Previously on Bones...

SWEETS: There's a hacker named Christopher Pelant.

Where are you?

Pretty much anywhere I want to be.

This guy's killed how many people? Eight.

This guy is worse than anyone you and I have ever come across.

And he told you that if you married Temperance, that he would choose five random human beings and kill them?

BOOTH: Not only if I married Bones but if I told her why we couldn't get married.

What kind of flower is that?

It's a marigold.

What's that mean? Pain and grief.

Christopher Pelant, you are under arrest.

We have nothing on him. So Pelant wins?

SAROYAN: Yes, today Pelant wins.


Been looking for this guy for three months, and I got nothing.

It's a complete dead end.

Pelant's laughing at us right now.

The key will be to tie Pelant to the murders specifically.

(tires screeching)

BOOTH: Pelant is still out there.

We're still waiting for him to make the next move.

Hey, I-I love the closeness, sweetie, but isn't there something else you could be doing?

Just want to make sure the shield works.

Yeah, well, I've set up a trident sub's worth of microwave-emitting jammers.

There is no way that Pelant is hacking through this thing.

Hey, Sweets, what are you doing here? Thought you were on leave.

Well, this whole idea started with me.

CAROLINE: Pelant thinks he's smarter than all of us, which might be true, but he's not smarter than all of us put together.

Hey, is this the guy?


Late 30s, excellent dentition, good tone.

His name was Donald Hestnes.

Yeah, what happened to him?

Coronary occlusion.

Fortunately he had willed his body to the Jeffersonian.

Somehow I don't think this is quite what he had in mind.

Do you object to our plan, Ms. Julian?

Legally it passes muster, as the deceased donated his body to science.

That being said, what you're doing gives me the chills.

The situation necessitates it.

Pelant's fundamental personality structure is psychopathic with extreme narcissism that demands an audience. Less shrinky, cher.

He won't be able to tolerate someone else stealing his spotlight.

We're going to smoke him out.

MONTENEGRO: I, uh, conceptualized a copycat body drop.

Pelant usually goes for the baroque, so I modeled it after a painting by Salvator Rosa.

The punishment of Prometheus.

He was bound to a rock and his liver was torn out by a giant eagle. SAROYAN: That body may not be sufficiently degraded for us to get the call.

I already took care of that.

HODGINS: Aw, Angie, that is brilliant.

Yeah, I kind of hate it.

We'd better get to it.

("Night Song" by Family Band playing)

♪ Name

♪ This night

♪ And hold me here

♪ Till morning

♪ Takes my eyes

♪ Name

♪ This song

♪ And hold my voice

♪ Till silence takes it down

♪ There's a secret here

♪ A grown man could not find

♪ And I told you there was nothing ♪ ♪ I have to hide.

This is excellent work, very thorough.


Makes me want to poke my eyes out.

You may hate it, but it is amazing.

Let's hope it worth it.

Nobody followed you? No, don't worry.

I doubled back, like, five times to make sure no one tailed me.

Where do I deliver the body?

Back entrance to the Jackson, uh, Arboretum, all right?

There's no night security there since the sequester.

What's my window?

Five hours all in.

I know you don't like this idea. Yeah.

You've been hunting Pelant for months on your own.

Yeah, and I've gotten nowhere, so I got to try something new here.

But you don't like it.

Yeah, I don't like it.

(door opens)

Pelant put me behind a desk for the rest of my career.

I appreciate you giving me this chance to catch the b*st*rd.

Wow, that's-- wow.

It was actually a fascinating exercise.

Do you know this is the first time I've burned a human bone?

Not the right tone, Bones.

Oh, yeah. SWEETS: So, the body has to be displayed on this big boulder at the entrance to the fern grotto.

According to the myth, Prometheus' torment began each day with the rising sun, so the skull needs to face the east.

You got it.

Presentation is vital. Deviate even slightly, and Pelant will know we're setting him up. All right.

Well, I'm not about to argue with a woman who can solve a murder using only a tooth and a magnifying glass.

