(The camera opens on an area of a nighttime sky with stars above, as the studio name appears in a blend of purple and blue.)

Bagdasarian Productions


(The camera moves diagonally upwards from the stars, as the title appears in full.)

The Chipmunk Adventure

(The camera continues on into a field of clouds.)


The Chipmunks


The Chipettes

(The camera then sees the moon setting above the Pacific Ocean.)

Written by

Janice Karman


Ross Bagdasarian

(Night changes into morning, as the camera continues passing through the clouds.)

Production Designer:

Carol Holman Grosvenor

Background Color Stylist:

Ron Dias

(The camera swoops above the shores of the Pacific and over the hills.)

Character Design:

Louise Zingarelli

Chipmunk and Chipette Design By


(The camera zooms in on the hills, where plenty of real-estate houses stand tall above the valley.)

Music Score by

Randy Edelman

(The camera hovers above the suburbs and stops at the home of Alvin and the Chipmunks and their guardian, Dave Seville.)

Produced by

Ross Bagdasarian

Directed by

Janice Karman

(Inside Dave's bedroom, Dave is packing up for his business trip to Europe, and he is trying to get everything squared away as much as possible before his taxi arrives.)

Dave: (worried) "The taxi's gonna be here any minute, and I'm not even packed. Uh, has anyone seen my tie?"

(Simon is in his bedroom with Dave, helping point out the items for Dave for which to bring to Europe. He is also sitting on his bed, highlighting the places to go in Dave's tour book.)

Simon: "You're wearing it, Dave."

Dave: "Uh, uh, thanks, Simon." (He ties his tie.)

(Theodore sees a pair of mittens on the nightstand and runs them over to Dave while having a sandwich in his other hand.)

Theodore: "Don't forget your mittens, Dave. It's cold in Europe."

Dave: "Oh, thanks, Theodore." (He grabs the mittens and puts them on a pile of his packed clothes. He puts them in his suitcase, as Simon has finished highlighting the tour book.)

Simon: "And don't forget your tour book. I'm marking all the great cities you'll want to visit."

Dave: "Great, Simon. Now, let's see: Shirts, pants, overcoats, socks. Am I forgetting anything?"

(Theodore thinks for a moment, until Alvin barges in.)

Alvin: "Me!" (He leaps into Dave's suitcase and tries shutting himself in, but Dave opens it.)

Dave: "Alvin, we've been over this a million times."

Alvin: (pleading) "Please, Dave, I need a little culture in my life! The Eiffel tower, the Sistine chapel, the Louvre in Rome!"

Simon: "The Louvre is in Paris, Alvin."

Alvin: (pleading) "You see, I don't even know where the Louvre is!" (He leaps onto Dave's feet.) "Please! Take me with you, Dave!"

Dave: "Alvin, for the last time. This is strictly a business trip. It's just not practical. Besides, I've hired someone very good to take care of you while I'm gone."

(They then hear the sound of tires screeching and trash cans being knocked over.)

Theodore: (groaning) "Oh."

Simon: (dissatisfied) "Did it have to be Miss Miller, Dave?"

Dave: "Now, come on, fellas, she's a very nice woman."

(Miss Miller opens the front door, dropping her bags on the floor.)

Miss Miller: "Yoo-hoo! I'm here!" (calling out) "Hello! Anybody home?"

All: "Up here!"

Miss Miller: "Dave? Boys?"

All: "We're up here!"

Miss Miller: "Hello! Hello!"

Dave: "We'll be right down." (At that moment, Dave's taxi arrives outside the front door. The boys look upset.) "Well, my taxi's here. I'm sure gonna miss you, boys." (He hugs them and runs down the stairs, as the driver waits for Dave outside.)

Miss Miller: "Hello!"

Dave: (to the driver) "Just a minute."

Miss Miller: "David, your jacket." (She gives Dave his jacket.)

Dave: "Oh, thanks."

Simon: "And your tickets." (He gives Dave his plane tickets.)

Dave: "Thanks, Simon." (Alvin opens the door for him.) "Thanks, Alvin." (Alvin sneaks aboard, annoying Dave.) "Alvin!"

(The taxi backs up to the sidewalk, and Dave sends Alvin out the door. Alvin sadly walks over Miss Miller and his brothers.)

Miss Miller: "Don't worry about a thing, David. The boys will be fine."

(The taxi leaves, letting Simon and Theodore say their farewells to Dave.)

Simon & Theodore: "Bye, Dave!"

(Only a miserable Alvin rests against Ms. Miller's arms.)

Miss Miller: (kindly) "Don't worry, dear. You'll get to see the world soon enough."

(The camera fades out on them and re-opens in on Alvin playing a world racing arcade game, Around the World in 30 Days, with Brittany at an ice cream parlor. Both groups of siblings cheer Alvin and Brittany on.)

Simon: "Look out on the left, Alvin. You're not going to make it."

Eleanor: "Brittany. Oh, Alvin."

Simon: "Faster, Alvin. Faster. Hurry."

Jeanette: "Go, Alvin."

Eleanor: "Brittany."

Alvin: "Oh!"

Simon: "Look out for that sphinx."

(Alvin crashes his balloon into the sphinx.)

Alvin: "Aw, nuts."

Theodore: "Since when does Alvin like playing around the world in 30 days?"

Simon: "Since he feels it's as close to a world trip as he'll ever get."

All: "Come on. Hurry."

(Meanwhile, the camera backs up to see two strangers sitting far away from them, as the first one, Claudia, holds a cigarette holder in her hand.)

Claudia: (complaining) "We have people waiting around the world for $5 million in diamonds, and we can't get anyone to deliver them."

(Her brother, Klaus, lets off a puff of smoke.)

Klaus Furschtein: What about Ivan?

Claudia: Oh, we've used him too often. Jamal knows his face." (Claudia breathes on her cigarette holder, causing her to cough on some smoke, which gets into the throat of her pet terrier, Sophie, who wheezes on her mistress' smoke, too, as she sits inside her mistress' purse. She turns to her head and whimpers.) "Oh, sorry, Sophie." (Claudia pets Sophie's head.) "We need someone new. Someone Jamal would never suspect. Don't forget, dear brother, last year Jamal robbed us of $3 million worth of priceless, precious..."

Klaus Furschtein: "Claudia."

Claudia: (sobbing) "...gorgeous, spectacular..."

Klaus Furschtein: "Claudia."

Claudia: (sobbing) " die for gems!" (She cries, and Sophie kindly hands her a handkerchief.) "Thank you, Sophie."

(She sobs into her handkerchief and blows her nose into it. Then, Claudia rests her head on the table, continuing to sob, as Sophie growls menacingly at Klaus.)

Klaus Furschtein: (embarrassed) "Oh, Claudia, please. Not here."

Simon and Theodore: (offscreen) "Come on, Alvin!"

Jeanette and Eleanor: (offscreen) "Brittany, watch out!"

Claudia: (scowling) "Noisy brats!"

(The game continues offscreen.)

Simon: (offscreen) "Go, Alvin!"

Theodore: "Go!" (Sophie scowls at them as well, as the camera cuts back to the kids.) "To the left, Alvin! To the left!"

Alvin: "Leave me alone!"

Theodore: "Watch out!" (Alvin's balloon hits an obstacle on the map screen, as Theodore turns to Simon) "The Chipettes are winning."

Alvin: "I heard that, Theodore."

Simon: "You need to take the shortcut across Fiji, Alvin."

Theodore: "Oh, not that. It's too dangerous."

Alvin: (determinedly) It's my only chance.

(Alvin presses a button for the Fiji level. Right on the screen, he maneuvers his balloon out of a thunderstorm and across an area of live volcanoes, which spews out lava in front of the balloon, which he dodges it out of the way and brings it close toward the jungle.)

Eleanor: "Oh, Brittany, be careful." (She sees Alvin's balloon gaining in on her sister's balloon.) "Oh, Brittany."

Simon: "You're gaining, Alvin."

(Alvin and Brittany get their game faces on, as Alvin controls his balloon, steering it out of a group of natives throwing their spears at the balloon. He brings the balloon below the spears. Alvin's clenches his eyes, as he drives the balloon to the waterfall. He tries to grab a score of 2000, when a crocodile jumps up, bites the balloon with its teeth, and brings the balloon down to the water. The reminder, "Game Over", flashes on the screen. Alvin's victory is gone.)

Alvin: (mortified) "No!"

(The arcade cabinet flashes off the word, "Win" in blue, purple, and pink. The girls celebrate Brittany's victory.)

The Chipettes: "Hurray!"

Brittany: "I won!"

Alvin: (jealously) "You're lucky this is only a game. You'd never beat me if this were for real!"

Brittany: (angered) "Oh, is that so?"

Alvin: "Yeah, that's so. If I had the money, I'd race you around the world right now!"

(Claudia watches their argument, as her face lightens up.)

Brittany: (offscreen) "Oh, no, you can't!"

Alvin: (offscreen) "I haven't had something special in my life! You never let me win!"

Claudia: (idealistic) "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?"

Brittany: (offscreen) "Oh, Alvin, why don't you just accept that it's not a game?!"

Klaus Furschtein: "Oh, don't be ridiculous. It's too dangerous. They're only children."

Claudia: "Exactly. Who would suspect them?"

Klaus Furschtein: "No, Claudia, it's out of the question."

Claudia: (strictly, grabbing Klaus) "Listen to me, Klaus!" (Sophie falls from her mistress' shoulder.) "If you think I'm going to let you botch up this deal like you did the last one..."

(Sophie climbs back on Claudia's shoulder and growls at Klaus.)

Klaus Furschtein: "Must you keep reminding me?! I underestimated Jamal! It won't happen again!"

Claudia: (strictly) "You bet, it won't! We're doing things my way this time!" (She walks away to see the Chipmunks and Chipettes with Sophie on her shoulder, while Alvin glares at Brittany.)

Brittany: (mocking Alvin) "Well, unless you inherit a fortune, Alvin, I guess we'll never know."

(The kids hear the sound of Klaus and Claudia talking to them.)

Klaus Furschtein: "Excuse us, but we couldn't help overhearing your conversation."

Claudia: "We were just wondering which one of you really would win a race around the world."

Brittany: (thinking) "Hmm, I would."

Alvin: (enviously) "Not a chance!"

Klaus Furschtein: "I know. She could win."

Claudia: (suggestively) "Would you like to make a little wager?"

(Klaus kneels down to face Brittany, as he strokes her chin.)

Klaus Furschtein: "Why not? I bet $1 million on this cutie."

(Brittany sighs, bashfully, as Claudia kneels down and pinches Alvin's cheek.)

Claudia: "And I bet on this handsome gentleman."

Alvin: (dreamily) "$1 million?" (catches himself) "Uh, you're joking, right?"

Klaus Furschtein: "Certainly not. We're quite wealthy and very bored. Allow us to introduce ourselves. My name is Klaus Furschtien, and this is my sister, Claudia." (Sophie pops out and barks at Klaus for leaving her out.) "And Sophie."

Theodore: "And we're The Chipmunks. And these are our friends, the Chipettes."

(The Chipettes giggle bashfully.)

