Ms. Julian, sit!

You'll have your time.

I just can't believe you're even considering removing this man's ankle monitor!

That's our job.

Your job is to protect people from this psychopath.

Are you going to allow her to talk to him like that?

Both of you, shut up!

And, Ms. Julian, if you don't sit right now, I will toss you out of here.

You can finish, Mr. Pelant.

PELANT: Thank you.

I suppose I deserve whatever happens here today.

What I thought was a prank at the time turned out to be destructive to our government and a danger to the public.

I know now that computer hacking is a serious crime...

(whispers): Actually sounds like he means it.

That's what I'm afraid of.

It says McCann Academy is willing to hire Mr. Pelant as a tutor and teaching assistant?

That's correct.

And they know about Mr. Pelant's criminal record? They've seen everything.

They even read the transcripts of my trial.

I insisted on it.

I didn't want there to be any surprises.

I can assure you, I'm not the same person I was then.

CAROLINE: He's right.

He's not a hacker anymore; now he's a murderer.

Ms. Grover, this is outrageous.

What are you talking about, Ms. Julian?

I'm Special Agent Seeley Booth.

Mr. Pelant is a person of interest in two active murder investigations.

They have no proof.

This isn't a court of law.

We don't need proof. That's why I like it.

But we have been compiling information.

LAWYER: The FBI has harassed my client all year.

That ankle thing there says that you're home, but I don't believe it, pal.

BRENNAN: Here's what we've compiled so far.

There are preliminary lab reports, as well as complex computer code written on remains.

If you want to free him after reading this, be my guest.

LAWYER: You can't keep him tethered to that ankle monitor just because they are on a fishing expedition.

Public safety is the parole board's number one consideration.

Mr. Pelant, we're going to deny your application until we analyze these files.

He has been a model prisoner. It's okay.

I want them to feel secure.

Ain't that sweet?

(wolf howling) What's that?

Someone changed my ringtone.

(dogs barking) Whoa.

Mine, too.

A couple on an ATV found the remains.

What were they doing here?

Got lost.

Their GPS sent them east instead of west, and this is where they wound up.

I've never heard of a GPS reversing direction.

(cell phone chimes)

What is it?

Father Keyes.

We're all set for Christine's baptism on the 19th.

You're still okay if I do that?

Absolutely. Sprinkling water on her forehead seems like an excellent way to counteract the sins she apparently committed prior to birth.

I take it you're still not going to the baptism?

Look, you know, we're at a murder scene here, not a religious debate, right?

Hey. Welcome to the Hamilton National Wildlife Refuge.

Oh, it's not so refuge-y for this guy, is it?

Not much tissue left.


Victim is male.

No billows on the auricular surface, so age is late 30s.

Medial epicondyle appears to have been fractured.

Remodeling indicates that it happened about eight years ago.

Why does that matter?

It doesn't.

It's just... it's a unique break.

Piophilidae eggs puts time of death at two days max.

Pio who?

All the internal organs are gone.

This was like Thanksgiving dinner for the animals out here.

Based on dentition and the species in the area, it was a... it was a pack of wolves.



The break is 28 millimeters long, transecting the medial epicondyle and the trochlea.

Clothing remnant looks like polyester, and the waistband's elastic.

They're scrubs. Scrubs, great.

So the victim was a doctor, right?

Yes, and a patient.

How do you know?

I set this break.

I know this man.

He's Ethan Sawyer.


Pelant killed my friend.

(wolf howling ringtone playing)

♪ Bones 7x13 ♪ The Past in the Present Original Air Date on May 13, 2012

♪ Main Title Theme ♪ The Crystal Method

(metal detector beeps)

The victim, Dr. Ethan Sawyer, was eaten by wolves?


The same Dr. Ethan Sawyer who was a delusional schizophrenic locked up in a high-security ward in a mental hospital?

Oh, come on, Sweets. Obviously, he escaped.

Booth, has the victim been officially confirmed as Ethan Sawyer?

No, but Sawyer-- he goes missing from the loony bin, right?

And, so, you know, hey, Bones recognizes his broken elbow.

How'd she do that?

Well, because, you know, she's the one who set it.

They went to grad school together, they were friends, and, you know, he fell off a chairlift, and she's the one who set the bone.

What's the matter with you?

You're jumping to the conclusion that Pelant is involved.

