Max: (voiceover) I've lived in the city all my life. I'm Max. and I'm the luckiest dog in New York...because of her. That's Katie.

Katie: Come on, Max. See you tonight. - Sometimes I do something to keep him here. Okay. Sit. Spinning. Talk. Oh, okay. Good dog. But it never works. Where is he going? What could she possibly be doing? Oh, I really miss him. Wow, the house, he's back.

Katie: Forgot my phone.

Max: Why are you so long, why did you? Oh, come on! Oh, I really miss him.

Gidget's Owner: Bye, Gidget. Be a good dog.

Gidget: Hey, Max.

Max: Hey, Gidget.

Gidget: any plans today?

Max: Yes, today I had a great plan. I have big plans, I'll sit here, and I'll wait for Katie back. Gee, that sounds interesting. Well, I will not bother you. I also had big plans today. This is it. Until later Chloe. Dah, Pepe. Bye, Mel. Bye, Sweety. Bye, Gina. Bye. I'll miss you, Shelly. Bye, Runty. See you all. Dah .. THE SECRET LIFE OF PETS Oh..

Leonard's Owner: You'll be a good dog, Leanord. [ROCK MUSIC] - Hei, Max. - Hei, Chloe. Do you know they will go anywhere today? You know what I just .. I do not care. Maybe it's different for you, but me and Katie have a different relationship. You know, you are a cat. Maybe that's why. Because no one likes cats if they like dogs, that's all. Maybe that's why. Say it in your own self. You, Max. Hey, friends. Howdy, Sweet Pink. Hey, where have you been, man? Oh, listen to this. Yesterday my owner gave me a white pill meal. I began to feel groggy the next I knew I was in the air. - Wait a minute, in the air? - Yeah, suitcases they exist everywhere. - Scattered everywhere. - Oh, come on. - Koper they are in the air? - Then it hit me, And when I woke up, I felt lighter. Eh, it's not likely to happen. I would not want to eat a pill like that again. I did not know it was covered by the beans. Because, come on .. the beans. - Hi, friends .. - Oh, hey, Norman. You're still looking for your apartment? Yes. It's been three weeks now. Is this the second floor or the third floor? I do not know any numbers, but you do not live here. Oh, shit. See you again. You know, you can do it. He could not do it. Friend, there's you .. Did you find it? You know I've found it. This is it. - Ball! - Ball, ball, ball. Katie will be very happy. This is football. I have searched for. It is appropriate, it is a great fit in my mouth. She was! No ball like this in the city. I assure you, this is the ball. - Hey. - Katie.

