DOCENT TRAINER: Here at the American Heritage Museum, one word is crucial when leading tours: C-R-A-B-- CRAB--

Communicate, Respond, Adjust, and above all-- Be prepared.

Tourists will ask stupid questions, you will know how to answer them.


Ms. Tillotson...

Do not interrupt.

But... No.

Lincoln did not do his homework on the back of a shovel with a lump of coal.

No, he did not walk a mile...


Oh, dear God.

BOOTH: Right, okay, great, thanks.

They say they've cordoned off the museum.

The less the press knows about this, the better-- trust me.

So, any new listings?

Nothing that I would live in.

Well, you know, we're running out of time here, Bones.

I mean, you're due, what, in six weeks.

We got to find a house.

Well, there is a simple solution.

No, uh-uh, I need my man cave.

Then I need an anthropologist cave.

All right, so we need a man cave, a girl cave, and a perfect baby's room with at least an acre of land.

No wonder we can't find a house.


Whoa, yeah, is right.

Whoa, whoa, what, you all right?

Oh, she just kicked.

(laughing): She's very strong.


Check the listings again.

I'm looking.

Just want to make sure we didn't miss anything.

HODGINS: I actually think the Vatican was in on the Lincoln assassination.

They hated Lincoln since he defended a former priest against the bishop of Chicago.

All righty, it's human blood. all I'm saying is that John Wilkes Booth was secretly a member of the Knights of the Golden Circle, affiliated with Rome.


Little friendly advice-- do not mention Booth to Booth.

They are related, and he'll shoot you.

What do we got here?

Hi. Hi.

Hi. SAROYAN: The killer left a message in blood.

"Where's the rest of me?"

I assume he's referring to the rest of the remains because Lincoln seems intact.

Do we have a time of death yet, Dr. Hodgins?

Well, according to the blowfly eggs in the orbital sockets, we're looking at about two days.

There is something very strange about this vertebral column.

BOOTH: Strange how?

BRENNAN: The articulating vertebrae all appear to be from the same spine, but... they're in the wrong order.

What, a killer dissected out the spine and separated the vertebrae?

Is that a big deal?

It means detaching all the intrasegmental ligaments, the anterior and posterior longitudinal ligaments, and the supraspinous ligament, not to mention somehow reattaching them.

Okay, that is a big deal.

Absolutely-- it seems the killer reassembled the vertebrae, out of order, on purpose.

He's sending us a message.

♪ Bones 7x06 ♪ The Crack in the Code Original Air Date on January 12, 2011

♪ Main Title Theme ♪ The Crystal Method

MONTENEGRO: Looks like some kind of deranged surgeon sewed this back together.

What is that?

Looks like some kind of nasty string.

I have a bad feeling about this, but I'll wait for the electrophoresis results to share it.

Judging by the small skull and the nuchal crest, the victim was a female Caucasian.

Her wisdom teeth haven't fully erupted, suggesting she was in her early 20s.

Okay, bad feeling officially confirmed.

The string the killer used is made out of human gut.

Serology results just came in.

The message the killer left-- "Where's the rest of me?"

Why are you looking at us like that, Mr. Bray?

Spit it out.

They ran the usual ABO groups, plus enzyme and protein markers.


The blood at the scene isn't from the victim.

It's from five other people.

Five different people?

Yeah. SAROYAN: Call the lab, tell them we need DNA.

Tag it a priority, and if anyone gives you grief, tell them to refer to me.

SWEETS: Exterminators treated the museum last night?

BOOTH: Yeah, looks like our killer used a laser pointer to burn out the image from one of the security cameras.

You see that? The camera goes out there at 5:51.

Okay, so the killer leaves the remains, writes the message, gets out before anyone can spot him.

Right, so we have one confirmed dead and, what, five maybes?

What kind of nut bag does that?

Well, defacing an iconic American figure suggests that he craves attention, right?

And he demands we engage by posing two mysteries-- one for the public--

"Where's the rest of me?"-- and a more private mystery for us-- the reordered spine.

Well, if he has something to say, why doesn't he just say it?

'Cause this way, he's forcing us down the path he wants us to go.