Claudia: (starstruck) "The Chipmunks and Chipettes?! Oh, how adorable!" (Sophie pokes her head out of Claudia's purse with a necklace and hankie covering her head.) "Well, what do you say? Will you consider our little wager?" (She grabs Alvin's shirt, tugging him ahead.) "A bet like this would add a little excitement to our lives."

Alvin: Well, I'm game!"

Brittany: "Me, too!"

All: "What?!"

Claudia: "Then, it's all set. We'll supply all the necessary provisions for you to race around the world, and the first one back gets $100,000."

Alvin: (enthralled) "$100,000? This is fantastic."

(Later that night, back at Dave's house, Alvin devises a plan to fool Dave, but he is having trouble convincing Simon to help him.)

Alvin: "Come on, Simon, help me out!"

Simon: (firmly) "Absolutely not! I refuse to be a part of this deception. (He walks back to his bed, while Alvin turns to Theodore.)

Alvin: "Ok, Theodore, it's you and me. We just need Dave to say, "Hello, Miss Miller, I want Alvin, Simon and Theodore to meet me in Europe. Bye-bye." Is the tape recorder ready?"

(Theodore has recording tape wrapped around himself. He hides some of the tape behind his back.)

Theodore: (nervously) "I think so."

Simon: (firmly) "I can't believe you'd deceive Miss Miller for a package of tutti-frutti, Theodore."

Theodore: "2 packages."

Alvin: (dialing Dave's number) "What could be better? An all-expense-paid trip around the world and a chance at winning $100,000. Besides, we'll be back before Dave gets home."

(Simon reads a book about stress management.)

Simon: "Do you realize it's 3:00 in the morning where Dave is?"

Alvin: "Exactly. He'll be putty in my hands." (The camera cuts to Dave's bedroom in Paris. While Dave is sleeping, Dave's phone rings, forcing him to answer Alvin's call.) "Hello, Dave?"

Dave: (tiredly) "Hello, Alvin." (recognizes his son's voice) "Alvin, what is it?"

(Alvin crosses off "Hello" and his own name off the letter.)

Alvin: (fibbing) "Uh, I just missed the sound of your voice." (Simon grumbles, annoyedly.) "Uh, so guess who's in the house right now, Dave?"

Dave: (face palming) "I don't know, Alvin."

Alvin: "Well, there's me and Simon and Theodore and..."

Dave: "Miss Miller?"

Alvin: "Very good, Dave!" (He crosses off Miss Miller on the letter. The scene then slides to the letter having been crossed off of all names by Alvin.) "Well, that's about all I need." (corrects himself) "I, I mean, it's been good talking to you, Dave. Bye-bye."

Dave: "Uh, Alvin?"

Alvin: "Bye-bye."

Dave: "Bye-bye." (He hangs up the phone.)

Theodore: "Now, what do we do?"

Alvin: "We edit the tape together, play it for Miss Miller, and we're on our way around the world!"

(The camera fades out on them and opens inside a kitchen cabinet that is opened by Miss Miller, as she serves the boys some breakfast.)

Miss Miller: "Now, let's see. Alvin gets the raisin bread, Simon gets the English muffin, mmm... Theodore gets the banana bread, the orange slices, the cereal, the bowl of yogurt, the peanut-butter sandwich, the pancakes with gooseberry jelly, the scrambled eggs with toast..."

(The boys are sitting at the table eating their Cheerios, as Alvin makes his move.)

Alvin: (acting) "I wonder when Dave will call us." (to Theodore) "Ahem."

Theodore: (realizing) "Oh, yeah."

(Theodore sneaks off to the bedroom to use the phone, which rings on cue.)

Alvin: "I'll get it!" (He jumps up and dashes across the table, knocking over Simon's cereal. He reaches the counter where Miss Miller is standing and grabs the phone receiver to talk into it.) "Hello? Hi, Dave! What a coincidence! We were just talking about you." (The camera cuts to Theodore sitting at his bed in their bedroom. He is looking at the tape recorder with apprehension, not knowing which button to press.) "Sure, hold on." (to Miss Miller) "Miss Miller, it's Dave. He wants to talk to you."

(Alvin hands the phone to Miss Miller.)

Miss Miller: "Hello?"

Theodore: (nervously) "Oh." (With his eyes shut, Theodore tries pressing the "Play" button, but he accidentally presses the "Reverse" button instead. The tape recorder then plays the message in reverse quickly.)

Dave: (reversed) "Eyb-eyb." (Theodore gasps in embarrassment.) "Eporue ni em teem ot, Erodoeht dna, Nomis, Nivla tnaw I. Rellim sm, olleh? Eporue ni em teem ot..."

Miss Miller: (confused) "Huh?"

(Alvin gapes with panic, as Miss Miller rubs her ear. Simon wipes the mess off the table.)

Simon: (realistic) "It's not your hearing-aid, Miss Miller."

Alvin: (acting) "Uh, it's a bad connection." (He glares at the phone angrily.)

Theodore: (nervously) "Oh. Uh. Oh." (He presses the other buttons on the recorder, until he presses the "Slow" button.)

Dave: (slow-motion) "Hello, Miss Miller..."

(Alvin face-palms at this.)

Miss Miller: (suspiciously) David, are you drunk?

(At last, Theodore presses the "Play" button and faints on the floor.)

Dave: (recording) "Hello, Miss Miller. I want Alvin, Simon and Theodore to meet me in Europe."

Alvin: "Phew."

Dave: (recording) "Bye-bye."

Miss Miller: "Could you repeat that, David?"

(Alvin groans, throwing the box of Cheerios on the floor.)

(Later that day, a taxi drives away by a long wall, meaning it has dropped off Alvin, Simon, and Theodore at the Furschtein Estate.)

Alvin: "Klaus and Claudia wanted us here at 2:00. I hope we're not too late." (He makes his way through the gates. Only Simon and Theodore are left standing here.)

Theodore: "Simon, I feel kind of funny about tricking Miss Miller."

Simon: "It's called guilt, Theodore."

Alvin: (offscreen) "Come on, you guys."

(The two brothers walk up to Alvin, as the gates open wide to show them the front terrace.)

All: "Wow!"

(Out on the terrace stand a pair of giant hot-air balloons individually colored in blue and pink for each team.Also on the front lawn are the Chipettes and Claudia and Klaus Furschtein. Alvin walks up to Brittany standing on a crate by her balloon.)

Brittany: "Uh, so, Alvin, you finally showed up."

Alvin: "Well, somebody has to win the race."

(Simon comes up and grabs Klaus' tie.)

Simon: "Mr. Furschtein, I beg you to call this off."

(Alvin grabs Simon away from Klaus.)

Alvin: "Don't listen to him, Klaus. We're thrilled to be going."

(Simon tries grabbing Alvin to get out of the balloon (and out of the race), until Claudia comes up to Simon.)

Claudia: "Oh, Simon, don't worry so much." (She kisses Simon on the cheek, causing poor Simon to slump against the wall of the balloon basket with worry.) "Now, here are the rules. Each of you will be taking a different route."

(She hands Alvin and Brittany each a world map, as Klaus closes the Alvin doll tight full of diamonds. He puts the Alvin doll in a crate and rushes with it to the teams.)

Klaus Furschtein: "And to make sure you travel completely around the world, both teams must deposit one doll at 12 different locations." (He puts the crate in Jeanette's arms, as it causes Jeanette to land on the grab.) "You'll be given the opposing team's doll to verify you were there." (He puts another crate in Theodore's hands, as he is able to lift it with all his strength.) "The first one back wins $100,000."

Alvin: "A hundred..."

Brittany: "Thousand dollars."

(Jeanette runs over to a sulking Simon and shows him one of the routes on her team's map.)

Jeanette: "Simon, which route do you think we should take to Bermuda?"

Simon: (wiping his glasses) "Well, if you insist on going, don't take the easterly route." (Brittany overhears Simon.) "I heard on the news there's a hurricane coming from that direction."

(Brittany grabs Jeanette.)

Brittany: "Uh, thank you for your advice, Simon." (Brittany brings Jeanette away from Simon over to their balloon where Eleanor is, as she becomes cynical.) "What a liar. He's getting as bad as Alvin."

Jeanette: "But, what if he's telling the truth, Brittany?"

Brittany: "Oh, Jeanette, don't be so naive." (She brings Jeanette into the balloon basket.) "He's just saying that because our route is shorter, and he doesn't want us to win."

Klaus Furschtein: (raising a red flag) "On your marks..."

(Sophie stands ready, clenching a piece of rope to release the knot on the anchor lines to both balloons.)

Simon: (pleading) "Please, reconsider!"

Klaus Furschtein: (waves the flag) "Go!"

(Sophie releases the knot that sends both balloons lifting off the ground. Simon has no choice but to climb onto his team's balloon basket.)

Theodore: "Better get in, Simon!"

Simon: (annoyed) "Why didn't I think of that?"

Alvin: "Do you know how to work this thing, Simon?"

Simon: "Not a clue, Alvin!"

(The Chipettes' balloon destroys the top of a tree, and both it and the Chipmunks' balloon are flying low, straight towards the Furschteins and Sophie.)

Klaus Furschtein: (cursing) "Gott im Himmel!"

(Klaus, Claudia, and Sophie run for cover from the balloons, as Simon screams for dear life. The balloons miss them by their baskets, as Sophie pokes out from her mistress' spring hat. On the Chipettes' balloon, Eleanor sees a water fountain ahead.)

Eleanor: "Watch out!" (to Jeanette) "Higher, Jeanette, higher!"

(Jeanette fires up the burners to raise the balloon higher, as it knocks off the top part of the fountain. Alvin sees this, too, and looks down at Simon.)

Alvin: "Hang on, Simon!"

Simon: "Oh, no!" (He sees the fountain ahead.) "Oh."

(He is then splashed by the fountain water and sees the Chipettes' balloon about to collide with theirs. He gasps, as both balloon baskets slam into each other, and poor Simon is wedged between the two baskets.)

Brittany: (rudely) "Watch where you're going!"

Alvin: (rudely) "We had the right of way!"

(The two balloon baskets slowly pull apart from each other.)

Simon: "Whoa!" (He grips onto the edges of each basket for support.)

Alvin: "In you go, Simon."

(Alvin yanks him inside the balloon basket, and both two teams finally go off on their race. Back on Earth, Claudia and Klaus get up from the grass and watch them fly away from their estate.)

Klaus Furschtein: "Oh, grass stains. Still think it's a good idea, Claudia?"

Claudia: "They'll get the hang of it. Jamal will never suspect them in a million years!" (cackling)

(As the camera pans right to focus on the balloons, a large thundercloud is hovering above the Los Angeles city skyline.)

Eleanor: "Brittany, maybe Simon was right about the hurricane."

Brittany: "For the last time, Eleanor, there is no hurricane."

(Meanwhile, Claudia, Klaus, and Sophie are sitting in their office. Claudia is on the phone with one of her goons, while Klaus is playing tug-of-war using one of his socks with Sophie.)