Katie: I'm home, Max. Hey, Max, how's your day, pal? You're a good dog. Yes, I'm very happy to see you, man. Okay, man, calm down. It was not anything. Take it easy. Now I have great news. I know this will take some time to get used to you. But .. But I think it will be a very good thing .. Max, this is Duke. He will be your brother. No, no, Max. Okay. It will be fine, Duke. This is not nothing. Oh, look .. he loves you. Yeah .. look around you. I know, man. It takes time. But he has no home. So you and I will take care of him. Okay? Oh God .. Duke find your ball is lost. That would be very nice. I love you, Max. I love you, Duke. Sleep well. Hey .. friends. The place is very nice. Yes. By the way, it is a nice bed. Yes. It is okay. Maybe we could share. You know, one night you sleep in the bed. and the next night I slept there. - Like that. - This is my bed. You sleep in the old blanket. It's worth with you. You are the worthy old dog sleeping in an old blanket. Oh, waw .. you're stubborn. Hey, I understand. I'm also stubborn. But we must learn to share. - Wait, what are you .. - Maybe we can both sleep here. - No, wait. - Perfect. - It feels good, does not it? - No. I feel comfortable. Duke had messed up our lives. This is an emergency. You must get rid of the dog, he had stolen .. And he's scary and he's scaring me and he was greedy. Oh, you sweet dog. We'll play tomorrow, okay? Okay, go to sleep. Are you trying to get rid of me? Before I answer your question, I want to know how much did you hear? So you want to be like that, apparently. Oh, now you're making me angry. And when I feel angry .. I'm doing this. And I want to do that. I need this place. And if it should be the one between you and me, it was definitely me being here. Good morning, Max. Max, what are you doing? Chloe .. Chloe, Chloe. I had a bad situation. Katie has brought a new puppy from this city. He said he is my brother, I do not want you. And now I do not even have beds. I slept on the floor. Like a dog. Why is Katie doing this on me? Because he is a human being affectionate dog, Max. And affectionate dog doing strange things in different ways. Like .. they like dogs than in cats. Okay, please do not start it again now. It did not help. Max, come on .. I was your friend. Okay? Because I'm your friend, I'll be honest with you. And I do not care about you and your problems. But .. if you do not do something about him, and soon .. Your perfect human life with a stupid ending. - Forever. - Forever? Forever. Yeah, that's what I .. why it stuck in my nails. Listen .. if you want to position your back, you have to start acting like the alpha dog. Correct. Alpha dog. I can do that. - Please do not go. - Okay, okay. This time please do not go. - I'm running late. I have to go. - Wait! Wait.. Fixed look at me. Spinning, I was doing the rounds. You're okay here. See you again. - Wait, no, no .. - Okay, Max. I know .. Oh, Katie .. Thank God you're home .. I tried to stop him, But he's crazy. - Now sit down. - Okay. Okay. Okay. Lie down. Children who are good. [MUSIC] - Hi, Max. - Hey, beautiful. Who's your new friend? Is he good or bad, I do not care. Oh, he's not who anybody, he just came to visit. Yeah, he'll be leaving soon. - Hey, how are you? - Oh, hi. - You're the most beautiful girl I've ever seen. - Hey. Excuse me. Genius. You're forgetting my rope. Forget it. Hi, friends .. how are you .. Hi, friends .. how are you .. Hi, friends .. how are you .. - To, Duke .. - Iya? Be a good friend and bring me a twig that. You want, is not it? That would make me happy to chew the twigs. You've heard of. No, not that one. That it will not make me happy. Look for a nice, Duke. Yes. There he is. U.KAN K.EK T.UKANG JU.AL F.ILM K.HUSUS E P.ANGKALPINANG, B.ANGKA Hey, Max. Oh, there are so many branches here, Max. You must come here and see it. I want to make sure I choose the right branch. Oh okay. Look at all these branches. Help! Help!

Mel: Hey, did you hear that? - Butterfly!. What.. Oh! Uh? Please, please, please! - Bye! - Do not leave me here! Should not be like this, Max. - Wait! - Do not be upset. Please help! Jeez, what happened here? Mind your own business! Jeez, what happened to you? I fight, okay? With a big dog. He lost. Oh, you headed a dangerous area, a small cat! I'll be watching your town, man. And that I do, I'll tie you up, pull, and pull for hours. The game is just incomprehensible to me. Oh, that's nice. - I'll take it! - Ah? Uh! Ooh! You want to fight me, little cat? Okay, get ready, the cat, because I'm going to attack! Lightning and gunturnya right in the face! Gosh, there are a lot of guys number. I'm talking about lightning and thunder that will attack you all. Attacking on the count of three! 2! Ah! I just remembered I have to go somewhere! That.. The dog was, uh. I was right? Okay, I .. You know, I would .. No offense, but, bye! Hei! Hey, you little .. Duke? - You came back?

