"The Man in the Morgue" Episode 1x19 Written By: Elizabeth Benjamin & Noah Hawley Directed by: James Whitmore, Jr. Transcribed by: damnskippytoo

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TEASER A man's VOICEOVER is heard as video of the destruction left by Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans is shown - destroyed houses, recovery workers in white hazmat suits, piles of waste, overturned cars.

VO: Even all these months after Katrina ravaged the city of New Orleans, human remains are still being found in devastated neighborhoods across the city. Cadaver dogs are being used to search for 2,300 people still unaccounted for. Makeshift morgues still exist in warehouses, schools and churches throughout the area.

The camera pulls back to reveal a small television set in just such a makeshift warehouse morgue.

INT. TEMPORARY MORGUE - ST. GABRIEL, LOUISIANA Dozens of people in blue scrubs are examining cadavers. The camera travels from one room to another with seemingly no end of dead bodies.

VO: Officials are finally beginning to admit what many people have known since the levees broke long ago - many of these people will never be found.

MIKE DOYLE, an orderly, is wheeling a body from one room to another. DR. GRAHAM LEGIERE, the medical examiner, joins him as he walks past. They continue their conversation as they walk.

GRAHAM LEGIERE: (pats him on the back) You look tired, Mike. Late night?

MIKE DOYLE: Oh, yeah. Late and nasty.

GRAHAM LEGIERE: Same kinky creature?

MIKE DOYLE: Doc, the girl, Carrie's, a serious perv swerve.

Mike pushes the body into an autopsy room. He stops in front of BRENNAN who is writing up her notes in a chart on another body. She smiles listening to the conversation.

GRAHAM LEGIERE: Feeling wrong feels so good.

MIKE DOYLE: It's... (stops when he notices Brennan listening) Hey, sorry, Dr. Brennan.

BRENNAN: No, it's fine. Males often bond by exaggerating sexual conquests.

GRAHAM LEGIERE: Oh, Mike's not exaggerating. This girl is seriously turned on by coffins. Mike will take her into the cooler... MIKE DOYLE: Doc!

ZACK'S voice is heard coming from a computer sitting on a portable table behind Mike.

ZACK: (O.S.) Some libidos are inflamed by a proximity to death.

MIKE DOYLE: Who's that?

BRENNAN: My assistant, Zack, back in D.C.

Brennan turns the rolling table around so the monitor screen with Zack is facing Mike.

ZACK: Congratulations on your coffin s*x.

GRAHAM LEGIERE: (tries not to laugh) Mm-hmm.

MIKE DOYLE: (to Brennan who is smiling) I've got work to do.

Mike exits in a hurry. Brennan goes to the new body and puts on her gloves to get back to work.

ZACK: Some of the information you sent for analysis seems to have come from remains that have already been embalmed.

BRENNAN: (begins examining the body) Bodies were unearthed by the flooding.

Cut To: INT. JEFFERSONIAN - MEDICO-LEGAL LAB Brennan is now on the computer screen that Zack is watching BRENNAN: They have to be I.D.'d and reburied.

ZACK: I could fly down there to help, Dr. Brennan.

BRENNAN: "A." Tomorrow is my last day. And "B." The s*x on the coffin thing is not guaranteed.

Cut To: INT. TEMPORARY MORGUE - AUTOPSY ROOM Brennan examines the decomposed skull of the body. Graham, who is on the other side of the examining table, walks around to the end of it as he talks.

GRAHAM LEGIERE: You know there are reasons they call this the Big Easy even after Hurricane Katrina.

He tries to rest his hand on a tray with surgical instruments but knocks the tray off. Everything crashes to the floor. Brennan looks up shocked by the noise and laughs a little.

DR. JAMES EMBRY, assistant to the medical examiner, enters the room with a file pertaining to the body Brennan has been looking at. He is followed by DETECTIVE HARDING and a uniformed POLICE OFFICER.

JAMES EMBRY: Dr. Brennan, meet John Doe 361.

DETECTIVE HARDING: We found this one in the 9th Ward sticking out of the mud.

BRENNAN: Good afternoon, Detective Harding. (assessing the body) Male. Forties.

JAMES EMBRY: Badly decomposed. Looks pretty banged up.

Embry hands the chart to Graham across the examining table.

DETECTIVE HARDING: Yeah. Be nice to know if it was hurricane, floor or foul play that killed him.

GRAHAM LEGIERE: (glances at chart) Detective Harding, have you been into the cooler lately? Apparently some libidos are inflamed by the proximity to death.

Brennan and James shake their head in disbelief.

DETECTIVE HARDING: God, Graham. Thinking about s*x in this place should be illegal, if it ain't already.

Detective Harding and the Police Officer leave. Embry is looking at the skull and sees something strange.

BRENNAN: (talking to Sam outside the room) Oh, Sam, I'm going to need X-rays on this one.

Embry begins to leave the room and meets SAM POTTER, an orderly, as he is entering.

JAMES EMBRY: (to Sam) Looks like there's something lodged behind his teeth.

Sam nods his head and comes into the room to take John Doe 361 for X-rays. Brennan is covering the body with plastic as Graham talks to her.

GRAHAM LEGIERE: (to Brennan) You've been working 48 hours straight. You need the evening off.

BRENNAN: I only have one vacation day left.

GRAHAM LEGIERE: What are you...doing penance for FEMA? Why don't you let me cook you dinner tonight?

BRENNAN: I don't know.

GRAHAM LEGIERE: (pleading) Come on.

Sam is finishing wrapping up John Doe 361 with a sheet and almost ready to leave.

GRAHAM LEGIERE: I'm a Southern gentleman, ma'am. Your honor will be respected.

SAM POTTER: (scoffs) Yeah.

Sam wheels John Doe 361 out of the room leaving Brennan and Graham alone.

BRENNAN: Tell you what, Graham. We'll see what the X-rays tell us about this one. And then, maybe, we'll get a bite to eat.


Flash Cut To: INT. TILED BATHROOM Open with an overhead shot of Brennan lying on the floor. She is unconscious with a pool of blood surrounding her head and dripping from her mouth. Her clothes and hands are covered in it. A blood soaked towel is on the floor next to her and there are blood smears all over the floor.

Flash Cut To: B/W SHOTS OF UNKOWN BLOODY TORSO Flash Cut To: INT. TILED BATHROOM Brennan begins to come around, coughing and panting. Camera pans down as she slowly sits up and tries to focus and understand where she is and what has happened. She seems to remember something.

Flash Cut To: B/W SHOTS OF BLOODY HANDS AND BLOOD SPLATTERS ON A WALL Flash Cut To: INT. TILED BATHROOM Brennan still doesn't know what's happening. She attempts to get up. When she tries to lift herself by grabbing onto the vanity with her right hand, she groans in pain and slips back to the floor rubbing her hand. She tries again, this time using her forearm to lean on, and stands. She looks in the mirror and is stunned by her appearance.

Flash Cut To: B/W SHOT OF A KNIFE ON A TILED FLOOR Flash Cut To: INT. TILED BATHROOM Brennan is still examining her face in the mirror. She reaches for her ear as she notices her earring is missing.


Flash Cut To: INT. TILED BATHROOM Overhead shot of Brennan weak and stumbling trying to leave the bathroom to answer the phone ringing in the next room.

Flash Cut To: B/W SHOT OF INFINITY SYMBOL ON A WALL WITH BLOOD STREAMING DOWN Flash Cut To: INT. HOTEL SUITE - NEW ORLEANS Brennan picks up the phone and sits on the sofa. A HOTEL CLERK's voice O.S. is heard on the phone.

HOTEL CLERK: Dr. Brennan, your airport shuttle is here.

BRENNAN: (still groggy) What? No. Um. My flight isn't until Thursday.

HOTEL CLERK: Today is Thursday, Dr. Brennan.

Brennan takes the phone away from her ear.

BRENNAN: (mumbles to herself) What happened to Wednesday?

HOTEL CLERK: (still on phone) Dr. Brennan? Hello? Are...are you there, Dr. Brennan?



ACT I INT. HOSPITAL EXAMINATION ROOM - NEW ORLEANS Brennan is being examined by a doctor. She has been cleaned up and is wearing a hospital gown.

DOCTOR: Looks like someone stole your earring. Ripped it right out of the lobe.

BRENNAN: I don't know what happened to me.

DOCTOR: It's a tough town. We don't have that many cops anymore and, uh... Detective Harding enters the examination room without knocking interrupting the Doctor. He turns and sees her and continues.

DOCTOR: (smiling) They were never that good to begin with.

DETECTIVE HARDING: You shouldn't insult the ones that stuck around.