Claudia: "Yes, the couriers have already left. You'll get your diamonds. You just make sure you fill my dolls with cash." (to Klaus) "Oh, play with her, Klaus. It's not going to kill you."

Klaus Furschtein: "Hey, hey, hey. Hey..."

Claudia: "The boys are going to Mexico City."

Man: "Is someone else on the line?"

Claudia: "Don't be ridiculous. There's no one here but Klaus and Mario." (She hears growling from Sophie.) And Sophie. Keep in touch." (She hangs up the phone.) "Oh, what a brilliant idea this was of mine!"

Klaus Furschtein: (worriedly) "It's not over yet, Claudia."

Claudia: "What could go wrong?" (breathes on her cigarette holder) "Where's my coffee?"

(In the kitchen, their butler, Mario, is preparing their tea on a platter, as he, too, uses the kitchen phone for personal reasons.)

Mario: (to the phone operator) "Pronto. Is Jamal there?"

(The lips of Jamal are then shown as he brings the receiver to his ear.)

Inspector Jamal: (deep toned) "What did you find out?"

Mario: "The girls' first stop is Bermuda and the boys..."

(Meanwhile, the tug-of-war between Klaus and Sophie is still going on, until the sock rips in two, yanking Sophie backwards.)

Klaus Furschtein: (laughing) "You lose again, mutt." (notices his ripped sock) "Ah! This is one of my Pierre Cardin socks."

Claudia: "Oh, Klaus." (shouting) "Mario! Where's my coffee?!"

Mario: "Coming, signora, presto!" (to Jamal) "I've got to go. I'll call you when I get some more information."(He hangs up the phone, grabs the tray, and then brings it upstairs to the office.)

(Meanwhile, Jamal's two goons, Sisman and Cuomo, stand in front of their boss.)

Inspector Jamal: "Well, Sisman, it looks like you're off to Bermuda. And you, Cuomo, Mexico City."

(The two agents leave for their destinations to find the kids, and Inspector Jamal turns to the camera with a mysterious look on his face.)

(Meanwhile, the Chipettes' balloon has crash-landed on the shores of Bermuda. It turns out that Simon predicted that the hurricane had come their way.)

Brittany: "Well, that was quite a breeze."

(Jeanette crawls out of the basket with her clothes torn by the hurricane's effects, an afro wig-like hairdo, and a pan on her head.)

Jeanette: "A breeze? It was a hurricane. Just like Simon said.

(Eleanor and Brittany have their clothes torn up and their hair puffed up as well.)

Eleanor: "Yeah, Brittany. Why don't you just admit you were wrong?"

Brittany: (looking in a vanity mirror) "Because, I don't think..."

Both: (shouting) "Brittany!"

Brittany: (stammering) "Ok, ok, I was wr...wr... wr..." (She stops stammering.) "Uh, Jeanette, where's our first drop-off?"

(They turn to a boat docked at a harbor nearby.)

Jeanette: "We meet Mr. Anton on The Flying Surprise."

(Meanwhile, the Chipmunks float above the skyline of Mexico City, as a flock of pigeons fly away from a bell towers of the Metropolitan Cathedral.)

Theodore: "Ah! Isn't Rio beautiful?"

Simon: "We're in Mexico, Theodore."

Theodore: "Oh? Uh, that's what I mean."

(Their balloon is descending in a park.)

Simon: "Uh, Alvin, land the balloon by the fountain." (The balloon crashes in a tree instead.) "Like I said, in the tree." (The boys hop out of the balloon.) "Your first drop-off is the Cluck 'N Taco."

Alvin: (correcting him) "You mean our first drop-off."

Simon: (wisely) "I'm only along to see you don't get into too much trouble."

(They walk for their destination, until Theodore startles them, loudly.)

Theodore: "Hey, there it is! The Cluck 'N Taco!" (The restaurant is shown up ahead, as Theodore runs up to a counter and asks the clerk for food.) "I'll have 2 cheese enchiladas with extra sauce, and a tostada grande, oh, and a quesadilla with a side of guacamole, uh, 2 chile..."

Simon: "They're closed, Theodore."

(He puts Theodore down.)

Alvin: "Oh, fellas!"

(Alvin is at another counter, where a mechanical sombrero is located.)

Simon: "The instructions say to drop the doll under the little sombrero."

(He places the Alvin doll under the sombrero, which covers the doll and brings it inside the restaurant. The boys watch as they wait. The sombrero returns and uncovers a Brittany doll.)

Alvin: "Well, what do you know! 1 down and 11 to go."

Theodore: "And one quesadilla."

Simon: (grabbing Theodore) "Forget it, Theodore."

(He grabs Theodore away from the restaurant, as all three of them walk into the street.)

Alvin: (chuckles) "And you thought we were gonna have trouble."

(However, they are startled by the sounds of hollering and gunshots, and they turn to see a trio of horsemen on their horses stampeding down the street. The boys scream and run for their lives, until they jump into the arms of a man, as the horsemen charge past them.)

Man: (laughs) "There's nothing to be afraid of, boys. The fun has just begun! It is our annual fiesta!"

(To their amazement, the fiesta begins, as a gangly horse pulls a sombrero filled wagon into the fiesta.)

The Chipmunks: I yi yi yi!

I yi yi yi yi yi yi yi yi yi yi!

(The horse's master throws three sombreros for the boys, with one of them covering Simon.)

I yi yi yi yi yi, I like you very much.

I yi yi yi yi yi, I think you're grand.

(A pair of attractive girls flirt with Alvin, who tosses the Brittany doll in his hat and zips over to the first lady.)

Why why why is it that when I feel your touch,

My heart starts to beat, to beat the band?

(Theodore, shaking his maracas, flirts with the second one. Simon, on the other hand, meets a large woman, as his pupils shrink in surprise. The woman jumps in his arms, as Simon carries her over to the fiesta.)

I yi yi yi yi yi, I like you to hold me tight.

You are too too too too too divine.

(While Alvin and Theodore dance with their partners, Simon screams uncomfortably, as his partner spins him around wildly.)

If you want to be in someone's arms tonight,

Just be sure the arms you're in are mine.

(Cuomo, disguised as a mariachi player, raises his head and keeps a good eye on the boys, his gold tooth sparkling, while Alvin flirts with several more girls.)

I like your lips,

I like your eyes.

Do you like my hips...

To hypnotize you?

(A little girl kisses him on the lips, as Theodore rocks in the arms of another woman. He snags a banana from her hat and eats it, as he then rejoins his brothers at a fountain.)

See, see, see, see, see, see, see the moon above,

Way way way way way up in the blue,

(A bunch of kids are hitting the piñata, as a young boy, hits the piñata that hits Simon too close, as he stares angrily at the boy.)

Si si señorita I think I fall in love,

And when I fall, I think I fall for you.

(The boy hits the piñata again, knocking poor Simon into the fountain, while Alvin and Theodore shuffle off stage right.)

I yi yi yi.

Si si si si.

I yi yi yi,

Can see see see,

Can see see see that you're for me!"

(Simon emerges from the water. He checks his watch for time and shakes his wrist to keep it ticking.)

Simon: (speaking in Alvin's voice) "Ok, Chipmunks, hit it!"

(Alvin is sitting on the shoulders of another man, as the crowd follows him back to the balloon.)

Alvin: (laughing) "Ahhh, ha ha ha ha ha!"

(Cuomo stands behind a tree, preparing to follow Alvin and the boys.)

Chipmunks: "You've gotta get going,

And where you're going,

What you gonna do?

We're on our way to somewhere,

We three of us, and you! (Uh-huh!)

(Alvin's Brittany doll falls off his sombrero and lands onto that of another man.)

Who will be there?

What'll we see there?

What a really big surprise,

There may be senoritas,

With dark and flashing eyes.

(Cuomo gasps and goes to grab the doll, but the man waves his sombrero, flinging the Brittany doll into the crowd. So, Cuomo gets down on his hands and his knees and crawls through the crowd to get the doll.)

We're on our way,

We're on our way!

Pack up your pack!

Pack up your pack!

And if we stay!

And if we stay!

We won't be back!

We won't be back!

(Cuomo nears the doll and tries grabbing it, but a high heel of a woman kicks the doll away. It bounces off of a mariachi player's bongo drum, off of Alvin's dance partner's rear end, and into the bow string of another woman, where it shakes back and forth.)

How can we go?

How can we go?

We haven't gotta, gotta dime!

But, we're going,

And we're gonna have a happy time!

(Cuomo barges through the crowd and reaches the woman to grab the doll.)

Cuanto le gusta, gusta, gusta, gusta, gusta, gusta!

(Cuomo grabs the doll, but the woman, thinking Cuomo groped her booty, slaps him in the face, knocking him over and the doll. Alvin and his brothers are then put in the balloon by the crowd.)

Cuanto le gusta, gusta, gusta, gusta, gusta, gusta!

(Two men raise Cuomo up on his feet, as Cuomo breaks away. The man from earlier grabs the Brittany doll and throws it to the Chipmunks, losing Cuomo's chance of grabbing it at the last second.)

Cuanto le gusta, gusta, gusta, gusta, gusta, gusta!

Cuanto le gusta, gusta, gusta, gusta, gusta, gusta!

(Their balloon lifts off for their next destination, as the crowd wishes them goodbye, flinging their sombreros in the air as gratitude.)

Theodore: "Adios, you guys!"

(Meanwhile, the camera cuts to the Furschtein's gym, where Claudia rides an exercise bike, while Sophie runs on a dog treadmill. The phone rings, prompting Claudia to answer it.)

Claudia: "Hello."

(The camera cuts back to the man on the phone with Claudia.)

Man: "Miss Furschtein, everything's fine. They made the drop-off right on schedule."

(Klaus gets a tan in the tanning booth, while Claudia's lackey speaks to her on the phone.)

(Meanwhile, on Mr. Anton's sailboat, The Flying Surprise, a note is taped on his door, as it reads, "Down below. Back in a few hours. -Mr. Anton.".)

Eleanor: (offscreen) "Brittany, I... I really think we should just wait until he comes back up."

Brittany: (offscreen) "But, who knows when that'll be." (The Chipettes then come out of the boat, wearing their swimsuits and scuba masks. Brittany holds a Chipette doll in her hand.) "Besides, we're losing valuable time."

Eleanor: "But, we've never been scuba diving." (Brittany grabs a scuba tank.) "And, and who knows what's down there?" (She and Jeanette grab their scuba tanks.)

Brittany: "Relax, Eleanor. The only thing down there is our Chipmunk doll." (She stands at the edge of the boat, while Jeanette and Eleanor heave their scuba tanks along the floor. The girls then put on their scuba tanks as they stand with Brittany.) "Just remember the team that wins gets the $100,000!"

