This is Palmer Heston in search of more paranormal abnormalities.

Tonight, I'm coming to you live in the base of Dillinger Quarry, where, since the York murders of 1923, there have been numerous sightings of the paranormal.

That's pretty scary, Palmer.

Now some people say that the apparition is York's wife, looking for revenge... I totally agree with that.

...while others say it's York himself, searching for his mistress, still in love with her even though she killed him.

And there's a full moon out tonight, which is perfect, because according to our documents, that's when the apparitions appear.


Who's there?

It's the vengeful wife, man.

Do not cheat on your wife.

She will end you.


HESTON: Okay, it's an animal.

But animals, as we know, are often precursors to the paranormal.

Good save, Palmer.


(eerie noises)


Remember... fear is never your friend.

Apparitions are always more afraid of you than you are of them.


The a-apparition.


What the hell is that?

Oh! Oh! Oh!

Oh! What is... Holy crap.

(chuckling) Oh, my God.

Oh, this is amazing.

This is unbelievable.

I'm gonna win a (bleep) Emmy for this.

SWEETS: Oh, my...

What is that?

Dr. Richards found traces of brucellosis in skeletal remains from the tenth century.

The first known case; isn't that remarkable?


Then you must understand my excitement.

I do, yeah.

You love your work.

Well, what about you?

You reconstruct the faces of murder victims as well as anyone in this country.

That's the most depressing thing that anybody has ever said to me.

I thought it was a compliment.

When we met, I was an artist.

I mean, imagine waking up one day and realizing that, for years, you haven't been doing anything close to what you love.

I can't imagine that.

I have to do this. It's who I am.

So you're saying I'm not an artist.

Not really.

I didn't say that.

No, I have a painting of yours; I love it.

I know; I painted that eight years ago. (phone rings)


Okay, all right.

Thank you. Be right there.

The remains have finally been delivered to the lab.

They need us there right away.

Okay, you go.

I'm just gonna finish my oatmeal.

Perhaps you've just been working too hard.

Fatigue can prevent the body from stimulating actin and myosin which can cause depression.

Don't worry about me, sweetie.

Honestly, I'm fine.

You go.

The remains are calling.

I'm gonna stay here and finish up.


I prefer to examine the remains where they were found.

Don't have much of a choice here.

I mean, the host made it part of his show to bring it here.

I had a hard time getting him to leave.

From the size of the skull and the arch of the maxilla, the victim appears to be a Caucasian female.

Here, I thought the first thing we'd be talking about is why the victim is made of diamonds.

Simple encrustation. Wow, she's beautiful.

What are they? They're an impediment to our work. Are they gems?

No, they're a mix of calcite, mica flakes, and prehnite.

All pretty common in the quarry where she was found.

Water runoff from the quarry's mining activity was filled with these crystals.

Bored. SAROYAN: Which combined with the shallow creek water where the remains were?

Really bored now, guys. I'm bored.

Yeah, and in the heat, the water evaporated, which caused the crystals to stick to the bone.

So shorts around the ankles, that would suggest...

Sexual assault. Any estimate on time of death?

Moisture and decomp aided by the scavengers in the area, could have removed the tissue in three days.

Crystals wouldn't need any more than three days to form.

BRENNAN: All of this in six days.

I'm impressed. Okay, look, T.O.D. is six days.

How about an I.D.-- eh, cause of death?

Determining cause of death is impossible until we remove all of these crystals.

I'm on it.

BOOTH: Whoa!

Oh, man.

The feet aren't quite right.

There are remodeled fractures to the second metatarsals on both feet as well as evidence of os trigonum syndrome.

BOOTH: Sayonara.

I don't even like feet-- even when they're not falling off-- so, when you get a face, you get back to me, okay?


It's all up to you now, dude.

No problem.


♪ Bones 8x10 ♪ The Diamond in the Rough Original Air Date on January 14, 2013

♪ Main Title Theme ♪ The Crystal Method

These are not in any way attractive...

Look at the toenails. It's like somebody hit them with a hammer.

I'm looking for an explanation for these.

The victim's feet.

Oh, sesamoiditis, metatarsalgia, tenosynovitis.

26 bones in the feet, and every one of them has been damaged.

