Brennan: Previously on Bones...

Hodgins: We're not dealing with an amateur psychopath.

This guy's a serial murderer.

Given the killer's M.O., it is very likely he is out there looking for his next victim as we speak.

You're not taking responsibility for all this.

Booth. If we hadn't quit our jobs...

Allison Monroe still would have been killed.

We know that this guy's got this, like, crazy genius IQ level and he's manipulative as they come.

Booth: Talk about a classroom from hell.

These are your clothes, Bones.

The victim is meant to be you.

(screaming, gasping)

Dr. Faulk: As I said on the phone, I'm happy to do whatever I can do to be of assistance.

But that said, I can't breach doctor-patient confidentiality.

I'd like you to return to your dreams.

If you knew what I knew, you'd be so proud.

(echoing): Who is he? Who is he? Who is he?

Breach confidentiality if someone's in danger.


Get up here. You understand me?

She's missing. He took her, and he's gonna kill her.

I need your damn notes.

She said that your hands were burnt, like they'd been in some kind of an explosion.

Hodgins: Dreams aren't always literal, I mean, Wendell could just be a symbol here.

A symbol for what?

For someone who used to work at the lab.


Dr. Brennan.

It is good to see you again.

You and I...

We have so much to talk about.

Zack... what have you done?

I need to leave. I need to find Booth.

Dr. Brennan. I need Booth.

Please do not attempt to stand.


The sedative I administered is still very much in your system.

I don't understand what is happening.

You've been asleep for almost two hours.

Zack, listen to me.

Let me go.

If you don't, Booth will find you, and when he does...


I'd prefer you not talk about him.

Zack, what has happened to you?

What happened to your head?

Oh... that.

I forgot you haven't come to see me in some time.


I want to help.

You and I can figure this out together.

Dr. Brennan, I know you're used to me being your assistant, always telling me what to do.

Today, the shoe is on the other foot.

Come on, come on.

Saroyan: Hey. Booth's on his way back from the asylum, They have no clue how Zack escaped.

What have you got?

So this is security footage from inside the Jeffersonian.

Now, because we were on the phone with Brennan when it happened, we do know the exact time she was taken.

The problem is...

Zack remotely turned off some of the cameras.

It was only for a short interval, but it... it was enough to give him a... a very clear path.

Wait, what about footage of them exiting the building?

That's what doesn't make any sense.

I haven't found any exterior cameras that have been turned off.

Which means they can still be somewhere within the Jeffersonian.


I got Dr. Brennan's field bag.

Just dump it out for me, okay?

Come on, Wendell, hurry up.

What are we looking for, man?

I'll tell you when I see it.

Come on, where is it?

Got it.

Hand lotion?

Not just any hand lotion.

This stuff has got glycerin in it.

What is that thing?


It's an explosive trace detector.

Now, I am reprogramming it.

Normally, you would actually screen the glycerin out so you don't end up with a false positive, but I am actually changing it to screen the glycerin in.

Then we can track her down.

It's like a digital bloodhound.

Yeah, you got it.

Bingo. Okay.

Let's take this hound for a walk.

Okay, so Dr. Brennan was in here, examining the remains when Zack took her.

All right then.

Let's see what we can smell. Or... you know what I mean.

Get me to that phone.


(machine beeping)


Take me to the table.


Slow, slow, slow.

(machine beeping)

Come on, Dr. B, where are you?

W-w-wait, wait, wait.

(machine beeping faster)

You did it, man.

Call Booth right now.

It's faint, but I got her.

Booth, this is as far as I could track her and even here the glycerin is almost nonexistent.

Look, where's this elevator go?

Basement and five floors up.

I say we start at the top, work our way down.

Or maybe not. He's in the basement.

How do you know?

It's Zack. Trust me.

Okay? You understand?

It's the only place he would take her.

(gate creaks)

Brennan: Zack, you don't have to do this.

Stop. Listen to me.

Addy: No, I'm done listening.

Brennan: Put it down now! Zack, put the syringe down now.

I'm gonna count to three. One...

