(man singing Italian opera)

(singing in Italian)

You gotta sing something else, Louie.

Some Kanye, Cee Lo...

There's nothing but opera, my friend.

The neighbors complain.

Dogs bark, the kids throw rocks, man.

If you tried it, you'd love it.

Opera's the music of the soul! No, hey.

Soul is the music of the soul, Louie.

You can do it.

You've heard it enough.

♪ Ridi, Pagliacco... No, no!

Okay, all right.

But then you're singing some Kanye.


♪ Ah...

♪ Ah...

(both singing in Italian)


It's a little flat, but that's the spirit.


(screams in perfect pitch)


(knocking at door)

I'm busy. BOOTH: Come on, Sweets, open up.

Oh... I'm-I'm in the middle of work, Booth.

No, you're not.

I can see you right through the window. Get up.

Open up the door, Sweets, let's go.

Okay. Come on, come on.

Wakey, wakey, eggs and bakey.

There you are, my friend.

Ah, Sweets, you can't keep sleeping in your office like this.

You didn't have to bring me coffee.

The coffee's mine, but I did print up some apartment listings for you.

Take a look.

This place is a mess, huh?



I can't believe you gave Daisy the apartment.

You know I broke up with her.

I can't... take the apartment, too.

Come on! Man, look at you.

You gotta shake it off. Right?

Get a new girlfriend, get a new place to live.

Yeah, thanks.

I'll check these out.

You've been sleeping in this office for two weeks.

You're gonna go cuckoo.

And if anyone knows what cuckoo is, that would be you, Mr. Shrink.

Okay, maybe I'm dealing with a few things that are preventing me from moving on as quickly as I could.

(cell phone beeps) You know, a breakup like this makes one reevaluate... Oh, oh.

Work calls.

The dead waits for no man. Okay.

Yeah, okay, let's get back to work.

All right, I'll tell you what, Sweets.

Why don't you just come and... stay at our place for, like, a night or two?

Really? Yeah.

So you can clear your mind, you know, get ready for your next move.

Thank you.

Clear my mind.

Here, have the coffee.

You're back.

Come on.

Let's go, Sweets. I'm coming.

(indistinct conversation)

You invited Sweets to move in with us?

I know I should have asked you first, but you should have seen him.

He was pitiful. I mean, it was bad.

You know, it's just for a couple of days, until he finds his own place. Okay.

Was that an "okay" okay or a "you can't be serious" okay?

I don't know what that means.

It means that we're talking about psychology Sweets, here, you know, the guy drives you crazy.

He's going through a difficult time.

It takes a village, Booth.

I learned that living in a village.

Sweets will be gone in a couple days.

I promise, okay?


Gone where? Is he okay?

Booth invited Sweets to live with us.

Not to live, to stay with us for a couple of days, until he finds his own place.

Is he still dealing with his breakup from Daisy?

Yeah. I feel bad for the kid, you know?

It's-it's tough. SAROYAN: Uh-huh.

He's going through an "early life crisis."

Good luck.

Good luck? I don't need luck.

This is not about luck, this is about a friend extending to another friend.

It's like an olive branch, that...

Stop. Can we just stop, and deal with this here?

The remains... what's up with this?

Based on the width of the greater sciatic notch, and the dorsal margin of the pubic face, this was a female.

Early to mid-20s.

There's no organs to examine, so there's nothing for me here.

Ugh. Whoa.

The Cochliomyia macellaria eggs and larvae measuring upwards of four millimeters means our victim's been dead for about 36 hours.

Is that a foot?

HODGINS: That is a foot. Hey, so...

Sweets told Angela that he was never getting involved with anyone again, so... good luck with that.

Let's stop with the luck stuff, okay?

Can we just deal with what's going on in front of us, here?

Okay, Bones, so it only took a day and a half to get down to bone?

Heavy sharp force trauma indicates that tissue, muscle and viscera have been ripped from her bones.

Where's all the gutsy stuff?


I think I might have found it.

Yeah. Gutsy stuff.



Oh... There's a leak.

No guts, no glory.

Good luck with that.

♪ Bones 8x05 ♪ The Method in the Madness Original Air Date on November 5, 2012

♪ Main Title Theme ♪ The Crystal Method

Numerous deep incisions to the glabella, superorbital ridges, zygomatic arches...

