Previously on Bones...

(woman screams)

I'm not a criminal. I'm a hacktivist.

Christopher Pelant:

socially marginalized, I.Q. off the charts...

He's not a hacker anymore. Now he's a murderer.

BOOTH: First victim was Carol Morissey.

Next, it was Inger Johannsen and Ezra Krane.

Then we have Ethan Sawyer. He's escalating.

HODGINS: Pelant is targeting us, we have to hit him back now, before one of us is dead.

That big brain of yours isn't much help now, hmm?


(tires screeching)

Pelant is still out there.

We're still waiting for him to make the next move.

(computer trilling)



Well, they were out of jerky.

Okay, look, how come they're only out of jerky when you go shopping?

Luck, I guess. Mm-hmm.

You know, you do realize I know that you're lying.

Right? I know.

Oh! Look at this! Come on, sweet.

"Kalo the Hula Goddess," huh?

Mom and Reggie got this for us on their trip from Hawaii, on their honeymoon.

There's no Goddess Kalo in the Hawaiian pantheon of gods.

Hula. Kalo the hula goddess.

It says so right here on the lamp.

Don't look at her like that, okay?

You can have my jerky, but you're not getting Kalo.

Mm, they sent a picture.

They look really happy.

Marriage is starting to look good on you.

No, I am not going to propose to you, if that's what you're thinking.

Admittedly, that moment looks good, but... nobody can guarantee how they're gonna to feel about someone ten years from now. Oh.

So you don't know how you're going to feel about me in ten years? Really?

Recent research suggests that cycles of attraction might run as few as four years-- just long enough to raise a child through infancy.

Okay, then why did you, uh, catch the bouquet at my mother's wedding? It was reflexive.

Okay, you know what Sweets would say?

He would say that it proves that there's an unconscious desire to get married.


I love you, Booth.

All right. Isn't that enough?

Yeah, it's enough.

But you know what? You never were good at catch before. What-what...?

You didn't warn me! (cell phone ringing)

I'm usually good at that. Oh, hold on.


Yeah, she's right here.


Okay. We're on our way.

Rangers found a body at Hamilton State Park.

You try catching that. That?

That's 'cause I... I gave you a good throw.

(flies buzzing)

Come on, face it.

Normally, you can't catch to save your life.

No, that is not true. Uh, thank you.

I have excellent hand-eye coordination.

If I didn't, I wouldn't be able to reassemble human skeletons.

Come on.

Bones always go back in the same place.

Well, just try me again. I'll show you.

Well, there's no bouquets around here.

Very funny. (chuckles): Yeah. Okay.

So, what do we got?

SAROYAN: The trail's been closed for two months.

It just reopened today. That's when the rangers saw the remains.

BOOTH: Wow. Looks like he's been here for a while.

Animal scavenging is the reason why most of the tissue is gone.

Based on the size of the blowfly larvae, I'd say our victim's only been dead about five days.

Projectile trauma to the base of the occipital.

His face was blown off. Multiple gunshots.

Okay, I think we're safe calling this one a murder.

Gonial angle of the mandible indicates the victim was male.

The wear on his teeth shows that he was in his mid-50s.

Caucasian, from the shape of the palate.

At least one shot was taken at the picnic table.

Blood soaked into the wood, and we found a slug.

That makes me rethink the picnic Angie and I were planning.

Okay, the gunman approaches the victim, he takes a shot, the victim runs away, the gunman keeps shooting until the guy's dead.

It's real simple, guys.

I'm not sure how necessary all these other shots were.

He would have died instantly from this one.

Well, whoever did this knew what they were doing.

I hate dealing with hit men.

Got another one.

That brings us up to seven so far.

You think there was more than one shooter?

Idle speculation until the bones are clean.

There's another entry point on the left iliac crest.

His pelvis and the right fourth rib show other gunshot injuries, remodeled, probably eight to ten years old. SAROYAN: So... this isn't the first time he's been used for target practice.

Maybe someone's just finishing off what they started ten years ago.

(sighs) Talk about a grudge.

I'm gonna start a facial reconstruction.


He was shot 12 times; ballistics said the killer used a USP nine millimeter.

That's a weapon of choice for a pro.

There's no evidence the victim was eating at the picnic table, which means he was probably lured there somehow.

