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The Pebble and the Penguin is a 1995 American animated musical buddy comedy film produced and directed by Don Bluth and Gary Goldman and also distributed by MGM.

(The movie begins as we see Antarctica.)

Narrator: There is a charming tradition observed but the Adellie Penguins. Once a year, during the mating season, the male birds gather along the antarctic beaches and there each selects an extraordinary pebble. (The title shows "The Pebble and Penguin" on a music book, as it opens to see the pages of songs.)

One perfect pebble Just one humble stone But oh, what a stone can do It means that I have one love forever And one love alone A now and forever with you

Boy penguins: Now and forever I'll show her I care I'll find her the rarest stone And maybe if the pebble is perfect She'll tell me right there She's now and forever my own

Girl penguins: Now and forever We'll do like birds do We'll cuddle and coo and kiss We'll have a little world where Whatever we dream of comes true A now and forever in bliss

Marina: I will know when, Gwen 'Cause it's not the pebble, it's the penguin Now and forever His heart will be true That's how I'll know who he is No matter if his pebble is clever Or borrowed or blue I'll now and forever be his

Boy penguins: Do you take this pebble?

Girl penguins: Now and forever

Boy penguins: Do you take this penguin?

Girl penguins: Now and forever

Boy penguins: Do you?

Girl penguins: I do

We will grow old together Cozy in cold together We'll try our best together Further our nest together We'll be a pair forever Learning to share forever

It's now and forever And ever and ever It's now and forever And ever and ever

Now and forever As sure as the snow As long as the ocean roars I'll love you in a way that I'll never begin to outgrow I'll now and forever be yours

Timmy: Hi, Hubie. Tell us a story.

Petra: Yes, a love story.

Beany: Ugh, that's mushy stuff!

Petra: Ugh, Beany!

Hubie: Well, once there was a penguin, who fell in love with the most beautiful girl penguin.

Petra: Did she love you back?

Hubie: They never even met. You see, he was... painfully shy. Well one day, [(cross his fingers behind his back)] he just swam up to her and said, "Hello, Marina, I'm Hubie and I think you're fabulous!"

[Hubie, Timmy and Petra laugh]

Hubie: (sighs) Who am I kidding? I never even talked to the girl!

(However, Hubie loses his balance and then slides down the side of the bluff. Timmy, Petra, and Beany watch him go, until he crashes into Marina, who gets up and sees Hubie laying on his back.)

Narrator: "But, someone else had his eye on the fair Marina: Drake, an evil penguin who always got his way."

(Drake himself is watching the scene with envy as his servants stand by, holding an ice-block mirror in their flippers.)

Drake: (jealously) "That little wimp. I'll knock the stutter right out of him! Marina doesn't know it yet. But she's going to be my wife." (He makes a snowball and then looks at himself in the ice-block mirror.) "Our children will be the strongest, the smartest, the bravest! Not to mention the best looking. Why, they'll be just like me!" (He laughs evilly, followed by his servants. Drake growls at his servants to shut them up.) "I'm telling you, boys: Marina is as good as mine!"

(His servants resume laughing as Drake tosses the snowball and continues looking at Hubie and Marina.)

(Later that night)

Hubie: Sometimes I wonder what the colors mean
Why the sea is green like your eyes
I'm sorry... 

Marina: Go on, 

Hubie: Sometimes I wonder why the moon is new 
Where the stars are shooting to
When they're shooting through the skies
There's wondrous things that I would like to know 
Like how they make the winds and turn the tides 
And then I wonder why 
I wonder so, 
While other guys are busy choosing brides, 
Oh, where was I... 

Marina: Choosing...brides!

Hubie: Sometimes I wonder if there'll ever be, 
Someone right for me, 
Someone who may wonder too, 
Who is wonderful, 
Like y-y-y-y... I don't know
Like y-y-y... 
You must be bored to tears with all this wacky nonsense

Marina: Oh, no! I don't think it's nonsense at all,
Even if you are a bit wacky


(As Hubie runs to find Marina, suddenly Drake trips him. Hubie then looks up and sees Drake walking towards him. Hubie tries to get away, but Drake grabs him.)