It's very manipulative, meaning high IQ, which is consistent with the fact that he was able to dissect a spine.

Which tells us he's comfortable killing people.

Yeah, practice makes perfect.

It's likely that he has prior offenses.

(phone rings)



Got a name?


Great. Thanks.

So one of the guys on the exterminator crew has a felony record-- by the name of Sam Sachs.

Okay, we've got the C1 vertebra.

T9, C2, C5, and then the T1, but with both transverse processes removed.

Why are we writing all this down again?

Because the killer did not reorder 24 articulating vertebrae just for kicks and giggles, and that makes this some kind of cipher, which means I need the order written down before you go running the bony bits through the wash cycle.

Okay, continuing.


I'm telling you, my grandfather would expect me to know what to do.

I ever tell you that he was a code breaker back in World War II, huh?

Worked for Admiral Nimitz.

Mine worked for Colonel Chicken.

What? It's kind of military. He had a uniform.

The C4... also has the right transverse process removed.

It all means something.

I just have to figure out what.

Uh, you sure I can't grab a smoke?

I'll tell you what-- we'll let you trash your lungs on your own time. Come on, man, just a couple puffs.

You have quite a record here.

Burglary, car theft.

Maybe one of these guys out there got some nicotine gum.


Also says here that you graduated to a couple pops for violent assault.

That's what we call a pattern of escalation.

Pattern of what?

Escalation, Sam.

Things just started to get worse and worse.

Okay, maybe I made a couple bad moves, but it's a whole new me.

I mean, I have an important job preserving our national heritage.

You kill cockroaches.

Obviously you don't understand museum hygiene.

Mama roaches-- they have, like, 40 babies a pop.

They eat the paint, the wallpaper, and drop their roach feces all over the historical artifacts.

No kidding.

I'm our nation's front line of defense.

Against roach poop.

It's very stressful, which is why I need my smokes.

Uh, Agent Booth, you recall the, um, profile we discussed.

Oh, right, he has a higher IQ.


I guess we can let Sam slide on this one, right?


That's a giant relief.

So can I have my smokes back?

The guy we're looking for glitched out security cameras without getting caught on film, so he definitely knew of a blind spot.

So I'm assuming you do, too.


Why, why would I know?

Because I don't think you can go 15 minutes without having a cigarette.

You get caught on camera, you lose your job.

You swear I won't get in trouble?

We swear.


Yeah, there's a blind spot.

MONTENEGRO: I ran her facial reconstruction through Missing Persons.



It's the DNA results.

This has got to be some kind of record.

Oh, my God.

Something wrong?

They found a match for all five blood samples from the killer's message.

Oh, it's our lucky day.


The blood is from five different FBI agents from the DC field office.

CAROLINE: What part of "no comment" do you not understand?

MAN: My source told me the dead girl's spine was tied together with human gut.

No comment to that either?

I have a whole bunch of comments, and they all have four letters.

W-W-Whoa, who's this guy?

Ezra Krane--

I'm with the Washington Standard.

I have questions about the museum murder.

Great, public affairs, second floor.

How are newspapers supposed to compete with the Internet when you people won't even throw us a crumb?

We are trying to solve a brutal murder.

Maybe after that, we can have a chat about your business plan.

Come on, just cut me a break, will you?

The paper just laid off 60 people and I have a wedding next month.

We'll send you a blender.

I have a source, Caroline.

I want a name. You know I can't do that.

Wait a second, there's a murderer out there.

If you have information, you have to hand that over to me now.

If I name my source, no one ever talks to me again.

Then leave or I'll arrest you.

Come on, is this really necessary?

Don't tempt me.

Get lost.

March. Okay, fine.

Bye. I'm leaving.

Either we have a leak, cher, or the killer is talking to the press.

We'd better solve this before the whole thing turns out to be your fault.

Dr. Brennan, you have to trust me on this.

This killer is intelligent, manipulative, and hungry for attention.

Also very well versed in anatomy.

Ooh, here's one that's in our price range.

"Adorable fixer-upper with natural landscaping." No, no, no, no.

That means a small house with weeds.

Bring your own bulldozer.

