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The Fast and the Furious 7
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HAVANA, CUBA We swap in parts from Ford Plymouths and Cadillac. My grandfather bought it in 1957. When he died it passed to my father. Then my brother and now to me. Look at this, this is an engine from a boat. - No way. - Yeah! Whatever it takes to keep it running! This is a cuban spirit. Your spirit, keep it up. Never ever lose that. Dom.. It’s your cousin.. He’s in trouble, come quickly! Come on, come on. Please don’t do this, Understand my problem. You know I can’t make living without my car. Isn’t my problem bro. Dominic Toretto… I heard about you. Welcome to my island. Why he hooking up my cousin’s car? In the morning, I gave it to him.. He can’t pay.. I take the car. I just need a few more days. Few more days isn’t part of the deal. Come on.. You make a deal you gotta live up to it. You make a deal You gonna live up to it. Gonna live up to it? So you are one of those types.. You take everyone’s ride and then ship it back to the states. You should show your people some respect. You watch your mouth. Now you got a problem. I’m gonna keep it about the cars. I am really scared. You want a car? Get it the right way. - How? - Race war. I already own it, bro. Not that car. Mine. Dom, his car is the fastest car in the Island. Do you know what he has under the hood? Do you know, it doesn’t matter what’s under a hood? The only thing that matters is who’s behind the wheel. - You think so? - I know so. Then race his car. We ain’t racing a quarter mile here. We race the cuban mile. Done! I appreciate you what you’re trying to do. My car is the slowest car on the Island. Was..! Pull the seats the doors the battery.. It ain’t the motor, take it off. - Laughing gas? - Nah, Fed. This is cuban NOS. You guys are crazy. - What are you doing? - Warm as turbo. Pull that back in line.. Hold on! Old trick used to play. In case of emergencies. You know that’s way too much booze for that engine. - It’s going to be fast. - It’s gonna be a bomb. Only needs to go a mile. Are you ready for this, family? This is Havana! Be fast! Be safe! But don’t be last. Racers ready..? Go..! Stop. That car belongs in the trash bro. - Where are we going? - I don’t know. Let’s go. - Go steer. - Si. Adios, Toretto. Ok, buster… Let’s see if this works. That’s impossible.. Look out. A deal’s a deal. You own my car. And you earn my respect. Keep your car. Your respect is good enough for me. Yo Cousin. Sorry ‘bout your car, Your’s was too slow for a Torreto anyway. Your Impala. Are you serious? Look at that smile I love it when you smile. Make me happy. I think this place makes you happy. It’s like it speaks to you. You remember that guy? The Racer and his dad. - The one with the boat engine. - Yeah! - Yeah. - Of course. I was looking at them, and I.. And I couldn’t help but too imagine what you’d be like, if you were dad. No, no, no… I’m not pregnant. Is that what you want? It’s not about what I want or what you want.. It’s about why we haven’t asked the question. Can I help you with that? - What? - You need a hand? Yeah, I think I do. Sounds like you’re not getting any fuel. Yeah. See if we can get some power into it. What brings you to Cuba? The same thing that brings everyone else to Cuba. Culture. People. Beauty. What brings you to Cuba? - Work! - Must be casual Friday. How is that honeymoon going Dom? Your fuel relay is missing. I know. I’d love to play games. Beaten the bests alone. I’m kinda in a rush, so if you got something to say… Oh this is a very different game that I can assure you. This..? There is something much greater at work here. This is fate. - I choose to make my own fate. - Not today. This is the road you take to your apartment every morning. What else is different, Dom? The Santiago’s closed? Did you have to cross two blocks to go get your cuban coffee? So, what is it? Black, no sugar? Yeah.. I’ve put a lot of work into getting you here in today. Now that I’m here, what do you want? I want you to work for me. Work for you? Well, I could have saved you a lot of time then. See, I don’t work for anyone. You can’t walk away from this Dom. We’re gonna have this conversation one way or the other. See that’s the funny thing about fate. It’s cunning. It can bring you beautiful things, and it can also bring you moments like this. I will hear that you want to work for me. You’re gonna betray your brothers, abandon your code, shatter your family. See, your team.. Is about to go up against the only thing they can’t handle. What’s that? You. Oh, and Dom, I wouldn’t mention this to anyone. They are gonna be hitting us with everything they’ve got. So, we wanna engage with maximum speed. Neutralize the shooters and then move on to our objective. There are two things I want you to keep in mind, Number one, I choose you for this squad because you are the most fearsome warriors on the planet. And number two, You go out there, you do your job. And you take ‘em down. Everyone… And I mean everyone.. Manice and pedice at the mall. Later on today. I don’t wanna play anymore. Alright, let’s go, girls. Let’s go, let’s go. - Final 2 minutes. - Quite the cheering section. Oh yeah. That’s moms they come out to sport the kids. Except there seems to be more moms than kids, Way more like moms and.. Yeah, it’s a big soccer job. Let’s go girls. So your intel was spot on… A democly 7 EMP weapon that went missing in the gulf. Arms dealer from the Liberation front have it in Berlin. - Shit. - This thing can wipe out.. An entire electrical grid in a major city. No lights, no power, instant stone age. Chloe, Maya… You can’t let her run by you like that. - Let’s go, let’s go. - Hey, Hobbs. This is a class 4 WMD. Do you have any idea what’s at stake here…? Yes..! I know exactly what is at stake here, okay? If Pink Butterflies beat my Red Dragon that means we lose the championship. Which means I have 20 little girls who are crying.. And that’s not a good