Blue: Bow, Bow, Bow.

Moona: “The Legend Of The Blue Puppy”.

Blue: Bow, Bow, Bow.

Bow, Bow, Bow.

Joe: Hi.

Periwinkle: Look Who’s Here.

Tickety Tock: Look Up There.

Mr. Salt: Look. There.

Slippery Soap: Look.

Joe: Did You See What I See?

Blue: Bow.

Joe: It’s… It’s The Moon. Yeah.

All: Yeah!

Blue: Bow, Bow.

Tickety Tock: A Blue Moon.

Joe: And It’s Blue Before.

Blue: (Barking)

Joe: What Is It?

Blue: Bow, Bow. Bow.

Moona: Hi! It’s Me. Moona. The Moon Fairy.

Blue: Bow, Bow, Bow, Bow.

Joe: Moona. Are You The Moon Fairy, From The Moon.

Moona: I Am.

Blue: Bow.

Joe: And The Mean’t Actual Moon Before.

Moona: I Can Get The All The Way From The Blue Moon

To Tell Blue About Her Legend.

The Legend Is A Story About Blue And How Special She Is.

It’s Called “The Legend Of The Blue Puppy”.

Tickety Tock: Wow! I Love This Story.

Moona: You Mean Blue. Here. 

This Is Blue’s Story.

Once Upon A Time, A Long Time Ago, 

The Very 1St Blue Moon

Lift Up The Sky, 

And On That Night, A Whole Litter Of Puppies Was Born.

There Were Brown Puppies

And Gray Puppies.

There Were Black Puppies

And White Puppies.

But There Was 1 Puppy

Who Was Very Different From 

All The Others—

A Puppy, That Was The Most Beautiful Shade Of Blue.

How Color Wasn’t The Only Thing Different About This Puppy.

While The Others Puppies Barked To Liked To Bury Bones,

This Puppy Liked To Read And Listen To Music.

While The Other Puppies Like To Roll In The Dirt,

The Blue Puppy Liked To Sit Up

And Clap Her Paws.

She Was The Smartest Puppy 

In All The Land.

And The Legend Says 

That There Was Something Else

That Made The Blue Puppy


She Was Born With A Little Golden… Key.

The Blue Puppy Loved The Way The Key Sparkled,

That See Didn’t Know Why She Had It Or What The Key Might Unlock.

But All Of That 

Will Change Today.

Today The Blue Moon

Lights Up The Sky Again.

Do You Want To Know Why?

Because Today Is The Day That You Blue,

Will Be Able To Use Your Key To Unlock

Your Greatest Gift.

Blue: Bow, Bow-Wow!

Moona: So Blue Are You Up Your The Adventure

Of Finding Your Greatest Gift?

Blue: Bow. (Barking Yes) Bow, Bow, Bow, Bow!

Moona: Wonderful! Just Follow Me To Find Your Key.

Blue: (Barking)

Joe: Okay, So We Need To Follow Moona

To Find Blue’s Key,

Which Will Unlock Blue’s Greatest Gift.

All: Let’s Go!

Joe: Follow That Moon Fairy.

She’s Going Into The House.

Come On!

Blue: (Barking) Bow.

Joe: Where Did Moona Go?

Do You See Her?

Blue: Bow! Bow.

Viewer: No.

Joe: Okay, We’re Keep Looking.

Blue: (Barks “He’ll Keep Looking”) 

Viewer: There She Is.

Blue: (Barking) 

Joe: Do You See Moona?

Viewer: There—Moona.

Joe: There She Is

And There She Goes.

Come On.

Now Do You See Her?

Blue: Bow.

Viewer: No.

Blue: (Barking No) 

Joe: She Must Around Here Somewhere.

Blue: (Barking Yes) 

Joe: Where Is She?

Viewer: There By The Window.

Blue: (Barks “By The Window”) 

Joe: She’s Here. We Found Moona.


Moona: You Found Me.

I’ve Ready This Far, And Now You’ll See…

That Polka Dots Has Aw Only As Had Your Key.

Blue: Bow?

Joe: The Key With Polka Dots?

Blue: (Barks “Polka Dots”) 

Key: Hi, Blue.

I’m Your Key—

Your Key.

I’m So Glad You Found Here.

