Teen Titans
The End - Part 1
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July 2nd, 2005
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(Opening shot: a large round skylight, seen from below, through which the clear blue sky can be seen. Pull back slowly as the sun moves into view and Trigon's deep, grating voice begins to speak.)

Voice of Trigon: The time has come. The prophecy shall be fulfilled. Tonight at dusk, when the planets align...

(Tilt down from the skylight to frame the spacious underground chamber the Titans discovered in "The Prophecy" The demon's four red eyes shine on a sculpted head, and electricity crackles between the fingers of the stone hand on its central pillar.)

Voice of Trigon: ...the portal will be opened.

(As he continues, the tilt continues down through the floor and stops in the underground cavern where we last left Slade. He is kneeling before a solid sheet of flames.)

Voice of Trigon: Finally, I shall be free from this fiery prison, (Zoom in on Slade.) and the Earth shall be mine.

(Cut to a pan across the river of lava before which he is genuflecting; behind him is the monolith with Trigon's blazing crest, also known as the Mark of Skath. Stop on him during the next line.)

Slade: I will make sure that Raven realizes her destiny. (Trigon's eyes gaze at him above the fire.) And for bringing you your precious gem... (Close-up of his forehead.) ...I expect you to keep your part of the bargain... (lift his head) ...and return what is precious to me.

(A row of Marks appears on the cavern wall behind the four eyes.)

Voice of Trigon: You bring me the gem... (Pull back slowly.) ...and you shall get what you deserve.

Slade: Deal.

(He stands up as the walls tile themselves with the Mark, the camera circling around him to show the ring of jagged S's stretching around the entire perimeter.)

Slade: It's a beautiful day for the end of the world.

(Dissolve to Raven's room in Titans Tower and zoom in slowly on her bed as the sun begins to rise over the Jump City skyline framed in her window. In close-up, she is sleeping peacefully and starts to wake up at this first light. What snaps her up with a terrified gasp, though, are the burning red runes that appear all over her body, the ones that Slade laid on her in "Birthmark." Close-up of her wide-eyed face.)

Raven: (horrified) No.

(She dips her head as the camera pulls back slightly. Fade to black.)


Act One

(Opening shot: the exterior of the Tower. Zoom in slowly and dissolve to Raven on the roof, watching the sunrise. She has donned her cloak, which she did not wear while sleeping. The breeze toys idly with her hair and cloak, but her concentration is focused on her marked forearms. Cut to her perspective of one of them, tilting down from wrist to elbow, then back to her. The brand across her forehead has faded out.)

Robin: (from o.c., quite chipper) What are you doing up so early?

(His voice startles her into covering up both arms; now he walks up from behind.)

Raven: I could ask you the same thing.

Robin: I love sunrise. The promise of a new day, anything's possible.

Raven: You always so cheery this early?

Robin: Pretty much. Looks like it's going to be a beautiful day.

Raven: Yeah. (smiles) Hungry?

(Dissolve to a close-up of some nameless brown glop, five puddles of it, smoking and bubbling angrily on the kitchen stovetop, then tilt up to frame Raven staring worriedly at the lot. Her markings have subsided. She might be trying to make pancakes; if so, the experiment appears to be a complete failure. One of them pops up a short distance and is regarded with some unease by Robin when he pokes his head out from behind her. Finally, she pulls out a spatula and flips up one serving with considerable effort; the edges have burned and stuck to the surface. It sails across the counter toward the gape-mouthed Robin, who sidesteps just in time to catch it with his plate instead of his face. However, it is so heavy that he is pulled off balance and down to the floor, and he stands up with his mind still reeling a bit.)

Robin: Nice flip.

(Beast Boy, Cyborg, and Starfire pop up behind him and peer cautiously toward the evil brown mush. Briefly giving the quartet a funny look over her shoulder, Raven carries over a dish piled high with the food and smiles.)

Raven: Morning. (Her perspective of them.) Pancakes?

(Question marks pop up above all four heads; Beast Boy's evaporates right away.)

Beast Boy: Uh...thanks? (The other three disappear.)

Starfire: What is the occasion? (Back to Raven.)

Raven: Can't I just do something nice for my friends?

Cyborg: Um...yeah, but...

Beast Boy: ...You never have before.

(Lightning strikes in the kitchen and clears to show a slightly freaky sight gag. She aims a squint-eyed grimace toward the camera while the two boys stand in the background with their backs to her. More bolts crack out as a sweat drop stands on Beast Boy's head. The gag ends with one more strike to show the four nervously beaming diners at the counter; each now has a full plate.)

Beast Boy: Guess there's a first time for everything.

(He voices a little chuckle, whereupon they begin to chow down. The crunching sounds from within their mouths tell right away that her experiment not only looks like a failure, it tastes like one as well. Close-up of Starfire's flushing face at one end of the counter, panning along its length. Robin's eyes narrow to points, Cyborg loses his fork with a gummy-mouthed shudder, and Beast Boy's utensil just hangs between his teeth. After a long moment, he lets it drop and his cheeks bulge out of all proportion as he struggles to keep from tossing his cookies on the carpet. The next things to happen, all in the space of about one second, are the fainting of Cyborg and the ducking away of Robin and Beast Boy to heave their guts.)

(These last two straighten up, drooling a bit. Sight gag: Raven turns away, crushed, and a storm cloud forms over her head. Beast Boy slides down the floor almost immediately, while Cyborg struggles back up.)

Robin: (with effort) Don't you think it's nice of Raven to make us breakfast?

(The big man lifts one arm from behind the counter, bringing up a bottle of maple syrup, and proceeds to drown his breakfast in it.)

Cyborg: (under his breath) Even though the girl has no clue how to cook.

(Robin elbows him angrily and points across the counter. Now the cloud over Raven's head has expanded to fill her entire side of the kitchen, and she stands waist deep in the rising water from its downpour.)

