Blue Sky's The Peanuts Movie - Theatrical Poster

(The movie begins with snowflakes falling down. Woodstock is flying around while dodging snowflakes but gets hit by a big one and he lands on Snoopy. Snoopy wakes up and Woodstock is on his head and alarm clocks come from the humans's houses .Marcie wakes up puts on her glasses and turns off her alarm. Peppermint Patty wakes up and turns off her alarm with a hockey stick. Schroeder wakes up by the sound of the tune. He sighs satisfyingly.)

  • Schroeder: "Beethoven."

(Lucy comes over to wake up Linus.)

  • Lucy: "Linus? Time to get up. You don't want to be late for school! Get up!"

(She yanks the blanket and Linus wakes up.)

  • Linus: "Ah! My blanket."

(The phone was ringing.Sally came over and answers it.)

  • Sally: "Hello.Snow day? Snow day! No school today! Dreams do come true."

(Everyone goes outside.)

  • Lucy: "Franklin and Peppermint Patty are on my team."
  • Schroeder: "I've got my hockey stick."
  • Franklin: "I've got my skates."
  • Peppermint Patty: "Who has the puck?"
  • Patty: "Looking sharp today Pig-pen."
  • Pig-pen: "Sorry I'm late."
  • Violet: "Ew!"
  • Pig-pen: "What's taking him so long?"
  • All: "C'mon Charlie Brown!"

(Charlie Brown is inside.)

  • Charlie: "No, um not quite. That's the one."

(Charlie Brown got ready.)

  • Charlie: "I've got my kite. Today's the day, I can feel it."
  • Patty: "A kite, today?"
  • Violet: "In the middle of winter?"

(Charlie Brown raced to the park.)

  • Charlie: "C'mon guys."
  • Franklin: "Only Charlie Brown."

(Charlie Brown lodges his kite on the ground.)

  • Charlie: "A new kite and a perfect breeze it all feels just right now that the kite-eating-tree is sleeping for the winter we have nothing to fear."

(He pulls the string and runs off.)

  • Charlie: "Liftoff."

(He tries to get his kite to fly and he did.)

  • Charlie: "Wait a minute it's in the air it's flying hey guys look look I did it."

(Suddenly he trips up on the kite string and he got tangled in the string of the kite and he landed on the ice.)

  • Linus: "Hey Charlie Brown. Still no luck, huh?"

(The kite flies away and Charlie Brown holds on to the spool of the kite.)

  • Linus: "Remember, it's the courage to continue that counts."
  • All: "Hey! Runaway kite!"

(Charlie Brown hits Schroeder.)

  • Charlie: "Sorry."

(The rest got in the hockey net with Schroeder.)

  • Charlie: "No brakes."

(Meanwhile Lucy is doing some ice skating.)

  • Lucy: "And now for my famous triple axle. Prepare to be amazed."

(Her skating got in the way by Charlie Brown.)

  • Franklin: "Ooh. A quadruple."
  • Marcie: "Bravo."

(Charlie Brown got tangled in the string and his kite landed in the tree.)

  • Charlie: "Ugh stupid kite eating tree."

(A pile of snow falls on him.)

  • Charlie: "Good grief."

(He shakes the snow off.)

  • Lucy: "You blockhead! I've should've known.What kind of person tries to fly a kite in the middle of winter?Don't you ever know when to give up? You will never get that kite to fly.Why? Because you're Charlie Brown."

(She leaves and Linus came over to him.)

  • Charlie: "Thanks Linus."
  • Linus: "Listen Charlie Brown, ignoring what my sister Lucy says has enabled me to make it this far in life."
  • Charlie: "What would I do without a good friend like you."

(Snoopy holds on the end of Linus's blanket and skates off with Linus.Somehow Linus holds on to Sally.)

  • Sally: "Aw. my sweet babboo."
  • Linus: "Ugh."

(He lets go of Sally which sends her crashing in the snow.)

  • Sally: "Isn't he the cutest thing."
  • Peppermint Patty: "Yee-ha."
  • Marcie: "Careful sir."

(Linus holds on to Peppermint Patty and Marcie.And Marcie holds on to Pig-pen.)

  • Peppermint Patty: "Ha ha."
  • Marcie: "Whoa."
  • Frieda: "Watch the curls."

(Woodstock was on a Zamboni.Everyone jumps over him.But Woodstock holds on to Snoopy.They skate in a circle until the kids let go of Snoopy and they're having fun.At the baseball field Charlie Brown is sitting on a bench with his ruined kite.)

  • Charlie: "I don't care what Lucy says.I may have had troubles in the past flying a kite.and I may have never won a baseball game.But it's not for the lack of trying."

(He walks over to the baseball field brushing the snow off the bases and the pitching base and makes snowmans.)

  • Charlie: "My pitching has to improve, if i come out here to my trusty mound everyday.Charlie Brown is not a quitter!"

(Snoopy makes a snow shaped baseball and gives it to Charlie Brown.)

  • Charlie: "Bottom of the ninth, two outs, a strike out there would make the pitcher an instant hero.It all comes down to this one pitch.Let's see if you can handle my fast ball.The old number one,The heera,The brown bullet."

(Charlie Brown throws the ball but it hits him leaving his clothes flying to the ground.The snowball hits the snowmen. The snowman holding that bat cheered, but Snoopy was the one inside of it.He realizes Charlie and runs off.He cries over Charlie Brown's embarrassment.And Woodstock puts a paper bag over himself.)

  • Charlie: "This is going to be a long winter."

(He notice a moving van.)

  • Charlie: "Huh?Someone's moving in across the street from me."
  • Franklin: "Hey gang, look.There's a new kid moving in."
  • Sally: "Big brother pull yourself together."
  • All: (Excited Chatter).

(Everyone goes over to the fence to see the excitement.)

  • Charlie: "Hey guys what do you see.Who is it?"
  • Schroeder: "Oh I think I see a piano.I hope he loves Beethoven."
  • Lucy: "Beethoven Schmeetoven. Maybe he will appreciate my natural beauty."
  • Peppermint Patty: "Who cares about that? As long as he's a better goalie than Marcie."
  • Marcie: "You're hurting me sir."
  • Peppermint Patty: "I'm sorry, but it's true."
  • Marcie: "No, you're pulling on my hair."
  • Linus: "I just hope he'll have an open mind about the Great Pumpkin."
  • Sally: "I think they have a toaster."

(Charlie brings up a snowball to the fence and leans on it.)

  • Charlie: (thinking)"I just hope this new kid was never heard of me.He would know nothing of my past imperfections.It's not often you have to start over with the clean slate this time things will be different."

(Charlie Brown falls on fence and it falls down. The kids watch as it fall down.They all point to Charlie.)

  • All: "He did it!"

(They run off.Charlie Brown runs away.)

  • Charlie: (Screaming).

(That night everyone is going to bed.)

  • Charlie: "Snoopy, why is it that everything I try turns out wrong?Sometimes I wonder if the kids really like me.Maybe the new kid will see me for who I really am, like you.A dog doesn't try to give advice or judge you they just love you for who you are.It's nice to have someone who will just sit and listen to you."

(Charlie Brown notices that Snoopy is fast asleep.)

  • Charlie: "Man's best friend."

(The next day the kids went to school.)

  • Charlie: "You can't come to school Snoopy. Now be a good dog and go home."

(But Snoopy wants to come to school. Then an idea hits him.He ran and grab one of Franklin's books and dresses like a student.Before he could go inside, Franklin grabs his book back.)

  • Franklin: "No dogs allowed!"

(He slams the door.Snoopy was disappointed.In Charlie Brown's Class.)

  • All: (Wonderous chatter).
  • Franklin: "The new kid is coming."

(Charlie Brown walks in the classroom.)

  • Someone: "That's not the new kid."
  • Lucy: "Hey Charlie Brown."

(Charlie Brown walks to his desk and sees Linus holding a model plane.)

  • Charlie: "Good morning Linus. What do you have there?"
  • Linus: "It's my turn for show and tell today. This is the same plane flown by Manfred Von Richthofen."
  • Charlie: "Who?"
  • Linus: "The Red Baron. The most famous aviator during the Great War."
  • Charlie: "It's not real is it?"

(Charlie Brown accidentally touches the propeller and the plane flew out of Linus's hands.)

  • All: (Screaming).
  • Frieda: "Oh! My naturally curly hair."
  • All: (Continue screaming).
  • Lucy: "Ugh."
  • Charlie: "Duck Linus."

(Snoopy was trying to open the window with a crowbar but Marcie opened the window and the plane flew outside.)