Agent Booth.


I need a moment so I can talk.


No, Booth!

Bones, what the hell are you doing?

Get out of the way.

No, Booth, you don't understand. The syringe, he wasn't going to use it on me.

What the hell are you talking about?

Dr. Brennan is telling the truth.

My plan was to inject myself.

This is sodium thiopental.

Truth serum.

I need Dr. Brennan to believe me.

I didn't kill anyone.

♪ Bones 12x01 ♪ The Final Chapter: The Hope in the Horror

♪ Main Title Theme ♪

The Crystal Method

♪ ♪

(indistinct conversation)

(helicopter whirring)

Dr. Saroyan, hey.

You sure you want to be out here?

Yeah, I...

Dr. Brennan's safe, so...

I just...

(Saroyan sighs)

I needed to see him with my own eyes.

It's hard to believe, isn't it?

I mean, I never knew Zack, not like you guys, but... still, I don't know, just... looking at him...

You would think he was as harmless as a child.

That's what we all thought the last time.

So what do you think made him crack?

I mean, that lobbyist he killed, that was like ten years ago.

Just get your stuff, I'm gonna take you to go see the doctor.

No... what? No, I'm fine. Nothing is wrong with me.

What are you talking about, "fine"?

Nothing's wrong with you?

You just said maybe Zack didn't do it.

I need to go home to see Christine and...

Listen, the kids are fine.

Do you understand me? They are safe. Okay?

I need to see them.

Trust me, you need to just... calm down, all right?

Just calm down.

All right?

Look, Zack... did this.

Do you understand me?

You had nightmares about a guy with burned hands.

I am well aware of that, Booth.

I had nightmares because of evidence that insinuated Zack.


Innocent people don't escape from sanitariums to proclaim their innocence!

You're right.

What Zack did is completely illogical, I know, but I still... I need to...

No! No, this is not right.

There is no other way of looking at this.

Zack is a convicted murderer.

He tried to kidnap you.

And he wanted to kill you.

Then why didn't he?

He could have killed me at any time, but he didn't.

I need to talk to him. I need to know...

Bones, stop talking.

All right, just... stop talking.

I love you, too.

Please. (chuckles)

Stop talking.

Hey, Hodgins, slow down, man. Talk to me.

I can see that you're upset.

I'm telling you, if I had been in that basement, this needle here wouldn't be in evidence.

Nope. I would've shoved it down his throat, made sure it punctured every one of his organs on the way down.

That's... creative.

Oh, damn it.

Oh, damn it. Aah!

Damn it!

Oh, Hodgins, hey, hey, hey.

It's all right. It's okay.


It's just another spasm. I got you. I got you.

I got you.

You're okay.


Okay. Okay.

Trust me, this pain is nothing compared to how I'm feeling here, man.


Hang on.


Here. Here, here, here.

I'm good, I'm good, I'm good.

No, no, just take on of these for the pain, all right?

You really think Zack was gonna kill her, don't you?

No doubt whatsoever.

But what about the sodium thiopental?

Truth serum?

Come on, Wendell, don't even go there.

Hey, I'm-I'm sure you're right, all right, but you don't think it's... at least a possibility that he's telling the truth?

I mean, maybe it was someone else.

I mean, we-we know this killer is manipulative.

Stop it. Listen to me.

Zack is guilty, end of story.

Dr. Brennan, oh, wow, it's so good to see you.

Oh, okay. Thank you.

So much hugging.

Perhaps I should be kidnapped more often.

No. No.

How are the kids?

They're fine.

And clueless.

My dad is taking such good care of them, they had no idea I was missing, which is a good thing.

Right, uh, well, Booth, Dr. Brennan, this is Dr. Roshan. He is the head of the facility where Zack was institutionalized.

Dr. Roshan, thank you so much for being here.

Do you have any idea how Zack managed to escape?

Uh, not yet.

Unfortunately, as you are aware, Zack is a very intelligent young man.

Booth: Right. And the box here.

Right? I'm assuming that this is Zack Addy's personal effects?