I am not-- Look, he is involved.

Is this a hunch? No.

He switched our ring tones to wolves.

The victim was eaten by wolves.

Ring tones won't hold up in court. Tell you what, when you're ready to help, you come and find me, all right?

Until then, take a hike.

I am helping, Booth. This is how I help.

To keep things in perspective, okay?

So how can I help?

Profile the killer, and match it to Pelant.

You're asking me to frame somebody, so, no, but what I can do is put together an objective profile.

If it matches Pelant, it matches.

It'll match; Pelant did it.


These marks on the zygomatic are from teeth.

Two canines, their supporting third incisors, and this faint mark here is from a premolar.


Yes. The pattern of tissue removal from multiple sites is consistent with simultaneous feeding.

How many animals?

Five or six.

They ingested approximately 70 pounds of soft tissue.

Dr. Brennan knew this guy?

Since grad school.

Guy was brilliant.

Specialized in artificial intelligence.

He modeled human behaviors mathematically.

No wonder he went crazy.

You can't really turn people into equations.


What did I miss?

(speed dials)

(cell phone ringing)

Yes, Cam?

There's hemorrhagic staining around approximately 50% of the bite marks.

Okay, what's that mean?

It means that Ethan was still alive when the wolves started to eat him.

You know what?

Wolves don't do that.

So it wasn't wolves?

More likely, Ethan only appeared to be dead.

Paralyzed, you mean?

Nothing showed up on the initial tox screen.

We'll take another look.

Thanks, Cam.


You okay?

I have something I have to tell you.

What do you mean?

Worse than being eaten alive?

I was conferring with Ethan on the Pelant case.

What do you-- in secret?

Yes. Why?

Pelant is a mathematical genius, but Ethan was smarter.

You think that Pelant killed Ethan because Ethan was helping you do math?

A normal person like you wouldn't understand how dangerous Ethan was to Pelant. Yeah, I get it.

It takes a genius to know a genius.

But do you have any idea, Bones, what a defense lawyer would do with the knowledge of you consulting with a paranoid schizophrenic?

It would be very bad for us.


Should we tell Caroline?

If we find Pelant had means and opportunity, then, you know, we'll tell Caroline about the motive.

Sometimes you got to work a little outside the system, Bones.

For a greater good.

I know, Booth. That's why I didn't tell you about Ethan.


SAWYER: You have to let me go.

I have to take care of it.

NOBLE: Do you mean the baby?

It's a demon that looks like a baby, and it's hampering very important work.

I have to dispatch the demon!

Are you saying you have to kill it?


Do you see any other way?

Poor Ethan.

Poor Ethan?

He was talking about our daughter.

Uh, please, we should talk out here.

BOOTH: Okay, Bones, let me get this straight.

Did he threaten her in front of you? No.

Not directly. I know he thought she was a threat, but...

And you don't think you should've told me that?

Ethan was confined to a secure facility.

I'm sorry, I didn't think it was necessary.

You said he escaped before. Yes.

About a year ago.

But that's why he was moved to lockdown.

And this time, before he disappeared, let me guess, there was some sort of a computer glitch?

Yes. Dr. Sawyer was accidentally transferred to an open ward.

How did you know that? BRENNAN: Open ward?

Meaning Ethan could have simply walked away?

That's correct.

Minimal supervision.

So you're absolutely positive he had no visitors?



Okay, when was the last time you visited him?

Two weeks ago.

He gave me an old mathematics book as a gift.

Visitors have to sign in, so it'll be in the records.

Great. We're gonna need all the logs and security footage of the entrances and exits of this institution.

You got it.


You find anything inconsistent with wolf attack?

No. Yeah.

All the DNA I've found is lupine in nature.

Wolves killed him, but they didn't murder him.

Right. So, Pelant fools his ankle monitor into thinking that he's at home, he lures our victim out of the loony bin, drugs him, and then leaves him for the wolves.

One thing I learned from Dr. Brennan: gather evidence and follow it without bias.

That's right.

Yeah, yeah.

Pelant made a mistake, we're gonna find it.

He's not God.

Oh, crap.


You need to stop what you're doing and come look at this.

Is something wrong, Angela?

So I scanned through the security footage from the loony bin, and...

BRENNAN: That's the front door of the psychiatric facility where Ethan escaped from.