Duke: Run! It was the catcher! Scram! Wait! 2, 4, 6, 8? Hm.. - See you tomorrow, Gerald. - You know it. 10 .. Okay. Correct. - A-ha. - Gosh, you see that? - Yes, I saw it. - Throw it using your hands, slacker! I would not take it, I like the old way. Oh, thank you very much, Duke. I do not like to use this expression, because this offends our species, but you naughty dog! Katie is not going to like this. I .. I can not get to the shelter! What? What is wrong with you? Well, Katie, Katie just got me out of the shelter. And if I go back .. That was the end of my life. '' The Passion of the Pasion '' Yes! Hmm .. Why? Why?! What is it, Maria? Maria, your face. It was full of suffering. What is wrong? I faced the worst thing in his world! What? Oh, tell me, Maria! Tell me now! I can not wait without knowing it again! - Loneliness .. - Ah! Ah! - Mary, you can not be lonely. - Max, Max! Max! Uh? Hey, I see you, squirrel! This is not your land! We've marked it down! You should not hide, I can see .. What's that? How dare you! Dude, where's Max? No! No one likes you, squirrel! No! Friends, really, where is Max? Come down, man, he's .. Uh? - He is not here. - Oh, he's fine. I heard her screaming after she disappeared in the bushes. Max disappeared? - This is bad. This is very bad .. - Maria. If he's true love, you have to go! Save him! Save him! - Yes! Yes! I had the love of my life! - Go, go! I'm coming, Max! Hi Chloe, if anyone asks, I'll find Max. Oke see you. Waw, you see that? Yes, give me some time. Oh, hey cute rabbit. What are you doing in the middle of the road? Help me! Jay! - Rabbits! - Huh? - No! - Hey, what's up? What the hell? - Save yourself! - Shut up, man! Let's do this! Yes! Wait! Away from me, pig! Out of the way! - What happened? - I do not know! Ripper! Ripper, you are? Let's go, Ripper! I'm out of here! The revolution has begun! Freed forever! Never maintained! Yes! Who's driving this truck? Oh.. Come on! Come on, come on, come on! - Who are you? - Huh? Who are we? Who are we? We are pet waste. Discarded by our owner, and now we want revenge! It's like a club, but with violence. Take us with you. I do not think so, Pets! Yes, you smell like a pet. You choose your side, and now you regret it. No, stop! Who would you call a pet? I'm not a pet. You're all wrong, we're just like you. - We hate humans. - Oh, yes! - I hate them. - That's right! Oh man, do not get me started talking about people. - I was right, Duke? - Yes. That's why we burn our necklaces, man! We burn it! - And kill its owner! - Yes! Wait a minute.. - Maybe it's too much? - No, they loved it. - Yes, we beat them! - Yes, it is true. Bang, bang, with a shotgun. If I got money for every owner that I had killed .. - Oh, yes. - I got one chip, because I only killed one person. Oh waw! You're a cold-blooded! Ah, you remind me of my friend, Ricky. But he was already dead. Rest in peace, Ricky! In fact, this struggle takes more energy. I'll tell you. We will expel you both from here, but from now you work for me. - No problem. - Sounds like a fun challenge. All right, let's do this! - To selokannya! - Selokannya? What are you waiting for? I do not play! I say: to selokannya! Living revolution, bastard! I can do it. Oh! Max! Max? Max! Max! Max! Max? Max! You no where, Max? Looks like you need help. - Who says so? - Right here. In the dark this forbidden place. Uh, halo? I could see only a few miles. If you get me out, I'll find your friend. Waw! Is it true? Oh, you're very good. - You're too sweet. - Oh oh! Thank you, stranger. But not too sweet. Also there saltiness. Yes, that's me. Let's get out of here. Yes, that is so. A pile of bones Langkahi. A pile of bones. OK. Ah, I hope Max is fine. You are very wise food. Food? I did not say that, I told a friend. I told you, I mean food. Friend.. - You know what I mean. - I believe I was lucky to meet you. Tiberius, and yes, and there is a very good thing for you, whatever you want. Remove the head cover. Katie! - You want to eat me? - Sorry. You must apologize, you deserve in parentheses. - You're a naughty bird! - I can not help it. - I was born with a killer instinct. - It is not an excuse. You're right, even for a predator I'm selfish. I'm a selfish predators. No wonder I do not have friends. Nothing anyone. - It's useless. - Oh, no, no need to cry. I'm sorry, you've cried before .. Please remove these chains, this time I'll help you, I promise. Tiberius, this is going to sound really scary but, I do not fully believe in you. Oh, no .. no .. but, I think all deserve a second chance and you're just a lonely old bird and has a strange attitude because you live in a strange cage on the roof. So I tell you, if you find Max, I'll be your best friend. A good friend? You and me? Yeah, that sounds good. Let's do this. Okay. So what it looks like Max? Brown and white, she has short hair. - Very handsome, flickering in his eyes .. - It sounds obvious he was not. You do not know at all, I mean, whatever, silent. If the lord come to wear headgear and pretending to be me. Okay, thanks. Ah, the smell is disgusting .. Nice, is also remarkable. I love being here. What's the password? Password? Look at me! I am your leader, the leader did not say a password. Leaders who create a password, stupid! Okay, I'll create a new password now. The new password is not asking the password to the leader! Follow me. Welcome to the Brotherhood bladder, homes for the pets. Brothers and sisters dear .. As you can see I've been back from the surface along with two new members. These animals are master assassin. Hei! Hei! Tenang! Friends, I want you to tell them how you did it. Please tell all of them about how you killed your master. Do story short, we liked the sadistic detail here. - Oh, yes. - Tell us. - True. Okay. Okay, so - Tell them, Max. - I like .. Accept it. Mr. stupid! - We like .. Yes! So it .. that is what we are facing. That story makes me