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Dr. Henry Jekyll: [narrating] Ahmanet understood power was not had to be taken. Set, the god of death; they made a pact, a pact that would unleash darkness itself. Ahmanet was reborn a monster.

Sergeant Johnson: We're going to die here because of you!
Nick Morton: Just let me think!
Sergeant Johnson: What!?
Nick Morton: I'm thinking...
Sergeant Johnson What are you thinking!?
Nick Morton I'm thinking we're probably going to die here.
Sergeant Johnson: I knew it!

Dr. Henry Jekyll: Welcome to Prodigium, Mr. Morton. From the latin "Monstrum vel prodigium," a warning of monsters. Forgive the state of things, we had very little time to prepare for our guest, and only the information Jennifer provided to go on. In truth she works for us, it's not an exact science this business.
Nick Morton: And the Business being...?
Dr. Henry Jekyll: Evil, Mr. Morton, recognize, contain, examine, destroy.

Ahmanet: You want to know what lies beyond the veil of death? You will...when I kill you!
Ahmanet: I loved my father with all my heart. All I wanted...was his love in return.