Amy: I'm sorry I mentioned it.
Sheldon: Oh don't be. You get your hopes up. I knock them down. That's called teamwork.

Howard: Look at you. Willy Wonka would roll you into the juicing room.
Bernadette: The next person kicking you, will be me. Good night.

Leonard: Oh, and look at this. I even got a change maker. How much change you want. Little lady?
Penny: Oh, there’s so much I want to change.

Amy: Well, thank you, Sheldon. This is a fun surprise.
Sheldon: Oh, well, the real surprise is how surprised you are that I’m great at surprises.
Amy: Well, that’s not a surprise at all. I mean, if I knew you were good at surprises, I would have expected the surprise, and therefore not have been surprised. But as it is, I didn’t know and therefore, my surprise would be unsurprising.
Sheldon: Don’t get me all randy. Guests are on the way.

Leonard:: Never been on this side of the table before. I feel powerful.
Penny: Really? I feel like I’m selling candy so our team can get new uniforms.

Penny: Hi.
Daniel: Hi. I loved your movie.
Penny: Well, thanks.
Daniel: It’s got to be one of the worst things I have ever seen in my life.
Penny: Your love confuses me.
Leonard: Would you like an autograph?
Daniel: Sure.
Penny: Okay, who do I make it out to?
Daniel: Daniel. Okay. I have to ask. Were you trying to be that bad or are you just a terrible actress?
Penny: That did not clear things up.

Mrs. Petrescu: Yes, drink is fun and good friends – Applebee’s.

Mrs. Petrescu: TV good, now back to you.

Mrs. Petrescu: Fifteen minutes can save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.

Mrs. Petrescu: My sister’s husband took all her things too. Story at 11:00.

Mrs. Petrescu: Cheers. Filmed before a live studio audience.

Penny: What’s your name? Okay.
Jeff: Jeff. My favorite part is your shower scene.
Penny: Been hearing that a lot today.
Jeff: I even have a screen grab on my phone.
Penny: Yep, there they are.
Leonard: Okay, let’s keep moving.

Sheldon: Stuart, wait. I know what it feels like to be left out.
Bert: I know how it feels too.
Sheldon: All right, this is about me and him, and you’re not part of it. Stuart, perhaps we do take you for granted, and that is not acceptable. Please know that you are truly a valuable member of our social group.
Stuart: Thank you.
Sheldon: You know, in fact, I’d like to propose a toast. To Stuart. A fine man, a good friend and a wonderful guest.
Others: Hear. Hear. Cheers.
Mrs. Petrescu: Cheers. Filmed before a live studio audience.