Cyborg: Oops, did I say that out loud? (gives a thumbs-up) Yum!

(A shark fin breaks the water. This sight gag ends; cut to Starfire's end of the counter, where she, in "Super Deformed" style, is eagerly packing it away. The fork is in one hand, a bottle of mustard; her favorite beverage, is in the other, and she has one bite to go.)

Starfire: (slathering it on) Burnt on the outside, yet runny on the inside. Just like the incinerated glorka roaches of my home world. (She eats it and holds out her plate.) More, please!

(All three boys reach into view and deposit their "pancakes" on her plate.)

Starfire: What a glorious way to start the day!

(Her normal style returns as the camera cuts to a shot of Raven's back. The sound of gurgling causes her to direct a puzzled glance over her shoulder, and the camera shifts to frame her looking sidewise as the other four Titans. Starfire loads her second helping up with mustard, Cyborg is busy shooting syrup into Beast Boy's open mouth: the gurgling was his, and Robin is pumping his fist to cheer him on. Zoom in on this whole display of mealtime silliness, then cut to an extreme close-up of Raven's fist as it thumps down on the counter. However, when the camera pulls back to frame her face, it and her voice are rather more casual, or at least her best effort at it.)

Raven: So, I was thinking. After breakfast, you guys wanna, maybe, you know, hang out or something?

(She forces a huge grin onto her face, the crackling of her cheeks revealing just how great a strain this is for her, and a new crop of question marks pops out over the others' heads. They start to float away as something starts to beep; Robin reveals the source by pulling out his communicator and opening it.)

Robin: It'll have to wait.

(He puts the device away and peels out. Cut to just outside the operations center door, which opens to let everyone but Raven charge out. She is left alone at the kitchen counter. In a close-up, she uses her powers to raise her hood, which has been down to this point, and flies after the rest of the team.)

(Cut to an extreme close-up of a radioactive hazard symbol. A grating screech is heard as a large purplish hand digs in and drags the whole thing up. Wheels are seen underneath during this movement; pull back to show the symbol on the side of a tanker truck and the hand as belonging to Plasmus. The setting is a street in Jump City. He tips the rig, directing the tank's liquid waste into his mouth, while the driver and his coworker jump free and run for it along with a couple of onlookers. The empty truck is then slammed into a building and thrown to the street, filling the screen with smoke and flame from its skid along the pavement.)

(Cut to an overhead view of this bit of the city, the blast spreading upward from ground level, and zoom in slightly as the Titans make the scene. Starfire is carrying Cyborg, Robin is being towed by Beast Boy as a pterodactyl, and Raven brings up the rear. A quick rove through the streets brings the camera back to Plasmus, who screams just before the attack begins: eye blast and sonic cannon shot, Cyborg and Robin being dropped, the latter hurling a disc. Raven is left alone in midair for the moment.)

Raven: (disbelieving) Plasmus? (relieved) It's just Plasmus.

(On the second half of this line, the shape-shifter is hurled back into view as a rhinoceros and crashes into a building. He then tumbles to a lower rooftop and sits up in human form, rubbing his head.)

Beast Boy: Yeah, but he's still ugly as ever.

(The walking slimeball drags up the tanker truck and gets ready for another flying Starfire/Robin charge.)

Robin: Put down the tanker, you big glob of goo!

(The vehicle is thrown at him upside down; Starfire lets go of him so he can run along its undercarriage and leap clear at the end. Out comes another disc, which rapidly freezes Plasmus' entire body upon striking the chest. The world's nastiest Popsicle is then shattered by Beast Boy's rush from behind as a tyrannosaurus rex; an instant later, though, Plasmus reforms himself and screams in fury.)

Robin: Titans! Go!

(All charge in, Beast Boy having become a pterodactyl again, and the leader pulls out his fighting staff for a twirl as he goes. As Starfire strafes with eye blasts, he tries a swing only to be swatted away and go flying past Raven.)

Raven: Robin!

(Exerting her powers over his body, she brings him up just short of a rather inconveniently placed building and lowers him to the street.)

Robin: (giving her a thumbs-up) Thanks. I owe you one.

(He dashes across the road to rejoin the fight, and for the second time in thirty seconds, she is alone and unsure of what to do with herself.)

Raven: Yeah...sure.

(She moves in. Now Cyborg digs his fingers into the corner of a building and heaves with all his might to uproot the entire structure, and a fair-sized one at that. Once he has torn it free of the foundations, he swings it around and smashes Plasmus squarely across the face; the aggressor suddenly finds himself airborne and hurtling over the rooftops. He crashes through two buildings, disappears into the roof of a third, and finally slams down in a distant street. The screen fills with dust from the impact, after which the camera cuts to a close-up of a scrawny, shaven-headed, bare-chested man lying amid the rubble and pulls back. Liberally, festooned with ribbons of purple slime and clad only in a pair of ragged trunks, he is asleep and breathing fitfully. Recall that this is Plasmus' human form-prisoner 385901, as seen in "Divide and Conquer", which he assumes only when sleeping.)

(The Titans gather at the edge of the crater to check him over; Beast Boy has resumed human form. 385901's face scrunches up and his eyes pop open, and in an instant he has become Plasmus again and rolled himself into a ball in an attempt to flatten the heroes. A blast from Cyborg's cannon rips him apart into gobbets of sludge that fall every which way, but in no time, they have flung themselves at the big man and completely buried him. The mass reconstitutes itself into Plasmus, whose gut bulges slightly due to the Titan trying to fight his way out. Starfire swings around to the front and dives in for an eye-beam strafe; he tries to swat her down, but she dodges and zeroes in on the distended abdomen. Her full-throttle charge smashes her deep into the slimy body and out the back, carrying Cyborg a short distance before both tumble to the street. Both are liberally doused with green muck from the monster's innards.)

Starfire: That was most unpleasant.

