(thunder crashes)

I'll get Christine's boots. She's gonna need 'em today.

I think she needs a boat.

Or perhaps an ark.

Huh! Hey, that's a good one, Bones.

Thank you.

It was in reference to the myth of Noah and...

I got it. Ark. Yes. ...the Ark.

Although that myth isn't really thought out.

Why's that? Two of each species?

He would've had to include submicroscopic organisms that make life possible underwater.

Whoa. What's this?

It was in, uh, Christine's permission slips.



I wondered where that went.

What do you mean, "Oh"?

It's a check for $75,000.

That's not just something you misplace.

It's an advance against the paperback sales of my last book.

Can you deposit that at the bank after you drop Christine off at school?

Uh, no, no, no can do.

Because you know what? It's in your name.

Told you we should get a joint account.

I'll endorse it over to you.

No, I can't take that.

That's more than I make in a year.

What's your problem, Booth?

We're married now.

Sharing everything is part of that, isn't it?

Yeah, but I...

I need to get back to the lab.

Hopefully, this is murder, and I will see you soon.


MONTENEGRO: So I was online looking at dream houses, which got me thinking about adding an extra room.

And you want a studio.

Which could double as a bug room.

(scoffs) Listen, I promise we will do it... as soon as I find a suitable bank to rob.

You know, we'd make a pretty good team.

You could drive the getaway car.

MAN: Excuse me, Dr. Hodgins?


I'm Dr. Rozran.


From the Sandalwood Home.

Ah. Sorry. This is my wife, Angela.


What's the... the Sandalwood Home?

We're an in-patient mental health facility.

And since Dr. Hodgins is the sole survivor from the Cantilever Group...

I get it. I'm sorry, Dr. Rozran.

I'm sure that you've received generous donations in the past, but, you see, the Cantilever Group doesn't exist anymore.

I'm not here about a donation.

I'm here about your brother.

Since the fund hasn't paid his expenses for over a year...


You made a mistake. I don't have a brother.

You're Dr. Jack Hodgins, right?

Son of Jonathan and Anne Hodgins?

Yeah, but Hodgins is an only child.

That's not something you get wrong.

Oh. Uh, since Jeffrey has been at Sandalwood since before I got there, I suppose it's possible the paperwork is askew.

(clanking) MAN: Heads up! Watch your back!

Coming through!

Okay, right here.

That will give everyone access.

Well, uh, sorry for the mix-up there, Dr. Rozran, but we really do need to get going.

Uh, yes, I understand. Uh... (clears throat)

I'll settle this when I get back to my office.

I'm sorry to have bothered you.

(device beeping)

SAROYAN: A ranger at Antietam Battlefield Park spotted the feet when she came in this morning.

BRENNAN: Are there just legs, or is there a body attached to them?

HODGINS: There's definitely more, but it could be wrapped in something the radar can't get past.

Then we'll have to excavate.

It's odd that he had the Cantilever connection and your parents' names.


But the fact is a person doesn't just lose a brother.

I lost my father. Yes, but you knew you had one.

FISHER: Sorry, sorry, sorry.

BRENNAN: You're late, Mr. Fisher.


I was watching the news and wondering if it was even worth getting dressed.

Oh, we've missed you, Fisher.

Doesn't this seem worth it, Mr. Fisher?

It has possibilities.

The tarsal bone on the right foot suggests the victim is female.

And from the looks of it, the little toe was removed before she died.

Possible cause of death?

By cutting off the little toe?


Just saying.

HODGINS: Think I got something.

Hold on. Nobody touch.

I've seen this before in New York with gang hits.

This must be what blocked Hodgins' view on the GPR.

The remains were doused in lye before they were buried.

HODGINS: Bad news is, sodium hydroxide will eat up these remains.

Worse news, this mud and water will speed the process.

BRENNAN: If the bones are damaged, it could obscure evidence.

HODGINS: Yes, but good news, vinegar neutralizes lye.

Excuse me. Ooh.

FISHER (groans): The vinegar is making this smell like a bad salad.