Look, the blood at the scene clearly indicates he was targeting the FBI.

"Artistic bungalow with wood-like floors in secluded setting."

A shack with purple walls, cracked linoleum.

Bottom line is, given your condition, I don't think that you should be out in the field.

If the positive adjectives indicate irreparable flaws, then what does "tear down" mean?

I understand-- you're under a lot of pressure right now.

I... I've been trying to find Daisy a birthday present, and the pressure to make the right purchase is, is, is nothing like looking for a house when you're pregnant, I know that.

BOOTH: I found the agents whose blood was at the scene.

They're all alive and well.

Did you figure out how the killer obtained their blood?

FBI blood drive, two weeks ago.

Okay, well, he's clearly targeting his rage at the FBI.

He wants us to acknowledge how smart he is.

Listen, Bones.

This guy is really dangerous; I don't...

Sweets already explained; I'm not going out in the field.

Wait... Seriously?

You-you were listening?

Given the demands of a growing fetus, I'll focus on the lab, and the real estate section.

HODGINS: We know these vertebrae are some kind of code, but what kind?

This is crazy.

I don't even know what we're looking for.

I mean, is the message numbers or words?

Then don't worry, babe, we'll get this.

Could be a government thing, Ange.

We could be uncovering something huge.

I can't disappoint my grandfather.


Okay, all right.

What about the total number of characters?

Does that help any?

Well, there's 48 total, if you count letters and numbers that repeat.

And 13 if you don't.

So, what has 13 digits?

An ISBN number.

What if it's a book?

What if there's a message in a book?


Three of the characters are letters, and ISBNs are just numbers.

We could group the numbers according to strings that have the same letters.


Okay, uh...

You're guessing now, and-and you never do that.

Maybe each section is a different encryption key.

Honey, you're fritzing out.

MONTENEGRO: Hello? Honey? Do you even hear me?


Yes, that's it.

There is no point in him saying something unless we can hear it.

So the code has to be simple.

Forget encryption keys, I am totally overthinking this!

Make it disappear.

Back to the drawing board here, Ange.


Dazzle me with your progress.

Well, I paid a visit to the museum and found the security cam blind spot the exterminator was talking about.

Please tell me you found the killer's driver's license and a complete set of prints.

No, but I did find this.


He's minty fresh. Good to know.

No, no, no, no, no.

Wait'll you see, huh?

Look at what's inside.

It's a homemade laser pointer.

That little thing disabled the best security cameras in town?

Yeah, the guy, he completely MacGyver-ed it.

The diode is from an old DVD player, and the switch is from a toaster.

CAROLINE: So, we're looking for a tech savvy guy who hates the FBI.

Yeah, that's what Sweets said.

I'll get him the records of every geek we've put away in the last two years.

See if he can find one with motive, means and opportunity.

Make it five years. I want to be thorough.

'Cause you got a little Booth coming.

You found a house yet?

Well, we haven't agreed on that yet.

Oh. "Oh"?

What do you mean, "oh"?

I figured the "oh" implies all the potential problems.

Why gild the lily?

(quietly): Problems?

According to the isotope profile from her tooth enamel, the victim grew up in Denmark.

That would explain why we haven't been able to ID her.

Have Angela forward the facial reconstruction to the Danish Embassy.

Meanwhile, we have to determine cause of death.

I found a particulate embedded in the anterior aspect of the T4.

There are also hairline fractures on the neural arches.

That could be consistent with a high velocity injury.

Maybe a gunshot; it could be a bullet fragment.

A bullet wouldn't explain the pitting on the vertebral body.

WENDELL: Unless it shattered a rib into smaller projectiles.

That's possible, but I'll need the rest of the bones to be sure.

Get this to Hodgins to analyze.

BOOTH: Whoa!

They reduced it by how much?


Okay, yeah, do me a favor, just send me the link, fast.

Possible house?

Hey, real estate agent said it was perfect.

Right? What do you got?

All right, so, I looked through the files that Caroline sent, and there's a hacker named Christopher Pelant.

Socially marginalized, IQ off the charts.

In 2009, he took down the Senate website.

Check it out.

"Where's the website"?

