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The Fox and the Hound 2

[The camera opens on a misty forest] [The camera slowly moves through the scenery]
Forest animals can be heard. Faint gunshots break the tranquility. They steadily increase in volume. The sounds of barking dogs follow.
[The camera fades into a shot of a small crest as the music picks up]
A vixen suddenly appears on the crest. She is carrying a pup in her mouth. She puts the pup down briefly as she looks around in fear. The barking continues. She then picks up the pup and breaks into a mad dash through the forest. Various scenes of her running follow.
[The camera floats ahead of the running vixen and moves across grasslands and a farm] [The camera zooms in on a tree]
An owl appears from a hole in the tree, wondering what all the commotion is about. She steps out onto a branch and gazes out. The vixen appears beside a wooden fence. She stops to look around for a bit. She places the pup down beside the fence, giving it some affection. The owl watches as the vixen gets scared by more barking. The vixen runs out into more open grassland, leaving the pup behind. The vixen disappears behind a hill, and a loud gunshot is heard. A look of shock comes over the owl’s face. A second shot is heard, and birds fly out of the grass. The owl shakes her head sadly then looks down at the fence. She spots the pup. It looks sad. She floats down to it. It tries to hide from her.

Big Mama: You poor little fella. It's all right. Big Mama's here. [She briefly looks out at the grasslands then turns back to the pup.] You know? You're gonna need some caring for. Now… now let's see darlin'. [The pup carefully approaches her. She paces around, thinking.] You need a… [She looks down. The pup has warmed up to her and is starting to cuddle her.] (amused) Oh no. No no no. Not me. Not Big Mama now. [She looks up, thinking.] Now I'm thinkin' though.

The sounds of a woodpecker can be heard. Both Big Mama and the pup look toward the sound's direction.

Big Mama: Oh. Ah ha! Now don't… don't you move, honey. Big Mama's gonna be right back. [She flies off.]

[The camera zooms in on a woodpecker and a sparrow in a tree]
[The woodpecker is drilling into the tree.]

Dinky: Good work, Boomer. We'll get him this time.

They both stare into the hole.

Dinky: Shh. I think he's in there.

Big Mama flies on scene.

Big Mama: Whew! Am I glad I found you boys. There's no time to lose. I need your help. Now come on. Come on!

Big Mama flies off screen.

Dinky: Let's go, Boomer. Come on.

Boomer: Yeah. But but but. . . Aw shucks.

They both fly off. A caterpillar appears at the hole and breathes a sigh of relief.

[The camera moves back to the fence]

They all perch on the fence and look down at the pup.

Boomer (sadly): Aw. Poor little guy.

[The camera takes a brief shot of the pup hiding in the grass]

Big Mama: Don't you worry now. We're gonna find someone to look after you.

Dinky (in thought): Hmm.

Dinky hops around, thinking. He looks at the nearby farm house.

Dinky: Hey! I think I got an idea.

They huddle around and talk. The pup looks up at them curiously. Finally, they break.

Dinky: Okay, Boomer. Now you know what to do.

Boomer (rapidly): Yeah. Leave it to me. Leave it to me.

Boomer flies up to the house. He perches on the doorknob and starts pecking at the door.

Widow (from inside): Who is it?

The door opens, smashing Boomer against a wall. An old woman appears.

Widow: Well. I was sure I heard someone knocking.

She gasps.

Widow (dismayed): Oh dear! My laundry!

[The camera moves to Big Mama and Dinky]

Big Mama and Dinky have picked up a piece of laundry. The widow chases after them.

Widow: Oh! Here! Stop it! Oh you pesky birds! Will you come here?!

They start carrying the laundry piece along as they fly.

Widow: Oh! Stop!

They drop the clothing on the fox pup.

Widow: Well! I wonder what got into those birds?

She reaches down and picks up her laundry. Upon spotting the fox, she gasps and drops the laundry. She reaches down and picks it up again, looking underneath.

Widow (tenderly): Well bless my soul! Why it's. . . it's a baby fox.

She looks at it adoringly.

Widow: Oh. Hello little fella.

She looks up briefly.

Widow: I wonder where its mother is?

She looks back down at the fox. She tries to grab it, but the fox becomes scared.

Widow: Come on now. I'm not gonna harm you.

The pup swipes at her hand but misses.

Widow: Now now. Oh isn't that. . .?!

She picks him up.

Widow: Oh my my. You're a fiesty little rascal. Aren't you?

She holds the pup close to her body.

Widow: There there. Now calm down. No, I just can't leave you out here all alone.

She carries the pup back to the house.

Widow (whispering): Isn't he darling?

[The camera fades to a close-up of the widow sitting]

The widow is feeding the pup a bottle of milk.

Widow (tenderly): Now not so fast. Now now. Not so fast.

She rocks the chair.

Widow: Oh my. You're such a little toddler. Say! That's what I'll call you. . . Tod. You know, Tod? I'm not going to be so lonesome anymore.

[The camera moves over to the window]

Big Mama, Dinky, and Boomer are watching the scene from outside. Suddenly, they hear a car backfire and look behind. A man driving an old car putters past in the farm next door.

[The camera moves in on an old dog sleeping in a barrel]

The dog wakes up. The man gets out of the car, and the dog stretches. The man pulls out a sack from the car.

Amos: I've got a surprise for you, Chief old boy.

The dog licks its mouth and barks excitedly.

Amos: Now now now. Take it easy.

The dog sniffs at the bag, which starts to move about and yelp. The man pulls out a puppy.

Amos: Well. How's this for a huntin' dog?

The older dog's excitement fades.

Amos: He's just a little runt now, but he'll grow.

Amos places the puppy on the ground. Chief sniffs the puppy, which gives him a lick on the nose. Chief makes a face and looks at Amos.

Amos: You may as well get used to him, Chief. He's for you to look after from now on.

Amos walks away. Chief, a little grumpy, heads for his barrel. The puppy heads in with him. Chief is startled and backs out. The puppy prances out playfully. Chief bowls the puppy over. He tries to go back to sleep, but the puppy walks underneath his head, falling asleep on one of his front paws. Chief looks around, a little embarrassed. He then places his head down beside the puppy. He half smiles then goes to sleep.

[The camera pulls away and fades to a shot of the widow milking her cow]

Tod runs up and starts playing with the cow's tail. The cow moos angrily.

Widow (amused): Tod. Stop pestering Abigail. Ha ha. (To Abigail) Abigail? You're going to have to be patient with Tod. He's one of the family now.

The cow moos. Suddenly, Tod starts barking eagerly.

Widow: Ha ha! Oh of course. Now I know.

The widow squirts some milk into Tod's mouth. He licks it up.

Widow: I declare I never will get my chores done.

Tod walks up to a nest with a mother hen sitting in it. He playfully reaches out to touch one of the chicks. The hen looks back and notices Tod. She grows alarmed and starts chasing Tod. The cow moos in alarm, and Widow Tweed is knocked off her stool.

Widow (alarmed): Oh! Mercy! Tod! Stop it! Abigail! Abigail!

The cow kicks the bucket of milk over.

Widow: Oh! Oh no, there goes my milk!

She stands up in anger.

Widow: Oh no!

Tod looks at her in guilt. The widow rushes over to the cow to try and calm her down.

Widow: Easy. Easy, Abigail. (Holding the cow's head) Steady, old girl. Steady.

Finally, the cow is calm.

Widow: There there.

She angrily looks back at Tod. Tod slinks to a corner.

Widow (angry): Tod! You come here! I said come here!

Reluctantly, Tod slowly crawls back to her. She picks him up and points to the spill.

Widow: Just look what you've done!

Tod looks at the spill and flinches guiltily. Then he smiles and starts licking her.

Widow (anger gone): Now. Don't try to butter me up.

She giggles.

Widow: Oh Tod. I just can't stay angry with you. You little imp.

She puts Tod down.

Widow: Now. Run along and play. Go on!

Tod scampers out of the barn.

Widow (from inside): And try to stay out of mischief!

Tod stops a short distance from the barn and looks around. Seeing nobody, he sighs sadly. Then he looks up and spots Dinky and Boomer flying overhead.

Tod: Hey! It's Dinky and Boomer. Maybe they wanna play.

He follows them.

[Camera change to a tree]

Dinky and Boomer fly on screen and land on a branch.

Dinky: Is this it, Boomer?

Boomer (enthusiastically): Oh sure, Dinky! This is the place! I never forget a tree. I never forget a tree. Hoo hoo hoo.

Dinky hops along the branch.

Dinky: He won't get away this time. Heh heh!

Dinky puts his ear against the tree.

Dinky: Hold it, Boomer! I think I hear somethin'.

Boomer: Oh that's him all right, Dinky. That's him all right.