thing. Which then means I have to spend a lot of time in ice cream shops and lot of time in Tay-Tay concerts. - Tay-Tay? - Yep? Taylor Swift. You gotta be shitting me Get it together. Let’s go girls. We need you to do this, Lot of lives are at stake. I need to be clear here. US Government can not sanction this operation in anyway. You’re on your own. This thing goes sideways you don’t just get burned, you go to prison. And there’s nothing we can do to get you out. Let me tell you something. The only thing that I love more than saving lives.. Is my daughter. So you don’t shut up with this government bullshit right now and start showing some team spirit and respect for the Red Dragons. I’m gonna have all 20 of them lined up kick you right in the Tay-Tay. Go, Dragons! Say it again. - Go, Dragons! - Good boy. Go Dragons.. Go Dragons.. Go, he’s open… Go, Yup! Yes! That is my daughter right there! Yes! Ah, yes, come here. - Awesome. - Nice job. Daddy’s gotta go to work? Oh yeah, daddy’s gotta go to work. Now, you gonna need to get a team that you can trust. Oh, I already got one. - Hey, Dom. - Hey, Hobbs. We got a job in Berlin, and I need a favor, brother. No problem. I grab the team and meet you in Berlin. Thanks man. I’ll see you soon. You were only to supposed to create a diversion, Roman. That was a diversion. How many of the damn explosives did you use? I do not know, Tez. All of it? - Wait, all of it? - Roman, Jesus! - Christ! - You have more of your fan club ahead. They’re still on us. These guys are taking this personal. Roman, we just blown up their facility and stole their EMP. Other than your doctor’s cold fingers, I’d say it’s about as personal as it can get. - Phase 2. - Phase 2? So you just gonna keep that to yourself? What happen to Phase 1? What about that part? Yeah, remember the airplane? Everyone drove their cars out but you. I told you my engine seized up. It’s your balls that seized up? Just follow my lead, okay? And Roman, whatever you do. Don’t think. Tez, drop it. Bomb’s away. Split now! Holy shit! Look out..! - Great plan Tez. - Just so you know. You miss some. I’ll just wait for it. Oh… Shit! I hate you, Tez! Got your ass. You good? I’ll see you when it’s done. Alright. Great job, team. Let’s break up and meet me at the safe house. Hell of a job, brother. When we can get back to the base. Beers on me. You lost your god damn mind, Toretto! Toretto you put hands on that thing, you’re gonna have the whole world coming for you including me. I don’t know what you’re doing but you better think about this, Toretto. It ain’t too late to stop this. It is now. That some bitch just crossed us.. What? Wait a second, what are you talking about? - Dom took the EMP. - Bullshit. Where are you? It’s too late for me. Get out of here. Saw that look in his eyes. I’ve seen that look before. Dominic Toretto just went rogue. Alright, I got his phone records, y’all. It’s a whole bunch of calls to untraceable numbers. Burner phone, right? Nah. Scrambled. Same number but they got some sort of micro-router.. .. to bury the signal path which means Dom is clearly.. .. communicating with somebody that is above our pay grade. Look, I do not know Dom as well as you, but if we just look at the facts. Dom’s been having highly encrypted conversation with some mysterious person. He took out Hobbs. He stole the EMP, now he’s disappeared. So what’re you saying? Maybe we should consider the fact that.. Hobb’s right. Dom did go rogue. - Letty. - Before you judge the man, Remember you’re breathing now because he saved your life. You just gonna let her bump your shoulder like that I’m just saying it out.. That was a little aggressive. What’re you gonna do. Email her? Chick.. No no, wait, fellas. Thank you. Well, this is an exciting new look. That’s a little tight on the crotch as always. What boyband bus did she fallen off? My new junior associate. He’s working with me on this. All yours. Mr Nobody and I have been given the authority to get you out of this. All you have to do is agree to the terms and you’re free. Restraining wills, talking about, what terms? Confess to your crimes in Berlin. Treason, international espionage. Massive destruction of civic property. You do that, we close the case. And? And the DSS blacklist. Sure Germany loves that. Officially you’ll be a criminal. Woah, woah, woah. You need to work on your delivery alright. Unofficially. You’re off the books. Come work with me. - I’m not a criminal. - Luke Come on. Labels. There is no confession. There are no back room deals. Got myself into this, I’m gonna get myself out of it. You know that. I do and that’s what I told them. Well, there you have it. Good luck in the course, man! What about your daughter? You know, if you’re not gonna do it your country, at least do it for your kid. Big mistake kid. Hold on. Look, look. He’s still working from the manual. I mean, he doesn’t even really know the rules. Oh come on. Give him a break. Get a break. Luke? I appreciate that. - It’s good to see you, Nobody. - You too. Rule No. 1, know your audience. I gave you your shot, you shit the bed. Now I’m gonna show you how to get this done. - You’re dead cop! - Dead! Well, well, well… Luke Hobbs behind bars. Would you look at that? The band cop got it’s day. You know, that color looks good on you. Yeah. Look a whole hell of a lot better with your blood on it. Yeah. Good luck with that, Hercules. .. gone bad. Huh? Such a cliche. Ah well. Welcome to the club. I wouldn’t get that twisted son. We ain’t in no club. We got nothing in common. And unlike you, I ain’t gonna be here long. You bring the shovel did you? Cause it’s 38 feet of steel and concrete. What’s up big dog? Better get to dig in. You wanker. Move.. Say that again. If I say it again, It will be to acorpse. I’m going to enjoy this. Welcome back, Dom. Nice job out there. Excited about tonight? You’re going on this? You’re with me Dom. - Showing me your shoe collection? - Yup. A pair for every occasion. There’s enough guns here to outfit