Now that we have these X-rays, I can see exactly what we're dealing with here.

(chuckles) Torture? Remodeled fractures to the second metatarsals on both feet.

These were caused by repetitive, slow, up-and-down movement.

It's an injury common to athletes.

Like gymnasts?

Mm, or a dancer.


Well, let's look at the missing persons database and see if there's any missing gymnasts or dancers.

You know, Angela, this reminds me of the fact that every occupation has its drawbacks.

Are you trying to draw an analogy between me and the trashed-foot murder victim?

Yes. Dancers give up a lot for their art.

Yeah, in pursuit of their art.

I'm not pursuing art.

I'm-I'm pursuing murderers.

That was really nice, though, sweetie-- you trying.

I appreciate it.

(computer chirps) Oh, hey.

Katarina Wirz.

Sounds like a dancer's name.

Reported missing a week ago by Kendrick Mantorov.

Is he her husband?

No, looks like it's her partner.

What kind of partner?

♪ Conversation's not my thing ♪ ♪ Small talk's not in my vocabulary ♪ ♪ But show me a woman who knows how to shake her stuff ♪ ♪ And you will hear me holler ♪ ♪ From the rooftop... ♪

Yes, that's me and Katarina at the Eastern Seaboard semi-finals.

We won.

We're very sorry for your loss, Mr. Mantorov.

All week, I told people, only death would keep Katarina from practice.

But she'd been off her game lately.

So I'd hoped she'd just gave it up.

Gave up dancing?

It happens, you know?

People just stop because suddenly, they want a real life.

But not you. (chuckles)

(sighs) No.

Who wants a real life when you can dance?

We couldn't find any of her family.

Katarina's mother is in Germany.

They aren't close.

Now, Katarina changed continents just to dance with you.

I'm good.

Women would kill to be my partner.

Okay, well, I guess we're gonna have to take a hard look at your new partner then, huh?

What? No.


That's ridiculous.

Wait, you already have a new partner?

Of course.

Frankly, Blossom is even better than Katarina.

Wow, you moved on quickly.

I had to.

The auditions end in three days.

Katarina would not have wanted me to miss the opportunity just because of her.

Auditions for what?

Dance to the Top...? Yeah.

The TV show. Yeah, yeah.

Yeah. His story checked out.

Our victim followed him here from Germany, three years ago.

Now, Kendrick and Katarina had a nickname, Special K.

Special K? Special K.

They were the best competitive ballroom dancers from New York to Miami.

This TV show was their first big shot at a lucrative payday.

Wow. They sleep together?

No, but he's not gay, if that's what you're thinking.

I didn't think that all, you know, male dancers were gay.

I wasn't suggesting that at all.

Why would you say something like that?

Common stereotype.

Well, anyway, Katarina was killed during a sexual assault, right?

Right, mm-hmm.

So maybe all this time getting close to her, he makes a move, she says no, he snaps, kills her.



I don't get dancing as a profession.

Look, I, uh, put myself through college teaching dance.


Yeah, seriously. 30 bucks an hour.

Oh, being a stripper?

No, not being a stripper.

I was teaching actual dance, Sweets.

So this guy, Kendrick, he's a good enough dancer that somebody would kill to partner with him?

Yeah, number one male dancer on the Eastern Seaboard.

I can't actually picture you taking dance lessons.

Well, my mom taught me.

She was a dancer.

Your mom was a dancer, and she taught you to dance.

Yeah, it was something that we did together.

Yeah, she would put me on her feet and we would get the rhythm down. Anyways, I got older, and I... I was good enough to teach.

Teach older women?


A lot of wandering hands.

Well, they would get tired or they would lose their balance.

Yeah, you were a gigolo. Now, stop.

You were a gigolo for 30 bucks an hour. Simmer down, sport.

Okay, let's just try and solve a murder.

Oh, yeah. Yeah, yeah.

To a motive-- well, stakes are high.

You get on Dance to the Top, you stand to collect a minimum of half a million dollars.

You win, you get maybe ten times that in endorsements and the subsequent tour.

You know, the whole reason that I taught, you know, older women was because, you know, the young ones, they didn't want to learn the foxtrot.

(laughs) You were a gigolo.