Based on lye and desiccated tissue, I'd say the remains have been buried a day, maybe a day and a half ago.

BRENNAN: According to the exposed tooth-to-pulp ratio, she was in her mid-20s.

The angular nature of the orbital socket suggests she is Caucasian.

There's extensive damage to the dentition.

Two, three, eight upper and lower teeth on the right side have been smashed.

We won't get an I.D. from dentals.

Lye, smashing of the teeth?

Somebody really didn't want us to find out who this woman was.

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♪ Main Title Theme ♪ The Crystal Method

Look, if you can't bury a body deep enough, you cover it in lye so the animals don't dig it up.

It's classic Al Capone.

You think it was a mob hit?

Oh, geez, what, a girl in her 20s?

That's sexist.

Nowadays a girl in her 20s can be just as much a mobster as a guy.

Wonderful how far we've come.

All right, listen.

I want you to take these cases, okay?

See if there's any similar crimes.

You're very brusque today.

What? Brusque. It's a word.

All right, here we go. Howard Viceroy. Forget it.

The M.O.'s right, but the guy's in Hazelton for life.

You know what? Why don't you just go to your office, go through all these and see what you come up with, okay?

All of these?

You're a profiler. So go profile.

I think you got a check here.

What? Give me that.

It's not mine. It's Bones's.

And that's upsetting to you?

No, it doesn't upset me.

Kind of. You see this?

That's for $75,000, okay?

Bones endorsed it over to me. It's a nice present.

It's not a present, okay? She wants me to put it into the bank. We don't have a joint account.

Oh. "Oh."

Do me a favor.

Don't give me the whole "oh" thing.

You got something to say, just say it. Okay.

With the traditional male-female dynamic changing in society, your reluctance to commingle your finances implies that it touches on issues of manhood and your status in the relationship.

What? Look, money can cause a lot of emotional issues in couples, right?

Resentment, insecurity, impotence.

Hold on right there, okay?

Bones and I are just fine.

In every room of our house, thank you very much.

And yet that check still strikes a nerve, doesn't it? I tell you what.

Just, here, take 'em. Take the files.

Go shrink 'em. Shrink it down.

You don't shrink files. You read them.

Just shrink it down.

FISHER: Are any of those fractures caused by the burial?

No, they're all perimortem.

Looks like repeated trauma to the parietal bone along the sagittal suture.

Criminals never disappoint, do they?

There are other bone injuries, but we need the tissue removed before we can examine them.

That's a nasty crack on the head.

It appears the killer repeatedly smashed the victim's head into a hard surface.

But it doesn't appear to be cause of death.

Well, I found out who she is.

The remaining tissue provided enough DNA for an I.D.

The victim is Lauren Frank of Arlington, Virginia.

These are my parents' signatures.

And the dates all track.

I was the only child in that house.

I never even heard the name Jeffrey mentioned.

It seems when your mother was pregnant with you, your parents decided it would be best if Jeffrey received full-time care and supervision.

So they warehoused my brother?

They were protecting him from himself.

And protecting you.

He's violent?

Jeffrey has schizo-affective disorder.

When he's on his meds and receiving proper treatment, he's manageable, quite intelligent and very pleasant company.

And when he doesn't have proper care?

He's ill, Dr. Hodgins, and his illness can flare up.

We're not a lockdown facility.

Sometimes he disappears.

How does he get back? He usually goes to one of a few places he knows, so he's not difficult to find.

But with a case like your brother's, his care and supervision are expensive.

That's why the board had me contact you.

But I don't have any money anymore.

Dr. Hodgins?

Yeah, sorry. It's just... it's a lot to get my head around, you know?

I mean, one day, you're an only child, and then... all this.

I can only imagine.

There's Jeffrey.

SWEETS: Lauren Frank, 26 years old, still in community college, parents divorced.

Lives with her father and stepmother.

You know, the dad's the CEO of Highpark, Incorporated, some big software company.

He's loaded-- like, tens of millions of loaded.

Yeah, the stepmother is listed as a homemaker.

I don't understand. This girl Lauren, she was 26 years old and she still hadn't moved out.