a small army. Huh? Oh this is just the tip of the iceberg. You know what I like about you, Dom. You’re a genuine outlaw. I mean, you’re a man who lives by his own rules. Which was surprising because when I saw you in Cuba, I heard about a guy who almost killed you with a motorcycle and you.. let him keep his car? - Oh, that confused you? - Hmm. Of course I could’ve taken his car. But it’s about something bigger. This way… I changed them. That’s not your responsibility. - That’s who I am. - Is it? Let me ask you something Dom, what’s the best thing in your life? - Family. - No, it’s not. But if you’re being honest? It’s the 10 seconds between start and finish, when you’re not thinking about anything. No family, not obligations, just you. Being free. I gotta tell you. This whole saving the world… Robin Hood nonsense you’ve been doing recently… It’s bullshit. It’s not you. Be who you are. Why live only a quarter mile at a time, when you can live your whole life that way? See all those blow that muscles will give you. All show and no.. Well I got plenty of goal. You must have misplaced that. When I kicked your ass up in down that office of yours. Yeah. Just like you Brits, rewriting History, huh? All I know. It was not me who was thrown out of a 4 storey window. Jumped. I jumped out of a 4 storey window. Saving my partner’s life. Because where I’m from, we don’t settle fight by throwing bombs. Well, that’s funny, because where I’m from, we don’t need women to run to our rescue. I mean, do you really believe you could stand in front of me? And beat me in a straight up old fashioned fist fight? Let me tell you something. Me and you… One on one, no one else around. I will beat your ass like a Cherokee drum. Maybe one day we will find that out. Oh, you better hope that day never comes. I said no, Mr. Nobody. I’m not leaving this cell. I’ll get out my way. The right way. - Get back to your cell. - It’s just a malfunction. - Get back! - Just a malfunction. Don’t let him get away. Hobbs! I’ve been waiting a long time for this. Keep waiting bitch! Rubber bullets, big mistake. Ah, took longer than I expected. - 2 questions. - Yeah. - My daughter? - With your sister. - Toretto? - That’s interesting you ask. This is my new base, welcome to Nowhere. Nice little stair for you. Listen, It’s something I don’t wanna talk to you about… Hey, listen guys. Thanks.. Whoa, whoa, what handcuff. What is this? It’s called the abuse of power. You told me to round ‘em up. I told you that… hand.. Cut ‘em loose. Oh man, this is embarrassing. I’m sorry guys, what do I have? This is how you treat old friends? Friend? We don’t even really know who the hell this guys is. It does not matter who I am, Tez I’m like Nobody ok? Nobody, then who is he? He’s nothing he’s like less than me. Clearly we’re getting nowhere, with nobody. I’ve been in here for 4 hours, my ribs are sore. I don’t know about y’all, but I’m out. - I wouldn’t recommend that. - What? Well, thanks to your bust Berlin job. You all made interpol’s top 10 most wanted list. Top 10? Uh-huh. That’s alright. Well, not you. What do you mean? You just missed the cut, you’re number 11. - So. - I missed it? - Yeah. - That’s impossible. What number did they come in at? Six, eight, nine… Ten. She’s Ten? That’s impossible, there is no way she’s at 10. Oh, She’s definitely at 10. How about we focus on someone who we’re not gonna find out in anybody’s list? We are awaiting hard confirmation, but… I believe that’s the cyber terrorist known as Cipher. Wait, no, Cipher’s an organization. Not a person. Not according to our sources. - What does she want? - I don’t know. Cipher is like a digital active God. They, she, can manipulate world systems under shadows. Anything that can be hacked.. And here is the kicker. You will never find her linked to any other. Her digital identity is scrubbed every few seconds worldwide. So basically, she is the boogeyman. Yeah, she is. One of the hottest boogeyman I have ever seen, I mean… If y’all know her, tell her to get extra boy. - What are you, 12? - That was my scene. Let’s just say. People are scared of the hacker group Anonymous. But even anonymous won’t mess with her. What the hell does any of this have to do with us? Probably nothing, Letty. But… I do find it interesting, apparently for some reason. She’s now working with this guy. He’s already delivered a fully operational EMP into her hands. Detonate that, they can turn any city in the world into a war zone. So then what is it that you’re suggesting? Maybe we find Dom huh? Well, first let’s catch him and then figure out - why he’s turned. - So y’all want us… To track Dom. And I know Roman, it’s kinda a big job. - It’s impossible. - Which is why… I’m bringing in an extra pair of hands. Ah. My day just got a whole hell of a lot better. Mr. Nobody you want to tell me why you just put me in a room with this teen crumpeting criminal, some bitch. You got a big mouth on a small head. Coming from prisoner 6753. Don’t think we’ve forgotten everything that you’ve done. We’re not… teaming up with this guy. Let’s get one thing clear. I ain’t on your team. I don’t care about you, you crew… Your little family. I’m here for Cipher. You gonna do apply for a job, Head-asshole? You don’t think that tight t-shirt is cutting off the circulation to your brain. You should get bigger size. Cipher came to me first. Wanted me to steal Nightshade for her. When I said no, she went off to my brother. Oh Yes. Brother Owen who could forget him? Former hell-raiser and current guest, at a nasty little black site prison. Cipher corrupted him left him for dead. So if I get a shot to take her down, believe me, flicks I’m taking it. You’re taking my boot right up your ass. Guys, guys, guys. The fastest way to find Cipher is through Toretto. Now aside from myself, there’s only two men in the world, that have ever managed to actually track him.. Down with any success. And guess what. They’re both standing in front of me right now. So like it or not, you two are