Well, that's his MO.

He's asking a question.

Yeah, and posting his own face, totally consistent with our killer's need for attention.

Then, last year, he took down the Department of Defense network.

The FBI convicted him on multiple charges of wire fraud and computer fraud.

Huh, so, he hates us.


That's not the perfect place.

That's not perfect. Huh?

My car is bigger than that.

It's cozy. Perfect place...

Well, you know, at least this Pelant guy is promising.

Mm-hmm. There's one little issue with him.

PELANT: No computers or internet, and I haven't been past my front door in six months.

Condition of parole.

BOOTH: Right, look at that-- your little electronic tether.

We're checking with the company that monitors that.

They ping him every 38 seconds.

When was the last time that you were at the National Historical Museum?

Oh, uh, sixth grade field trip.

I aced history.

What about Biology?

Did you ever, uh, dissect a person?

You guys think that I killed that girl at the museum, don't you?

Sweets here is one of our better profilers, and he seems to think that it's possible.

The dude from the Washington Standard said you'd think so.

Ezra Krane?

Yeah! Yeah, yeah. He covered my trial.

I'll tell you the same thing I told him when he called: I'm not a criminal, I'm a hacktivist.

A hacktivist that took out DOD's complete network and left the U.S. military defenseless for, what was it, three and a half hours?

The company that built that network got the contract because of campaign contributions.

I exposed the corruption.

I'm a patriot.

Soldiers could've died.

That's exactly why I did it.

So, if you're not supposed to have computers, what do you call that?

Ah, it doesn't work.

Some, uh, some dumb-ass pulled the fan cable and fried the thing.

Why do you keep it?

Reminder of better days.

(phone rings)


Right. Thanks.

He's clean.

Monitor company says he hasn't left the premises.

Keep in touch.

I'm sure it had to be something simple.

This sucks. I give up.

Hey, if I'm burning date night privileges for this, you don't get to give up.

(groans wearily) Remember your grandfather and the whole Admiral Nimitz thing.

Should it have been me, we would have lost the battle of Midway.

All right, let's look at this another way.

Maybe we try another format.

Hey, what if we're supposed to assume that the ones with broken processes are meant to be read as spaces?

Maybe we should just look at the numbers.

Yeah, that's worth a try.

Wait a minute, 20166 is the Dulles zip code.

That's a coincidence?


481 is a Justice Department phone prefix.

I called them a million times on Freedom of Information Act stuff.

So, we have a phone number and a zip code.

Maybe that middle part is an address.


The C4 was only broken on the right side.

What if that's the 4 side?

What if we're only supposed to read it as a C.

3117 C...

3117 C Street?

All right, reverse directory.

Give me a minute.

Dulles makes it a 571 area code phone number.

Click on the map hyperlink.

That's the Justice Department Archive Building.

353 must be a room number.

We solved it.

Hold on, what about those last four digits? The 5291?

We'll figure it out.

I gotta call Booth.

Crappy date night...

...excellent crime-solving.

Look, I told you guys, you're not allowed down here.

We're looking for room 353.

Look, I've got to talk to my boss.

You guys have to wait here.

There it is.

Central, this is Andy Lau down in sector three...

There's a keypad; you don't think that could be the last four number Hodgins found.

Yes, I do.


Who the hell gave you that...

What are we even looking for?

Anything suspicious.

Out of the ordinary.

Just keep your eyes open, all right?

Think I found some blood.


(liquid squishing)

SWEETS: That, uh, "Where's the rest of me" question--

I think we just answered it.

Get those back to the Jeffersonian as quick as possible.

Bones gets the rest of the remains.

Hopefully, she'll be able to figure out cause of death. Mm-hmm.

Looks like these are all criminal case files.

Closed cases? No, no, no.

It just says "Investigation Suspended."

Whoa, whoa, wait a second.

There's either open files or closed files.

What the hell does that mean?

(phone beeps) I don't... Oh, hold on.


Careful with that. That's evidence.

I know, I know, I'm sorry.

This could just be very important.

(mutters) Yes! Score!

What is it? What?


I got Daisy's birthday present.

It's a powder blue Vespa.