That's me.

I'm carrying the book that he gave me. Yeah.

This-this is, this is time-stamped the night before Ethan Sawyer disappeared.

No, that's incorrect.

This footage was taken two weeks before that.

Which is when he gave me the book.

Sweetie, this-this is time-stamped.

Pelant must have hacked into the institute's security system.

I don't know how he could've altered this footage.

Look, I'm gonna break this thing down to the pixels to figure it out.

But, in the meantime, you're gonna need an alibi for this night.

I don't have one.

Yeah, you do.

You were at the Founding Fathers drinking a Bitter Canadian with me.

We were talking about Christine's christening.

You're trying to help me.


I mean, you wouldn't kill anybody.

I believe under certain circumstances I most certainly would kill.

Like someone thinking your daughter is a demon, and threatening to kill her?

Oh, my God.

This is bad. This is very bad.

I wasn't there, Booth. Security footage says 7:14.

Right? That's four hours unaccounted for before you got home.

That's plenty of time to abduct and murder Ethan, and then make it back before 11:00.

Don't say it like that.

Like what?

Like it's not you that we're talking about.

I didn't do it, Booth. That doesn't matter.

It doesn't matter, Bones.

You're on that video.

I'll be fine, Booth... Christine is asleep.

Angela will be able to tell that the video has been altered.

Hey, is everything okay? Which is what she hasn't done so far.

And since Ethan threatened Christine, that gives you motive and opportunity, okay?

Can you ignore evidence like that?

'Cause I sure as hell can't.

This-this guy, Pelant, he's framing you.

It would seem so.

BOOTH: Yes. He is.

All the evidence is now pointing to her as the killer.

Weren't you getting close to nailing this guy?

Yes, and Ethan was helping. Yeah.

Ethan was helping. Look what happened to him.

Honey, you need a plan.

We can handle this, Max.

Well, you haven't so far.

BRENNAN: Everyone at the Jeffersonian is working on this, Dad.

We will find evidence that links all of this to Pelant.

Right, and if you don't?

BOOTH: Max. Please.

Thank you so much for putting Christine to bed.

We really appreciate that, all right?

But we can handle this.

MAX: Sure, sure. Listen...

I'm sorry, I...

If you need anything, baby...


Looks like some kind of puncture.

Dr. Brennan didn't see this when she went over the X-rays?

No. I was surprised, too. It's pretty obvious when you compare the films to the actual bone.

Maybe she thought it was another bite mark from the wolves.

No, look at the enlarged image.

I think it's the tip of a needle.

I'm sure she thought it was another bite mark.

Can you hand me the rotary saw?

Mosquito forceps.

It's definitely a hypodermic needle.

Could there be trace of the drug inside the tip?



Give that to Dr. Hodgins.

I don't think you did it.

You know that, right?

I wouldn't blame you.

It's a reasonable assumption.

Can you stop being like that?

Okay? It's not reasonable.

Not for me.

Do you want me to come to Christine's christening?

You don't have to worry about that now.

I don't want Pelant to change our lives.

That would be the worst.

Then, you know what?

Let's not change.

Look, you don't have to come.

Religion's my thing.

You're really okay with that?

Yeah. Yeah, I'm fine.

I appreciate you asking.

You know, let's just not change our lives for this guy.

All right?

Look, I love you the way you are, Bones.


♪ Shot who's all heart ♪ ♪ For sickened boughs ♪ ♪ This is a waiting for ♪ ♪ My thoughts ♪ ♪ A waiting for my thoughts ♪ ♪ Representing my high ♪ ♪ Forgotten thoughts ♪ ♪ My forgotten thoughts ♪ ♪ This broken bed ♪ ♪ Is my humble offering ♪ ♪ Will I walk ♪ ♪ On these waters ♪ ♪ This is my humble offering ♪ ♪ Oh... ♪ ♪ Oh-oh-oh... ♪

BRAY: Dr. Brennan!

You're here early.

I'm... I missed the needle puncture to the C7.

I don't want to miss anything else.

It's not like you.

Why do you think you missed it?

I don't know.

Perhaps because the victim was someone I cared very much about.

Why do you think I missed it?

Not because you're the murderer.

I don't think that.

I really don't.

Everyone should be able to make mistakes, even you.

Should we?

There's a faint cut mark here.

About a centimeter long.