(Plasmus' shadow throws itself over them both; now he fixed himself up, and he lets off a fresh howl of rage and sends a mass of gooey tentacles from his body toward the prone pair. Just in the nick of time, Raven arrives and throws up a shield that stretches all the way across the street to block the strike, so that the disgusting material piles up in a purple swamp. Realizing that he has been aced out, Plasmus breaks off and melts himself down to flow over to a tanker truck parked nearby. He then reforms, yanks the whole thing up with too many hands, and breaks it in half; this one is also carrying nuclear waste, and he drinks his fill. However, Beast Boy swoops in as a falcon and starts digging his talons into any body parts that present themselves easily. The truck's remains are flung aside; as the Titan bird of prey streaks away, he is seized and yanked close to the double-wide mouth.)

(Plasmus sniffs at Beast Boy, who resumes human form while clutched in that huge fist, and lets off a violent sneeze that propels the would-be snack away in a flood of snot. Letterbox view, top third of the screen: phlegm and the dripping teen fly in all directions down the block. Fullscreen: Beast Boy bounces to a stop, his legs sticking up in the air.)

Beast Boy: Ewww! (sitting up) Only one thing worse than goo.

Raven: (flying past) Sneeze goo.

Beast Boy: (shuddering mightily) Gross.

(Down the way, Cyborg backs up and keeps his cannon going full tilt as Plasmus looms over him. Now properly cleaned up, the big man shifts his aim to a different spot on the torso, revealing the hole he has already blasted through it. Plasmus, however, will have no more of this and grabs Cyborg's right arm to slam him up against a building. From o.c. above drops a sheet of black energy like a guillotine blade; the purple forearm is neatly severed, and the barrier then plows its owner away as Cyborg falls free. Down comes Raven from the rooftops, the set of her jaw showing that she has no good nerves left for Plasmus to work.)

Raven: Let's just finish this!

(The disgusting beast tumbles across the street and temporarily liquefies upon hitting the ground; a second later, he is back on his feet and roaring mad. Floating high above the street, Raven assumes her mediation pose.)

Raven: Azarath Metrion Zinthos!

(Her "soul-self" emerges, taking on human form as it did in "The Prophecy," and hurtles straight as Plasmus. Zoom in on the broad mouth as the projection disappears into it, then pull back to show the entire upper body rapidly expanding as if someone had just hooked an air compressor into it. This leads to a spectacular explosion of maroon muck that splatters the entire block and leaves 385901 to drop on the sidewalk, after which the "soul-self" returns to Raven's body. The blowout has made a mess of both her and the prisoner, who has again fallen into an uneasy slumber, and globs of slime hit the ground near the other Titans before she touches down. Now, like Cyborg, Beast Boy and Starfire have cleaned the mess off themselves.)

Robin: Uh...nice work, Raven. (Raven pushes her sodden hair back and smiles.)

Raven: Who wants pizza?

(Dissolve to a long shot of the Titans' favorite pizza joint, then cut to a close-up of a single slice left on a serving dish. Five hands slam down on it at once, with Cyborg's at the bottom of the pile. Pull back to frame the accompanying face-off; they have withdrawn their hands, Raven has hosed herself down, and Silkie pops up at the table.)

Cyborg: I deserve the last slice! I was covered in goo!

Beast Boy: No way, dude! I totally deserve the last slice! I got sneezed on!

Starfire: I flew through the goo. (groans angrily) This slice is mine.

(She brings her fist down hard enough to shake the table; not to mention the entire block, and Silkie is jolted out of its seat. The dish slides over to her and, as Raven watches with some shock, she pulls out a bottle of mustard and squirts it on the pizza. Close-up of the pie-eyed girl, whose face quickly rearranges itself into a tranquil smile as the sound of munching drifts over to her. The next shot shows all five Titans again: one eating, two watching, and two losers, Cyborg and Beast Boy, turned away with tears running down their cheeks.)

Robin: (to Raven) You're awfully quiet.

Raven: Just enjoying hanging out with my friends.

(Dissolve to a stretch of forest, where the Titans are out for a little hike and visible as silhouettes. Beast Boy, at the rear, pumps his arms back and forth; in close-up, his face is now the only one smiling as Raven leads the way. Close-up; he carries on like this for a moment longer, then stops suddenly and recoils in shock.)

Beast Boy: DUDE!!

(Extreme close-up of the lead hiker's face, whose eyes narrow to panicked points, then cut to behind her. She wheels to face back along the trail, raising a hand in preparation to use her powers, and the camera then cuts to a close-up of a penny lying in the grass. Beast Boy reaches into view to pick it up; this is what brought him up short, and he straightens up and holds it triumphantly on his palm.)

Beast Boy: Find a penny, pick it up...uh...something, something, something...good luck. It's my lucky day!

(Raven relaxes her guard and smiles, and he goes into a victory dance that involves repeatedly pumping the hand with the coin in the air.)

Cyborg: Anyone up for a game of Extreme Stankball after lunch?

(On the end of this line, he holds up a wad of filthy, fuming laundry; the "ball" in the game he and Beast Boy invented in "Spellbound", and a few flies are heard buzzing nearby.)

Raven: Yeah, sure.

(She moves ahead, not noticing the totally dumbfounded looks on either of these two boys as Cyborg lowers the ball. Robin and Starfire match it when they pop up nearby; Beast Boy is the first to get over it.)

Beast Boy: But you hate anything extreme, or stanky.

Raven: Maybe I never gave it a chance. (Starfire flies to her.)

Starfire: Raven, would you still have time to join me in the painting of the toenails later today?

Raven: Sounds like fun. (Robin slides up, now very suspicious.)

Robin: Okay, Raven, what gives? Pancakes? Pizza? Stankball? Toenails?

Beast Boy: Yeah! And she hasn't called me stupid all day. Did someone replace Raven with a Raven robot?