Drake: So, nerd, I hear you wanna be a big ladies' man. (laughs) Marina is mine! (He pushes Hubie up to a cliff.)

Hubie: (retaliating) "You big b-b-bully!"

(Drake grabs Hubie's scarf and glares at him.)

Drake: (To Hubie) "Wake up and smell the seaweed, you little fool! Nobody's going to marry a loser like you. Now, give me that stupid pebble!"

Hubie: No, it's for Marina!

(Drake pushes Hubie towards the cliff.)

Drake: "Hope you can swim better than you can pluck. Bye, Hubie. Sleep with the fishes." 

(He drops him to the ocean, where Hubie splashes underwater and retrieves his pebble. The rookery stands on the cliff to see if Hubie's okay, while Drake cackles menacingly. Hubie is then riding on the rising tide.)

Hubie: "Hi, guys."

Penguin 1: "Hey, look! The water's safe."

Penguin 2: "Let's eat!"

(Hubie whoops as he rides the on falling tide.)

Marina: (out of concern as Drake watches him) "Hubie." (As Hubie enjoys himself, a leopard seal has him in his jaws.) "HUBIE!" (Drake holds her back, laughing.)

(Hubie screams and darts away from the leopard seal. The penguins gasp in horror, while Hubie dodges another bite from the leopard seal.) 

Marina: "HUBIE!"

(Hubie climbs up the leopard seal's hide and swims away from his back flippers. Hubie swims for an iceberg and stops to rest there, until the leopard seal leaps above the waves with its jaws open. Hubie screams again, as the leopard seal crashes on the iceberg. The chase continues underwater, until a chunk of ice gets stuck inside the leopard seal's jaws. He tries in vain to shake it out, while Hubie swims to another iceberg and sees Drake's lair fading from his view, making sure he still has his pebble.)

Marina: (calling out to Hubie) "HUBIE!"

Hubie: (calling out to Marina) "MARINA!"

(Now, we go to the ship sailing in the stormy ocean.)

Gentoo: If you're in to pain and agony 

Chinstraps: (Agony)

King: If you love the great indoors, 

All: Welcome to the Good Ship Misery, 
The misery's all yours

Everyday begins with misery 

Chinstraps: (Misery)

All : Breakfast in a rusty cup, 
Then we all get dull and miserable, 
And then we all throw up

The boots have got the place so hot, 
That to your spot you've got the rock and roll

King:There's never sun! 

Chinstrap: The rats have run! 

Gentoo: Does anyone remember fun? 

All: No! No! No! No! 

Gentoo: Just thought I'd ask! 

Chinstraps: If you're thinking this could never be 
(Think again!) 
If you're thinking it's the Ritz 

Gentoo: (Fat chance!),

All: Sorry, but the Good Ship Misery...

Royal: Is a reality, 

All: Hubie, baby, this is the pits!

Royal: You sit and think,

Magellanics: And pray we'll sink! 

King: Your muscles shrink, 

Gentoo: You start to stink and,

All: Pee-Uuuuuuu!

Chinstraps: And when they cough that slimy slop, 
And drop a glop of some on top 
It's woo-hoo!

All: Everyday's a total tragedy 
Then the days begin to blur, 
Getting bored aboard the misery,

Royal: Is a redundancy!

Gentoo: Is everybody miserable?! 

Chinstrap: Now you're talkin'!

All: Yes, sir!

Sea Captain: (offscreen) "Get a hold of them feet!"

Gentoo: "Here come the boots!"

All: (gasping) "The boots!" (The penguins scream and retreat into their cages. Only Hubie stays calm and sees what's happening.)

Sea Captain: "All right! Be quiet down there!" (Hubie then sees a trio of human sailors bringing in their next catch, Rocko, who is seen struggling in their arms.) "Blast it all, now!" (Rocko gives the humans a hard time as he flaps his wings, while one of the sailors falls down on the floor.) "Open the door, man! Open the door!" (The sailor runs to a shark cage and opens the door, as the sea captain puts Rocko in there.) "Hold still, lad! Or I'll give you a fist in the beak!" (The humans lock the cage door tight.) "Now, get in there! And, stay there!"