Don't even go there.

Stop. Order your soup.

Oh, God.

What's happening here?

I found something amazing.

A friend who never contradicts you?

No, an explanation aside from sexual assault to explain the victim's disarrayed clothing.

Does it involve maggots?

Yeah. Hey, check this out.

These maggots-- right?-- they have moved these shorts from here 6.3 centimeters to there in four hours.


Yeah, so simple math...

No, I get it.

Your critters had more than enough time to pants the victim. Yeah.

Insect activity mimicked sexual disarray clothing patterns.

Wean adjust the profile of the murderer.

I'll tell Sweets.

Any ideas on removing the crystals from the skeleton?

Not really. Because that's more important than your maggots.

Says who? Dr. Brennan.

Undercover? Yeah.

Oh, I love going undercover! Why?

Because it's fun and exciting.

No, I mean why does Sweets think that we have to work undercover?

Because the Dance To The Top auditions end in three days.

We get to go undercover as dancers?

Seriously, why are the so important to us?

Well, the best motive for killing Katarina Wirz is that she and her partner were the surefire winners.

Ballroom dancing! I've watched that on TV.

I can do that. I'll teach you how.

It'll be fun, Booth. (chuckles)

She doesn't know?

Know what?

Booth was a dance teacher.

(laughs) That does not sound true.

Okay, A) Bones, you can't learn how to dance by watching somebody on TV, and it is true.

And, B) Sweets, why do we have to go undercover?

Why can't I just, you know, just flash the badge and ask questions?

If the killer was motivated enough to kill Katarina to win the competition, why stop at her?

You mean her partner, the other K, is in danger?

Or his new partner.

Keep an eye on 'em, catch the murderer.

I learned to how play tennis by watching Wimbledon on TV.

(scoffs) Bones, you can't dance.

I beg to differ.

Okay, you even said it yourself.

You know, you have that whole asymmetrical thing...

Oh. That sounds personal.

It's an asymmetrical development of my left iliac crest, which is only a problem for ballet, not for ballroom.

You know what? You should offer him 30 bucks.

He'll dance with anyone for 30 bucks.

I will give you 100 bucks if we can go undercover.

Kendrick Mantorov is either your killer or a possible target.

Getting close to him makes sense.

Makes sense. Makes sense.


All right.

(low, indistinct conversations)

Excuse me. Buck and Wanda Moosejaw.

We want to dance to the top.

Yeah, everybody does.

But they usually just end up crying onto their spangly clothes.

We have been dancing for years.

You won't see any crying from us.


Sign here and here, here and here.


Hm! We are absolving them of responsibility in the event of our death.

Standard release-- you want to dance to the top or not?

Okay, I'll be Contestant A.


(entry gate blips)


I... I was, I was being as gentle as I could, and look, Dr. Brennan's gonna fire me.

What do you want me to do? Help me.

All right, okay.

What we're dealing with here is nucleation.

Octadecyldimethyl ammonium chloride.

Now, bone is an ideal surface for crystalline solute particles to adhere and grow.

All I heard there is that you want me to get fired.

Hey, come on, don't put that on me.

You're the king of the l.

Or at least you used to be.

Apparently, now you're just another clueless tech.

Okay, all right, I see what you're doing there, and I'm far too evolved for it to work.

I had to try.

Why don't you try just focusing on figuring out cause of death?

That's why I need you to help me get these damn crystals off.


I'm up for the challenge.

This is gonna be fun.

Oh, yeah.

BOOTH: Four beat, slow... quick, quick rhythm with a hip-sway over a standing leg.

Okay, I like the rumba.

Yeah, so did my students.

It was the dance of passion.

I find it quite exciting that you were a rumba teacher.

This is a case, Wanda.

I know, but I think we can win this, too.

Give me a second to put the music on.

Don't forget to shift your weight, you know, through the heel with the hip action.

Okay. (jazz begins playing)

One, two, three.

Come here. Ready? Okay.

Uh, I think I've got it.

You think so? I think I've got it.


BRENNAN: Isn't that Kendrick?

That must be his new partner.

Wow, they're good. What are you doing?

What she's doing.

You see, I can observe her movements, assign the proper kinesthetic awareness...