I have solved a murder using only a tooth, but I used significantly more sophisticated equipment than a magnifying glass.

I'll do it exactly the way you said.

Well, Flynn's motivated, he'll get it done.

Five hours, Flynn.

(engine starts)

I won't forget this, Booth.

You're doing me a big favor.

Do you wish you were going with him?

I wish I'd killed Pelant three months ago.

It'd be better to catch him alive.

Better for who?

I wish the call would come in.

We could have s*x. Huh?

Well, our bodies need to relieve tension so we can sleep.

Oh, way to take the romance out of it.

Well, I'm just being practical.

I just know I always sleep best after several orgasms.

Okay, what, is that some kind of a challenge?

(laughing): Maybe.


(ringtone plays)


No, FBI.

They found the body.

Police responded to a call... BOOTH: Okay, so what do we got?

SAROYAN: The remains were found by a dog walker one hour ago.

She called it in to Metro.

Poor woman will have nightmares for the rest of her life.

Well, we can't fake everything. Time of death?

Blowfly larvae indicate ten hours ago.

The extent of the evisceration and the manner in which the body is bound indicate a retelling of the Prometh...

Oh, God.

A flower.

It's not us?

Oh, no.

Hodgins, do you know?

Yeah, it's, it's a monkshood.

Means "A foe is near."

This is a message from Pelant.

He's telling us we didn't fool him.

It's worse than that.

What? This isn't our body.

What? Are you sure?

BRENNAN: This victim has remodeled fractures on the third and fourth left ribs and both clavicles.

Come on, come on, come on.

This remodeling wasn't in our corpse.

It suggests bullet wounds that are less than a year old.

It's Flynn. Well, how do you know?

He took those bullets for me. I know those wounds.

FLYNN (over phone): Hi, this is Flynn.

If you're listening to this instead of talking to me, I must have a really good reason.

♪ Bones 9x04 ♪ The Sense in the Sacrifice Original Air Date on October 7, 2013

♪ Main Title Theme ♪ The Crystal Method

Visual inspection of the mandibular offset, in conjunction with the angle of the zygomatic and the already noted remodeled bullet wounds, indicates... that Booth was correct and this is Hayes Flynn.

Oh, my God.

You all right?

SAROYAN: There are no defensive wounds.


Pelant has used injectable anesthetic to immobilize victims in the past.

Well, I'll, uh, run a tox screen to confirm.

Kerf marks on the sternum congruent with a manual bone saw.

Striae indicate 32 passes were made.

32 passes-- is that one of Pelant's ticks?

No, it's one of mine.

He mirrored my technique.


MONTENEGRO: Be-Because he's trying to get under your skin.

I'll swab for particulates.

Pelant does not leave particulates.

Well, someday he'll make a mistake.

I just hope I'm the one that catches it.

Oh, God.

There are clamp marks on the hepatic artery.

What, what does that mean?

What does that mean?

Tell me.

My guess-- it was so he could keep Flynn alive while he removed his liver.

Like Prometheus.

He's telling us that this is our fault.

But it's not. We were trying to piss him off.

Well, we succeeded, and we got Flynn killed.

We did not kill Hayes Flynn; Pelant did.

Now, the only thing we can do is try to catch Pelant, using the evidence in front of us. MONTENEGRO: Well, what if we don't?

What if this just goes on forever?

It won't. In fact, I almost feel sorry for Pelant.


He killed someone who saved Booth's life.

Cam's right; Booth will never give up.

Look, I don't need that right now, okay, Aldo?

I have more important stuff to deal with, you understand?

I'm a bartender, not a priest.

You want to talk, you got to buy a drink.

Fine. Here.

There's your money.

It's not your fault the guy died.

Look, I went along with the plan.

I didn't like the plan but I went along with it, and a good guy died from it.

I absolve you of your sin.

You think this was my fault?

I do not, but you do.

Now, how did psycho killer find out?

I don't know. I mean, we thought that he couldn't hear us or see us, but obviously we were wrong.