I’ve Been In 

Polka Dots Pocket

This Whole Time—

This Whole Time.

Blue: (Barks “This Whole Time?”) 

Key: Yes, Yes, Yes.

I Will Lock Your Greatest Gift—

Your Greatest Gift.

Moona: Now You Just Need To Find

The Lock That Key Fits In.

It Was A Key Made Of Gold,

By What Would It Do?

Today We’ll Find Out

With Come Help From You

Go, Blue And Solve This Mystery

Yeah Go, Blue, Go

And Find The Lock To Your Key.

Good Luck To You, Blue.

(Moona Leaves In Blue’s Room Toy)

Key: Hi I’m Blue’s Key.

Tickety Tock: Blue Found Her Key.

Slippery Soap: Wow!

(All Exclaiming)

Joe: Can You Believe This.

Okay, So What Do We Need To Do?

Well, We Have The Key.

Key: That’s Me.


Blue: (Barks “Hello”) 

Joe: Now We Need To Find The Lock,

And One We Find The Lock, We Could Unlock Blue’s Greatest Gift.

All: Let’s Go. We Can’t Find It.

Key: Yeah, Come On!

Go, Blue, Go

And Find The Lock To Your Key.

Blue: (Barks “Hello”) 

Tickety Tock: Oh Hi.

Do You See A Lock?

Hmm, No Locks On These Blocks.

Blue: (Barking No) 

Tickety Tock: Do You See A Lock Now?

Viewer: There A Lock.

Tickety Tock: Oh, Wow You’re Good Finder.

Where? Where’s The Lock?

Viewer: It’s On The Toy Chest.

Tickety Tock: Oh, Blue Try The Lock On The Toy Chest.

Maybe This Is What The Key Will Open.

Blue (Barking)

Key: Yes, Yes, Yes.

I’m Excited To Try.

Do You Think I’ll Fit?

Blue: Bow, Bow, Bow!

Key: Whoa! 

Blue: (Barks “Uh-Oh”) 

Key: The Lock’s Too Big—Too Big.

Blue: (Barks “Oh, No”) 

Tickety Tock: Oh, The Lock On The Toy Chest Is Too Big For Blue’s Key.

Her Greatest Gift Must Not Be In There.

Blue: (Barking No) 

Tickety Tock: Keep Looking.

Good Luck, Blue.

Go Blue, Go And Find The Lock To Your Key.

Blue (Barking)

Key: Yes, Yes, Yes. Let’s Keep Looking.

Go, Blue, Go

And Find The Lock To Your Key.

Joe: Oh, Hey There.

Do You See Any Locks?

Viewer: Yeah, Another Lock.

Joe: Where? Where’s The Lock?

Viewer: A Lock On The Bench.

Blue (Barks Excitedly)

Joe: Ooh On The Lock On The Bench.

Key: Ooh, A Lock, A Lock.

Do You Think I’ll Fit?

Blue: Bow, Bow, Bow!

Key: Whoa! Whoa!

Blue: Bow, Bow, Bow!

Key: The Lock On This Bench Is Too Wide—

Too Wide For Me.

Joe: Hmm, It’s Not In The Bench.

Blue: (Barking No) 

Joe: It Wasn’t The Toy Chest.

Blue: (Barking No) 

Joe: Maybe It’s In The Shoe.

Blue: (Laughing)

Joe: No.

Blue: (Barking No) 

Joe: Maybe The Other Shoe?

No Lock In There.

Blue: (Laughing Then Barks)

Joe: Maybe It’s In This Hat.

Blue: (Laughing)

Joe: Joe's Got A Silly Hat, But No Lock.

Blue (Barking): But No Lock.X

Key: Yeah, Come On!

Go, Blue, Go

And Find The Lock To Your Key.

Periwinkle: Did You Find It, Blue?

Did You Find The Lock?

Blue: (Barking No) 

Periwinkle: Not Yet, Huh?

Hmm, Do You See Another Lock We Can Try?

Viewer: There On The Grandfather Clock.

Blue (Barking)

Periwinkle: Oh, The Lock On The Grandfather Clock, Blue.

Let’s Try It.

Key: Yes, Yes, Yes,

Let’s Try It.

Hi, Clock.

Clock: Hi, Key.

Key: Do You Think I’ll Fit?