gonna work together. You got that? I’m gonna take that as a yes. Am I the only one seeing this? Oh, this oughtta be good. Use God’s eye. We put our lives on the line.. Running around the world trying to figure this thing out. It can find anybody, right? Let’s use it to find Dom. Roman, that is a great idea. Did you hear that? Great idea. - And no, no! No pointing out. - Mr. Nobody. Let’s fire it up.. huh? Got him. He’s in London. Wait, we have got a 2nd match in Hong Kong. - Bejing and Seole. - And Tokyo. And just about every other major city on the planet. And so… God’s eye was where we start. Cipher’s already created an evasion that masked her location by.. Pinging random spots all over the globe. But it was a good thought Roman. So she’s made my programme obsolete. And that Ramsey.. - is why are you here. - See, simple solutions… aren’t gonna cut it here slick. Why are you looking at me when you’re saying that? Wait a second, wait, wait. Simple solutions might just cut it. In order for God’s eyes to give up all this false pings, Means they have to be using a free relay. Watch these two. Which means it has a decaying sync quantanizer. Which we can reverse. And track it back to the originating source and find Dom’s true location. Telling you, they got skills. That was my idea. That’s what I was saying, remember in there? Alright. Let’s try this. It’s working.. Time you wanna take your manual and start organizing first response… Let’s get a hold of our internatio… He’s still.. Yes, like first baby shit. Yes, we’ve tried those location… .. wanna mobilize. Let’s get a hold of a, better asshole. No one respects you, over. Get away from me. Alright they are not in China.. Or Russia. Europe’s clear. But this one’s not going away. This is interesting. Why? Because that’s here. Did you all enjoy that? Next generation concussion grenade. It scrambles your senses. Don’t worry, It’ll wear off in an hour. Probably. Hello, Deckard. Nice to see you again. Look at this, bodies not even cold Dom. Your family’s already replacing you. You chose the loosing team. I guess your brother is smarter than you. Smart move embedding God’s eye into the mainframe. Irritating to make me have to come all the way down here to get it, but. Let’s go. Dom! You’re gonna turn your back on family? Just like that? Let’s go. You okay? That wasn’t him. I don’t know what she’s got on him. But that wasn’t Dom. - Bryan would know what to do. - No. We can’t bring Bryan and Mia into this. We agreed on that. I know. Back there was that for her, for me, or you? Or was it either necessary? Necessary? Nothing is necessary. Everything is a choice. I simply made one but so did you. You could have stopped me, but you chose not to do. I wonder what Letty thought about that. The problem of putting your foot on a Tiger’s neck… is you can never let it up. I think I need to remind you why you chose to be here. Dom. Sorry. You shoudn’t have come. Nothing’s gonna get me away. Now she has the three of us. You wanna see him? See papa. Papa. When I realized I was pregnant. You had just find out Letty was alive. So I decided when Letty and you go back from your honeymoon. I was going to tell you. And then she took us before I had the chance. I call him Michaels. That his middle name. I thought his father should give him first name. I’m sorry, Dom. There is nothing to be sorry for. Whatever happens… Just save our son. Your son. P s a g m e n o Good visit? I know. I know what you’re thinking. I just let the guards go, so there is only two opponents in the room. Rhodes has the gun, so you’ll take him out first, I know you. And then you’re thinking. Elena is a cop, maybe the two of you can fight your way out of here. So much to think about. Let me make it easier for you. Do with it as you wish. Have you heard of choice theory Dom? There’s a bunch of axiems but only two you really need to concern yourself with, One. The only person’s behavior we can control is our own. And two, the only thing we can truly give another person is information, so let me give you some. You see this cameras in here? The moment you make a move, highly paid men with weapons, will make there way into this room. With one very… specific instruction. It’s not to save me. It’s to kill your son. And that’s a lot of bullets. And it only takes one for you to loose everything. So, I have to ask you, because… I know family is so important to you. Is that really a choice you wanna make? Because I’m ready as you are. I pull this trigger, and God knows I wanna.. I’ll kill everyone on this plane… I still couldn’t get in there. Cause you here manipulate this system. Since I’m alone! I got no choice! I don’t think so. You want to see the old Dom? Watch. Damn it.. She wiped it off. Took God’s eye. That was the one thing we could use to find him. We lost everything. - Yeah, princess? - Find it to rail. But I’ve got couple of minutes to spare. If you want me to send you to the hospital again. - Yo Rules! - First off, - That’s not my name. - Little nobody. - Don’t call me that. - Oh that’s definitely stinky. Great do me a favor, and tell your majesty over there, that we’re gonna find Toretto. We find Toretto together as a team. When this is all over, you have me to slap that whickest biscuit right off his face. Wait a minute, guys. I think Decker’s actually onto something. How do you think Dom and Cipher got into the country without us knowing? - Ghost flights. - That untraceable aircraft it was all internet conspiracy stuff. It’s not. Satellites and radar grids… All across the globe shift. Like an ocean. And they’ve got channels that open and close. And theoretically, if you know the right people who… Know the right patterns. You can fly right through the blind’s box… can’t be intercepted. So you know where Dom is headed? Yeah, New York. You see there Luke.. You guys… are gonna get along just great. Which proves, rule number two, you never lose everything. Fire up the chopper. Guys, have a bowl and a Big Apple. Are we travelling like this again? Because Dom took God’s Eye, so we need to stay off the grid. But like this? Look here man. Before I throw up in my mouth… Let me ask you what are we doing here? That’s a good question, Roman. Let me show you. Welcome to our new base of operations. Now seriously, what is this place? This… is heaven. The agency garage. We call it the toy shop. This is where we house every vehicles seized from drug dealers of East coast. Now. Mr nobody said.. If we’re gonna have a chance of catching Dom.. We’re gonna have to be damn fast. Maybe this could help. We got a tank. 750 horsepower. 