Penny: Hey, what's going on?
Leonard: You won't believe it; the military confiscated our project!
Penny: (shocked; sits down next to Bernadette) What?!
Bernadette: (in disbelief) You're kidding! Why would they do that?
Howard: They wouldn't say.
Sheldon: (still outraged) I feel so betrayed. All my life, I thought Uncle Sam was a friendly uncle who gave you presents. Turns out, he's the other kind.
Amy: Sheldon, I am so sorry.

Bernadette: So what happens next?
Howard: It's phase two. We test it, perfect it, and hope to live long enough to see the movie based on our lives starring more attractive versions of ourselves.

Sheldon: All my life I thought Uncle Sam was a friendly uncle who brought you presents. Turns out he's the other kind.

[First lines]

Penny: Champagne, champagne, and for the world's tallest two grader, apple juice.
Sheldon: No bendy straw. Some party.

Leonard: Sir, I'm sorry, but I just don't get it. You came into our lab in the middle of the night and took our prototype and all of our research and didn't even tell us?
Colonel Williams: Sounds like you get it.
Howard: Why would you do that?
Colonel Williams: You guys completed Phase One, we'll take it from here.
Sheldon: Where did you move it?
Colonel Williams: I can't tell you that.
Leonard:Colonel Richard Williams: I can't tell you that.
Sheldon: Wait, so you're just going to take all the work we've done for the last year and toss us aside?
Colonel Williams: That one I can tell you: yes.
Howard: This is all very upsetting.
Colonel Williams: I'm sorry to hear that. As you know, the primary focus of the United States Military is people's feelings.
Sheldon: If that's sarcasm, please save it for our enemies.

Howard: How can you work on something for a year and they just take it?
Leonard: I can't believe the Air Force would treat us like that.
Sheldon: You know, I have a good mind to stop paying my taxes. It's too bad I enjoy doing them so much.

Amy: This might cheer you up. I made your favorite oatmeal: plain.

Sheldon: Princeton. A fine institution. It's where Einstein taught. It's also where Leonard got his PhD, so it may have gone downhill since then.

Sheldon: [Walks into an empty apartment by mistake] The Air Force did it again! They're erasing our lives!
Leonard: [Sees number on door] Third floor. Wrong apartment.
Howard: Although, if anyone's gonna clean out your apartment and disappear, it'd be Penny.
Leonard: She might disappear, but she's definitely not going to clean anything.

Leonard: Are you excited to have your own place again?
Raj: I am, but I'll miss you guys.
Leonard: We'll miss you too.
Raj: You could try saying that without smiling.
Leonard: I'm trying. This is the best I can do.

Raj: Come on, Sheldon. Amy's only gone for a few months. And now that I'm moving out, your old room is empty, so you can stay there whenever you want.
Leonard: Raj, could I talk to you on the hall for a second?
Raj: Sure. [Raj steps out, Leonard closes the door behind him and locks it]

Computerized Voice: Leonard Hofstadter. Access granted.
Leonard: I don't care if this thing's burning out my retinas. Makes me feel special.