Or somebody told him.

Not me, because I didn't know about it.

So who does that leave?

People I trust with my life.

And maybe the guy who got killed?

BOOTH: Okay, let's take this place apart, all right?

Pelant had eyes on Flynn-- we're not leaving until we find them. Booth, I know you didn't like the plan, and since it was my plan... You know what, Sweets?

It was a good plan, okay?

What went wrong after was not your fault.

Thank you.

So, how do you think Pelant found out?

Like he always does-- he hacked a phone or planted a bug.

I had another idea.

What's that?

(sighs) Flynn.

That's not possible.

All right. Have you been here before?

Yeah, a couple times.

And does anything look different?

Not really. Ever since his divorce, he didn't really care much about stuff.

It looks like he was trying to come to grips with something.

Look, Sweets, Flynn was a hero who got shot to pieces, okay?

He's lucky that he survived. They put him behind his desk to end his career-- so yeah, he was coming to grips with stuff.

Check out all the power sources, okay?

And look for any kind of transmitter.

SWEETS: And what if there isn't any, Booth?

Will you suspect Flynn then? No, I won't, Sweets.

I'll just figure that Pelant got here before us and he removed it, okay? So take a look around, and if you see anything strange or out of the ordinary, just tell me.


I looked at the swabs from Flynn's body with polarized light microscopy, energy-dispersive X-rays and mass spectrometer.

I found a few spores from the arboretum, but that would be just plain weird not to.

I got nothing that points us anywhere else.

Pelant isn't working from the arboretum.

No, no.

I-It's too public, you know?

He needs privacy.

The absence of evidence is in itself evidence.

That's right. Yeah, as well as privacy, Pelant needs a sterile environment with air filtration, a power supply, soundproofing.

You know, Angela can map up a... a radius... Cool, great.

We're gonna get right on that.

What is that?

BRENNAN: Flynn's clavicle was fractured by a bullet, surgically repaired, then a pin was inserted after it started to set.

Isn't that standard? If the pin is made from steel or titanium.

This pin is made from artificial bone, an extremely expensive procedure.

I don't see how Hayes Flynn could afford this.

Okay, look, Flynn had some, uh, expensive surgery done after the shooting.

How expensive? Too expensive for him.

Even if he lived like this to save money?

We're talking about, like, rich-aunt money-- he didn't have a rich aunt.

So, did you get anything off the books?

All in all, they are appropriate to someone whose life has been changed by a huge trauma.

Obviously, forgiveness... is something that he was struggling with.

You think maybe Pelant paid for his surgery?

Sweets... Booth, just hear me out.

What if Flynn's forgiveness obsession was actually an effort to come to grips with Pelant helping him?

Did you come up with anything useful?

No. MAN: You need to see this.

Agent Booth?

SWEETS: Fake passports, credit cards, cash.

BOOTH: Yeah, Sweets, I get it.

That's getaway stash.

Look, how do we know that Pelant didn't set up Flynn?

It's called "preponderance of evidence," cher.

Expensive surgery, wads of cash...

You know what, he manipulates evidence all the time, okay?

Look what he did to you, Caroline.

Right? A-And he set Bones up.

Digitally-- in the virtual world.

He moves around bits and bytes; that's his thing.

This is real money, paper, things. I don't believe it.

(groans) If Flynn were still alive, I'd have to send you out to arrest him.

Right, and I wouldn't do it.

You're that sure?

Really, just think about it, okay?

Think, right? We keep finding this evidence because Pelant wants us to.

You know what would make me suspicious?

If we didn't find any evidence, okay?

That proves to me that Flynn was clean.

(phone rings)

Oh, wow.

Look at this, huh? Bones just found the doctor that did Flynn's surgery.

Now we'll get the truth.

I hope so.

BRENNAN: You implant micropor ceramic pins into complex fractures.

It's a highly experimental procedure, and you are the only surgeon on the East Coast capable of doing it.

That is correct.

You operated on this man.