Maybe, Maybe.


Blue: (Barks Sadly)

Key: The Lock’s Too Narrow—

A Little Too Narrow For Me.

Clock: Sorry.

Blue: (Barks Sadly)

Periwinkle: Oh, That’s Okay.

We’ll Keep Looking.

Go, Blue, Go And Find The Lock To Your Key.

Key: Come On.

Blue: (Barks Sadly)

Key: (Signs) Nothing Worked.

Blue: (Barks Sadly “Go, Blue, Go And Find A Lock To Your Key”)

Joe: Nope, No Locks Under The Table.

Blue: (Barks Sadly)

Joe: Hey, Blue, Don’t Worry.

You Will Find The Lock.

I Know You Will.



Mr. Salt And Mrs. Pepper: It’s Snack Time.

Mr. Salt: You Know What, Blue?

We Made An Extra Special Snack To Celebrate You.

Key: Look, These Cookies Look Like Me, A Key—

Cook-“Keys”, Cookies.




Blue: (Laughing)


Joe: Oh, Good.

Hey, Looks Like Blue Is Ready To Go Back To Her Search.

Okay, Let’s Keep Looking For Locks.

Come On.

How About.

Blue: Bow, Bow, Bow!

Joe: On The Those Bunch Of Bananas.

Blue: (Barking No) 

Joe: No? In The Phone.

Blue: Bow, Bow, Bow!

Joe: Hello, Is Lock There.

Oh! Uh, Wrong Number.

Sorry, Bye.

Blue: Bow, Bow, Bow!

Key: Come On!

Blue: (Barks Looking)

Viewer: Look, Over There.

Blue: (Barking)

Key: A Lock, A Lock.

Hey, Will You Help?

Let’s Try And Open It…


Blue: (Barks “Together”)

Key: Help Me Turn, Okay.

I Think…

I Think It’s Working.

I’m Fitting.

I’m Turning.

It’s Working!

Moona: Congratulations, Blue, You Found It.

You’re Greatest Gift Is In Here.

Blue (Barks Excitedly ”Ba-Ba, Ba-Ba, Blue’s Room”)

Moon-A: Get, Come On.

Ba-Ba, Ba-Ba, Blue’s Room.

(Changing Blue’s Clues Into Blue’s Room)

Polka Dots: This Is Your Playroom, Blue.

There Are So Many Things You Can Play Here.

Doodle Board: We Can Draw Pictures Here.

A Doodle, Doodle, Doodle.

Polka Dots: Come On, Come On, Come On.

Boogie-Woogie: And Sing And Dance Here.

A Boogie-Woogie, Boogie-Woogie,

Boogie, Boogie-Woog, Yeah!

Polka Dots: Come On, Come On.

Fred: And We Can Play Here.

Roary: And Roar Here. (Yells “Roar”)

Polka Dots: Come On, Come On.

Silly Seat: And We Can Be So Silly Here.


Dress Up Chest: And We Can Pretend Here.

Moona: And Blue…

The Greatest Thing About Your Playroom Is That Here You Can Talk To Your Friends.

Blue: I…

Uh, I… Can Talk To You?


Polka Dots: Blue Can Talk.

Blue: Wow.

Polka Dots: Hey, Everyone, Blue Can Talk.

Moona: That Is Your Greatest Gift.

Here, In Your Room—

Blue’s Room—

You Can Talk To Your Friends.

(Moon-A Leaves)

Blue: Oh, My… Goodness.

I Can Talk.

I Can Talk To You.

Can You Believe It?

Oh, Wow, Here In This Room,

My Greatest Gift Is That I Can Talk To You.

Hi, You.


Oh, Uh… There Are

So Many Things I Want To Talk To You About,

Like, Um…. Well,

Our Favorite Colors.

My Favorite Color Is Blue.

What’s Your Favorite Color?


Well, Do You Know Why I Like Blue?

Well, Because I Like The Blue Sky,

And Like Bluebirds And Blueberry Pancakes.

Why Do You Like Your Favorite Color?


Well, That’s A Good Reason.

Oh, You Just Gave Me A Great Idea.

Do You Want To Have A Favorite Color Party?

Well, Then, Come On.

Okay, Okay. 

1St We Need Pour Some Juice. 

I’ll Do That.