Her face was scratched off.

...thoracic and pelvic regions, and the extremities.


This is awful.


It will take some time to catalog.

Judging by the mass, this has to be almost all her flesh.

HODGINS: With this many wounds, there should be particulates from the weapon on the bone.

It's going to be difficult to isolate cause of death.

It'll be a doozy.

Yes, a real doozy.

We should get whatever flesh is still on these bones removed.

Okay, just please tell me that this poor thing was dead before any of this happened.

I'm sure she was. Definitely.


Hodgins and Cam are lying to Angela tore her feelings. Yeah, I got that.

Because we have not in any way ascertained if the victim was dead or alive when she was flayed to the bone.

We have ascertained, actually.

Acute liver hemorrhaging suggests that the victim was still alive when she was eviscerated.

So I out-and-out lied to Angela.

Thank you for that.

What kind of monster guts his victim, and then removes all her flesh?

In 1957, Ed Gein was arrested for murder.

And while searching his home, police stumbled upon bowls made of human skulls, lampshades of human flesh, even a belt made out of nipples.

BRENNAN: The heinousness of Gein's crimes diminishes in comparison to those of the Aztecs.

More heinous than a nipple belt?

In order to appease Huehueteotl, the fire god, the Aztecs would burn their captives alive.

Moments before death, the human sacrifices were pulled from the fire to have their still-beating hearts ripped out of their chests.

Those were the good old days.

Those were the bad days.

What... what kind of freak feels nostalgic over human sacrifices?

I'm gonna go ahead and plead the Fifth on that.

Severe chipping to the frontal, nasal and zygomatic bones prevents a complete facial reconstruction.

Hey, does that mean that Angela's off the hook for this one?

Yes. Yes!

Um, actually...

I hate to be the one to suggest this, but Angela might be able to reconstruct the face from the face.

You mean the face from the skin, right?

I have an ear, some cheek, and part of a nose.

I'll see what else I can dig up.

That is a very good idea, Cam.

No need to tell Angela that this was my very good idea.


BOOTH: So, you're staying here.

Parker won't be visiting us for a couple months, so...

Sorry about all the junk and toys.

Oh, no.

Beats the hell out of my office.

Look at all this stuff.

Kids from broken homes really rake in the material goods by way of compensation.

Right. Uh... take a look at this.

Take a closer look, all right? What? Oh, my God.

This corpse is so mutilated.

Cut right down to the bones. So, you're a psychologist.

Who would do something like this?

You want me to figure that out right now?

No, tell you what.

Why don't you just relax, make yourself at home.

Huh? Take things in.

All right? Thanks.


This is the last piece of facial tissue I found.

Thank God.

This is not why I went to art school.

I'll start loading the images into the computer, and I'll piece them together, and then I will hurl.

Well, how long do you think it'll take you to piece the pieces together?

Oh, not long.

I am starting a pool on how long Sweets lasts with Booth and Brennan.

I say he's out tonight.

Did you swab the cuts in the bones?

I did, yes. Yes.

So are you in on the pool?

I give Sweets four days.

What'd you find?

Ammonium hydroxide.

It's the same stuff that's all over our victim's clothing.

So, Angie, how long do you give Sweets?

I say he lives with them permanently from now on.

What's ammonium hydroxide?

It's a cleaning product.

The killer probably used it to wash away the evidence.

Huh. Did it work?

Well, yeah, it's wiped out all the other evidence as far as I can see.

W-What do you mean, "from now on?"

I mean for the foreseeable future.

They will adopt him.

Well... I don't have a box for infinity.

I mean, the furthest I went was a month.


Then I'll take the month.

SAROYAN: Our killer is sick and smart.

I hate that combination.

MONTENEGRO: Okay, so, this program will search for wrinkles, freckles, and other microscopic facial features on each piece, pick up the pattern, and pair it with the corresponding piece.

Very Frankenstein-y.


Okay, so I'm gonna wrap the face around the image of the victim's skull.

Pop in eyeballs and hair...


What do you think? SAROYAN: That?

Most definitely looks like a human person.

I know this woman. You do?

Oh, my God.