It's perfectly straight, no irregularities.

I missed that. Perhaps you're the murderer.

There's another one to the humerus.

These were not caused by wolves.

Which means they were caused by the killer, right?

Why make cuts if you know that wolves will be eating him?

Would you like me to see if there are other similar cuts?


I can do it.

Thank you.

HODGINS: There was a trace in the tip of the hypodermic: D-tubocurarine.

It's a neuromuscular blocking agent better know are curare.

It was used in anesthesia in the '40s.

It leaves the system quickly, which is why it didn't show up on the tox screen.

Okay. Well, where would somebody get their hands on that now?

They would have to distill it themselves.

From what?

Chondrodendron tomentosum.

Is it easy to get a hold of? Not really.

I mean, I had two of them, but...

Two weeks ago, Dr. Brennan asked me if she could have one.


She said she was studying some-some tribe in western Colombia that used it to poison the tips of their arrows.

Look, I-I know we don't want to go there, but...


Brennan didn't do this.

Yeah, I've studied Dr. Brennan for years.

Her cold and logical demeanor is a carefully constructed facade designed to protect a very sensitive psyche.

Someone threatened her kid.

We can't just ignore that.

Why are you even bringing that up?

Dr. Brennan trained him that way.

Don't be subjective, don't make assumptions, question everything.

We do have to be objective, Angela.

And thorough, and we have to do everything by the book, because if Dr. Brennan does end up being a suspect, our work has to be above reproach. It was Pelant.

That doesn't mean we stop doing our job, Angie.

Seriously? This is crazy.

We all know it was Pelant!


Booth. Whoa, slow down.

Hey, hey. You gotta do something.

Slow down. What? Why are you here?

The evidence is piling up against Brennan.

She's on the video, and-and he threatened her kid, and the poison is from a plant that she borrowed from Hodgins.

She didn't do it! I know, but... the evidence is going another way.

I'm the one who decides where the evidence goes and when.

Look, what we need to figure out is how to counteract the evidence against the evidence.

Meaning what? We gotta find a way to prove that Pelant put Brennan on that video.

All right. I'll do that. (cell phone rings)


BRENNAN: He's got me, Booth. Pelant!


At his place. He didn't see my phone.

I'm locked in the... (click)

Bones? Bones?


Hey, hey. What is it?

Don't worry about it. Just get back and do your job!

(jaunty piano music plays)

Hey, you can't come in here.

Where the hell is she? Aah! Ow!

Who? Who?

Brennan. Brennan.

Where is she? She called me.

Where is she? I don't know!

Bones! Where are you?

I don't know what you're talking about.

I swear, I don't know!

Bones, where are you?

I swear, there's no one here.

Where is she?

She's not here. Where is she?

I'm alone!

Are you always alone? Always alone.

Ow! I'm always alone! You're always alone?

Listen really clear. You understand me?

I swear to God, if you touched her, I will kill you.

I broke the monitor.

The police are going to come.

Any minute...

She called, all right?

She called. She said she was here.

Are you sure about that?

Maybe you should call her. Just to check.

(phone speed dialing)


Bones! Are you there?

Where are you? Are you at home?

Did you call me?

I'll see you at home.

(phone beeps off)

Yeah, you son of a...

What in God's name did you hope to accomplish?

I told you, I got a call from Bones, saying that Pelant had her.

There's no record of you receiving such a call.

Of course there's not.

All right? He got me. So you're saying Pelant made this happen. Yes, Pelant made it all happen.

He's must've gotten Bones's voice from a bunch of cell phone calls, and just mashed them together.

It gets worse.

Okay. What's worse than nothing?

Pelant's lawyer found out what you did, and went straight to the parole board, claiming harassment.

Flynn... All right. They let him go?


And they got you removed from the case.

And got Dr. Brennan removed from the case.


So Pelant got exactly what he wanted.

There is no one left to take him down.

No offense, Flynn.

I don't want to take over your case, Seeley.

It wasn't my idea.

You want to work a desk with pay, or go home on full suspension?

BOOTH: I'll go home.


Pelant is out in the world, okay?

What if he shows up at my house?

Then you shoot him through the eyeball.

Yeah, that reminds me-- I gotta take your gun and badge.

CAROLINE: Rules is rules, cher.

There's nothing I can do.

You run this down the way you see fit, Flynn.