  • Ms Othmar: "Wah wah wah."
  • All: "Yes Ms Othmar!"

(Everyone runs to their seats.)

  • Marcie: "Sir.Sir.Sir."

(She wakes Peppermint Patty up.)

  • Peppermint Patty: "Two. No three.Was I close?"
  • Marcie: "Class hasn't started yet sir."
  • Ms Othmar: "Wah wah wah."
  • Franklin: "The new kid is joining our class."

(The new kid walks in. They all notice it's a girl.)

  • Peppermint Patty: "She doesn't look like a goalie to me."
  • Schroeder: "Wow she's pretty."
  • Lucy: "She's not that pretty."

(Charlie Brown sees the Little Red Haired Girl.)

  • Charlie: "Linus."

(He opens his desk to hide.)

  • Charlie: "She looked at me!"

(Charlie Brown watch the Little Red Haired Girl sit in her seat.)

  • Ms Othmar: "Wah Wah Wah."
  • All: "Aw not the Yearly Standardized Test again!"
  • Linus: "Ma'am will this test accurately reflect the knowledge we have gained here?Is it fair, we at this young age..."
  • Ms Othmar: "Wah Wah Wah!"
  • Linus: "Uh. Yes Ma'am."

(Linus hands Charlie Brown the sheet.)

  • Charlie: "Thanks(thinking)Question 1 If you had 6 red tomatoes and, uh red."

(Meanwhile, Snoopy was trying to get into the classroom. He uses the suction cups to climb up the window.)

  • Charlie: (thinking)"C'mon, focus.First impressions are everything."

(Snoopy unscrews the vent.He uses a Yo-yo to get in the classroom. He sits in an empty desk. He gets out his binder and searches in the desk for paper. He finds the paper but then, the clips of the binder closes on his fingers. He yells and gets thrown in the dumpster.)

  • Lucy: "No dogs!"

(She closed the door just as the model plane flew by.Snoopy finds something in the dumpster.He throws the typewriter on top of all the trash.The kids are still writing their test.)

  • Charlie: "Already done?She must be smart."

(Something fell off the Little Red Haired Girl's desk. and rolled to Charlie Brown. He picks it up and examines it. It was a pink pencil with feathers.)

  • Charlie: (Voiceover)"It's got teeth marks! She nibbles on her pencil, like I do!We have something in common!"
  • Ms Othmar: "Wah Wah Wah."
  • Charlie: "One minute left."

(Peppermint Patty wakes up.The kids stare at them.Charlie Brown and Peppermint Patty finish their sheets.They both ran to the teacher's desk.)

  • Peppermint Patty: "Out of my way Chuck."

(They both slam their papers on the teacher's desk which causes some on the paper to fly.)

  • Ms Othmar: "Wah Wah Wah."
  • Charlie: "Write our names? Yes Ma'am."

(Peppermint Patty and Charlie Brown fight over the papers and then write their names on their papers. They put the papers back down.)

  • Peppermint Patty: "Chuck, are you trying to hold my hand? You sly dog."
  • All: "Ooh."

(Charlie Brown bumps into the Little Red Haired Girl's desk.)

  • Charlie: (Yelps)"Hi I'm Brown Charlie. I mean Barney Clown. I mean... Ahh!"

(He runs out of the classroom and into the Nurse's office.He sits next to the Little Kid.)

  • Little Kid: "What are you in for?"
  • Charlie: "Have you ever get the feeling when you can't stop smiling?"
  • Little Kid: "Huh."

(He gets out a stethoscope.)

  • Charlie: "You're heart pounds inside your chest?You tried to stand but you're knees become weak?"

(He fell down.)

  • Little Kid: (Gasps).
  • Charlie: "And then that Little Red Haired Girl glances at you."

(He began to float, hearts are up as he floats.)

  • Little Kid: "Whoa."
  • Charlie: "And all life's possibilities become so clear?And then you realize she has no idea you're alive."
  • Nurse: "Wah Wah Wah."
  • Charlie: "Why am I here?Because I just came down with a serious case of Inadequacy."

(The Little Kid ran away.Back at Charlie Brown's house Woodstock is sleeping in his nest.Snoopy came to his doghouse with the typewriter.The noise of the Typewriter lodging on top of Snoopy's doghouse wakes up Woodstock.He flew to Snoopy and lands on the typewriter.Snoopy wonders how the Typewriter works.He tips it over which sends Woodstock falling and he felt a little dizzy.Snoopy presses the buttons but hurts himself.Woodstock got flung away by the Typewriter.Using a stick, Snoopy presses some of the buttons.He and Woodstock stuck their heads out.Snoopy presses the O button three times.)

  • Both: "Ooh."

(Snoopy throws away a paper and puts another piece of paper in but puts Woodstock in with the sheet.He got hit in the head by the Typewriter.He kicks Snoopy.At school everyone got on the bus to go home.Charlie Brown sits in the seat but then sees the Little Red Haired Girl coming to take a seat on the bus. He scoots over)

  • Charlie: (thinking)"Here she comes! This is my chance to make a good impression."

(He somehow ducks down under the seats just as the Little Red Haired Girl sits in her seat.)

  • Charlie: "Maybe tomorrow! Ow!"

(The bus goes over a bump in the road and Charlie hits his head as he crawls under the seats.The plane model flew past.Snoopy was still typewriting.He gives the paper to Woodstock.But he throws it away.Snoopy gets another piece of paper.He types it but Woodstock writes on the paper with a marker.Snoopy glares at him and he shreds the paper to pieces.He gets another piece of paper out.And before he can write something else the plane model flew past.Woodstock flies away from it.The model plane flew away.Snoopy flashes a evil smile.)

  • Lucy: (Voiceover)"It was a dark and stormy night."

(A plane flew past over the rainy and stormy sky.)

  • Lucy: (Voiceover)"High above the French Countryside.The World War 1 Flying Ace had never been so close to his life long enemy, the infamous Red Baron."

(The Flying Ace is flying after the Red Baron.He chases after the enemy.But the enemy plane chases after him.He grins but then there was bright colors.He flew up but there was more bright colors.He goes down but water got in him.But then he fell.But Snoopy fell in his water bowl.Woodstock laughs but there was a lightning strike which frightens him.The school bus stops and Charlie Brown gets out and hurries home.He hides behind Snoopy's Doghouse.Charlie Brown watch the Little Red Haired Girl walks to her home.Charlie Brown runs to the side of the house.Snoopy rolls out of the roof of his doghouse and goes under the snow like a submarine.Woodstock sees him sneaking He tells him to be cool.Charlie Brown runs inside. Snoopy goes in the house,Sneaks under the rug,And hides behind the lamp.He spots the Little Red Haired Girl and hides behind one of the curtains.Charlie Brown is hiding behind the other curtain.)

  • Charlie: "The key is keeping a low profile.For now, we just keep our distance."

(Charlie Brown watches the Little Red Haired Girl open the mailbox and gets mail.But suddenly He saw Snoopy peeking out of the mailbox.)

  • Charlie: "Ahh! Snoopy, no!"

(Charlie Brown rushes into his room to hide.)

  • Charlie: "That was a close one.If I could only work up the nerve to go over there, I..."
  • Sally: "What are you looking at big brother?"

(Charlie Brown hides from the Little Red Haired Girl.)

  • Charlie: "Are you crazy?"
  • Sally: "Oh! you're in love."

(Charlie Brown hides in his bed.Snoopy goes to his doghouse. He throws away the paper and gets another one and began writing another story.)

  • Lucy: (Voiceover)"Chapter 1: It was the greatest love story ever told."

(A plane flew all the way to the aerodrome.The World War 1 Flying Ace came out and sees the plane coming in for a landing and out came a pink dog.)

  • Lucy: (Voiceover)"Her name was Fifi.She was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen."

(The Flying Ace calls out to Fifi and he shows her his plane.But it was broken.The Flying Ace can't believe it.Woodstock gets the Beagle Scouts.They repair the plane.But a blast of black soot poof out The Flying Ace is covered in soot and Woodstock cleans him up. Fifi repairs her plane and is ready to leave.The Flying Ace was about to give her flowers but she left.Woodstock kicks the hearts.And Snoopy is still holding the flowers.Woodstock writes the paper with a marker But Snoopy puts him in the flowers.But then he gets an idea he gets one of the flowers and went to see Charlie Brown.Snoopy takes Charlie Brown to The Little Red Haired Girl's House.)

  • Charlie: "I can't believe I'm about to talk to the Little Red Haired Girl.It's moments like this when you need a faithful friend."