BOOTH: What you don't want to do right now is pull some doctor-patient crap, 'cause this man was murdered.

Flynn. FBI agent.

Yes, I performed the procedure on him.

How'd he pay for it?

Anonymous donation to my research foundation.

From whom? I can't tell you that.

Can't tell me? You son of a...

Booth! This anonymous donor not only murdered Flynn, but he's using you to make him look corrupt. Booth, Booth, please, let go.

I'm sorry.

No, I'm sorry.

What I should have said was, I can't tell you because when we looked for the source of the money, we couldn't find it.

Shell companies? Yes. The money was going to aid an FBI agent who was severely wounded in the line of duty.

Our ethics committee found no reason to refuse the money.

Agent Flynn-- did he know? I'm sorry, I have no idea what Agent Flynn did or did not know. BRENNAN: He was sedated for quite a while.

Agent Flynn should have died, and he would have if it weren't for me.

And this anonymous donor? Booth, the doctor did an incredible job repairing 11 fractures from bullet wounds in such a short period of time.

Ten. There were ten fractures.

But I found 11 remodeled fractures. I'm telling you, there were only ten-- your memory is playing tricks on you.

That's not possible.

It simply isn't.

Pelant paid that surgeon to save Flynn's life.

Well, it doesn't mean that Flynn, you know, knew.

I think Pelant is framing Flynn. Why?

BRENNAN: Because it's what you believe.

Whoa, wait a second, Bones, th... that is not rational.

Certainly it is. You told that doctor that I couldn't possibly be wrong about the number of remodeled fractures I found. Why?

Why? Because all the time we've been working together, you have never been wrong about something like that.

It is not possible that you are wrong about Flynn, so I'm being completely rational.

WOMAN: Aw...

We a-agreed to avoid public displays of affection at the FBI.

The hell with the FBI.

I have to go... scientific things to catch a serial killer.


Sibley Memorial made these X rays the day Flynn was shot.

You'll notice there are ten fractures, all caused by high-velocity bullets.

Those must be the ones that Dr. Itzkowitz fixed.

He was telling the truth. And these are our intake X rays of Flynn's body.

The hospital's X rays show only ten fractures, but our X rays show 11.

The damage to Agent Flynn's left humerus is not a true fracture.

What is it?

It's likely Pelant used an etching tool to simulate the break and digital lithography for the remodeling.

The craftsmanship is... really astounding.

Are you complimenting Pelant?

Well, his skill, his intelligence.

His abilities are awe-inspiring.

I've seen this one before.

This is identical to a fractured bone from a homicide I worked on nine years ago.

One of Pelant's?

I don't know. It's still unsolved.

Pelant is sending me a message.


Oh, here we go, down the rabbit hole.

(soft laugh) Identical.

(door closes in distance)


Hello, Temperance.



Let's talk.

BRENNAN: If that goes off, it'll kill you, too.

You and I are destined to die together someday.

Hope not today, but... but that's up to you.

I-I'm just...

I'm gonna remind you that you're a mother, so self-sacrifice isn't the best option.

Plus, whoever is right above us will also die.

That's a public area.

Is it?

What-what do you think happened to poor Chloe Campbell?

I think you killed her. No. Wasn't me.

You know who did it?

Same person who did 1870, 3606, 4005, 7932 and 9224. No, that's not possible.

I wouldn't have missed that.

Don't be so hard on yourself.

They were found in different geographical locations, killed by completely different methods, different ages.

Nothing to connect them. And yet... they were all killed by one person.


I don't know.

Yet. But... because I'm better than you and all your squinterns, I will figure out who the killer is.

I think, um... I think she's pretty bad, and I think she's still out there.


Well, I'm-I'm being sloppily generic, but...

I have my reasons for thinking it's a woman.

And if anything happens to me, sh-she'll keep doing what she's doing and you won't even know she's there.

I know you. You'll find me.

It's in the stars.

Yeah, um, don't move until that beam goes off.

Think about all the innocent lives you're saving by-by doing absolutely nothing.

