Act 1

Space Boy: Ready for some giggles, Gloomius?

Gloomius Maximus: Son of a rolie polie birthday?

Billy: You know, the energy that help us being silly.

Percy: Into an actual silly ray.

Olie: (laughing) ACT SILLIER!!!

(They all roar and howl with laughter.)

Percy: Shall we give it a try?

Zowie: What's that, Olie?

Olie: I don't know. But it was weird.

Gizmo: Boy. I feel doozy and snoozy, huh?

Pappy: Where's my teeth?

Polina: Will laugh you right out of Polieville, Gloomius Maximus.

Space Boy: Looks like we got the last laugh, Gloomius.

Gloomius Maximus: Splendid! Looks like the last laugh is mine.

Olie: No! That's Zowie's present!

Gloomius Maximus: Finders Keepers. Losers Weepers.

Percy: Why what's the matter, Olie?

Olie: I lost Zowie's birthday present.

Zowie: You okay, Olie?

Olie: I'm sorry I lost you're present zo.

Zowie: Me no need present.

Olie: We did get the last laugh on old gloomius after all.

Pappy: Whoa! There's a rabid monster!

(Everyone burst out laughing, and follows Percy.)

Pappy: Come back here, you! Hey! Come here!

Act 2

Trixie Triangle: This is Trixie Triangle, for Galaxy Polie News reporting live from Polieville Park.

Zowie: Fun, fun, fun! Me gonna be this big.

Olie: It's Zowie's birthday today.

Trixie Triangle: Well, Happy birthday Zowie.

Percy: You okey dokey, Pappy?

Zowie: Party, party, party!

Zowie: Spot, Spot, Spot!

Pappy: It's Zowie's Birthday!

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