(Charlie Brown notice that he has to ring the doorbell. He starts walking back toward his house, but Snoopy carries him to the Little Red Haired Girl's House.)

  • Charlie: "Yup, if there's one person you want by your side at a moment like this it's your loyal dog."

(He was about to ring the doorbell but he refuses.But Snoopy rings the doorbell for him.Charlie Brown screams in fear.The Little Red Haired Girl answers the door.)

  • The Little Red Haired Girl: "Hello? Hello? Hmm."

(Charlie Brown came out of his hiding place after the Little Red Haired Girl closed the door.)

  • Charlie: "She said hello!"

(Woodstock was snow plowing his nest.Charlie Brown went to Lucy's Psychiatric booth.)

  • Lucy: "Charlie Brown, what brings you out here so late in the day?"
  • Charlie: "I need your advise on Girls Lucy.You're a girl right?Let's just say there is this girl I like to impress.But she's something and i'm nothing.If I were something and she's nothing I could talk to her.Or she was nothing and I was nothing I could talk to her.But she's something and I'm nothing.So I can't just talk to her."
  • Lucy: "You're being ridiculous Charlie Brown.Why, you have much to offer."
  • Charlie: "She has a pretty face, and pretty faces make me nervous."
  • Lucy: (Suddenly becoming angry) "Pretty face? PRETTY FACE?! I have a pretty face! How come my face doesn't make you nervous?! How come you can talk to me Charlie Brown?!"
  • Charlie: "I just need to know the secret to winning her heart."
  • Lucy: "Look into this mirror Charlie Brown.This is the face of failure.A classic failure face.Do you think girls like failures, Charlie Brown?"
  • Charlie: "Well no."
  • Lucy: "Girls want someone with proven success.Have you won any rewards?Like a congressional Medal of Honor?Or a noble peace prize?What are you real estate holdings?Do you have a diversified portfolio?"
  • Charlie: "Huh?"
  • Lucy: "Let me let you in on a little secret Charlie Brown.If you really want to impress girls you need to show them you're a winner."

(She gives him a how to become a winner book.)

  • Charlie: "A winner, me?Lucy you may be on to something."
  • Lucy: "Of course when I say you, ya know I don't mean you personally.That would be 5 cents please."

(Charlie Brown puts a coin in the cents can and left the booth.)

  • Lucy: "Nickels nickels nickels.What a beautiful sound."

(Back at Charlie Brown's house.)

  • Charlie: "Congratulations you're now on your way to becoming a winner.Step 1; Forget everything you ever knew about yourself.Okay.Step 2; Project confidence don't slouch.Maintain eye contact at all times."

(Charlie Brown looks at the mirror Snoopy joins in and they had an eye staring contest.But Charlie Brown blinked which causes him to lose the contest.Then he heard a noise.)

  • Sally: "Yee-haw."

(Charlie Brown walks to the living room she sees Sally prepping up.)

  • Sally: "Giddy-up little pony Yee-haw."
  • Charlie: "What are you doing?"
  • Sally: "I'm gonna be a rodeo star in the big talent show.Wow when I win that first prize ribbon there will be no one who hasn't heard the name Sally Brown and her trusty horse Broomstick."

(She lassoed Charlie Brown.)

  • Charlie: "Win the talent show.Now that's a great idea.This is just what Lucy was talking about."

(Charlie Brown goes into his room and finds a magician hat,while Snoopy gets empty cardboard boxes.Charlie Brown cuts out his plan for the talent show.Woodstock paints a flower purple.Charlie Brown makes a cardboard sword.Snoopy was painting but accidentally paints Woodstock Purple.Charlie Brown removes a table cloth but knocks out a tea set.Snoopy avoids the magic swords Charlie Brown puts in the box for the part of his talent show.Charlie Brown practices a levitation magic on Snoopy.Charlie Brown removes the table cloth only to move the table and the tea set to fall.Charlie Brown puts Snoopy in the magic box and spins it around. Snoopy was apart.But Charlie Brown spins the box again and Snoopy was back to normal again.Woodstock applauded their act for the talent show.)

  • Charlie: "We're ready."

(Later at the Talent show Everyone took a seat.They watch as the kids perform the act they had practiced.Schroeder does his act.While the kids are preps up their act the doors opened and Charlie Brown magically appears.)

  • All: (Amazed chatter).

(Charlie Brown peers from the curtain and he sees the Little Red Haired Girl seated with the other kids.)

  • Charlie: "She's here I've a really good feeling that tonight she will see the new Charlie Brown."

(He walks over to Lucy.)

  • Lucy: "Charlie Brown.As your Psychologist I'm surprise to see you here.A person with all those insecurities normally wouldn't enter a talent show.I'm..."

(But before she could say anything else she saw Snoopy copying her by making shadows.)

  • Lucy: "I oughta slug you."

(Snoopy ducks down as Lucy tries to slap him.But Snoopy licks her.)

  • Lucy: "Ugh! I've been kissed by a dog!I have dog germs!Get hot water!Get some disinfectant!Get some Iodine!"
  • Franklin: "Let's keep this thing moving, times a wasting."

(The other kids perform their acts.Charlie Brown watches as a kid dressed as Robin Hood walks away pushing a large target board with a frightened kid on it with arrows surrounding him. Later, Charlie Brown watches as Peppermint Patty practices karate with Marcie off screen.)

  • Peppermint Patty: (As she breaks boards off screen) "HEEYAH! HI-YAH! HAI!"
  • Marcie: "Ow!"
  • Peppermint Patty: (Comes out wearing a karate uniform and green belt) "Thank you! Break a leg Chuck."
  • Marcie: (Having been beaten up and holding broken boards) "Treat you assistant kindly Charles."
  • Franklin: "Okay Sally we're running behind, so gallop don't trot."

(Sally came onstage.)

  • Sally: "Save the applause for the end everyone."

(The crowd feels bored.)

  • Sally: "If you like this wait for the encore."

(The crowd still feels bored.)

  • Franklin: "Your sister is really dying out there."
  • Someone: "Hey, that's not a real horse!"
  • All: (Laughter).

(Sally's horse's head falls off.The kids laughed over Sally's talent going wrong.)

  • Franklin: "Sorry Charlie Brown, this has gone long enough.Drop the curtains!"
  • Charlie: "Don't do that! She said she has a big finish."
  • Franklin: "Well it's either your act or hers.We can't hold forever."

(Charlie Brown looks at Sally and then the Little Red Haired Girl.He goes over to the magic box and knock on the side of it. Snoopy jumps out.)

  • Charlie: "Change of plans Snoopy."

(He removes the table cloth without a thing going wrong.Charlie rolls his eyes and walks away.Snoopy and Franklin clap over Charlie Brown's act.Charlie Brown comes onstage dressed as a cow.)

  • Charlie: "Moo.Moo."
  • Sally: "Big brother."
  • Charlie: "Rope me.Moo."
  • Someone: "That's not a real cow."
  • All: (Laughter).

(Snoopy came onstage acting like a horse.Sally gets on him.)

  • Sally: "I'm gonna get you."
  • All: (Cheering).
  • Charlie: "Huh?"

(Charlie Brown runs for it as Sally chases the cow.Someone gets tangled up and pulls down the other curtains, revealing the other kids doing their acts.)

  • Peppermint Patty: (About to punch a wooden board held by Marcie) "HO, HI-YA-!" (Marcie grabs Peppermint Patty's hand and throws her onto the floor, knocking her unconscious.)
  • Sally: "Whoo-Hoo!"
  • Marcie: "Sorry sir."
  • Peppermint Patty: (Bending up dizzily) "Good one."

(Lucy is still in love with Schroeder.)

  • Lucy: "Oh Schroeder."

(Schroeder lifts his piano knocking Lucy over as Sally chases the cow.)

  • Sally: "Whoo-Hoo."

(Sally is still chasing Charlie Brown.)

  • Sally: "You can run little doggie but you can't hide."

(Sally is still chasing his brother.)

  • Sally: "This is going great Yee-haw."

(Sally catches the cow and ties Charlie Brown up.)

  • Sally: "My name is the Calamity Sally.The best bronco-busting lasso roping cowgirl in this here town."

(The crowd goes wild.)

  • Sally: (Giggles)"Thanks big brother."

(Charlie Brown is amazed that he helps his sister with her act. Then the ropes slip a little so that only an arm and a leg are tied. A kid takes a picture.The next day at school.)

  • Charlie: "Moo?Well, nobody reads the school paper anyhow."

(When Charlie Brown walks in the cafeteria he is surprised to see everyone reading the newspaper.)