Some For Me.

There And Some For You.

Ahh. There We Go.

Okay, Here We Go.

Ahh, Here. You Got It.

My Juice, Is Blue.

What Color Is Your Juice?

Oh, Oh Really, Yum.

(Slurps Juice)

Yum, Yum, Yum, Yum.

Oh, My Juice Is So Good.

It Tastes Like Um,

Blueberry Muffins.

What Does Your Juice Like?

Oh That Does Sounds Good.

I Just Love Our Color Party.

Let’s Party Now I’m Taller Now With You.

Polka Dots: Hey, Hey, There’s So Much More You Can Place Like.

Blue: Wow!

Doodle Board: A Doodle Doodle Doddle Board.

Polka Dots: Oh, That’s Doodle Board.

We Can Play Here. Come On.

Blue: Okay. Hi Doodle.

Doodle Board: Ready To Play.

Blue:  Yeah! 

Doodle Board: Are You Know. Okay. You Say “Doodle”,

While I Draw, And When I Say Guess.

You Guess What My Picture Is. Okay.

Blue: Uh-Huh?

Doodle Board: Okay. Say “Doodle” “Doodle” “Doodle”.

Blue: Come On. Say It.

All: A Doodle A Doodle A Doodle.

A Doodle A Doodle A Doodle.

Doodle Board: Keep Doodling

All: A Doodle A Doodle A Doodle Guess.

Blue: What Do You Think It Is?

Did Your Hear That Doodle?

Hmm, Let’s See.

Doodle Board: A Doodle Doodle Doodle Reject.

It Is A Heart. Because. “I”, “Love”, “You”.

Blue: I Love You Do Doodle.

Doodle Board: Oh!

Polka Dots: I Love You Too.

Fred: I Love You Too.

And I Know. My Name Is Frederica.

But You Called Fred.

Blue: Hi Fred.

Fred: You Know What? Today Is My Birthday!

Oh Boy Oh Boy.

Polka Dots: Fred I Pretending.

Fred: I Love Birthdays.

Blue: I Love Birthdays, Too.

Don’t You?

Fred: Really. But You They Pretend It’s My Birthday.

We Can Do Much Pretending Here.

Blue: We Can. 

Dress Up Chest: Dress Up Time, Dress Up Time.

Blue: Whoa!! Let’s Play. Come On.

Polka Dots: Bye Doodle Board.

Fred: Bye Doodle Board.

Doodle Board: Buh-Bye.

Fred: Hi Dress Up Chest.

Blue: Can We Dress Up And Pretend With You.

Dress Up Chest: You Just Need Your Key To Open Me.

Polka Dots: I’ve Got The Key.

Key: Here I Am. It’s Me.

A Key, Key, Key, Key.

Dress Up Chest: Dress Up Time,

Dress Up Time, We Can Be Anything Now That We’re Pretending.

Blue: Ha, Ha, Ha. Wow, Look It All The Costumes.

What Should We Pretend It To Be?

Dress Up Chest: Well. You Can Be,

A Firefighter.

Or A Movie Star, Huh?

Or A Doctor. Everything Impossible In Me As Dress Up Chest.

Blue: (Laughs) Ahem. (As Doctor) Hello I Am Doctor Blue.

And You Are My Patient. It’s Time For Check Up.

Please Stick Out Your Tongue And Say “Ahh”.

Ahh Perfect. You Have A Perfect Mouth.

Okay, So Now Listen To Your Heart With Our Stethoscope.

Dum Dum, Dum Dum, Dum Dum.

Oh, That’s Great. Now Take A Deep Breath.

Good Take A Deep Breath.

Very Good Patient. You Just Sound Very Healthy. Hmm.

(Back To Normal) Wow! Thanks Dress Up Chest.

That Was Great.

Dress Up Chest: You’re Welcome.

Roary: (Yells “Roar”) Was That A Good Roar?

(Yells “Roar”) How About That One.

Thanks. I’m Still Practicing. Mine About Roar E Saurus.

But You Call Me Roary.

Blue: Hi Roary.

Roary: Oh, Hi, Blue.

Blue: You Are Good Roarer.

Roary: Aw, Thanks.

Boogie-Woogie: Boogie-Woogie, Boogie-Woogie,

Boogie, Boogie-Woog, Yeah!