(She yelps in at the end of her sentence as all three girls go tumbling into the bay with the weight of their tanks. A beautiful coral reef is shown with fish swimming throughout, as the Chipettes swim through the reef. Eleanor looks at the sea anemones that retract their tentacles. Eleanor catches up with her sisters, as they continue their underwater journey away from the reef and through a field of rock formations. They stop for a moment, as Brittany points their drop-off to her sisters: A large, abandoned shipwreck. The Chipettes swim for the ship's cabin, while a shark appears, intent on following them. The girls reach the windowsill of the cabin and look inside, seeing a table with goblets and a conquistador's helmet. Just then, a beam of light shines on the Chipettes and scares them away, as Brittany drops her Jeanette doll on the ocean floor. Fortunately, the beam of light belongs to the flashlight of Mr. Anton himself, who picks up the Jeanette doll using his mini spear gun. He swims up to the cabin and leads the girls inside. Back on The Flying Surprise, Cisman walks on deck, snatching the letter from Mr. Anton's door. He crumples the letter in frustration, but he sees an extra air tank and scuba gear next to him. Back underwater, the girls and Anton swim through the cabin, until Mr. Anton motions for them to wait here. He swims inside a room, where a cabinet is built on the wall. He opens the cabinet door to reveal a Theodore doll. He puts the Jeanette doll in the cabinet and swims the Theodore doll over to the Chipettes, whom he gives it to Brittany. At the same time, Cisman swims above the shipwreck, spotting them. The Chipettes, with the Theodore doll in their hands, swim out of the shipwreck and back to dry land. However, Cisman is scared into hiding by the shark from recently. The shark swims past the cabin, and Cisman sticks his head out to see if the coast is clear and swims out of the area. Brittany, on the other hand, sees the shark charging for her through her mask and makes a break for it. Jeanette and Eleanor see the chase from the shipwreck, as both Brittany and the shark swim for the surface, leap above the bay, and splash underwater again. Cisman sees the shark, too, as the shark has Brittany in its jaws. Jeanette and Eleanor swim from behind and catch up to the shark's jaws, where pull Brittany out of the jaws just in the nick of time. However, this causes Brittany to lose her Theodore doll, prompting Cisman to swim up to all four of them. Jeanette, thinking quickly, grabs a knife and cuts the breathing tube with it, freeing Brittany and propelling the shark away. Cisman catches the Theodore doll in his hands, just as the shark slams into him, sending him away, too. The Theodore doll lands on the ocean floor, as Eleanor grabs it in time and rejoins her sisters, as all three of them swim away from the reef. Jeanette holds her own breath as she puts her breathing tube on Brittany's mouth to keep her from passing out. The girls swim up in front of the dock supports and reach the dock, gasping for air. They then lay Brittany down on the dock in order for her to get some air, as she groans. Jeanette and Eleanor remove their tanks and lift up their masks, as Eleanor reaches Brittany's side.)

Eleanor: (relieved) "We thought you were a goner."

Brittany: "Me, too."

Eleanor: "We would have been lost without you."

Brittany: "I know."

Eleanor: "Thank goodness, you're all right." (She holds up the Theodore doll and kisses it on the lips.)

Brittany: (offended) "What?!" (She folds her arms, jealously.)

Eleanor: (giggles) "Just kidding, Brit."

Jeanette: "Come on, you guys. We've got the whole world to see."

(The scene shifts back to the Chipmunks in their balloon. The jet burner keeps roaring, as the boys see the long, winding Amazon river against the sunrise in Peru. Later in the morning, Alvin and Simon are hoisting Theodore up as if he's flying, while a pair of llamas and an Incan native watch them from afar. On the other side of the mountain lays the boys' next stop: The ruins of Machu Picchu.)

Both Groups: "Flying through the airways,

Making the right stops.

(As their balloon descends toward the ground, the boys run up a stair case at one of the ruins and reach an altar where a Brittany doll lays here. Cuomo peeks from behind a pillar, as Alvin grabs the Brittany doll and exchanges it with another Alvin doll, which a brick on the altar lowers it underground. Cuomo becomes surprised at this.)

Through a storybook of places,

Making all our drops.

(Meanwhile, the Chipettes in their balloon are blinded by a lighthouse near the cliffs of Dover. Cisman watches them from a shore below.)

See the cliffs of Dover,

And over to the right,

(Soon, the Chipettes are in the lighthouse cabin. Jeanette grabs another Alvin doll and shields her eyes with her sisters from the lighthouse lens. As Cisman climbs a ladder to grab them, he is then blinded by the light rays, causing him to lose his balance and fall to the ground below.)

Are the snowy white-capped Alps,

Majestic, standing bright!

(The tall statue of Christ the Redeemer stands in the foreground, as the city streets of Rio de Janiero are lit up for its annual Carnival celebration in the background.)

Hey, don't you know that we're off to see the world?

(A line of skimpy parade girls walk down the street, shaking their tambourines, while the Chipmunks wearing Carnival masks make their way past the formation, as they have a Theodore doll with them. Alvin lifts his mask to see their drop-off ahead and motions Simon and Theodore to follow him. Cuomo, wearing a mask, sees them and tries to go after them, until he is knocked over by a parade monster. The police officers run into the street to break up the commotion.)

We're off to find our dreams,

Why are our hearts beating so fast?

Why is there suddenly a brand new hope inside us,

That will surely last?

(Simon watches the accident from the basket and pulls out his telescope to see their surroundings, as the background fades into a world map, with lit-up dotted lines in blue for the Chipmunks and pink for the Chipettes.)

Hey, don't you know that we're off to see the world?

(Angel Falls is then shown with a rainbow appearing at the bottom. A monkey grabs a banana and runs down the branch, as Theodore desperate tries to grab it for a snack.)

We're off to find things new,

So we will follow every clue.

(Later that night, the boys are looking at the scenery around them against the full moon shining bright.)

Just think there's suddenly,

A chance to find if all we dreamed in dreams was true."

(A field of windmills is then seen in the Netherlands, just as the Chipettes' balloon arrives here. The Chipettes then reach for a Jeanette doll hanging onto a windmill sail. Just as Jeanette reaches for the doll, she grabs the windmill sail instead, as she yelps. She holds onto the sail for dear life while clutching onto the Jeanette doll. Cisman appears through a window to grab Jeanette but misses, as another windmill sail hits him in the face, causing him to fall down and pass out.)

(Meanwhile, the Chipettes are now in Switzerland. The camera pans down to a ski lift, where Brittany grabs a Brittany doll from an ascending set and Jeanette puts a Jeanette doll in the descending seat.)

"Just flew over Switzerland,

Destination set.

(In Morocco, Theodore tries grabbing a dish of Moroccan Tagine, but Simon grabs him at the last minute as their balloon takes off into the air.)

Heading now for Africa,

A quest we won't forget.

(As their balloon rises out of the city of Morocco, Theodore looks around and prepares to eat an apple, but an eagle snatches it at the last minute, surprising Theodore.)

Faced a threat in Rio,

We could be in for more.

(Meanwhile, the Chipettes' balloon descends in the city of London.)

And now we are descending,

I can see Italy's shore.

(Later on, the Chipettes have arrived in Rome, Italy. Jeanette sets the timer on the camera and joins her sisters at a fountain. She sits on the edge of the fountain and falls into the water, as the camera takes a picture of them too late.)

Hey, don't you know that we're off to see the world?

(A montage of pictures of the Chipettes is shown; they have a basket-side dinner with their waiter in Paris, France, wear bearskin hats and parade like British soldiers in London, England, pose like the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Pisa, Italy, go skiing in the Alps, celebrate a beer festival in Germany, as they wear German dresses and pose with a pair of their waiters, and wear Dutch dresses and clogs as they sit on a buggy against a windmill in the Netherlands.)

We're off to find our dreams,

Why are our hearts beating so fast?

(Later that night, as the Chipettes' balloon soars above the clouds, the Chipettes are fast asleep as they snuggle up with each other and with a Brittany doll.)

Why is there suddenly a brand new hope inside us,

That will surely last?

(Meanwhile, in Venice, the Chipmunks are riding a gondola down a river street. Simon drops off a Simon doll in a mooring pole, as they continue their ride through the city.)

Hey, don't you know that we're off to see the world?

We're off to find things new,

(Cuomo walks across the bridge and angrily glares at them, missing them again.)

So we will follow every clue.

(Later, the Chipmunks' balloon sails through a cloud against a lovely evening sky, as the sun beams through it. It reappears out of the cloud as the sun illuminates the cloud formation. The adventure is going well each for the Chipmunks and the Chipettes.)

Just think there's suddenly,

A chance to find if all we dreamed in dreams was true."

(Meanwhile, back at the Furschtein estate, Claudia, Klaus, Sophie are relaxing on pool chairs in a pool outside their manor. As Claudia reads a book and drinks her martini, Mario comes up to them with a towel in his hand.)

Mario: "Signora." (Sophie growls, while Claudia and Klaus look at him.) "There is a long-distance phone call for you from Europe."

Claudia: "Wonderful!" (She leaves her pool chair, knocking over her martini glass, and walks through the water to get the phone. She splashes Sophie by accident.) "Oh, I'm sorry, Sophie." (She then grabs the phone. Klaus laughs at her teasingly.) "Hello. The girls have made six drop-offs? Good. And the boys?" (Klaus raises a toast to Claudia with his glass.) "Wonderful! Good."

(Klaus looks at the water next to Sophie and flicks some water on her. Sophie whines uncomfortably, and Klaus laughs.)

Klaus Furschtein: (teasingly) "Did the spoiled brat get wet?" (laughs) "Did the rug rat get a little water on her?"(laughs again)

(Sophie has a trick up her sleeve; she pokes one of her claws in her master's pool chair and is able to pop it with a hole in it. She feels a jet of air blown in her face, as Klaus rides around the pool out of control, screaming along the way. Sophie gasps, seeing Klaus rocket her way, and ducks to let him sail pass. Sophie finally hears Klaus land with a splash, and she then turns to the camera, feeling pleased with herself. Unfortunately, she a drop of water lands on her belly. Sophie whines again.)

Claudia: "This is excellent news. Keep me posted." (As Claudia hangs up the phone, she hears Sophie whining and rushes back into the pool.) "Oh, Sophie, you got wet!" (Klaus has crash-landed by their dolphin water fountain, as Claudia grabs Sophie, cradling her in her arms.) "My poor baby!" (to Klaus, angrily) "Oh, Klaus, you're so reckless!"

(Klaus groans and keep his balance to get out of the water, but he fails and falls back into the water, as his swim trunks face the camera.)

(The city of Athens, Greece shown with the Acropolis shown at the top left corner. The camera glides down though the city with a flock of pigeons flying past and stops at a market where the Chipmunks are exploring.)

Alvin: "I love Athens. The nightlife, the girls, the excitement."

Simon: "Alvin, you've never been to Athens."

Alvin: "Well, it looks like a city I would love."

(Theodore gasps and sees a food stand nearby. He then tiptoes away from his brothers to the stand.)

Theodore: (to the merchant) "I'll have a large order of couscous, a-and 2 yalanchi donuts. Quickly, please!"

(Alvin hums as he walks up to an apple stand and grabs an apple, but someone else has a grip on the apple. Alvin gets into a tug-of-war with the unseen person.)

Brittany: (offscreen) "I saw it first!"

(Alvin sees that it's Brittany holding the apple!)

Alvin: (surprised) "Brittany?!"

Brittany: (surprised) "Alvin! What are you doing here?"

(The two kids still fight over the apple.)