(To test this hypothesis, he whips out a metal detector and moves toward Raven, intending to run the thing over her, but she floats hastily backward out of reach and turns away.)

Raven: I just want everyone to have a nice day today. (Extreme close-up of one eye, panning slowly across the other.) Come on. We have a lot to do before sunset.

(Pull back to frame all five. The sun shines warmly down on them, but with no warning it begins to darken as if the moon were passing in front to cause an eclipse. However, neither the moon nor any other heavenly body is visible in the sky; the event is happening of its own accord. The sky dims into twilight as the sun is blocked out, and once it has disappeared except for a corona around the edge, the blue deepens even more from the horizon up. Tilt up to follow the transition into the clouds, then cut to Raven, seen from behind. She is pushed back and forth by some unseen force and ends up facing us with genuine fear in her eyes.)

(As she struggles against the influence that has seized control of her body, the camera cuts to a slow pan across her four incredulous teammates.)

Beast Boy: What's going on?

Robin: Raven!

(She is now falling slowly backward, both arms raised to expose the shining characters that have emerged, and hits the ground on her back in an overhead shot. The camera rotates as the other four run to her side, then cuts to a close-up. She is once more thoroughly covered with Slade's marks and is a semi-faint, but Robin's hand pulls her partway up and shakes her out of it. Cut to her blurred perspective of the other four Titans.)

Robin: Why didn't you tell us? (Raven moans and focuses her eyes.) It's happening, isn't it?

Starfire: Please, Raven. Today is the day? It is... (Extreme close-up of Raven's mouth.)

Raven: (softly) ...The end of the world.

(Pull back to frame her face. Tears fill her eyes, which she squeezes shut in a fruitless effort to hold them back. Robin, Beast Boy, and Starfire kneel nearby while Cyborg remains standing; fear, uncertainty, and concern for the supine Titan play at top volume across all four faces. Tilt up into the deep blue sky and stop on Trigon's eyes, which shine in the highest reaches of the heavens. Fade to black.)

Act Two

(Opening shot: the exterior of the Tower, with lights blazing from all the windows in the premature nightfall. Inside, Robin leads the team to a closed door at the end of a hall; it opens to reveal a second door beyond, which in turn opens to admit them into another passage. Cyborg is carrying Raven, whose runes have faded from her body.)

Robin: Okay, everyone. Just as we planned.

Raven: Where are you taking me?

Robin: You said there was nothing we could do. We didn't agree, so we've been preparing for this day.

(He is referring to her assertion, from the end of "The Prophecy," that Trigon's arrival on Earth cannot be stopped. Reaching yet another closed door, he places a hand on the adjacent palm reader panel and has it scanned. From here, cut to inside a large square room whose walls shine with a thick ribbon of blue circuitry, and whose floor is marked with a large, glowing white circle. In the center of each wall is a similar, smaller circle with a rune inscribed in the same shade of blue. A door in the far wall slides up, revealing the Titans in the hall; this is the other side of the spot Robin reached, and Raven stares in disbelief.)

Raven: You did all this for me?

Robin: We're ready to take on Trigon.

Raven: No. You can't be. Just go. Save yourselves.

Robin: We're not giving up. Neither are you. Our plan is simple. Raven, you are the portal. Trigon needs you to take over the Earth.

Cyborg: But if Trigon can't get to the portal, then he can't take over.

Starfire: So all we must do is keep the Trigon from getting to Raven.

Raven: (sighs wearily) You can't.

Robin: We will.

(The five heroes enter the space: a safety room or emergency bunker, and gather in the large white circle. Cyborg sets Raven on her feet.)

Cyborg: You'll be safe in here. Everything's ready. I've installed all the latest state-of-the-art technology. Nothing alive is getting in here.

Starfire: (points out the rune on one wall) And these symbols should keep out everything else. (She holds up an open book and blushes.) We took them out of your books. (Pages fall out; Beast Boy pops up.)

Beast Boy: Just in case you need some extra mojo.

Raven: (a bit exasperated) This is all great, but it's not gonna make a difference. (resignedly, turning away) Today the prophecy will be fulfilled. Trigon is coming. There's no stopping him.

Robin: There's never been a villain we couldn't stop before.

Raven: Trigon isn't a villain. He is the incarnation of evil, the source of all darkness. The--

(Cut to Beast Boy, Cyborg, and Starfire on this last word.)

Beast Boy: Okay. Bad dude. We get it. (Back to her.)

Raven: No. You don't. You don't know Trigon.

Robin: And Trigon doesn't know the Titans. Stay in here. (pointing up o.c.) We'll be watching from up there if you need us.

(The camera shifts to follow his gesture, revealing a broad window or monitor set high on the wall in front of Raven. She eyes it for a moment, then turns worriedly away, and everyone else heads for the door. Beast Boy, the last one out, stops just short of the threshold and glances at something in his hand. A moment later, he has darted back across the room and caught her right wrist.)

Beast Boy: (places an object in Raven's hand) For luck.

(He runs out and she inspects the curled fingers with some puzzlement. In close-up, she opens them to reveal his offering: the gleaming good-luck penny he picked up during the Titans' hike in Act One. Tilt up to her face on the start of the next line.)

Raven: (softly) All the luck in the world won't help us now.

(Fade to black and immediately tilt down into Trigon's cavern. As in the prologue, Slade kneels at the bank of the lava river, with the Mark-inscribed monolith behind him. The ones that appeared on the walls earlier on have disappeared.)

Slade: The hour is approaching. (He lifts his head.) The army is ready. (Trigon's eyes gaze at him from high on the wall.)

Voice of Trigon: You had best perform.

Slade: (standing up) I'll do my job. You better have my payment when I get back.

(He turns away from the wall and raises both hands.)

Slade: Rise!