bored. - Boring. - Tell me the details to us! Okay, Max! OK, it's, um .. - So stuff in the kitchen .. flat shape - Yes, table. Toaster. - And the round ends. - A scoop? - Yes, spoon. - Exactly. You can not hurt anyone with a spoon, you shovel with a spoon. How can we kill someone with a spoon? Ah, okay, well, we put a spoon, and pressing a button this machine. - Correct. True, and it is .. - On the counter. In.. - You know, uh .. it's true. - Knives. What's that blender? You blend a person? It blender, friends. Oh, please tell me if it's a blender. Hey, man, I know what the name of that machine, we just do away with the machine. But it is a blender. Well, you all hear this? You know who that looks like this? Ricky, rest in peace. Ricky, represented the only soldier I've ever had, which is ready to kill a human in sight. Everything takes practice. Not the brothers. See, we all, had suffered at the hands of humans. I mean, take me as an example. I used rabbit magician for children's parties. But then, the rabbit trick failed. So what did my master? My Lord, leave me magic and disappear. Of life. Uh-huh, I live in a tattoo, first people who practice I often use as a training tool. Until they get to the space. I mean, yes, people say they love us. But then they turned and threw us out like garbage. That's right, is not it? Marcus. Hey, this is not our fault if we do not look like you. Yes. Okay, you guys join this fraternity. This is the time of initiation. - What? - Sorry, what time? Call the rattlesnake! What is poisonous rattlesnakes? Because I'm allergic to poison! Okay, show him! Necklace, Max. No where is she? What .. what happened to him? I will not say anything. You're going to tell us there where the max, and you're going to tell us now. What is it to scare me? I have a cat, I landed with my legs. It is always the case, because the head looks often landed. You want me to catch you, because I'll catch it this way .. Okay, he's too stupid to talk, too bad to eat. I'm sick of being nice, where Max? - Uh .. - Tell me! I .. let me finish, Help me! Do not look at him, look at me, there is no one who can help you. There is where the Max! Okay, okay, he's in the sewers. Let me go, please .. Forgive me, beautiful dog. As proof of your loyalty, you will receive a sting from one canine, rattlesnakes blonde. as a symbol of anti-human! Who wants to go first? - Uh, here's the problem, I mean, it's .. well .. - A small dog. What should I call you little dog? It suits you, more or less so. Listen, between you and the dog fat .. - I'm more like you. - Why, thank you. Small dogs will start first, everything, the little dog will start first. No, no, no small dog wants to go first, take the dog with fat. No, no .. stop! Sting sting .. .. No, no .. What are you guys doing, initiate a pet? Pet? Yeah, just being chased by two dogs in the gang, was killed his master. No, no, that's not true. You said it was killing the host. Well, burned, lost, stolen by the cat, it's just a play on words, right? You do not deserve the mark by a rattlesnake, - Oh no. We will go out alone. - You guys deserve it eaten by rattlesnakes. Catch a pet it! Hold on. U`KAN K`EK T`UKANG JU`AL F`ILM K`HUSUS E PANG`KALPINANG, BAN`GKA Come on, fight them man. Wah! Ah, friends it was an accident. You crushed the sacred rattlesnake? He flattened. Oh, rattlesnakes rattlesnake .. you were in a better place. Hey, Ricky. You never do anything to others. Well, you've bit off more people than they had been in the viper bite. You may deserve, accept this, it should have done from the first. But, it should not happen like this, he's not in my leadership. Exit! Come on! Wait Duke! Forgive us, this will soon be over now. - We have a problem. - We've got a lot of problems, which mean? Stop right there! Stop right now! - Hold your breath! - Hold my breath? It is the least I liked so far. Friends, his affection I have bad news. The squirrels will take over the world! I've thought! I always said that if squirrels are a cunning little creatures. No, we're not going to do this now. It was not .. No .. Max, disappeared. He's out there somewhere. Lost, frightened, very very handsome .. We must find and bring it home. But the outside world was very loud and scary. What was a hawk? This is my friend. Tiberius, he will help us. He will not eat us, we have already discussed. Come on, we're out there without a rope, we will be caught with a net. - Or worse. - Yes, like a hawk! We dispose of a waste of time, Max needs us. Come on, Max did not even know you're alive. I do not care. I love him. I love her with all my heart. And I'll find Max, and I do not care who will participate. So, who will come? All right, all right. Oh come on, man, I can not believe it. When my nails stuck in the blinds, who dropped? Max is dropped. Buddy, Mel, when you are treated, who taught you sitting comfortably? - Max! - Max! - Max who taught me. - And when the wild cat tried to eat Sweepy. Who saved him? That's not a wild cat, you who want to eat it. The identity of the cat was not a problem. We talk about who saved him. - Max to save him! - We have to save him. We have to save Max. Yes, let's go save Max. Which Max? Tiberius .. Do not! Birds are evil! Sweet little mouse, little mouse sweet. I love this bird, mad bird. Come on. We have to go to the coast. I only know YuHan dog, I do not know who else. Swim small dog, swim. [Ferries Big Apple] Duke! Please! Max, reach its tires. I .. I can not. Keep trying Max. You can.. Well .. You're not very good. But you do not drown, and it was something. You're almost there. Thanks Duke. - Do not think about it. - Finally, I'm going home. Is not there towards the house? Ah is it really? They went to Brooklyn. They said everybody went to Brooklyn lately. Make a back stage action. I'm not talking about the Trance, I'm talking about revenge. It will go to Brooklyn. And has teeth, and hairy tail. Let's go. [# MUSIC]