It's just...


Okay, Dr. Brennan said the kill shot was delivered at the picnic table, right?


So the victim didn't run.

So you're saying that he was left there, knowing that we would find him.


I did a paper on pathological narcissism for my doctorate.

Now, it focused on the killer's need to display his handiwork.

It's-it's a mixture of pride and a need for attention. Pelant.

It's been a while since I read it, so I need to take a look, but some of the details of this body find seem very familiar.

Come on, Sweets.

Do I have to say this again?

I can't be sure, but it's possible.

(computer beeping)

Yeah? Hey.

I got a hit off my facial reconstruction, from the FBI database.

Turns out, he's a retired...

Yeah, I know.

That... that's Alan Friedlander.

You knew him? Yeah.

Alan and I were, uh... we were partners.

When I first started out.

When was the last time you saw him?

It was at his retirement party.

All right, you know what? Alan was a good man.

All right? Pelant doesn't do something like this and get away with it.

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♪ Main Title Theme ♪ The Crystal Method

It never feels good to lose one of our own.

But the best way to honor Friedlander is to apprehend the person who did this to him.

And you think it could be Pelant? Yes.

But it could be someone else. We don't want to rule out anything. And the U.S. Attorney's office-- meaning me-- will be here to clear warrants, dig up documents, do your laundry if need be.

Whatever it takes to help you out.

Yeah, look, Friedlander wasn't married.

He didn't have any living relatives.

So we got to start by looking through his case files.

I'm putting together a list of every miscreant Friedlander put away who's now back out on the street.

Wouldn't be the first time some degenerate wanted revenge.

Great. Any questions?

Okay, group one covers the park; group two, arrests and convictions; group three, personal life. Agent Walters, I want you here to set up the command station.

Let's do this, people.

I want to be in the field, Seeley.

Oh, I need you here to coordinate everything.

Alan was a friend. Right.

And you can help him best from here.

So you don't trust me out there? If I didn't trust you, you wouldn't be working this case at all.

Stay here and set up the command station, all right?

I need you here.

After I cleaned the desiccated tissue from the ulna, I saw these.

Puncture marks.


There was no I.D. on him of any kind.

But everything else is intact.

I mean, watch, ring, money.

Telling you, if Pelant did this, he wanted us to find the remains.

There are similar puncture wounds on the tibia and humerus.

Animal scavenging? No.

The Harris lines suggest that these are all ten years old.

Around the last time he was shot.

Have his medical records been sent over yet?

They should be here by now.

This looks like an attack by a dog.

There's no dog attack in his records, and nothing about the shooting injuries from ten years ago.

You think Pelant changed his medical records?

Booth. Yeah?

I went back to look at the doctoral paper I wrote, 'cause something was bothering me.

Look at the example I used to explore Compensatory Narcissistic Disorder.

It was... Yeah, it was similar.

You already said that. Just cut to the chase.

More than just similar. I highlighted the section.

Look. You wrote this?


"The assailant dragged the remains "onto a hiking trail that was reopening, from a picnic area."

That's more than a coincidence, cher.

This wasn't published.

I think Pelant hacked into my files or something.

(cell phone ringing) Booth.


I'm on my way.

Another agent's down.


WALTERS: Just let me know, okay?

It's Jeff Stone. He's dead.

Okay, what the hell are you doing here?

I was having lunch a couple of blocks away when the call came in.

You think I should have stayed there to finish my sandwich?

All right, okay. Just give me a hard perimeter five blocks out.

Secure every metro entrance and on-ramp.

All right.

Agent Booth. There's a witness.

All right.

Are you okay?

Is there someone we can call?

No, I'm okay.

But he knocked me down when he ran away.

Who? (voice breaks): I don't know.


All right. I'm sorry.

That man back there... what happened?

That's why we need your help, okay?

The person who knocked you down-- what did he look like?

I remember, um, a hat.

And he had a-a tattoo on his arm.

It was, uh... it was like, uh, a knife or a dagger or something.

All right. I don't know.

WALTERS: Booth. Yeah?

You should have a look.

All right, listen, um...

Agent Kenney here is gonna take the rest of your statement, okay?

If there's anything you can think of in the future, call me.

That's my card.

All right?

We found this ski hat in the trash.

It could belong to our shooter.