Dinky: Shh shh. Get ready, Boomer. Hey! I can hear him movin'. Listen!

Boomer puts his ear up against the tree.

Boomer: Funny. I don't hear nothin'.

Dinky: Shh. Quiet!

Dinky gets pressed between the tree trunk and Boomer's chest as Boomer tries to listen. He tries to get Boomer off of him but fails. Finally, Boomer pulls away, dropping a stunned Dinky to the branch.

Boomer: Oh that's him all right, Dinky. Oh that's him all right.

Dinky flies up and snaps Boomer's beak shut.

Dinky: Button your beak! Will ya?!

Dinky flies back to the tree. He spots a hole.

Dinky: I'll check it out.

He looks inside and sees the caterpillar munching on some leaves.

Dinky: Will ya look at that?

Dinky looks back at Boomer.

Dinky: Okay, Boomer. He's right (points) there.

Boomer hammers into the tree.

Dinky: Yikes! Watch it!

Boomer gets his head stuck in the hole and yanks himself out. He has a piece of wood and the caterpillar around his beak. Squeeks looks over the wood and sees Boomer.

Squeeks: Aah!

Boomer: Why you. . .!

Squeeks tries to take shelter back in the hole as Boomer breaks the piece of wood binding his beak. Boomer tries to hammer into Squeeks, but he dodges.

Dinky: Nail him, Boomer! Sock it to him!

Tod prances up.

Tod: Hiya fellas! Whatcha doin'? Wanna play?

Dinky (sternly to Tod): Stay out of this, kid. This don't concern you.

Boomer keeps drilling.

Dinky (to Boomer): Let him have it!

Boomer drills right to the other side of the tree. Squeeks hops on the opposite branch. He looks back, sees Boomer, and squirms away.

Dinky: Don't let the creep get away!

Boomer follows. They disappear into some leaves.

Dinky: You can take him, Boomer. Give him a left, a right. Let him have it!

Squeeks reaches the end of the branch and looks down to the ground far below.

Squeeks (terrified): Aah!

He disappears into a hole in the branch.

Boomer (ticked off): Which way did he go?!

Dinky: This way!

Dinky and Boomer both reach the end of the branch and look around. Squeeks slowly appears behind them. Dinky looks down and spots him.

Dinky: There he is!

Squeeks disappears again, and Boomer drills right through the branch. The branch falls away, and Boomer falls to the ground.

Tod: What happened to ya? Golly!

Boomer: Aw shucks! I think I bent my b-b-beak!

Dinky: (irritated) Now see what you've done?! You've cost us our breakfast!

Dinky flies down to Boomer.

Boomer: I cost us our breakfast?! It was your fault!

Dinky: What're you talkin' my fault?!

Boomer: Oh yeah!

They continue arguing. Squeeks looks down from within the branch and breathes a sigh of relief.

Tod (disgusted): A worm? For breakfast? Yeck! Bleh.

Tod walks away from the arguing pair and spots a butterfly. He follows it playfully.

[The camera pans over to Chief and Copper, who are drinking from their bowl]

Copper looks up and starts sniffing the air.

Chief: Hey there, Copper. What ya sniffin' at?

Copper: Somethin' I never smelled before, Chief.

Chief: Hmm. Let me see.

Chief takes a long sniff in the air. He smiles.

Chief: Aw shucks. That's easy. The master's just cookin' grits and fatback. You oughta know that.

Copper: Uh uh. That's not what I smell. I don't know, Chief. It's something else.

Chief (amused): Heh heh! Sonny, you've got a lot of learnin' to do about a-sniffin' and a-smellin'.

Chief lies down inside his barrel. He sees Copper get up to leave.

Chief: Hey, where ya goin'?

Copper: I wanna find out what that smell is.

Chief (warning tone): Okay, Copper, but the master ain't gonna like you wandering off.

Copper (confident): I won't get lost, Chief. I can smell my way back.

Copper walks away.

Chief: Hmph. Can't tell these young whippersnappers anything.

[The camera moves back to Tod playing with the butterfly]

Tod chases the butterfly inside a hollow log and hops on top at the end. He spots Copper entering the log and moves to investigate. He stares down a small hole in the top then puts an ear to it to listen. A sniffing nose presses itself into his ear. He jumps and looks back inside. He then proceeds to the end of the log. He peers over and looks inside the log. He spots Copper sniffing the ground.

Tod: Whatcha smellin'?

Copper: I'm on the trail of somethin'.

Tod: Trail of what?

Copper: I don't know yet.

Copper continues sniffing until he reaches Tod. Copper sniffs at him.

Copper: Why it's you!

Copper let's out a howl. Tod jumps to the ground.

Tod: What do you do that for?

Copper: We're supposed to do that when we find what we've been trackin'.

Tod: I'm a fox! My name's Tod. What's your name, kid?

Copper: Mine's Copper! I'm a hound dog!

Tod: Gee. I bet you'd be good playing hide and seek. Wanna try it, Copper?

Copper: Can I use my nose?

Tod: Ha ha! Sure! Okay. Now go ahead and close your eyes and count.

Copper puts his head up against the log, closing his eyes.

Copper: 1. . . 2. . . 3. . .

Copper starts to look.

Tod (frowning): No, Copper! Ya can't peek!

Copper: Oh.

Tod: Now start again.

Copper starts counting again while Tod runs to a nearby tree stump, runs around it, then hops on.

[The camera pulls back to include Big Mama, who's sitting in a tree]

Big Mama: My my. Look at that. A fox and a hound. . . playing together!

"Best of Friends" starts playing. Copper stops counting and sniffs around the tree stump. He then looks up and finds Tod hiding on top. Tod happily runs off someplace else. He jumps onto a tree trunk, bounds to another, and hides in some bushes. Big Mama starts singing.

Big Mama: When you're the best of friends. . .

Copper starts sniffing around.

Big Mama: Having so much fun together. You're not even aware you're such a funny pair. You're the best of friends.

Copper reaches the tree, sniffs it, and looks confused.

Big Mama: Life's a happy game. You could clown around forever.

Copper then turns and starts sniffing some more.

Big Mama: Neither one of you sees your natural boundaries.

Tod sneaks up behind Copper. Copper looks behind and sees Tod. Both fall down laughing.

Big Mama: Life's one happy game!

Suddenly, Amos Slade calls out from the distance.

Amos: Copper!

Copper: Gee, I gotta go.

Copper heads over to Amos, who's looking quite mad.

Big Mama: If only the world wouldn't get in the way.

Amos points to the barrel, and Copper slinks inside.

Big Mama: If only the people would just let you play. They say you're both being fools.

Copper looks to Amos and Chief for approval. He just gets frowns.

Big Mama: You're breaking all the rules. They can't understand the magic of your wonderland.

The rooster crows in a new day on the farm.

Big Mama: When you're the best of friends. . .

Tod runs up to the fence.

Tod (calling): Copper!

Big Mama: Sharing all that you discover.

Copper peeks out from within the barrel and sees Tod.

Big Mama: When these moments have passed, will that friendship last? Who can say if there's a way?

Copper starts to walk over but is startled by Chief's loud snoring.

Big Mama: Oh I hope. . . I hope it never ends.

He looks over to Tod.

Tod (joyously): Come on, Copper!

Copper starts to sneak past Chief.

Big Mama: ‘Cause you're the best of friends.

He makes it and runs over to Tod. "Best of Friends" finishes playing. They then run off together and disappear in the distance.

[The camera fades into a shot of them playing together]

Tod: Copper? You're my very best friend.

Copper: And you're mine too, Tod.

Tod: And we'll always be friends forever. Won't we?

Copper: Yeah. Forever.

Tod pushes Copper off of him.

Tod: Hey! Let's go swimmin'!

Copper: Give me a head start, and I can beat ya!

Copper runs ahead of Tod. They both jump into a nearby lake. Big Mama watches them swim from a tree, nearly getting splashed on.

[The camera changes to a shot of Amos trying to look for Copper]

Amos: Dag nabit! That Copper pup's gone and strayed off again. Come on, Chief. If that little rascal's gonna make me a good huntin' dog, he's gotta learn to mind.

They walk off.

[The camera moves back to the lake]

Copper and Tod are splashing around. Suddenly, Copper hears a whistle. Amos appears over a small hill.

Amos: Copper! Get over here!

Amos whistles again. Copper and Tod continue playing.

Amos (louder): Copper!

Copper: Uh oh. I gotta go home.

Copper crawls out of the lake.

Tod: Do ya have to? We're having too much fun.

Copper shakes himself dry.

Copper: I gotta. He sounds awful mad.

Tod: I'll see ya tomorrow. And don't forget!

Copper runs home.