(Rocko scowls at them and sees them leave, while Hubie keeps his eyes on the newcomer.)

Rocko: (retaliating) "COME BACK HERE, YA YELLOW-BELLIED LANDLUBBERS!" (He shakes the cage bars to no use.)

King: (chuckling) "Take a breather, laddie. That door over there later. I can promise ya."

Rocko: "Eh, save it, old timer. No one messes with Rocko the Rockhopper!"

Gentoo: (proving his point) "Eh, the humans just did!"

(The penguins laugh at Rocko's expense.)

Rocko: (counter arguing) "Hey! When I get out of here, you're seal bait!" (The penguins gasp in shock, as Hubie settles into his cage.) "What are you starin' at, bird brain?"

Magellanic #1: "That's Hubie, and he's heartbroken."

Magellanic #2: "He was snatched away from the lady he loved."

Rocko: (mocking him) "Oh, poor pebble head. If he had any guts, they never would have taken him alive." (He paces around his cage.) "So, where's that floating scrap heap heading to."

Royal: "Our destination is, uh, difficult to determine at this juncture."

Chinstraps: "That means he doesn't know."

King: (suggestively) "Well, we'd be in warm waters."

Rocko: "We'd be in Bora Bora, pops! I know where we are! Where do we dock? That's what I'm askin'. Where do we dock?"

King: "Well, we can't say for sure, lad. But, I've heard stories of sailors sellin' penguins to zoos."

Hubie: "Zoos?"

Rocko: "Zoos? I'm not goin' to no zoo, oh, no. I'll go to helmsman, I'll go to first mate, I'll go to the captain of this oversized dinghy! I'll make them turn this tub AROUND if I have to!"

Hubie: "But, I-I can't go to a zoo! I've g-gotta get back home to Antarctica!"

Rocko: "Who's with me? Who's for bustin' outta here? Come on, ya jellyfish!" (He turns to the gentoo.) "How about you, seal bait? You?"

Gentoo: "Uh, sorry, Mr. Rockhopper, but free food at the zoo sounds awful good to me."

Rocko: "Bunch of bird brains, seal bait, get me outta here!"

(All Hubie can do is look at his pebble in despair, as he sees a vision of Marina making a seashell chain inside it.)

(The next day, we see our heroes waking up.)

Hubie: Hey, where are we?

Rocko: Let's see, judging by the heat. I say I died and went to Phoenix.

(An ant in Hawaiian clothing emerges from a pile of leaves and eats one of the leaves.)

Hubie: Rocko, look: People.

Rocko: Looks like some private beach; we must be in Morea or Tahiti.

Hubie: "How do they live like this?"

Rocko: "They pay for it."

Hubie: I wonder how far it is to Antarctica.

Rocko: 3,000 miles in that direction, but you'll never make it.

Hubie: I will so! I'm fit.

Rocko: Hey, trust me on this one: You've got, "Eat me." written all over ya.

Hubie: I'm a good swimmer.

Rocko: You don't know these waters like I do, bird-brain.

Hubie: You're right: I'm lost.

Rocko: Yup. You're lost, and I'm looking at a dead penguin.

(The vine Rocko's holding onto breaks, while the ant leaps off the descending half of the vine and clutches onto the ascending one until he slams his back into a tree branch, followed by Rocko, who slams his head, as he falls, clutches onto the vine for support, and swings around.)

Rocko: (cont.) Yup, I'll give it two days tops, and you'll be in the belly of anything from a killer whale to a sardine.

Hubie: Getting back to Marina is all that matters to me. I mean-Rocko, look! I dream about her night and day. I see her face when I close my eyes. (shows Rocko the pebble) And, look! Look at this! Wow! Is that an engagement pebble or what?!

Rocko: (annoyed) Do you really have to gush like that?

Hubie: You're asking me where I got this, right?

Rocko: Yes!