Yeah, it's more common than not these days.

They're called "perma-children."

You know, between student loans, high rents, low-paying jobs, living with your parents starts to look good.

Well, it didn't work out too well for Lauren.

This is them, all right?

Did you find her? Did you find Lauren?

I'm sorry. How long... was she missing?

Yeah, there's no report filed.

She didn't tell you?

You haven't talked to her, have you?

No, sir. I thought we were here because...

Don't say anything, Katherine. Not a word.

I don't know why you thought we brought you in.

We shouldn't have come. They told us not to.

Oh, God, what have we done?

She was kidnapped.

We got a... we got a package delivered.

Katherine! It's over, Steven. They know.

There's nothing we can do now.

Sorry. The package?

We found it outside our front doorstep yesterday morning with a note.

"Call the police and Lauren dies.

Instructions to follow."

KATHERINE: And inside...

Was her toe.

If you haven't found her, why are we here?

We're sorry to inform you that we found your daughter's body this morning.

We think that she was murdered.


We did everything.

We were waiting, we...

I would've paid, I would've paid anything.

Why would they do this?

(phone dings)

I can't believe this.

The bastards!

It's the kidnapper.

He still thinks he can get the money.

He doesn't know we found her yet.

That was a big mistake.

Listen, we're gonna find out who did this to your daughter.

STEVEN: The kidnapper said he was watching us.

That's why we didn't call the police.

That's what he wanted you to think so no one would go after him.

Are you sure that Lauren didn't go out with anyone that night, to a party or anything like that?

No, she would've told us, said good-bye.

KATHERINE: She had no cause to sneak out.

It's not like she was a teenager.

And when she didn't come down for breakfast, we went to her room.

That's when we'd found she was gone.

The angle of the incision on the toe matches the injury (dog barking) to the distal metatarsal at the lab. He smells the toe!

Get him out of here! Otis, here, here, Otis!

What the hell's going on, Chuck? I'm-I'm sorry, Steven. He got out.

I was about to feed him... Just remove him!

I-I don't want the evidence compromised.

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Who are you?

Chuck Winter. He's in charge of the house.

He's not doing a particularly good job right now.

BOOTH: Where you here the night that, uh, Lauren was kidnapped? I live here.

I have a suite off the kitchen.

If there's anything I can do...

Yeah, I'm sure we'll be talking to you.

Can you get the dog out of here?

Okay. Come on.

The toe was removed poorly.

The tissue's torn.

The bone is splintered.

It was basically ripped off. Oh, God!

We can get into the details later, okay, Bones?

Well, I'd like to see Lauren's room.

We'd like to see her room, okay?

Emergency fire ladder-- that's how they got her out.

All the second-floor bedrooms are equipped with them.

You think that there was more than one kidnapper, Booth?

At least two.

One to carry her and the other to steady the ladder.

You're sure you haven't touched anything, right?

No, of course not.

There's no evidence that her toe was severed here.

No blood evidence at all.

No sign of a struggle, she was probably abducted in her sleep.

Now, there's sensors here on the door.

Why didn't the alarms go off when they were opened?

It was my fault.

I told her the air conditioning was drying out her skin.

It's not your fault. She hated me, Steven, no matter what I did.

Oh, now I can never...

I can never make it up to her.

Can I take her downstairs?

BOOTH: Yeah, it's probably best.

Come on.

I should get back to the lab, Booth.

There's nothing more for me here.

Take the laptop, okay?

See if Angela can get anything off that, will you?

The Nautilus.

Hey, that's excellent detail on the Architeuthis.

(laughs) You like Jules Verne?

He's in my top three.

(quiet laugh)




(quiet laugh)

I've read everything Verne's written.

Yeah, me, too.

I mean, we're still catching up to the... to the discoveries and inventions in his books.

Oh, it's amazing how many novelists can see what the future holds before the technologies even exist.

Yeah, yeah.

Einstein always said imagination is more powerful than knowledge.

Yeah, well, uh, they weaponized most of Einstein's findings as fast as they could. (laughs)

They always say they're gonna use science for good, but they never do.

