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Acme Chief: It's been weeks after Carmen Sandie go's accidental death and then somebody claims her heritable and the insurance policy of hers demise Perceive McLeish have the betrayer. but soon or later the new threat started to rises Queen Regina have a plan of her own. Queen Regina: Those Misfits and Ohanas will never have a Chance against us? Warp: So what do we do? We go up after them? King Turbo: Or it's personal we just have to get more boost of it. Radiff Ralph: Termites! Weasel Mcgreed: But they're ain't even sharped. The Joker: But they're are sharpy watch this (he holds the wooden cane and the Termites eats it up) Zendaya: Wow! how do they did that? Pitch: Maybe there's a chance to deal with the heroes. Adagio Dazzling: But how? Sonata Dazzling: I Thinking of something but I do know. Queen Regina: Rylo Ken take the Termites and watch it devoured the rest of Pacha's Village. Rylo Ken: On it! Acme Chief: Ohh things aren't getting so good for the rest of the Heroes where Zack and Ivy get a call from Rapunzel and drastic measures were been unsured.

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