Whoa, Bones!

...translate that to my own musculature, Okay. and then mimic her exactly.

Right, okay. See? It's easy.

I told you I can do this.

How hard is it to deliver the correct protein shake?!

Are you trying to ruin my daughter's chances here?

No. I'm just delivering what they gave me.

Is someone paying you to do this?

Is someone trying to sabotage my daughter?

Because if they are, I will kill them.

I will slit their throat! Stop it!

Perhaps I should talk to her.

YOUNG WOMAN: Tommy, I'm sorry.

She gets crazy.

Just, just go.

You heard her. Go!

YOUNG WOMAN: Sorry, Tommy.

Now, Rocko, Laila...

(passionate music plays)


BOOTH: Wow. Okay, they are good.

Well, with Katarina out of the way, they could win this thing.

They're good, too. Uh-oh.


Hey. How's it coming?

Uh, not well.

I'm not even sure that I want it to.


You want the killer to get away?

Interesting new take on your job.

Look at these X-rays.

They're beautiful.

Okay. I can see that.

That's not really what we're about here, but...

Yeah, I know.

I'm being asked to turn something beautiful into something ugly.

I started out trying to bring more beauty into the world, not less.

I understand that this job can be stressful, Angela.

This isn't about stress.

No one does this job better than you.

That's not what Brennan said.

She said I'm as good as anyone.

And that's true.

So maybe somebody else should take over.

I know it can be frustrating not getting results right away.

But it's not about results.

I'm-I'm an artist, Cam.

And these murders, it's made me forget that.

If you need some time off, I'm sure that we can work something out.

But right now, we really do need...

I know. I am on it.

But none of the X-rays that I've reconstructed show any injuries at all.

So, if I were you, I'd... I'd put my money on Hodgins or Wendell.

(upbeat music playing)

Oh, you're good, you're good, but your balance was just a little off on that last turn.

You might want to try this.

Go away. I'm not talking.

Right. Just trying to be friendly.

One dancer's tip... (groans) another.

I'm Buck.

This is a competition. I'm not talking.

Right, competition.

You're competitive. I like that.

You like to win. Not talking.

So, how's Kendrick?

Shame what happened to his last partner.

Not talking.

Hey, so I've heard!

Is he nervous the same thing's gonna happen to him?

Are you making a threat?

Huh? No. Sounded like it, you creep.

And don't threaten my partner.

You sucked.

Hah! You wish!

No one has ever attempted anything like this before.

Which is why we are testing this on a fake skeleton first.

So, how exactly are you hoping this will work?

Well, based on my calculations, vibrating a solution of ammonia and detergent through a rapidly changing array of frequencies should dislodge the crystals from the bones.


You start with a theory, right?

That's the theory.

The trick is going to be to dislodge the crystals and not the bones.

Watch this.

Uh-oh... woop...


Whoa, whoa! No!

BOTH: Oh! Oh!

Whoa, whoa...

Oh, great.

(pop song playing)

♪ Let's go ♪ ♪ Are you ready for me? ♪ ♪ I am waiting for you ♪ ♪ I'm so ready to go, don't care what you do ♪ ♪ Turn your back on me, it'll get back to you... ♪

Your mother seems very devoted.

Oh, uh, she's, she's just a frustrated dancer.

She doesn't mean anything.

I understand. In many maternal societies, young women are forced to perform to raise the stature of their mothers.

In one primitive tribe, the mothers would kill other young females who were perceived to be threats.

Why are you telling me that?

I have a lot of fun stories like that-- I'm Wanda.


Buck and I are doing the rumba.


It's a very sexual dance.

Well, I guess I know who my competition is.

Yes, you do.

Get away from her!

Oh, we we're just talking.

Not to my daughter, you're not.


Keep quiet, Laila!

I'm a mother, so I understand.

That's a beautiful dress, by the way.

My hands are numb from sewing, because I love my daughter.

You, I hate.

I imagine you felt the same way about Katarina.

She must have been quite a threat.

Unless you want to end up like her, you'll walk away now!

Mama, stop it!

Katarina was my friend.

We... we-we trained together.

Katarina just wanted to steal your secrets.

She didn't like you.

She was my friend, Mom!