It's cute as a button.

You got her a scooter? Got it ten cents on the dollar at the, uh, U.S. Marshals' auction. Oh.

They got everything there; they got boats, cars...

My bad, your plate is full.

Solve murder, buy house, have baby.

Yeah, go through the files-- now.

And give me some of the perp names.

All right.

Colin Freakley. Freakley.

Daniel Cassutto.

Cassutto-- wait-- Cassutto, he's a CI.

Confidential informant?

Well, check out some of these.

All right, Gino Nicoletta, Jimmy Valentine...

These are all FBI informants.

Yeah, well, there are about 20 of these.

Looks like someone decided not to prosecute their crimes.

Well, maybe Headquarters feels it's worth letting them slide on the small stuff in order to, you know, solve the bigger crimes.

No, this isn't small stuff.

These are major felonies.

BOOTH: Drug trafficking, extortion.

Mm-hmm. Fraud.

Yeah, if I was one of their victims, I'd do pretty much anything to call attention to this.

There's additional pitting and microfractures to the posterior of the ribs and sternum.

Damage to the inside of front and back?

What'd she do?

Explode from the inside?

How is that possible?

Well, anything is possible, Mr. Bray, except finding affordable housing in the District of Columbia.

King of the Cipher is on a roll.

I got results back on that particle you found embedded in the bones.

It' s camphor.

They use that in fireworks.


There's damage to the inside of both front and back ribs.

Did the killer shove some kind of homemade explosive down her throat?

Well, there's only one way to find out.

I'm gonna kill this man.

You should record me saying that so you have the evidence to arrest me.

(turns on TV)

KRANE: My source reports that the rest of the museum victim's remains were discovered in a secret file room.

They point a bloody virtual finger at wrongdoings by the FBI.

(turns TV off)

Can you believe this?

How the hell did he find out about the archives?

All he'll say is that he got a phone call.

From who?

I have no idea, but I fully intend to kill them, too.

CAROLINE: Why is this man wearing an Easter egg on his head?

BOOTH: 'Cause he got his girlfriend a Vespa.

A Vespa?

Yeah, I was just making sure it's comfortable. Sorry.

Did you finish going through the CI files?

Yeah. The worst of the bunch is Daniel Cassutto.

He ran a real estate scam.

One of his victims committed suicide right in front of his daughter-- a woman named Sophia Berman.

You have any shrink-y goodness to sprinkle on that one?

Suicide of a parent is a serious motivator, and Berman is head of I.T. at a local hospital, so...

That would give her technical expertise.

And a place to rearrange a spine.

Go get her. All right.

And get that thing out of here.

So, we covered a skeleton in processed meat...

Simulate soft tissue.

And the wet suit simulates skin.

We should be able to determine whether an internal explosion caused the unusual damage to the inside of the victim's bones.

I just want to be clear that I'm only going along with this out of fondness for Mr. Lincoln.

We'll take it.

Help me with this?

Hey... (clears throat)


Now put the explosive in his chest cavity.


Fire in the bones!

BRAY: Five, four, three, two, one!

I'm gonna, I'm gonna... Yeah. Mm-hmm. check it. Careful. That'd be good.

That'd be good.

Wendell, why don't you check it.

I... I'm not wearing gloves.



Good. Good.

SWEETS: Thanks for seeing us,

Ms. Berman. I can't believe you people finally want to talk about Daniel Cassutto.

So you think that Cassutto defrauded your father?

Oh, I know it.

Cleared out my father's pension, life insurance, everything.

I reported it, and you people didn't do a damn thing.

So you blame the FBI that your father committed suicide?

Last month I wanted to take my father out to dinner and cheer him up.

When I got there, he was sitting in the den with a gun.

He told me he was sorry, then he pulled the trigger.

I saw the top of his head come off.

I'm sorry.

No, you're not. You made it happen.

You didn't prosecute Cassutto because he works for you.

BOOTH: Uh, the museum killer went to a lot of trouble to bring public attention to this, Sophia.

What, you think I did that?

This another way for the FBI to cover their ass?

How'd you find out that Cassutto, uh, was an informant?

I got a call.