BRENNAN: Detective Harding, I didn't know who else to call.

Detective Harding turns around and sees her pile of clothes on a table.

DETECTIVE HARDING: (to Doctor) I need blood samples on this clothing. (to Brennan) Maybe we'll get lucky and they won't all come from you. Still hazy on the details?

BRENNAN: I'm not hazy on the details. I...I don't remember anything.


BRENNAN: Um, Dr. Legiere knocking over a tray of instruments at the morgue.

DETECTIVE HARDING: That was the day before yesterday.

BRENNAN: I requested a rape kit.

DOCTOR: No sign of sexual activity forced or otherwise.

The door opens and BOOTH rushes in heading straight for Brennan. A WOMAN #1 is behind him trying to stop him. He is too worried about Brennan to be stopped.

WOMAN #1: Sir, ,sir, you can't go in there.

BOOTH: (shrugging her off) Bones, you okay?

BRENNAN: Booth, I told you not to come.


BRENNAN: He's FBI. We're sort of partners.

DETECTIVE HARDING: Guy flies down from D.C.? You're more than "sort of."

Booth brushes off Detective Harding's comment. He's anxious to see how Brennan is.

BOOTH: (to Harding) Yeah, that's great. (to Brennan) You remember anything?

BRENNAN: (sighs) The tray falling over.

BOOTH: (to Doctor) Why can't she remember anything?

DOCTOR: Well, it could be the head injury.

BRENNAN: Hairline stress fracture on my right distal radius, concussion, slight fever, torn earlobe. I lost one of my favorite earrings.

She pulls the only earring left off of her ear and shows it to Booth. It's obvious he is distressed and concerned about Brennan.

BOOTH: You're worried about an earring? You should really be worried about losing a whole day.

BRENNAN: I know. It's stupid. But these earrings were my mother's.

DOCTOR: Amnesia caused by any traumatic event, injury or drug, can erase memories before the event, not just after.

BOOTH: Great, we'll just wait for a tox screen.

DOCTOR: It's gonna be at least 24 hours.

BOOTH: (getting upset) 24 hours?

DOCTOR: Well, most of the labs in the area were destroyed by the hurricane.

DETECTIVE HARDING: We'll find out what happened. You just take care of your...uh...partner.

Booth is barely hanging on to his temper. He clinches his jaw and focuses on Brennan. He reaches and with a bent finger under her chin forces her to look at him so he can look at her injuries.


HODGINS: Another present from the Bayou.

ANGELA and ZACK are already on the platform. Zack is in the background working at a computer station.

ANGELA: I keep asking for a baby "T" that says "The Big Easy."

HODGINS: Well, we're all hoping for that.

He smiles at the thought of her in that shirt. Angela looks a bit shocked. Hodgins backpedals fast.

HODGINS: For you, I mean.

Angela smiles at him. Zack comes up behind her.

ZACK: Does our funding allow us to do Dr. Brennan's vacation work?

Zack clears his throat trying to get Hodgins' attention away from Angel. Hodgins hands an X-ray to Zack that came from the envelope sent by Brennan.

ANGELA: We're doing what the government didn't. It's the yin yang of government spending.

Both Hodgins and Zack are looking at X-rays.

ZACK: So we're sneaking?

HODGINS: That's what makes it fun.

Angela and Hodgins smile while Zack studies the X-ray.

ZACK: John Doe 361. Wow. Bad things happened to Mr. Doe.

Cut To: EXT. CAR TRAVELING THROUGH DISASTER AREA - NEW ORLEANS - DAY Booth and Brennan are in the car. Booth is driving and Brennan is in the passenger seat.

They talk over the establishing shot.

BOOTH (O.S.): Yeah, it'll come back bones.

BRENNAN (O.S.): You don't know that. Head injuries are extremely unpredictable.

Cut To: INT. CAR - NEW ORLEANS - DAY BOOTH: I'm just being reassuring.

Brennan's cell phone rings. She answers.

BRENNAN: Brennan.

Cut To: INT. JEFFERSONIAN - MEDICO-LEGAL LAB Zack is looking at the X-rays of John Doe 361 that have been scanned into the computer and now show up on the monitor.

ZACK: Regarding the X-rays of John Doe 361.


Cut To: INT. JEFFERSONIAN - MEDICO-LEGAL LAB ZACK: Yes. You sent his X-rays.

BRENNAN (O.S.): (through phone) I don't remember that.

Zack turns toward phone, perplexed by her response.

ZACK: You don't remember?

Cut To: INT. CAR - NEW ORLEANS - DAY BRENNAN: What about the X-rays, Zack?

ZACK (O.S.): (through phone) Male.

Cut To: INT. JEFFERSONIAN - MEDICO-LEGAL LAB The camera pans from Zack to behind him where Angela is looking at the original X-rays as he's talking.

ZACK: Late 40's. Mixed race. Anomalies on his spine which I'm looking into. But the point is, his death was not accidental.

Cut To: INT. CAR - NEW ORLEANS - DAY BRENNAN: I sent you the X-rays of a murder victim?

Cut To: INT. JEFFERSONIAN - MEDICO-LEGAL LAB On Angela as she continues looking at the X-rays.

BOOTH (O.S.): (through phone) How'd he die?

Angela perks up hearing Booth's voice and turns toward the speakerphone.

ANGELA: Is that Booth?

BRENNAN (O.S.): (through phone) Yes.

ANGELA: (smiling) You're hopping the Streetcar Named Desire with Booth? (to Zack) Oh, I love this.

ZACK: Obviously, they're working the murder of John Doe 361 together.

BRENNAN (O.S.): (through phone) Precisely.

Cut To: INT. CAR - NEW ORLEANS - DAY BRENNAN: How did 361 die?

Cut To: INT. JEFFERSONIAN - MEDICO-LEGAL LAB ZACK: The pelvis shows crush fractures. There's also what appears to be a bullet hole in the skull, but there's no exit wound.

BRENNAN (O.S.): (through phone) Okay, keep working on it.

The sound of Brennan hanging up the phone is heard and Zack nods turning back toward the computer.

Cut To: INT. CAR - NEW ORLEANS - DAY BOOTH: You don't remember the case?

BRENNAN: No. And it's a murder. (feels hunger pain) Oh, I'm hungry.

BOOTH: Well, when was the last time you ate?

Brennan just stares at him not believing he asked that question.

BOOTH: Oh, my bad. You have amnesia.

Suddenly, Brennan recalls something.

BRENNAN: Booth, I think I know a place.


(Spoiler Note: This appears to be the same set used for the Royal Diner in Washington, D.C., used in season 2.)

Brennan and Booth are sitting at a two-top table in front of the window. Brennan is looking at a menu and Booth is playing with a spice shaker as they talk. The camera opens on wall decorations and pans over to them at the table.

BOOTH: All right, so what is the last thing that you do remember?

BRENNAN: I told you, Graham, Dr. Legiere, knocked over a tray of surgical instruments.

BOOTH: I want to talk to Legiere.

BRENNAN: We must've been about to examine John Doe 361.

A man who appears to be the chef of the restaurant, PETER LESALLE, enters.

PETER LESALLE: (O.S) Dr. Brennan? (enters scene and approaches) I thought you were leaving today.

BRENNAN: Peter, this is my friend, Seeley Booth.

Booth and Peter shake hands. Peter notices Brennan's injuries.

PETER LESALLE: My God. What happened to you?

BRENNAN: I'm not certain, but the bruising suggests Tuesday night.

PETER LESALLE: After you left here?

BRENNAN: I was here Tuesday?

BOOTH: What time?

PETER LESALLE: In at 8:00, left at 9:00. Don't you remember? (O.S) You had dinner with Sam Potter.


BOOTH: (O.S.) Bones? Bones?

BRENNAN: We have to go back to the morgue. Talk to Sam.

She gets up to leave the restaurant.

BOOTH: Who's Sam?

BRENNAN: He's an orderly. He...he practices voodoo.

Brennan is already out of the door when Booth gets up, gives a goodbye wave to Peter and follows.

BOOTH: Bones, wait up.


BRENNAN: (O.S.) Why?

Cut To: INT. TEMPORARY MORGUE - BALCONY PEWS - DAY Booth, Sam and Brennan are sitting in the balcony. Sam gives Brennan a box with voodoo spell casting ingredients.

SAM POTTER: You found this in the mouth of a John Doe.

Brennan takes the box and looks at the contents.

BOOTH: (O.S.) Let me see that.

Brennan turns the box toward Booth who looks at the contents.

BOOTH: That's voodoo?