I scanned the currency you found in the apartment.

Flynn's money was all new bills. Wait, not Flynn's money.

Okay, fine.

The money you found hidden in his fridge.

The bills with serial numbers on either side of the money you found are circulating in central Maryland.

There's just too many there for it to be a coincidence.

Each of these pins represents a place where the money was spent.

By Pelant.

Yeah, he works alone.

It's got to be him.

That's still a few hundred square miles.

(alarm blaring)

(guards shouting)

Wait, where's Bones?

I don't... I don't know.

(alarm blaring) (guards shouting)

Bones. Don't come in, Booth.

What's going on? GUARD: There's an explosive device.

We've called the bomb squad.

You all right, Bones? It was Pelant.

He says if I move, the bomb will go off.

It's not real.

You can clear out.

BRENNAN: Booth? Yeah.

It's not that I doubt you.

I'm just curious how you know it's not real.

It's a toy.

Okay? You can order this thing from the back of a comic book.

You know, we can wait for the bomb squad, but you're gonna be standing there for five hours.

I'm fine.



Fake. All right?

So... what did Pelant say to you?

(sighs) That there's a serial killer out there and that we'll never catch her without him.

Do you believe him?

I haven't looked into it yet.

You know what? I think we're getting close.

Pelant knows it and he's afraid.

You looking for something you might have missed?him.

I can't find anything that connects these cases.

Pelant could be lying.

He's never lied to me.

Well, this could be his way of distracting you from what's really important right now.

Or it's a clue.

Dr. Brennan, I need your focus for a moment. Were all Flynn's teeth intact?

Yes. All teeth are present, except the third bicuspid is chipped.

I think I found your missing piece.

Where did you find this?

In his stomach.

Pelant may not have had the opportunity to sterilize it as he did the rest of Flynn's bones.

Hodgins should swab this for particulates.

The last time I saw Agent Flynn, I boasted that I once solved a murder using only a tooth.


Dr. Brennan, do you really think it's possible that Pelant could find a link between these cases that you missed?

Something I've learned from Booth is to question myself.

You've known Booth longer than I have.

Do you think he'll kill Pelant the next time he has the chance?

Usually I'd say no, but... the way Booth's turning Flynn into a saint, feels like he's working himself up for something.

But Booth's a complex man.

I'm not sure any of us can tell what he's really thinking deep down.

Call me if Hodgins gets any information from the tooth.

(bell tinkling)

Is it okay if I don't have a drink?

No. You people are killing me here.

This is a business.

Not a very good business.

Because people don't buy drinks. Okay, what if I buy a drink but don't drink it?

That works for me.

Booth wants to kill Pelant. Which is fine.

He's a very bad man. He's murdered... we don't know how many people. What if there's someone worse and we need Pelant to catch that killer?

Oh, God.

It's these ethical dilemmas that drove me out of the priesthood.

I need to know what Booth is going to do.

So you can protect Pelant?

He's more valuable alive than dead. That's all.

It depends which Booth is there.

Seeley Booth, the one I love.

No, I mean, like all of us, he has two sides to him.

He has one side that wants to save the world and one side that wants to take care of the people he loves.

Those two collide, well, that's what you call a tortured soul.

There's no such thing as a soul.

Says you.

But Booth values nothing higher than his soul. Yet... he's willing to sacrifice his soul by killing Pelant.


For you, of course.

It's always gonna come down to you.

How's your work going, Dr. Brennan?

Pelant has left me a puzzle.

I just don't know what the solution is.

Maybe there isn't one. He could just be using these bones to distract you.

Pelant doesn't distract. He leaves clues.

The key to finding him must be in these bones.

Even if these are all the victims of one killer, they still have nothing to do with Pelant.

Let's go after one murderer at a time.

These are the wrong bones.

That's what I've been trying to tell you.

Pelant switched the bones in all of the drawers he directed me to.

These aren't the bones that belong in drawer 1870.


They originate from drawer 1452.