Alvin: (grunting) "We're on our way to Istanbul. What are you doing here?"

Brittany: "We're on our way to Cairo."

(Jeanette and Eleanor have caught up with Simon and Theodore, too.)

Simon: (to Jeanette) "Have you guys had any, uh, trouble along the way?"

Jeanette: "Well, there was this guy..."

Brittany: (covers her sister's lips shut with her hand) "Uh, we had nothing but smooth sailing." (grunts) "And you?"

Simon: "Well, actually, I get the feeling..." (gets his mouth covered by Alvin)

Alvin: (grunting) "It's been a piece of cake! The only problem we have is crowd control!" (He retrieves the apple from Brittany. Eleanor checks up on Brittany, only for Brittany to swat at her instead. Alvin does some hand tricks with his apple.) "We're the hottest act in rock and roll. But, you don't have that problem, do you?"

Jeanette: "No."

Brittany: (angered) "Sure, we do!" (She sweeps some dust off her skirt.)

Eleanor: "Ssh!"

Alvin: (chuckles teasingly) "No, you don't."

(Eleanor tries holding an enraged Brittany back, but she only has a grip on her sister's shoulders and back, just as she storms up to Alvin.)

Brittany: (angrily) "All right, Mr. Popularity, how much you wanna bet we can out-rock-and-roll you?!"

(They glare at each other, with Alvin putting on his game face and yanking down the brim of his cap.)

Simon: (worriedly) "We've got to keep these two apart."

(He and Jeanette are grabbed off by their respective siblings. Theodore is just grabbing his couscous and yalanchi donuts, until Alvin grabs him.)

Alvin: Come on, Theodore!

Theodore: (whining) "But, my couscous!"

(Simon catches up with his brothers. It's now a race for the Acropolis, with both groups running down each different staircase. Meanwhile, Dave is also in Athens as he finishes shopping at a merchandise tent.)

Dave: "They're for my 3 boys. I wanna get 'em something special since they're stuck at home." (The boys rush by the stand, knocking down the poles and covering Dave and the seller.) "Hey, that looks like my boys!"

(The Chipettes race down an alley, where a trio of priests come their way. As Brittany and her sisters round the corner, the priests try to get out of their, but one of them is too late to move, as he spins around by the girls. The Chipmunks speed past a building, where Cuomo and Cisman watch them pass by. The kids race up the steps of the Acropolis, with the Chipettes running across a row of pillars above the Chipmunks. Both groups join each other on the steps, until they reach a pile of toppled pillar columns, where they jump in the air single-file and land on their feet, with Alvin and Brittany facing each other.)

Alvin and Brittany: "Sun goes down,

I'm just getting up,

I'm heading for the city lights!

(The sun sets over Athens as a pair of spotlights flash over the lit-up city. Alvin and Brittany bounce up and down with their siblings rooting them on.)

Radio blastin' all the way to the club,

Gonna rock this town tonight!"

(They jump between a statue and pose off, while Jeanette and Eleanor mock Simon and Theodore.)

The Chipettes: "You're living in a man's world, they tell us.

(Brittany blinds Alvin by yanking down the brim of his cap and runs off.)

But we ain't gonna buy it,

(Brittany climbs up a pillar, while Jeanette and Eleanor run up a flight of stairs.)

The things they're trying to sell us now!

(The Chipettes jump on another row of pillars and dance on them.)

'Cause we're the girls of rock and roll!"

Brittany: "Woooooooo!"

(Alvin frowns at them, jealously, while Jeanette and Eleanor spin around, flashing their underwear.)

The Chipettes: "Yeah, we're the girls of rock and roll!"

Brittany: "Roooock and roll, roll, roll, roll-ah!"

(Brittany is then accompanied by her sisters as they dance on a platter held by statues. Alvin, feeling equally challenged, leaps in the air and grabs a harp from a statue, using it as a guitar.)

Alvin: "Oh, yeah!"

The Chipmunks: "The curtain's up and I'm ready to go,

My guitar is in my hand.

(Brittany yawns while Alvin strums away, his brothers imitating Alvin's guitar-playing skills.)

There's nothing more that I'd rather do,

Than play in a rock and roll band.

(Alvin leaps to the statue of Hercules fighting a snake and copies its pose.)

All we have is what we will be given,

(Alvin runs a flight of stairs and across a row of pillars.)

Heading for the top."

Alvin: "Don't you know?"

(Simon and Theodore run across a series of rows of pillars.)

The Chipmunks: "We'll never stop believin' now!

(To their surprise, the Chipettes, ignoring them with their eyes shut, see them rocking out on a ledge.)

'Cause we're the boys of rock and roll!"

(Alvin stands on a globe, throwing starts into the air.)

Alvin: "You better believe it, yeah, yeah, yeah!"

The Chipmunks: "We're the boys of rock and roll!"

(Alvin jumps down and spins around with his brothers.)

Alvin: "Roooock and rooooll, roll!"

(The Chipettes look on, jealously, as the Chipmunks poke their heads from behind three headless statues; Alvin as an athlete, Simon as The Thinker, and Theodore as Bacchus. The Chipettes march up a flight of stairs.)

The Chipettes: "We are the girls, we are the girls,

We are the girls of rock and roll!"

(They nod their heads, "No.", as the Chipmunks march up another flight of stairs and face the Chipettes.)

The Chipmunks: "We are the boys, we are the boys,

We are the boys of rock and roll!"

(The Chipmunks grab the Chipettes' hands and pull their bodies away from each other and then right against each, shaking them. Next, they kick up their legs and feet and point their fingers to the ground, as their bodies flash on and off. Next, they bounce off the platform, as Alvin jumps in the air and does a somersault, and Brittany sexily walks up to the screen and shakes her hips. Down on the bottom, Cisman peeks from a statue of Medusa, and Cuomo peeks from behind a lion's head. Dave hears the music blaring and goes up the steps to the Acropolis to find out the source. While Alvin and Brittany dance, Cuomo and Cisman team up, crawling up the stairs. Alvin grabs Brittany and whirls her around, kicking Cisman in the face, as he collides into Cuomo and eventually Dave.)

The Chipmunks: "'Cause we're the boys of rock and roll!"

Brittany: "Ohhhhhhhhhh!"

(The Chipettes are back on their balloon as they shake their hips while holding onto the rope supports.)

The Chipettes: "Yeah, we're the girls of rock and roll!"

Brittany: "Better be believin' that we are!"

(The Chipmunks jump back on their balloon.)

The Chipmunks: "Yeah, we're the boys of rock and roll!"

Alvin: "Rooooock and rooooll!"

(The girls dance the robot on the edge of their balloon basket.)

The Chipettes: "Yeah, we're the girls of rock and roll!"

(Brittany shouts out to the boys, causing Eleanor and Jeanette to hold onto their sister for safety.)

Brittany: "Rock and rock and roll!"

The Chipmunks: "Yeah, we're the boys of rock and roll!"

(Simon and Theodore hold Alvin back likewise.)

Alvin: "Roooock and roll!"

The Chipettes: "Yeah, we're the girls of rock and roll!"

Brittany: "Rock and rock and rooooll!

The Chipmunks: "Yeah, we're the boys of rock and roll!"

Alvin: "Gonna rock and roll and rock and roll!"

The Chipettes: "Yeah, we're the girls of rock and roll!"

Alvin: "And rock and roll and gonna rock and roooooooll!"

(A trio of spotlights shine on the balloons, that are now rising away from the Acropolis, just as Dave walks away from the Acropolis, thinking to himself.)

Dave: "I could've sworn. No, it, it couldn't be. Uh, the boys wouldn't. Would they?"

Alvin: "And rock and roll and gonna rock and roooooooll!"

(He heads back to town, while the Chipmunks and Chipettes' balloons then leave Greece for their next individual destinations.)

(Meanwhile, back at Alvin and the Chipmunks' house, Miss Miller is busy cooking something in the kitchen, as she is singing a song to herself.)

Miss Miller (singing): "Come on-a my house, my house,

I'm gonna give you candy.

(She grabs a salt shaker from the pantry, as she prances to the counter, where a bag of flour with a measuring cup in it, a cooking bowl with a mixture inside, and a milk counter stand.)

Come on-a my house, my house,

I'm gonna give you apple, and a plum, and an apricot, too.

I'll cook-" (As she cooks, the phone rings.) "Huh? Oh, rats! Come on-a my house, a-my house, come on!" (She flicks off the mix and then answers the phone) "Hello?"

(The camera cuts back to Athens at night, where Dave is on the phone talking to Miss Miller.)

Dave: "Uh, hello, Miss Miller?"

Miss Miller: (chuckling) "David!"

Dave: "I'm just calling to see how everything is."

Miss Miller: "Oh, everything is fine. It's quiet as a mouse around here."

Dave: "Alvin's behaving himself?"

Miss Miller: (misinterpreting) "He is? Well, that's good."

Dave: "Uh, could I talk to the boys?"

Miss Miller: "Well, I don't see why not."

Dave: "Uh, is Alvin available?"

Miss Miller: (misinterpreting) "Available for what?"

Dave: "To talk."

Miss Miller: "Well, how should I know?"

Dave: "Uh, look, Miss Miller, I just called to see if everything was all right."

Miss Miller: "Everything's fine, David."

Dave: "Well, give the boys my love."

Miss Miller: "Why don't you give them your love?"

Dave: "Well, are they available?"

Miss Miller: (impatiently) "Available for what?"

Dave: (overwhelmed) "Never mind. Uh, nice talking to you, Miss Miller."

Miss Miller: "You, too, David. And David, get some rest, will you?" (She hangs up the phone.) "Oh, that poor man is losing his marbles." (She wipes her hands on her dress, as she resumes singing and dancing.)

"Come on-a my house, my house!

I'm gonna give you a fig and a date and a raisin a-cake!" (She shakes her large rump to the song.)

(Meanwhile, back at Inspector Jamal's office, the fan blades spin slowly overhead. Jamal bitterly opens and closes his pocket watch several times, as Cisman and Cuomo stand in front of him, nervously.)

Inspector Jamal: (furiously) "You imbeciles! I ask you to take candy from a baby, and you fail me!" (Cuomo and Cisman cringe at his tone of voice.) "I can see I need bigger, tougher men to handle this job."

(At the same time, the Chipettes are flying through Cairo, Egypt, as they pass the Great Pyramids of Giza and then the Sphinx. Jeanette looks at the Sphinx and gasps at its large face. Eleanor is checking off the destinations on their list, as Brittany relaxes on the floor, while wearing a pair of fancy sunglasses.)

Eleanor: "Just a few more drop-offs and we're finished."

(Unknown to them, a gang of thugs on their camels watch them from the ground below, as their leader watches them through his binoculars.)

Man: "There they are; just as Jamal described them. Come on, let us go."

Brittany: "Well, this next drop-off in Egypt should be a snap."

(Brittany literally snaps her fingers, as a grappling hook lands on the basket, startling Brittany and her sisters, as she drops her sunglasses. They are now under attack, as the thugs chase after them on their steeds. The Chipettes grab the hook and pull it off the basket. They then see the thugs riding fast on the desert floor.)