6.6 liter V8 Duramax engine. With the M153 probe remotely operated weapon station on top. You didn’t get this from drug dealers. No. No that… United State’s army weaponry. See the army developing machines like this the soldiers could drive from a mile way so they can stay safe. And alive. But luckily.. There is a back up driver seat for those of us who like to get more.. Hands on. I’m sitting there wondering this whole time when this thing feeling badly and she’s getting fact. No one is getting hands on it. She doesn’t go on some streets. I’m in love. Again? No. No… That’s a million dollar show car. The point is to not draw attention. It’s reverse psychology. Dom will never see it coming. It’s neon orange, The international space station would see it coming. Go choose anything less inspeculous. No no. This is ridiculous. Hey my man, you can put that down right there. This is a gift. A real gift. I know what you’re doing. I like your beard. You’re blanta. Black santa? No, I’m serious. Put it down right here.. What are you doing? Engine’s mis-firing, I gotta check it out. No. That’s not part of the plan, Dom. Clearly.. But unless you want the engine to cease on the job, You have five minutes. I want another visual. I got an ATM I don’t like this. I want to see Toretto. There are no more cameras. Then find something. Punch in on something reflective A car mirror, anything.. - You know who I am? - That’s why I’m here. You know what I’m capable of. It’s why I’m here. I’ll give you until I finish my cup up. And I’m fucking thirsty. I got limited time. So won’t take up too much of yours. Oh no. No, you’ve already taken everything I have of value, Mr. Toretto, What more could you possibly want? To give you something back. Talk to me. Something’s not right here. First time I saw my son… was behind a bulletproof glass. When he reached me, I couldn’t hold on. It’s the worst pain I ever felt.. I know you know exactly how that feels. Maybe we could change that.. I think.. You are about to suggest something really dodgy Mr Toretto. It’s why I’m here. Just punch in on something, I’m not liking this. Something is not right. - Rhodes, you close? - Yeah. - Go. - The delivery truck’s moving. Captain Deckard Shaw, distinguished himself by acts of gallantry of the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty. His bold actions saved the lives of hostages and his team mates. Recommendation: Victoria Cross. Highest honor the British Government has ever given. To a traitor. Some about this old thing just doesn’t add up to me. Well then don’t do the same kind of funny math, It says a DSS agent who has a soul to stop a valid stolen EMP. Sound familiar huh? Wanna give me a hand? - On three? - Yeah. One two.. You know, you can tell this in another letter.. But maybe we could’ve caused some serious damage. - Yes, we could have. - Yeah. Shame I’ll have to punch you, head of defend, when this is all over. Ah well. With all due respect, Captain, When this whole thing is over we’re gonna find a location and I’m gonna knock your teeth so far down your throat. You’re gonna stick a toothbrush right up in your ass to brush up. Give me God’s eyes. - God’s eye active. - Thanks. Let’s find us some Russian. That spy with my little lie… Minister of defense. We land back in Moscow by nine. Here’s the latest defense report, All the items in yesterday’s meet. Upload this coordinates to Dom’s nav. Copy that. He’s in the third car. It’s a guard class limousine. Where’s my team? - Where’s his team? - There’s no sign of ‘em yet. They are off the grid. Probably just bunker down somewhere. Closing in on him. You guys ready? One thing I can guarantee you Dom. No one’s ready for this. I want every with chip with the GEODIE exploits in a two mile radius around that motorcade now. There’s over a thousands of them. Hack ‘em all. It’s zombie time. I’d buckle up if I were you. AUTO-DRIVE ACTIVATED. Hey..! Target the motorcade. And here they come. What is going on? Ouch. Drive fast! Police escort down.. Take out the lead and follow cars. Drive! Drive! - Two more down. - Still a new warranty. There’s more cars ahead of us. Shoot their engines. Oh God! We got an army of cars driving themselves. Send backup! Send S.W.A.T! I don’t care if you send the goddamn boy scout… - Just send up some help! - Now that’s Dom. Faster, faster! The motorcade just turned on 7th. Perfect. Make it rain. Target immobilized. You are up Dom. - Who the hell is that? - What is he doing? What the hell are you waiting for? Shoot him! Come on, come on! I’m out. Shit. Don’t worry sir. This car is bulletproof. You’ll be safe in here. - Give me the case. - Give him the case. These are nuclear launch codes. We cannot give it to him. What is he doing now? He just cut a hole in our gas tank. Good work, Dom. Meet you at the pick-up. I think I know where my team’s at. - Where? - Right in front of me. This is on you. Get out of there, Dom. Guys, I know why Dom’s here. Police scanners are saying he’s stolen Nuclear Football. It’s over, Toretto. Get your ass out of the car now. That’s how you wanna play this? Let’s play. Don’t do this, Dom. - What’re you doing? - It’s a trap! Now I know what it feels like be every cop ever chasing us. I’m gonna get a little close and I ped him. Oh, so you just gonna take Dom? Little Nobody has clearly lost his little mind. I’m on him. Easy, work together. - Look out! - Wait, wait, wait! Oh shit. I