(cell phone ringing)

All right. Hold on.


PELANT: You're not going to find him, Agent Booth.

Where are you?

Pretty much anywhere I want to be.

With that tour group.

Camera on top of the museum.

The cell phone that woman in the green sweater is using.

What do you want this time?

You, uh, you crossed a line when you shot me, Agent Booth.

I thought, I thought we were working so well together.

I never did anything to hurt you guys.

You think this is some kind of a game?

Of course.

Now the rules have changed.

(dial tone)

BRENNAN: Shot to the base of the occipital, just like the previous victim.

And multiple shots to the rest of the body.

Well, Pelant doesn't do anything randomly.

I'll upload these photos and see if the wounds match the previous set.

SAROYAN: Nine millimeter, just like the other victim.

Probably from the same USP.

Booth should know about this.

Can you call him on a burner cell?

I told Booth we should stay on the grid-- computers, phones, everything.

But Pelant will find a way in. I know.

And when he does, I'll be able to track him.

Maybe you should ask Booth to remove himself from the case.

I couldn't. That's his decision.

It's Pelant and he's targeting FBI...

No. We need Booth to get Pelant.

There's no one better; you both know that.

Please tell Booth about the bullets.


There are remodeled injuries to the right tibia.

Oh, I-I should do that.

I already am.

Okay, well, then I'll help.

Bites from a dog.

Same Harris lines.

This injury is from ten years ago, just like Friedlander's.

And his records from that time are missing, too.

Crystal Creek?

That was in West Virginia ten years ago.

All right, well, Friedlander and Stone were attacked by their guard dogs the day that we stormed the compound.

Why wasn't that in his files?

Or the gunshot wounds? Because the files of the agents that were injured that day were moved to a secure location.

Does that sweet doctor of yours know you were at Crystal Creek, too?

You know what?

That's something you don't talk about if you don't have to.

All right, so what, is Pelant getting political?

So you think Pelant is getting political, killing agents for revenge?

No, Pelant's not killing anyone.

He's working through a surrogate.

A few years ago, I wrote an analysis involving the pathology of manipulation and victim vulnerability.

Okay, just speak so we don't need an interpreter.

It's pretty simple.

There were survivors at the compound.

Children who saw their parents and siblings die.

That's a wound that never heals.

Any one of them's a perfect target for Pelant.

I mean, he guarantees revenge.

I'm sure Pelant says closure.

Because that's what you say in your paper?



Pelant's using my work against us.

Fortunately, I'm more familiar with it than he is.

You hope, cher.

Hey. Hey.

I tried to retrieve surveillance video from the crime scene, but all the cameras feed into central servers that were wiped clean.

So Pelant can access any security camera?

Yeah, any one with an Internet connection.

How about you?

Yeah, yeah. Yellow Poplar pollen places the hat in the Blue Ridge Mountain range near the Quirauk Peak.

That's an area that covers about 10,000 square miles.

Pelant's laughing at us right now.

Hey, we're gonna get him, Hodgins.

You know that we will.

I should've killed him when I had the chance.

These men, the new victims... they're my fault.

No, honey, they're not.


Just... I-I got to sort through this garbage.

Listen, if you need anything, just ask me, okay?



You should've told me.

I did. As soon as it mattered.

You could be the next target.

Oh, come on, Bones, you're the logical one.

Okay, that's too easy for Pelant.

I just know that men are dying.

Men like you.

I am not going to die. Understand?

Sweets says that Pelant sees this as a game.

That is why he called me.

He called to say that the rules were changing.

Yeah, okay.

If I'm gone and you're gone, then the game is over.

We have to focus on winning. Okay, look.

He's just trying to throw us off?

W-We're smarter than he is.

Well, you're smarter.

Look, you're the smartest person in the world.

Ever. I mean, since the beginning of time.

Stop. It's true.

Oh, except for that one guy.

Uh, Gary from old-time Greece.

He was smarter than you.


You are not allowed to die.

Do you understand?

Yeah. I understand.


SAROYAN: Has the FBI kept track of the Crystal Creek survivors?

No. Most were kids, so they had no cause.

Plus, with all the lawsuits and conspiracy theorists, they didn't want the public to think they were spying, you know?

Yeah, and Pelant knew all that, so his surrogate wouldn't be traceable.