Eleanor: (worriedly) "Oh!"

(Another grappling hook flies toward the basket. Eleanor grabs a suitcase and hits the hook away, using the suitcase as a shield. Jeanette and Brittany, too, use their possessions as weapons to fight back against the thugs. Jeanette throws some pillow sheets at a thug ready to throw his grappling hook. The sheets blind his vision, launching the grappling hook on a palm tree and yanking the thug off his camel. The thugs ride over the hill toward the balloon. A shawl lands on a camel's eyes, bumping into its friend, and causing their riders to be entangled in the shawl and tumble down the slope, with the hook trailing behind. Brittany hits another grappling hook with her suitcase, just as she sees Jeanette throws some clothes at the thugs, with one of them as Brittany's dress. Brittany gasps and grabs her dress.)

Brittany: (angrily) "This happens to be my favorite dress, Jeanette!"

(The Chipettes jolt inside the basket, as their balloon crashes into a grove of palm trees. The Chipettes then hear large hoofbeats in the distance.)

All: (nervously) "Uh-oh!"

(The Chipettes have nowhere to fly now, as the thugs ride up to the balloon on their camels. Soon, a pair of palace doors open, as the thugs bring the girls inside. Two of them separately hold Jeanette and Eleanor, while two of the other servants hold Brittany, rocking back and forth in their arms.)

Brittany: (threatening) "If you don't put me down immediately, I'm gonna get very, very rough with you!"

(The Chipettes are then brought to the throne, as the head servant walks up a flight of stairs toward the throne with their dolls.)

Deep Voice: "I will rule the world."

Servant: "Sir."

(The throne turns to reveal a young Arabian Prince playing with his super villain figure.)

Arabian Prince: Oh, no, you won't. I will rule the world. (He kicks the figure aside and laughs.)

Servant: "We have the girls and their dolls."

Arabian Prince: "Good."

(The Prince sees Brittany struggling below.)

Brittany: (stubbornly) "I mean it, buster!" (grunting) "Let me go!"

(The Prince immediately coos and grabs his servant by the shawl.)

Arabian Prince: "Contact Jamal. Tell him he can have the dolls, but I want the girls."

Servant: "But, Jamal specifically ordered the girls to be returned."

Arabian Prince: (swatting him away) "I do not take orders from Jamal. I am doing him a favor. And as payment, I keep the girls."

Brittany: (sarcastically) "Uh, dream on, Tiny Tim."

Arabian Prince: "Prepare for the engagement ceremony! In 10 years, I will make her one of my wives."

Brittany: "One of your wives? Oh!" (She jumps into Jeanette's arms.)

Eleanor: (to the prince) "Excuse me, sir. But, uh, you wouldn't wanna marry Brittany. She's, well, she's very difficult."

Jeanette: "And she's not very tidy!"

Eleanor: "And her cooking is atrocious!"

Jeanette: "And she spends money like a drunken sailor!"

Eleanor: "And, and when she doesn't get her way..."

Brittany: (putting her foot down) "That's enough, you guys!"

Arabian Prince: (folding his arms) "The ceremony will take place promptly at dawn!"

Brittany: "Oh!" (The servants grab the Chipettes and bring them to a room in the palace. Brittany once again rocks in her captors' arms.) "If you think I'm gonna marry that pint-sized twerp, you're nuts!"

Arabian Prince: "Pint-sized twerp!" (laughs) "I love it, I love it!" (thinks to himself) "What is a twerp?"

(Meanwhile, the Chipettes have been brought to a harem room, where their female servants have dressed them in harem outfits.)

Brittany: "You don't understand. I don't care how important he is, how powerful he is, how rich he is." (giggles) "By the way, uh, how rich is he?"

(A gong rings, getting the girls' attention. Another servant followed by his teammates comes in, as he holds a box in his hands.)

Servant: "An engagement present from the sheik. All the way from the South Pole." (He hands the gifts to the Chipettes.) "Have a pleasant night."

(The servant claps his hands once, signaling his fellow servants to leave the room. As soon as they've left, Brittany opens the gift and sees a lonely baby penguin inside.)

Eleanor: (amazed) "Oh, a baby penguin!"

(The baby penguin puts its hands on the glass screening.)

Baby Penguin: (cawing sadly)

Eleanor: (adoring him) "How cute."

Brittany: (uncaringly) "Whatever happened to diamonds and rubies?"

(Eleanor scoops up the baby penguin in her hands.)

Baby Penguin: (cawing sadly)

Eleanor: (adoringly) "It's ok, little fella. I'm not gonna hurt you." (She opens the penguin's locket and sees a picture of him with his parents.) "Oh, you miss your mama and papa, huh?"

Baby Penguin: (confirming Eleanor, sobbing)

Jeanette: "The poor little thing is homesick."

(Brittany interrupts her sisters by pushing them aside.)

Brittany: (pouting) "I'm not exactly thrilled to be here myself, Jeanette!" (She tears off her sisters' veils as well as he own veil.) "We've got to find our dolls and get out of here!"

(Later that night, as everyone is asleep in the palace, Brittany and Jeanette exit their quarters and tiptoe into the hall. Eleanor stays behind them.)

Eleanor: (whispering) "You two go ahead, I-I-I'll be right back."

(Brittany and Jeanette continue walking quietly through the palace. Jeanette isn't seeing where she's going as she walks backwards, until she bumps into a large Persian vase. Brittany rushes in and grabs the vase with all her strength to prevent them from making a loud noise. She then places it back on the shelf.)

Brittany: (sarcastically) "Why don't you just announce we're making our escape, Jeanette?"

(At last, they open a pair of doors, leading to a hidden chamber with tall cobra statues and a pillar in the center, where their Chipmunk and Chipette dolls are laying on top. Before the girls can sneak in and grab them, hissing sounds are heard. Jeanette stops Brittany with her hand, as they both see a gang of sharp-eyed cobras guarding the dolls. The cobras raise their heads and hiss at the girls to back away from the dolls.)

Brittany: "Oh, no! How do we get our dolls?"

(The cobras slither an inch towards them.)

Jeanette: (nodding her head, "no") "Uh, we don't."

Brittany: (grabbing Jeanette) "Wait a minute. You-you've heard of snake charmers, right? Well, let's charm 'em."

(Brittany and Jeanette head into the chamber, as the cobras slither over to the girls, who then start singing for them.)

Jeanette: "Honey, you're a sweet thing..." (She elbows Brittany to sing.)

Both: "And you look so fine."

(Brittany cowers behind Jeanette nervously shaking her hips. One of the cobras brings its head and eyes at them suspiciously, as the background and cobras turn a shade of purple.)

Both: "All I ever wanted,

Is to make you mine."

(Brittany and Jeanette huddle up with each other, as the cobras close in on them.)

Both: "Give me a clue.

Tell me what I need to do,

To get lucky with you."

(At first, Brittany is starting to warm up at charming the cobras, until one of the cobras hisses at Brittany, scaring her and Jeanette into running across the chamber. They then bump into another cobra, who takes an interest in Jeanette.)

Both: "Boy, I really love you,

With my heart and soul."

(Another cobra snags Jeanette, as she starts swinging around and dancing with it.)

Both: "Honey, won't you take me,

Where I want to go?"

(Brittany sees that Jeanette is following her lead well, as she grabs the tail of another cobra slithering by and uses it as a microphone. The background turns into a shade of yellow.)

Both: "Give me a clue.

Tell me what I need to do,

To get lucky with you."

(The chamber then becomes a brightly pink-colored dance hall, as the cobras and Jeanette boogie along to the song.)

Both: "Getting lucky, mmm, getting lucky,

Is really what it's all about."

(As Jeanette dances, one of the cobras coils her with his tail. The cobra then lets Jeanette go, spinning around until she flops on the ground.)

Both: "Getting lucky, mmm, getting lucky,

Is somethin' I can't do without."

(The cobras get into a shuffle line dance, while another cobra and Brittany flirt with each other.)

Both: "Honey, I've been waiting,

Waiting patiently,

Let me unlock your heart, boy.

I think I've got the key."

(Brittany then realizes that the dolls are just within reach of their hands and turns to Jeanette still dancing with her partner.)

Both: "Give me a clue."

(She splits away, leaving the cobra to fall to the ground.)

Both: "Tell me what I need to do,

To get lucky with you!"

(Brittany grabs Jeanette by the arm and snatches her, while the cobra keeps dancing. The girls follow the shadows of the dancing cobras along the wall and make it to the pillar, where Brittany climbs on Jeanette's back, as Jeanette brings her sister over to the dolls.)

Both: "Oh, ho, ho!

Give me a clue.

Tell me what I need to do,

To get lucky with you!"

(Brittany grabs the dolls and sees the cobras still dancing, unaware that Brittany and Jeanette are making their escape.)

Both: "Oh, ho, ho!

Give me a clue.

Tell me what I need to do,

To get lucky with you!"

(Another cobra appears from behind, startling the girls into hiding the goods. The cobra slithers around their waists and leaves.)

Both: "Give me a clue.

Tell me what I need to do

To get lucky with you!"

(Brittany and Jeanette double-check the dolls and hustle to the window, followed by Eleanor, who brings a cooler with her. All three of them look around, afraid about what will happen, until Jeanette sees a pair of cobras standing next to them.)

Jeanette: "Oh, honey, honey,"

Both: "Give me a clue."

(Jeanette grabs the cobras and flings them onto a windowsill, using them as a rope ladder.)

Both: "Won't you tell me what I need to do,

To get lucky with you!"

(The Chipettes climb down then climb the cobras. Jeanette takes one last look at the cobras and leaves the chamber with the dolls in her arms. Now, the Chipettes fly out of the palace grounds in their balloon.)

Brittany: "What's in the ice chest, Eleanor?"

Eleanor: "Oh, uh, just some cold drinks and sandwiches."

Brittany: "Oh, Elly, how can you think of food at a time like this?"

(Meanwhile, on that same night, a parrot caws in the background. A bush baby scampers along a tree, and a python slithers on a branch under the canopy. Alvin and the Chipmunks have landed on Howland Island, as they are settling for bed in their sleeping bags around a campfire.)

Alvin: "Ok, let's get a good night's sleep so we can get an early start in the morning."

Theodore: (hearing the animals growling) "I don't think we should have taken this short cut. I-I-It's too dangerous."

Alvin: "Relax, Theodore. This isn't the arcade game." (He feels something in his sleeping bag.) "Huh?" (He then pulls out a lizard and screams, throwing the lizard away from him. The lizard walks back into the brush, glaring angrily at Alvin.) "Phew."

(The boys then settle in for the night, as an owl hoots in the trees, scaring Theodore.)

Theodore: "Ah, uh, did you hear something?"

Alvin & Simon: "Nope."

Theodore: (shuddering) "But, uh, something's out there."

Alvin: "He's still afraid of the boogeyman."

Simon: (patting Theodore's head) "Don't worry, Theodore. Alvin and I are right here. Just try to go to sleep."

Theodore: "Ok." (He then goes to sleep, gripping tight to the cover of his sleeping bag.)