Please do not even get me started on what "they" do.

All of our problems would be solved if they let scientists run things.

But then, I've been told I'm kind of a conspiracy nut, so...

Does that mean you can see, too?

See what?

Past the static?

They use static electricity to... to mask the changes.

It's what Bradbury warned us.

Changes so subtle, you'd hardly even notice.

New pills, hmm?

All of a sudden there are blue M&M's?

I-I-I may have misled you, Jeffrey, on the conspiracy...

No, no. No!

They will try to slip things by you like Twitter.

And... GPS.

And the next thing you know, you're living on Titan.

Or one of the moons of Neptune!

See, this is just a way station; it's not real.

None of this is real. Hey, Jeffrey, hey, Jeffrey, it's okay.

None of this is real. No, no!

They are trying... They will use the static! Hey, hey!

He won't be able to see! I-I-I know.

I know, I know. We hear it, we can hear it...

I want... No, Sean!

Sean, an Yes, yes, it's Sean.

Right here, right here. Okay?

All right, stay with me, okay? Sean. Mm-hmm.

It's okay.

I don't... I don't know... I don't know what happened.

I mean, we-we were talking.

He was fine, and then...

I shouldn't have said what I said, but...

You didn't do anything.

This is what I was trying to explain earlier.

This is what your parents knew.

MONTENEGRO: Uh, her computer was encrypted, but since it was filled her father's software, he was able to give me a work-around.

Hodgins is with his brother now?

Yeah, at the place.

His brother freaked out for no reason, just when Hodgins was feeling comfortable with him.

It just... it hit Hodgins pretty hard.

It must be difficult for you, too, knowing that Hodgins is so upset.

It's just that Hodgins feels so helpless knowing that his brother has to be moved to a state facility.

I'm sure you'll find good care there.

But Sandalwood has been Jeffrey's home for over 30 years.

I'm sorry.

Just a period of adjustment, I guess.




This is Lauren's reminder list.

The last one set to go off before the kidnapping was, Spanish review with Mauricio.".

SWEETS: So, you're Lauren's Spanish teacher Mauricio?

I'm just the teacher's assistant.

Look, two suits with guns show up at class and take me to the FBI.

Are you gonna tell me what's going on?

Lauren's dead.

She was kidnapped and murdered two nights ago.

I-I'm sorry, this is a shock.

Lauren was more than just your student, wasn't she?


We're dating.

We planned a hiking tour of South America.

We planned on leaving next week.

So, next week-- you... you must've already bought your ticket, then?

Yes. Why?

Uh, well, judging from her laptop, Lauren was pretty organized, but we found no plans, no tickets booked for next week.

Weren't you planning to fly together?

I used miles and got the last available seat.

She was gonna get a ticket on another flight.

Meet up in Chile.

I see.

Where were you two nights ago?

I was home.

Grading term papers.

Okay, well, I'm gonna need you to stay here until the agent in charge returns.

Why? Why?

'Cause you have no alibi and a ticket to leave the country.

I'm telling the truth!

I love Lauren.

Yeah, but there's also the possibility that you were planning to leave the country with the ransom money.

According to the log, Lauren turned off the door sensor at 1:12.

And you can see she does this around the same time every night.

You don't have any more footage from the security cameras after that?


That's pretty convenient for the kidnappers.

And you oversee all of this, huh, Chuck?

Okay, hold on.

At 2:00 a.m., the system rebooted for scheduled maintenance.

Normally that's a 30-second interruption of service, but it never booted up that night.

Steven thought it was probably a bug in the new software or something.

Right, so someone knew about the ladders, right?

And they also knew about when the security systems were gonna reboot.

Not too many people with that kind of information, right, Chuck?

Everybody in the family.

The security team, the patrol.

Right, and you were here that night in-in your suite off the kitchen?

Yes, all night.

And was up and made sure that breakfast was ready in the morning.

I'm sure you were.

But since we seem to think this was a two-man job, you understand I have to ask these questions?


(computer dinging)

Who the hell is that?

I'll call security. Uh-uh.