But I have indicators and key words we can use to screen for potential candidates. SAROYAN: Well, I imagine we'd start with "Crystal Creek,"

"cover-up" and "FBI."

SWEETS: And "violation of rights."

This person is terrified that their parents' fate might be theirs.

Wasn't Crystal Creek a religious cult? That's next.

Input "sin" and "wicked."

MONTENEGRO: Yeah, I'll try "Judas" and "wrath."


No, that's not how he'll see it.

He's seeking justice.

If he's using my research, Pelant has made the surrogate the hero of his own story.

Okay, "justice" it is.

He's in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

That's where the particulates on the hat came from.

And look at his tattoo.

SWEETS: That's him.


Surveillance has him.

(over earpiece): He's leaving his cabin and getting into an old truck. And he's armed, Booth.

No surprise. What kind of weapon?

I can't tell. Could be a rifle or a shotgun.

Also, he's wearing a vest, so he could have grenades or other firearms.

Look, Reynolds is armed and he's on his way.

Suspect is approaching.

200 yards, due east now.

BOOTH: Got him.

No one takes any shots till you get my signal.

I repeat, no one takes any shots.

We need him alive in order to get to Pelant.

(tires screech)

I'm gonna tell you once and only once, get the hell off my land.

Oh, now, I don't want any trouble here, sir.

You see, we have a work order, and, uh, I got a road that's coming right through here.

So you sure this is your land?

My grandfather left it to me, so yeah, I'm sure. Now head out.

There's no need to point the weapon at me.

This will stay pointed until you all leave.

Understood? Okay, great.

If you could just point out on the map here where you are...

You are a special kind of stupid, aren't you?

Don't you see what I'm holding?

Don't want any trouble here, Zane.

What the hell is this?


Move? This is my land!

Go! Go, go!

WALTERS (over radio): All teams go, let's go.

Go, go, go!

(garbled radio transmission)

MAN (over radio): Copy. We have a visual.

BOOTH: Just relax.

(chuckles): I just want to talk, that's all.

You know, I'm willing to die.

Haven't enough people died already?


Not yet. Not before you tell us about Pelant.

Look, we got a witness who saw your tattoo.

Yeah, I hope he liked it.

You got the blood of two FBI agents on your hands. Two of 'em!

You're the one with blood on his hands-- the blood of 94 of my brothers and sisters.

SWEETS: Mr. Reynolds, I understand the rage you must feel.

You suffered a great loss at the hands of the federal... Save it!

Only God himself understands me, and he is the only authority I answer to.

Did Pelant contact you through a church?

Maybe you share a religious conviction?

My relationship with the Almighty is between me and him.

I don't need any church.

Look, listen to me. I don't know what Pelant has told you, but seven people have been killed.

SWEETS: You lost your parents at Crystal Creek, Zane.

That shouldn't have happened, okay?

But now you can do the right thing, make sure that no other innocent people die.

Pelant is using you. You're better than that.

You said those two FBI agents were at Crystal Creek?

That means the Lord himself condemned them.

I only wish I was the guy he used to pull the trigger.

Hey, kiddo.

I understand how difficult it must be to keep seeing me like this.

Just know that I love you.

And the person sending these videos to you (voice changes) is a good and trusted friend.

If you want to show your love for me, honor me and my work, you'll keep doing what he asks.

Proud of you, kiddo.

BOOTH: Reynolds has an alibi that checks out, all right? He was at a gun show.

Well, whoever the killer is has to have a connection to Crystal Creek.

I mean, I hate to say it, but we should look into the other agents that were there.

So you think Pelant has his claws into one of our own?

Well, evidence suggests that the victims knew their assailant.

That's how he was able to get so close.

Okay, look, I'm getting all the FBI files unsealed, all right?

Get them to you and the squints in less than an hour. Thank you.

Um... I don't want you to worry, Agent Booth.

About what? You just saying that got me worried.

I don't believe that Pelant wants to kill you.

Well, he didn't sound like that on the phone.

He has no one else in his life except us.

That's why the victims are always outside of the group.

Right. Was that in one of your papers, too?

You don't think I feel bad enough about this?

About the fact that Pelant's using my work against us?

I'm doing the best I can to stay ahead of him, all right?

Right, relax. We're all just wound up a little tight.