What? Is this a friend of yours?

HODGINS: Not a friend... whoa.


This is Michael Vincent's favorite applesauce.

And what does that have to do with our victim?

HODGINS: Someone killed the Them Apples Applesauce lady.

BOOTH: Them Apples Applesauce is owned by the two girls that are on the label, Jessica Pearson and Brooke Guminski.

BRENNAN: It's the applesauce I buy for Christine, too.

What the hell's going on here? Pumpkin butter...

What is this, olden times?

"Olden times" is not a legitimate historical reference.

But I see your point.


There's a pickle maker and a candlestick maker.


I know what this is.

Okay. What is this, a time portal?

No, this is an artisanal community, Booth.

(laughs): Oh, that's just ridiculous.

From an anthropological standpoint, the artisanal subculture is fascinating.

Really? Fascinating?

Well, to me, I think it's just stupid.

The Founding Fathers were heavily influenced by the Athenians, which resulted in democracy.


Uh, great.

Democracy, Bones, not a pickle.

Enjoy your pickles. And, hey...

Creating handcrafted, handmade products provides artisans with the authenticity they feel is lacking in today's technology-driven, industrialized world.

Great, okay.

Eat your pickle. We're here.

These are very good. That's nice.

You should've eaten yours. I don't want a pickle.

In the 1930s, Joseph Ball killed over 20 women and fed their remains to alligators.

Was this victim fed to alligators?

I don't think so.

Then shut up about alligators.

Hemorrhagic staining indicates these wounds were made around time of death.

The dimension of the V-shaped incisions suggest the weapon used to create them was a blade.

Those are some seriously deep cuts.

Which only a serrated blade should be capable of making, but I'm not finding any evidence of striations in these wounds.


Whoever did this is incredibly strong.

BOOTH: You okay?

Is there someone we should call?

Usually I'd say Jess.

We ran this place together.

I can't believe she's dead.

She is most certainly dead.

Very sorry for your loss.


When was the last time you saw your partner?

Saturday afternoon.

We had a pretty good morning at the farmers market.

We had lunch.

I dropped her off at the free clinic.

Wow. She was my best friend.

Charge nine dollars for a jar of applesauce?


Pay nine bucks for this stuff? Yes.

Every apple is handpicked from local orchards. No chemicals, no additives.

You think somebody killed Jess because we charge nine dollars for applesauce?

Uh, so, um, what was the purpose for her going to the free clinic?

Jess had lupus.

She went in for her monthly checkup before starting a sales tour.

She was going to cover every farmers market in Maryland, starting with Baltimore.

We were just starting to make a go of this.

Can you think of anyone who would want to hurt your partner?



There's this creep Adam.

He's been getting kind of stalkery with Jess lately.

Stalkery how?

Kept bringing her meat.

Meat? No, that's definitely not normal.

Oh, no, yeah, Adam is a butcher.

He's creepy, but he's the butcher down the street.

Yeah, I'm Adam.

What do you want?

BOOTH: Okay, Adam,

FBI, all right?

Let's put the cleaver down. Have to ask you a few questions.

(sighs) Here we go again.

You know, my shop is safer than any regulations that agri-business paid for.

I source all my meat locally, all grass fed.

No hormones of any kind.

Hey, pal, I don't care about your meat.

We just have to ask you a few questions about the death of Jessica Pearson.

Death? What are you talking about?

BRENNAN: Ms. Pearson's mutilated remains were found in a garbage can a quarter of a mile from here.

Oh, my God.

That's horrible.

W-What happened?

Our evidence indicates that the murder was committed by an exceptionally strong man skilled at using an extremely sharp knife.

You think I killed Jessica?

Well, we do know that you were trying to romance her.

With free meat.

Look, Jessica could barely afford food.

Every dime of hers went into her business.

I was just trying to help her out.

For what in return?


Especially after this guy came in and threatened me.

What guy?

I don't know, some big-ass, angry looking guy.

Threatened to crush my skull like a cracker if I didn't lay off Jess.

Adam, do you rub ammonia on your meat as a way of killing bacteria?

ADAM: This is an artisan butchery.

I'd never use chemicals.

Look, you can accuse me of murder, but when you start insulting my craft, that's where I draw the line.