(Cut to a bare patch of stone floor, which disintegrates as smoke and fire belch up from below. Two burning appendages snake up and latch on to the lip of this new hole, followed by a huge, yowling, birdlike head made entirely of flames. Within seconds, many more have burst free of the rock; their thick, tentacle-like arms taper to points, as do their legless lower bodies, similar to that of a ghost. These apparitions fall into marching formation and gather around Slade. Pan through the motionless ranks, then cut to Trigon's eyes.)

Voice of Trigon: Bring me the portal! (Slade steps to the front line.)

Slade: Warriors! March!

(He moves out, as do they. Cut to a monitor that shows the exterior of the Tower and pan to reveal is as one of several in a control panel. The second screen shows the building from an overhead angle, while the third affords an overhead view of Raven meditating in the safety room. Stop on this last.)

Cyborg: (from o.c.) So far, everything seems pretty much normal.

(Cut to him and the other three; they are in a small control room illuminated only by red emergency lights.)

Beast Boy: Yep. Just your normal last day on Earth.

Robin: It's no one's last day.

Starfire: Everything is going to be okay, yes?

Robin: I hope so.

(Camera shift: now we see them through the high window in the safety room-this observation booth is on its other side. Tilt down to frame Raven, who floats a bit above the floor.)

Raven: (thinking) They can't stop him. Nothing can stop him. (Close-up of the penny in her left hand.) But they're willing to risk everything for me. (Back to her face; zoom in.) If anyone could stop Trigon, maybe they could.

(The next voice makes her open her eyes in a hurry.)

Voice of Trigon: You know better than to fill your head with fanciful ideas.

Raven: (still thinking) You aren't here. (Her hand; she closes it about the penny.) You can't be. (Pull back to behind her.)

Voice of Trigon: I am always with you. (Broad shadow over her.) You are part of me, forever. (Profile of her.)

Raven: (with effort) Get out!

(Behind her, the safety room walls are swiftly replaced by those of a cavern; she gazes around on the verge of panic.)

Voice of Trigon: There is no stopping what is about to happen.

(Pull back. Now she floats in midair above a sea of flames in this underground space. Just below her is a small, hovering slab of rock, and the camera pulls back to show others in the inferno and those two pairs of red eyes in the background.)

Voice of Trigon: This is the reason I sired you. You were born so I could rule the Earth.

Raven: (stands and turns to face the wall) What if I don't let you? What if I don't become the portal?

Voice of Trigon: It is not your place to tell me what to do!

(The four eyes become a burning sphere that swiftly expands to fill half the cavern; they then reappear within its hideous light.)

Voice of Trigon: I am the one with all the power! I am the one who decides your destiny! You do not have a choice!

(Raven backs up a bit and throws a wide black beam across the chamber. The eyes and spherical incinerator have disappeared, but now a towering silhouette has appeared among the flames. Her shot is stopped by a force field around the shape, whose words are spoken in that awful, grating voice. Trigon's body matches the shadow that fell over her in the safety room.)

Trigon: You will always be Daddy's little girl.

Raven: I am nothing like you!

(Her eyes go red and double up to match his own-and, realizing that this anger is about to tip her over into his control, she cries out and claps both hands to her face. Her sudden retreat is met with the steady falls of his cloven-hoofed feet as he crosses the cavern. The air now shimmers from the extreme heat of the blazes on all sides.)

Trigon: You wanted to protect your friends, keep them from knowing.

(Cut to her; she touches down amid the fires.)

Trigon: (from o.c.) But you cannot deny the evil within you. (Pull back to an overhead view.) You will bring destruction to everything and everyone.

(On the end of this, he stops just o.c. so that one of his clawed hands is in frame. Now we see a head-on view of the pair; Raven in front with her head bowed, Trigon is behind her with all four eyes glowing.)

Trigon: Like father, like daughter. (She lifts her head.)

Raven: No!

Trigon: You cannot hide from your destiny.

(Just as quickly as this nightmare scene began, it ends with a cut back to the safety room. The camera is positioned behind Raven, still in mediation but with head bowed, and pulls back into the observation booth. All four of the other Titans watch intently; cut to Robin and Starfire.)

Starfire: The Trigon has contacted her! We must assist!

Robin: She's safest if she stays in there.

Cyborg: (from o.c.) Robin's right. (Cut to him; an alarm is heard.) Besides, we've got company.

(The warning is coming from the panel nearest to him, which displays the word "ALERT" and shows a radar screen on which many blips are closing in fast. Cut to a close-up of Slade's smoking steel boots as they step onto the shore of the Tower's island. Ttilt up to frame the rest of him, then pull back to behind him. He regards the structure silently and is greeted with the sight of a broad column of blinding white light that shoots skyward from the center of its roof. A cut to this level shows Robin, Beast Boy, Cyborg, and Starfire ready for a little action; without a word, they go over the edge one by one, Beast Boy becoming a falcon on the fly.)

(Close-up of Robin, now at ground level with his cape wrapped tightly around his body.)

Robin: (throwing it open) Slade.

(He is joined by the others in a twinkling as he pulls out his two short fighting staffs. Cyborg and Starfire ready their respective weapons, while Beast Boy resumes human form.)

Robin: We're ready for you!

Slade: Give me the girl.

Robin: No way!

Slade: You don't really have a choice in the matter. I'm taking her.

Beast Boy: Oh, yeah? You and what army?

(It takes only an instant for his unearthly forces to emerge from the ground, the camera panning quickly across the line to stop on Slade among their ranks. An overhead view reveals just how badly hemmed in and outnumbered our four heroes truly are. Back to Beast Boy, who lets off a shrill, terrified scream as Cyborg leans in next to him.)

Cyborg: You just had to ask, didn't you?

Slade: (closes his raised hand into his fist) Attack!