Copper: I won't!

[The camera fades to a shot of Copper, who is tied up to his barrel]

Copper sighs sadly. Tod appears from around a bush.

Tod: Hey Copper. What happened to ya? Why didn't you. . .? (Seeing the rope) Golly! You're all tied up!

Copper (sadly): Yeah. And it's no fun, neither. The master says I gotta stay home.

Tod: Well. We can play around here, then.

Tod starts to wrestle with Copper.

Copper: Oh no! Not with old Chief over there.

Tod peers around Copper and hears Chief snoring in his barrel.

Tod: Is that him making that awful noise?

Copper: He keeps me awake at night.

Tod starts to walk over to the barrel.

Copper: Oh don't go in there! He can get awful mean! He's cranky.

Tod (amazed): Gee willikers! Is he ever big!

Tod moves over to where Chief's head is.

Tod: His ears aren't as big as yours, Copper.

Copper (whispering): That's not the part you gotta worry about.

Tod pulls down Chief's lips.

Tod: Wow! Look at those teeth!

Copper: That's the part you gotta worry about!

Chief starts mumbling in his sleep.

Copper: He's wakin' up! Get out, Tod!

Tod (amused): No. He's having a dream. He's chasing somethin'.

Copper starts to shake in fear. He covers his eyes.

Chief: It's a big old badger.

Tod (laughing): Copper. He's chasing a badger.

Tod stifles a giggle.

Chief: No. It ain't a badger. It's a. . . it's a. . .

Chief presses his nose up against Tod, pinning him to the side of the barrel. This caused Chief to be accidentally waken up.

Chief: It's a fox. A FOX!!!!!

Chief starts barking and aggressively tries to get at Tod. Copper hides in his barrel. Tod hops out of Chief's barrel and runs. Chief tries to give chase but is stopped by the rope attached to his barrel. He pulls hard and drags the barrel along.

Copper: Run, Tod! Run!

Chief chases Tod into a chicken house. He sticks his head inside. A flock of chickens pour out, with Tod running right behind. Amos Slade opens up a window and looks out. He sees the commotion and opens his mouth in dismay. Chief chases Tod around, scooping the chickens up in his barrel. Amos comes out of the house, carrying a shotgun. He fires. Tod runs the other way. He sees Chief and runs back the original way. He runs under Amos. Amos keeps on firing but keeps on missing. He's then knocked off his feet by Chief. A shot strays upward. It nearly hits Dinky and Boomer, who are sitting in a tree. They take off and hide in a mailbox. Tod bounds off a tree. Chief tries to keep on him, but his barrel's rope wraps around the tree. Chief is pulled off his feet. Tod climbs into the mailbox. Amos aims and fires at the mailbox, making a big hole in it. Everybody scrambles out. Tod bounds over a small stream. Chief chases, but his barrel catches on the water, and he is yanked back again. Tod stops and pants. He suddenly hears the sound of a car starting. He looks and sees the widow in her car. Chief snarls and stumbles toward Tod. Tod takes off for the car but just misses it. He chases after it. Amos hops in his car and gives chase. Tod hops on a stone wall alongside the road and manages to catch up to the widow. He jumps as a shot barely misses him. The widow looks and sees Tod.

Widow (shocked): Tod!

She looks behind. Amos is still firing. Tod hops in the back of the car, where the widow is storing her milk containers. Amos takes aim and fires, putting holes in all the containers. Widow Tweed tries to maintain control of the car. Suddenly, she slams on the brakes, apparently fed up. She gets out and stands in the middle of the road, looking extremely angry. Amos stomps on the brakes, stopping just in front of her.

Widow (angry): Amos Slade, you trigger-happy lunatic! (Louder) Give me that gun!

She snatches the gun away from him and cocks it. Amos Slade covers his eyes. A shot is heard, followed by a hissing noise. Amos looks.

Amos: My radiator! Why you blasted female!

He gets out of his car.

Amos: I'll. . . I'll. . .

She jabs the gun in his chest.

Widow: Hold it! Right there!

Amos (concerned): Watch it! That thing's loaded!

She points the gun to the sky and shoots. Tod looks very frightened.

Widow: Now it ain't loaded!

She throws the gun back to Amos.

Amos: (angrily) Dag nabit, woman! You're thieven' fox was after my chickens!

Widow: Rubbish and poppycock! I don't believe it! He wouldn't hurt a thing!

Amos: (furious) You callin' me a liar, you muddle-headed female?! I saw it happen!

Widow (preachy): Amos Slade, that temper of yours is gonna get you into a lot of trouble someday!

Amos (outraged): Temper! Temper! Woman, you ain't seen my temper!

He takes off his hat, throws it on the ground, and stomps on it.

Amos: If I ever catch that fox on my property again, I'll blast him! And next time I won't miss!

[The camera fades to a shot of a partially open window]

Tod is looking out, seeming rather sad. The widow is cooking something on the stove.

Widow (sadly): Poor little tyke. It's a shame I have to keep him cooped up.

Tod walks over to the door and scratches at it. He then looks at the widow sadly.

Widow: Tod, stop looking at me like that. It's not my fault, you know. You caused a lot of trouble yesterday.

Tod hears the sound of a dog barking. He scrambles up a chair and looks back out the window.

Widow: Oh, now what are they up to?!

She heads over to the window.

Widow: Huh! Why it looks like Amos is goin' on a huntin' trip.

She sees Amos loading up things onto his car.

Widow: A long one from the looks of it. Hmph. Well good riddance.

She heads back to her stove. Tod stays and continues to stare out the window, a look of sadness coming to his face. He glances back at Widow Tweed. She's busy at her stove. Tod secretly squeezes his body through the window.

[The camera moves over to Amos, who's trying to get his car started]

Amos: Dog gone meddlin' female! Shootin' up my radiator!

The car backfires.

Amos: Dad blame it! (Kicks the car) Get goin'!

The car motors smoothly.

Amos: Well. That's more like it. Keep runnin' old girl.

He heads over to Copper, who is tied up to his barrel and howling anxiously.

Amos: Well, Copper. Me and old Chief are gonna teach you all about huntin'. Yes sir. And it's about time, too.

Copper: Woof!

Amos: That-a boy! Heh heh!

He unties Copper.

Amos: You're really gonna like trackin' down those varmints for me.

Copper barks and runs around excitedly. He then heads over to the car and hops in the front seat.

Chief (proudly): Uh uh! Get in the back, half pint. You gotta earn your right to sit up front.

Copper stops and thinks. Then he excitedly hops in the back. Amos comes along, carrying his gun.

Amos: Well boys. We're gettin' outta here ‘til next spring.

Tod appears from around a barrel and watches the car leave. As the car pulls out onto the road, Copper looks back. Seeing Tod there, he lets out a long, sad howl. The car disappears into the distance. Big Mama suddenly floats down and lands next to Tod.

Big Mama: Tod. Honey? What are you doin' over here?

Tod (sadly): Gee. I just wanted to say goodbye to Copper. But I'm too late.

Big Mama: Well what did you plan to do if you ran into old Chief?

Tod frowns.

Tod (confident): Aw Chief. I can outfox that dumb old dog any time.

Big Mama rolls her eyes.

Big Mama (preachy): Tod! Now hold it just one minute! Didn't you learn anything yesterday? Now you listen good, Tod. Because it's either education or elimination!

Tod looks at her in a confused manner as "Lack of Education" begins playing.

Big Mama: Now if you're so foxy and old Chief's so dumb, then why does the hound get the fox on the run? Because he's got the hunter, and the hunter's got the gun. Kablam! Elimination. Lack of Education.

Big Mama flies up and lands on a fence.

Big Mama: If you pal around with that Copper hound, you'll wind up hangin' on the wall. Keep your nose to the wind, and you'll keep your skin. ‘Cause you won't be home when the hunter comes to call!

Tod: Oh Big Mama. I know Copper would never track me down. Why old Copper, he's my best friend!

Big Mama: Ho ho! You're best friend! Now Copper's gonna do what he's been told. Suppose to chase a little fox into an old foxhole. Then along comes a hunter with a buckshot load. . .

Boomer, sitting up in a tree, imitates carrying a gun.

Boomer: Ka-ka-kablam!

Dinky acts out being shot.

Big Mama: Elimination!

Dinky falls to the ground.

Dinky: Lack of Education.

"Lack of Education" stops playing.

Big Mama (sternly): You'd better believe it, Tod. Yes sirree.

Tod: You mean Copper's gonna be my enemy?!

Dinky gets up.

Dinky: Hey kid! You'd better step over here and take a good look.

Dinky and Boomer fly over to some kind of shed and push it open. Inside are many different kinds of fur skins. A look of horror forms on Tod's face.