Yes, I... thought you might want to see these.

The photographs, some press clippings...

As you can see, he was very fond of you, Dr. Brennan.

I am relieved to see that you were not harmed.

Unfortunately, three other victims weren't so lucky, Doctor.

Aubrey: Allison Monroe, Douglas Burkhart and Melissa Goodman. Each of them were killed six months apart.

Roshan: Wait.

I'm sorry, are you implying that Zack was leaving our facility at will for over a year?


We are not implying anything.

These are stills from a surveillance camera half a block away from your facility.

That one is from six months ago.

Roshan: Then...

To tell the truth, we don't know how long he's been coming and going.

Dr. Roshan, I have to ask.

I noticed that Zack had a scar across his forehead, almost like he'd had a surgery, like a lobotomy.

No. Zack's scar didn't occur because of any procedure.

Booth: Okay, then what happened to him?

Zack was receiving regular visits from an associate of yours, a psychologist named Dr. Sweets.

They... they were seeing each other almost every week.

But, then, when Dr. Sweets was murdered, Zack had trouble processing.

He threw himself into a fit of rage and that's when he self-injured.

Since then, Zack has been different.

Withdrawn, I think, is the... best way to describe him.

Listen, Booth, why don't you, uh... why don't you let me have the first crack at him?

Brennan: No.

I'm the one Zack wanted to see; I should be present.

Booth: No. Aubrey's right.

Zack wants you, which is the last thing that we should give him.

(Booth sighs heavily)

Dr. Addy, hello. My name is Special Agent James Aubrey.

As you can imagine, I've got quite a few questions to ask you.

No. I would prefer to only speak with Dr. Brennan.

Communicating with someone of lesser intellect is difficult for me.

No offense taken.

Now, Zack, you, uh, you told Dr. Brennan that you were innocent.

I am innocent.

Look, ask him if he's innocent of the kidnapping.

So... you're denying that you kidnapped Dr. Brennan?

The escape and kidnapping were necessary evils.

I knew her life was in danger.

So why didn't you just call her up and tell her?

I am not well versed in social etiquette.

But I believe, when dealing with accusations of serial murder, it is best to meet face to face.

Look, ask him how he even knows about the killer.

There's nothing in the press.

Zack, why don't you help me out here.

If you're not responsible, as you say, then how do you even know about this supposed killer?

Because I've been reading Dr. Brennan's e-mails.

Given the evidence, it was only a matter of time until I was considered the prime suspect.

Aubrey: Wait. You've been reading Dr. Brennan's e-mail? How?

Addy: I hope you appreciate I'm being forthright.

Honesty, I'm told, is the best policy.

Although, from the look on your face, I'm not sure that axiom holds true.

For the past several years, I've been allowing myself free time at night outside the sanitarium.

Aubrey: You've been breaking out?


And then "breaking" into the local library in order to read and also to access their computers so I can keep up-to-date with all my friends and colleagues.

Dr. Brennan, Hodgins, Angela, and Dr. Saroyan.

Zack, you've been spying on all of their e-mail accounts?

I do not care for the word "spy."

But, yes, I've been keeping myself abreast of what they've been doing on a day-to-day basis.

Let me ask you, you mentioned everyone at the Jeffersonian.

What about Agent Booth?

You been spying on him, too?


Agent Booth and I are not friends.

So, how did you feel about Agent Booth marrying Dr. Brennan and then having two children with her?


Hey. Is this the computer from the library?

The one Zack was using to check in on us?

Yeah. Look at this.

So, this is his account.

Check out the subfolders.

Unbelievable. So he had access to all my e-mails?


I have to say though, he did show some sense of discretion.

He didn't open any of the photo attachments between Hodgins and me.

Not that you and Arastoo do that. Or... do you?

We do not.

Not over e-mail.

Angela, what is that untitled folder?

Let me check it out.

Saroyan: Dr. Alexander Bancroft.

Why does that name sound so familiar?

Oh, my God.

Um... this has to be a mistake.

(sighs) So, this puppet show from hell is everything probative we found in Graham Reynolds' basement.