SAM POTTER: It's a gris-gris bag. It's a mojo. This one is meant to silence the dead so they can't speak.

BOOTH: Well, usually dead people are pretty much silent on their own.

BRENNAN: Voodoo embraces the premise that spirits can speak to us from beyond the grave.

SAM POTTER: Voodoo is all about the balance of the forces. That wind, the flood, this death - it's all out of balance now. Katrina was Armageddon for the ones who love balance. Some think it was Secte Rouge that brought it on.

BOOTH: What's that? Some kind of a gang?

SAM POTTER: The ones who follow evil. Some believe that they purposely angered the sirens who sent the flood. (points to box) This...this is Secte Rouge.

BOOTH: Okay, so that's literally bad voodoo.

Sam takes the box from Brennan and gives Booth a closer look.

SAM POTTER: It's black gum root. There's only one place you can find it. A voodoo shop on Pontchatrain Avenue run by Richard Benoit. He's a good man. Maybe he can help you.

Sam closes the box and gives it to Booth.

BOOTH: Okay, thanks.

Brennan and Booth get up and are leaving with Sam speaks.

SAM POTTER: Dr. Brennan, a lost day? Perhaps a spell was cast on you as well.

BRENNAN: No disrespect, Sam, but it's not my religion.

Brennan walks down the balcony steps and Booth remains behind looking at Sam with a confused look on his face. Brennan stops and calls back to him.

BRENNAN: Come on, Booth.

Cut To: EXT. CAR TRAVELING ON A STREET - NEW ORLEANS - DAY Booth and Brennan talk over the establishing shot.

BOOTH: (O.S.) Voodoo. Who's going to believe that stuff?

BRENNAN: (O.S.) It's a religion. No crazier than - well, what are you?

Cut To: INT. CAR - NEW ORLEANS - DAY Booth is driving and Brennan is in the passenger seat.

BOOTH: (takes of sunglasses) Catholic.

BRENNAN: (O.S.) They believe in the same saints you do, and prayer. (on Brennan) What they call spells, you call miracles. They have priests.

BOOTH: We don't make zombies.

BRENNAN: Jesus rose from the dead after three days.

Booth quickly turns his head toward her. He's shocked speechless for a moment but when he does recover, he's not happy. Brennan's cell phone rings and she answers it.

BRENNAN: Brennan.

BOOTH: (pointing to emphasize) Jesus is not a zombie. All right? Man. (puts on sunglasses) I shouldn't have to tell you that.

Brennan stares at his outburst like he's nuts.

ZACK: (O.S. through phone) On John Doe 361...

Cut To: INT. JEFFERSONIAN - X-RAY ROOM Zack is talking into the speakerphone and Angela is in the background looking at X-rays.

ZACK: ...there's a narrowing of the disk space on L2 and L3.

Cut To: INT. CAR - NEW ORLEANS - DAY BRENNAN: (to Zack) Congenital?

Cut To: INT. JEFFERSONIAN - X-RAY ROOM ZACK: (to Brennan) Unclear. Extensive injuries consistent with a body being thrown around by a flood.

Cut To: INT. CAR - NEW ORLEANS - DAY BRENNAN: (to Zack) Cross reference what you know so far with the DMORT records of missing Katrina victims.

ANGELA: (O.S. through phone) Hey, Brennan?

Cut To: INT. JEFFERSONIAN - X-RAY ROOM Angela steps forward and speaks into the speakerphone.

ANGELA: Why haven't you come home?

BRENNAN: (O.S. through phone) Pretty soon, Ange.

ANGELA: Is Booth there socially?

Cut To: INT. CAR - NEW ORLEANS - DAY BRENNAN: No, of course, not.

ANGELA: (O.S. through phone) All right, what's going on?

Booth grabs the phone from Brennan's ear and talks to Angela.

BOOTH: Okay, Bones has amnesia because a...

Cut To: INT. JEFFERSONIAN - X-RAY ROOM Camera on Zack's and Angela's reactions to Booth's story.

BOOTH: (O.S. through phone) ...voodoo murderer put a spell on her to keep her from solving the murder of John Doe 361.

Cut To: INT. CAR - NEW ORLEANS - DAY Brennan tries to grab the phone back from Booth to clarify the story but he switches it to his other ear so she can't reach it.

BRENNAN: That's a huge supposition.

Cut To: INT. JEFFERSONIAN - X-RAY ROOM ANGELA: (disbelieving) That's fine if you don't want to tell me.

Zack turns off the phone.

ZACK: Ah. Voodoo amnesia. It's a good one.

ANGELA: Mm-hmm. It's great. Brennan's fighting zombies in New Orleans and we're stuck here.


BOOTH: Whoa. What's that smell?

BRENNAN: I imagine everything smells in here.

Booth spots a picture of a Cadillac Brougham and is in love. He begins to bend down in front of it almost in worship.

BOOTH: Whoa. Please just tell me that that car survived Katrina. (he whistles)

From behind a beaded room divider, RICHARD BENOIT, the store owner, enters.

RICHARD BENOIT: (re the car) We used it to evacuate.

BOOTH: Did you restore it yourself or did you use voodoo?

RICHARD BENOIT: Ah (he laughs). An unbeliever. What can I do for you?

BOOTH: You, uh...

He pulls the bag of ingredients obtained from John Doe 361's mouth from his pocket and puts it on the counter.

BOOTH: You know what that is?

RICHARD BENOIT: This is a dark spell. Forbidden magic. Very strong. This is Secte Rouge. I certainly wouldn't make anything like this.

BOOTH: But you have the ingredients here?

RICHARD BENOIT: Well, the individual ingredients are not malignant. It is how they are combined and what intention they are used for that makes a spell good or bad.

BRENNAN: Do you recognize me?


BOOTH: Anyone else work here?

RICHARD BENOIT: My daughter, Eva. What is this about?

Booth pulls out his FBI credentials and shows them to Benoit.

BOOTH: We're conducting an investigation.

RICHARD BENOIT: (yells toward back room) Eva! (back to Booth) What kind of investigation?

BRENNAN: Is it true that this is the only place a person could buy black gum root?

RICHARD BENOIT: Yes. Most places like this are all gone now. It's not a coincidence.

Benoit turns around and picks up some black gum root and hands it to Booth and Brennan who examine it. At the same time, a door is heard to open and EVA BENOIT enters the shop from the back room.

EVA BENOIT: Yes, daddy?

RICHARD BENOIT: Have you ever seen this lady before?

Brennan looks up at her so Eva can see her face clearly.

EVA BENOIT: No, why?

Brennan holds up the black gum root to her.

BRENNAN: We need to know who's bought this lately.

EVA BENOIT: (to father) Don't they need a warrant?

RICHARD BENOIT: Ah (uncomfortable laugh). Eva will pull up what you need on the computer. (as "please, do it for me") Eva.

Eva reluctantly moves to the computer to begin pulling records.

BOOTH: What you said before, what did you mean just a coincidence?

RICHARD BENOIT: Most places like this, where a houngan, a priest, can get what he needs, they are all gone now.

BRENNAN: Because of the hurricane and flood?

RICHACRD BENOIT: Which occurred because of a lack of balance.

BRENNAN: Mr. Benoit, are you suggesting that Secte Rouge somehow conjured up a hurricane?

EVA BENOIT: Secte Rouge voodoo is much more powerful than ours.

RICHARD BENOIT: No, Eva. Not more powerful. Destruction is easier than harmony but not more powerful. (to Booth and Brennan) There are a lot of misunderstandings about voodoo.

BOOTH: Yeah. That whole zombie stuff puts a crimp in your public relations I bet. (uncomfortable laugh)

Eva joins them all again with a list of buyers which she hands to Brennan.

EVA BENOIT: These are the people who have bought black gum root in the past month.

Brennan reads the list and recognizes a name.

BRENNAN: Graham Legiere, the medical examiner.

Booth takes the list and reads it.

Cut To: EXT. GRAHAM LEGIERE HOME - DAY Booth and Brennan talk over the establishing shot.

BOOTH: (O.S.) I tried to get in touch with him.

BRENNAN: He was scheduled to be out in the field this week.

Cut To: INT. GRAHAM LEGIERE HOME - FOYER - DAY Brennan opens the door and enters followed by Booth. She calls for him as she enters.

BRENNAN: Graham? It's Temperance.

BOOTH: What if he's not here?

BRENNAN: Well, he's probably asleep. He's been working nights. (shouts) Graham? Graham?

Booth bends over her shoulder and tries to make a joke. [Note: Graham Crackers are cinnamon and sugar coated crackers sold in the U.S. Also, "cracker" is a derogatory name for a Southerner.]