  • Linus: "Look on the bright side Charlie Brown.They say there's no such thing as bad publicity."
  • Charlie: "You're right Linus.She definitely knows who I am now."

(Charlie Brown watches the Little Red Haired Girl sit in her seat.)

  • Linus: "Ya know Charlie Brown, if you like her so much why not just walk up to her and introduce yourself."
  • Charlie: "After the complete fool I made out of myself last night?Yeah and why don't I just fly to the moon?"

(Charlie Brown watches as Lucy holds a carton and the kids laughed.)

  • Charlie: (thinking)"Oh brother! She's talking to them?So much for a fresh start.Time is running out."

(Back at Charlie Brown's house.)

  • Charlie: "Number 6 tell yourself I am worthy, I can do this, I have what it takes."

(The phone rings Sally answers it.)

  • Sally: "Hello.(gasps) You're girlfriend's on the phone."

(Sally hands the phone to Charlie Brown.)

  • Charlie: "Hello."

(Charlie Brown gets tangled in the phone wire.)

  • Peppermint Patty: "Hey Chuck.This is Peppermint Patty. How've you been."
  • Charlie: "Well I..."
  • Peppermint Patty: "Listen, I have some great news for you Chuck.The Winter Dance is in a few weeks, and I'm saving a dance for you.Anyway Marcie put me in charge of the refreshment committee.I took it upon myself and signed up you to make the cupcakes."
  • Charlie: "You did what?I can't cook cupcakes.The only thing I do know how to make is toast.Besides, why would I ever want to go to the winter dance?"
  • Peppermint Patty: "Toast and Cupcakes.That sounds good Chuck.See you there."
  • Charlie: "Uh, hold on i said."

(But Peppermint Patty hung up.)

  • Charlie: "Hello?Hello?Rats."

(Later that night Charlie Brown is bringing a stack of newspaper outside when he happens to sees the Little Red Haired Girl dancing and then he goes back inside.Sally was busy building card tower, when loud music made it collapse. Snoopy fell off the chair.)

  • Sally: "Hey, what's going on?"

(She knocks on the wall.)

  • Sally: "Turn it down.Turn it down in there! Ugh!"

(Sally and Snoopy went to Charlie Brown's room and they see Charlie Brown dancing.)

  • Sally: "Huh?"
  • Charlie: "She likes to dance."

(Charlie Brown continued dancing till he knocked over the lamp.Snoopy breaks the mop and he does a Flamenco Performance.Charlie Brown does the chicken dance,but Snoopy didn't like it.He goes to his doghouse and finds dancing steps.)

  • Charlie: "1,2,3,4."

(Snoopy teaches Charlie Brown how to dance.He continues dancing even while doing his work and going outside.Suddenly he stops dancing and hides from the Little Red Haired Girl who was playing hopscotch.Later at Charlie Brown's house.)

  • Charlie: "I could really use a dance partner."
  • Sally: "Good luck with that."
  • Charlie: "1,2,3,4.Okay Snoopy, I got the basics down but if I'm gonna win, I need to step it up."

(Snoopy puts out the dancing steps.Charlie Brown continues dancing.He imagined dancing at the Winter Dance.)

  • Franklin: (Voiceover)"We have our winners let's applaud it as they begin the tradition of Dance of the Champion."

(Charlie Brown dances with the Little Red Haired Girl but it turns out to be...Snoopy!)

  • Charlie: "Snoopy.Uh thanks for the help! I left some cookies in your dog dish."

(Snoopy raced out of the room.Charlie Brown continues dancing.Later at the Winter Dance Everyone is there Pig-Pen looks at Patty and Patty looks back at Pig-Pen.)

  • Patty: "Ya know I always wanted to dance with Pig-Pen."
  • Violet: "Ugh.Yuck!"
  • Sally: "Why isn't anyone dancing?It's called a dance."

(She gasps when she sees Linus. Linus uses his blanket to hide.)

  • Sally: "Oh, Sweet Babboo."
  • Linus: "Oh no here she comes."
  • Sally: "Someone needs to get this dance started."
  • Linus: "No!"

(Sally spun Linus around and she danced with Linus.Everyone else started dancing.Charlie Brown and Snoopy walked to school.Charlie Brown had the cupcakes Peppermint Patty told him to make.Snoopy keeps eating the cupcakes when Charlie Brown talks.)

  • Charlie: "These cupcakes don't look half bad,if I do say so myself.This time I've come totally prepared.I could't have done it without you.The old Charlie Brown would still be lying in bed with a stomachache."

(But when he got to school he finds out that Snoopy ate almost all the cupcakes now Snoopy has one cupcake left.)

  • Charlie: "Good grief."

(When Charlie Brown arrived at the Winter Dance everyone stares at him.Then goes back to dancing.Peppermint Patty and Marcie come with the punch.)

  • Peppermint Patty: "Marcie look! Everyone's here!"

(When Peppermint Patty let go of the punch Marcie wobbles and looks as though the punch will spill.)

  • Charlie: "Oh, let me help you with that, Marcie."

(He helps Marcie hold on to the punch.)

  • Marcie: "Such a gentleman Charles."

(Charlie Brown notice that the Little Red Haired Girl is also at the dance.)

  • Charlie: "She's here."

(The door closes and Charlie Brown gets stuck.)

  • Franklin: "Okay ladies, it's time for you to show off your best moves.Which one of you will win the first half of our dance competition and take home the trophy?Let them hear it."

(The girls began to dance.)

  • Franklin: "Listen to that noise!I think it's safe to say we know who our winner is."
  • Charlie: "She won."
  • Franklin: "And now it's the gentlemen's turn to see who will be joining our lovely winning lady for the final dance of the night."
  • Charlie: "I got to get out there."
  • Franklin: "Are you guys ready?Then here we go."

(Charlie Brown tries to get himself unstuck when he get flunged away when the door open and Snoopy dressed as Joe Cool came to the Winter Dance.Two kids exit the Winter Dance and Snoopy marched to join in the dance.)

  • Charlie: "This is it.It's now or never."

(The kids watched the boys danced and Snoopy danced perfectly.)

  • Peppermint Patty: "Whoa!Check out the moves on that funny looking kid with a big nose."

(Charlie Brown shyly appears.)

  • Charlie: (thinking)"Okay just like you practiced.Remember the steps.1,2,3,4."

(Charlie Brown danced in front of everybody.)

  • Frieda: "Charlie Brown?"
  • Shermy: "Alright."
  • Franklin: "It looks like we may have a winner here."
  • Charlie: (thinking)"It's gonna happen.I'm about to dance with the Little Red Haired Girl."

(Suddenly Charlie Brown slips on a puddle he didn't notice a puddle of punch and the rest of the accident played in Slow-Motion.)

  • Charlie: (In slow motion)"Whoa."
  • Peppermint Patty: (In slow motion)"Whoa."

(Everyone watched as Charlie Brown slips and falls and one of his shoes popped off and it hits a sprinkler system which made everyone to run out.)

  • Lucy: "Let's get outta here."

(Everyone except Charlie Brown and Snoopy runs out of the Winter Dance.)

  • All: (Screaming).

(The water cleans Pig-Pen up.)

  • Patty: "Do I know you.?
  • Pig-Pen: "Huh?"
  • Charlie: "Wait! It's not over yet."

(Something tipped on the table. Charlie Brown looked at the trophy he was determined to take home.Snoopy uses an umbrella to cover him and Charlie Brown up.)

  • Charlie: "Thanks buddy."

(Charlie Brown and Snoopy sadly walked home.)

  • Charlie: "I hate to say it Snoopy,it seems like the harder I try, the further away she gets."

(Snoopy tries to make Charlie Brown feel better but Charlie Brown just walked away.Snoopy goes back to his love story he's been working on.)

  • Lucy: (Voiceover)"The Flying Ace took to the skies he searched endlessly for the girl who had stolen his heart."

(The Flying Ace searched everywhere for Fifi but then he sees her with her camera.The Flying Ace tries to get Fifi to take him a picture but refuses and flies away.The Flying Ace flies after her.Fifi decided that Now would be a good time for a picture.The Flying Ace smiled at the camera,then made a funny face,posed as a mummy,posed as Fifi,and posed as Olaf one of his siblings.Suddely the Flying Ace crashed into a barn.Some hay was on him but he cleared it.Up in the sky Fifi made a heart shape cloud.The Flying Ace flew down and got some flowers for Fifi.But suddenly the Red Baron shows up and destroys the flowers.The Flying Ace flew after it.But then the Red Baron flew towards Fifi.The Flying Ace made gun shooting noises.But suddenly the Red Baron destroys Fifi's plane.Fifi falls down but had a parachute.The Flying Ace hopes to save her.But then the Red Baron comes after Fifi.Just as the Flying Ace was about to catch Fifi.The Red Baron got her.The Flying Ace flew after the Red Baron.The Flying Ace was about to catch Fifi.When her scarf blocked him.The Red Baron flew through a tunnel.The Flying Ace was about to crash into the mountain until...Snoopy was screaming as it looked like he hit a mountain but he was back at his doghouse.Meanwhile at school Charlie Brown notice the Little Red Haired Girl absent.)