All right? I'm sorry.

(cell phone ringing)


Bones! Hey, whoa.

Are you okay?

I wanted to give you this.

Jerky? I should have bought it for you before.

If you like it, I...

I want you to have it.

I want you to be happy; that's all I want.

What's this about?

Okay, look, I'm gonna be fine.

I know. I mean, I don't know, and neither of us know.

We hope.

I mean, I could be the target, or you could die of a heart attack, or I could get hit by a bus.

Okay, just slow down for a second.

Just, will you just slow down.

The point is...


...I want to marry you.

Will you marry me, Booth?

Are you serious?


I've been afraid, I've been stubborn, and I've been in love.

And marriage would make you so happy.

Are you sure? You're not just saying this because of Pelant and everything that's going on here?


All this just made me see things more clearly.

I love you.

I want you to be my husband.

I want to...

I want to spend the rest of my life with you.

Say something.


Of course.




(distorted): I want you to be my husband.

I... I want to spend the rest of my life with you.

(distorted): Yes.

Of course. Yes.

I want to spend the rest of my life with you.


Of course. Yes.

I want to spend the rest of my life with you.


Of course. Yes.

I was reexamining the bullet wounds to see if there's any pattern to the injuries.

Angela and Hodgins are looking for any kind of code using cryptological analysis.

Yeah, I don't think that's necessary.

But you just said...

I believe Pelant wants us to believe it is a complex code, but it's actually quite simple.

What kind of bullets were the victims shot with?

Copper jacket, lead core.

You see these two slit-like exit wounds in the scapula?

I originally believed they came from two different shots, but they have no marginal abrasions.

So the copper jacket separated from the lead core after the bullet entered the body.

One bullet, two exit wounds.

Agent Friedlander wasn't shot 12 times.

Which means both victims were shot 11 times.

And with Pelant involved, that can't be a coincidence.

Hey, where have you been?

I was worried about you.

I've been here, working.

Not an hour ago.

I-I was looking for you, I...

Oh, I was with Booth.

Oh, I thought that Pelant had taken you or something.

I was asking him to marry me.


I was asking Booth to marry me.

Oh, my God.

(laughs): Sweetie.


That-That's wonderful news.

Odd timing, but w-wonderful.

Yeah, wait a minute, why now?

What happened?

And this is crazy and great.

I used simple evidence-based logic.

When I thought about living with Booth for the rest of my life, my phenylethylamine and ghrelin levels were clearly elevated, but...

You could just say it felt right.

It did.

It does.

It's clearly irrational, but I feel I could never find a better man to spend my life with.

And I'm... (sighs)



And I thought that should be recorded for the world to know.

I also discovered what ties these murders together. Wait, that's it for the-the marriage thing?

You expected more?

BRENNAN: Both victims were shot 11 times, deliberately.

What we thought was a 12th shot was a bullet separating in the body.

A simple numerical repetition.

It's-it's too simple for Pelant.

Which is why we overlooked it.

So, what ties the FBI, Crystal Creek, and the number 11 together then?

That's what we need to find out. Perhaps first you can see if Booth has any link to the number 11.

Booth? Yeah?

I don't believe Pelant's surrogate's an agent.

Okay, you realize you've been changing your mind about this every two seconds.

I know, I know, but he's using bits and pieces from over ten papers I've written.

He wants me to be disoriented, but I'm positive about this.

You're positive? I didn't think shrinks could be positive about anything.

Another paper of mine he's referencing focuses on the indices of abnormal adolescent and postadolescent behavior.

W-Wait a second.

Kid again? That's what led us to Zane Reynolds. Right, but Reynolds had the ability to channel his rage.

He-he built a new identity for himself so that he could...

You're smiling.

Why are you smiling?

This is not appropriate. Sorry.

Bones just asked me to marry her.

What?! Really?! Yeah.

Yes, and she did it with jerky.

I'm not gonna ask.

No, beef jerky. Come on.

Who does that? She's amazing.

I don't know what that means still, but congratulations.

I-I know. That's... Oh, man.

One thing to keep in mind.

What? The two of you getting engaged with Pelant active-- he needs to feel he's the most important.

Okay, well, that's his problem, not mine.

Right, I'm just saying, psychologically, he can't accept being replaced.

