• Robin: I thought we had a deal!
    Slade: Old habits die hard.
  • Slade: You must be overjoyed to see me like this, Robin. Desperate, weak, vulnerable.
    Robin: I'm here to save Raven, not pity you.
  • Nega Beast Boy: What's the matter? Had enough? No wonder Terra dumped you! (tears fill Beast Boy's eyes but continues fighting) Aw, did I hurt your feelings?
  • Trigon: (After passing through the portal) THE EARTH IS MINE!!!!!!!
  • Nega Cyborg: Raven wasn't the only one with a bad side.
  • Slade: I'd rather you haven't seen that. (puts his mask back on) It's really only a temporary condition.
    Robin: What are you?
    Slade: Let's just say that I'm currently incomplete. Time is running out. We must keep moving.
    Robin: I don't think so. Unless I get some answers, you're on your own. (silence)
    Slade: (flashbacks of him and Terra are shown) It seems my luck with apprentices are most unfortunate. (in the flashback, Terra knocks Slade in the lava) Terra's betrayal should've been my demise. (Slade's mask melts in the lava, then Slade appears in a circle surround with fire. He is barely alive with only his armor torn and his skeleton showing) But I got lucky. Someone was looking out for me that day.
    Trigon: (Slade is now on Trigon's hand) Hear my command and I will return what you have lost.
    (Trigon restores Slade to life)
    Slade: It was a simple arrangement actually. Do a few chores and I get back my flesh and blood. And I must admit, the fringe benefits were most enjoyable. (flashbacks of what Slade did while he was under Trigon's control in Birthmark, The Prophecy, and The End Part 1 are shown) But pity things didn't work out as planned. (a flashback of Trigon turning against Slade and removing the powers he gave him are shown) The moral of this story: Never make a deal with an interdimensional demon without a little protection.
    Robin: You didn't bring me down here just to save Raven, I'm also here to help save you.
    Slade: A deal's a deal.
  • Robin: What's the matter, Slade? Giving up already?
    Slade: Sorry to disappoint you, Robin. I'm not here to fight, I'm here to help.
    Beast Boy: We don't need your help!
    Slade: (brushes his arm) Yes, you seemed to have everything under control. Raven can still be saved. (Starfire tackles him and pins him on the wall)
    Starfire: You will not dishonor our friend with your trickery!
    Cyborg: Whatever you're selling we're not buying!
    Slade: Think of me what you will. But what Trigon did, even I wouldn't wish on this world.
    Cyborg: It's a little late for "I'm sorry!"
    Slade: You mistake my generosity for regret, Cyborg. I only offered my assistance because it suits me.
    Starfire: (put Slade down) But we saw Raven become the portal! She was destroyed!
    Slade: Raven has fulfilled the prophecy of her birth. That part of her existence is complete, but another part still remains. For the moment.
    Robin: Why are you doing this? What's in it for you?
    Slade: My reasons are my own. Do you want your friend back or not?
    Cyborg: Just tell us where she is and we'll take it from there.
    Slade: There will be no we. This is a journey only one of you may take.
    Beast Boy: No deal! She's our friend! All of us are going!
    Slade: Then your friend is doomed to oblivion. You've failed to realize Trigon is all seeing. His mind can be at any place at any time. For us to succeed, Trigon's attention must be occupied.
    Cyborg: And how do you expect us to do that?! We already tried fighting him and look where it got us! Slade: It's the end of the world. Did you think it would be easy? I don't expect you to win. I don't even expect you to live. Only endure.
    Robin: I'll go with you.
    Starfire: Robin, no!
    Robin: If there is even the slightest chance to save Raven, what choice do we have?
    Slade: The journey to this world has taken much of Trigon's power. (hands out the ring of Azar) With this, you might be able to survive. It's a ring of Azar. Forged by the same order that imprisoned Trigon. I know from experience that works. (Starfire takes the ring from Slade's hand)
    Robin: I know you can do it.
    (hugs Starfire)
    Cyborg: It may get ugly, but don't worry. We'll keep him busy.
    Beast Boy: Yeah, just wait til Trigon gets slopped with my pattened wet-willie maneuver.
    Robin: He won't know what hit him.
    Slade: Your good-byes are really quite touching, but we have work to do.
    (Slade turns and leaves as Robin and Starfire stare at each other for a moment) Robin.
    (Robin follows Slade then turns to his friends) I'll bring her back. I promise. (leaves)
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