  • Linus: "Daydreaming will not make her materialized Charlie Brown.She's not here."
  • Charlie: "Daydreaming? Me?"
  • Linus: "She'll be back on Monday. I heard she went back east to take care of her grandmother, who isn't feeling well."
  • Charlie: "She seemed like the kind of person who would do that sort of thing."
  • Miss Othmar: "Wah wah wah."
  • All: "Aw! Not another book report!"
  • Linus: "Time to pick our partners."

(Violet gets her turn and hopes she won't pick any boys to be her partner.)

  • Violet: "No boys no boys.Please.Patty!Yes!"
  • Patty: "Alright!"

(Lucy takes a turn she digs through the slips and finds one.)

  • Lucy: "No.Uh-Uh yes!Schroeder!There's no denying it! It was written in the cards."
  • Miss Othmar: "Wah Wah Wah."

(Charlie Brown walks to the slips bowl and choose one.)

  • Charlie: (thinking)"The Little Red Haired Girl.My lucky day.This changes everything.She will see the new me.And together we'll win the gold star.After that anything's possible.We could be the first kids to land on the moon."

(Charlie Brown and the Little Red Haired Girl are seen going to the moon.)

  • Charlie: "One small step for kids one giant leap for Charlie Brown."

(He used a slip bowl as a space helmet.Which made the kids laugh.A little later.)

  • Charlie: "You gotta help me Linus.I'm not sure I can handle being partners with the Little Red Haired Girl.I need to slow things down. Maybe I'm not ready for a serious relationship!How will I support her?I can't afford a mortgage!What if I'm put into escrow?"
  • Linus: "Charlie Brown you're being ridiculous.You're the only person I know who can turn a simple book report into a lifelong commitment."
  • Charlie: "I've never been so responsible for anything before.This could be the worst thing that's has ever happened to her."

(Charlie put his head on the table and looks at the Little Red Haired Girl's pencil. He looks up.)

  • Linus, it just hit me.I think I know how to become her hero.While she's away taking care of her grandmother, I could complete the book report for the two of us."
  • Linus: "There's one way to go.But if you want my advice..."
  • Teacher over speaker: "Wah wah wah."

(Everyone got out of the lunchroom and went to look at the test scores.)

  • Frieda: "They're posting the test scores c'mon."

(Everyone walked over to the test scores.)

  • Marcie: "Look someone got a perfect score sir."
  • Peppermint Patty: "You'd have to be a genius to get a perfect score."
  • All: (Various Chatter).
  • Violet: "Here he comes.No one in the world has ever gotten a hundred before."

(Charlie Brown walks to the scores. He leans down, looking at the bottom of the paper and going all the way to the top, finally finding his name.)

  • Charlie: "A perfect score?Me?This can't be right."
  • Linus: "No, Charlie Brown look! You really do have a perfect score."
  • Charlie: "Huh. I heard peanut butter is brain food."
  • Peppermint Patty: "Nice job, Chuck old boy."
  • Marcie: "I always knew you had it in you, Charles."
  • Lucy: "Out of my way. Mr Perfect Charlie Brown? This can't be right! It must be a typo. I don't believe it. I won't believe it. I demand a recount!"
  • Franklin: (Over the PA)"Good afternoon students and staff.We have a special announcement.There will be an all school assembly on Monday morning to celebrate our illustrious classmate Charlie Brown who achieved a perfect score on the standardized test."
  • Peppermint Patty: "Make way.Genius coming through."

(The kids walked with Charlie Brown.)

  • Franklin: "I have a science project due next week.Can you give me your thoughts?"
  • Shermy: "Hey I saw him first."
  • Frieda: "They say you're a genius.Can you read my mind?"
  • Violet: "Hey leave him alone."
  • Patty: "Yeah, leave him alone."

(Patty and Violet walked with Charlie Brown.)

  • Violet: "Now Charlie Brown as far as the book report goes what would you suggest?"
  • Charlie: "Well you can never go wrong if you stick with the classics."

(Charlie Brown gives Patty and Violet a Spark Plug Comic Book.)

  • Violet: "A comic book?I thought classics had to have hard covers!"
  • Patty: "Boy, do we feel stupid now!"

(At art class Charlie Brown makes a sculpture that looks like his hair.)

  • Franklin: "Will you look at this?What a contemporary piece."
  • Patty: "Notice his use of space."
  • Lucy: "Have you all lost your minds?"

(Peppermint Patty is trying to pull the door open but Charlie Brown pushed it.Some people are at Lucy's Psychologic Booth.)

  • Lucy: "You have what is referred to as irrational fear."

(She notice the people are gone.Then she saws a kid walking in the snow.)

  • Lucy: "Hey kid what do you think you're doing?"
  • Little Kid: "Following in the footsteps of greatness."

(The kids are playing hockey.)

  • Franklin: "Shoot it, Charlie Brown.Shoot it!"

(Using a hockey stick Charlie Brown shoots the puck it hits a tree,a few rocks and interupts Lucy's skating and it goes straight into the goal.)

  • Marcie: "Nice use of angles there Charles."
  • Lucy: "Hmm."

(Charlie Brown saw Shermy and his sister having trouble with their Christmas lights.)

  • Shermy's Sister: "How is Santa ever gonna find our house without lights?"

(Charlie Brown notice a loose bulb and he screws it back in place and the lights bright up Shermy's home.)

  • Both: "Yay."

(Some people came in the Brown house.)

  • Sally: "This is where it all began.As a youth he past many hours just sitting in that chair keeping his deep thoughts to himself and here we have his early kites used in many aerodynamics studies."
  • All: "Ooh."
  • Sally: "If we are lucky we will see his natural habitat.And this is his actual bed where he lies and ponders life's greatest questions."
  • Charlie: "Hey what are you doing?"
  • Sally: "I'm cashing in on your celebrity."

(A kid takes a picture and Charlie Brown is seen going on the bus Snoopy and Woodstock wore sunglasses and neck ties as body guards. At Sally's school.)

  • Sally: "For show and tell today My Big Brother."

(The kids except for Lucy showed up to class with Charlie Brown shirts and dresses.Later after school Charlie Brown gets out of the building Linus comes out.)

  • Linus: "Oh, I haven't seen you in a while."
  • Charlie: "My whole life has changed Linus.All of a sudden everyone wants to be my friend and yet I haven't really changed.Do they like me for who I am?Or for who they think I am?"
  • Someone: "There he is."
  • Frieda: "Charlie Brown I need you on my chess team."
  • Franklin: "He's got no time meaningless games he's coming with me."
  • Sally: "Close up."
  • Charlie: "Huh?"
  • Someone: "His face."
  • Sally: "And action."
  • Pig-Pen: "Do you have time to help me write my book report.It's due on Monday?"
  • Charlie: "Monday?The report is due on Monday?She's back on Monday.I haven't even started yet.Does anyone know where Marcie is?"
  • Schroeder: "She went skating with Peppermint Patty."
  • Sally: "Mr Brown?Mr Brown?What about my exclusive?Cut."

(At the Pond Marcie is sitting on a tree stump Peppermint Patty is practicing a puck hitting can trick.)

  • Marcie: "There's Huckleberry Finn, the catcher in the Rye, Sir, I've been sitting there for hours.These are the greatest books of all time.Please just pick one."
  • Peppermint Patty: "Hmm, let me sleep on it Marcie."
  • Marcie: "There's no time for sleeping Sir.It's due Monday."

(Peppermint Patty shoots the puck at Marcie's work.)

  • Marcie: "Just my luck to get a partner that thinks Moby Dick was a hockey player."

(Peppermint Patty watch as Marcie walks away picking up the papers.)

  • Peppermint Patty: "Marcie where are you going?"

(Charlie Brown runs to the pond where Peppermint Patty is.)