As you can see, there's blood trace on the drill bit and spindle as well.

Dr. Saroyan's in the process of matching the blood to each of the victims.

Also, over here, I've got sodium sulfide, calcium hydrosulfide, and dimethylamine-- everything you need to tan a body.

What about osteological evidence?

In the basement, we found some bone shards on the floor, most likely cast off when the killer drilled holes into his victims.

I'm still in the process of matching the shards to each of them.

Hey. Sorry to interrupt.

Can I talk to you for a minute?

Hodgins: All right, yeah.

No, say what you got to say. I just... I'm gonna keep working.

'Cause I'm not gonna stop until we get what we need to convict.

On the computer Zack was using, I... found that he was not only reading our e-mails but that he also set up a dummy account under another name.

Dr. Alexander Bancroft.

Brennan: I'm sorry, I don't understand.

Who is Dr. Bancroft?

Bray: Wait, this is who you were telling me about.

Bancroft is a world-renowned neurosurgeon.

He's the one that your physical therapist has been consulting with.

He's the one who developed the protocol that restored feeling in Hodgins' legs.

I'm not following. What does this have to do with Zack?

Dr. Bancroft never actually spoke to Hodgins' therapist.

It was Zack, e-mailing and calling on a burner cell.

Zack is the one who developed the protocol that you've been following.

Zack is the one who's going to make it so that Hodgins can walk.

Look, Aubrey, okay, I'm not saying that Zack didn't do it.

All I'm saying is what he did for Hodgins is nice.

That's all. Yeah.

Nice? Nice? I mean, you realize we're talking about the person who kidnapped your wife here.

I get all that, okay?

But... he's trying to help Hodgins walk.

I mean, that's nice when you think about it.

Doesn't make him innocent. I mean, I'm sure Norman Bates was nice, at least when it came to his mother.

Besides, I mean, look at our board. Look at the killer's M.O.

First, he kills his victims as humanely as possible, takes care of them for six months, and then brutally kills them again.

I get it, Aubrey.

You know what, it-it fits.

I mean, and Zack here, you know?

Being kind to Hodgins and... (sighs)

Aubrey: You're not convinced. I just want some outside help on this. Call Behavioral Analysis.

See if there's a profiler available.

Um, I think maybe I could be of some help with that.

Karen, what are you doing here? I thought you got transferred to Kansas City.

Yes, I was transferred. But then I left, and now I'm back.

As is self-evident.

So... anything new going on?

Dr. Brennan, I wanted to let you know that I've identified the bone shards we found in the puppeteer's basement.

Did all the fragments belong to our previous victims?

Yes. Based on the texture and color, I was able to ascribe the majority of the fragments to Melissa Goodman, the most recent victim.

What about any evidence that could possibly exonerate or... convict Dr. Addy?


I didn't find any such evidence.

Nor was I looking for any. You always taught me to examine the evidence without any preconceived bias.

And unless you say otherwise, that is what I'm gonna continue to do.

Mr. Bray, i-if you would, I could use an extra set of eyes.

While performing a histological examination on this chipped fragment of a central incisor, I found something of note.

This piece of tooth shows tetracycline banding.

Evidence that the victim took antibiotics before age eight.

Right, but I've already examined all three victims, and this banding wasn't present in any of their teeth.

I concur.

Which means this fragment came from a fourth victim.

Okay. No. But here...

You know what?


No. Oh.

If it was latent, it could be...

I'm just gonna orange Post-it.

Move this guy here and here. And then I can...

Yellow. Uh, green.

I got it. I got it.

Wow. What'd you get?

I got it.


Dissociative identity disorder.

Multiple personalities?


Think about it. Think about the way the bodies were disposed of.

I mean, they weren't hidden at all.

He wants us to find them.

It would suggest he wants to get caught.

Yes, but then he keeps killing.

Two personalities in conflict.

Wait a second, does Zack fit that profile?

Well, yes.

Uh, well, and-and no.