(All but Robin scatter before the troops' advance. Tilt up to frame the Tower in the background; he leaps straight up out of the crowd and angles himself toward Slade, delivering one crushing blow after another with his staffs. The enemy leader is driven backward by this pounding, but somehow manages to stay on his feet and does not move as Robin charges in for a final kick. This hit bends him at the knees, so that his arms and upper body are parallel to the ground, but steadily, impossibly, he straightens up and leans into the Boy Wonder's face.)

(The field marshal's eye pops wide open an instant before he projects a huge blast of fire and scores a point-blank bullseye, hurling Robin far over the blazing warriors. As he tries to get up, one of those feral skulls leans in too close for comfort; snap to black, which is immediately punctuated by the flashes of a few swift blows. Fade in to show him back on his feet, with one staff in hand and several stricken enemies evaporating around him. A jet of fire drills him in the gut and is immediately followed by the one that cast it, whereupon several others charge in to lend a hand.)

(Now starbolts pepper the area, filling the screen with smoke that clears to give a close-up of Starfire. Her furious eyes burn so brightly that they almost appear white rather than green; pull back to show her standing in Robin's place at the center of the mob. As a few move to close the gap left by the previous melee, she generates a basketball-sized sphere of energy between her hands and raises it high while backing up into the air. Dissolve to a longer shot of the battle zone; the ball grows to many times its original size and is then slammed to the ground. There follows a blinding explosion, which throws the foes in all directions and clears to leave only Starfire in the area.)

(She has no time to celebrate, however, as a couple of those tapering arms punch up through the ground to snare her. Beast Boy is on the move, turning into the huge creature he became in "The Beast Within" while descending from a huge jump. Savage swipes of his massive clawed hands rip two of the fire demons apart, after which he races toward the camera until the one narrowed eye fills the screen.)

(The white and pinpoint pupil dissolve to a group of attackers; a blazing lash snakes toward the camera, and we then see Beast Boy knocked high and away to smash through the Tower's operations center window. Tilt down quickly to the front door, toward which another phalanx charges only to be stopped by an overhead blast from Cyborg's cannon. This slices across the ground and is followed by a terrific explosion from the line it traced out; as the glare and smoke dissipate, he leaps down into view, boiling mad.)

Cyborg: No one's getting in here!

(The circuit panel on his left forearm slides open and a black button marked with a lightning bolt pops out. It has barely reached its full extension before the other fist slams down on it. In response, two cables pop out from hidden ports in one side of Tower's base and anchor themselves to freshly exposed connections on his back. The same thing happens with two more cables on the other side of the building, after which a large circular panel at the center of his spine pops out to reveal itself as a huge battery; his power cell.)

(Zoom in on one shoulder, which pops open to reveal a set of gun muzzles, then pan across the rest of him. Chest panel and other shoulder reconfigure themselves in the same way, eye implant become a targeting scope, and something emerges from the spot where his left shoulder and neck meet. Pull back; it is a bazooka-like weapon roughly the size of the main gun on an Abrams tank, and it locks into place, pointing straight ahead.)

(First the left arm, then the right, undergoes a dramatic rearrangement as well, turning into a cannon from whose muzzle a long support rod extends straight ahead. Semicircular rings pop out to frame the cylinder of space immediately ahead of the weapon, which flares up like the ignition/pilot light of a flamethrower. Cut to the Tower's top floor and tilt down as all the lights wink out, the power diverted to this truly fearsome new defense system; sparks crackle between the two raised arm blasters and the ground shakes.)

(Cut to Cyborg's perspective of Slade standing amid a group of his minions, with a few readouts and a picture of the target around the edges of the screen. The sights zero in on him, "LOCKED" flashes below them, and the camera cuts back to the walking military stockpile. Both arms fire at once, releasing a double blast that sweeps the entire island, blowing away all the shock troops and whiting out the screen. Fade in to Slade and zoom in; the camera is riding with the beam, and fade to white again as his eye widens in surprise.)

(Fade in to a patch of smoke, which clears to show Cyborg's hand coming down to support his weight. The refit has reversed itself, and a power gauge on the forearm panel shows his reserves to be nearly drained. A weak groan from o.c. is followed by a longer shot of the area; the other three defenders have gathered in front of the Tower, whose lights are back on. Beast Boy has resumed human form, and Cyborg looks ready to faint. A still longer shot of the combat zone shows the smoke from his cataclysmic assault slowly clearing; the fire creatures have been dispersed, but Slade is still on his feet and smoking profusely. In close-up, we see that his head has been knocked askew just as in "Birthmark" and "The Prophecy"; he straightens it up, popping the vertebrae back into place, and each Titan can only stare in mind-knotting disbelief. The burning apparitions emerge from the ground, having dived for cover beneath it.)

(A flash of white, and the camera has shifted to within the Tower. It moves swiftly along a passage, down a flight of stairs, into the entrance hall toward the door, and then there is another flash that clears to show Raven sprawled on the floor of the safety room. She is unconscious, but a dissolve to an extreme close-up of her face shows her very much aware and displaying all four red eyes. Pull back; she and Trigon are in the smoking cavern where they faced off earlier in this act.)

Trigon: Your friends cannot stop the inevitable.

(Close-up of her; Raven pulls back and stares into the total darkness, within which his eyes open.)

Trigon: (within the darkness) They are doomed.

(Overhead view of her; on the next line, he slides a hand beneath her feet and scoops her up.)

Trigon: (from o.c.) Do you really want their last day to end like this? (Pull back to frame him, standing in fire.) How can you bear to watch them suffer?

Raven: (drops her head) Don't hurt them.

Trigon: I am not the one hurting them. You are. (Cut to Raven; Trigon continues o.c.) You know what must be done. (Raven lifts her head.)

Raven: (pleadingly) But, Father...I don't want to.

Trigon: (from o.c., lowering Raven) You cannot hide from your destiny.