Now look what you've done!


Well, all indications are that the mother is capable of murder.

Right. But nothing more than a suspicion?

Well, she's a good seamstress.

That's a fact.

So we're no closer than before.

Until we have some definitive cause of death, I'm afraid you're right.

So we might as well practice. Huh?

We've entered a competition; I take that very seriously.

Right... (sighs)

Now one, two, three, go.

No, no, it's a one-two quick step.

One, two...

One-two quick step over a hip swing.

Watch it bounce-- hip swing.

Give me more of those crunch... crunch...

Is this gonna work, Dr. Hodgins?

All of my calculations have been double-checked, so, theoretically.

Practically, not theoretically.

If this destroys the bones, all hope of solving this case is lost.

Well, you don't really have to put it like that.

I guess I'm just a plain-spoken cowboy.

Hey, you were confident ten minutes ago.

You said this wouldn't compromise the remains. I'm confident, okay?

The remains have been soaked long enough to dislodge the initial... Great. Then let's go for it.

No! Okay, just remember, no one's perfect, okay?

Eight seconds...

HODGINS: Any bones breaking off?

BRAY: None so far.

(machine powering down)

We did it.


Wow, we can finally solve this case.

Mm-hmm. Told you.

BRAY: Good afternoon, Dr. Brennan.

Um, should I ask? (clears throat)

I'm undercover and I should be practicing-- what's so important?

Uh, would you please take a look at the victim's teeth?

You mean a photograph of the victim's teeth?

Uh, yes, yes.

The distinction is important.

Uh, yes, I'm sorry.

Um, on the outside of the tooth, the crystals formed along the gum line, but on the lingual surface...

A lot more, yes.

Good work.

Uh, Dr. Brennan, obviously, that means something to you, but I don't see it.

The enamel on the lingual surface was eroded, exposing the dentin and...

Giving better purchase to the crystals.

Most likely caused by...?

Oh, uh, a quiz, I guess.

Um, I guess... uh...

I don't know... um, stomach acid?

Uh, all right-- what would cause that?

Uh, bulimia?

Possible, but let's do a histological review to see if there are any other indicators of an eating disorder.

Cause of death would be much more helpful than a chronic ailment, Mr. Bray.

I think I found that, Dr. Brennan.

Fracture and displacement of the C-2, and injuries of the C-4 and C-5.

SAROYAN: Her neck was twisted till it broke.

This is a... good look.

You going to the hootenanny later?

No, hootenanny is an informal gathering for singing and dancing.

I am training for an extremely rigorous ballroom dance competition.


Booth and I intend to win the rumba competition.

And catch a murderer?

Yes, of course-- that's the main objective.


Just go with it.

♪ ♪



Kendrick Mantorov?

Buddy, really?

How many Kendricks do you know in the ballroom dancing game?

'Cause I have to ask you a question.

This is a competition, pal.

Why would I help you? It's not about the competition.

Okay? All right, shoot.

Oh, it's about my partner.

She's not really that good.

Yeah, I've seen her.

My advice-- lots of practice.


Whoa, we practice.

We practice, but you know how it is.

She's at the top of her game.

And, uh, you're not?

I'm way better than she is-- we're talking miles apart.

She sucks-- you got to get yourself a new partner.

Right, okay.


What's the problem?

Are you sleeping with your partner?

What's that got to do with anything?

Can break off the personal stuff?

A little advice there-- there is no link between how good you are on the dance floor and how good you are in the sack.

That leaves brutal honesty.

Tell her she can't dance.

Ooh... I can't do that-- that'd be bad.

That leaves murder.

Is that how you got your new partner?

No, it's not.

I guess I left out option number three.

Option number three?

What's that?

Get lucky.

SAROYAN: Hey, Angela.

Are you, uh, taking a late lunch?

No, no, I'm done.

For the rest of the day, correct?

Not for the rest of time.

Yes, yes, when I quit for good, I'll be much more formal about it-- a letter will be involved.

Okay, good to know.

Hey, do you want to know where I'm going?

I'm not your mother.

I'm going to take Michael Vincent to the Corcoran Art Museum to look at beautiful paintings.


Yeah, I want us to feast our eyes on John Singer Sargent.