Oh, one last thing-- a little advice.

With a guy like Pelant, nothing is the way it seems.

Great. I'll remember that.

So this is the last thing that Brennan looked at before she was removed from the case.

All the victim's wounds?


Can you remove the damage done by the wolves?


That's weird.

There's a pattern.

Does it mean anything?

MONTENEGRO: Well, if Pelant did this, then it could be one of his weird codes.

Like, introducing a virus into the program?

You think so?

It's what he does-- turn it off.

No, wait, no, I know this pattern.

This has nothing to do with computer viruses.

Superimpose the arterial system.

Remove the veins.

Can you enlarge the areas where the nicks were found?

BRAY: Whoa.

All those marks cross minor arteries.

Pelant cut them.

The wolves were drawn by the scent of blood.

This proves murder, right?

I mean this guy just didn't wander into the woods and drink some poison and wait to be eaten by wolves.

They certainly weren't self-inflicted.

BRAY: Dr. Saroyan!

What are you going to do?

I am going to report this to Special Agent Flynn.

Cam, they're gonna think that Brennan did this.

Because Pelant has no background or training in anatomy or the circulatory system.

I know. Do you have to?

Yes, it is my job.

So, what? So Pelant wins.


Today, Pelant wins.

BRENNAN: I thought Cam told you not to contact me.

I don't care much about what Cam says these days, okay?

Listen, I'm looking into the e-mail exchange between you and Ethan to see how Pelant accessed them.

How? You said they were all encrypted.

Yeah, I don't know.

That's why I'm looking into every computer trail that leads back to Pelant.

Thanks, Angela.

Yeah. I'm just being selfish.

If you go to jail, I don't have anybody to go to baby group with.

Now, I need all the passwords that you've used within the past year.

Your profile says the killer is hyper-rational, deliberate and exacting.

That's correct. When I read Pelant's transcript...

Would you describe Dr. Brennan as hyper-rational, deliberate and exacting?

My profile fits Pelant.

Yeah, I understand that's what you'd like, but please answer the question.

You have to answer, cher.

That description could be applied to Dr. Brennan.

Thank you. In certain situations.

You also posit that the killer had a compromised childhood because of abandonment.


Pelant's parents divorced when he was young.

He was close with his father, which he rarely saw after--

Wasn't Dr. Brennan actually abandoned by her father?

It's not that simple.

He returned... 18 years later.

The other psychologist who reviewed your report said that would actually be worse.

Look... I know Dr. Brennan.

She's a good person.

She's compassionate and empathetic, and a wonderful mother.

And how far would that wonderful, hyper-rational mother go to protect her child, Dr. Sweets?

No, I know her. She didn't kill him.

The Bureau will be using an outside consultant for all future profiling on this case.

I'm sure you understand.

So I'm off the case.

Come on, you gotta be kidding me.

Can't Caroline appeal this?

I mean, come on... Sweets, you of all people, know more about this case than anyone.

Okay, great.

So Sweets just got kicked off the case.

Agent Flynn accused him of being too close to you.

That seems like a reasonable decision from that perspective.

Can we stop being so reasonable, please?

MONTENEGRO: Hey, hey...

I think I got something here.

Look at this.

What is it?

I hacked into his credit card bill, his phone bill and his library card.

Okay, you're hacking the hacker?

Yeah... there's something kind of poetic about it, right?

So, according to his library records, Pelant reads a lot.

That makes sense.

He was confined, and the library delivers to shut-ins.

No, I mean he reads a lot a lot.

They delivered and picked up over 80 books within the past three months.

Wow! No one reads that much.

I do.

Well, no one is you, Bones.

Okay, do me a favor. Pull up his cable bill.

I want to see how many pay- per-view movies he's ordered.


Even you couldn't watch all these movies, and read all those books, sweetie.

We have to get the books that were delivered.

(doorbell rings)

Pack that up.

Just get over there.

Sorry for the interruption.

I have a warrant to search Dr. Brennan's home and vehicle.

Hah! Course you do.

Right. Oh! Uh, not so fast.

This is "914." We're 941.

This warrant's not for us.

It's a technicality.

Well, courts, they operate on technicalities.

Come on, Flynn.

You know that. I mean... (chuckles)

You find something, which you won't, it won't be admissible.