(The hand curls into a fist. Cut to the back of a fire demon, which recedes from the camera to expose a host of reinforcements and Cyborg on the warpath outside the Tower. He punches his attacker away and throws another for distance as Beast Boy, now a T-rex, dives into the crowd. The next one blindsides the big man with a flying tackle; others close in on the besieged dinosaur, but a salvo of starbolts marks the arrival of one very angry Tamaranean. She follows these up with an eye blast that slices through the ranks and past Robin and Slade, who are facing off at a short distance from this free-for-all.)

(The two spar briefly before the young man puts a flying kick into Slade's solar plexus; the latter staggers for a moment and then finds his footing. A second kick is interrupted when both armored hands wrap around Robin's ankle and slam him face first into the ground. Elsewhere, the warriors have gotten the best of the other three Titans; Beast Boy is back in human form. Slade does likewise with Robin, knocking him across the way so that he can be seized easily. He and the others struggle vainly against the creatures' inflexible grip as the commander moves in.)

Slade: Do you really want to spend your last day on Earth fighting?

Robin: This is not my last day!

(Slade ignites one hand; cut to a close-up of the Titan's madly straining face, then to one of the raised palm.)

Raven: (from o.c.) STOP!!

(The hand flames out and all four captives are set carefully on the ground. They look around; cut to their perspective of the rows of suddenly, motionless attackers, with the Tower in the background. A way is quickly cleared to expose Raven behind the group.)

Cyborg: Raven?

(She floats forward; cut to inside the ring as she lands before Slade. Her eyes open; the usual number and color.)

Raven: I will go with you. (Robin inserts himself between the two.)

Robin: We won't let them take you!

Starfire: You need to get back in the safety room! Please!

Raven: I can't hide from my destiny any longer. (She closes her eyes.)

Beast Boy: No!

(The girl at the center of it all suddenly whirls to face them and raises one crackling hand, dragging the other Titans screaming off their feet and pushing them slowly away. One by one, they are lowered unconscious to the ground.)

Raven: (softly and ruefully) Goodbye. Be safe.

(She walks back to Slade.)

Raven: (bitterly) Let's go.

(The flaming warriors part to allow them passage away from the fallen Titans. Fade to black.)

Act Three

(Opening shot: the mysteriously eclipsed sun in the night sky. Tilt down to a patch of wall on a building in Jump City. Trigon's mark is inscribed in red above its door, marking this as the library the Titans investigated in "The Prophecy." Dissolve to an overhead view of the wide circular shaft deep below it, zooming in slowly so that the spiral staircase snaking down the wall seems to rotate. Another dissolve shows Raven and Slade walking along a passage with a high-temperature escort.)

Slade: The chamber has been prepared for you. Everything is ready for Trigon's ascent.

Raven: You're a fool. Whatever he promised, he won't deliver.

Slade: Dear child, you don't know what you're talking about.

Raven: You think I don't know my own father?

Slade: You are merely the portal; an insignificant pawn in Trigon's game.

Raven: Then I guess we have that in common. And once he gets what he wants, you'll be insignificant, too. (This brings Slade up short.)

Slade: (warming up his hands) Shut your mouth!

(He is yanked back by a fiery arm around his neck and caught up, all four limbs.)

Slade: Get off me! Do as I command!

(He is lowered to the floor but still held fast, and Raven steps up so that only the side of her cloak is visible. One creature pulls his head up to look her in the face.)

Raven: (from o.c.) Come to think of it, Slade... (Cut to her, eyes closed.) ...you're already insignificant. (She opens four red eyes.) Even your own army won't listen to you.

(He struggles to get out of said army's grip, but to no avail.)

Raven: (turns away) Leave him.

(As she proceeds along the passage, the guards follow her order; Slade is left to stare at the departing group with disbelief and a bit of rage. Cut to the exterior of the Tower, the blocked sun hanging low in the sky, then to the four knocked-out Titans in the dirt near it. They come to in time with the following four lines.)

Robin: (groaning) Raven...

Cyborg: (groaning and cracking his neck) She really packs a wallop.

Beast Boy: Dude, we were only trying to help her.

Starfire: I fear it is too late to assist her.

Robin: It's never too late.

(Close-up of Cyborg's forearm panel, which shows a scrolling map of Jump City and a group of dots on the move.)

Cyborg: (from o.c.) She's making her way back to the old library. (Pull back to frame all four.)

Robin: (running toward the camera) Let's go.

(Snap to black.)

(Tilt down into Trigon's cavern, that is, the one in which Slade has addressed the demon. Flames lick up from the lava river in front of the manservant.)

Slade: The portal approaches. The hour is near. It's time for my payment. (The four eyes gaze down at him and widen.)

Voice of Trigon: Payment? For what? (His eyes narrow.) The gem returns of her own free will. You did not deliver her. I did.

Slade: We had a deal. I held up my part of the bargain.

(He gets no response but a bit of derisive laughter. Extreme close-up of his eye; now good and sore at having been royally had, he backs up from the camera and hurls a mighty fireball up at the wall toward Trigon's eyes. It bursts harmlessly against the rock face, as do the others that follow it.)

Voice of Trigon: I granted you these powers, and I can take them away!

(Hands of fire reach down toward the belligerent lackey and levitate him clear of his perch. Now his entire body is wreathed in flames and pulled in a sudden sheet, and the brand he has worn on his forehead throughout this season disappears. The eye behind the mask pops wider than ever before as he lets off one long yell of pure agony. Finally, he disappears into the sheet of flame, which snaps like a giant rubber band.)

(Cut to a from-the-ground view of the round skylight seen at the start of the prologue. The eclipsed sun is partly visible as Raven moves into the chamber; cut to her, gazing upward with quiet stoicism at its growing shadow. After a moment, she brings her right hand out from underneath her cloak and glances at something in the palm, revealed in close-up as the penny Beast Boy gave her in the safety room. Her fingers close around it before the camera tilts up to her face.)

Raven: It is time.