All righty then.

Because I love the way the people in his paintings hold their arms.

It is just beautiful-- it's like prayer or dancers or both.

Sounds lovely.

(sighs) Have fun.

Dr. Saroyan?

Yes, Mr. Bray?

I have the results from the mass spec.

Katarina Wirz did not have bulimia.

Just tell me.

She was poisoned.

By what?

Lead-- in doses that suggest it could not have been accidental.

So, based on these readings, I'd say Katarina was ingesting low levels of lead over an extended period of time.

But she didn't die of poisoning.

No, based on the amount that she ingested, it wouldn't have killed her.

But wouldn't she know she was being poisoned?

I mean, wouldn't you taste lead?

Well, see, lead acetate is a common, soluble lead salt also known as lead sugar, because it tastes so sweet.

Isn't lead acetate used in men's hair dye?

Yeah. I imagine a few of those dancers dye their hair.

Come on, someone putting hair dye in your food-- you'd taste that.

Lead acetate is also used in its salt form to dye fabric.

Lead sugar in your food-- yeah, well, you wouldn't taste that.

All the dancers wear costumes.

We've just narrowed down the suspects to everyone at the dance competition.

Who wants to tell Dr. B?

'Cause it's not gonna be me.

So, we're checking the contestant list against the Bureau's files.

So far no one has any criminal record.

Uh, where are you? In the basement.

Look, there's tons of dancers here, okay?

So privacy is scarce-- can we hurry it up a little bit?

Wow, you know, your video looks so good in low light-- is that a new phone?

Really? Now? Seriously.

I'm sorry, it's just my plan is up and I need a new...

You know what-- never mind. Uh, what do you need?

We need to know who we are looking for, okay?

So we can narrow down the suspect pool.

I'm afraid you're asking for the impossible.

There's no single profile for those who poison.

Well, the victim was poisoned over the course of a year.

Okay, well that would indicate someone in close proximity to the victim.

That seems obvious.

That was hostile.

Well, it's getting hot in here.

Hodgins said that the amount of poison wasn't enough to kill the victim.

Okay, that could indicate that either the poisoner was incompetent or didn't want to kill the victim.

Okay, would you like to guess which?

Well, since her neck was broken, I'm gonna go with incompetent.

When he realized the poisoning wasn't gonna work, he finished her off in another way.

I think you're looking for a very determined, but inexperienced killer.

Great, got you, okay. Thanks, Sweets.

Come on, let's go, let's go.



What was that for?

It just felt like high school in here.

Didn't you ever sneak away to the closet...

Well, the... backseat of the car was more my thing.

(laughs) Dancing the rumba is like foreplay.

It is... because you got a good instructor.

(door opens)


Well, you...


Um, Michael Vincent isn't really supposed to be here.

Well, he was with me at the museum.

And you wanted me back here, so... I can go.

Oh, no, no, thank you.

Hope you enjoyed the show.

Yeah, I only got to look at the portrait of Mrs. Henry White for 20 minutes, before you called, but...

You looked at one painting for 20 minutes?

You know Sargent used a pallet of lead white, bone black, viridian, vermilion and rose madder all just for the skin.

Could you have taken that in in 20 minutes?


Let's just get back to this.

I looked at Katarina's computer, and it looks like she made an appointment with a doctor for the day after she died.

With a neurologist. Lead poisoning would affect balance and give her headaches.

Must've been affecting her ability to dance.

Not enough apparently-- she was still the favorite to win.

Seems like she always wins.

Thank you, Angela.


(music playing) One... Okay. two-- ready? Here we go.

Three, four.

(grunts) I got it, I got it.

You two are 531, right? Yes, 531.

Okay, there are 19 couples ahead of you, and then you're up for your first round of auditions.

We're ready. Dance to the top.

I don't really care.

I'm gonna text everybody at the lab.

They're gonna be so impressed. Shh.

Didn't you say that Cam said that poison was used to dye fabrics? Yes.

Lead acetate is the best way to set the color.

Right, well, take a look at "Throw Mama From the Train" over there.

BRENNAN: Oh, well, she makes all of her daughter's costumes, down to dyeing them.

If I can get some of the material, we could do a chemical analysis.