  • Peppermint Patty: "Hey Chuck old boy, what brings you down here."
  • Charlie: "I'm looking for Marcie.I need some advice."
  • Peppermint Patty: "Curve Ball ball not working for you?Slap shot not strong enough?"
  • Charlie: "No I'm good with all that.I need to talk to Marcie about finding the greatest book of all time."
  • Peppermint Patty: "I just might be able to help you there Chuck.Marcie just read off a long list of great novels.Huckleberry something, Catcher with a Pie.But she said the greatest book of all time is Leo's Toystore by some old guy named Warren uh Peace."
  • Charlie: "Leo's Toystore?"
  • Peppermint Patty: "Yup that's the one."
  • Charlie: "Thanks for the tip."
  • Peppermint Patty: "Love that hustle Chuck."

(And with that Charlie Brown runs to the Library.)

  • Charlie: "Does anyone know where I can find Leo's Toystore?"
  • All: "Shh."

(Charlie Brown runs over to the kids section.Woodstock is looking at a book but when he turns a page over a worm pops out of an Apple which made him laugh.Snoopy tells him to be quiet.Charlie Brown meanwhile is looking for Leo's Toystore.)

  • Charlie: "Leo's Toystore.Nope.No.No."
  • Kid: "Huh?"
  • Charlie: "No."

(Charlie Brown looks in book after book and after book.)

  • Charlie: "Um, where is it?"

(Some kids are doing their book report.Patty is the first person to see Charlie Brown go to the Grownup section.)

  • Patty: (Gasps)"He's going into the Grownup Section."
  • Franklin: "Is that legal?"

(Charlie Brown removes a book only to find Marcie.)

  • Charlie: (Yelps).
  • Marcie: "Charles? I never seen you in here before."
  • Charlie: "Oh Marcie thank goodness I found you.Can you help me find a copy of Leo's Toystore?"
  • Marcie: "Did you say Leo's Toystore?"
  • Charlie: "Yeah Peppermint Patty told me you said it was the greatest..."
  • Marcie: "Stop right there Charles.Come with me."

(Marcie takes Charlie Brown to find Leo's Toystore.)

  • Marcie: "This is what you're looking for.Leo Tolstoy's War and Peace."
  • Charlie: "Oh."

(Charlie Brown climbs up the ladder to get the book.)

  • Charlie: "Yikes how long was this war?"

(Franklin and Patty came over.)

  • Marcie: "Are you sure that is the book you want to read?Might I remind you Charles you only have the weekend to complete your report?"
  • Charlie: "I have to if I'm gonna win that gold star."

(Charlie Brown removes a book and the shelf tips over and he falls and a pile of books fell on him.)

  • Charlie: "I'm okay."

(Franklin,Marcie and Patty removes the books out of the book pile.Marcie finds Charlie Brown.Woodstock and Snoopy came out of the Libray with books.Charlie Brown pushes the book out of the library.His friend Lucy notice how big the book has been.)

  • Lucy: "Big book.How are you gonna get it home Smarty Pants?"

(Charlie Brown gets a sled and loads his book on a sled.)

  • Lucy: "Hmm. Pretty smart.What am I saying?"
  • Patty: "Good ol' Charlie Brown."
  • Violet: "Now there's a guy who's going places."

(Charlie Brown sleds downs the stairs and his book was sliding in the snow.Snoopy sleds down a hill using his bowl as a sled and he saws the book and sees Charlie Brown struggling to get it.Snoopy pushed the book to Charlie Brown.)

  • Charlie: "Thanks(Screams)."

(Charlie Brown sleds after the book and catches it when it goes over a ramp.)

  • Charlie: "Phew.Huh?"
  • All: "Surprise(Yelps)."
  • Charlie: "Happy Birthday."
  • Someone: "Who invited him?"

(When Charlie Brown got home he realize he had a present and the book flew and he landed on his chair and the book landed on the table.)

  • Charlie: "War and Piece.Page 1.Eh Bien Mon Prince so Genoa."

(He falls asleep but a knock on the window gets him to wake up.)

  • All: "Hey Charlie Brown come out and play."
  • Charlie: "Sorry guys."
  • All: "Aw!"
  • Someone: "Who reads a book on a weekend?"

(He closed the curtains so he won't be interrupted.Charlie Brown continued to read.He gets something out of the fridge Snoopy drinks some mustard and Charlie Brown takes a bath and he brushes his teeth.)

  • Charlie: "Okay where was I.Took a horse from a commander and hungry and weary and the musketry fire sounded far away unimportance of life which no one could understand there was yesterday and there was the day before."
  • All: "Ooh."

(Charlie Brown notice everyone listening to him reading and Charlie Brown walks away.)

  • All: "Aw."
  • Sally: "Okay show's over clear out."
  • Franklin: "Will there be a late show?"
  • Charlie: "And to recognize a dependence we do not feel.The end.I did it."

(Charlie Brown sets his book on his desk and began to write notes and he began to tack them on the walls like decorations.)

  • Charlie: (thinking)"It's all coming together now."

(He gets out his paper and he's gonna begin on the book report.)

  • Charlie: "Okay this is my book report about War and Peace.1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 First there was War.Then there was Peace.10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17.Only 983 words to go."

(Charlie Brown somehow spills ink on the next sheet.He tries to wipe it off but it stains his hands.)

  • Charlie: "Rats."

(He throws the paper away and he makes a zig-zag pattern on his shirt.)

  • Charlie: "This is no use.I'm just not as smart as they think I am."

(Then he looks at the Little Red Haired Girl's pencil.)

  • Charlie: "I can't let her down.There's still time.You can do this.You can't give up on her now."

(Charlie Brown spends all night working on his book report.)

  • Charlie: "998,999,1000.Finished."

(Charlie Brown went to bed but is disturbed by Sally.)

  • Sally: "Wake up Big Brother."
  • Charlie: (Yelps).
  • Sally: "Today's the Big Assembly to celebrate your perfect score.Come see."

(Sally is busy making Charlie Brown items like Charlie Brown shirts,Charlie Brown hats,Charlie Brown bobble head pencils and pens,Charlie Brown cups,Charlie Brown balloons,etc.)

  • Charlie: "What are you up to now?"
  • Sally: "Now that you're a big celebrity we have to move fast.I have shirts,hats,mugs and more.The fame that comes with intellectual superiority can be very fleeting.You have to cash in while you can.This is gonna be a big day for us Big Brother."

(Later at the assembly.)

  • Sally: "Thank you come again soon."
  • Linus: "This is all for you Charlie Brown.You've really made it."
  • Charlie: "It's going to happen.She's finally gonna notice me for doing something great."
  • Lucy: "Charlie Brown! I hate to admit it you blockhead, but public opinion leads me to believe that after all those years I may have been wrong about you.This is not easy for me.My whole world has turned upside down."

(The lights dimmed and Franklin and Marcie came onstage.)

  • Franklin: "Can I please have Charlie Brown come to the stage?"

(Everyone applaused as Charlie Brown walks over to the stage.)

  • Franklin: "It is my pleasure to present to you today this award for the highest achievement in this years standardized testing.But before I do the proclamation."
  • Marcie: "On this day where as you have up held the highest of academic standards, and where as no one would have ever expected that of you, and where as you are the first to ever receive a perfect score.Therefore be it resolved that today is declared Charlie Brown Day.Signed Ms. Othmar."

(Charlie Brown gets the gold star.)

  • Sally: "That's my big brother."
  • Franklin: "How about that Charlie Brown?You're the star of the school now."
  • Marcie: "Congratulations Charles.Let me present you with your perfect test."

(Charlie Brown looks at his test and he finds something different it has a smily face and his name on it.)

  • Charlie: (thinking)"Oh no! I must've signed the wrong paper."

(He looks at the kids in the crowd. Then back to the paper. He fold it and puts it in his pocket.)

  • Charlie: "Before I begin, I'd like to thank you for your support.You all have been so kind.It is not often if I get that sort of recognition.But, um, there's been a mistake.This is not my test."

(Charlie Brown takes the paper from his pocket, unfolds it, and holds it up.

  • Lucy: "Ha! I knew it."

(She soon realize she had a Charlie Brown shirt on with her dress.)

  • Charlie: "Therefore I cannot accept this Honor."
  • Sally: "Can a brother or a sister get a divorce?"
  • Charlie: "I think this belongs to Peppermint Patty.She's the real genius."

(Peppermint Patty is fast asleep.Everyone watched as Charlie Brown went outside.He sits on the bench.Later that day everyone went outside.Charlie Brown's friend Linus walks over to him.)

  • Linus: "That was a very admirable thing you just did Charlie Brown."
  • Charlie: "One moment I'm the hero the next I'm the goat."
  • Linus: "Maybe things will go your way again after you hand in your book report."
  • Charlie: "I'm not so sure.I was up all night working on it and I can't remember a single word."
  • Linus: "Surely it's not as bad as you think Charlie Brown.Let me see what you wrote."