Although Dr. Addy's never been diagnosed with dissociative identity disorder, it could have been brought on by the trauma to his head.

But wouldn't he be aware of this other personality?

Not necessarily.

Memory loss is a symptom of this condition.

So one personality isn't cognizant of what the other is doing.

What about Dr. Faulk? You still think he could've done it?

I think that he is an excellent suspect.

Think about it.

His parents were murdered when he was seven years old. That's exactly the kind of trauma that brings on D.I.D. Plus, he's a psychiatrist, and, in general, they tend to be like...

(squawking sound)

You know what I mean?

Yeah, we're aware of the type.

(phone ringing)

Get an agent on Faulk right away, all right?

I want to know where he's at at all times. Get someone outside of his house.

I don't care where they are.

Find him.

Hello. Booth.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, Cam, slow down.

What is it?

Slow down.

What do you mean Bones is gone?

Whoa. This is even (phone ringing) creepier than I imagined.

Oh, sorry.

Uh, this is Booth on the phone.

Why don't you take the wall by the windows?


Hello, Booth?

Bones, what the hell is going on? Where are you?

I'm in Graham Reynolds' basement.

No, no, no. You can't do that.

You don't... you don't just leave without telling me or Cam.

I wasn't aware I needed permission.

You don't. Except, of course, the day after you get kidnapped.

I'm coming to get you.

No, Booth, I assure you, we are safe.

In all likelihood, Zack is the responsible party, and he is in custody.

Bones, listen to me. Get out of there right now.

Booth, I promise I'm fine.

Nothing is going to happen.

I'm at a crime scene. It's secure.

Dr. Brennan.

Hold on. No, Booth, you don't understand.

I found a tooth fragment that doesn't belong to any of the victims.

What are you talking about?

There's a fourth victim?


Listen, Bones, do me a favor.

Just get out of the basement right now.

Will you listen to me for once?

Booth, I can't hear you. You're breaking up.

Hold on. Hold on!

Booth: Geez, Bones...



Wendell? Are you okay, Wendell?

Wait, whoa, whoa, whoa. What's going on?


Hey, sorry, Dr. B.

I slipped trying to open this door.


Booth: Are you okay?

Yes, we're fine. Mr. Bray found something It's some kind of hidden door.

What do you mean, a door? What's inside?

Hold on.

Booth: Bones, are you there?


Booth, it's the other victim.

Half of the body is missing.

Brennan: The rounded supraorbital margins suggest the victim was male.

Also based on the partially fused epiphyseal unions of the humeri, it appears he was still growing.

The victim was a teenager?

That's not at all consistent with the others.

And he's missing the entire lower half of his body.

I'm just saying, in case you missed that... little detail.

The good news is there's just enough tissue around the hair that I should be able to run a tox screen.

Dr. Brennan, take a look at this exfoliation of the cortical bone.

Brennan: It suggests the victim was killed, I'd say, between ten and 20 years ago.

So that means this victim predates the others.

And that would mean Zack was a teenager as well at time of death.

Okay, I'll start the facial reconstruction and see if I can find anything in missing persons.

What about cause of death?

Nothing readily apparent, but look at the inferior margin of the L4 vertebra.

The striae suggests that it was cut by some kind of saw.

Dr. Hodgins, please swab for particulate evidence.

Dr. Hodgins?

You're only now noticing he's not here, aren't you?

We couldn't stop him from going.

Zack, I've brought you some visitors.


This is unexpected.

(door closes)

And Miss Delfs.

It is a pleasure to see you again.

Oh, I'm... (clears throat) flattered that you remember.

It was just so many years ago.

But, um, I was working on my dissertation, and Zack was nice enough to grant me a series of interviews.

Miss Delfs was just one of many who came to see me.

It is odd, but being perceived as a murderous cannibal does have some advantages.

Okay, Dr. Lecter, why don't you take a seat?


Dr. Hodgins here has got some questions for you.

Zack, look at me.

Angela found the e-mails that you sent.

The ones in Dr. Bancroft's name.

I see.

You are right to be angry with me.

No, Zack, what you did... it was genius... it worked.