You're still here.

I got called back.

You okay?

I'm just cranky and out of sorts.

Come on. Come on. Yeah.

I'm so tired of all this ugliness.

I just want some beauty in my life.

Well, okay, then-then we can fix this.

It's not a car or-or a watch.

It's a big, complicated life.

Hey, what do you want?


I mean, today.

Not in life.

Just today.

I want to look at John Singer Sargent for longer than 20 minutes.

And I want to learn how he paints arms like calls to heaven.

And I want to paint like that.


That's doable.

And I want to do it any time I want.

Well... (laughs) bird by bird.

Baby steps, okay?

Yeah. Okay.

Cam. Cam, Cam, Cam.

Okay, now is not a good time, Dr. Hodgins.

It's about Angela.

I'm all yours.

Thank you.


Does Angela know we're having this talk?

Are you kidding me? I like being able to draw breath.

Can I have the cone of silence?

I hate the cone of silence. Can you... (groans)

Fine. Go.

You know how sometimes it's worth it to lose a lot of something just to keep a little of it?

Because a little of that something is worth a lot more than something else?

Oh, God, I think we need to have a long discussion on the subject.

(lively music playing)

BRENNAN: If lead acetate was used in dying Laila's costume, then there would still be trace amounts of lead in her dress.

I hid my forensic kit in my makeup case, Booth.

That's very smart of you, Bones.

Thank you.

I'm using the sodium rhodizonate to test for the presence of lead-- it's the same process used to test for gunshot residue.

You got to hurry up; people are starting to look at us here.

You can't rush science, Booth.

BOOTH: It's blue-- what does that mean?

Nothing yet.

If lead is present, this hydrochloric acid solution will turn the material red.

Laila and Katarina were friends, so Laila or her mother would have been able to slowly poison Katarina over the year.

Security guard, 2:00-- coming.

It's lead acetate, Booth.

(Latin dance music playing)

She's looking good. Mm-hmm.

Do you have to arrest her now?

Why not?

Well, can't you just let them finish?

BOOTH: Okay, discretion-- good idea.

No, no, it's like Angela said.

Sometimes art should come first, and they're magnificent.

Well, I don't know about that.

He's leading with just his arms, and she's resisting.

Translates badly to the hips.

No, trust me, they're very good.

(music ends)

(Brennan laughs, audience applauds)


JUDGE: Mary, the hips.

They do not lie.

MARY: They may avoid the question, but they never lie. Mm-mm.

Rocko, you must lead with your whole body.

Not just your arms. Laila, you were living your life in this number.

I mean, incredible.

MARY: You were on fire out there.

You were fabulous.

And Rocko, he can dip me anytime-- mm-hmm.


Come on, Bones.

Oh, you shine.

And I'm so proud of you. (laughing)

I though you were very, very good.

Excuse me, we can do this quietly or I can make a big noise.

Follow me.

Okay, my mother didn't do anything, okay?

I poisoned Katarina with my mom's lead salts.

I said don't talk.

You listen to me for once in your life. Are you serious?

All I do is listen.

You are an extremely bossy woman.

I just wanted to get Katarina sick.

I just knew that if I could get on this TV show, she could point me out to the world, say "That's my daughter."

So you did all this to make your mother proud?

I didn't mean to kill Katarina.

I got a boyfriend.

You think Tommy's gonna stick with me when I'm in jail for murder?

Oh, Katarina didn't die of poisoning.

BOOTH: Someone broke her neck.

You want to confess to that, Miss Bossy Pants?

No, because I didn't do that.

Great, well, I know who did. Let's go; everybody out.

Wait, who would... Don't worry about it. Don't worry about it.

Who would break Katarina's neck?

Don't worry about that. I got it figured out.

It was the boyfriend.

What evidence do you have that the boyfriend is the killer?

The boyfriend's strong enough to break her neck, okay?

He wants his girlfriend to win this stupid dance contest so she can escape Miss Bossy Pants.

Trust me, the boyfriend.

(rock music playing)

♪ You dirty love. ♪

She is smoking in this routine.

♪ Sold me to somebody ♪ ♪ What's wrong with you? ♪ ♪ You dirty love ♪ ♪ Put your gun back down. ♪

They are very, very good, Booth.