Dog 1: Hi, how are you?

Dog 2: Hi, how are you?

Dog 3: Enchante.

All: Chug, Chug, chug, chug! What place is this? This place Pops, this house is always empty, this is a great gathering place. Pops knew everybody in this town, if he wants to help, Max would be found. - Cool. - Oh incredible. Tell me you got that. - Of course I got it. - Hello Peanut, what you see Pops? Yes, she was there. - Marshmelow.. - Hai Pops! - Sweet potatoes. - Pops! Who is that? What? Oh hei Buddy. How are you? Paralyzed. Nice. Mr. Pops, our friend Max was abducted, the last we heard she was in the gutter. Buddy said that if possible, you can help us? You know I did know the people in the gutter. Well, I do not go out anymore. Disposing waste of time. - Who said that? - Oh, I said it, I did not mean to offend. - I just .. Did you see yourself? - Wah, wah, wah .. Look what we got here. I want to see it. Miron, alis!

Chloe: Oh no.. Oh yes, I like what I see. All I can see is, a cat charming. Miss, this is my town, I'll find your friend. Alright, party's over. Miron, vakum. So where are you from my beautiful angel? - Dude I'm a cat. - Well no protest. I am very hungry. Ah man, look at the sandwich. Correct. Time to work. No .. no .. Ok .. All will be fine. We could find their way home. We are descendants of the mighty wolf. We have wild instincts. Which soon will take over, and take us home. I can not wait, it is! Anything? No. Wait! There is no. I do not know Duke, perhaps the legend that dogs originated from wolves was wrong. I mean, maybe one puppy asks, where we come from. And his mother said, Wulff, and the boy was like, oh wolf? - And he said, yeah right. - Sausages! Huh? You smell that? - Oh man. It is .. - Sausages! Then what are we waiting for? We are going toward you dear! Lower the ladder. Who are they? It is a fur ball, and the face of the box. Wiener dog, yellow birds, and eagles, big rats. And of course my girlfriend Rhonda. 100 percent wrong. Quite good. Come on, let's go. Every instinct my bird, says do not follow the dog using the wheel. Uh .. Mr. Pops, do not we need to go into the ditch? If we take these people will take one day to get there. You've probably got a lot of lives but to me every breath is a gamble. So we have to take this secret service. Okay, these are the secret of death. Well, that's enough I think. Come on! Down here! Help me?! Keep moving.