Except for Chloe Campbell, none of the remains are in the correct drawers.

Why would Pelant switch remains from one drawer to another?

It's another code.

He's sending me a message.

SWEETS: All right, you're gonna yell at me, but this is my job and I'm gonna risk it.

What? Are you gonna say that you found something that indicates that Flynn was Freudian delusional with synergistic narcissism disorder, huh?

What? I don't... That's not a thing.

I'm here about Pelant.


I believe he's trying to seduce Dr. Brennan. What?

With this whole nonexistent serial killer thing?


Yes, but mostly no.

I'm saying in a more profound way.

Bones hates Pelant.

Exactly. Pelant is using my research against you and Dr. Brennan.

And the lesson that he's taken from that is that Dr. Brennan changes her mind about people.

Okay, what people? After your first case together, she detested you.

And she hated me at first, too. Right?

You know what? She never hated you. She just didn't believe in the stuff that you were saying.

That's all. Right.

But now we're very close.

Pelant truly believes that he can make Dr. Brennan see him in a new light.

The-the same way that you did.

You got to be kidding me. That's crazy.

Pelant's crazy. What does... what does all this mean, Sweets? Spell it out.

Well, Dr. Brennan is Pelant's endgame.

He's trying to replace you.

Has he done anything to prevent the two of you from getting together that we don't know about?

I'll take that as a yes.

Does this mean he won't hurt Bones?

Up until the moment he discovers that she'll never have him, yeah.

Then what happens?

Then he kills her, he kills himself and anyone else nearby.

You sure we're safe to work in here?

I've tripled my firewalls just to be sure.

Security has no idea how Pelant got in the building.

I pulled the closed circuit files to see if I could find anything they missed.

Let me guess, they were all corrupted.


Pelant only lets us find what he wants us to find.

I swabbed the tooth you pulled out of Flynn's stomach.

Please tell me you found something. I found a whole lot of minerally goodness. Look at this: iron oxide, sulfur, uranium, thorium, calcium, potassium, a smidgen of silicon dioxide.

Let me rephrase. Please tell me you found one thing I can use.

All of this is one thing: it's bituminous coal ash.

So Flynn was in the proximity of a coal-burning fire when his tooth was chipped?

Who burns coal anymore?

Old foundries or power plants. I mean, their furnaces, they would definitely have this kind of mix of compounds.

We know Pelant is working out of central Maryland. HODGINS: Okay. All right.

Well, then see what you can find in that radius.

MONTENEGRO: Okay, there's this.

The Keeler Power Plant. They shut down operations ten years ago.

An abandoned power plant.

Yeah, that would give Pelant isolation, scale, a power supply. Hey, this is the perfect infrastructure to work from.

I'll call Booth.

CAROLINE: What's this? What's this?

We found Pelant. I'm going after him.

Yes, with a SWAT team. No, he's not gonna let that happen, you understand me?

This is between me, him, and Bones. What makes you think Pelant didn't put that tooth in Flynn's stomach himself to lure you out there?

Because I know Flynn, all right? He chipped his own tooth and swallowed it so we could find it.

You must be pretty damn sure Hayes Flynn was the man you think he is.

I'd bet my life on it.

The Keeler Power Plant is 23 miles away.

Booth is gonna need a schematic.

All right, I'll send this to his phone.

Pelant will have eyes and ears all over this place.

I mean, he's gonna pick up the signals. I'm frequency-hopping.

We have at least 15 minutes before he suspects anything.

Unless he set it all up.

I'm inventorying all the security feeds in the area.

SAROYAN: Is that Booth?

Oh, man. He's way too early.

That's Brennan's car.

HODGINS: How the hell did Brennan know where to go?

(phone rings)


Hold on, hold on.

(starts engine)

Damn it.

Oh, my Lord.

(engine revving, tires squealing)

(buzzer sounds)

(metallic creaking)

(buzzer sounds)

SAROYAN: Can you pick up her visual on another feed?

I don't have anything from inside the plant.

How did she find him?