Good to know your priorities.

BRENNAN: We need to examine your knives as possible murder weapons.

You want my knives?

Get a warrant.

You found any more money in her clothes?

Yep. It was mixed up in the garbage.

Oh. Yeah, the smell was a dead giveaway.

Let's see what we got.

So, we found 20 $100 bills on the victim.

That's a lot of money for a girl who can barely afford to eat.

Well, Brennan said that the victim was at a farmers market selling her applesauce the morning before she died.

I mean, maybe that's where she got the money.

No, I don't think so.

Look at this.

The bills are sequential.

Meaning that they came from the same source.

We love our kid, but we're not spending two grand a month on applesauce at a farmers market.

What is she doing with all this cash?

And why was she making monthly trips to the doctor for blood tests?

Her partner said that she had lupus.

I know, but she didn't.

I tested all the tissue.

Our victim was perfectly healthy.

She was lying to her partner.

But the question is: why?

HODGINS: Regular doctor visits for no reason, a wad of cash.

Think she was selling pills?

Want more? Aw.

Booth is upset that I pay nine dollars a jar for Christine's applesauce.

Well, artisanal products are more expensive to produce, so of course they're more expensive to purchase.

But the value comes in knowing that they're not made by some faceless, soul-destroying corporation.

You seem to have a real appreciation for the artisan, Sweets.

I used to work in a record shop.

I'm afraid Christine will never know what a record is.

Digital will never replace vinyl.

Hey there, you three.

Huh? Let's go, Sweets.

Booth, Sweets was going to get a hotel room.

Hotels are nice.

Yeah, I'll be fine.

No, if you stay at a hotel, you will feel rushed and you'll take an apartment that does not align with your sensibilities.

Wait a second, Sweets has sensibilities?

Yes. He worked in a record shop.


I think what Dr. Brennan means is that working in a moribund enterprise gave me a lasting appreciation for the craftsmanship that goes into making a record.

You know, I remember stocking this T. Rex album.

Uh, the one with 20th Century Boy.

And the liner notes, the album art, even the tactile feel of the vinyl...

And so you need an apartment that tickles your same fancy.

Yeah. Whoa, excuse me.

Those are my underwear, pal.

What is he doing?

Sweets has been very helpful.

He vacuumed, did the laundry.

All right, that's great and all, but a man doesn't fold another man's underwear.

Are those Captain America boxers?

BRENNAN: Booth has a nostalgic side, too.

You know, psychologically, we yearn for our past because we fear our future.

Or you just like Captain America or old records or your own apartment.

So can we go now?

Come on, we have a doctor to talk to.

Let's go. Thanks.

Thanks for that.

Appreciate it.

I'm sorry.


I saw Jessica at the clinic just last Saturday.

Is she okay?

Jessica was murdered last Saturday evening.

Oh, my God.

Was Jessica healthy, Dr. Reese?

Yes. Very. Why?

BOOTH: Why did she come visit you every month?

Well, that's confidential information. Thank you.

Not when your patient's been murdered.

We found a lot of cash on her, so we're thinking maybe the two of you were selling drugs.

That's absurd.

You wouldn't be the first doctor to make a little extra cash distributing pills on the street.

Jessica needed money. That isn't why she had an appointment every month.

(clears throat)

I have to tell you? Legally?

I'm afraid so.

I don't want you to get the wrong impression of Jessica.

Okay, well, try us.

Jessica came to the clinic once a month to have her blood tested for STDs.

SWEETS: STDs, cash.

Jessica was a prostitute?

It's not my job to tell my patients how to live their lives.

I just want them to stay healthy.

SAROYAN: Pig bones?


And I believe Dr. Brennan will heap praise on me for acquiring them.

Not as if that will cheer me up.

And why?

'Cause I got them from Adam Borchardt.

From his butchery.

The suspect?

It's a lot easier than waiting for a warrant that might never come.

I figured if our butcher butchered the victim, he might have done it in a similar manner in which he would butcher an animal.

I might have to heap a little praise on you, too.

It would be wasted.

Look at the cuts on our victim's bones.

Each one extremely precise and clean.

No clefts, no hesitation marks.

Definitely made by someone who knows what they're doing.