BOOTH: Cracker.

BRENNAN: Hey, that's not funny. I think he invited me to dinner that night or drinks.

I can't remember.

BOOTH: Mm-hmm. You know what? Maybe he "roofied" you.

BRENNAN: I'm sure he bought the black gum root to look into its medicinal qualities.

BOOTH: Yeah, because we all know how effective that is.

BRENNAN: Voodoo healing is quite effective. No crazier than acupuncture or exorcism.

BOOTH: Hey, hey, easy on the Catholics. Okay? Just easy. (sees something). Bones?

He points into the next room where a blanket is tossed over a full-length mirror.


Flash Cut To: INT. GRAHAM LEGIERE HOME - FOYER - DAY Brennan remembers something and looks toward the upstairs. See turns toward the steps.

BOOTH: Here we go again.

Cut To: INT. GRAHAM LEGIERE HOME - STAIRS LEADING TO SECOND FLOOR - DAY Brennan climbs the stairs. Booth calls after her and follows.

BOOTH: (O.S.) Bones!

Flash Cut To: B/W SHOT OF LEGIERE SMILING, INDISTINCT VOICES OVERLAPPING Flash Cut To: INT. GRAHAM LEGIERE HOME - UPSTAIRS HALLWAY Brennan is moving down the hall seemingly looking for something while flashes of memory bombard her.

Flash Cut To: B/W SHOT OF BASEBOARD WITH BLOOD SPLATTERS Flash Cut To: INT. GRAHAM LEGIERE HOME - UPSTAIRS HALLWAY Brennan is still moving down the hallway. More memories.


Cut To: INT. GRAHAM LEGIERE HOME - UPSTAIRS HALLWAY Brennan's POV sees a room down the hall with the door slightly ajar.


BOOTH: (O.S.) You okay?


Flash Cut To: INT. GRAHAM LEGIERE HOME - UPSTAIRS HALLWAY Brennan is still staring at the door. She appears paralyzed. Booth is now behind her in the hallway.

BRENNAN: And I got away.

Booth moves forward toward the door. Brennan stands still and then follows him.

Cut To: INT. GRAHAM LEGIERE HOME - OUTSIDE OF ROOM WITH DOOR AJAR Camera moves in on door. Booth's hand is shown slowly opening the door.

Cut To: INT. GRAHAM LEGIERE HOME - UPSTAIRS BEDROOM Camera is on Booth and Brennan as they enter the room. Cut to a shot of a mirror and the reflection of Graham Legiere's body crucified on the opposite wall. Cut back to Booth and Brennan as they turn toward the wall and see him.

Now we see all of the previous black and white images of the body in full color. He is staked to the wall by his wrists. It looks like he is disemboweled and a large knife or possibly another stake is stuck in his chest. There is blood dripping down the wall and pooled on the floor. There is a mojo bag hanging around his neck.

Cut back to Booth and Brennan staring in disbelief.

BOOTH: Oh, yeah. Something bad.


ACT II INT. GRAHAM LEGIERE HOME - UPSTAIRS BEDROOM The police have arrived and the police photographer is flashing pictures of the body and crime scene. There are flash cuts to various aspects of the scene including all the stakes and the body being zipped up in the body bag. Sirens can be heard outside.

Detective Harding, with her notebook in hand, exits the room.

Cut To: INT. GRAHAM LEGIERE HOME - UPSTAIRS HALLWAY Booth and Brennan are waiting down the hall near the top of the stairs. Detective Harding approaches them.

DETECTIVE HARDING: What exactly were you doing here?

BRENNAN: It's Graham, isn't it?

DETECTIVE HARDING: Tell you what, Dr. Brennan, I'm going to ask the questions.

BOOTH: Oh, come on, Detective. She was working with the guy.


BRENNAN: What's that supposed to mean?

DETECTIVE HARDING: Answer my question, please. What brought you here? Was it a social call? Business? Revenge killing?

BOOTH: Look, Legiere bought some black gum root from the voodoo store. We just stopped by to ask why.


BRENNAN: That's what we came here to ask.

DETECTIVE HARDING: You wanna look behind me and remind yourselves why I'm a little low on sense of humor.

BRENNAN: Wuh, that wasn't a joke.

BOOTH: Oh, no, she's not wisecracking. She just tends to be a bit literal.

While Brennan is talking to Harding, Booth looks on the floor and sees Brennan's lost earring by the leg of a hall table. He doesn't say anything to either Brennan or Harding that he's seen it.

BRENNAN: Day before yesterday, I showed a voodoo expert a mojo that Graham found lodged in the mouth of John Doe 361.

DETECTIVE HARDING: This, uh, voodoo consultation, did it occur before or after amnesia.

BOOTH: Look, the amnesia's real.

BRENNAN: Graham purchased a rare ingredient at a voodoo shop on Pontchartrain Ave.

A POLICEWOMAN #1 enters the hall from the bedroom and comes up behind Detective Harding while she speaks. She has something in her hand.

DETECTIVE HARDING: So Graham made voodoo spells, shoved them into corpses' mouths, then pretended to be surprised when he found them?

Booth sees the policewoman and what she has in her hands.

BOOTH: What's that?


Harding turns her back to Booth and Brennan to examine was the Policewoman as brought. Brennan moves closer to get a better look leaving Booth alone and unnoticed. He bends down while they're talking, picks up Brennan's earring and puts it in his pocket.

DETECTIVE HARDING: Split cast, huh? More voodoo. Just like the symbol on the wall? Bag it as evidence.

BRENNAN: Secte Rouge?

Harding turns back to Brennan. Booth, with the earring safely in his pocket, steps forward and joins them.

DETECTIVE HARDING: What do you know about Secte Rouge?

BOOTH: If you're done with us, Detective, we're going to go.

He takes Brennan's arm and begins to drag her toward the stairs. Harding's words stop them.

DETECTIVE HARDING: I'm gonna tear this place apart. If I find one piece of evidence that ties you to this scene, I will take you into custody.

BRENNAN: Wait, do you really think that someone could go into a trance, commit a murder like that, and not remember it?

DETECTIVE HARDING: No, I don't. But I sure as hell think someone can fake amnesia.

BOOTH: That's great. Thank you, Detective.

Booth ushers Brennan away.

Cut To: EXT. TEMPORARY MORGUE - ST. GABRIEL, LOUISIANA - DAY Cut To: INT. TEMPORARY MORGUE - BALCONY PEWS - DAY Assistant medical examiner, Dr. James Embry, has several charts that he hands to Brennan.

JAMES EMBRY: These files are everything you and Graham worked on the day before yesterday.

BRENNAN: James, meet Agent Seeley Booth. Dr. Embry is Graham's second in command.

BOOTH: Condolences on your sudden promotion.

JAMES EMBRY: Um, why do you think the job had anything to do with Graham being killed?

BOOTH: Bones has voodoo amnesia, Legiere is voodoo dead, and the last thing they worked on together was a voodoo ritual murder. So, I'm...I'm thinking there might be some kind of a connection.

JAMES EMBRY: Legiere's body. Is it, uh, as bad as they say?

BRENNAN: How bad are they saying it is?

BOOTH: No matter how bad they're saying it is, it's worse.

JAMES EMBRY: I just want to mentally prepare myself. Um, I start his autopsy in a few minutes.

BRENNAN: The file I need is John Doe 361.

JAMES EMBRY: According to records, these are the only cases you worked on the day before yesterday. Four sets of remains, two were easy I.D.s, drown victims, processed and booted for burial. The other two were both males, John Does 349 and 350.

BRENNAN: I sent 361's X-rays to the Jeffersonian.

JAMES EMBRY: Well, I'll check again.

Embry leaves. Brennan glances through a file she's holding while Booth watches as they wait for Embry to return.

BOOTH: Can I make a lifestyle suggestion?

BRENNAN: Go ahead.

BOOTH: You know, vacation. It's from the Latin, "vacatio." It means, you know, "freedom" or "release." You might want to consider that next time.

BRENNAN: Learning Latin?

BOOTH: This is the opposite of vacation. No wonder you snapped, went insane and totally lost your mind.

BRENNAN: Oh, thanks for your understanding.

Embry enters from off screen.

JAMES EMBRY: Uh, Dr. Brennan. There's no John Doe 361.

BRENNAN: Then whose X-rays did I send to D.C.?

JAMES EMBRY: No, I mean the file is gone.

Brennan and Booth stare at each other not fully surprised that this is happening.

Cut To: INT. TEMPORARY MORGUE - FREEZER ROOM There are lots of bodies in body bags on tables. Sam Potter is in the room chanting over the bodies. He has a snake around his neck and moves from body to body saying his prayer.