You know, it could cause him to escalate.

Well, it could cause him to slip up, too.

Let me just tell you something, Sweets.

I've been waiting for this moment for a long, long time, and it's finally here.

There's no way that Pelant's gonna take that away from me.

We've been looking in the wrong place.

It wasn't someone avenging the deaths of the people in that compound in Crystal Creek.

Well, who else would want to murder those agents?

A child of one of the agents who was killed there.

Three of the agents were killed that day.

One of them was shot 11 times, including once to the back of the head, just like our two victims.

His name is Harris Samuels.

HODGINS: I got his FBI file, and there are a ton of details about his family in there.

They do that in case the family wants protection.

He's a single father.

His daughter, Anna, was orphaned after he was killed at Crystal Creek.

Yeah, he used to take her hunting, right, taught her to shoot; she was a marksman first class by the time she was ten.

And she blames the FBI for his death?

The files were sealed because there was so much controversy surrounding the assault.

Conspiracy groups think that the agents died from friendly fire, even though two independent investigations proved that they died because of shots from the compound.

It might not matter to Anna.

Three years after her father was killed, she was institutionalized for over a year.

Something called complex grief disorder.

Sweets said that if Pelant gets ahold of these files, he could make her do anything if she thought it would avenge her father.

And since she's so sweet-looking, no one would suspect she's a killer.

PELANT: If you're seeing this video, sweetheart, it's almost over.

(voice changes): The contact should have already given you instructions.

I love you more than I can say for doing this.

Even though I'm gone, I know I am the luckiest man in the world to have a daughter like you.

I'm proud of you, kiddo.

Agent Booth.

This is Allison Taylor from the murder scene.

I need to talk to you, right away.

We found the surrogate Pelant is using.

It's the daughter of an agent who was killed at Crystal Creek.

Harris Samuels.

Walters, look up Agent Harris Samuels.

See what you have on his daughter.

Apparently, she's the shooter. You got it.

Can I speak to Booth?

Booth isn't here, cherie; he went to meet a witness.

Where? He didn't say.

Well, is Sweets there? He went to meet Booth, help with the questioning.

Oh, my God. Anna Samuels.

She's the witness; that's who Booth went to meet.

She's calling herself Allison Taylor.

Call Booth, Caroline, warn him.

I couldn't get through to Sweets either.

Don't you worry, cherie. We're on it.

Get to that girl's place; see if there's anything there to lead us to Booth.

And keep a line open to the squints.

They might need something in there, too.

Excuse me, sir, you got any phone service?

Nah, it's weird. It's usually pretty good here.

MONTENEGRO (over earpiece): Find and secure her computer.

The information that we need is going to be on her computer.

Got it, ma'am.

Now send me an e-mail so I can get her I.P. address and hack in.

And don't ever call me "ma'am" again.

I'm in.

You guys, tear this place apart.

Let's go!


(horns honking)

Ah, come on.

(clamoring, horns honking)

Hey, sweetheart, if you're watching this...

That's her father. I can't reach Sweets.

He must be stuck in traffic.

Metro said it's gridlocked downtown and cell service is knocked out. That's Samuels.

Yeah. He must have made this before he was killed.

It's important for you to know Crystal Creek was a setup.

They massacred those people to prove the government's power and to stifle dissent.

And the fact that you're watching this means I wasn't able to stop it.

Well, the conspiracy theories were right.

Booth would never cover up anything.

Of course not, 'cause this is not her father.

SAROYAN: What are you talking about?

We have pictures, video footage. Look outside.

All right, on the swing set.

Angie, can you zoom in on that bird?

That is a Eurasian collared dove.

The bird didn't even migrate to the tristate area until 2008.

Harris died in 2003!

MONTENEGRO: Hodgins is right.

The pixels don't match.

SAROYAN: Pelant is sending these videos to her.

HODGINS: And she thinks they're really from her father.

Search her drive to see how she gets instructions.

It's the only way to find out where Booth is and what she's planning to do next.

(horns honking)

MONTENEGRO: Hey, I've got something. It's decrypting.

If I know Pelant, this is gonna get his attention.


Oh, God.





Booth isn't the target. Pelant's going after Sweets.

That's why Pelant has Sweets stuck in traffic.

It makes him an easy target. Hold on. Hold on.