I'm your security.

Hey, where you going?

Hold on. FBI.

Whoa, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho. Easy, hey, hey, hey, hey!

Hey, hey, hey, hey, all right, all right, easy, come on.

All right, oh-oh, right there. Okay. Don't shoot! Don't shoot!

Who are you?

I'm here for Otis. Um, my code for the gate didn't work.

They must've changed it. Who are you?

I'm Buddy, the dog walker.

From the vet.

Look, my shirt.

Okay, with all this land, why do the Franks need a dog walker?

Otis likes to swim.

You know, I take him to the beach.

I groom him. Look, ask Lauren.

Lauren's dead.


She's dead. Get up.

How well did you know her?

Sometimes, when I'd drop off Otis, you know, we'd sit on her deck and talk.

Talk? What did you talk about?

She... she mention anybody coming around here?

Was she afraid of anyone, any strangers?

No, mostly she just talked about how messed up things are for her here.

Messed up how?

Well, how she wanted to move out.

How she and her stepmom fought a lot.

And she said that one time she saw the stepmom and the trainer, like... you know.

No, I don't.

What? Like... like... Lauren told you that?

She said things were pretty messed up here.

STEVEN: It's them!

They sent texts with attachments.

MAN (distorted voice): $3 million in small, unmarked bills.

Our next message will have instructions for the exchange.

So, you can track where the texts came from?

Uh, theoretically. Each file, like the picture of Lauren that was sent and the audio message from the kidnappers-- each has a digital fingerprint.

That's great.

Yeah, it's half great. I also need the fingerprint of the phone or computer that sent those texts.

That fingerprint will tell us whose phone and where it is.

And that's a problem?

Whatever phone was used was turned on to send the text and then turned right off. Ah, so it wasn't turned on long enough for you to trace it. Exactly.

But there has to be a way around it.

I mean, I have half the picture.

I just have to fill in the rest.



Hey, uh, sorry I've been away so long.

So I'm gonna get right back to work.

Hodgins, please.

We have our work and we have our families, and yours just got unexpectedly bigger, so... anything I can do to make things easier...

Just let me sift through the pile of particulates waiting for me.

Honey, you don't have to jump right back in. You can...

We have a murder to solve, so, yeah.

I just wanted to let you know that I'm back.

There are a number of microfractures on the pisiform the X-rays didn't show.

They're similar to those we found on the back of the skull.

Did you find them anywhere else? Uh, yes.

Pisiform, triquetrum and lunate-- bilaterally.

She was repeatedly smashing her fists against something.

And the calcanei, bilaterally.

All perimortem?


These all indicate quite a struggle.

She probably tried to escape and fought with her kidnappers.


The victim banged her own head into the ground, and fists and heels.

Wait, what? Uniform, repeated injuries.

They're all signs of a seizure. Oh, my God.

You're right.

Well, I feel inadequate.

You work with me, Mr. Fisher.

I'd have thought you'd be used to that by now.

The question we need to answer is: What caused the seizure?

Hey. So I...

I-I swabbed the kerf marks Fisher and Dr. Brennan found on the ulna.

It appears to be a brand-new saw.

I mean, the oil on it... I don't care.

Well, it's just that it's different from whatever was used to sever the toe.

So after I figure out what the beetles ate...

Hodgins, stop. Stop.

Just talk to me.


I want to, Ange.

It's just... I-I don't know how.

It was just me.

It was always just me, and now...

Okay. Okay.

So just let that sink in.

And please don't shut me out.

This is... this is happening to both of us.


He has my mom's eyes.

And he loves Jules Verne, you know?

Just like me.

I mean, we were... we were having a great time, Angie, you know?

I-I thought he could come home, you know?

He could live with us. But, uh...

I don't know, I just... I...

I said something that set him off, and I-I could not reel him back in.



I kept thinking, after... if-if we had known each other when I was growing up, maybe-maybe I could've helped, maybe he wouldn't be where he is now.

You know that that is not true.


I could have loved him.

You can do that now.

You can still love him.

All I'm saying is that this is your money, from your hard work, not mine.