Couple days after my father killed himself.

From a journalist at the Washington Standard.

Someone who cared.

Ezra Krane?


He was trying to do a story on FBI corruption, but the editor wouldn't print it because it didn't have any juice.

(phone ringing) Excuse me.

Well, it has a lot of juice now.

What do you got?

Based on Brennan's strontium isotope information, I forwarded the facial reconstruction to the Danish Embassy. They I.D. her?

Yeah. Yeah, a girl named Inger Johannsen.

Local family went out of town for a couple of months, and she was house-sitting for them.

Well, that makes sense-- you know, the killer needed a body, so he picked a girl that no one's gonna miss.

Yeah. That's pretty cold, right?

Yeah, pretty cold. It's horrible.

So text me where she was staying.

Will do.

(doorbell rings)

This is a nice neighborhood.

Maybe you guys could find a house here.

Ah, we might be done looking.

So you're just gonna live with Dr. Brennan?

No, no-- I may have found a place.

What?! Really?

Yeah. Congratulations!

Let's check around back, all right?

SWEETS: Wait, we're in the middle of an investigation-- when do you have time to get a house?

Let's just say your Vespa gave me the idea.

Oh, seriously? The auction?

I don't think anyone's home.

Look, I haven't told Bones yet, so if you say anything, we're finished.

(insects buzzing) SWEETS: What is it?

(insects continue buzzing)

Oh, wow.

Is that what I... Yeah.

BOOTH: This is where she was killed.

Look at that.

He knew we would find this.

He's playing with us.

(insects buzzing)

BRENNAN: Based on the tissue in the Jacuzzi,

Dr. Saroyan believes the murder occurred Sunday night.

Doing okay, Bones?

I'm frustrated.

I saw multiple properties today, none of which were even close.

Well, I may have found a place.



But the thing is, the owner, you know, has just a little bit of a questionable history.

What kind of questionable? Let's just say his new address is Leavenworth.

Oh. So... we'd be acquiring the home of a convicted criminal?

Yeah, you're right. Forget it.

That's no place for our kid.

Never mind. Forget it.


When the Dani of New Guinea defeated the Amungme tribesmen, the Dani valued the huts of their vanquished enemy as symbols of their mightiness.

Right. So the crook who lives in the hut that I found is like... you could say, our vanquished enemy.

Yes. His hut would be a symbol of our mightiness.


A mighty hut, huh?


(phone ringing) Well, it's not actually a hut, is it?


CAROLINE: I just finished talking to Inger Johannsen's parents.

The girl never hurt a fly.

Oh, that's rough. Any way you cut the sandwich, Ezra Krane knows something-- he's just not talking.

Okay, well, you want me to bring him in?

You know me so well, cher.

Threaten him with conspiracy and obstruction.

Make the son of a bitch hurt; just don't leave any marks.

Well, much as I'd like, you know, I'm not gonna be beating him up, Caroline.

I know, I know.

But a girl can dream, cher.

BRAY: Once we scan the bones, the computer can predict scenarios consistent with the damage?

Yeah. Now, these highlights..., these indicate skeletal trauma.

Now the program will compute trajectories.

Cool. (chuckles)


MONTENEGRO: So you two really thought that blowing up a scuba suit was gonna work, huh?

It did-- we determined that Inger Johannsen absolutely did not die from explosives shoved down her throat.


Okay, now the computer should tell us what caused the internal injuries.

BRAY: A gunshot. But there is no bullet.

Yeah, a contact gunshot without a bullet.

Doesn't make any sense; what does that even mean?

Whoa, whoa, whoa, wh-what just happened?

I think I smell something.

(alarm blaring)

Oh, my God.


KRANE: I can't wait to hear where this is going.

You're making my story better all the time.

Who told you about the informant files?

He didn't give a name.

When did this mysterious source contact you?

Yesterday. Now, you called Sophia Berman and Chris Pelant.

It's almost like you knew everything before they did.

Wait a minute.

Suddenly I'm a person of interest here?

Oh, you're not interesting; you're just a suspect.

You've got nothing on me.

I know what your profile says, and I don't fit it.

You're smart enough to know that.