(Pull back to a long shot of her; she is at the base of the stone hand pillar, and Slade's fiery minions are ranged all around it. Tilt up to the skylight on the next line.)

Raven: The prophecy shall be fulfilled.

(The black sun slowly recedes out of the frame. At ground level, she steps solemnly ahead but stops short when a fracas breaks out in the ranks. The shots that ring out give away the other Titans' presence; here they come, Beast Boy flying as a falcon, but are stopped cold when the creatures form a tidal wave of flame and pin them down.)

Robin: Raven!

(She spins on her heel and clears the chamber with the sweep of one hand. Beast Boy is back in human form, and he and the others cross the floor toward her.)

Raven: It has already begun. (Her hood is up; she lowers it.) And there's no stopping what is meant to be.

Robin: You're willing to give up on everything, all because of some prophecy you heard as a child?

(Profile view of the group, swiveling to keep Raven in frame and put everyone else out of it. She has closed her eyes and lowered her face in resignation.)

Robin: (from o.c.) What if it's wrong?

Raven: Robin, I know what I know. (Back to the others.)

Robin: I don't accept that. You can take control. You can make it not happen. (Overhead view; zoom in on Raven.)

Raven: I've known my whole life that this day was going to come. (Behind her, she tracks around the group.) I tried to control the dark side of me. I tried to do good things, to fight evil, and hoped that would somehow make up for the horrible thing I'm destined to do.

Robin: But no one knows their destiny. There are things you can't possibly know.

Raven: There are some things I didn't know: (looks at Robin full on) Like how I would make such wonderful friends. (They stare popeyed.) All I wanted was to make your last day perfect. (turns away) Instead, you spent it worrying about me.

(Robin steps forward; close-up of her hand as he grasps and lifts it, then tilt up to their faces.)

Robin: That's what friends do. (She lets go and backs up.)

Raven: And as my friends, you have to let me go.

(She conjures up a barricade between herself and them; pull back to an overhead view as it stretches across a wide arc of the chamber to seal them out completely. Cut to her side, through which the four observers are visible only as white-outlined black forms. Robin charges up and pounds on the shield without effect, after which the camera cuts to their side and pans slowly. Now Raven is the one in black and white; she gives them a last look, then turns back to the pillar and puts her hood up.)

(Her side again. The stones in her path quiver slightly at her approach and rise from the floor as columns to form a staircase leading up to the hand sculpture. The Titans' side; Robin tries to kick his way through her barricade, Starfire tries an eye blast, and Cyborg slams both bionic fists into it, not even a crack. Raven's side; the columns keep rising from the floor, just in time to keep her from tumbling over the edge of these steps.)

(The back-and-forth cuts continue. Starfire tries to pummel the wall into submission, then uses her eye blast again before Cyborg brings his cannon into play and Robin assaults it with every martial-arts move he knows. Raven has nearly made it up to the gigantic hand. Beast Boy becomes a T-rex for the third time this episode and thunders toward the shield, only to bash into it and stop dead. Raven steps onto the palm and sits cross-legged in midair. Close-up of her bowed head.)

Raven: The gem was born of evil's fire. The gem shall be his portal. (Camera tracks slowly around her.) He comes to claim. (She raises her head, eyes blazing white.) He comes to sire. The end of all things mortal.

(Recall that this is the prophecy spoken by the ancient spirits during the Titans' investigation four episodes ago. On the last line, tilt down; the red inscriptions appear all over her body, and one set of fingers is curled into a set of bullhorns. Back to the Titans' side.)

Robin: (bangs on the shield) No!!

(Above the hand, Raven breaks her pose and lets off a long yell as all the runes fly off her skin to form three spinning circles, above her head, around her waist, below her feet, and her hood flips down. The Titans' side.)

Starfire: Raven!

(Sobbing, she turns away and ends up cradled in Robin's arms. Beast Boy has resumed human form. High overhead, Raven floats in her motionless spread-eagle, the ancient characters still whirling around her. A brilliant blue-white light gathers at her midsection and begins to grow; she closes her eyes as tight as they will go, then opens them again as the flare spreads upward, enveloping her head. The last we see of her is the clenched right fist, which opens to drop her penny. Close-up of the falling coin, turning slowly to show first heads and then tails, then pull back as it clinks onto the base of the pillar.)

(The incredible spectacle continues above the rock palm, giving the impression of a ball being tossed into the air by a gigantic petrified child. After some moments, the upper and lower circles of runes slide to the middle and the whole thing shrinks down to a single point; this promptly explodes into a swirling disc of unholy radiation with flames at its rim. This expands to fill the screen, after which the camera cuts back to the Titans' side. All shield their eyes from the unbearable glare; back to the column, where the pyrotechnics continue to spread across the ceiling of the chamber and finally bear down, shattering the pillar into a mass of fragments.)

(Long shot of the chamber. The demolition work wraps up as the shield Raven erected finally collapses. Now that disk of awful light spreads out across the floor, streaks of red and orange flame swirling like the devil's own peppermint candy, and the whole lot starts to go red and black. The four Titans can only watch, frozen with fear, as the lines of flame that lash across just in front of them, and at the blinding white heart of the maelstrom, a black silhouette begins to emerge. The antlers and four red eyes instantly mark it as Trigon even before any other features can be seen, and within moments, Raven's father has stood up into full view. He looks very much as he did in "Nevermore"; hugely muscled, red skin with black stripes, loincloth, flowing white hair, steel wristbands, but a few details have changed. One, he sports the antlers seen on his silhouette in "Birthmark." Two, the brooch at his throat is no longer there. Three, instead of a jeweled belt, he wears a broad steel piece over the lower chest that matches his wristbands.)

Trigon: The Earth is mine!

(Cut to an overhead close-up of the Titans, who brace for anything and everything as his gargantuan shadow falls over them and the camera pulls back slowly. Fade to black.)

Continued in Part Two

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