I was looking at these old cold cases, and these are her notes.

I mean, there isn't much. It's a list of cities.

Damascus, Germantown, Aspen Hill in Maryland.

Woodstock and Sterling in Virginia and Washington, D.C.

These cities all correspond to the original victims from the bone drawers Pelant named.

How did this lead Brennan to the power plant?

HODGINS: I don't know.

She also wrote down this word "Aquila." A-Q-U-I-L-A.

What does that mean?

Okay, Aquila.

Uh, Latin for "eagle."

Game reserve, Italian aircraft carrier, constellation.

Constellation. It's the name of the bird that devoured Prometheus' liver.

Lay the constellation over the map.

(trilling and chirping)

Six of these stars line up, and the seventh star...

Altair. This is it.

This is the brightest one, and that's where Pelant is.

That son of a bitch wrote her a love note that only she could understand.


PELANT (over speaker): Welcome.

Turn left and walk straight until I tell you to stop.

There's Booth. Can you open the gate?

I'm trying, but Pelant's got me blocked out.

Can't you do something?



(sighs, loud clack)

I'm here.

So am I.

Nice to see you.


Temperance, you look beautiful.

How much time do you think we have before Booth gets here?

I'm alone.

Yeah, but that never lasts for very long, does it?




If you surrender to me, Booth won't kill you.

And if I don't, you'll shoot me?

There's only one rational choice.


But you know Booth.

Very sneaky, very stealthy, sniper at heart.

It'll take him forever to get inside.



If I try to run away, where will you shoot me?

In the head.

Never the head.

That's the part of me you like best.

The mysterious serial killer-- are you curious why I think it's a woman?

No, but I do want to know if Hayes Flynn was working with you. Not wittingly.

I mean, he didn't know about the money in his fridge or the bug in his car.

Please drop the gun.


(Brennan gasps, glass breaking)


Oh, God.

Something exploded.

Hey, can you hear me? I-I...

I tried to shape the blast so that it wouldn't deafen you, but, you know, no-nobody's perfect.

Here, come here. Hey.

I'm always ahead of you people.

I-I... I know how you work.

You let me lead you into this trap, and Booth is still circling the building looking for a way in.

Looks like I came full circle.

You okay, Bones? I'm okay.

Surprise! The next explosion will level the entire building.

Dr. Brennan, tell Booth to leave now, or I will blow us all up.

He's bluffing. It's a toy just like the last time.

I'm not gonna take that risk.

Do you see, Booth? She's willing to risk your life to keep me alive. What does that tell you?

You put it down, or I'm gonna kill you.

Shoot him, Booth. What?

I'm not willing to risk your life to keep Pelant alive.

Not for one second. Shoot him!

Time's up.


You okay? (panting)

You okay?

Don't worry. It's okay.

He's dead.

He is dead?

(sighs heavily)

I'm sorry. Well, you know, you should be sorry.

I did want him alive, and I was pretty sure that you'd kill him if you could.

Well, you know what? You weren't wrong.

I did kill him.

You gave him a chance.

You're a very good man.

I'm in to Pelant's security system.

(gasps) That's them.

Oh, thank God.

Look, we got to make a deal, and this deal has got to stick, all right?

From now on, I will do all the fighting and the shooting and the apprehending of killers, okay?

You can do all the smart stuff, right?

You can stay in the lab and play with your bones and all that good stuff.

You know, I don't come into your lab there and play with your telescopes and stuff like that.

I don't have a telescope.

What's wrong?

Are they both all right?

Looks like it.

Why'd they stop?

Look, the main reason that I, um... wanted to kill Pelant was because, um, he kept me from marrying you.

I thought it was something like that.

Look, and if I told you why we couldn't get married, he was gonna kill innocent people.

You made the right choice.

It's all right.

Bones... if I ask you to marry me, will you say yes?

If I say yes, will we get married?



Was that what it looked like?

Looks like a proposal.

I feel like we missed a whole bunch.

Who cares? We were here for the big happy ending.

What's that mean?