What? No, they're not. I mean, his footwork doesn't match his shoulder, and her weight falls too heavily on her heels.

Can we just focus on trying to find Tommy here?

♪ Bang, bang, baby... ♪

There, there.

♪ Now that wind is howling... ♪

Oh, we got a runner. Oh.

♪ I know what you asking for ♪ ♪ I'll give you what you want and more... ♪

Tommy, stop.


BOOTH: Stop, FBI. Don't move!

Stop... Stop it.

(clattering) Right there, hold it.

What is going on, Tyce?


♪ Oh, you got me good... ♪

What was that?

♪ Bang, bang, baby, leave me dead or alive... ♪

Stop! Hey! Whoa!

♪ ...same old lies ♪ ♪ I know what you asking for... ♪ Whoa! Hey!


Is the whole chase scene part of their routine?

♪ I know what you want me for ♪ ♪ You dirty love. ♪

(cheering, whooping)

Oh, my God, that was fabulous.

That is great.

Oh... (laughs)




You said if you could just give your mom this one win, we'd be free to live our lives.

I did it for us. LAILA: Just stop talking, Tommy.

MAUREEN: I hope you're happy.

Okay then.

All right, Wanda.

Bones, why do you look so sad?

We solved the case.

I am happy.

ANNOUNCER (over P.A.): Couple 531, Buck and Wanda Moosejaw, you're on deck.

This is your 20-minute warning.

We don't have to audition.

We caught the murderer.

I texted everybody.

They're coming to watch us.

Come on, you really want to audition for this dance competition?

Where is Cam? We're gonna miss this thing.

HODGINS: Here she comes.

Okay, let's roll.

Uh, Angela, could I have a moment?

Wait, wait, but we're already late.

Something is going on here that I don't know anything about, so I'm walking away.

Running away.

Yeah, Cam?

I'm gonna have to cut your hours here at the Jeffersonian.

There's been a new round of cuts and...

Are you firing me?

No, no, I'm just cutting your hours.

I actually thought you might be glad.

Hodgins put you up to this, right?

There's been a new round of funding cuts.

Yes, of course, it's Hodgins.

I am gonna kill him.

Angela, could you just go along with it?

I mean, everyone gets what they want.

Hodgins gets to be a hero, you get reduced hours, and I get...

Get to walk away clean.

No, Angela, I get you, a little of you is better than a lot of everyone else.

Well, that also sounds like something Hodgins would say.

Nope, that one's all me.

ANNOUNCER: Contestants 531--

Buck and Wanda Moosejaw.

You look beautiful.

Yes, thank you.


Yes, ready to rumba. No.

No, no, we're going to waltz. What? No.

(gentle melody begins) We're gonna waltz, trust me.

This is our dance, okay?

Just let me lead, all right?

I don't know what that means. Smile. Smile.

There you go, smile...

All right, what are you doing?

We should go this way. No, no, no, no.

This way. No, no, we're going this way.

I think the arm should probably be...



Your hand is digging into me.

No, it's the other...

Seriously, are we supposed to believe Booth made a living doing this?

In a minute, she's gonna stand on his feet like a four-year-old.

(Booth grunts)

Oh, that's...

I don't know much about dancing, but is it supposed to look like a fist fight?

How we doing? We're doing just fine.

I think we move well together.

I'm a very good dancer.

You're a great dancer. What are you doing?

Are we being Punk'd?

She looks so beautiful and happy.


Yeah, her arms are like a John Singer Sargent painting.


What are we doing?

I don't know-- just spin, smile.


♪ Don't waste your tears on the sadness ♪ ♪ They're only clouds in your eyes ♪ ♪ Don't look too far ♪ ♪ And you'll find me ♪ ♪ And I'll bring you peace of mind ♪ ♪ For the night is the day ♪ ♪ Only sleeping ♪ ♪ And the moon ♪ ♪ Will return ♪ ♪ As the sun... ♪

Do we have to do anything special when it ends? No.

Why not?

Because it's never gonna end, Bones.

It's always gonna be just like this.

Just like this.

♪ When the morning comes ♪ ♪ I'll be here ♪ ♪ When the morning comes. ♪