will take the short cut. Look out! Watch these people. Big Sexy coming through! Not this time, Dom. Stretch him out. Hold them. He gotta have about 2000 Horse Power in that thing. Try 3000.. Try Five. Get out of there. I’m working on it. Stop working on it, and do it.. No, no no… It’s my Bentley. No! Get that case and run! Move! They thought… this was gonna be a streetfight. You wait for it.. No! Letty, stop! What are you gonna do? I don’t know why you’re doing this, but I know one thing. You love me. And you’re not gonna to shoot me. You should’ve given him the case, cause I won’t chase you. Okay. I will just take it from a dead girl. You willing to die for it? Let’s go then. Anything? They’re gone. And D.O.D confirmed it was a nuclear football. He’s got an EMP and nuclear launch codes. I don’t know what it is, but they’re building towards something. Deckard? He didn’t make it. I’m disappointed in you, Dom. You’re gonna Letty just walk away with the codes. - You’ve got the codes! - Rhodes got the codes. You made the choice to let her go. And now I have to make one on my own. They are adorable little things, aren’t they? I hope I don’t hurt him. Look, Cipher, I did exactly what you asked me to do. Don’t do this. - This is your doing. - My doing? Please don’t hurt him. I’m begging you. I don’t want you to beg. - I want you to learn. - Learn what? I understand why you did what you did. I really do. But it was the wrong choice. This is a consequence, Dom. No! No! No… Wait. Wait. No! Can you pull up the footage from the guy in the ally. - Traffic cams. - I got you. I knew it. I recognize that guy. That’s Connor Rhodes. I met him when I was working with Shaw’s brother. He wanted us to get the Nightshade device him. Connor Rhodes. He’s also linked to somebody who I like to forget. Mose Jakande. Warlord who tried to get God’s eye. Which means that’s twice that Dom has messed up Cipher’s business. Everything you’re feeling right now, that’s rage, sense of loss. It’s not real. It’s a survival instinct wired deep into our brains. To ensure continuation of species. When early men went visit a watering hole… If they didn’t watch their child, they got snatched by a crocodile. Their brains would create a painful but a structural memory. So it will never happen again. This idea of family that is so core with you, that rules your world… It’s a biological lie. You don’t have to accept it. I don’t! Did you really could think you could destroy two of my teams. Without any repercussions? I wouldn’t have even looked your way.. If you hadn’t done that. You didn’t even know you had a kid. You can thank me for that. And start doing the job I’m asking you to do. Help you start a war. Is that what you think I want. That’s so limited. I didn’t take that football to start a war.. Anymore than I took your son to start a family. Taking your son got me the codes.. The codes will get me the nukes, and the nukes will get me what I want… Today, tomorrow… and every day after that. What’s that? Accountability. The second I fire off one of those nukes.. I put the superpowers of this world on notice that… …when they cross the line, …I’m gonna be there to hold the responsible.. Because the truth is, Dom… …To the world out there… …I’m the crocodile at the watering hole. You’ve got one last job to do. Cipher.. If I were you, I would kiss my son. Because whether you value it or not, all of this… Your plane, your security and you… …are still on this earth because of him. The problem we have with tracking Cipher is there’s nothing to trace then. Now we have Rhodes’ information. And we’re getting snapshots of this data before it’s scrubbed off the net. That looks like somebody’s bank accounts? Always just… The Longitude. Given the fact that Dom hit the Russian Motorcade safe to say it’s Russia. Go ahead, bring up the map. Great, let’s start here run the possibilities. Yalta, Poltava. Looks like they just threw letters together. - Konyert. - It’s Vladupi. What are you doing here? Thought I was gonna check in on you from time to time, To see you how you’re doing. By the way, not so hot. But there’s nothing in Vladiven. It’s just ice.. That funny… Could’ve sworn there was a secret Russian naval base with the retrophilic cold war Submarines. Well, technically, it’s not Russian anymore. Base was take by a terror grope of military separatists about a month ago. And the Russians haven’t taken it back yet. So there is a little window of opportunity here. Russian submarines, nuclear football, it sounds like everything we do our legs gonna be bombed off. Sounds like you’re still a No. 11 on the list. It sounds like you’ve changed since you look punk ass. Facial hairs and camen. Guys… guys. Hey. We gotta call this in all the way up the chain. That’s good thinking champ. Except… unfortunately the Russian Minister of Defense. Got himself involved in little incident on US territory and two governments aren’t talking to each other for a while. By the time they do… It will be too late. So, any other suggestions? Yeah, I got one. How about we just stop them ourselves? You’re talking about a Russian Military Base. Separatists. Whatever. It’s suicide. It’s stopping world war 3. What’s it gonna be rook? You’re gonna close your eyes on this one too? Pray that the apocalypse doesn’t come knocking on your mama’s front door? Or are you’re gonna saddle up, be a man and save the entire goddamn world. You know, thank god they read it out. What’s that? - Rule number three. - Which is? There are no rules. What did I told you, Luke? I knew he’d get in three. Areal transport leaves in an hour. Take whatever vehicle you want. - All bets are off. - All bets are off. Bets are off? See you later… Letty I don’t like telling you this one thing, The game’s changed. Before we were trying just to catch Dom, but now after all of this… I want you to know, if I have to… I’m gonna put him down.. Then you might have to take us both down. I’m freezing man. This ain’t for me. I come from a different kind of lifestyle brah. Ladies know me. They know where I’m at with. I try to take a piss, I ain’t even recognize myself. Now that’s entirely too much information. I’m just saying. Well, one thing is for sure. Dom’s gotta be either working with them or making a train cause no one will be this insane to hit this place without a damn army. I wouldn’t be so sure about that. Speak of the Devil. Alright, Dom, you’re one step closer to that family reunion. 