Sheldon (to Amy in her fantasy): May I borrow your water?
(Sheldon drenches the water on his body as "Rock You Like a Hurricane plays in the background")
Sheldon: The light's green. (Amy snaps out of it)
Amy: Sorry.
Sheldon: GPS says we'll be at the railway in three hours.
Amy: I can get us there in two. (steps on the gas pedal)

[first lines]

Howard: OK. I'm zeroing out the electro-osmotic flow rate in the micro-fluidic channel.
Leonard: Nicely done, Howard.
Howard: Well, my wife is four foot ten and sexually satisfied, so clearly I know my way around tiny things.
Leonard: Good for you. On the cutting edge of new technology and still making inappropriate comments about the mother of your child...
Howard: And those are just the things I say out loud.
Sheldon Gentlemen, we need to stop immediately.
Howard: What's wrong?
Sheldon I've been looking at the math, and I think we can make the device between eight and ten percent smaller.
Sheldon That's great,but the Air Force approved the specs; we're good to go.
Howard: Yeah, it doesn't need to be smaller.
Sheldon Shame on you! Where would we be if poodle breeders had that attitude? I'll tell you: we would have the standard and miniature poodle, but no toy or teacup. Which, by the way, is not an official breed, but that's just poodle politics.
Leonard: Can we please stop talking about poodles!
Sheldon Fine. Candy bars! Now, do you enjoy a fun size? I know you do.
Howard: Sheldon,we don't need to make this smaller and your work is done. Go home.
Sheldon I don't want to go home.
Leonard: Fine. Go for little walk.
Sheldon Then what?
Leonard: Just keep walking.

Bernadette: Sorry, Howie's back at work and there's just so much going on.
Amy: Is there anything we can do?
Bernadette: Sure: open up a college fund, shop for life insurance, and in the laundry room there's a mountain of dirty laundry. Wash it or burn it; your choice.

Stuart: Instead of arguing all night, let's just split up the baby chores.
Raj: Yeah, great. Um, I'll put food in the top half; you deal with whatever comes out the bottom.

Howard: Open a window; it's about to get smug in here.

[last lines]

Sheldon GPS says we'll be at the railway in three hours.
Amy: I can get us there in two.

Leonard: You know, I do have a way to get him out of our hair. I've been holding on to this for a few years, but maybe now's the time.
Howard: We can just lock the door, you don't have to kill him.
Leonard: You can't kill him. He just respawns at the last save point.

Colonel Williams: [Pointing at Sheldon's board] What's this?
Leonard: Oh, nothing. Just some math we don't need.
Colonel Williams: This is a different approach. You're trying to make the guidance system even smaller?
Leonard: It's just a theory, it's not even worked out.
Colonel Williams: Oh. I want this.
Howard: But we already met the agreed-upon specs. Going smaller would require weeks of new computations.
Colonel Williams: So get the kid with the two shirts to do it.
Leonard: Sir, if I may, we've put a lot of thought and effort into making the current prototype. It's a really elegant solution, and most importantly, it works.
Colonel Williams: Yeah, I want this.
Howard: It's just a theory. It's not even a complete thought.
Colonel Williams: You both make excellent points. Thank you for presenting it so articulately. Make this.
Howard: The kid with the two shirts screwed us again.

Sheldon I'm an engineer now. And just so we're clear, a train engineer. Not the goofy kind you are.

Penny: Great. You guys ready to get crazy?
Amy: Well, the bra under here isn't beige.

Sheldon In the world of theoretical physics, you never finish. So much is unprovable. But when I was studying that railway guide, it was so tangible and so satisfying that something just clicked. Then it clacked. Then it clicked and clacked, click-clack, clickety-clack and here we are! Whoo-whoo!