Chloe (horrified): Oh no. Stop it! Look away! Come on, I do not have all day. Come on slow! What smell is this? It is a waste disposal site. The aroma is getting stronger. Oh my goodness. Duke, let's eat! Oh ya! Oh, the aroma is very tasty! Oh ya! Sausage! Come on, friends! Demi Snetzel! # We are always together! # We are always together! # We are always together! # We are always together! You know a place where strange friends. Well, these people are the masters here, so let me do the talking. Hey, you whiny, where red Viper? Do not go Viper! You'll never forget me! You will be remembered, Viper! And if you do not believe, you can see a plan tempurku, here. Boss, I do not understand what it was. You must be careful to be able to understand. It you here and here is Brooklyn. That's where we'll get anjingya. Bam, bam! Fur ball was indeed a bit crazy. Let's go from here. You heard what I said, I will come to the little dog. And the dog is brown fat, I also will come. - Small dog? - There are a lot of small dogs in the city. I mean you're also a small dog. So let's go. He also said anjinig brown fat. That fits with our new room comrades. Not really. Max, Max, Max, Max, Max, you'll get it! It was hard to argue with. Hey, you stay away from .. Wait, what? You know that little dog? He is my friend. And some say he was my boyfriend. Nobody said that. I can not believe you know the little dog. The world is so small, it's a funny thing ya. Catch! Let's go! Not good! I'll see ya later. It all makes! Derrick, you're stupid! Are they all blurred? That was almost alone! Oh sial! Yes, we got one! Oh good for you guys! Oh yes, the little dog, we get a neighbor. Derrick in the mouth! Just ignore what just happened, okay? Ya! Do you know? I mean it may chatter sausage, but you're okay. That's right folks! You know when you first met me like 'oh I do not like it' '. But now that I've known I was like 'I love her!' '. You know I've seen this place from the outside. If I knew what treasures that are here, I'm going to break down the door of her from the first. What are you talking about? Pemilikku used to live here. Dude, wait, you said you used to have an owner? Well, it's been a long time, I do not want to talk about it. Yes talk, come on! I do not know.. but what do you know? He used to be very cool. Ya? Yes, he's the best. And we have fun. We played catch throwing! Our streets! We both slept. We both like to sleep. I went out one night, chasing butterflies or car. When I catch it and eat it .. Then maybe butterflies. I know I've gone too far from home and I can not go back. A few days later I was arrested animal control. My past was great, but .. I've blown it. Duke, we have to go to your house! - No. - You know, your master will be pleased. Really? But he never find me. Maybe he .. he does not like me. Of course he likes you, he is your master. I mean maybe she is very worried. - I do not know. - I know, and we'll find. Your master will be pleased, I've just loved the thought. Okay. Let's do it. There they are! Let the dog, come here. You think you're going where? Do not! Rabbit, he and his crazy eyes! No one knows what's wrong with that thing! Listen, this is my opinion. Maybe there's a dog in the neighborhood that are similar Max. Begin acquainted with them, after a while you will forget him. We will not give up, we are dedicated, we are loyal, we are the best pets. We are a dog! - Cat. - Eagle. Congratulations! Today you are a dog, whether you like it or not. Nice. Now let's find the rabbit Max before it. Let's go! Hey, this is ... Damn it. Well, they're here. Nice. We're close. It is dasarjahat action, people. - Destruction. - This is it. That. - I know. - Hey. Here, I think .. Oh, lightweight bombs just melt my brain. The hare had an idea. Okay, so, how do I look? You look great. - How do I smell her? - Like a dog, pal. Relaxed, buddy. There it was. Well, there. Scratching the door. Remember the sausage factory? It was fun, right? Are you step-back? No, why do you think so? Let's walk to talk about what you think I reverse-reverse? Friend, you do not have anything to be nervous. They will be glad to see you. Okay. A new car. Can I help you? No, we're good. thanks. You're not good, you look gross. I have to ask again, away from my place. Before