400 meters to base. Prep the EMP. Let’s take these defenses down. We have a possible threat incoming. Raise the barricade, As soon as possible. We’ve lost power, get to your positions now. Gates are open. Let’s get this party started. - EMP’s are charging. - How long? 60 seconds. Alright, Dom, You’ve one pulse left in that EMP. That sub is heavily insulated. You’re gonna need to be right underneath it, for this thing to work. Come on. Engaging target. He’s beneath the Sub. I’m loosing control, mayday, mayday. I’m going down. Yes, two birds with one stone. We’ve got control of the sub. Dom, we are good. Head over to the Rendezvous. Ok Matty… …Let’s take this baby for a spin. Damn! I think Cipher just rebooted that Sub’s command system. What the hell is he talking about? In Leyman’s terms… She just carjacked a submarine. We can’t let it get away. There’s the control room. If you can get me into that warehouse I can tap with network and counter hack Cipher. Keep it from flowing into water. No, what we need to do is get me on that sub. I find the weapon’s room and I can pull the lunch chip before she can fire any of those nukes. That is too crazy. - Just saying it’s too dangerous. - We’ll do both. Knock, knock! Five vehicles just reached the base. They just don’t give up, do they.. A’right. Let’s haul ass team. Double time, double time. Letty, let’s roll. Go, go, go, go. Change of plans, Dom. I’m sending you the co-ordinates, head there immediately. - I’m done. I want my son. - I’ll tell you when you’re done. Your team is in play, now meet Rhodes and follow my instruction. I got you covered, go. Move, move! Get out of here, go go! Ok, how do you like this? - Remote link has been separated. - I’ll take care of this. Hi Ramsey. She’s regaining control. Damn it, she’s good. They are entering the Weapon’s room. Oh that’s cute. Go, pull pull! Roman, guard up by the chip, go. Oh she’s slick. Gonna have to do better in that way. Ok, now you’re starting to piss me off. Ramsey, how much time we talking to you? You’re smart, but no smart enough. She’s locked me out. Tez, I can’t stop. Now you’re gonna have to pull that chip. I can’t. This thing’s going into attack mode. The door’s not gonna open until you pull the chip. Tez we got no idea what the hell we are looking for. I got it. What in the hell are you guys doing? It wasn’t me, okay? It will be labeled "Guidance Go". - Ok. I got something. - What? It says haha.. slack slack back …smoke, dear jack na jack. Do you understand that? Well, nasty. Quite a show. Arming the nuke.. Nuke’s going hot, she’s trying to fire this thing. - Roger that, we’re moving out. - Disable the nukes. Roman, what are you seeing? - Come on, Talk to me. - I don’t see shit. I’m holding on. Now we have a countdown. What the hell is going on man? We are about to launch a nuclear missile, what the hell is going on. Pull the damn chip. Countdown. Countdown. Look for a countdown. What countdown? The missile needs to activate for launch. The countdown timer won’t be in Russian. The countdown. Let’s show the world what we’ve got. No. No. No. Don’t press that. I got it. Something is wrong. It won’t launch. Get that sub out of there. Now! Move your ass Roman. You alright? There’s nothing alright about any of this. Let’s go. What about the missiles? We got the chip, no nukes for her. Hell yeah. Let’s roll. Guys we got company. A lot of company. Alright team, here is the plan. There is a Sea lock at the opening of the bay, We get there first, and close it, we can stop the submarine from escaping into open water. And disappearing forever. I’ve got the location. It’s 10 miles south west. 10 miles? Like I make it in 10 seconds. What’s the matter Roman, you forgot the snow tyre? Loving that Lambo now? Alright everyone, hold you with that launch trip later. Right now I want that sub, in deep water, where no one can find it. Find me the fastest route out of that bay. Copy that. Why are they shooting at me? I think off you’re in that orange Lamborghini I don’t know. Shut up Tez. Dom. Do you really wanna put that car in gear? Do you? I don’t think so. They’re heading for the sea lock. They’re trying to trap the sub in the bay. I should have taken care of this a long time ago. Rhodes, check his team out. I’m on it. Roman, get in front of me. Ok, y’all wanna play it rough? Now it’s my turn. Yeah, baby! Guys, we got snow mobile on the right. They’re going to flank us. No they ain’t! Oh shit! Tez! Roman hold tight. I’m on the way. I don’t wanna go swimming. No! Really Tez? Oh, No. No. No. Oh shit. Roman, grab your door. Tez! Grab the door Roman. It’s all gone. Oh Shit. Roman, hang on. Tej! Get me off this thing. Tez. Come on! Alright, I’ve had enough of this shit! Number 11 my Ass. Don’t shrink it. We got a sub to catch, get in. What? The pressure is on alert in the cargo hold. Drop it to 10 thousand feet. I know how much these people mean to you. So I’ll let you pick the first target. I’m not picking target from a mile away. I’d stand face to face, and look ‘em dead in the eye. Ok. The wife it is. Nice plane. I’m gonna enjoy her remains. You don’t go get any ideas. You and planes don’t have a good history. No shit. Let’s go scarface. The arseholes ain’t gonna kill themselves. Pull up surveillance, right now. Surprise. Pierce must be dead. You’re driving. I said it from the beginning. No way, I’m not driving. We have a security breach in the cargo hold. Take care of it now. Jesus Mum, you should pose to avoid the nerves. Oh, shut up, don’t be such a baby. Get to the pilot, he’s got the second key. Wait