Brennan, followed by Booth and James, enter the room through a plastic curtain partition. She hands Booth her phone set on speakerphone.

BRENNAN: Ugh, okay, hold that.

BOOTH: Got it.

ZACK: (O.S. through phone) Zack Addy.

BRENNAN: Zack, it's me. Anything else on John Doe 361?

Cut To: INT. JEFFERSONIAN - BONES ROOM Zack and Angela are in the Bones Room (the one with drawers with bones in them from floor to ceiling) looking at X-rays on a large light table.

ZACK: Yes, Dr. Brennan. We found some damage to the pubic bone. Some kind of strike marks.

Cut To: INT. TEMPORARY MORGUE - FREEZER ROOM Brennan is checking the tags on all the bodies looking for John Doe 361.

BRENNAN: Did you get Angela to reconstruct the pattern?

ANGELA: (O.S.) Yeah. Hi, sweetie. I'm here.

Cut To: INT. JEFFERSONIAN - BONES ROOM ANGELA: Uh, I tried to make a digital positive, but it didn't work.

BRENNAN: (O.S.) Why?


ANGELA: (O.S.) The extrapolation protocols can't resolve the gradient fluxes in the bone shadings.

JAMES EMBRY: What's that?

BOOTH: That's mumbo jumbo. It's scientific voodoo.

BRENNAN: Can you do it manually?

ANGELA: (O.S.) Off an X-ray?


ZACK: Can't you send the actual remains?


ZACK: (O.S.) That makes no sense.

BOOTH: Voodoo. It's probably voodoo.


Cut To: INT. TEMPORARY MORGUE - FREEZER ROOM BRENNAN: Okay, quit saying voodoo.

BOOTH: Yeah, because, you know, it's not a factor.

BRENNAN: Okay, let me know what you find. Bye.

Booth switches off the phone while he watches Sam perform his prayer ritual. Sam's chanting is louder.

BOOTH: How do we know this is not the guy shoving mojo bags into dead people?

SAM POTTER: Those spells are the work of a sorcerer. Priests houngans can make healing mojos, but I'm not allowed.

BOOTH: But snake shaking, that's fine?

Brennan looks at the snake and touches it.

SAM POTTER: The snake pulls the evil out of the soul freeing the spirit, the loua. I must do what small things I can. The floods washed away too much of what was good.

Booth sees Brennan handling the snake.

BOOTH: Hey, Bones, how's about while you're a murder suspect, you, uh, act more like a normal woman and less like Lily Munster, okay?

He pulls Brennan away from handling the snake.

BOOTH: Goodbye. Good snake. Bye-bye. That's it.

Now that he's gotten her away from the snake, they head for the exit.

BOOTH: Now, call me crazy, but I'm suspicious of snake man.

BRENNAN: Ugh, that's because you've been inculcated by the mainstream culture's prevailing Judeo-Christian tradition into instinctive skepticism of alternative mores.

BOOTH: Yeah. Thanks for that explanation.

Cut To: INT. JEFFERSONIAN - MEDICO-LEGAL LAB Zack is looking through a magnifying glass as Hodgins comes up behind him. He stays behind him during the entire scene.

HODGINS: I've been over every inch of these X-rays.

ZACK: Me, too.

HODGINS: There's evidence of particles on the bones, but there is no way for me to know what they are.

ZACK: Probably dirt.

Hodgins is not pleased with Zack's use of the word "dirt."

HODGINS: Yes, thank you, Zack. But dirt is a meaningless word.

Zack is concentrating on an X-ray and doesn't respond to Hodgins' comment.

ZACK: You can't see air on an X-ray.

HODGINS: What? I never said you could. I'm not even talking about air.

ZACK: You can see a space where air might be like a cavity, but not the air itself.

HODGINS: What I'm saying is that yes, there are flecks on the X-rays that might be dirt, but that doesn't tell us anything.

Hodgins is getting mad that Zack isn't paying attention to him. He jerks Zack around in his chair so he can see his face.

HODGINS: Is it sandy? Hm? Silty, "humusey"? Is it clay? Is it more organic than mineral? Is it soil? Is it pulverized gravel? What minerals are in it? Are the minerals crystalline? See, these are all details a person cannot get off an X-ray no matter how long he stares at it.

Zack has slowly drifted off during Hodgins speech and is obviously thinking about something else.

ZACK: Sometimes a person should look for things that aren't there instead of things that are there.

HODGINS: You mean me? In dirt?

ZACK: No. Me. On the X-ray. I've been looking for anomalies which exist instead of anomalies which don't exist.

HODGINS: Zack, if you are ever going to successfully mimic being human, you have to stop making everything about you and feign interest in the other guy. (no response) Zack!

Zack continues to stare at an X-ray.

ZACK: I've noticed that you try to look taller.


ZACK: Around Dr. Brennan.

HODGINS: I do not.

ZACK: And Angela. Because they are both taller than you.

HODGINS: You know what? I take it back. Don't take any interest in the other guy.

ZACK: (oblivious) Thank you for your help.

Hodgins is on the verge of killing Zack and pretends to strangle him from behind.

Cut To: EXT. BRENNAN'S HOTEL - NEW ORLEANS - NIGHT BOOTH: (O.S.) So, do you remember anything else that could help us out?

Cut To: INT. BRENNAN'S HOTEL - NEW ORLEANS - NIGHT Booth and Brennan are in her suite.

BRENNAN: It could have been me.

BOOTH: Do you remember that?

BRENNAN: Look at it objectively. Graham Legiere was killed between 11:00 p.m. Tuesday and 3:00 a.m. Wednesday. Not only do I not have an alibi, I...I can't even explain to myself where I was. It could've been me.

BOOTH: (chuckles) No, it couldn't.

BRENNAN: Yes. do you know?

BOOTH: I just know, okay? I'd bet my professional career on it. I already did.


BOOTH: Nothing.

BRENNAN: What did you do?

BOOTH: Bones! Stop. This is the last time and place that you want to be rational, okay? Let's just be wildly emotional and assume that you didn't psychotically murder a coworker who invited you over for dinner.

Booth sees something on Brennan's bed pillow.

BOOTH: What's that?


BOOTH: (pointing) That.

Brennan gets up and moves to the pillow picking up whatever it is.


BOOTH: Is it another voodoo dumpling?

It's another mojo bag. She opens it up picking through the contents.

BRENNAN: It's some kind of flesh. And these are seashells. And leather, I think.

BOOTH: Is that a human tooth?

BRENNAN: Yes. A canine.

The door bursts open and Detective Harding rushes in with her gun drawn, several other policemen behind her also with guns. Booth turns to face her pulling his own weapon out.

DETECTIVE HARDING: Put down your weapon, Agent Booth.

They face each other, guns pointing at each other.

BOOTH: Put down your weapon. There's no threat from us.

DETECTIVE HARDING: You're holding a gun on me.

BOOTH: Yeah, well, you know, my finger here (waves it) is not on the trigger. It's the best I can do under the circumstances.

Harding reluctantly puts her gun away.

DETECTIVE HARDING: (to the cops) Holster your weapons.

The other policemen put their weapons away and so does Booth.

DETECTIVE HARDING: I'm here to arrest Dr. Brennan for the murder of Graham Legiere.

BOOTH: Whoa, that's not gonna happen.

DETECTIVE HARDING: Yeah, I'm pretty sure it is.

BRENNAN: I told you, Booth.

BOOTH: Bones, please! Just once in your life will you be quiet?

DETECTIVE HARDING: That's good advice because everything you say can and will be held against you in a court of law. (seeing the bag) What is that?

BRENNAN: I...I found it on my pillow.

Brennan hands the mojo bag to Harding.

BOOTH: Bones! (groans in frustration)

DETECTIVE HARDING: Thank you, Dr. Brennan.

Harding drops the mojo bag into a plastic evidence bag.

BOOTH: What's the probable cause?

DETECTIVE HARDING: Traces of Dr. Brennan's blood in Legiere's home, Legiere's blood on her clothing from the clinic.

BOOTH: Is that it?

DETECTIVE HARDING: All I'm prepared to share with the federal government. Now, please. Step away from my collar.

BOOTH: I'm afraid I can't let that happen.

Brennan steps around Booth and offers herself up to Harding.

BOOTH: Bones! Geez! (slaps himself on the forehead)

BRENNAN: It's better if nobody else dies while we get to the bottom of this.

Harding puts the handcuffs on Brennan.

BOOTH: Well, you know what, I wasn't planning on dying.