(Linus looks at Charlie Brown's book report.)

  • Linus: "Hmm. m hmm. Charlie Brown, the insight you bring to such a complex novel is beyond reproach.You two are sure to win the gold star with a book report of this quality."
  • Little Red Haired Girl: "Book report.We were supposed to do a book report."

(Charlie Brown hides his face in a paper bag.)

  • Linus: "Oh hi.In the light of fact that you were away Charlie Brown took it upon himself to complete the report for both of you, and I must say this is one of the finest bits of literary analysis I've ever read."

(The seesaw tilts and it sends Charlie Brown's book report flying in the air.)

  • All: (Gasps)(Sighs).

(Linus's plane model shred Charlie Brown's book report into pieces.)

  • Charlie: "Aaugh."

(Snoopy came here looking for the Plane Model then he saw Charlie Brown picking up his shredded book report.)

  • Charlie: "No!No!No!"
  • Little Red Haired Girl: "Good Grief! Maybe we can fix it?"

(Charlie Brown didn't answer he and Snoopy sadly walked away.Snoopy stops and sees the Plane Model flying away.He curses him for shredding Charlie Brown's book report.)

  • Lucy: (Voiceover)"Chapter 4 Curse You Red Baron."

(The picture shows the Flying Ace cursing the Red Baron.The emery plane flew by and the alarm went off Woodstock got frightened of the Beagle Scouts ringing the alarm.The Flying Ace saw the Red Baron flying and flies after it.The planes came out and The you began to fly.The Beagle Scouts work together to get the planes to fly but one of the Beagle Scouts tossed the slipper knot rope to another post and the plane bumps into the planes.The Beagle Scouts point to One of the Beagle Scouts who did that.The Flying Ace meanwhile is flying after the Red Baron in Paris.The Red Baron flew up the Eiffel Tower.The Flying Ace did the same.The Red Baron's oil spills on the Flying Ace.The Red Baron flew down.The Flying Ace gets stuck at the top of the Eiffel Tower.The Flying Ace jumped down on his plane and he falls but he dodges the obstacles.Day turns to night.Suddenly The Flying Ace looks up at the Red Baron.Then he realize he's in the enemy territory.Alarm rings and The Flying Ace escapes.The Lights shines at the Flying Ace.Suddenly he finds Fifi imprison in a tower.The Red Baron flew after the Flying Ace but he escaped disaster.Suddenly the Red Baron shoots bullets at his plane.The Flying Ace goes down.He salutes himself.The Flying Ace's airplane has crashed landed.He spots Fifi going in a giant zeppelin The Flying Ace tries to get his airplane going but it just collapsed.The Flying Ace ran away from a spotlight.)

  • Lucy: (Voiceover)"The Flying Ace set out across the Hostile Countryside undeterred."

(The Flying Ace zip lines down the lights breaking the bulbs.Charlie Brown meanwhile is putting away his stuff.He put the Little Red Haired Girl's pencil in his drawer.He looked up at the night sky.)

  • Charlie: "Whenever I feel really alone.I just sit and stare at the night sky.I always thought that one of the stars is my star and at a moment like this,I know my star will always be there for me.Like a comforting voice saying 'don't give up kid.'"

(The star falls from the sky.Charlie Brown sighs and lays down on his bed.The Flying Ace meanwhile is returning to the aerodrome.)

  • Lucy: (Voiceover)"The Flying Ace had to return to the aerodrome if he was ever to rescue Fifi."

(Snow falls,Wind blows,Hail falls,Rain drip drops and thunder sounded.And Spike one of Snoopy's siblings has fainted.But the Flying Ace gets tired of walking.Using his binoculars he finds shelter he can stay in.But he looks through Marcie's glasses.)

  • Marcie: "Hey."

(The Flying Ace hurried to the shelter.He looks at a photo of Fifi and he cries over worrying about Fifi.He sadly howls.But Schroeder got mad at him.He tossed the Flying Ace out of the shelter and into the pond.The Flying Ace almost drowned.But he suddenly finds out he's in Franklin's bathtub and he quietly escaped.Some carollers are singing a song the Flying Ace somehow joins in.He handly typeropes across the fallen bridge but he typeropes on the christmas lights.)

  • Peppermint Patty: "Yeah, Chuck.You're crazy dog is over here again."

(At the aerodrome Woodstock was starting to lose hope of the Flying Ace.But he sees The Flying Ace returning to the aerodrome.Woodstock was glad to see the Flying Ace back.He asked if Fifi's okay.But The Flying Ace sits beside a tree,gets out Fifi's scarf and sighs.Charlie Brown meanwhile was sitting beside a tree as well.He walks around the pond.Spring came and a Little Kid was trying to fly a kite.He sees Charlie Brown walking and Charlie Brown stops.)

  • Little Kid: "Excuse me mister, have you ever flown a kite?"

(Charlie Brown thinks about the many failures he had when he flew his kite.)

  • Charlie: "Well, uh, actually let me just say that I have years of experiences with kites.But I..."
  • Little Kid: "That's great."
  • Charlie: "Oh, uh, well okay.The thing is, flying a kite isn't for everyone.It takes a certain type of person.It can be frustrated at times.They tend to have a mind of their own.But with determination and dedication you can make it happen."
  • Little Kid: "Really?"
  • Charlie: "Here you hold the string,plant your feet,lean forward,knees bent,back straight,head up, and remember, keep it simple."
  • Little Kid: "Uh, Okay."
  • Charlie: "Now when I say go run as fast as you can."
  • Little Kid: "Which way mister?"

(Charlie Brown gets some grass and the wind blows and the grass sent it to Snoopy.)

  • Charlie: "That way.Now go."

(The Little Kid began to run as quickly like Charlie Brown told him.Snoopy perched on the ladder the Little Kid was using.)

  • Charlie: "I hope the Little Guy don't get discourage Snoopy.He doesn't quite know how difficult this will be.It may take him years to gain my level of experience.It doesn't just happen over..."

(Charlie Brown sees the Little Kid finally flying a kite.)

  • Little Kid: "Woo-hoo.It's flying.Thanks mister.You sure know your kites.Do you want to try?"

(Charlie Brown tries to fly a kite but the kite flies away.The Little Kid runs after it.)

  • Charlie: "You can do it.Don't give up."

(Snoopy comes up with a perfect ending for his Love Story.)

  • Lucy: (Voiceover)"Chapter 7 never give up."

(The Chapter shows Snoopy becoming a hero.)

  • Lucy: (Voiceover)"The Flying Ace knew that this could be the last chance to save the love of his life."

(The Flying Ace and Woodstock takes to the skies.They see the giant zeppelin.They and the planes flew after it.The Rec Baron and the police plane flew at them.The Flying Ace sees Fifi and flew over to save her.But his plane broke down.But luckily Woodstock fixes it.A police plane flew after The Flying Ace.But Fifi uses a chair to take that plane down.But the Police plane broke the ropes of the zeppelin.The Flying Ace flew to save Fifi but the Red Baron shoots bullets but The Flying Ace flew past them.The Flying Ace told the Beagle Scouts to deal with the Red Baron.Te Flying Ace and Woodstock sends a raspberry silliness to the Red Baron.The Beagle Scouts threw so many items at the Red Baron.Woodstock flew over to the Red Baron.One of the Beagle Scouts uses the handle they we're using and throws it down.The rest of the Beagle Scouts try to beat him up.Their plane send them crashing into a cake shop in Paris.Woodstock meanwhile is taking down the Red Baron but he falls.But he flies.The Red Baron makes way for it and the Flying Ace goes to finish that plane off.Fifi meanwhile is coming out of the zeppelin from the top she grabs a pole and twirls herself around it but the zeppelin began to come apart.Fifi grabs on to a rope and climbs up it.The Flying Ace was finishing off the Red Baron.But he sees Fifi not holding on much longer part of the zeppelin broke off and Fifi falls.The Flying Ace flew down and catches Fifi before she falls into the pond.The Flying Ace did it he saved Fifi.Woodstock got tired of flying and rested on the Flying Ace.They watched as the Red Baron makes an emergency escape.They flew back to the aerodrome and The Flying Ace gave Fifi her scarf.The Beagle Scouts made it back and they congratulate Woodstock and The Flying Ace for saving Fifi.)

  • Lucy: (Voiceover)"The Flying Ace returned to the aerodrome with the love of his life.He returned a hero."

(Snoopy finished his last part of the story and Woodstock gives it to Lucy.)