Men are so foolish when it comes to money.

It's why we have so many wars.

You like your loot covered in blood and sweat.

It's the only way you can enjoy it.

Okay, great. So, what? I'm Attila the Hun, now?

I mean, come on. You're a little bit...

What do you mean, a little bit like Attila the Hun?

There he is. Sweets.

So I talked to the trainer that Katherine Frank was sleeping with.

He was out of town when Lauren disappeared.

He still is.

So he's not an accomplice.

And she's not a suspect. Not so fast.

Check this out.

What do we got here?

Kidnapping and ransom insurance...

She took out a kidnapping policy on her whole family.

BRENNAN: So... what? She kidnaps Lauren, things goes wrong, she still tries to get the money...

(phone ringing) Booth.

MONTENEGRO: The victim's phone sent those texts, and the phone is still in the victim's house.

The ransom texts were sent from Lauren's phone.

It's still in the house.

Yeah, the east side of the house, to be exact.

Call me when you get there, Booth, and I'll tell you where to find it.

I need that phone to see the other information that it contains.

All right, we're on our way.

We'll call you when we get there.

(siren whooping)

BOOTH: Okay, we're here, Angela.

KATHERINE: What's he doing, Steven?

STEVEN: What's going on, Agent Booth?

Please let me do my job.

MONTENEGRO: I'm using Reverse 911 to turn on the phone, so listen for it.

Okay, Bones, listen for a high-pitched squeal.

(high-pitched tone sounding)

Down that hallway, Booth!


(high-pitched tone continues)

BOOTH: Got it? Got it, Booth!

So is this your exercise equipment?


That's Lauren's phone.

KATHERINE: I-I didn't know it was in there.

Don't look at me like that.

So, we know that you and your trainer were having an affair.

All right, according to your prenup, if you have an affair, uh, your husband gets a divorce and you don't get any money. Correct?

And how does that make me a murder suspect?

Come on. Seriously?

Lauren comes home and sees you having s*x with the trainer, and if she told her dad, you'd end up living in the car.

But if you could get rid of Lauren, then the kidnapping policy would kick in...

Steven bought that.

The policy's in your name.

For tax purposes.

Steven is always trying to hide money.

How'd you do it? How'd she die?

Was that always part of your plan?

I might have not gotten along with her, but I could never hurt Lauren.

I think you had to kill her, because the policy would kick in either way, and with Lauren dead, there'd be no witness.

I've tried to help.

But I'm done.

I want my lawyer. Good.

'Cause you're gonna need one.

So Lauren's phone was used to send the texts.

And the stepmother sent them.

Well, it could have been anybody.

The phone was set to turn itself on, send the text, and then immediately turn itself off so we couldn't trace it.

That's way too tech-savvy for Katherine. I mean, she's the only one in the house that didn't have a computer, right?

(computer beeping)

What are those?

Oh, those are texts in a queue, waiting to be sent.

They're all encrypted with Steven Frank's software.

So you could just call him.

Well, he's not gonna help this time.

He thinks we're railroading his wife.

Or... he's involved because Katherine convinced him that Lauren was getting in the way of their new marriage.

Wait. You think that he and Katherine together...?

That's horrible.

I mean, we're dealing with murder and kidnapping.

That's usually pretty horrible.

The father and the stepmother make sense.

They were both in the house.

They had access to the phone...

He's not cooperating.

Listen, Bones, um... about the money...

Don't worry about it, Booth.

I'll deposit the check.

No, no, no. It's not that. It's just...

You know, if the money is ours, together, like, really ours together, do I get a say in how it's spent?

Of course.

Then I'd like to give the check to Hodgins and Angela.

To Hodgins' brother, so he can stay where he is.

Look, if you don't want me to...

Of course.

We can do it together, like a...

Ah! Oh...

You got pie on my pants.

You can afford another pair.

HODGINS: I'm sorry, because if I was here, I would have caught this earlier.

Look, there was iron oxide caught in the osteons as well as canaliculi.

It's-it's red oxide. Rust.

So whatever was used to remove her toe was rusty.