for my signal. Give Cipher my regards. Did Torretto hold up his end of the deal? He gave us this little thing here. No, don’t touch. You can track Cipher with this, but you can’t do this on your own. There’s gotta be two of you. Fine, I got contacts. Now you’re gonna take your brother. - No. - Yes. Torretto knows where he is… He’s got this thing. He can see everything it’s like it’s called the devil’s bumhole or something? - It’s called the God’s eyes. - Yeah, well. Whatever. There’s no way I’m using Owen, alright? He’s a lost cause. He’s your brother, Deck. He’s my son. He’s our family. And our family that died… Bloody shit happening. You lied about, I mean, I can’t believe you. You’ve gotten upset, you really upset your mother. Call yourself a brother? Look, I’m in, mum. Ok. Every time! - Owen. - In position. Go. I’m in. I’ve got the package to lay on. Whole pounds of him.. You made me miss my son? What do you think you’re doing? Looking at you dead in the eye. That was for Letty. - Rhodes. - He is no longer with us. Rhodes picked the wrong target. Congratulations Dom. You just killed your son. You are wrong. I just saved him. And you just took your foot off the tiger’s neck. You’re welcome. It’s gonna get noisy. This is for your relief. Good? Let’s go. Go stop him, do not let him get off this plane. That truck’s got enough munition to take us all out. We don’t give ‘em a target. Everybody get in front of us, line up - we will take the hit. - What? I need to switch cars, right now. - Roman, here comes the bad part. - What? Hang in there guys! We’re almost through the lock. It’s easy for you to say, when your ass ain’t on fire. Alright little mate. It’s might be a little scary, It’s gonna be a lot of fun. .. the music good? They’re locking on. Sorry guys, I got no trick for us.. - What do we do now? - We start praying. Hell yeah! That’s Dom! - This guy in our side now? - Who the hell cares? He just saved our asses. Good to be riding with you again man. Torretto just cleared the way for them. Someone give me something. - Torpedoes are ready. - Then launch them. - Take the wheel. - I ain’t taking shit. - Take the wheel! - Where are you doing? - This is crazy! - Speed up, - Left and back! - What? Turn the goddamn wheel to the left, really quickly. Boom, baby! That’s alright! Back in the sink. Where is that smile? There it is! You’re gonna shoot a baby You shoud bust it… You aren’t gonna wanna see this? Is that you or him? Him. Good. The torpedo’s missed, they are gonna reach lock before the sub does. The hell they are. Get ready for this. Oh shit! We’re going to need a bigger truck. - Get us out of here. - Why are you always yelling? - This bitch is crazy! - Look out! That’s not good. That’s not good. We got this. That’s my girl. The sub’s too close. We ain’t making it to the gate in time. We just gonna let it get away? Not if I know Dom. You loose. Dom. I destroyed two of your teams I killed your red headed boyfriend. And I put two killers on you untraceable plane. You lost the minute you interrupted my honeymoon. Put a heat-seeker on him now. Now! That’s a goddamn heat seeker coming at us. Oh my… come and get it. Guys! Dive.. This… This is for my son! Dom! You are out of bullets Deckard. Like I’m need a gun to take care of you, How did you find me? You want to see the old Dom? Watch! Resourceful. You have a lot to answer Cipher. You pulled my family through. A mother. I’m gonna make sure that never happens again. To anyone. There is only one flaw in your plan. What’s that? Only one of us has a parachute! Told you this would be fun! Time to land, Boys! You know I’ve never left you, Letty? I know. And you know I never will.. I know. I’ve so much to tell you. Yeah you do, and you can start with that bitch! Now, that’s… Dominic Toretto. Hey Dom! I’m just towing it out there? We need to get up out of here. Cause this all kinda neuclearism happening under this ice. Relax! Without the trigger chips, those nukes are harmless. Ok. So we good then. Lemme go and get my young selfie levels up. You realize this is classified, right? Not today. We have to get up out of here man. I’m freezing. It’s Okay. Don’t worry, he’s gonna be here soon. I get it, y’all got a lot in common. Computer hacks, god’s eyes, geeks, nerd. .. you know, but we got a lot in common too! Alright? - Like what? - We walk in the room, and we are oozing sex appeal. Me and you? There’s a problem. I am asking the real question right now. Is it gonna be… the Nerd or… the dark knight? To be honest I like both of you. A’rigt! Yeah.. yea! But just before we get into all of that, Let me ask you one question. - You can ask me anything. - Anything. What’s my last name? When you guys pick around with then I guess you can let me know. It’s gonna be a Parker. That’s all that really matters. Jones, Miss Parker. Hey Miss Parker. - Hey. - Hey. I wanted to thank you. No need. Cipher’s still on the loose. There’s been some reports she’s in Athens. But she won’t be nuking any city anytime soon. Thanks to you guys. - So, I got you a parting favor. - This can’t be good… Your record’s been clreared. Full re-instatement. You got you job back. That is if you want it. If I want? You know after 16 years. I figured it’s time for a little break. Wow. Daddy’s stayin’ home. - Nobody. - Get in touch! Ah, hang on a second. This could be interesting. What made you think I would do it? Brother-hood. I saw that look you gave Cipher. I knew you wanted revenge. Glad I did it. Can’t believe you went to see my Mother. Come on. All this fuss of you. Yes. Alena, I promise to keep our son safe. And now.. he always will be. I want to introduce you to the most important person in my universe. Who will never give up on me. You’ve heard me say. "That you never turn your back on family." And I wanna thank you all for never turning your back on me. You wanna meet them? Alright! Everyone… Meet Bryan. Hey Bryan. Okay, I guess he’s my turning secret. Thank you for giving us family. Thank you for giving us the strength.