  • Lucy: "And so as our hero observed he was destined to face the Infamous Red Baron another day.A dog that flies? This is the dumbest thing I've ever read."

(Snoopy hits Lucy with the typewriter. She marches back.Snoopy kisses her.)

  • Lucy: "Ugh! I have dog germs!"

(It made Snoopy and Woodstock laugh as they fall down.Summer came and the kids came to Charlie Brown's House.)

  • All: "C'mon Charlie Brown."
  • Charlie: "Hmm, today calls for something special.Here we go."

(Charlie Brown gets ready.He comes out of the house with Sally.)

  • Charlie: "Hey guys."
  • Sally: "It's the last day of school.Well big brother can you believe it.No more reading,writing,arithmetic no more learning ever."
  • Charlie: "What are you talking about.This is just the start of summer vacation.You just have 8 more years of grammar school,4 more years of high school,plus 4 more years of college."
  • Sally: "Eight plus the four add one to a extra four. (gasps) that's over 37 years of school.I'll be bald and wrinkly by then."

(The kids watched as Sally drove off to school.At Charlie Brown's class everyone is looking at the country fair.)

  • All: (Amazed chatter).
  • Patty: "Look at that."
  • Franklin: "Is that Snoopy?"

(Snoopy is on the Ferris wheel with Woodstock.)

  • Patty: "Lucky."
  • Miss Othmar: "Wah wah wah."

(Everyone went back to their seats.)

  • Linus: "Okay, Everyone listen up I know this is the last day of school..."
  • All: "Yay."
  • Linus: "...But first, before we leave, we need to finish picking our pen pals for this year's summer pen pal project."
  • All: "Aw."
  • Linus: "When I draw your name, stand if you want to be their partners."

(Linus picks a dusty and dirty slip.)

  • Linus: "Here we go.The next name is Pig-Pen."
  • Patty: "I will.A little dirt never hurt anyone."

(The kids laugh. Dust hearts comes out of Pig-Pen's dust.Linus picks the next slip.)

  • Linus: "Schroeder."
  • Lucy: "I do, I-I mean I will."

(The kids laugh again. Linus picks another slip.)

  • Linus: "Charlie Brown."
  • Little Red Haired Girl: "I will."
  • Charlie: (thinking)"She will?"

(The bell rings and everyone except Charlie Brown raced to the country fair they saw through the window.Everyone is having a great time.Charlie Brown is at The brick wall,when Linus comes over.)

  • Linus: "Charlie Brown, where have you been?It's the first day of summer.You should be down there having fun with everyone else."
  • Charlie: "I can't stop thinking about it Linus.After all the humiliating disasters she witnessed this year, why would she choose me?Was she's feeling sorry for me?I don't want her to choose me just because she was feeling sorry for me.I have slightly me dignity than that."
  • Linus: "Charlie Brown, it might be time to consider the wild possibility, that you're a good person and that people like you.But you'll never really know the answer unless..."
  • Charlie: "I just go up and talk to her! I should have listen to you all along!"

(Charlie Brown rushes back to his house to get the Little Red Haired Girl's pencil and rushes to her home rings her doorbell but it was The Little Red Haired Girl's mother.)

  • Little Red Haired Girl's mother: "Wah Wah Wah."
  • Charlie: "Charles, I mean Charlie Brown. She's not here? On her way to summer camp? So the bus hasn't left school yet? But it's about to leave?(yelps)."

(Charlie Brown rushes away. Then rushes back.)

  • Charlie: "Oh, and by the way, it was a pleasure to meet you ma'am."
  • Little Red Haired Girl's mother:" Wah wah wah."

(Frieda,Patty and Violet are playing but Charlie Brown gets in their way.)

  • All: "Charlie Brown?"
  • Violet: "You blockhead."

(Peppermint Patty meanwhile knocks the bottles down.)

  • Peppermint Patty: "Whoo alright."

(Sally tries to do the same but the ball gets stuck.Charlie Brown meanwhile dodges the Football,Gets hit by the baseball Sally was trying to throw,Gets himself squirt with water and he jumps through the bouncy castle and he spots a train and hitches a ride.But the train is slowing him down.)

  • Charlie: "Aaugh."

(Charlie Brown goes through a roll thingy and ends up in a funhouse.)

  • Charlie: "How do I get out of here?"

(He sees that he's almost there but an ice cream truck came and a bunch of kids came running to it.Charlie Brown is never gonna make it.)

  • Charlie: "The whole world seems to be conspiring me.I'm just asking for a little help once in my life."

(Just as Charlie Brown gives up a kite has fallen out of the Kite Eating Tree.)

  • Charlie: "Get out of here.No you too.Whoa."
  • All: "Whoa, it's Charlie Brown."

(Charlie Brown gets his kite tangled.Lucy is at her Psychiatric Booth with Pig Pen.When they see Charlie Brown.)

  • Lucy: "Charlie Brown is flying a kite? Charlie Brown is flying a kite?"

(Peppermint Patty and Marcie saw Charlie Brown.)

  • Peppermint Patty: "Wow, Chuck's got a kite in the air."
  • Marcie: "Way to go Charles, whoa."

(Franklin is leading a band but is distracted.)

  • Franklin: "Huh?"

(The members of the marching band bumps into him.)

  • Franklin: "Charlie Brown is really doing it, he's flying a kite."

(The kite flew high in the sky as Charlie Brown runs off.Snoopy and Woodstock saw everyone following Charlie Brown.Then he sees the Little Red Haired Girl going on the bus and his kite gets her attention.)

  • Little Red Haired Girl: "Oh, hi Charlie Brown."
  • Charlie: "You remember my name?"
  • Little Red Haired Girl: "Of course I did."
  • Charlie: "Before you leave there's something I really need to know.Why out of all the kids in our class would you want to be partners with me?"
  • Little Red Haired Girl: "That's easy, cos I seen the type of person you are."
  • Charlie: "An insecure, wishy-washy failure?"
  • Little Red Haired Girl: "That's not who you are at all.I like the compassion you showed your sister at the talent show.The honesty you had at the assembly, and at the dance, you we're brave, and funny.And what you did for me, doing the book report while I was away, was so sweet of you."

(Lucy wipes away a tear.)

  • Little Red Haired Girl: "So when I look at you I don't see a failure at all.You have all the qualities that I admire."

(The bus honking gives away her attention.)

  • Little Red Haired Girl: "Sorry, I have to go now."
  • Charlie: "Wait! I think this belongs to you."
  • Little Red Haired Girl: "Thank you I've been looking everywhere for this."

(She went in the bus but she pokes her head out.)

  • Little Red Haired Girl: "I'll write to you pen pal."

(She gets in the bus and drove away.)

  • All: "Bye."

(Everyone was quiet.)

  • Patty: "Is he okay."

(Charlie turns around and smiled. Snoopy hugs him.)

  • All: "Aw."
  • Linus: "It must feel pretty great being Charlie Brown right about now."
  • Pig-Pen: "You did it."
  • Peppermint Patty: "Nice job Chuck."
  • Marcie: "Good job Charles."
  • Sally: "Hey big brother."

(She draws Charlie Brown on her balloon.)

  • Sally: "I'm proud to be your little sister."
  • Lucy: "Out of my way! I really need to tell you something you blockhead! You're still full of surprises! Good Ol' Charlie Brown!"
  • All: (Cheering).

(Everyone cheered and Charlie Brown's friends picked up Charlie Brown and carried him away.As the end credits roll there's the first Post Credit Scene.)

  • Lucy: "Charlie Brown? Oh Charlie Brown? I'll hold the football and you kick it."
  • Charlie: "You say you'll hold it, but you really mean is you pull it away and I landed on my back and I'll kill myself."
  • Lucy: "But I feel I have really come to know you. I now understand that you are kind, compassionate, brave, and funny. No one would pull a football from a person with all those qualities."
  • Charlie: "She's right I would never pull a football away from someone with all those qualities.I'm gonna kick this ball all the way to the moon."

(Charlie Brown runs up to kick the football.But Lucy pulled it away.)

  • Charlie: "Aaugh."


  • Lucy: "And gullible. I forgot to mention gullible."

(Another post credit scene shows The Flying Ace with his siblings,Woodstock and The Beagle Scouts.Marcie came serving root beer she wore a red beret.)

  • Marcie: "A round of root beer for our hero the Flying Ace."
  • All: (Cheering).

(They cheer for the Flying Ace just as he was about to say something the Red Baron flew past them and the Flying Ace is covered with Root beer. This caused him to shout"Curse You Red Baron."In the last post credit scene Linus's model plane stops flying and falls in the pond.)