I can be back in two hours with another warrant for the house but her Prius is parked on the street, and the license plate matches the one on the warrant.

Give me the keys.


We lost them.

We'll tow it.

Fine. Knock yourself out.

And I mean that.

Thanks for stopping by...


Pack up all the stuff that we have on Pelant.

Angela, get to the library, okay?

Yeah, yeah. Okay.

Get to the library, check out all the books that he checked out.

There's got to be a reason why he picked out those books.

HODGINS: Hey, so, I found these...

What is wrong? Are you okay?

Well... (clears throat) the FBI sent over hair samples from Dr. Brennan's trunk.

(heavy sigh) God...

I looked at it a hundred times.

I want a different result but it...

It's a match for the victim.

The hair belongs to Ethan Sawyer.



What are you gonna do?

Well, I'm gonna get myself together and I'm gonna do the right thing.

Which is...?

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry but either you believe in the system, or you don't.

And I do.

I'm not supposed to be here.

(groans) This doesn't sound good.

It's not good, cher.

There's too much evidence piling up.

Oh, come on. You know she didn't do it.

Otherwise, you wouldn't have put that wrong address on the search warrant.

I don't know what you're talking about, cher.

She doesn't have a choice, Booth.

It doesn't matter what she believes.

I'm sorry.

I'm sure this will work out, but for now, I've got to get an arrest warrant.

This is a nightmare. It'll take me a few hours, if I drag my heels right, so you'll have time to get your affairs in order and say good-bye.

Thank you.

Now you're thanking her?

(Christine crying) Baby's crying.

You don't think I wouldn't give anything to have this turn out differently?

I'll call when I get the warrant, so Dr. Brennan can turn herself in.

It'll go better that way.

Cher, I'm sorry.

Hey. Anything?

Hey. Uh...

Look, I know you're trying to be helpful and concerned but...

No, I'm not trying to be helpful and concerned.

I just want to know how Pelant communicates with Skynet before he comes after me.

It's got something to do with these books.


Angie, some of these aren't even in English.

I know. I-I'm trying to search for some kind of pattern-- titles, publication dates, subjects, binding methods--

Nobody's gonna believe Brennan but us.

When we stop looking, it's over.

I know.

Hey, what if you arranged the titles in the order in which he checked them out.

Angie, then you can...

You-You did that already.

Of course.

I love you.

I love you.

Hey, you two.


We're both home today.

You don't have to watch Christine.

I'm not here about Christine.

How much time does Tempe have?

Before they arrest her?

No, before her first gray hair.

Come on, we gotta figure out what our moves are.

Caroline says that I should turn myself in before the arrest warrant can be executed.

You gotta make a run for it, honey-- now.

Slow down, Max.

You been thinking about this for days!

What, me being a fugitive?

Look, I have been thinking about it, all right?

Only problem is, that's gonna make us look more guilty.

You want to work inside the system.

I am the system, Max.

No, computers are the system.

And this son of a bitch runs computers.

And the minute they have Tempe in custody, she is part of the system.

Your only chance is to get off the grid! Honey...

Honey, think about it logically, okay?

The minute he has you, he will never let you go.

Look what he did to that crazy smart friend of yours.

We will be fine, Max.

No, you won't.

You two don't understand what happens when the system turns on you.

I do.

You okay?

We should have Christine christened before I'm arrested.

We? You mean... both of us.

You're gonna come? Yes.

What? What's going on?

Ethan was tracking Pelant's thought process mathematically.

Ethan was trying to send me a mathematical message.

You see, he inscribed it with a quotation from Alexander Pope.

"Nature and nature's laws lay hid in night.

God said, 'Let Newton be,' and all was light."

So, what, that's the message?


Okay, what-- about math and light?

Can we get into Ethan's room at the Psychiatric Institute?

No, we can't.

(sighs) No, but Hodges can.

(sighs) What are we looking for?

Brennan said it would have to be a message written within a triangle.

Something about Newton.

The first thing we do is we find three things that form a triangle.

Well, three things always form a triangle.

You, me, the desk-- that's a triangle.

Brennan seems pretty certain that there is a message here.

Ethan Sawyer was hallucinating.

He could have left it in the air.

Yeah, well, the pencil would have to be imaginary, too.

Patients aren't allowed anything sharper than their fingers.


Uh, hand me the ALS.

Come on.