I became dumb. You know. What are you already. - This is my house. - Buddy, maybe we should go. And why, why Fred wanted a cat? He hates cats. It is one of the things I liked about him. Fred, the old people? He.. She died. Duke, maybe I made a mistake here. Come on, let's go. You are a liar. Cats can lie all the time. Do not blown it. Who are they? Hey, this is my home. Go. Duke, it's time to go. Duke, let's go. Come on. It's not your house anymore. - Why did you bring me here, Max? - Wait a minute. It is my fault? - You know, I'm trying to help you. - You're trying to get rid of me. Yes, you know what, Duke. I do not need this. I .. See you later. Wow. Wow. Come on, calm down. Go home, Max. - Hey, help me here. - Hold, here I come. Time to take you, big fella. Come on. Just it. You. Duke! Oh, the house-house-house. Small dog. Ya! Oh, are you kidding? You think this is over, the little dog? - Attack karate! - Wait! You do not! Can you get away from me! Tattoo? Oh, no, no, no, no, no! OTD. It killed me to say. We must join forces, pal. # Not bedtime # Ukan KEK TUKANG SELL FILM SPECIAL E PANGKALPINANG BANGKA We became a great team, a small dog! Most of whom I do work hard. - But you helped. - Yes, yes, good. Just keep looking over the street. You're driving like an animal. - What is that? You rammed it intentionally. - Oh, it was a hole. You do not know me very well, OTD. I always check. Did you see Van her? That is all. We're going to hit. Relaxed, Snowball, I got you. There he is! She caught Snowball. Yey! Look, pal. This is not apparently. Shut up. You will take the boss. No, no, no. Snowball and I were in the same time now. Tell him, Snowball, tell them. Raccoon was lying. He is not the president. I I.. Gadgets? - Go, Max. - Good. Okay, I gotta go. thanks. thanks. Remains below! Duke, hold on! - Duke! - Max? - Max! Okay! Take the key! - Good! Come on. Come on! I get them! Max! Remember me! I was a hero! And handsome! A little wet, but I'm still good. I look good. Are you? Are you okay? I am good. I am good. Thank you for coming to save me, Max. - Max! Oh, Max! - Lobidubedo! You need a ride? Yes, we needed a ride! Let's go, Tattoo! Taksi! NO. BERPARKIR ANYTIME - Hey, hey, Gadgets, wait. - Oh. hi, Max. Yes, hi. Quiet, quiet! Yes, I, I just want to .. See, what you lived by the person throughout life. But you do not appreciate them up. I did not know until he beat up dozens of animals at the Brooklyn Bridge. I guess, I am trying to say is .. If you want to .. - Okay. - Oh, great. You're in love. All repugnant to everyone. Let's go! - Goodbye. - Goodbye. Does anyone know where we are? - Goodbye, Max. - Goodbye, Gadgets. - Oke good bye. - See you later, guys. Friend, I feel sorry for them. Must go home, sorry! Not us. Now. Back to our main mission. The fallout of the human race. That all men! That's all! Mom, can I have a rabbit? And pigs and crocodiles and lizards? Yey! Kelinci! When! When! When! Body blow! Body blow! Retreat! What happened? What did he do? Rabbits I will love you forever! Oh, hare! # I wake up in the morning # # And the sunlight hurts my eyes # # And something I want to know # # And you're in my mind # # Then I saw # # We fine # # Just to see you once # # And I knew this would happen # # Love comedy # # Love within me, within me # # Love within me, within me # # Love within me, within me # # In the light of the next day about # # Looking possibility # # When someone in front # # Always know how # # And then I saw # # And everything was fine # # Just to see you once # # And I knew that would happen # # A love comedy, eternity, immortality # # Eternity, eternity # # A love comedy, eternity, immortality # # Eternity, eternity # Duke, this is the best part of this day. - Oh, what is he? - Ah, no, that, wait. Yes. It was he, he. - Hey! - Hey! There they are! Max and Duke. Come here. As usual. So how? Great right? I.. Ah. So maybe some. But I knew this would work. So, who's hungry?

Max: Welcome home, Duke.

Duke: Thank you, Max.

Buddy: Come on, man. hurry it up.

Mel: Okay! I'm comin' I'm comin'. sheesh.

Snowball: welcome my dogs! Oh you guys look weird. hurry up, come on.

Buddy: You said it was a costume party.

Mel: Why do you listen to me?

Leonard's Owner: I'm home, Leonard! Were you a good boy, Leonard?