Tod: W. . . why that's awful! Those poor things.

Tod's horror turns to sadness.

Big Mama (a little guilty): I'm sorry, Tod.

She hugs him.

Big Mama: Honey. Copper's gonna come back a trained huntin' dog. A real killer.

Tod looks up at Big Mama.

Tod: Oh no. Not my friend Copper. He won't ever change.

Big Mama: I hope you're right, Tod.

Tod: And we'll keep on being friends forever. Won't we, Big Mama?

She puts him down.

Big Mama: Darlin'. Forever is a long, long time. And time has a way of changin' things.

Tod looks back at the barrels. The leaves start to fall.

[The camera moves around the farm]

The season slowly changes to hard winter.

[The camera moves in on a patch of snow]

Squeeks slowly crawls out of the snow. A cold wind blows, and he starts to shiver. He then looks over and spots the widow's house. He crawls in its direction.

[The camera moves over to a makeshift scarecrow]

Dinky and Boomer are inside the scarecrow's coat, freezing.

Dinky: Jiminy. It sure turned cold!

Boomer: I'm freezin' my b-b-b. . .

Dinky: Hey! It's that fuzzy worm!

Dinky points.

Dinky: Let's get him. Charge!

Squeeks sees them coming.

Squeeks: Aah!

Squeeks tries to dive into a snow bank but hits his head on something. He dives in again and succeeds. Dinky and Boomer dive in after him.

Boomer (from inside the snow): Hey Dinky! Dinky quick! Over here!

Boomer lifts his head out of the snow. Something is in his beak.

Boomer: I got him! I got him!

He pulls out something wrapped in snow. The snow falls away. It's Dinky.

Dinky: Do I look like worm? (Points) That's who we're after!

Squeeks crawls up the door and disappears into the keyhole.

Dinky: Come on!

They fly up to the keyhole and perch on a shovel. Dinky peers inside. Squeeks is warming himself by the stove.

Dinky: Look at that little creep. Warm and cozy by the fire.

Boomer: Let me take a look!

Boomer looks into the keyhole.

Boomer: Now how do you like that g-g-guy?! Snug as a bug!

Squeeks pulls a sock over his body and lies down in a plant pot.

Boomer: While we're out here freezin' our b-b-beaks off!

Dinky: Brr. Well yakin' and shiverin' ain't gettin' us anywhere. We'll get that no good worm when we come back!

Dinky takes off.

Boomer: Ooh sh-sh-shucks!

Boomer flies off too. They fly over to Big Mama's tree.

Dinky: So long, Big Mama.

Boomer: Yeah. We're goin' south for the winter.

Big Mama: Goodbye boys! See you next spring!

[The camera changes to a shot of the widow's house and then to a close-up of a window]

Tod looks sadly out at the empty barrels in Amos' farm.

[The camera fades to a shot of Amos and Chief making their way through a forest]

Copper tries his best to keep up. As he's hopping along, he falls into a patch of deep snow. Chief rolls his eyes, goes back, and picks him up. Chief then continues with Copper in his mouth.

[The camera fades to a brief shot of Amos' winter cabin]

[The camera opens on another day of hunting]

Copper looks a little more grown. As they move along, Chief spots a rabbit. He growls, and Copper imitates. Chief continues growling, but Copper playfully chases after the rabbit. The rabbit runs and hops onto some frozen water. Copper tries to follow but slips and falls on the ice.

[The camera fades back to the cabin]

Several skins are stretched out on racks outside.

[The camera opens on yet another day of hunting]

Copper has grown even bigger. He starts sniffing the snow. He then goes off in one direction while Chief looks at him funny and heads off in another direction. Copper then reaches a bush and howls. A flock of birds fly out. Amos raises his gun and shoots, hitting one. Amos then walks over to Copper and pets him. Chief looks really sore.

[The camera fades back to the cabin]

Amos is tying down a pile of skins to his car. Chief walks over to the car's front seat and is surprised to see Copper sitting there.

[The camera fades to a shot of Amos' car motoring down a road]

The snow already appears to be melting.

[The camera changes to a shot of Big Mama's tree]

Big Mama emerges from her hole, carrying a pile of leaves. She tosses the leaves off the tree. Suddenly, she hears laughter. She looks down and sees Tod, who's all grown now and covered with leaves. She flies down and lands on a nearby fence.

Big Mama: Well look who's here.

Tod shakes the leaves off.

Big Mama (laughing): Oh my goodness. Ha ha! I'm sorry, Tod honey. I hope. . .

Dinky: Hiya, Big Mama!

Dinky and Boomer fly on screen, landing on the fence.

Dinky: We're back! We flew all the way!

Boomer: Oh yeah. We did. We did.

Big Mama: Welcome home, boys!

She walks over and gives them a big hug.

Big Mama: You know? It's been kinda lonesome around here without you little rascals.

Tod: Hi fellas!

Boomer looks down, a little surprised.

Boomer: Hey! Who's that?! Who's that?!

Dinky flies down and lands on Tod's head.

Dinky: Hey! This can't be that scrawny little squirt we found by the fence post. Can it? Come on.

Boomer: I can't believe my eyes!

Tod: Ha ha! Aw. It's me all right.

Dinky flies up to Tod's neck level and notices a collar.

Dinky: Hey lookie there. He's got himself a real fancy collar.

Boomer picks up Tod's tail and throws it over his shoulders.

Boomer: Hey hey hey! Just look at this bushy tail. B-b-b-beautiful!

Everybody laughs. Tod pull his tail back.

Tod: Ha ha! Aw come on. Cut it out. You guys are always teasing me.

[The camera moves to the widow's front door]

It opens, and she walks out, carrying her plant. It appears to be wilted. She puts the pot down on a bench. Squeeks appears from within the pot.

Dinky: Hey it's him! It's him! Squeeks!

Dinky looks down at Tod.

Dinky: We'll see ya later, kid. We gotta take care of some unfinished business.

Dinky flies off, followed by Boomer. The widow looks down at her wilted plant.

Widow: I can't understand. It was so healthy.

She reaches over for a watering can. Squeeks gasps as she pours some water into the pot. He is now floating in water.

Widow: There. That ought to perk it up.

She walks off screen. Squeeks lifts his head out of the water and gasps for air. He then sneezes and flies backward into a drain pipe. Dinky and Boomer land on the drain pipe.

Boomer: Now where'd he go? Where'd he go?

They both look inside the pipe.

Dinky: He's goin' up the drain pipe! I'll head him off!

Dinky flies to the top of the pipe.

Dinky: Okay, Boomer! We've got him trapped! Let him have it!

Boomer starts hammering into the pipe. It vibrates like crazy, and Dinky becomes dizzy. Squeeks appears from within the pipe, slightly stunned. He then spots Dinky. He screams and escapes. Dinky regains consciousness as Boomer reaches the top of the drain pipe.

Dinky: Did you get him?

Boomer: Get him?

Dinky: No, I didn't.

Boomer: Neither did I.

Squeeks has crawled onto a telephone line. Dinky sees him.

Dinky: Come on! Look!

Squeeks sees them coming and squeezes his body under some kind of glass cap.

Boomer: Hoo hoo hoo! Caterpillar under glass. Oh boy!

Boomer taps at the glass, and both he and Dinky are zapped by electricity.

Boomer: Holy!

Dinky: Smoke!

Squeeks escapes and continues along the telephone line. He periodically gives off a flash of light as he crawls along.

Boomer: Hey. Hey. How's he do that, Dinky? How's he do that?

[The camera fades to a shot of the road in front of the farm]

Amos is driving down the road. "A Huntin' Man" starts playing.

Amos: I ain't got no job. I'm a huntin' man. And I'd rather have a dog than a dollar. So let's go banjo ring-a-ling-a-ding ho! Give a little hoot and a holler! Ha ha!

"A Huntin' Man" stops playing. Chief looks grumpy.

Amos: Aw come on, Chief. Just 'cause you're not sittin' up front, that ain't no reason to be a sore head. Shucks. If it weren't for you, Copper'd never turned into a good huntin' dog. Yes sirree. Now I've got me the best two dogs there is. Right, Copper?

Copper starts barking.

Amos: Ha ha! Isn't he somethin', Chief?

Amos starts howling along with Copper. Chief covers up his ears.

[The camera moves over to the fence]

Tod comes running up.

Tod: Look, Big Mama! Copper's back! Heh. Boy, has he grown big.

Big Mama: Uh huh. And look at that big pile of skins he helped track down.

Tod: I know, Big Mama. He's a huntin' dog now.

Big Mama: You're right. And you're a fox.

Tod: Oh that won't make any difference. Copper's gonna be glad to see me.