There was also organic particulates I'm trying to I.D. now.

I just... I don't think I have enough.

Well, the severed end of the toe is filthy, so you should have more than enough there.

And I'll run DNA on whatever you find.

Any news from the beetles that you used to deflesh the remains?


I just...

I-I couldn't grind them up after I came back from seeing my brother.

It's so stupid, I know... Uh, Dr. Hodgins, do you want Mr. Fisher to do it for you?


No. They're mine.

I'll have the results for you soon.

FISHER: I think I understand the saw marks we found on the ulna and the C7.

They didn't do much damage.

All marks are postmortem, made after she died.

I believe the killer did want to dismember Lauren to dispose of her body.

That's why he destroyed her teeth.

To obscure her identity.

But only some of her teeth. Barely enough.

He was interrupted.

Look at these hesitation marks.

If we can find who interrupted him... No.

Hesitation marks would show signs of starting and stopping.

These simply stop.

SAROYAN: She had tetanus.

When I saw the rust Dr. Hodgins found in the wounds, I tested the osteons.

Tetanus wouldn't kill her.

No, but it made her very sick.

It was a virulent strain, fast-moving, because something else infected her in addition to the rust.

She probably had a high fever, blood pressure, spasms...

That would freak out a first-time kidnapper.

I think he tried to help her.

Look what the beetles gave us.

BRENNAN: Penicillin.

That is an enormous amount to give someone.

They'd have a seizure.

According to her medical records, she was allergic to penicillin.

Then that amount would killed her.

But she was sick, so whoever gave her the penicillin wasn't trying to kill her; they wanted to save her.

FISHER: Okay, I hate to be the one in rose-colored glasses here, but I'm going to go on record: This was an accident.

Whoever killed Lauren loved her.

It wasn't a knife or a saw.

Some kind of iron clippers were used to sever the toe.

Which is why the bone was crushed at the end.

Gardening shears?

No, smaller. Almost like these nail clippers here.

And the organic material you found on the tissue?

It was microscopic amounts of feces. Cam's running it for DNA.

Sounds like clippers from someone's bathroom.

Ew. I do not want to see your bathroom.

I have roommates.

Let me know if you need anything else. Yep.

Oh, Dr. Hodgins... about your brother...

I'm-I'm fine, Fisher.

Well, that's not true.

Look, I've spent time at the loony bin.

And I was grateful for it.

Because sometimes it's the right place to be.

Painful, sure.

But what's worse is when someone would look at you like you shouldn't be there.

Always felt like I'd done something wrong rather than just... having a disease, you know.

I know this sounds crazy, but you got to be happy for him in there.

Especially now that he's found you.

Trust me, he just won the lottery.

Okay, so that was all sincere, but I'm feeling a little sick talking like that, so I'm gonna go now.

I'm decrypting the texts that were sent.

It's slow because each one used a separate encryption.

Well, we've seen this one already.

Not the whole thing.

The original was run through a Hipstashotz filter to crop this out.

BOOTH: It's a selfie.

Yeah, Lauren took it three weeks before the kidnapping, but it was sent today.

She staged her own kidnapping. Why?

Because the dog walker said that she wanted to get away from her family.

I mean, she's used to having money.

Clearly, she doesn't work.

But she still had to have an accomplice.

She didn't bury herself.

HODGINS: Hey, Cam got the DNA results from the feces in the wound.

It's from a dog. The Franks' dog.

It was the dog walker. Thanks, Hodgins. Thanks.

Oh-oh, uh, one more thing, Hodgins.

Listen, about your brother...

No, Booth, it's okay. Let me finish.

Bones and I, we'd like to give you guys some money.

To help you out with your brother so he can stay where he is.

Until you guys come up with a plan, all right?

Yeah. Yeah.

Wow. That's-That's really kind of you.

It is. It is. Thank you very much.

Um, I just... I can't take it.


I'm gonna get a loan... from a bank.

Like the normal person that I've never been.

But this is more practical.

BOOTH: It's not about being practical.

It's about being responsible.