(Later that night, the Chipmunks are now fast asleep, as their fire has gone out. Even the lizard that Alvin got rid of earlier is sleeping on Alvin's sleeping bag. But all the while, Theodore hears a cracking bush nearby that wakes him up. He blinks his eyes and turns his head at his surroundings, but he sees nothing.)

Theodore: (sighing)

(At that moment, a pair of hands grab Theodore by the mouth. He screams and tries to get away, but the hands drag him into the jungle!)

(The next morning, a toucan itches his belly and then overlooks their campsite. A monkey hollers in the background, and Alvin and Simon yawn and slowly wake up.)

Alvin: "Well, Theodore, did the boogeyman get you?"

Simon: "Theodore?"

(The boys rush over to their sleeping bag. They hold up the opening and realize he's gone!)

Both: (gasping) "He's gone!"

(Alvin then sees something on the ground.)

Alvin: (nervously) "Hey, what's that?"

(The two brothers see a trail of footprints leading into the jungle.)

Both: "Uh-oh."

(Soon, Alvin and Simon are on the hunt for Theodore by following the footprints. A waterfall and hundreds of trees are shown. The camera stops at a bush, where Alvin and Simon push though. They stop and lay down belly-first on a cliff, where they see a native village down below.)

Simon: "The footprints lead into that village."

(They soon make the search into the village, where they tiptoe through the village and silently call out for Theodore's name.)

Alvin: (whispering) "Theodore."

Simon: (whispering) "Theodore."

Alvin: (whispering) "Theodore."

Simon: (whispering) "Theodore."

Alvin: (shouting) Theo-! "

(The two brothers huddle with each other, when a bunch of spears appear. A bunch of angry natives have seen the brothers trespassing on their grounds and surround them with their spears. Alvin pushes one of the spears off to the side.)

Alvin: (nervously) "Hi, guys." (to Simon) "Watch the old maestro at work. A little negotiating and we're out of here." (He turns to the natives.) "We make you heap good offer." (He pulls out a couple of their own shirts.) "See pretty clothes?"

Natives: (excited chattering)

(Alvin gives one of the shirts to Simon, who nervously holds it up, and pulls out some pairs of shoes.)

Alvin: "Nice shoesies?"

Natives: (excited chattering)

Alvin: (throws his boom box on the pile) "Make 'um plenty good music!"

Natives: (excited chattering)

Alvin: "You take 'um all this wampum, and we take 'um little butterball you steal 'um from us last night. How 'bout it?"

(However, Alvin's bargain to get Theodore back fails to impress them. The boys have been stripped of their shoes and shirts and are now wearing loincloths, as they are tied by their wrists to the wall of a hut.)

Simon: (sarcastically) "Brilliant negotiating, Alvin." (A native dances by with Alvin's boom box and wearing a shirt, as he scat-sings to some rap music. Simon sighs despairingly.) "Oh, I hate to think what's happened to Theodore."

Alvin: (saddened) "Yeah. Who knows what they've done to the poor little guy?"

(Just then, a native sounds a bongo drum with his hands. The natives then bow down, as the village chief arrives, blowing kisses to his people, followed by his four servants, who carry a mobile throne and set it down a mobile throne. Inside the throne is Theodore, slurping the last of his food in a bowl!)

Both: "Theodore!"

Theodore: (happily) "Alvin! Simon!"

(The chief orders his servant to let the boys go, to which he does by cutting off the ropes. Alvin and Simon then fall to the ground.)

Native Chief: (speaking tribal dialect)

Alvin: "What's going on?"

Simon: "Uh, if I'm translating correctly, I think they said that Theodore is their long lost Prince of Plenty."

Alvin: (ecstatic) "Prince of Plenty? Now, you're talking!"

Native Chief: (speaking tribal dialect)

Simon: "And the only way for us to live is to be his slave."

Alvin: (offended) "Slave? Forget it!" (He attempts to march out of the village, until three spears halt Alvin, threatening to punish him otherwise. He scatters over to the throne and grabs the handles.) "Where to, your royalness?"

(Meanwhile, back on the Chipettes' balloon, the girls are yawning, waking up from their slumber.)

Brittany: "Jeanette, could you pass me something to eat?"

Eleanor: (gasping) "Don't do it, Jeanette!"

Brittany: (oblivious) "When it comes to food, Eleanor, you're awfully selfish." (She walks over to the ice chest and opens the lid to see the baby penguin in it.)

Baby Penguin: "Hello."

Brittany: "A penguin? You were going to eat this penguin?!"

Baby Penguin: (screaming) (He ducks for cover.)

Eleanor: (picking up the penguin) "Don't be ridiculous, Brittany. We've got to get this little guy back to Antarctica." (whispering) "He'll die if we don't."

Brittany: (exasperated) "And how do you propose we do that, Eleanor? Federal Express?"

Eleanor: "No. I thought we could take him."

Brittany: "And lose the race? Jeanette, will you please talk some sense into your sister?"

Jeanette: "She's right, Brittany."

Brittany: (ignorantly) You're both crazy! (She goes over to the baby penguin.) "I'm sorry, but we're talking about $100,000 and, uh, well, uh!" (The baby penguin then develops a fever in front of her eyes, causing Brittany to have a change of heart.) "He doesn't look very good, Eleanor."

Eleanor: "I told you."

Brittany: "Well, how do we get to Antarctica?"

(Eleanor and Jeanette hug their sister for doing the right thing. Soon, as the balloon heads for Antarctica, the girls take turns taking care of the penguin. Eleanor is feeding the penguin some cereal.)

Eleanor: "Just one little bite for Aunty Eleanor."

(The penguin tries to eat the cereal, but he groans, as his fever gets worse. Eleanor sees this with concern.)

Jeanette: "He's getting worse.

Brittany: "What can we do?

(Eleanor dabs her cloth into a bowl of damp water and puts it on the penguin's head to keep him warm.)

Eleanor: "He needs his mommy, Brittany. She'll know what to do." (The penguin shivers from the cold, as Eleanor then sings.)

"It's hard to remember:

Summer or winter,

When she hasn't been there for me."

(Brittany and Jeanette watch her go on.)

Eleanor: "A friend and companion,

I can always depend on,

My mother, that's who I need."

Brittany: "I've taken for granted,

The seeds that she's planted,

She's always behind everything."

(Jeanette comes up to Brittany, resting her hands onto her sister's shoulders.)

Jeanette: "A teacher, a seeker,

A both-arms-outreacher,

My mother, that's who I need."

(The camera fades to a flashback of the baby penguin laying in his cradle. His mother comes to take care of him in their igloo.)

Eleanor: "Wish I could slow down,

The hands of time,

Keep things the way they are.

If she said so,

I would give her the world,

If I could, I would!"

(The camera shifts back to the present, as the penguin sheds some tears. It is now nighttime.)

Eleanor: "My love and my laughter,

From here ever after,

Is all that she says, that she needs!"

The Chipettes: "A friend and companion,

I can always depend on,

My mother, that's who I need.

My mother, that's who I need.

That's who I need."

(As the Chipettes fly above New Zealand and continue for Antarctica, a chopper flies behind them. Two men are sitting at the controls.)

Man: "We better call Miss Furschtein."

(The man's friend flies their chopper away from the girls.)

(Meanwhile, inside the Furschtein's mansion, Claudia is painting her toenails, when the phone rings, waking up Sophie. Claudia grabs the receiver and answers it.)

Claudia: "Hello."

Man: (on the phone) "Ma'am, we've located the girls. They've strayed nearly a 1,000 miles off course."

Claudia: (angrily) "What?" (She flings her toe polish across her toes. She wipes up the mess with a hand towel.) "They must have discovered the jewels and decided to make a break for it!"

Man: (on the phone) "Well, ma'am, we tried to stop them, but they were very, very slippery."

(Sophie dabs her claws in the polish and pulls them out, having had them painted red like her mistress'.)

Claudia: "I don't want your excuses. I want those dolls! And don't come back without them!" (She angrily hangs up the phone and stares at the camera, as her eyes stand out the against the background.)

(Meanwhile, a village of igloos is nestled in the valley. Inside the baby penguin's house, his parents nestle their other two children in bed and notice their 3rd empty cradle, where their son used to be before he was kidnapped. The mother penguin sobs and sheds some tears, as her mate comforts her by hugging her.)

Baby Penguin: (shouting offscreen) "MAMA!"

(The two parents and one of his siblings hear his shouting. They look outside and see their son run up to them with open arms. The Chipettes have made the rescue right on schedule! His family is overjoyed, as the sibling jumps in the air and claps his flippers together. They all rush up to each other, and the baby penguin runs into his mother's arms, as she cradles him. The rest of the penguins surround the baby with happiness. Brittany, Eleanor, and Jeanette stand there, as they are then joined by the entire penguin community. However, they are being watched through a pair of binoculars by the man and his friend from last night, as they watch the scene on their snowmobile.)

Man: "There's the balloon. Let's go."

(The Chipettes are back in their balloon as the penguins come to wish goodbye to them. The baby penguin's mother holds him to nuzzle Eleanor one last time.)

Eleanor: "Mmm."

(The Chipettes' balloon takes off to the sky.)

The Chipettes: (calling out) "Goodbye! Thank you!"

(As Jeanette finishes waving goodbye, one of the goons pushes her aside. Brittany and Eleanor gasp as they see the man going to grab their dolls. Brittany isn't backing down. She runs up and gets into a tug-of-war with the man over her Brittany doll the man has pulled out.)

Brittany: "Give us back our dolls, you creeps!"

(The Brittany doll's arm tears apart from the tension between the man and Brittany, as it spills diamonds into the basket. The man still clings onto the basket, dangling from it, as his friend climbs on and swipes at the Chipettes. Before it can get worse, the first goon gets a snowball pelted in his face. As they turn to see who's thrown the snowball, the entire penguin clan has rallied together to throw snowballs at the minions in order to save the Chipettes. They throw more snowballs in their faces, causing them to land on the snow. The Chipettes are saved once more.)

Eleanor: (grateful) "Thanks again! Bye!"

(The baby penguin waves goodbye once again to the Chipettes, while the two goons are covered in snow and then bicker.)

Man 1: "How are we gonna explain this to Claudia?"

Man 2: "Hey, you can tell her."

Man 1: "Listen, it's your turn!"

Man 2: "Every time we go into a some kind of a problem, you're always trying to weasel out of it! I know what's wrong with you!"

(As the penguins wave goodbye to the Chipettes, Eleanor has been thinking.)

Eleanor: (confused) "I don't get it. Why are people willing to kill for these dolls?"

Brittany: "Because they're so cute." (pinches another Brittany doll's cheek) "Oh, look at the sweet little face."

(Jeanette thinks about it as well, until she sees the answer laying on the floor: The diamonds from the first Brittany doll!)

Jeanette: "Wait a minute. Look at this!" (She holds up the diamonds for her sisters to see.) "Diamonds!"

Eleanor: (grabbing an Alvin doll) "Open a chipmunk doll."

(She hands the Alvin doll to Jeanette, who cuts it open with a knife. A wad of dollar bills are shown in front of the girls.)