Big Mama: Well, honey. Just don't get your hopes too high.

Tod: Look, don't worry. I'll be careful. I'll go over tonight when Chief and the hunter are sound asleep.

[Camera change to Copper and Chief's barrels]

Copper is drinking water. He then steps back to scratch his ears.

Copper: Boy. It's great to be back home. Isn't it, Chief?

Chief: Hmph.

Copper: Aw come on, Chief. You aren't still sore. Are ya? (Pause) Hey! Hey come on! Let's scuffle! We ain't scuffled in a long time! Come on, Chief! Let's have some fun!

Copper starts to wrestle with Chief.

Chief (amused): Oh lay off, Copper. You overgrown pup, you.

Copper starts to pull on Chief's ear.

Chief (serious now): Oh let go! Dagnabbit! Let go I say!

Chief throws Copper off of him.

Copper (hurt): Okay okay.

Chief: You know that was your trouble on the hunt.

Copper: Aw come on, old timer! You treat me like a pup. You know that? I think I've done real good trackin' down them varmints for you.

Chief: Smellin' and trackin' ain't enough. You gotta think nasty! Heh!

Copper lies down in his barrel.

Copper (amused): Okay okay. I know. Heh. I know.

The scene changes to night. Copper and Chief are asleep. Suddenly, Copper hears a noise and wakes up. He looks over to a nearby bush and sniffs the air. Tod emerges.

Tod (softly): Copper. Hey Copper. It's me. Tod.

Copper: I thought that was you, Tod. I-I heard you comin'. Boy, you've really grown.

Tod: You have, too, Copper. I saw you comin' back with Chief and the hunter.

Copper pauses, a slight frown on his face.

Copper: It's great to see you, Tod. But you know you. . . you shouldn't be over here. You. . . you're gonna get us both into a lot of trouble.

Tod: Hey look I. . . I just wanted to see you. We. . . we're still friends. Aren't we?

Copper pauses again.

Copper: Tod. Those days are over. I-I'm a huntin' dog now.

A look of extreme shock comes over Tod's face. The shock then turns to sadness.

Copper: You'd better get out of here before old Chief wakes up.

Tod (sadly): Aw Chief. (Nervous laugh) He doesn't worry me.

Chief suddenly wakes up.

Copper: Tod, I'm serious. You're fair game as far as he's concerned.

Tod starts to leave, but suddenly Chief starts barking viciously. A light shines on Tod. It's Amos. He's standing at the door and carrying a gun. Tod runs.

Amos: It's that fox again!

Amos lifts his gun and fires. Tod keeps running.

[The camera moves to the widow's house]

The widow opens the door, carrying a lantern, because she has heard the noise.

Widow (horrified): Oh no! No! They're after Tod!

[The camera shifts back to Amos, Chief, and Copper]

Amos: After him, boys! Go get him!

Tod runs past some tall grass and leaps over a fallen log. A shot is fired, but it misses. Tod runs through some more tall grass. Chief is right behind him. Tod sidesteps and hides in a patch of grass. Chief stops. For a moment, he doesn't see Tod. Thinking it is safe, Tod slowly gets up to head in another direction. Suddenly, Chief spots him and chases. Tod finds himself in open and rocky terrain. He climbs up a steep slope, jumps onto some loose boulders, and continues climbing. Chief slows down a bit when he jumps on the boulders, and they give way. He manages to jump and find more secure footing. He continues the chase. At the top of the slope, Tod finds a stack of lumber. He hides underneath, and Chief runs right by. Tod peeks his head out and looks around, extremely tired. Suddenly, he hears someone approaching and goes back underneath. It is Copper, and he sees Tod.

Amos: Copper! Copper! Copper!

Copper looks back and sees Amos coming. He then looks back at Tod, who has a pleading look on his face.

Copper: Tod I. . . I don't want to see you get killed!

Amos: Track him down, boy!

Copper: I'll let you go this one time!

Copper steps away, howls, and leads Amos in a false direction.

Amos: Don't lose him!

Tod crawls out from underneath the lumber pile, and escapes by running onto some nearby train tracks, but ends up racing across a high railroad trestle for home. As he runs along the tracks, Chief suddenly jumps out in front of him and blocks his path. Tod reverses direction and turns back and heads toward a bridge. Amos sees them from below.

Amos: There they are! Old Chief's got him on the run!

Suddenly, a speeding train, blowing its whistle, appears from around a bend. Tod finds himself trapped, but gasps in horror, then safely beneath the vehicle, which sails right over him toward Chief, who, still in the way, has to jump.

Amos: Jump, Chief! Jump!

Chief doesn't hear Amos, successfully obeys, and is struck and wounded by the train, but in the fall, falls off the bridge by tumbling down the steep cliff helplessly into the river below, and breaks his leg too. When the train passes, Tod gets up and looks over. Chief struggles to get up, but is too weak. Copper comes running up to Chief.

Copper: Chief! Chief?

Copper nudges Chief. Chief doesn't respond.

Copper (horrified): Oh no! No!

Copper looks around anxiously. He then looks up and sees Tod, who is still standing there. Copper growls furiously.

Copper (loud and angry): Tod! If it's the last thing I do I'll. . . I'll get you for this!

[The camera fades to a shot of Widow Tweed walking through the forest]

She looks around as she walks.

Widow (frightened): Tod! Tod?! Tod!

Tod appears and comes running. He jumps into her arms. She hugs him tightly.

Widow: Oh Tod. Thank heaven you're safe.

[The camera fades to Amos' house]

Copper is at his barrel.

[The camera moves to the front door]

Amos comes storming out.

[The camera focuses back on Copper as Amos passes]

Copper: Poor Chief. And it's all my fault. I shouldn't have let Tod go!

[The camera focuses on Big Mama's tree as Amos stomps past it]

Big Mama, Dinky, and Boomer are sleeping on a branch. Suddenly, Dinky wakes up and sees Amos. Dinky then wakes up Big Mama.

Dinky: Big Mama! Wake up! Wake up! There's trouble!

[The camera changes to inside the widow's house]

The widow is knitting, and Tod is sleeping in a basket. Suddenly, Tod wakes up and listens. He then grows frightened and hides behind the stove.

Widow (surprised): Tod. What is it?

She hears loud knocking on her door.

Widow: What on earth?

Amos (angry): Widow! Get out here!

She opens the door.

Widow (angry): Why Amos! What are you. . .?!

Amos: Where is he?! Where is he?! I know he's in there!

Widow: Now just a minute! You can't come barging onto my property, Amos Slade!

She slams the door shut.

Amos: That fox of yours almost killed Chief, and I'm gonna get him!

The widow locks the door.

Amos: You can't keep him locked up forever!

She sighs sadly and looks at Tod, who is hiding under the stove.

[The camera fades to a close-up of a photograph]

The photo is of Tod celebrating his first birthday. "Goodbye May Seem Forever" is already playing. The photograph is stuck to a mirror.

[The camera pulls back to reveal the widow looking into the mirror]

She puts on a hat. She glances sadly at the picture. She then wakes up Tod. He yawns and smiles. She picks him up from his basket.

[The camera changes to outside her house]

She gets in her car and puts Tod in the passenger seat. Tod is glowing with joy, but the widow is very much unhappy. She drives down the road.

[The camera pans over to Amos Slade]

The music stops. Amos is carrying some logs back to his house. He then stops and looks over to the road. He frowns and continues toward his house.

[The camera moves back to the widow's car]

The music starts again. Tod is staring back at the house. He then looks out the side as Widow Tweed thinks to herself.

Widow (reminiscing): We met, it seems, such a short time ago. You looked at me, needing me so. Yet from your sadness, our happiness grew. And I found out I needed you too!

Tod romps around the car.

Widow: I remember how we used to play. Ha ha!

Tod licks her.

Widow (more sadly): I recall those rainy days.

Tod's joy fades as he notices the sadness on her face. A mix of sadness and concern falls on his face.

Widow: The fire's glow that kept us warm. And now I find we're both alone. Goodbye may seem forever. Farewell is like the end. But in my heart's the memory, and there you'll always be.

She lovingly pets him. She then drives until she reaches a spot in the forest. She stops the car and carries Tod out. Tod looks a little confused. He gives her a lick, and she hugs him tightly. She puts him down and takes his collar off. She then hugs him one last time and gets up to go back to the car. Tod tries to follow as the chorus begins, but the widow sadly shakes her head "no". She continues toward the car. Tod tries to get up one more time but then, reluctantly, stays. With a tearful glance back at Tod, she drives down the road. A sad and stunned Tod watches her as she leaves. "Goodbye May Seem Forever" ends as the wind picks up. It starts to rain. Tod sadly takes shelter underneath a tree. He watches the wildlife for a moment. A squirrel leaps into the branches above him, causing some water drops to fall on Tod's head. Tod glances up in anger then sadly moves on. A porcupine watches him as he looks for shelter. He sees a hole that looks promising but finds that it is occupied. He turns around and leaves. A loud thunderclap frightens him, and he darts into a burrow. He quickly backs out. A badger appears.