I have feeling again in my legs.

Hodgins, you should not be thanking me.

Why not?

Is it because you feel guilt for other things that you've done?

No, the reason Dr. Hodgins should not be thanking me is because ultimately the treatment is unlikely to work.

But that's what I'm telling you.

It worked. I have feeling.

No, what you have is pain from compromised nervous activity in the sacral plexus.

The truth is you only have a slim chance, less than one percent, that you will regain mobility.

So you don't think that it's gonna work?


I have been told, although it has not been proven scientifically, that hope can sometimes have the power to heal.

Hope is what I was trying to give you.

But my fear is... all I've brought you is pain.

Dr. Faulk? Hello?



I don't think he's here.

You think?

Aubrey, it's Booth.

I want you to put an APB out on Dr. Faulk.

Faulk: Agent Booth...

Dr. Brennan, it's good to see you again.

I'm glad to see you're unharmed.

Your husband, when... when last we spoke, when he assaulted me, insisted that you were in harm's way.

We just need to ask you a few questions, that's all, Dr. Faulk.

Starting with your relationship with Dr. Zack Addy.

You knew him, didn't you?

Dr. Brennan, are you aware that the average murderer has an IQ of less than 90?

To talk with one whose IQ is double that is not an opportunity you let pass by.

So you don't think that it's strange that you failed to mention that you knew Dr. Addy?

No. No.

No, what is strange is that Dr. Brennan never equated Zack with the man in her nightmare.

Which could either be denial, or you think Dr. Addy is innocent.

Officers, thank you very much for coming.

Please escort Agent Booth and Dr. Brennan out of the building.

I called them as soon as you arrived.

I have a restraining order against Agent Booth for pulling his gun on me.

Booth: No.


We're not done here, Doctor.

Agent Booth, Dr. Brennan, a word of advice.

The person you're searching for has a pathological need for control.

He, or she, will want to get as close to you as possible, to... manipulate you.

Steer your investigation.

Be careful.

Come on, Booth.

Let's go.


Hey, you got a sec?

Yeah, what is it?

Karen has an idea that she'd like to run by you.

Ooh, thank you, Agent Aubrey, for your enthusiasm-- you're a heck of a salesman.

Yeah, what is it, Delfs?

Just spit it out, will ya?

I was just wondering if you were open to having another forensic anthropologist consult on the case.

Booth, she wants to give Zack access to the case file.

No. No way. Get out, both of you.

Karen: Okay, just-just think about it for a minute.

Out. Done. No. No. No. No.

Booth, just think about this. Hear me out.

There are two ways this can go.

Let's say Zack is innocent.

He takes a look, doesn't find anything, or, better, he looks and finds something that we missed.

So you think he's innocent?

Oh, no; he totally did it, which is why I want to confront him with what he's done, because then, maybe...

His other personality will present itself.

Look, I know it's a long shot, but just... let me talk to Zack.

Okay? Let me be the one to present him with the case file.

Do it.

Tell Zack the plan, will you?


Do me a favor, will you? Contact the field office in Kansas City, all right?

I want you to talk to Delfs' supervisor.

I want to find out why she left.

Here. Let me show you what I found.

After repositioning the vertebrae, I saw that there were lateral compression fractures along the L2, 3, and 4, with deterioration of the articular facets.

So he had severe scoliosis.

Only I'm not seeing any evidence of bone grafting, which means the poor guy didn't have any corrective surgery.

And what about the severing in the spine?

Any idea what kind of saw was used?

Within the wound, I found traces of martensitic stainless steel.

That's surgical steel.


Which means that his spine was most likely severed with a surgical saw.

That fits with my findings as well.

In the tissue, I found propofol, which suggests he died on the operating table.

Hey. I finished my facial reconstruction.

There were no matches in missing persons or in any other database.

So we've got nothing.

(door opens)

I wanted to see how Zack was doing.

Uh, it's been a couple of hours.

He's been poring through the evidence like a machine.

So no admission of guilt?

Karen: No.

He's been nothing but professional.