BRENNAN: (being handcuffed) Ow. It's not you I worry about. Ow. You're welcome to the room. It's paid for.

Harding shoves Brennan out of the room. Everyone but Booth follows. Booth sighs, turns in a circle and then stops. He reaches in his pocket, pulls out her earring, looks at it, tosses it in the air and catches it. He looks up, seemingly to God, appearing to ask what to do next.



DETECTIVE HARDING: Were you sleeping with Graham Legiere?

BRENNAN: I don't...I don't think so.

DETECTIVE HARDING: You don't think so?

BRENNAN: I don't remember sleeping with him. And at the clinic they said there was no sign of sexual activity.

They are interrupted when CAROLYN JULIAN and Booth enter the office.

CAROLYN JULIAN: I hope you've kept your mouth shut.

BOOTH: Hey, Temperance Brennan, Carolyn Julian. She's your lawyer. (they shake hands) She's from the U.S. Attorney's Office. She's the best there is.

DETECTIVE HARDING: You found a prosecutor to defend her? Interesting tactic.

BRENNAN: I've told Detective Harding everything I know so far.

CAROLYN JULIAN: She's a fool. You didn't tell me she's a fool.

BOOTH: Look, she's a brilliant forensic anthropologist.

BRENNAN: Well, I have three degrees. I've pioneered research in...

CAROLYN JULIAN: What's that? (points at evidence on desk)

BRENNAN: A gris-gris bag. I found it in my hotel... (Harding stops her from touching it) room and... I'm assuming the person who left it there is trying to frame me so the tooth is probably Graham's.

CAROLYN JULIAN: Three degrees and still a fool. (to Harding) This interview is over, Rose. I need to speak with my client alone before she gives herself a lethal injection.

DETECTIVE HARDING: Of course. Of course. (as she exits) It's nice seeing you again, Carolyn.

Harding exits and Booth starts in on Brennan.

BOOTH: Okay, Bones, what the hell where you talking to her for?

BRENNAN: I was just trying to help.

CAROLYN JULIAN: You sew those lips together, girl, because there is no such thing as "help" in the New Orleans Police. They just want to close the case as quickly and easily as they can. And you are making it Christmas time for them.

BOOTH: Okay, listen, there's no way that Bones could've killed Legiere. I mean''s just not her. I mean look at her.

CAROLYN JULIAN: I am doing you a favor taking this case, Booth. But as the lady cop says, I'm a prosecutor. And as it stands now, I could try this case in my p.j.'s and still get a conviction.

BRENNAN: Well, shouldn't you get to know your clients before you make snap judgments.

BOOTH: Bones!

CAROLYN JULIAN: Fine. Stop me when I get something wrong. Trained in three types of martial arts, two assault charges, registered marksman with the N.R.A., hunting licenses in four states...

BOOTH: You hunt?

BRENNAN: Well, only for food.

CAROLYN JULIAN: Shot an unarmed man.

BRENNAN: Well, he was trying to set me on fire.

BOOTH: All right, just...just arrange bail for us, Carolyn, so we can get out of here.

CAROLYN JULIAN: Sure. Sure. Don't want to get this one mad at me.

Carolyn exits and Booth, once again, starts in on Brennan.

BOOTH: You couldn't keep your mouth shut, could you?

Cut To: INT. JEFFERSONIAN - MEDICO-LEGAL LAB Zack is staring at an X-ray. The camera pulls back to reveal Hodgins is behind him.

ZACK: I can identify this guy.

HODGINS: You know, Angela isn't that much taller than me.

ZACK: Spina bifida. He had a shunt from his brain stem down to this heart. It was removed more than a decade ago.

HODGINS: We both like brussels sprouts.

ZACK: You don't like brussels sprouts.

HODGINS: A man can change, Zack.

Zack gives him a sideways glance that possibly says "who are you trying to fool" and Hodgins groans in frustration and walks away.

Cut To: EXT. JAMBALAYA JONES RESTAURANT - NEW ORLEANS - DAY Booth, Sam Potter are off screen as the scene begins with their voiceovers.

SAM POTTER: (O.S.) What? A human tooth?

BOOTH: (O.S.) Yeah.

Cut To: INT. JAMBALAYA JONES RESTAURANT - NEW ORLEANS - DAY Booth, Sam and Brennan are seated at a table near the front door.

BOOTH: Yeah, it was some kind of...uh...some flesh, some...some fabric. It looked like...uh...some kind of shell.

SAM POTTER: It sounds make you forget.

BOOTH: Somebody doesn't want you to know what happened to John Doe 361.

BRENNAN: Booth, I'm not under a spell.

BOOTH: Well, you forgot a whole day.

SAM POTTER: The spirits don't need you to believe in them, Dr. Brennan. They believe in you. (pause) See you back at work, huh?

Sam gets up and leaves. A waiter brings some food. Both of them eat during the rest of the scene.

BRENNAN: How'd I get away? You know, Graham got killed. I got away. How'd I do that?

BOOTH: You know, Bones, all those things that Carolyn mentioned, you know, the...the martial arts, the shooting, the...uh...the assaults... It's're the type of woman that fights. Maybe they didn't expect it. Maybe they thought some kind of magic could hold you.

BRENNAN: I don't believe in magic.

BOOTH: Exactly. You're a surprising woman. Sometimes that's enough for getting away.

Brennan smiles at him and gives a small laugh. He smiles back.

BRENNAN: Why are you nice to me?

BOOTH: (he considers) Because. Because they think they get away with it.


BOOTH: They burn their victim, they blow 'em up, they toss 'em in the ocean, they bury them in the desert, they...they throw 'em to wood chippers. Sometimes, you know, years go by. They relax. And they start living their lives like they didn't do anything wrong. Like they didn't spend somebody else's life in order to get what they got. They think they're safe from retribution. But, you make those bastards unsafe. That's why I'm nice to you.

BRENNAN: I couldn't do that without you, Booth.

BOOTH: Yeah. So...uh, you should be a little nicer to me, huh?

He smiles charmingly at her. She smiles back. He laughs a little.

BRENNAN: I really should.

BOOTH: Yeah.

CAROLYN JULIAN: (O.S.) I walk in on something?

There's the sound of files and papers being tossed on the table and then the camera cuts to a full overhead shot of the restaurant with Carolyn standing by the table. She turns and orders from some off screen WAITER #1.

CAROLYN JULIAN: Beignet and a café.

WAITER #1: Yes, ma'am.

She sits in the seat Sam vacated earlier.

CAROLYN JULIAN: Hospital records. The tox screen was negative.

BRENNAN: What? That's impossible.

BOOTH: No Rohypnol? No ketamine?

CAROLYN JULIAN: Nothing but a touch of alcohol. Not enough to affect a baby. A jury is never going to believe this amnesia story.

BOOTH: (groans) Well, but it's true.

CAROLYN JULIAN: Maybe this is true, too. (to Brennan) Legiere tried to rape you. He was a notorious horn dog. We claim self-defense, cop a plea. You're out in three years.

BOOTH: Nah, I don't care what it looks like or how you're reading the evidence, Carolyn. She didn't do it.

Brennan looks touched and grateful for his trust.

CAROLYN JULIAN: Could be that's true, Seeley. You vouch for her, that's good enough for me. But, chéri, this looks bad. All you've got on your side is proof you got roughed up. These pictures from the clinic, these X-rays.

Carolyn has passed a folder with X-rays in them to Brennan and she studies at them. We see the X-ray of her broken wrist.

BRENNAN: My wrist. The doctor was wrong. He said this was a Colles fracture from a fall. This break shows surface trauma on the outside of the bone. This was either defensive or someone slammed my wrist into something.

CAROLYN JULIAN: Maybe because you tried to stab him in the heart with a knife?

BRENNAN: No, think about it. If I'd already stabbed the attacker, he wouldn't have been able to break my wrist.

CAROLYN JULIAN: I like this story. What else?

BOOTH: Well, there's the mojo bag. I mean someone was trying to put a forgetting spell on her.


CAROLYN JULIAN: Hey, I can work with that. This is New Orleans, baby. (O.S. as Brennan answers cell phone) And where is my beignet?

BRENNAN: (into phone) Brennan.

Cut To: INT. JEFFERSONIAN - ANGELA'S OFFICE Zack and Hodgins are there talking to Brennan through a speakerphone.

ZACK: (into phone) John Doe 361 is named Rene Mouton.

BRENNAN: (O.S.) How can you be sure?

ZACK: I looked for something that wasn't there, which turned out to be a shunt channel.

The camera pulls back and we can see Angela is also there at the computer.

BRENNAN: (O.S.) Good work.

ANGELA: You understood that?