Badger (angry): Hold it, sonny! Back off! Consarnit! Wh-where do you think you're goin'?

Tod (nervous): Oh. Oh excuse me! I-I-I was just trying to. . .

Badger: You barge in on somebody's house like you own it! Tarry hootin' around the woods! Wakin' up folks in the middle of the night!

Tod: I honestly didn't know anybody lived here. And I. . .

Badger: Well, you know it now! Now get of my property! Go on! Beat it!

Tod slowly backs away.

Porcupine: I've been watching you, sir. You can stay with me if you want to.

Tod turns around. It's the porcupine.

Tod: That's very nice of you.

Porcupine: C-come with me.

Tod follows the porcupine.

[The camera fades to the widow's car driving up the road]

[The camera moves to Amos]

Amos is unhooking Copper from his barrel. He watches as the widow drives to her house.

Amos: She dropped that fox off at the game preserve. We'll get him. We'll get him!

He heads back to the house with Copper following. Chief watches from a window. He then limps back to his pillow and gets comfortable.

Chief: Well now. If you gotta have a busted leg, this is the way to do it. Good food. Soft pillow. Warm stove. Sure beats sleepin' in that barrel.

He hears a door open.

Chief: Well now. Here comes visitors to see the invalid.

He lets out a fake whine. Amos and Copper pass right by.

Chief: How do you like that? They didn't even ask how I'm feelin'.

Chief limps into the next room, whining.

Amos: (firmly) Chief. Get back in there before I break your other leg.

Chief limps back. Amos turns to Copper.

Amos: Copper. Copper. Lookie here.

Amos sets a steel jaw trap on the floor.

Amos: Now when that fox comes traipsin' along, suspectin' nothin'. . .

He picks up a stick and slowly taps it along the floor toward the horrible trap. Finally, he touches the bear trap with the stick. The trap snaps shut with a loud SNAP!, breaking the stick apart, as the thunderclaps.

[The camera fades to a shot of Big Mama flying over the forest]

Big Mama: Tod! Tod?

She lands on a tree.

Big Mama (tired): Whew. Oh boy. These old wings ain't what they used to be.

She stretches a wing out then slumps down. She notices her belly.

Big Mama: Big Mama, you'd better lose a few pounds.

Suddenly, she sees something and gets up.

Big Mama: Uh oh! Uh oh! There he is! There he is!

[The camera moves to a shot of a fox whose back is toward it]

Big Mama: Tod! Tod!

The fox looks behind. It's not Tod but a vixen.

Vixey: Oh hi, Big Mama!

She faces the camera.

Big Mama: Oh it's you, Vixey!

Vixey: Hey. What brings you way out here?

Big Mama: I'm lookin' for a fox named Tod. He's new here in the forest.

Vixey: Oh, new? Um. Well, what does he look like?

Big Mama: Oh, he's young. About your age.

Suddenly, she gets an idea.

Big Mama: And handsome.

Vixey: Handsome? Oh! Say. . . Gee, he sure sounds nice. Uh. Um. I'm not doing anything. I. . . I'll help you find him.

Big Mama: Ha ha! Come on. He's gotta be around here somewhere.

Big Mama flies off, and Vixey follows.

[The camera fades to a shot of a hole in a tree]

Tod is sleeping soundly inside the hole.

[The camera zooms inside]

The porcupine moves Tod's tail aside and gets up, still a little sleepy. He yawns and stretches. His quills then accidently poke Tod, and Tod wakes up in shock.

Tod (terrified): Aah! What happened?! Where am I?!

Tod backs up and falls out of the tree.

Tod: Aah!

He shakes his head and finds himself sitting on an entrance to a burrow. Something pushes him off. It's the badger. The badger looks around in anger and sees Tod.

Badger: So! It's you again! You've barged in on me last night! And now you. . .

Tod: I. . . I didn't mean to!

Badger: Just look at the mess you made.

Tod looks. The entrance collapses.

Badger: (angrily) DAD GRANIT!!!! YOU CLUMSY BONEHEAD!!!!!!

The badger furiously pushes Tod into a ditch.

Tod (apologetic): Sorry! It was an accident!

Badger: Excuses. Excuses.

Porcupine: Mr. Digger, sir. It was so too an accident.

The badger turns to the porcupine.

Badger: You keep out of this, you walking pin cushion!

The porcupine flinches. Then he frowns.

Porcupine (severely): Uh. You shouldn't be so grumpy to someone who's new in the neighborhood!

Badger: A stranger, eh?

The badger turns to Tod.

Badger: Why don't you go back where you came from?!

Tod pauses and frowns.

Tod: Wha. . .

He stops. He then rolls his eyes. He turns around and starts to leave. He then pauses and looks back for a moment.

Badger: Well go on! Get goin'! Get!!!

Tod sadly continues on his way. The porcupine sighs sadly and shakes his head.

[The camera moves back to Tod]

Tod is still sadly walking along. Big Mama and Vixey secretly stroll up and watch him from a distance. Tod finally stops some place and sits down.

Vixey: Aw. Gosh he seems so. . . I don't know. . . so downhearted, Big Mama.

Big Mama: Well. You can't blame him, honey. He was dropped out here and left all alone without a friend in the world.

Vixey: W. . . You know maybe there's something I can do. You know. Cheer him up.

Big Mama smiles.

Big Mama: Honey! You just said the magic words!

Big Mama pulls Vixey out into an opening. She then whispers something into her ear. Vixey giggles, mildly surprised.

Vixey: Wha. . . Oh, but Big Mama. I don't know.

Big Mama: Darlin'! Don't move. You look beautiful!

Vixey (embarrassed): Thank you.

Big Mama walks over to Tod.

Big Mama: Mornin', Tod!

Tod (sadly): Oh. Hello, Big Mama.

Big Mama: Last night was pretty miserable for you. Wasn't it, honey?

Tod: Just terrible!

Big Mama: Cheer up! And look around.

She gestures in the direction of Vixey. Tod doesn't get the clue and starts to walk away. Big Mama puts a wing around him, stopping him.

Big Mama: The forest is beautiful this morning.

Tod: After last night, nothin' looks beautiful.

Tod glances and spots Vixey. His eyes widen. Vixey is sitting in the morning light, looking exceptionally beautiful.

Tod (elated): Wow! Who. . . who is. . . is that?

Tod's mouth is wide open as he stares.

Big Mama: Oh. Just another fox.

Big Mama gently closes his mouth.

Big Mama: A lady fox.

Tod: Golly! Is she beautiful! I wonder what her name is?

Big Mama: Well. Why don't you go ask her?

Tod: Yeah! Yeah I guess I will!

He starts to walk over to Vixey.

Tod: I'll. . . I'll go up to her, and I'll say. . . you're the most gorgeous. . . the most beautiful f-f-f. . . I've never seen anyone. . . anywhere. . . I'll say. . .

He finally reaches her. She faces him and smiles.

Tod (lovesick): Hi.

Vixey: Hello.

(At same time)

Vixey: Big Mama told me uh. . .

Tod: I just happened to be. . .

Vixey giggles.

Vixey: You know. Um.

Tod still looks very much drunk with love.

Tod: May I call you by your first name?

Big Mama is watching with delight from a tree.

Vixey: Oh! Oh sure! Why not?

Tod (amused): Th-thanks. But wh. . . what is your first name?

Vixey: Vixey.

Tod: Vixey.

Vixey: Uh huh.

Tod: My name is. . . is, uh. . . Tod.

Vixey: Tod? That's a. . . that's a nice name. Tod.

Boomer and Dinky are now with Big Mama.

Boomer: Well it looks like that farm boy is makin' it big with her. Hoo hoo!

Big Mama grabs Boomer's beak.

Big Mama: Shh! Now just keep it down.

[The camera moves back to Tod and Vixey]

Vixey: Oh! Tod, you know something?

She moves to a nearby stream.

Vixey: This stream is just full of trout. D-do you think you can catch one?

Tod (still lovesick): One what?

Vixey: One what? Fish! Silly.

She giggles. Tod comes to his senses.

Tod: Oh. Oh yeah! Oh yeah. (Confident) My dear young lady.

He jumps on a log floating in the stream.

Tod: You happen to be looking at an expert fisher fox!

Big Mama shakes her head.

Big Mama (in slight dread): Oh Tod. Tod. Don't overdo it.