Calm, collected; all Dr. Jekyll.

No sign of Mr. Hyde.

I want to speak to him.


Karen: Yes. - No.

Yes. We need to keep pushing Zack.

Look, this is the perfect opportunity.

If it is him, this will help lure out the alternate identity.

What if it's not him?

Well, then your wife will be in no danger whatsoever.

Please, Booth.

I-I need to do this.

Karen: Yes, just stick with me.

Bones, just...

Karen: I like this part.

(door opens)

Dr. Brennan.

It is so good to have you joining me.

It's been too long since we have worked side by side.

Zack, before we begin, I just want to make sure that you've had enough time to review all the evidence.

You've seen the crime scene photos, correct?

Yes, thank you.

I've had ample time.

If Dr. Brennan and I could proceed...

Uh, yes. Just one question before we start.

I-I wondered... what you thought of my profile of the killer.

My opinion is immaterial.

My expertise is in forensic anthropology, not psychology.

Yes, I know.

You know what?

One more question... Sorry.

Um, what about blackouts?

Have you had any in the last year?


If you and I are going to continue, you have to answer that.


I admit I have had lapses in memory, most likely due to changes in my medication.

Now may we continue?

Oh, please.

Addy: Dr. Brennan.

If we could, I would like to start with the third victim.

Specifically, on the right hand, you found longitudinal fractures of the second, third and fourth proximal phalanges.

The killer struggled with this victim.

Because he is physically weak.

Now, look at the direct fracture along the base of the occipital.

(knocking on door)


Aubrey: How are they doing?

Uh, you know.

I got nothing, how about you?

Well, I talked to Karen's supervisor in Kansas City, a guy named Paul Crawford, you know him?

No, but let me guess, nothing happened.

Well, I wouldn't be so sure.

When I asked why Karen left, Paul said-- and I quote-- "legally," he couldn't comment.

What does that mean?

I have no idea.

I'm gonna keep asking around, but in the meantime, you want me to take Karen off the case?

No, not yet.

And also, I got Dr. Roshan waiting for you.

Apparently he's got some suspects he wants you to look at.

Okay, bring him in here.


Agent Booth, thank you for seeing me.

I wanted you to have these as soon as possible.

What's this?

The former inmates-- each one of whom spent considerable time with Dr. Addy, and each one suffered from D.I.D.

All right, Aubrey, do me a favor-- get on this right away and see if you can track them down. Thanks.

Got it.


Booth & Aubrey: Whoa!

What's going on?

I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to scare you.

We tried to get you over the intercom, and then when you didn't come, I might have kind of panicked.

Relax, just breathe it out.

Bones, what's going on?

It's okay, Booth, I'm fine.


What have you done to him?

He's okay. Nothing happened, it's just that he...

...we have come to a conclusion.

Dr. Roshan, uh, i-if it is all right, I would very much like to return to the institution.

This time to maximum security.

Wait, what the hell happened?

Brennan and Zack have reviewed all the evidence, and although Zack doesn't remember committing such crimes...

Brennan: He and I agree the evidence is conclusive.

He's guilty.

Booth, come on. Let me take care of this.

I can fill out the form, let me drive him back to the asylum.

I got it. I am fine. Okay?

I do not get you, you know that? I mean, all of the evidence points to Zack, even he can't deny it, but now you don't think that he did it.

Look, it's... It doesn't matter, okay?

It's just a gut feeling, that's all.

Well, maybe your gut needs a probiotic.

It's a probiotic-- it's, like, a health thing.

Stop. I got your point, okay?

You think that Zack is guilty, but once again my gut is telling me something else, all right?

Once again? Hold on a second, what are you saying?

Are you saying that you didn't think he was guilty the first time with the lobbyist?

I got to go.

Ms. Delfs, for the last time, I'm fine.

Please stop following me.

Well, Dr. Brennan, I'm just trying to help.

I really think that after what happened with Zack, you need time to process.

I would like you to leave.

Dr. Brennan, you're not thinking rationally.

I mean, what are you even doing here? There's no more work to be done.