Like the butchered pig bones.

And the flesh was removed in a similar way as our victim's.

Is it true that she was a lady of the night?

According to Booth, she may have been prostituting herself as a way of supplementing her income.

An occasional prostitute.


I was thinking sad.

The nicks on both sides of the mandible appear to be at the ends of an arc that would've transected the victim's left-side carotid artery.

The killer slit her throat.

Judging by the microscopic spalls, the nick on the right side of the mandible would be the exit wound.

Meaning the killer was right-handed.

Which rules out our left-handed butcher.

I don't look so good now, do I?

Does that cheer you up?

A little.

Oh, my God.

The killer slit her throat.

That's now old news.

And she was an occasional prostitute that was dumped in the garbage.

There is more than butchery and applesauce that's old school here.

The killer was mimicking Jack the Ripper.

Do I even want to know?

Dr. Saroyan.

It's past 10:00. What are you still doing here?

Oh, digging through the booze-soaked lobster ravioli I found in the victim's stomach.

Last meal, huh?

Two-thousand-buck- a-night call girl, definitely not skimping on dinner.

You might be able to find what restaurant she went to.

Your turn.

I am examining the victim's remains.

By the light of a lantern?

The lantern provides oblique lighting, which bounces off an angled reflector and back onto the bone, which happens to be awesome for spotting scratches and micro cuts on bone.

But mostly it's because it appeals to your sense of the macabre.

(sighs) It does make me look insane, doesn't it?


Yeah. But what if I told you I found something?

Microfracturing on the anterior aspect of the right radius and ulna is inconsistent with the V-shaped incisions.

So, not caused by a blade?


What do you think caused them?

Well, I do not know, but I can certainly keep looking.

And people think I'm creepy because I'm a pathologist.



Is Sweets in our bathroom?

Yes. Should I have put a note on the door?

Well, a little warning would have been nice.

(hushed): What's he doing in our bathtub?!


Our jets... in our bathtub.

Societies in Japan and Turkey encourage public bathing.

In modern-day Finland...

Finland? Whoa, whoa! This is not Finland.

Sorry, Booth.

I should have locked the door, huh?

Because you played on so many sports teams and spent a lot of time in the army, I assumed you were comfortable with male nudity.

You know, fear of nudity is called "gymnophobia"?

Okay, listen, psychology and anthropology--

I liked it better when you two were fighting, all right?

Are we done with our bathtub?

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah?

I like to soak in our tub after work.

If you'd seen Booth's X-rays, you'd understand.

The list of bones that he hasn't broken is shorter than the ones that he has.

Really? (knocking)

Now what?


Hey, is Dr. Brennan home? What the hell are you doing here?

Sweets, looking right up your skirt there.

We weren't expecting guests.

BOOTH: We're not expecting... What are you...?

Hello? Time out. Can this not wait until tomorrow?

Doctor, check this out. Microfracturing on both wrists.

Very symmetrical.

The victim was restrained.

This is looking more and more like an abduction- torture scenario.

This can't wait till tomorrow because...?

This probably isn't a one-time thing.

We have a serial killer!

That's what I'm saying! Jack the Ripper is back.

Jack the Ripper. I don't buy it.


Because serial killers don't dump their victims in the garbage. Let's go. Out!

Out. Get out of the house. Bye-bye. Done.

Back to the lab, squints. And you, Sweets, go put some clothes on.

Oy! Now I have to go clean the tub, thanks to Sweets.

What did I do? You don't need to clean it.

Just get up the stairs, Sweets.

What am I, a sasquatch? Yes.

MONTENEGRO: This artisan world-- that's why I studied art in the first place, to pursue my true passion.

Hey, I thought I was your true passion.


You know what I mean.

Yes, I do.

My true passion are bugs and slime and yours is art.

But come on, now. I think we're doing pretty well.

Dr. Hodgins, what does an ethanol composed of rye, juniper berries and licorice mean to you?

Juniper berries and rye points to gin.


Is it part of the liquor or separate?

In the liquor.

It was the last thing our victim drank before she was murdered.

Was there a sign of any drugs?

Rohypnol? Narcotics? No.

Hey, gin can be pretty debilitating all on its own.