Brittany: (gasping) "There must be thousands of dollars in each of these!"

Jeanette: (betrayed) "I don't believe it. This whole race was just to get us to deliver these diamonds."

Brittany: (worried) "And if we're in danger, the boys must be in danger, too! We've got to find them!"

(Meanwhile, back on Howland Island, Alvin and Simon have been put in charge of finding mushrooms for Prince Theodore to eat. Simon lights the way with a torch, and Alvin finds each mushroom and puts it in the bowl, as they go inside a hidden cavern.)

Alvin: (grumpily) "3:00 in the morning, and Prince Theodore has a craving for mushrooms! I hope he chokes on 'em!"

Simon: (trying to calm him down) "Alvin!"

Alvin: (throwing down the bowl of mushrooms) "Now, I've had it!"

Simon: (sees something) "Hey, Alvin, look over here."

(Inside the cavern, ahead of them is a series of cave paintings and a plaque featuring a carved pictogram in the center.)

Alvin: "What is it, Simon?"

Simon: (translating the pictogram) "It's ancient writing that says: "Sacrifice the full moon on the Prince of Plenty." That doesn't make any sense." (He chuckles, noticing his mistake.) "Oh, how silly of me. It's eyes before eats except after teeth. I got it reversed." (corrects the translating) "It says: "Sacrifice the Prince of Plenty on the full moon.""

(The full moon shines above them.)

Both: (alarmed) "Oh, no!"

Simon: "They're going to sacrifice Theodore tonight!"

Alvin: (bitterly) "Over my dead body!"

(Soon, Alvin and Simon are tied to each stake next to Theodore with the dolls at their feet, as they hang above a sacrificial pit.)

Simon: "You mean, over our dead bodies."

(Below the Chipmunks are a pack of hungry crocodiles. A native sounds off on the bongo drums, and the Native Chief lights an anchor rope on fire. Alvin begins blowing out the flame coming towards him.)

Alvin: (blowing out the flame) "Are there, uh-" (blows on it again) "Any, uh-" (blows on it again) "Favorite songs you'd like to hear-" (blows on it again) "Before we go?"

Native Chief: (thinking) "Hmm..."(gasps) "Worry Burry!" (His assistant splashes a bucket of water on his master's hat to put out the fire.)

Alvin: (confused) "Worry Burry?"

Simon: "Do you think he means Wooly Bully?"

Alvin: "Well-" (blows on it again) "it's worth a try." (starts singing)

"Uno! Dos!

One, two, tres, quatro!"

(The song starts and gets the tribe into a dance.)

Native Chief: "Yeah! Worry Burry!"

Alvin: "Watch it now! He'll get you!" (sings)

"Here it comes,

Here it comes!"

Native Chief: (dancing) "I love it! Get down, mama!"

Alvin: "Watch it now! He'll get you!" (The first crocodile leaps up and snaps its jaws at the boys screaming.)

Native Chief: "Get down, get runky! Haha!" (His assitant splashes water on the Chief, annoying him.)

The Chipmunks: "Matty told Hatty,

About a thing she saw,

Had two big horns,

And a wooly jaw!"

(The crocodiles dance below in the pit.)

"Wooly Bully!"

Natives: "Worry Burry!"

Alvin: "Yeah, right!"

(The natives shuffle their feet on the platform, as a rope is being burnt.)

The Chipmunks: "Wooly bully,

wooly bully,

wooly bully!" (The rope snaps, dropping the Chipmunks an inch downward.) "Woah!" (The crocodiles are thrilled at this, while the Native Chief swings his torch around, harming some of his people.)

"Hatty told Matty,

Let's don't take no chance.

Let's not be L-seven,

Come and learn to dance!"

(Some of the natives form a human bridge to carry their leader.)

"Wooly Bully!"

Natives: "Wurry Burry!"

Alvin: That's right!"

The Chipmunks: "Wooly bully, wooly bully, wooly bully!" (Another rope snaps, while the Native Chief lights his butt on fire!)

Alvin: "Watch it now! Watch it, watch it, watch it!"

Native Chief: "YEEEEEOOOOOOOW! (He soars into the air, putting out the fire on his butt. The Chipettes are flying by in their balloon, when they see the sacrifice.)

Brittany: "Hey, what's all that ruckus?

Jeanette: "It looks like a big celebration.

Eleanor: (holding a pair of binoculars) "Uh, they've got a bonfire, and a chubby little butterball tied to a stake." (gasps) "It's Theodore! They've got The Chipmunks!"

Brittany: "Come on!"

(She tugs on the cord, lowering the balloon, while the crocodiles form a pyramid to try and eat the Chipmunks. More ropes snap as the Chipmunks continue descending into the pit.)

The Chipmunks: "Matty told Hatty,

That's the thing to do."

(The boys see a crocodile ready to eat them and move back, causing the crocodile to fall.)

"Get you someone really,

To pull the wool with you!

Wooly Bully!"

(The Native Chief ignites the last supporting rope and waves goodbye to the Chipmunks. The Chipettes waste no time pulling out a rope to catch the Chipmunks.)

Natives: "Wurry Burry!"

(Alvin screams as they dropped into the pit, until the Chipettes' rope snags onto the stakes. This upsets the crocodiles, as the boys are then hoisted above by the Chipettes.)

The Chipmunks: "Wooly Bully,

Wooly Bully,

Wooly Bully!"

(This angers the Native Chief, as he jumps down on the bank of earth that falls out from the stakes, as the Native Chief falls into the pit.)

Alvin: "Watch it now!

Here it comes!

You've got it!

You've got it!"

(The bank of earth crash lands on the crocodile, followed by the Native Chief holding his torch. He scrambles up in mid-air and away from the alligator's jaws, as the torch lands inside the crocodile's stomach. The crocodile settles into the water, as he gulps down the torch and enjoys his meal. The torch inside goes out, upsetting his stomach, as smoke drifts out of the crocodile's jawline. Back on the platform, the Natives and their Chief angrily throw their spears at the Chipettes' balloon as it flies away with the Chipmunks in tow.)

Theodore: "Shouldn't I thank them? And, they were very sweet to me."

Simon: (sarcastically) "Send them a postcard, Theodore."

Claudia: Two days, and I haven't heard from anyone! Those incompetent fools! Where could they be? I'll find them if it's the last thing I do. And when I get my hands on those...

Klaus Furschetein: Oh, my head. Claudia, it's 5:00 in the morning. What's going on?

Claudia: Oh, nothing, Klaus. Sophie just knocked over the vase.

Klaus Furschetein: Why, you little mutt. That was a priceless antique.

Claudia: Klaus, heel! Really, Klaus, you're such a bully. Go back to bed. What?

Mario: Any word yet?

Inspector Jamal: Yes, our men have spotted them. They should be landing at the airport shortly.

Mario: I'll meet you there, inspector.

Claudia: We'll take you to the airport, Mario.

Theodore: Are we there yet?

Brittany: Theodore, if you ask one... Wait a minute. We're home.

Stewardess: Please, fasten your seat belts.

Claudia: There they are! Children, oh, children. Oh, how good to see you, darling.

Alvin: Don't children us!

Brittany: Yeah, we know all about the diamonds.

Klaus Furschtein: Now don't try anything stupid. Just hand over the dolls.

Alvin: Come on!

Chipettes: We don't have to do,

What you tell us to do no more!

You get what you need,

And you don't want it anymore,

We don't cry now.

Alvin: Come on, this way.

Chipettes: We don't know how.

Claudia: Come back here!

Chipettes: We heard what you said,

And we don't believe a word you say.

The hill is a high one,

But we'll climb it anyway.

There's no doubt.

You'll find out.

We're the ones on the run,

We're the girls,

We're the diamond dolls!

Diamond dolls!

It's a ravenous world,

And the ceiling is very tall.

Claudia: After them!

Chipettes: Do, do, do, do, do, do, do,

There's a weight and a climb,

And a ladder and many fall.

Diamond dolls

We're the cream of the crop, never stop,

We're the diamond dolls!

Klaus Furschtein: It's too late, Claudia. They'll make a scene in front of all these people.

Claudia: Then we'll tell them we have the babysitter. What was her name? Miss, uh, Miss Miller. Oh, wait. I have a message from Miss Miller. Hand over the dolls. And do as we say if you ever want to see your babysitter again.

Alvin: Hmm.

Simon: Alvin!

Claudia: Of course, you know Sophie. But, I don't believe you've met Mario. He has a tendency to talk too much.

Klaus Furschtein: Get in!

Alvin: Hey, my cap!

Dave: Hey, this cap looks like Alvin's.

Alvin: Dave!

Dave: Huh?

Alvin: Help!

Dave: Somebody, help! My son's in trouble!

Inspector Jamal: Inspector Jamal. Let's go.

Chipettes: Silver, platinum,

I pass on them.

You can have them,

I know what I want.

We're the ones on the run,

We're the girls, we're the diamond dolls!

Diamond dolls!

It's a ravenous world

And the ceiling is very tall

Do, do, do, do, do, do, do,

There's a weight and a climb,

And a ladder and many fall.

Diamond dolls!

We're the cream of the crop, never stop,

We're the diamond dolls!

Miss Miller (singing): I told the witch doctor,

I was in love with you.

I told the witch doctor,

I was in love with you.

And then the witch doctor,

He told me what to do.

He said that... (quits singing)

Now let's see. David is arriving at European Airlines. Oh, oh, there it is.

Claudia: In a few minutes, we'll be on our private jet to Costa Rica. Here's to me.

Miss Miller: Oh, good heavens!

Theodore: You should have been wearing your seat belts.

Miss Miller: Huh? My car! I hope you have insurance, buster. Huh? Never in all my life have I seen such reckless driving.

All: Miss Miller?

Miss Miller: Huh, boys?

Dave: Kids!

All: Dave! Dave!

Alvin: Boy, it's good to see you Dave, I, I think.

Inspector Jamal: Well, if it isn't my old friends, Klaus and Claudia.

Klaus Furschtein: Here's to you, Claudia.

Claudia: If so much as one hair is out of place on my Sophie, you'll live to regret it!

Miss Miller: I can understand this deception from Alvin, but not you, Theodore.

Theodore: I'm sorry, Miss Miller.

Dave: Thanks for all your help, Inspector.

Inspector Jamal: Thank you.

Alvin: Hey, what about my $100,000?

Brittany: Your $100,000? We won the race.

Alvin: Oh, yeah?

Brittany: Yeah.

Alvin: Oh, yeah?

Dave: All right, you two. We've got a lot of talking to do.

Both: Yes, Dave.

Simon: Maybe you should let Dave drive, Miss Miller.

Miss Miller: I wouldn't think of it. Besides driving relaxes me. Get in, David.

Alvin: But, Dave, they promised us $100,000.

Dave: Not now, Alvin.

Alvin: But they've got $5,000,000 in diamonds. Don't we get anything?

Dave: Alvin!

Alvin: But, we've just cracked a huge smuggling ring!

Miss Miller: Shut up, Alvin!

Alvin: Ok, ok. We'll give you half.

Dave: (shouting) ALVIN!