Roary: Hey, Do You Like To Dance?

You Do.(Yells “Roar”) Reject.

Let’s Go See Boogie-Woogie To Dance A Saurus. Okay.

Blue: Okay.

Roary: Yeah.

Blue: (Laughs) Hi There Boogie-Woogie.

Boogie-Woogie: Hi Blue. Do You Want To Favorite Dance Games?

Roary: Oh, Yeah! I Want Too.

Boogie-Woogie: It’s Called “Boogie Woogie” 

When I Say Boogie, You Said It. 

You Dancing In It Boogie.

Oh Yeah. When I Say Woogie You Stop And Freeze.

Got It.

Okay, Ready To Dance.

Blue: Ready!

Roary: I’m Ready.

Boogie-Woogie: Okay, 1, 2, 3, Boogie!

Blue: I’m Dancing. Do You.

Boogie-Woogie: Yeah!

Blue: Did Your Freeze? I Did. 

Boogie-Woogie: Good Woogier. 

Ready To Dance Again. Okay Boogie.


Blue: We’re Good The Boogie.

Boogie-Woogie: You Sure Are Blue.

You’re The Best Woogier I. Ever Saw I.

Oops. You Can Unfreeze Now.

Roary: Aw.

Blue: (Laughs) Aw. 

Boogie-Woogie: Oh, Boy! 

Blue: Thanks Boogie-Woogie. That Was A Great Game.

Boogie-Woogie: You’re Welcome.

Blue: Ha, Ha. Wow. There So Much To Do Here.

Like Talk, Play, And Pretend.

And I Can Do It All With You. Yeah!

All: Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba Blue's Room!

Blue: Now That We're Here, Just Me And You, Let's Talk, Play, Pretend. 

There's So Much We Can Do! 

It's So Great To Have A Good Friend Like You!

Fred And Roary: Yes, It’s True!

Polka Dots: It’s Blue And You!

Blue: Me And You!

All: In Blue's Room!

Polka Dots: You And Blue!

Blue: Me And You!

All: In Blue's Room!

Blue: I Love My Room.

Do You Know My Room?

I Can Talk With You! Hi, You!

Sing With You! 

Fred: Laa-Dee-Daa!

Blue: Boogie With You! 

Boogie-Woogie: Boogie-Woogie-Woogie-Woogie-Woogie!

Blue: Pretend With You! 

Dress Up Chest: Let's Be Chickens!

Blue: Hoop-Dee-Doo! It's Me And You

In Blue's Room!

Moona: It’s Time To Go Blue.

Blue: Well Can I Come Back Soon.

Moona: Whenever You Want.

Blue: And You Come Back Too. Right.

Well Better Go See Joe.

Um, You Know What? You’re My Best Friend.

And You Know On.

Um, We Better Go Playroom Friends.

Okay. See Ya.

Fred: Goodbye Blue.

Roary: See Ya Blue.

Blue: Well Will Be Back Soon. Um (Laughs) Come On.

(Changing Back To Blue’s Room Into Blue’s Clues Then Moona Leaves Again And It’s Gone)

Blue: (Barks Excitedly ”Ba-Ba, Ba-Ba Blue’s Room”) Bow, Bow, Bow! Bow!

Joe: Hey, There You Are, Blue.

Blue: Bow! Bow, Bow, Bow! Bow, Bow, Bow, Bow!

Joe: So, Did You Find It?

Did You Find Your Lock Your Greatest Gift?

Blue: (Barking Yes) Bow, Bow! (Bark Excitedly)

Joe: Really. What Is It?

Blue: Bow!

Joe: That Is So Cool.

Blue: (Barks Excitedly) 

Joe: What A Day?

Blue: (Barks Excitedly)

Joe: Hey, You Are A Day.

Oh, Um, Everything Is Your Greatest Gift.

That Was For You.

Blue: Bow, Bow, Bow!

Joe: And You Too, Are Looking At You.

Blue: Bow, Bow!

Joe: You, And, Blue, Blue, Days.

Blue: Bow, Bow, Bow!

Bow, (Barks “Bye-Bye”)

Joe: Good Night.

Blue: Bow, Bow! 

[The camera pans away from the house as the door closes, Blue appears from the window as she waves goodbye]


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