But she didn't drink all that much.

Well, you'd think a prostitute would deaden the pain with anything she could find.

I hope someone isn't targeting prostitutes.

It would help if we could talk to the pimp, but Booth's had a hard time tracking him down.

Old Tom Gin!

Excuse me?

Old Tom Gin is an old-fashioned English gin sweetened with licorice instead of sugar.

It's extremely rare today.

SAROYAN: It sounds like more artisans.

Yeah, Cam is right.

Old Tom Gin is made at Dr. Biltmore's micro distillery.

Which is a few blocks from our victim's applesauce store.

And, oh, boy.


Dr. Biltmore's is owned and operated by Dr. Cole Reese.

The doctor that treated our victim.

Maybe it's a coincidence.


BOOTH: Reese had his own practice, but closed it to open up a distillery.

So he volunteers at the free clinic.

These people all seem to be following their dreams.

Reese is following something, all right.

Look, read his record.

Right. Arrested for solicitation in 2003.

You know, one of the most prevalent theories about Jack the Ripper is that he was, in fact, a physician.

The clinic would be an ideal way to pick victims.

Right, and to ensure that the victim wasn't an undercover cop, hmm?

That, too. Yep.

(ragtime music playing in apartment)

BRENNAN: Booth, the front door is off its hinges.

BOOTH: Looks like Reese is really into the good old days.

(woman shrieks)

Sounds like he's not alone.

I'll get the door. Shh.

(woman whimpering)

(muffled screaming)

Drop it, Reese!

Drop it.

Just give me an excuse. Just one.

You know, most doctors live by a code of ethics.

"Do no harm" is one of them.

And who was I harming, Dr. Sweets?

I'm the victim here.

You're the...? Excuse me?

You were caught tying up a woman, holding a knife.

Harmless role-play.

And paying Jessica, who was one of your patients, that's also harmless?


I follow my passions.

That's nothing to be ashamed of.

It's moralizing psychologists like you that make society puritanical and narrow-minded.

It's psychologists like me that understand that you are-- to coin a 19th century term you might be familiar with-- a paraphiliac.

I don't want to kidnap and ravish an actual unwitting young woman, so I hire someone to play the role of the damsel in distress.

That's all these events were.

But even though you were paying her, you still had to get Jessica drunk to get her to play along.

Jessica had never been handcuffed before.

She was nervous. I was hoping that a libation would loosen her up a little.

Well, judging by the fractures on her wrists, I guess that didn't work out too well, did it?

Jessica began struggling, she was screaming to be let go.

Since you're into bondage, seeing her in pain must have turned you on.

I'm not a monster.

Listen, that poor girl was making herself bleed trying to rip the handcuffs from the bedpost.

I took them off her as quickly as I could.

Next thing I know, the front door is kicked in, this 250-pound behemoth throws me across the room.

Her pimp?


He stuffed me in a closet.

Did he say anything? No.

He was obviously furious.

But he was silent. No threats, nothing.

Well, we'll be analyzing all of the surgical instruments from your clinic, Dr. Reese. Be my guest.

And the antique medical equipment we found hidden in your apartment.

Those tools are very valuable.

That's the only reason that they were hidden.

These antiques are beautiful, but the edges are far too rough to have caused the injuries we found.

If I were to create a calendar of history's most ghoulish killings, the Black Dahlia murder would have to be my December.

Had medical examiners in 1947 had access to the technology we have today, Elizabeth Short's murder would have certainly been solved.

Well, the Medio-Cam would have easily unearthed particulates left behind by the murder weapon.

The considerable space between the blade and the V-shaped incision suggests this knife is too small to be the murder weapon.

But we've only just begun.

Sure looks like the Doc loved his sharp objects.

And we have casts of some of the bone injuries.

Will you tell me again about the French nobleman who bathed in the blood of children?

In a moment, Mr. Fisher. Okay.

Both knives appear to be tilted downward in the femur at the same 45-degree angle.

That looks like a 45-degree angle on the humerus and the radius as well.

All of these incisions appear to have been made in a downward motion at precisely the same angle.


The killer was even more precise than we had originally thought.

Well, I can't think of anyone more precise than a doctor.

I wish his tools agreed with you.

