Sheldon: I’m going to pump cerebral spinal fluid through my brain cells to remove metabolic by-products of the day’s thoughts.
Howard: What?
Sheldon: It’s called sleep and it’s my bedtime.

Penny: Oh, I’ll go. I like a party.
Amy: Well, to be honest. It’s not like a “party” party. It’s more like a gathering where scientists of different disciplines get together to share their work and keep current on what’s going on in other fields. I don’t know why I called it a party, sorry.
Penny: its okay, I’ll still go.
Leonard: You don’t think you’ll be bored?
Penny: Oh, I’ll have some wine and listen to people going on about crap I don’t understand. I mean how is that different from any single day of my life?

The Flash: Psst, hey kid.
Sheldon: Huh, what?
The Flash: You look tired. Why don’t you have an energy drink? Everyone’s doing it.
Sheldon: Oh, no thank you. Those have caffeine in them.
The Flash: Oh sorry. I thought you were cool.
Sheldon: I am cool. This is Yoo-hoo. Chocolate milk’s delicious watery cousin.
The Flash: All right. But if you ever want to feel like you have superpowers, try one of these.
Sheldon: Superheroes take performance enhancing chemicals?
The Flash: You bet. You know why Hulk is so strong? Steroids. You know why Batman wanders around at night getting into fights? Scotch.
Sheldon: I am facing a great deal of work. And I do like things better when famous people also like them.
The Flash: Here. It’s on the house.
Sheldon: The first one’s free? Flash , how do you stay in business?
The Flash: You want to know my secret? I bought stock in Marvel. [Runs away.]

Bernadette: Not every girl dreams about being a mom. Sometimes you think you’ll never going to have kids and one day you wake up and you’re pregnant. And it doesn’t matter that your career is going great right now and you and your husband never even got to go anywhere taped to a dog.

Sheldon: Gentlemen, I am ready to work. To quote “The Martian”: Let’s science the feces out of this. “ And that’s’ “The Martian” the book and “The Martian” the movie. Not Marvin the Martian. Although to quote Marvin the Martian, “I claim this planet in the name of Mars.”
Leonard: Are you okay?
Sheldon: Oh, I’m fantastic. Never been better. I just had my first energy drink and I feel great. Hey, you guys want to wrestle? We can do arm, thumb, mud, sumo. Nay, we’re not fat enough or wearing diapers.

Bert: Hey, listen. Could you not say anything about this to the people at the university? You know ‘cause…you’re you and I’m me and it’s kind of embarrassing.
Penny: What do you mean “she’s her?”
Bert: Well, you know how Amy’s the coolest girl on campus, right?
Penny/Amy: No!
Bert: Oh, yeah. Everybody thinks so.
Penny: What? You tell me about your foot fungus, but this is a secret?
Amy: I’m sure that it’s just ‘cause I’m dating Sheldon.
Bert: MM. Actually, I think Sheldon’s popular because he’s dating you.
Penny: Now Sheldon’s popular? What is happening?

Bert: Thanks for coming by. You’re nice people.
Penny: Well. So are you. In fact you know what? We will never take you for granite. Did you get that? Granite. A little geology joke.
Bert: You need to leave. I’m in love with both of you now.
Penny: Okay.
Amy: Bye.