Come on.

Found something.


Oh, that is so creepy.

He left a message in his own saliva.


Oh, good choice.


BRENNAN: Is it computer code?

I have no idea.

I've never seen symbols like it before.

Ethan must have invented it himself.

Well, yeah.

Well, then, what good is it?

And what good are all the library books?

I've learned that sometimes you have to step back and see the big picture.

Oh, yeah?

Well, I'm not seeing the big picture here.

In fact, I'm not seeing any picture, actually.

The answer is in that code.

Knowing Ethan, it's computer code.


Where do books and computers cross?

Uh, I have to go.

Yeah, yeah. Okay.


I just want to say... thank you for believing in me.

You don't have to thank somebody who loves you for believing in you, honey.

I love you, too.

All right.

Take a minute.

Forget about everything except Booth and Christine.

Thanks, Dad. Yeah.

♪ One by one ♪ ♪ The knots we've tied ♪ ♪ Will come undone... ♪

This is our faith.

This is the faith of the Church.

We are proud to profess it in Christ Jesus.

♪ Like picking locks ♪ ♪ We'll sow our seeds ♪ ♪ Beneath the sun ♪ ♪ Our accomplice is the rain ♪ ♪ With patience that of saints ♪ ♪ It grows and grows ♪ ♪ Our home, sweet home ♪ ♪ It took me 27 years ♪ ♪ To wrap my head around this ♪ ♪ To brush the ashes off ♪ ♪ Of everything I love ♪ ♪ Where courage was contagious ♪ ♪ Confidence was key ♪ ♪ Right as rain ♪ ♪ And soft as snow ♪ ♪ It grows and grows ♪ ♪ And grows ♪ ♪ Our home, sweet home... ♪

FATHER KEYES: Strengthen her with the grace of Christ and watch over her at every step in life's journey.

Christine, I baptize you in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Christine, child of the covenant, you are sealed with the Holy Spirit and marked as Christ's own.

We pray for Christine.

Bless and strengthen her daily with the gift of your Holy Spirit.



♪ We're home sweet home. ♪

Hey. Listen.

I think I know how he did it.

How who did what?


He-he used library books to insert mini-programs-- really viruses.

How? The library has a centralized materials automated handling system.

Each book is independently coded, and Pelant just substituted his own code.

The library scans the book, and it uploads the code to the Internet?


You think this is enough to keep Brennan from being arrested?

A theory? No.

And also, I couldn't help if I wanted.

I'm off the case, too.

Unless you can prove Pelant used his library books to transfer money from Dr. Brennan's account into mine.

Oh, my God.

I hope Cam is happy.

If she had just kept things to herself, we wouldn't be in this position.

Angela, you listen to me on this subject.

All of us did what Pelant expected, except for Cam.

Because of her, you squints are all still in this, which Pelant fears above all else.

As long as the Jeffersonian stays in the game, the good guys live to fight another day.

My opinion, Cam Saroyan is the hero of this story so far.

You hear what I'm saying, cher?




Tell you what, I'll go get the car, all right?




What is it?

I love you, Booth.

I don't want you to think that Christine is the only reason we're together.

It's going to be okay.

All right?

All right.

I'll be right back.

I'll go get the car.

All right?

Be right back.

(Christine cooing)

(whistles) Hey.

Come on, let's go.

We gotta go.


Now, drive as far as you can without getting exhausted.

Don't stop at any chain restaurants or motels.

You already told me this.

Pay cash. You took all my credit cards already. Well, I'll get you some fake I.D.'s-- hey, I'm right about this.

Trust me.

Now, wait for me where we said.

If I... if I'm not there...

Three days later, the next place.

I remember.

Okay, get in, get in. Let's go.

Go. Go.

Thanks, Dad.

(engine sputtering)



(engine starting)





Hey! Hey!

MAX: It's the way it had to go.

What the...?

Where are they going?

Well, if you know, you'd be an accomplice. Accomplice?

That's my family, you understand?

I should be with them.

You want to hit me. I know, I know.

I understand. Go ahead.

I know how to be a fugitive a lot better than you.

What am I supposed to do?

You stay in the system.

You stay alive.

I'll make sure Tempe stays out of the system.

I'm going to get my family back.

You tell Bones that.

Then you get that b*st*rd.

You'll bring your family home.

I'll keep her safe.