 12th century.

And the flecks are gold paint.

An artifact of some kind? Mm-hmm.

This is very close to home, isn't it?

Very. I checked the Jeffersonian inventory.

Look at this.

We have a 12th century Cretan icon of the Archangel Gabriel downstairs in storage, decorated in gold.

It's very rare and very, very valuable.

Booth should know about this.

Have Antiquities check for any missing artifacts or forgeries.


The guard's cell phone records show that the last phone call he placed prior to being shot was to a burner cell.

Which must have belonged to the shooter.

Which means the shooter, the guard, and Groot were all in business together.

The shooter takes out Bones because he thinks that she's the only one smart enough to put all the pieces together.

Which means he had to know Dr. Brennan.

Well, exactly.

Because he works at the Jeffersonian.

Excuse me? The guard, he turns off all the security cameras; he calls the killer and tells him that Bones is working on Groot; she's shot within ten minutes.

So that means the shooter was definitely at the Jeffersonian.

This is the only 12th century artifact from Crete at the Jeffersonian.

No one was bashed with this.

There's no signs of any splintering or impact.

Because this isn't the one that Groot used to crack Hal's skull.

If you look closely, you'll notice a small paintbrush hair.

I ran this through the mass spec.

It turns out it's from a North American squirrel.

Right, I'm guessing there was no North American squirrels in 12th century Crete.

Right, this one's a fake. The real one is missing.

And worth a fortune.

All right, so someone stole it and replaced it with this one.

Had to be Hal.

This was a deal gone bad.

Dr. Batuhan is the only one capable of restoring an artifact like that.

Got him?

SPARLING: That's him, and he's got the real icon.

Are you sure you don't want me to handle this alone?

What, do you think I'm too close to this because he shot Bones? I can handle it. That's all I'm saying.

I would never jeopardize a conviction, especially not this one, all right?

Dr. Batuhan?

Hey, Dr. Batuhan, please step away from the icon.

Why? What-What's going on? It's true that you're the only person here at the Jeffersonian who's capable of restoring such beautiful artifacts like this one.

This is my speciality, yes.

What... Do you have any idea how valuable that is?

As a matter of fact, we do.

Will someone tell me what this is about?

Sure. We believe you were involved in stealing this icon.

And you killed Hal Bennett, and then you shot Dr. Temperance Brennan in order to hide the theft.

That's ridiculous.

How can I steal something which is right here?

The chips from the guard's wounds match.

This is definitely the icon used to hit Hal Bennett.

What, are you trying to erase the evidence?

SPALDING: We found your forgery in storage.

I don't know what you're talking about.

Why do you have a cryogenic dewar, Dr. Batuhan?

These aren't usually used in restoration, are they?

I know my rights.

I don't have to say anything else.

Oh, yeah, this would be perfect for freezing and storing blood bullets.

You can't go through my things without a warrant. Is that right?

Well, you know what? All this belongs to the Jeffersonian.

That's just an air brush. Air brush.

This could be a modified barrel.

Look at that, huh?

Perfect for launching a frozen projectile, isn't it?

The compressed air would give you enough velocity to penetrate skin.

It would fit under a lab coat.

Looks like you're gonna need a lawyer.

BOOTH: So far our search has turned up

11 fake artifacts in the storage room of the Jeffersonian, and I'm betting there's more.

I didn't hear a question.

One of the originals has already been traced to a private collector in Munich.

Again, not a question. Interesting fact, though, isn't it?

Why isn't there any attending paperwork for the icon you were restoring?

Paperwork gets lost all the time.


This security camera shows you leaving the restoration room at 8:33 on the night of the shooting.

Oh, look at that.

What's that under your coat there?

Looks like nothing to me.

And here you are returning at 8:42.

Where were you for those nine minutes?

I was in the washroom.

How many times did you fly on Groot's private jets this year?

My client won't be answering that question.

Your job is to represent him, not be his accomplice.

Are you interrogating me now? Really?

So the guard gets the artifacts to Groot.

Groot packs them to avoid customs; then you fly with Groot to authenticate them to the buyers.

You two really don't understand the concept of a question, do you?

You know what? You tried to kill the woman I love, the mother of my child. Big mistake.

Agent Booth. Let go of him.

We know what you did in Munich, and we know what you did at the lab, pal.

You okay?

Oh, yeah, I'm-I'm fine.

Unless you want me to file charges, we're done here.

We can hold your client for 24 hours.

According to my watch, I got 15.

And your lawyer sucks.

You can only hold my client if you have more questions.

Oh, I have questions.

I have lots of questions.

Bones, what's wrong?

Nothing. I'm going into surgery.

Those two things are opposite.

You need evidence to hold Batuhan.

These two things aren't even connected.

Yes, they are.

The projectile pierced my abdomen and struck the eighth posterior rib.

It left antigens.

So, what, why do you need surgery?

To retrieve the antigens. So, you're saying that Batuhan's blood is in you?

We're going to do a biopsy and test it to see.

Then you'll have proof.

It's not dangerous, is it?

It's 100% risk-free.

WOMAN: We're ready, Dr. Brennan. All right. Okay.

I'll be fine.


(intermittent beeping)

She's under.


I'm just going to work. I'll see you tonight.

Not if I survive the procedure.

This is going to turn out just like that day.

We're never going to see each other again.

We will. (chuckles)

Of course we will.


The advice I gave you back then: Use your head. Be rational.

Don't let your heart lead you.

Use your brain.

That allowed you to survive.

And it held true, but I have another piece of advice for you.

It's time for you to find some of that little girl that you locked away so deep inside yourself.


Because... it's not about surviving anymore.

It's about flourishing.

It's about living a full life.

If this was real, I'd tell you I love you and miss you.


Tell your father...

Tell Max... that I always knew the first gift he ever gave me was stolen.

(laughs softly)


Whoa. Oh, easy. No.

'Kay, don't move, Bones. Easy.

What happened?

Blood matched.

Batuhan was arrested for murder and attempted murder.

I think I'll go and, uh, and tell them that you're okay.

They're all here, you know.

Wait. Dad?



Mom knew that the first gift you ever gave her... she always knew that you stole it.

Nobody knew that.

Except me.


Good to see the old rhino can still be surprised.

I saw her.

She talked to you?

(chuckles softly)

It's crazy to think that it's true.

Well, you know what, Bones?

It's okay to be a little crazy.



I may... Ow, ow, ow!

Oh, are you okay? Ow.

Sorry. (laughs) I'm joking.

(chuckles) Ha, ha.

Now, let's get this position right.

(bed motor whirring)

What's that mean?