You needed a big story bad enough to make one.

If you're trying to scare me into naming my source, it's not gonna work.

I don't think you have a source.

I think you killed that girl in order to save your career.

Where were you between the hours of 5:00 and 6:00 a.m. when those remains were found in the museum?

Alone in bed, asleep. Two weeks ago, the FBI had a blood drive-- where were you then?

At home writing. Alone?

Are you actually trying to pin this on me?

No, I'm just trying to catch a killer, and if it just so happens to be you, pal, that's just gravy.

HODGINS: Okay, we figured out what killed her.

It's a bang stick.

Divers use it for sharks.

That thing can kill someone?

(clears throat)

Okay. That's a yes. The killer must have shoved it into her abdomen beneath the rib cage and fired.

MONTENEGRO: Hey. So it turned out the malware killed our fans.

They're supposed to turn on when the CPU reaches 75 degrees, but the malware added a zero and made it 750. How did this malware get past our firewall?

Well, it didn't-- it originated in my computer.

Wait, but it wouldn't have gotten in there unless you had downloaded something. Yeah.

Or uploaded.

All you uploaded were the scans of those bones.

Are you telling me that there's a computer virus in the bones?

I have no idea how this happened, but it is the only explanation.

I need Dr. Brennan to look at the bones now.

These are all of the bones that you scanned into the computer?

Yeah. Wendell swears there's no microchips, nothing.

There's a roughness.

Is it pitting from the fatal explosion?

I don't think so. Hand me the bottle of edicol dye and a brush.



MONTENEGRO: It's some kind of fractal pattern.

Whoever did this wrote malware on bone that-that took down a million bucks' worth of computers.

Who would know how to do that?

A computer genius who wants us to know that he doesn't need a computer.


But he has an ankle monitor.

I'm telling you, this guy is a genius.

Man walking his dog spotted him about an hour ago.

I wanted you to get the full effect.

SAROYAN: Okay, lower it down.

Slowly, gently.



Okay, let me guess.

Security cameras were disabled?

You got it.

Okay. You got him?



Careful, careful.

BOOTH: He's got no face.

Oh! Ew.

Well, powder burns at the base of the skull are consistent with a bang stick, same thing that killed Inger Johannsen.

Check his pockets, will you?

Ezra Krane.

This is not the outcome I was hoping for... exactly.

How long has he been dead?

Still warm. Less than four hours?

Someone really didn't want Ezra Krane to reveal his source.

Let's make sure we get secure transportation for this body.

Well, we have fresh remains.

Whoever did this-- we'll get him.

This is ridiculous.

The body left the scene over two hours ago.

I watched it get loaded onto the coroner's van myself.

Should I call Caroline again?

You've already called her twice.

I got some very strange results back on the skull wound swab.

There's traces of thorium dioxide.

It's used in heat-resistant ceramics, like gas lamps and old vacuum tubes.

The same kind of vacuum tubes they use in old computers?

Actually, yeah, now that you mention it.

Didn't Booth say that Pelant had an old computer?

SAROYAN: Yes, but he's also got that ankle monitor.

MONTENEGRO: The killer made a cipher out of spine, and he wrote malware on bone, and-and he killed two people with blanks and a curtain rod.

I think he can get around an ankle monitor.

Pelant did this, Cam. He did it.

Call Dr. Brennan.

Your body won't be arriving any time soon.


The coroner's van left the scene with a Metro PD escort, but they got a radio call ordering them to reroute to the medical examiner's office, where there was paperwork ordering the body transferred to DC Memorial.

DC Memorial also had paperwork.

Only theirs said that the autopsy was complete, and that infectious tissue was found.

Oh, my God. The protocol.

What? What protocol?

Once autopsies are complete, bodies with infectious tissue are cremated as medical waste.

A set of orders were passed down through channels that even the Almighty Himself would need an atlas and a double shot of bourbon to navigate.

He thinks he's smarter than us.

He may be right.

I don't know anyone smarter than I am.

Well, they didn't say that he was, just that he might be.


Pelant's parole officer's bringing him in, which is good.

He's resourceful.

That doesn't make him smarter than I am.