Tod: I know all the tricks. In fact I. . . I never miss.

Big Mama (pleading): Please! Let him catch a fish!

Tod: Uh oh! Here comes a whopper! Now. Watch closely.

As the fish swims by, Tod tries to swipe at it. He misses, succeeding only in getting Vixey wet. The fish swims into the log, and Tod tries to follow it. He falls into the water. The log becomes vertical as he tries to chase the fish. He splashes around and struggles trying to catch the slippery thing inside the log.

Vixey: Tod. Do. . . do you need help?

Tod: No. No I-I-I do it this way all. . . all the. . . all the. . . time!

The log falls over, and Tod falls back in the water. He emerges, carrying a stick in his mouth.

Tod: I got him!

Boomer is laughing.

Boomer: Oh that farm boy! He don't know nothin' about f-f-fishin'!

Dinky: He ain't gonna hook her that way!

Everybody laughs, including Vixey.

Vixey (giggling): Oh gosh! Tod! You're the funniest thing I ever saw!

Tod rolls his eyes.

Tod (angry): Go ahead. . . go ahead and laugh! You're like everyone else around here!

Vixey (still giggling): I'm sorry. I can't help it! You were so funny!

Tod: So I can't fish!

Tod climbs back on land.

Tod: You're a silly. . . empty-headed. . . female!

Vixey (angry but soft): Hey just a minute! I mean you've got a nerve! Why don't you grow up?!

Big Mama shakes her head and walks over to Tod.

Big Mama: Tod! That's no way to talk to Vixey!

Tod shakes himself dry.

Tod (complained): Aw raspberries! I've had it!

Big Mama: Honey. Don't stay mad. You gotta be natural. That's the trick. Can't you see?

Tod glances back at Vixey. "Appreciate the Lady" starts playing.

Big Mama: When you have a natural attraction. . .

Vixey looks back and makes eye contact with Tod. She quickly turns her nose up. Tod shakes his head angrily.

Big Mama: You deserve a mutual reaction.

Tod reluctantly looks back at Vixey.

Big Mama: You're gonna get a whole lot of satisfaction.

Vixey makes brief eye contact. Tod smiles. Vixey turns her nose up again.

Big Mama: Here's all you gotta do.

Tod moves off screen. Vixey curiously glances back.

Big Mama: When you feel that natural affection. . .

Tod notices a flower. He smiles and picks up the flower in his mouth.

Big Mama: To lead you in the positive direction.

Tod brings the flower over to Vixey. She finally smiles.

Big Mama: You gotta stop showin' off and start showin' up. . .

Tod presents the flower to Vixey.

Big Mama: With little old natural you.

Vixey sniffs the flower then sneezes. This causes Tod to sneeze.

Big Mama: Yes you gotta appreciate the lady. And now that is a natural fact.

Vixey gets close to Tod and starts to cuddle up against him. Tod's eyes widen in surprise.

Big Mama: ‘Cause when you be yourself with the lady, yeah!

Suddenly, Vixey catches herself. She smiles, embarrassed, and pulls away. Tod now gives her his affection.

Big Mama: You're gonna get appreciated right back.

"Appreciate the Lady" finishes playing. Tod and Vixey cuddle. Dinky and Boomer start laughing.

Big Mama: Shh!

She tries to shoo them away.

Dinky: But Big Mama. . .

Boomer: It's just gettin' interesting! Hoo hoo hoo!

She urges them along. Reluctantly, they leave.

[The camera moves back to Tod and Vixey]

Vixey looks at Tod.

Vixey: Tod. I. . . I just know you're gonna love the forest.

She gets up.

Vixey: Listen. Come on. Let me show you around.

Tod: Sure!

She walks over to a stream then looks back at Tod.

Vixey: Come on.

Tod follows. Vixey gracefully bounds across the stream while Tod splashes across. Vixey giggles. The scene changes, and they are now walking side by side. They spot a family of quails.

Vixey: Look!

She counts the chicks as they hop across in front of them.

Vixey: 1. . . 2. . . 3, 4, 5, 6. . .

The final chick stumbles across.

Vixey: 7! Ha ha! (Joyously) Oh.

She looks up, thinking.

Vixey: I think six would be just right.

Tod: Six?

They continue walking.

Tod: Six what?

Vixey giggles.

[The camera pans across the scenery and stops at a waterfall with a lake in front]

Tod and Vixey enter and head toward the water's edge. They then sit and cuddle some more.

[The camera fades to a shot of a warning sign on a wire fence]

Amos: No hunting. Well now. We ain't gonna do none of that. Are we, Copper?

He kneels down and pulls out a pair of scissors.

Amos: We're just gonna get us a no-good fox. Ha ha ha!

He snips the bottom wire of the fence.

Amos: All right, boy. Get trackin'. Smell him out.

Copper enters the forest, and Amos follows.

[The camera moves through various scenes of Copper sniffing around]

Finally, Copper reaches a stream. He growls. Amos walks up.

Amos: Whatcha got there, Copper?

Amos puts down some leghold traps and checks the ground.

Amos: Good work, boy. He'll be comin' right through here headin' for water. But he won't be drinkin' any.

[The camera fades to a shot of a large tree]

Underneath the tree seems to be a hole.

[The camera zooms in to a close-up of the hole]

Tod pokes his head out. He hops out and stretches. Vixey slowly crawls out of the hole as Tod looks around, glowing with joy.

Tod: What a beautiful morning, Vixey!

Vixey approaches Tod. Tod looks at her.

Tod: You know I've never been happier.

Vixey (ecstatic): Oh Tod. Me too.

Vixey nuzzles Tod then prances away, laughing joyously. Laughing, Tod follows, and together they walk through the forest.

[The camera fades to a close-up of a set up trap]

[The camera then pans across a line of set up traps until it reaches Amos setting the last one]

Amos: That does it. Amos, you crafty old coot. Ha ha! The devil himself couldn't have done no better!

[The camera changes to a shot of Vixey approaching the area]

The music suddenly stops. She stops laughing and becomes concerned. She looks around. Tod continues walking.

Vixey: Tod. Tod, wait a minute.

Tod stops.

Tod: What is it, Vixey?

Vixey: I don't wanna go in there. It's too quiet.

Tod: Aw Vixey.

Tod walks into the area.

[The camera moves over to Amos]

Amos is covering up all of his steel traps with leaves. Suddenly, Copper growls.

Amos: What?

[The camera moves back to Tod]

Tod continues walking. Vixey stays behind.

Vixey (concerned): Tod. Be careful.

Tod cautiously looks around as he walks. Slowly, he grows more and more afraid. Tod rounds a bend. Amos is hiding behind a rock, his gun ready. As Tod walks along, he just barely misses stepping in a trap. He stops and looks around. Amos cocks his gun. Tod grows alert. Quickly looking around, he steps backwards and sets off a trap, which goes SNAP!. He jumps and breaks into a run, setting off more traps, that go SNAP!. All of them miss. Amos aims and fires. He misses. He fires and misses again as Copper chases after Tod.

Amos (furiously): Dad blast it! He's gettin' away!

Tod reaches Vixey.

Tod: Quick, Vixey!

Both of them run.

[The camera follows them through several scenes of running before they stop]

Tod turns to Vixey.

Tod: Go on! Head for the burrow!

Vixey runs off screen as Tod climbs up onto a nearby rock. He gets into a fighting position as Copper approaches. He leaps down in front of Copper, and they circle each other, both growling. Copper lunges, and Tod dodges. Tod then jumps up and bites down on Copper's neck. As Copper yelps, Tod escapes. Copper continues chasing. Finally, Tod reaches the burrow and escapes inside. Copper starts tearing at the entrance. He gets further and further inside.

Tod: Quick, Vixey! Out the back!

They head toward the back entrance. As they reach it, they look out and around. Suddenly, Vixey spots Amos aiming his gun at them.

Vixey (alarmed): Tod!

They both scramble inside as the shot misses. They escape deeper into the burrow as shots ricochet around inside. They face Copper again, who's still trying to claw his way in.

Vixey: (terrified) Oh! Oh no, Tod!

Tod growls. He lunges and bites down on one of Copper's front paws. Copper yelps and backs out. He then continues digging. At the back entrance, Amos is piling up some dead grass onto the hole. He then lights a bundle on fire and lays it on the pile. He then takes off his hat and fans the fire. The flames shoot inside the burrow.

Amos: Heh heh heh!

Amos gets up and heads for the front.

Amos: Copper! Copper!

Copper looks up.

Amos: We got ‘em now for sure! This is their only way out!

He points his gun at the hole, and Copper growls.

Amos: Steady, boy. Steady. Get ready.

[The camera moves back inside the burrow]

Vixey: Tod!