You're safe, it's over.

Stay away from me.

Dr. Brennan.

I think you need to come with me.

Let's find you a place to sit down.


Dr. Faulk warned us someone would insert themselves into the case, manipulate it.

That the killer would need to feel in control.

The ki...

Oh... (laughs)

Oh, my God. Are you serious?

I need to know why you left your last job.

Uh, okay-- it's because my married boss kept hitting on me, incessantly, so I hit him back.


Dr. Brennan, is everything okay?

Yeah, everything's fine, except for a whole lot of crazy going on.

Uh, Mr. Bray, I'm fine, unless... unless you have something.

Uh, yes, actually, I did find something.

Here, take a look at the victim's L4.

There appears to a sliver of fused vertebra attached, but what doesn't make sense...

Is that the sliver is connected at a near 90 degree angle.

Oh, I know what happened.

The lower half of the body is not missing.

It's still attached to a living person.

Don't you see?

This half of the body used to be part of a larger whole.

Conjoined twin.

It fits. After being separated from his other half, the killer must have adopted his dead twin's personality.

Zack didn't do it.

Aside from the one on his forehead, he has no scars on his body.

Yeah, I'm not even gonna ask how you know that.

Bray: We need to go through hospital records.

A surgery like this would be exceedingly rare.

If we can figure out who performed the surgery...

No, that would take too much time.

I know a quicker way to find identity.

Okay, so, this is my facial reconstruction of the teenage victim.

Okay, now I need you to start aging him.

How far ahead do you want to go?

From the exfoliation on the cortical bone, we know the victim was exhumed between ten and 20 years ago.

Angela, start by adding ten years, then readjust, adding one year at a time.

I can't believe that Zack didn't do it.

The killer manipulated us into believing that he did.

Karen: Which means whoever did this must have known Zack intimately.

Known how to steer the evidence.


Brennan: Wait, stop. Angela, uh, please pull up your scan of the skull.

That's it.

The markers indicate male, but the overall dimensions are less robust in size.

Right, because he was a kid.

He also could have been of Eastern Indian decent, so let me change the skin tone.

Oh, my God.

Uh, add a beard and glasses.

I need to call Booth.

(phone rings)

Bones, what's up?

I was just heading back.

Booth, Zack didn't do it.

It was Dr. Roshan.

I have proof.

You... you have to trust me.

All right, hold on.

Dr. Addy, you've had quite a trying day, haven't you?

Allow me to give you something to help you relax.

Zack... give me your arm.

I promise... this will only sting for a moment.



Doctor, as I have always told people...

I'm stronger than I look.

I can't do it.





Dr. Addy.


Zack, you okay?

I couldn't do it.


I couldn't kill him.


Hey. I just wanted to give you guys the good news.

Zack is okay. So is Booth.

Dr. Roshan, not so much.

Montenegro: That's great. That's great, thank you for letting us know.

Dr. Hodgins, are you okay?

Yeah. Yeah, Cam.

I'm just... really, really relieved that it's over.

Um, you should tell her.

It's his legs.

Um, he's lost all feeling, and it's, uh, probably for good this time.

So... that's what it is.


Angela, look at me.

I'm okay.

I'm not in pain.

Okay? I'm okay.

Okay. I'm okay.

Thank you for coming to visit.

It is nice to see you both in a non-adversarial climate.

Zack, given what's happened, I've been looking into having you transferred, if that's what you'd like.

Yes. I've been doing a great deal of thinking on the subject, and I believe I am now ready to reenter society.

No, no, hold on, Zack, okay, this is a transfer. You understand that, correct?

I never killed the lobbyist.

I confessed because I assumed I would if I'd been instructed, but then last night, I learned I'm not capable of killing.

Not even to save myself.

Brennan: No, I don't believe it.

You confessed.

The evidence...

Should be reexamined.

I did not kill him.

I believe you.


Trust me. Listen, you know what, we're gonna help you.

You understand?

You've served your time.

Thank you.


He doesn't like hugs.

I have gloves on.