Hubie: Well, picture this: Pebble Beach. (The beach transforms into a pink, cloudy setting.) Moonlit sky, gentle breeze.

Rocko: C'mon, c'mon. Get to it.

Hubie: Suddenly, I look up, and there it is: The first evening star.

Rocko: Summarize. Summarize.

Hubie: What do I do? I make a wish, and then, it jets across the sky and lands at my feet!

Rocko: Really?

Hubie: I pick it up, and there's the face of my girl: Marina.

Rocko: (sarcastically) So special. So unique. So what?!

Hubie: Don't you see? It's my fate, Rocko! I'm destined to marry Marina. It's under the stars.

Rocko: (mocking Hubie in a high tone) "I'm destined to marry Marina. It's under the stars." Yap, yap, yap, yap! Why won't you get that thing fixed, huh?!

Hubie: Oh, I'm sorry. I guess nobody likes a blabber-mouth, right?

Rocko: No, you think?

Hubie: You know what you need; you need a dream.

Rocko: I got one.

Hubie: What is it?

Rocko: I'm not sure I can tell you.

Hubie: Your secret is safe with me.

Rocko: I don't even know you!

Hubie: I won't laugh.

Rocko: Forget it!

Hubie: It doesn't matter how silly it is.

Rocko: Get away!

Hubie: I promise; cross my heart. (He crosses his heart with a finger.) I won't laugh.

Rocko: All right, all right. I'll tell you somethin'.

Hubie: What is it?

Rocko: You're lookin' at it.

Hubie: I'm looking at...

(Hubie sees a seagull hovering above them and looks back at Rocko flapping his arms.)

Hubie: You-you wanna fly, don't you? (He chuckles.)

Rocko: (irritated) Don't laugh!

Hubie: Rocko, everyone knows that penguins can't fly.

Rocko: You're wrong! You are dead wrong! Our ancestors flew! They gave us wings when we can't fly?! I mean, I mean whose idea of a cruel joke is this?

(Meanwhile, we see Drake and his two extra servants, a pair of skuas, in his fortress.)

Drake: “Well, there's only eight days left before the Full Moon Mating Ceremony, and Marina won't agree to be my mate.” (Drake and the skuas are gnawing on some bones.) “Although, my faithful servants, we have seen that Hubie is a leopard seal’s meal.” (The skuas snicker evilly.) “It’s a pleasant thought... that that stupid...” (mocking Hubie’s stutter) “Penguin nerd will never return!” (The skuas break into a laugh riot until Drake has had enough of their laughter.) "Silence, you idiots!" (The skuas scream and then fly out of Drake's lair.) "Marina is mine."

(Back in Tahiti, a cruise ship, Homeward Bound, is blowing its whistle, signaling for its departure time and soon sets sail out on the Pacific Ocean. Dolphins race along the ship's starboard. At the stern of the ship, Rocko takes in a deep breath and flops on a pile of life preservers. The two friends are riding on the back of a rowboat named Homeward Bound II, as Hubie is wearing a life preserver.)

Rocko: "So, what happens if you don't make it on time?"

Hubie: "Oh, that's too horrible to even think about."

Rocko: "Well, think about it. Who would Marina marry?"

Hubie: "Drake!"

Rocko: "Drake?! Well, is he good with the ladies?"

Hubie: "Well, yeah, uh-"

Rocko: "Well, Captain, full speed ahead!" (He grabs the anchor line.) "Here we go!"

(He pulls on the anchor line to get their boat moving faster along with the ship picking up speed, while Hubie holds onto his hat. A map is then shown of the South Pacific, and a purple arrow starts southwest from New Zealand and turns a sharp right for their next destination: Rock Island.)

(Rock Island is then shown under a dark cloudy sky in the middle of the ocean, and Hubie and Rocko are then washed up on the rocks.)

Hubie: "We only have five days left, Rocko. We're running out of time."

Rocko: "Look: We can't swim in this storm unless you wanna die."

Hubie: "Maybe, Drake will leave Marina alone."

Rocko: "Oh, yeah? Well, Drake has already married Marina."