Hey, Booth, I wanted to apologize for last night.

I totally took advantage of your hospitality.

That wasn't cool.

Uh, don't worry about it, Sweets.

You know what? It's a great tub.

Oh, it really is.

Those jets are awesome...

Stop. All right, enough with the tub talk.

Okay. Um, I'm looking for an apartment.

That's good. You know what?

That's a great first step.

Oh. What is it?

None of the doctor's tools matched the injuries of the bones.

I got to admit, I'm off the doctor as a prime suspect.

So, what are you thinking, it was the pimp?

Well, I'm wondering why a pimp would interrupt his prostitute at work.

She could be freelancing.

Cutting the pimp out of the equation.

Yeah, that could get someone killed.

Or... Or...

The big guy was a client who had developed feelings for Jessica.

You know, that kind of paranoid unrequited love could definitely fuel feelings of intense rage.

That's him. That's our guy. I gotta find him.

I gotta find an apartment.

MONTENEGRO: Okay, so keep your eye out for a man, approximately six-foot-six, between 250 and 280 pounds, dark hair.

I'm looking for him anywhere near Reese's place.

SAROYAN: Wouldn't imagine there would be that many surveillance cameras in the neighborhood.

Yeah. You know, none of the artisanal shops even use them.

Half of them don't even have phones.

In New York, the police eventually tracked down the Son of Sam through a parking ticket.

A ticket. That's genius, Cam.

This Web site collects all traffic violations to analyze traffic flow and congestion.


Reese lives one door from the intersection.

These are all the photos of the drivers caught running the red on Reese's block on Saturday night when Jessica was with Reese.

You think he was driving? No, no.

But look at the angle of the camera.

Right across the street from Reese's building.

There he is. Look, in the background.

You sure this is our guy?

Well, yeah.

I mean, unless you see another six-foot-six, 250-pound man in front of Reese's building at the same time the victim was there.

Let's get the FBI to put his picture on the nightly news, see if the public can identify him.

Pretty cool.

Well done.

I saw my face on the news, turned myself in.

I did not kill Jess.

That girl meant the world to me.

What was it, Willis?

Did you end up buying a night or two with her and end up falling in love?

No, no.

You have it all really, really wrong.

Okay, why don't you tell me how it really, really is.

Jess was my niece.

Ah, you know, you're not starting off too good.

See, Jessica Pearson has no family members.

Not by blood.

Jessica's father and I were best friends since we were seven years old.

When he died, I promised him that I would take care of his daughter.

That was ten years ago.

And why should I believe you?

I got photos of me and Jess since she was five.



High school graduation.

After that, I paid for two years of college.

You can check it all out.

As Jess got older, she didn't need me as much.

Maybe I reminded her of her dad, I don't know.

She calls me out of the blue about some guy who was scaring her.

The butcher?

I took care of that.

But I'm not stupid.

I have eyes.

I saw how Jess's life was going.

So you figured out that she was...


I saw it.

So you followed her?

I heard her scream.

So I kicked down the door...

And you stuffed her client in the closet.

I came this close to killing him.

This close.

You and me could be sitting here now, only you'd be right.

Agent Booth, you got anybody that you're responsible for?

Who needs help even though they feel like they got to out in the world on their own?

Oh, yeah.

Look, I'm in banking.

I'm not a big guy; medium guy.

But I told Jess that I could get investors for her applesauce company, so that she could stop...

...taking clients for money and make a go of it.

Was she going to take the deal?

She said she'd think about it.

That was the last night you saw her.


Okay, so this is a rundown of how the injuries were dispersed across the remains.

Four incisions to the skull, seven to the right arm, six to the left, eight to the thoracic region, two to the pelvis and another four on each leg.

It appears as if the spacing between the incisions on the left arm is equal to the spacing between the incisions on the thoracic region.

Okay, that's interesting.

Let me try the right arm.


Try the legs, Angela.


What is this telling us?

This is the position the victim was in when her flesh was removed.

She was protecting herself.

She was cut 18 times with surgical-like precision.

Why would she stay in the same position throughout the entire attack?

Perhaps she was already dead at this point?

Or worse, she could have been paralyzed and forced to bare witness to the systematic carving of her own flesh.