Primitive hunters were resourceful.

Oh, you know, he did manage to get gunpowder for his bang stick without leaving tracks.

That's pretty resourceful.

He could have used putrefied urine.

It's an excellent source of potassium nitrate.

Right. Oh, so you're saying that sometimes something that stinks has the potential to be turned into something--

I don't know-- valuable?

Are you talking about putrefied urine or a mighty hut?


Lot of trouble carting that thing in here.

Why'd you do that, Agent Booth?

My guys took a look.

Turns out there's a vacuum tube missing.

Yeah? That's a drag. It's going to be tough to replace.

Especially since I can't get online.

SWEETS: That seems like a pretty minor obstacle for a man who can write a computer virus on bone.

Mm, mm, no, not virus.

The word you're looking for is "worm."

It's a common mistake.

So, you don't deny it.

Why deny the impossible?

This sends a signal every 38 seconds to the monitoring company, and the records will show that I never left my house.

I talked to them. He's right.

You can charge me, you can charge me, but-but what jury is going to believe that I killed a girl, cut her up, and then dumped her in the museum, all in 38 seconds?

SWEETS: You did it, but you couldn't have done it.

It's quantum indeterminacy.

I knew you'd say that.

I have a lot of time on my hands, so I've read all the court transcripts where you guys gave testimony.

You are not gonna get away with this, pal.

Actually, it kind of looks like he is.

It's the giant flaw in our system.

Trying to make the system secure, we make it more complex.

But the more complex we make it, the more insecure we actually are.


It turns out I'm not a complex guy.

I'm a simple guy, and simple guys always take down guys like you.

Tell his guard he's ready to go.


Give Jack Hodgins my regards.

I knew he'd enjoy the code in the spine.

♪ Once the feeling comes

♪ You play the part

♪ Break the heart till you feel alive ♪ ♪ Scratch through the ceiling you love ♪ ♪ To have your fun behind the gun ♪ ♪ Till the fever dies

♪ And there's something at work here ♪ ♪ There's something at work here ♪ ♪ There's something at work here ♪ ♪ Dark circles around your body ♪ ♪ Soon you'll be stealing from

♪ The odds and ends who once were friends ♪ ♪ Now you demonize

♪ Back to meaning of

♪ The way you are

♪ You crash the car

♪ To make the fever rise

♪ And there's something at work here ♪ ♪ There's something at work here ♪ ♪ There's something at work here ♪ ♪ Dark circles around your body ♪ ♪ Shiftless inside your guise

♪ Well, lay the card

♪ That bears upon what used to be a lie... ♪

(crickets chirping)

(door squeaks open) We will get him, Booth.

It might take time, but he is not smarter than I am.


Just be careful in here, all right?

I don't want you to trip...

(mutters) Oh!

Light around here somewhere-- I got it.

Booth? Yeah?

The mighty hut appears to be leaking.

I'll be able to patch that.

Listen, I told you, this place needs a lot of work, so you have to use your imagination.




Oh, my God, Booth.


Uh, look, it's no big deal.

You know what? I can get my security deposit back.

It was only one month's salary. It's not gonna kill me.

You don't want to go over there.

That part kind of blew up.

It's where the marshals breached. I'm sorry.

This is a bad idea. I messed up.

It's perfect.


I can see the bones, Booth.

The bones of the house.

It's going to be wonderful.

You mean that?

The beams and the doorways appear to be structurally sound, and the proportions are very pleasing.

I can imagine it whole.

So can I.

There's a backyard, there's room for a swing... a tree house!

Where-Where's the baby's room?

Oh, you're gonna love it. Okay, it's this way.

Be careful walking around, all right?

Look, it's right here.

It's right next to our room, okay? So we can be close to her.

And we're gonna rip that wall out, and it's gonna be huge.

Oh, we could plant a cherry blossom tree outside the window.

Anything. Yes, we can.

I-I already talked to Wendell, and he... you know, he needs the work, so, we'll get this place in decent shape before this baby arrives.

We have a house, Booth.

You found our house.

We have a home.

Oh! Oh, could you feel that? She kicked!

I think she's trying to tell you that she likes her room.

You think?