Vixey coughs from the smoke.

Vixey: We're trapped!

Some burning embers nearly fall on top of them.

Vixey: Tod, I'm scared!

Tod: Quick, Vixey! This is our only chance!

They rush toward the fire and escape unharmed.

Amos (shocked): No! No, I don't believe it!

They run as Copper chases. They climb some rocks toward the top of a waterfall. At the top, they stop and look around. Tod leaps on top of a rock then jumps onto a tree that had fallen and formed a bridge in front of the falls. Vixey does the same. They then disappear off screen. Copper arrives and starts sniffing around, trying to find the scent. He gets up on top of the rock and sniffs around. Suddenly, a look of shock forms on his face. Amos comes running up.

Amos: Copper! We've trapped him now!

Amos aims his gun, but looks up, then gasps in shock. Then suddenly, a big shadow appears in front of Amos from within the bushes. It's a large grizzly bear. A look of fear falls on Amos' face. With shaky hands, he raises his gun and fires. The shot merely nicks the bear on the shoulder, but only hurts him, and then, the bear is now really furious that he growls and lumbers forward toward the alarmed hunter. Amos struggles to reload his gun, and manages to do so, but is not able to shoot the wrathful beast, who attacks him by knocking his gun out of his hands and swiping at him and causing him to tumble down the slope of a hillside. The gun lands on a tree and falls out of Amos' reach as the bear chases after the hunter and continues to pursue him. At the bottom of the slope, Amos, now frightened, gets up, ends up walking back while trying to flee, and has his foot caught in one of his own traps with a loud SNAP! of pain, but screams in terror, and struggles to get it off his foot, that is caught. As the grizzly bear, still furious that the intruders are not leaving his territory, and while continuing to encroach on the poor defenseless hunter being now injured by his own stray trap, reaches him, Copper angrily jumps in front, and bravely tries to protect his master.

Amos: Copper!

Copper attacks the Bear by leaping onto him and and biting into his neck and tries to fight him and injures him even more. The bear, now angered even more, bats poor Copper off of him, but only hurts him badly. Now Copper is really furious that he gets up and attacks the bear again as Amos tries to get his own trap off his foot, despite that the iron grip of it still holds his foot. The bear slams Copper on the ground. Despite being small and more agile, Copper struggles to get up, and jumps on the bear, but is no match for the giant bear as he swats the dog. As they fight, Copper rakes his teeth across the bear's muzzle, creating a deep wound and antagonizing him even more. The bear, now mad, chases after Copper, almost running over Amos. Amos gets up and struggles to reach his gun, that is still caught on the branch and still out of his reach. Copper and the bear fight some more. As Copper, who easily manages to his own for a while, jumps at the bear again, he gives him a vicious slap and has finally him soon overwhelmed, easily overpowered, and nearly killed in a very vicious fight, which ends the battle. Copper yelps loudly and falls down onto the ground. The scene changes to Tod and Vixey running up a slope. Copper's cries of pain reach Tod's ears. Tod stops, but tries to run again, then hears another yelp, stops, and looks back down the slope. Vixey runs back to Tod.

Vixey: Tod!

Tod looks back at Vixey then looks back down the slope and sees the horror of his very childhood friend, Copper, who is getting nearly killed in a very vicious fight.

[The camera moves back to Copper and the bear]

Copper tumbles to the ground, injured, and looks up at the bear. He struggles to get up, but is too weak as the bear approaches. Just as the bear is about to hit Copper again, just in the moment in which he'll kill the dog, Tod runs down the slope and jumps onto the bear. Tod continues to battle the bear by biting him down on his ear. The bear tosses Tod around, slamming him to the ground. The bear then tosses him up onto the slope. Tod runs, slips, and slides down between the bear's legs. Tod escapes. The bear tries to bite Tod, but misses, biting down only on rock. Tod runs up the slope, the bear close behind. As he reaches the top, the bear takes a swipe at him. He is sent sliding across the ground. Tod struggles to get up as the much larger bear approaches. He jumps onto the bear and bites into him. The bear gives Tod a vicious swipe. Tod is sent flying and lands hard on the log bridge across the waterfall. Tod struggles to get up. The bear steps onto the bridge. The bridge buckles, and cracks, but sends Tod falling off balance. He almost falls off but grabs onto the bridge with his front paws. The bear lumbers forward. He brings one paw up, ready to strike. Tod closes his eyes as the bear brings his paw down hard, taking out a chunk of the bridge, that breaks apart. Tod falls, and the bridge falls away, taking the bear with it.

[The camera follows them as they fall]

[The camera pans back to include the lake in front of the waterfall]

Tod emerges from the water and stumbles to the shore after defeating the monstrous antagonist.

[The camera moves to a close-up of Tod]

Tod struggles to get up but fails. Copper walks on screen, looking remorseful.

Copper: Tod?

Suddenly, they hear a gun cock. Tod looks up in fear and sees Amos pointing his gun right at him. Copper hurries forward and steps between Tod and Amos.

Amos: Come on, Copper! Get out of the way!

Copper stands his ground. Amos keeps his gun aimed at Tod. A few tense seconds pass as neither Copper nor Amos move. Finally, Copper whimpers, and Amos softens. With a sigh, he lowers his gun.

Amos (tired): Well.

He walks forward and pets Copper.

Amos: Come on, boy. Let's go home.

Amos slowly turns around and limps off screen. A sad, solo piano piece picks up as Copper follows. He then stops and looks back at Tod. Tod looks up and serenely smiles. Copper returns the smile. He then continues to follow Amos as Tod gets up and limps in another direction. They then stop and look at each other for one final time.

[The camera fades to a shot of Big Mama's tree]

[The camera zooms in on the tree and then on Big Mama]

Big Mama is sleeping in a hole in the tree. She is woken up by the sounds of tapping.

[The camera moves to a shot of Dinky and Boomer farther up the tree]

Boomer is hammering into the tree. Big Mama looks up at them. Boomer stops hammering, and they look into the hole. Dinky smiles, and they laugh.

Dinky: Shh shh. This is it. We got him for sure, now.

They look back inside the hole. Suddenly, they are blinded by flashing multi-colored lights.

Boomer (surprised): Oh my g-g-gosh!

They quickly pull away from the hole.

(At the same time)

Dinky: Yow! Boomer: Wow!

Dinky: What happened?

A butterfly comes flying out of the hole. It flashes many colors.

Boomer: Hey.

The butterfly lands on Boomer's beak.

Boomer: There's something very familiar about those eyes, Dinky.

[The camera gives a brief close-up of the butterfly's face]

The butterfly then flies around, briefly flashing brilliantly.

Dinky: Naw. It couldn't be.

They watch the butterfly leave.

Dinky: Could it?

The butterfly flies over to Big Mama and lands on one of her wings. She laughs and the butterfly flies away.

Big Mama: Bye, Squeeks. Bye. Good luck, honey.

She yawns and tries to go back to sleep but hears the sounds of Amos yelling in pain.

Amos: Ouch! You're killin' me! Ouch!

Big Mama looks over.

[The camera moves over to Amos' house]

Widow Tweed is bandaging Amos' hurt foot.

Widow (amused): Amos Slade. Will you hold still? You're behaving like a child.

Amos: Well for gosh sakes! You're hurtin' my foot, woman!

Widow: Nonsense!

She grabs Amos' big toe and wiggles it. Amos winces in pain.

Widow: Your foot is mendin' fine. You'll soon be yourself. Oh! Land sakes. I don't know if I'll like that. Ha ha!

She nudges Amos on the shoulder and continues bandaging.

[The camera pans back to include Copper and Chief sitting in their barrels]

Amos: Ow! Be careful! [he continues fussing.]

Chief (grumbled): Huh! He's sure makin' a big fuss over a little old hurt leg.

Chief lies down. Copper smiles and shakes his head. He then puts his head on the ground and closes his eyes. Edited music from "Best of Friends" starts playing. Copper opens his eyes again and smiles as voices from the past enter his mind.

[Copper yawns and lays down to go to sleep; he closes his eyes and smiles as he thinks about when he and Tod were jjjj

Young Tod: Copper? You're my very best friend.

[The camera pans back as the memories continue]

Young Copper: And you're mine too, Tod.

Young Tod: And we'll always be friends forever. Won't we?

Young Copper: Yeah. Forever.

[The camera finally stops far away]

The farm is in the distance. The choral music to "Goodbye May Seem Forever" picks up. Tod gazes longingly upon the farm from atop a cliff in the forest. Vixey slowly approaches his side. She nudges him, and he looks at her. The closing notes to the music finish the film as Tod and Vixey cuddle.

[the film ends with Tod and Vixey sitting on a hill, overlooking where Copper is]