There's something very odd here.

MONTENEGRO: Well, yeah, but you're gonna have to be a little bit more specific than that for those of us who find this entire scenario odd.

These wounds are too regular, too precise.

Each one is calculated.

The surgical precision, the working knowledge of the human anatomy.

I think the doctor's our guy.


The evidence indicates that this was done by some kind of machine.

Yeah, I believe if Jessica Pearson wanted to sell out, her partner might have been angry enough to murder.

Come on, really? Over applesauce?

For artisans, it's their life.

You know, Brooke might have thought that Jessica was attacking the very foundation of her life.

Oh, better her partner is a prostitute than sells out?

Essentially, yeah.

It's not about money for these people.

(groans) You know, artisans go into business 'cause they're passionate about the products they create.

That is so un-American.

Hey, so, uh, I'm going to move out of the house tonight.

Hey, you found a place? You've been great, but I think we both know it's time I face the world on my own.

It's time.

Excuse me.

Brooke Guminski, we have a search warrant here for the premises. Can't this wait?

I've got orders to fill, and I'm all by myself.

Well, you should have considered that before you killed Jessica.

BOOTH: We know that Jessica came to visit you before she left for Baltimore; we know what you two were talking about.

We didn't talk about anything.

She stopped by to grab a couple jars before she left town.

Booth? Yeah?

I believe I discovered the murder weapon.

What do we have here?


It's a ribbon blender.

We use it to blend spices into our sauce.

If the victim fell into this blender while the blades were spinning, her body would have become wedged to the side where the blades would have continuously sliced her at a 45-degree angle while removing her flesh.

It was an accident, wasn't it?


We are certain to find bone shards or splinters in here.

Look, it looks much better to the jury if you tell me that it was an accident before Bones here finds any evidence.

It was an accident.

She told me she wanted to sell, and I slapped her and...


Would it have been so bad to make some money?

My parents only cared about money.

It destroyed their marriage.

It destroyed my childhood.

I didn't mean for Jessica to fall in.

I turned it off, but it was too late.

I didn't know what to do, so I cleaned up the mess and I dumped the body down the street.

I'm sorry.


BRENNAN: Sometimes I feel guilty feeling so good after Christine goes to bed.

Good to be happy when the baby goes down.

Is it? Yeah, it is.

It gives us time to be alone, huh?

This applesauce is pretty good. (laughs)

Yeah. You want some?

No. The wine is fine.

It's not bad, I'm telling you.

Nine bucks.

Nine-buck applesauce is kind of like drinking a fine wine.

(both laugh)

I mean, I'm telling you.

Plus, keeps the doctor away.

Actually, eating too many apples could do the opposite, since they contain a lot of sugar.

You could get diabetes.


That's nine bucks down the drain, hmm?

You know what?

Stick with the Scotch.

Alone time...

All right, thanks.

What-- wait, you're leaving?

Yeah, I don't want to overstay my welcome.

Thanks a million though for...

Come on, Sweets.

Come on in.

You know, hey, have some sauce.

We have apple or wine.

But you can't have my Scotch.

Did I somehow give you the impression that you should leave?

Because you haven't overstayed your welcome, yet.

Come on, put the bag back.

Put it back.

Is this because you want to win the pool?

Oh, you know about that?

Yeah, Booth only wins if I stay another two weeks, right?

Is that why you want him to stay?

No. No. Don't you think that as a man, I should be on my own? I mean...

Most cultures have ceremonies to celebrate milestones in a man's life.

Oh, God, this isn't about circumcision, is it?

No, it's about dancing. What?

There are three important elements in moving on past an old relationship: admission...

I admit it's over with Daisy.

...cleansing... Right, you were in our jet tub.

...and celebration.

So I can't get my own apartment till I celebrate being alone?

That's right.

Anthropology is all about dancing.

(upbeat rock music playing)

You getting in on this?

No. Why?

It's your ceremony.

Bones, what are you doing?

Are you okay?

Celebrate! You're free!

I am free. I am free!

BRENNAN: And someone out there who doesn't know it yet will be getting the great gift that is you.

Lucky, lucky them!

Yeah! They are lucky!



Elevator down.


I feel so at home right now.

What's that mean?