Seems like pride. Listen, I just want you both to know that Bones and I are here for both of you if you guys ever need anything.

Thank you.

Thanks. No, no, no. Oh, no!

Whatever happened to handshakes, okay?

Okay, that's good. That's enough.

That's enough. Take care.

I've got to go get the dog walker now, all right?

Let's go.

You tried to cut her up, destroy her face so we wouldn't know who she was, but you couldn't go through with it.

Because you loved her.

Isn't that right? I mean, you said that you... you used to sit on her deck, right?

Is that where you planned the kidnapping?

We tested your clippers, the ones you use to groom the dogs.

They were used to cut off Lauren's toe.

She did that herself.

She said it was the only way to convince her father she'd been kidnapped.

That was the plan. The plan?

But that was a pretty bad plan, because you're about to go down for murder, Buddy.

I'm not a murderer.

Look, her toe got infected, and she wouldn't let me take her to the hospital, so I went to the vet's where I work, and I took some antibiotics.


Yeah, I took the best one.

She was allergic to penicillin.

I didn't know that. I swear.

Look, we were gonna... we were gonna run away together.

No, she was gonna run away with someone else.

She was setting you up for the kidnapping.

We decrypted the last text her phone was going to send.

It was to the police, telling them where to find you.

She said she loved me.

I told her we didn't need the money.

You know, I have a good job.

I was trying to help her.

♪ Light comes and goes

♪ Rust turns to coal

♪ I'll never know

♪ For the longest time...

Wait, wait. I-I don't understand.

Dr. Rozran called, said Jeffrey disappeared.

He thinks that Jeffrey overheard he was being moved to another facility and that set him off.

So let the doctor and his staff find him.

They have the experience.

Yeah, but Rozran said he only goes to a couple of places, so... Hey, Hodgins...

Hey, Angie, you said I had a chance to love him now, right?

Well, that's what I'm doing.

The doctor will be there if I need him.

Call me when you get him back.

♪ If you read my mind

♪ You'll know...

BRENNAN: To our joint account.


They gave me a choice between sunsets around the world or...

The Simpsons, huh? (chuckles)

So what do you want to do with the money?

I know the Superball is coming up and you've always wanted to go.

"Super Bowl."

It's Super Bowl, not Superball.

Anyways, listen, it's too late in the game right now for plane tickets and a hotel room.

It would cost the whole check.

That's fine with me. You've been a good man.

Well, I was... I was thinking about something else, about... putting it to work for us.

Uh, investing it. Yes!

I'm impressed, Booth.

I came up with something really good.

"Wounded Warrior Project.

Empowering the wounded and their families."

Yeah, it's a tough go after you've been injured, you know, in the service and you come home.

For the families, too.

I think it's a good investment, right?



It turns out you're very good with your money, Booth.

Cheers. Thanks, Bones.



I brought you a coat.

No, no!

No! No, it was you!

You're the one that was gonna send me away!

Listen, it was a mix-up, okay?

I want to bring you back.

You're from the Federation.

You're the one that creates the static that-that-that...

I'm going to take you back to your home.

And you're never going to have to leave there.

I promise. No.

I will never trust an operative. That's right.

That's right. You-You'd never trust an operative, okay?

But you can trust your brother.

I... I'm your brother, Jeffrey.

I'm Jack Hodgins.

Hey, you-you remember Mom and Dad?

Dr. Rozran said that you still have a picture of them in your room.

Well, here, I got one, too. You see that?

That's them.

That's them.

And that's me.

Man, I never knew it, but I guess I've been looking for you my whole life.

To complete the picture.

I can finally see past the static, Jeffrey, like you.

Let me bring you back.

I promise you'll never have to leave your home.


Is that... how you know 20,000 Leagues so well?

Did he read it to you, too?

Yeah, he did.

Every night.

Just like he must have to you.

"The year 1866 was signalized by a remarkable incident."

"A mysterious and puzzling phenomenon that surely no one has forgotten."

"Without going into the rumors that...

BOTH: "...upset civilians in the seaports "and deranged the public mind, even far inland, it must be said that professional seamen were especially alarmed."