Hubie: "No, no. No. I know my girl; she'll wait. And if she accepts this pebble, we'll be married."

Rocko: (snarky) If she accepts this pebble? You mean you're not sure if she's going to accept this pebble? (laughs) You're going through this time, and you're not sure?!"

Hubie: "Sure."

Rocko: "Aw, come on!"

(Now, we go back to Drake's lair.)

Drake: So, Marina, when shall I annouce our engagement? Today, tomorrow, Wednesday?

Marina: Drake. I wouldn't marry you if you were the last penguin on Earth!

Drake: Don't worry. I'll make it official with the obligatory pebble and all that.

Marina: The answer is "No!"

Drake: No? No?! Oh, I get it! You're joking! (laughing evilly)

(His servants laugh their heads off with him.)

Drake: (snarling) What's so funny?! (sings)

"Don't make me laugh,

Don't make me laugh,

My funny friend, don't make me bend in half,

Don't be a card, babe,

Don't mess with Drake,

Don't make me laugh so hard that you begin to ache,

Don't make me laugh,

Don't pull my leg,

May I suggest you would do best to beg,

If you say no, miss, If you refuse,

This is your notice that I refuse to lose

Say yes, my love,

And go with a winner,

Believe me, that would be wiser,

Say no, poor dove,

And you're a shark's dinner,

And Hubie's the appetizer,

Get the picture?

Don't make me laugh,

Or slap my knee,

I'm no hyena, so Marina,

What'll it be?

Right this way to the Drake estate,

Or write your epitaph?

You choose your fate!

Don't make me wait!

And, baby, don't make me laugh!"

(The next day)

(Later that night, the snow was falling around Antartica in Drake's fortress as we see Marina is all by herself watching the sky.)

Marina: Sometimes I close my eyes,

And say a prayer,

That finally today will be the day.

I watch the far horizon,

no one's there,

But somewhere you are safe,

and on your way,

Oh, Hubie...

Sometimes I wonder,

if you're still alive,

How could you survive such a dangerous world out there?

Beware my love,

Take care, my love, take care.

Look how we get along together
I think it's great the way we blend
You've tried to be as tough as leather
But now I see that's just pretend
We'll find our way through stormy weather
Just you and me right to the end
Hey buddy, looks like we're two birds of a feather
And, gee, it looks like I got me a friend
Now you go

Hubie: Carry on, Rocko!

Look how we get along together, I think it's great the way we blend, You've tried to be as tough as leather, But now I see that's just pretend, We'll find our way through stormy weather, Just you and me right to the end, Hey buddy, looks like we're two birds of a feather, And, gee, it looks like I got me a friend, Now you try!

You are incredibly annoying, You're like a bone stuck in my throat, This isn't something I'm enjoying, I should have left you on that boat, You want a friend? Go find a snail!, Or better yet, Killer Whale!, Don't call me Buddy!, Uh uh! Not me!

When you're a rebel you're a rebel, You don't go finding friends to like, Why don't you pack your blasted pebble, And take yourself a healthy hike!, They don't have penguins up in Juneau, Why don't you go and start a trend!.
you really like me, just admit it, Alright, I'm gonna hold my breath, Quit it, admit it!, But you know, you're gonna cause my death!, It's getting dark..., G-g-g-goodbye Rocko!
Alright then! I kinda sorta maybe you know...
You mean you like me?
A little.
You mean it?
Don't push it!
Hubie and Rocko altogether:
Oh, looks like I got me a friend!

Rocko Trains Hubie to Fight/Killer Whale ChaseEdit





Hubie: Wonderful. What's the worst part?


Hubie: Rocko! Rocko! (He then sees his bandana) Oh, poor Rocko.

Final Battle/Marina is Saved/Drake's Fortress CollapsedEdit

Petra: Marina's gone!
Beany: She ran away?
Petra: No, Drake kidnapped her! Hurry up!
Beany: He can't force her to marry him!
Petra: I know, but he'll try!
Timmy: I wish Hubie was here!

(Hubie punches his right fist on Drake and then at last he kicks him with his right leg as Drake screams while falling down)