We see a computer screen showing the channel from the brain stem to the heart.

BRENNAN: (O.S.) All Zack had to do was cross-check with DMORT.

ZACK: I only thought of it because of Hodgins.

HODGINS: I can discern particulates on the X-ray, but I have no way of telling what they are.

BRENNAN: (O.S.) Some kind of dirt?

HODGINS: Okay, everybody, the word "dirt" means nothing here in the lab scientifically.

Cut To: INT. JAMBALAYA JONES RESTAURANT - NEW ORLEANS - DAY BRENNAN: Any progress on the design that was pressed into the pelvic bone?

ANGELA: (O.S.) I've tried three different computer programs.

Cut To: INT. JEFFERSONIAN - ANGELA'S OFFICE ANGELA: I fed in the information into multiple impact scenarios, but this isn't gonna work on X-rays. I need the actual remains.

BRENNAN: (O.S.) Booth and I are looking for them as hard as we can.

ANGELA: Or, better still, you can forget the whole thing and come home.



ANGELA: (shocked) Bail? For what?

Cut To: INT. JAMBALAYA JONES RESTAURANT - NEW ORLEANS - DAY BRENNAN: I told you. Don't worry. The...the murder charge won't stick.

Cut To: INT. JEFFERSONIAN - ANGELA'S OFFICE HODGINS: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Murder charge?

ANGELA: (rises) Brennan, the next plane. Okay? The next plane or I'm coming down there to get you myself.


Cut To: INT. JEFFERSONIAN - ANGELA'S OFFICE BRENNAN: (O.S.) I'm healing up satisfactorily. Bye for now.

The phone shuts off.

HODGINS: Healing up?

ANGELA: (sighs, then to Zack and Hodgins) You know what? This whole state of affairs where Brennan just runs around fighting crime? It's stupid. It's nuts. Don't you agree?

Zack sucks in his lips and shakes his head "no." Hodgins just stares at her.

ANGELA: (to Zack) Go, go. (he exits) I'll be...fine.

Angela sits down at the computer. Hodgins starts to leave but turns back to her.

HODGINS: Brennan will be fine, Angela. She got bail and the murder charge won't stick.

ANGELA: What is going on with her?

HODGINS: Angela. (he chuckles) She started to change the day she met you.


He has come forward and sits on the edge of her desk.

HODGINS: She sees how you do it. All fun and involvement and pizzazz. Big, you know? Big life. Booth came along and gave her the opportunity, but she got the idea from you. Brennan wants a big life like yours. (she smiles) That's how it looks to me anyway. But what do I know? I'm a bug guy. Bug and slime. And, you know...dirt.


He stares at her and she looks down and up - a bit awkward and shy.

HODGINS: So...okay.

He gets up and leaves. Angela smiles and watches him leave and then ponders a moment.


Cut To: INT. TEMPORARY MORGUE - LARGE WORK ROOM - DAY Booth and Brennan walk through a large room filled with corpses on tables. Workers are checking bodies against charts, looking at X-rays, generally going about the business of identifying bodies.

BOOTH: According to Bureau files, Rene Mouton headed up a small voodoo church. By all accounts, he...he was a very good man. Now, he rescued scores of people during Katrina. Then he just disappeared. Some thought he was just swept away when the levee broke.

BRENNAN: Why would anyone murder him?

BOOTH: Ya know, the chaos during the evacuation. Could even have been for a bottle of water.

Sam Potter enters the scene and interrupts them.

SAM POTTER: Or because he was a priest. The gris-gris box, the murder of Dr. Legiere, your amnesia, this is the work of a bokor, a Secte Rouge sorcerer. Rene Mouton was a houngan. A powerful and well-loved priest. For Secte Rouge to claim his soul, this would give them influence on all the people that he influenced.

BRENNAN: Like a chain letter.

BOOTH: Or in the real world, somebody wanted his shoes.

BRENNAN: No, Booth, it makes sense.

BOOTH: What does?

BRENNAN: Graham and I were on the trail of a broker.


BRENNAN: And he found out, or Secte Rouge did.

BOOTH: All right, great. Then we just toss the ring into the molten river and blah-blah, right? Look, in the meantime, somebody here had the ability to hide Mouton's body and files.

BRENNAN: James Embry.


BRENNAN: Mike Doyle.

BOOTH: Say you wanted to hide a particular body and you didn't want anyone to find out, where would you put it?

Cut To: INT. TEMPORARY MORGUE - FREEZER ROOM - COFFIN SECTION Booth, Brennan and Sam are looking in cardboard boxes which have bodies in them already identified and waiting to be buried.

SAM POTTER: If I wanted to hide a body, I'd change the name tag on the coffin.

BRENNAN: (looking at a body) Not Mouton. Too young.

BOOTH: Yeah, it's buried and the evidence is gone forever.

BRENNAN: (inside another box) Argh, female. (shuts box lid) You know, I find it hard to believe that horny little Mike Doyle is a voodoo sorcerer.

Sam opens another box and there is fresh body inside with another Katrina victim body.



BRENNAN: (looking at the body) Speak of the devil. Mike Doyle. And he's not alone.

She picks up the remains of the Katrina victim's hand and examines it as the scene fades to black.

Cut To: INT. TEMPORARY MORGUE - AUTOPSY ROOM Booth, Brennan, Sam, James Embry, Detective Harding and a few other workers are there with Mike Doyle's body and the unknown Katrina victim found with him. Booth and Brennan whisper to each other to the side while others work.

BRENNAN: You said to avoid the police.

BOOTH: Not cooperating is one thing, Bones, okay? Concealing a double homicide? Well, we might as well give them an excuse to hang us.

Harding and Embry come up and joins them.

DETECTIVE HARDING: (to Brennan) Dr. Embry says that you can identify the bag of bones.

BRENNAN: The skeletal remains belong to a man named Rene Mouton. His skull is missing.

JAMES EMBRY: Looks to me like Mike Doyle was drugged, a spike was driven through his head during or immediately following sexual intercourse.

DETECTIVE HARDING: Well, it appears that Dr. Brennan, Dr. Embry and Sam Potter here are the three people who could've pulled this off.

BOOTH: Well, Sam Potter brought us to the body. We called you in. Who's that leave?

Harding turns to look at Embry.

JAMES EMBRY: Oh, please. There's no security in this place. Anyone could've gotten in here.

BRENNAN: You said that Mike was having s*x when he died. James, he must've been killed by the coffin girl.


BOOTH: What's her name?

JAMES EMBRY: Well, I never got her name.

BRENNAN: Is there a mojo in Doyle's mouth?

DETECTIVE HARDING: I don't feel comfortable releasing that...

BRENNAN: The girl is a voodoo sorcerer. She works for Secte Rouge.

BOOTH: Detective Harding, I know this is - you know - sounds superstitious, but...

DETECTIVE HARDING: Three ritual murders and a world-renowned anthropologist who can't remember how she ended up smeared with the blood of a skinned man crucified to a wall with spikes. Call me superstitious.

There is an uncomfortable pause when Sam interrupts from his place next to Mouton's body.

SAM POTTER: Excuse me. May I scatter fwan ginea over Mr. Mouton? To purify his remains?

DETECTIVE HARDING: No! No more of this voodoo crap! I don't want you contaminating the body.

BRENNAN: What is it?

SAM POTTER: Ashes from a ritual fire pit. Ashes from a dove's feather, salt mixed with holy water...

BOOTH: Okay, okay, ya know, we get the idea and...

BRENNAN: It should have no affect on the bones, Detective Harding.

Harding looks back and forth between Brennan and Sam like they're crazy. Finally, she relents.

DETECTIVE HARDING: Fine. Fine. Go ahead.

Sam holds the pot up toward the sky and begins a voodoo chant. At the appropriate time, he stops, opens the pot and pours some ashes on the body. There is a reaction from the ashes and a design begins to be revealed on the ribcage.

BOOTH: Whoa! Did you see that?

BRENNAN: Very interesting phenomenon. The electrostatic charge of the particles reacted with the bone. Angela was unable to recreate that pattern from the X-rays using the best technology in the world.

Booth paces, thinking. He finally figures out where he knows that pattern from.

BOOTH: Electrostatic, my ass. That was part of an emblem of a 1959 Caddy Brougham. Oh, boy.


BRENNAN: The voodoo shop guy owns a 1959 Cadillac.

BOOTH: He's got a voodoo daughter.

Cut To: INT. VOODOO SHOP - PONCHARTRAIN AVENUE - DAY There's a close-up of the picture of Richard Benoit and his daughter in front of his Cadillac. The camera zooms back to reveal Benoit. Booth, Brennan and Detective Harding are in the shop as well.

