• Starfire: Let's see. A half a cup of dried zorkaberries, 4 tablespoons of melted Sputflix. Almost done and soon, everybody will be enjoying my favourite Tamaranian dish. Raven, would you like to try my homemade Glork Supreme?
    Raven: Not now Starfire, I'm on the last chapter.

  • Beast Boy: (noticing central power unit) Let's rock the house.

  • Beast Boy: (after power is disrupted) Did I do that?
    Other Titans: BEAST BOY!
    Robin: How could you mess with the main power source?
    Cyborg: You made me lose the game!
    Starfire: Now there will be no Glorg for anyone! (fires eyebolt at BB)
    Raven: I'll never know how it ends! (power comes back on)
    Beast Boy: Ah, no worries. Generators' kicked in. (Titans close in on BB, but their complaints are not heard)
    Beast Boy: (loudly) What!? (pulls out ear wax) There, that's better. What were you guys saying? (Titans complaints are now VERY audiable)
    Beast Boy: I don't want to hear this! (puts ear wax back in ears)

  • Punk Rocket: (sees the building has cleared) What? No one's staying for my encore?
    Robin: Hey! Concert's over punk!
    Punk Rocket: It's Punk Rocket to you, mate! Now let's kick it out! (blasts Titans) How's that for a number one hit?
    Cyborg: I don't think I can take another hit.
    Robin: I've heard enough, Titans Go!

  • Punk Rocket: (as he fights Starfire and Raven) I'd like to dedicate this next one to all my female fans (gets ready to strike a chord) This one's for you! (blasts girls out of the air)
    Starfire: (as Raven recovers) Why does the Punk Rocket wish to hurt people with his music? Music is a glorious expression that is supposed to make one feel happy.
    Raven: You obviously never heard any of my music.

  • Robin: Alright Punk Rocket, what do you want?
    Punk Rocket: I want to bring the world to it's knees with the sound of chaos!
    Raven: You are so one-note.

  • Punk Rocket: (laughing) You're daft thinking you can beat me. Now here's something to really bring down the house! (reveals speakers behind curtains)

  • Beast Boy: (egging Punk on) Hey punkie! You call that the sound of chaos? Sounds more like elevator music to me!

  • Punk Rocket: (after speakers have exploded and are no longer useful) Nooooo! (breaks down crying)
    Raven: You are so not cool. (ties up villain before he can escape)
    Beast Boy: (pulling out ear wax) Waxy build-up saves the day!

  • Robin: Looks like Punk Rocket's next tour will be behind bars. (All Titans laugh)
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