How do we know this isn't just another elaborate decoy?

MONTENEGRO: No, it's not.

This is why I wanted to stay online.

I lured him in.

He is infiltrating the system now, reversing the decryption to make it look like Booth is the target.

(clamoring, horns honking)


BRENNAN: Brennan.

What's going on, Bones?

Booth! You're all right?

Yeah, yeah, I'm fine, but Sweets never showed up.

Traffic. Angela said that Pelant hacked the lights.

You were supposed to meet the shooter, but you're just a decoy.

The target is Sweets. Where's Sweets?

MONTENEGRO: I'm doing a recognition search for his car now.


Got him. He's at Harding and Avenue H.

The witness you were going to meet-- she's the shooter.

All right, look, send a chopper in.

Can't. Pelant scrambled the guidance systems.

He's knocked out radio communications, cell service.

All right, look, I'm close. I can get there, all right?

Sweets does not die today.

I have to go.

You can't!

No, he is out there alone.

There's a shooter. I'm his partner.

Watch out, buddy!

(clamoring, horns honking)

MAN: Hey!

MAN: Get off of there!

MAN: Idiot!

That's my car!

WOMAN: Watch it!

MAN: Hey, hey!

WOMAN: What is he doing?




(people screaming)


Got her.



You okay?

(chuckles): I'm okay.

CAROLINE Pelant is worse than ever, preying on a wounded child like that.

All right, so Angela said Pelant shut down his entire network.

He's off the grid.

For now. Oh, we'll take what we can get.

What about the girl, she talking?

It's gonna take some time.

Well, you know what? If anyone can get her to lead us to Pelant, it's our shrink.

You hear that, Sweetie bird?

You're the man. Don't blow it.

Listen, I hate to cut short a meeting with my sixth- and eighth-favorite people, but I got a date with my first favorite.

Damn right you do.

You two got to go practice the marriage dance.


What's the marriage dance?

Oh, I get it.

BOOTH: I thought you'd want some weird tribal wedding, and I'd have to pay for you in giraffes.

No, no one offers giraffes.

The archaic Catholic wedding ritual is important to you.

And even as an atheist, I can see the beauty in it.

Plus, I speak Latin.

Tu frueris oscillationibus, Christine?

I don't think they use Latin anymore, Bones.

(cell phone ringing) That's an old language, right?

I'm not sure she understood me.

It's an old language. She doesn't get it. Hold on.


PELANT: You won't marry her, Agent Booth.

It's Mom.

Say hi.

You don't get to decide that.

But I do. I always make the decisions.

And Dr. Brennan can't know the reason why you're turning her down.

If you tell her, I'll know. We're done here.

If you ignore me, you'll be responsible for the deaths of five innocent people: the teenager with the green shirt and headphones, couple on the bench, the old man playing chess by himself.

You know, I'm gonna find you and I'm gonna kill you.

You've already tried.

See, I-I really do decide what happens next.

And this will happen, too, maybe because I've read everything Dr. Sweets has written about you and Dr. Brennan.

I know you could never trade five innocent lives for your own happiness.

Don't be upset, Agent Booth, please.

I feel all of us are closer than ever now.

I will kill you.

♪ Oh, if I had my way

♪ I would

♪ Never let you down

♪ I'll take the long way

♪ If it's a long way

♪ A long way down

♪ For us.

BRENNAN: Is Christine asleep?


Angela gave me this magazine.

I-I don't understand why all these women are wearing white dresses.

There's no way they're all virgins.


Something the matter?

(sighs) We need to talk.


About the wedding, about us getting married.

Oh, the ceremony-- that doesn't matter to me.

And I won't be wearing white.

I don't think we should do it.

I should've thought this through before.

But this is what you wanted.

But you didn't.

But I do now.

I love you.

Um, I want to marry you.

Because we've been under so much pressure.

I mean, that's... really what's going on here.

I mean, like you said, it's-it's just a piece of paper.

What we have already is enough.

You're right. You're right.

And it's been a stressful time.

And, um... I'm impressed that you're finally seeing things from my perspective.


Do, uh, do you want to order in?

I can make some sauce... I'm not really hungry.

I'm just gonna go upstairs and read for a bit.

Right. I'm not hungry either.

But, Bones...

Um... we're okay, right?

Of course.