RICHARD BENOIT: You're taking my caddy? Why?

BOOTH: Why? Because we have reason to believe that your Caddy was used in the wrongful death of Rene Mouton.

RICHARD BENOIT: You think that someone did a hit-and-run on Rene Mouton in my Caddy?


BOOTH: Mr. Benoit, does your daughter have a boyfriend?


Booth whistles and gestures for Detective Harding to show him a picture. She hands it to Richard Benoit.


Benoit takes the picture and we see that it's a picture of Mike Doyle.

RICHARD BENOIT: Mike Doyle. Yeah. Why?

BOOTH: We need to speak to your daughter.

Detective Harding clears her throat interrupting Booth.

BOOTH: By which I mean Detective Harding needs to speak to your daughter.

RICHARD BENOIT: I don't know where she is.

DETECTIVE HARDING: Mr. Benoit, right now she's a suspect in the murder of Mike Doyle.

RICHARD BENOIT: Why would Eva kill her boyfriend?

BOOTH: It's hard to explain.

BRENNAN: She was involved in a hit-and-run. When the body surfaced at the morgue, she asked her boyfriend to help her hide it. He refused, so she killed him. Also, she's a member of Secte Rouge.


BRENNAN: I bet there are drugs in this shop that could knock me out, make me forget.

Booth, Brennan and Harding stare at Benoit and each other as he processes this information. He exhales and finally decides he will cooperate.

RICHARD BENOIT: Eva is downstairs praying.

Benoit leads them toward the door to the basement.

Cut To: INT. VOODOO SHOP -STAIRS AND DOOR TO BASEMENT ROOM The group comes down the stairs and stops outside a door to the basement room.

RICHARD BENOIT: Eva? Eva, open the door.

There's no answer. Detective Harding puts her ear against the door, then turns the knob and enters. Booth enters after her. Benoit sees something.


He races into the room Cut To: INT. VOODOO SHOP - BASEMENT ROOM Benoit runs toward his daughter, Eva, who is impaled through her chest on a long spike protruding from the wall.


He slowly pulls her off the stake and lowers her to the floor.


Brennan walks past them to study the altar that is set up at the end of the room. She calls to Booth.


He goes to where she is and sees what she's looking at. There is a skull on the altar.

BOOTH: Could that be Mouton's skull?

BRENNAN: Yes. And this (picks up spike) could be the spike she used on Mouton and Mike Doyle.

Flash Cut To: B/W WALL WITH SPIKE IMAGE, BLOOD DRIPPING DOWN, SOUND OF SCREAMS Flash Cut To: INT. VOODOO SHOP - BASEMENT ROOM Some time has passed because Sam Potter and James Embry have shown up. Eva is now on a gurney.

SAM POTTER: (looking over the room) This is the lair of a bokor, someone who can call the dark spirits. (points at spike in wall) This is used for animal sacrifice.

BRENNAN: It was heated to red hot first to cauterize the wound so it wouldn't bleed.

BOOTH: What, she killed herself because she knew we were coming?

RICHARD BENOIT: No, no. Not...not my Eva.

BRENNAN: She drove the spike through her sternum?

Brennan crosses to the body and examines it.

JAMES EMBRY: Sternum, heart, through the chest cavity, through the spine.

SAM POTTER: (at altar) Can I open this?


There are containers on the altar. He points to a few.

SAM POTTER: This one holds the soul of Mr. Rene Mouton. I believe this one holds the soul of the bokor.

RICHARD BENOIT: Why don't you just shut up?

SAM POTTER: I would like to release Mr. Mouton's soul so no other bokor can use it.

DETECTIVE HARDING: No. It's evidence. Don't touch it.

RICHARD BENOIT: I raised my Eva to be a houngan, a healer. How could this happen right underneath my nose?

BRENNAN: Rebellious adolescent? Do you remember how much of the spike was protruding from her back when we first came in?

BOOTH: Six, eight inches.

BRENNAN: Would the fact that the spike was red hot cause it to go through the body more easily?

JAMES EMBRY: No, it might even make it harder.

BRENNAN: (thinks a moment) Eva Benoit did not commit suicide.


BRENNAN: This room isn't even 12 feet wide. Even if she ran at full speed and her aim was perfect, no way the spike would go through her spine unless she was pushed onto it.

Sam stares at Richard Benoit and gets closer to him.

SAM POTTER: (re Benoit) He is the sorcerer. He believes he can bring her back to life.

BOOTH: Okay. Everyone just simmer down. Okay, you're saying that he murdered his daughter thinking that he could bring her back to life?

SAM POTTER: You find her dead, you stop looking for Mouton's murderer.

BRENNAN: An inch or two to the left or right, we would never have known it was murder. Had to have been hard pushing her onto the spike, especially if she were resisting. You'd have some wounds of your own.

Brennan grabs Benoit's shirt and tugs. Buttons fly off and his torso is exposed revealing a bandaged wound. Brennan steps back.

BRENNAN: There's your killer. (to Booth) I'd really like to go home now.

BOOTH: Yeah, me, too. All right, my advice? Cuff Mr. Wizard here before he puts a spell on you.

DETECTIVE HARDING: What? No written confession?

BOOTH: You want a confession? Threaten to release his daughter's soul. He'll tell you everything.

Harding cuffs Benoit as Booth and Brennan begin to leave. Benoit calls to her and they turn back.

RICHARD BENOIT: Dr. Temperance Brennan, you leave here, you go home, it does not matter. There are powers, dark powers to whom distance makes no difference.

BOOTH: Easy, buddy.

RICHARD BENOIT: (chanting a spell) Agua, aqua...

BOOTH: Hey, hey, hey!

RICHARD BENOIT: (continues chanting)

BOOTH: Agua?

Benoit keeps chanting and finishes by blowing out a long breath of air toward Brennan. Brennan reaches forward and using two fingers, pokes his eyes. Benoit screams in pain.

BRENNAN: I've noticed that very few people are scary once they've been poked in the eye.

Harding laughs.

BOOTH: Yeah.

Booth mimics the eye poke, whistles and then they leave.

Cut To: EXT. JEFFERSONIAN - NIGHT BRENNAN: (O.S.) I got in the middle of a battle between two religious sects.

Cut To: INT. JEFFERSONIAN - BRENNAN'S OFFICE Brennan, Booth, Hodgins, Angela, and Zack are seated in her office.

BRENNAN: Benoit used Hurricane Katrina as a diversion to take the soul of a voodoo priest.

ANGELA: And he killed his own daughter.

HODGINS: Dark sorcerers suck, man.

BOOTH: Oh, but, you know, he intended to bring her back to life.

ZACK: There's not really any such thing as spells and magic.

HODGINS: What are you talking about? He put a forgetting hex on Dr. Brennan.

BRENNAN: But it wasn't the spell that made me forget. It was the drugs. Rohypnol.

BOOTH: Blood test didn't find any.

BRENNAN: Gamma hydroxybutyrate?

BOOTH: Not a trace.

BRENNAN: Sodium pentothal?

BOOTH: Nope.

BRENNAN: Severe emotional trauma.

ANGELA: Honey, even I think you're too strong-minded for that.

BRENNAN: There were too many delays in doing my blood test. That, plus the adrenaline of my escape. The drugs were out of my system.

HODGINS: (chuckling) They put the voodoo on you, baby.

Booth crosses his arms in some kind of voodoo sign and hisses.

HODGINS: I didn't really mean to call you "baby."

BRENNAN: You guys, stop, now. I mean it.

ZACK: Do you believe in voodoo? Because even if a small part of you believes in it, then it has a grip.

BRENNAN: I do not believe.

BOOTH: (leans in) Maybe just a little?


BOOTH: Good. Because, you know, if you have any doubts, we'll just have Benoit send you back one of those little satanic mojo pouches from prison.

BRENNAN: Booth, objects have no intrinsic power. A person's future does not depend on some...thing. Things are just things. They do not have magical meaning or powers.

Booth is leaning back in his chair, head resting on his hand, listening. He opens his hand and lets the earring that he picked up in Legiere's house dangle for her to see. Brennan stares at it a moment.

BRENNAN: Where'd you get that?

BOOTH: What does it matter? It's just a thing, right?

He gives her the earring.

BRENNAN: My mothers' earring.

Booth gets up and begins to leave.

BOOTH: No, uh, magical power over your future.

Smiling at her, he exits the office.

ANGELA: Does that prove something?

Brennan stares at the earring and finally puts the pieces of the puzzle together.

BRENNAN: Yeah. It proves something.

She looks at the earring and smiles.