Narrator: The ducks are swimming in their pond. They are very happy.

Narrator: Here are Peppa, George, Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig.

Peppa Pig: Hello, Ducks.

Narrator: The ducks want some bread.

Peppa Pig: Sorry, Mrs Duck. We haven’t got any bread today. We’ve got something much more fun.

Narrator: Peppa has brought her toy boat.

Narrator: And George has brought his toy boat.

Mummy Pig: Let’s wind your boat up, George.

Narrator: George’s boat works with clockwork.

Daddy Pig: Quick, George. Put the boat in the pond before the clockwork runs out.

Narrator: George loves his clockwork boat.

Peppa Pig: Mummy, can you wind my boat up?

Mummy Pig: Your boat doesn’t need winding up, Peppa.

Narrator: Peppa’s boat is a sailboat. The wind makes it go along.

Peppa Pig: I don’t like my boat. It doesn’t do anything.

Mummy Pig: That’s because there isn’t any wind today.

Daddy Pig: Maybe it just needs a little help. I’ll huff, and I’ll puff, and I’ll blow your boat along!

Peppa Pig: Hurrah!

Peppa Pig: It went really fast.

Narrator: Peppa loves her sailboat.

Narrator: Here is Peppa’s friend, Suzy Sheep.

Suzy Sheep: Hello, everyone.

Peppa Pig: Hello, Suzy. We’re playing with our boats.

Suzy Sheep: I’ve got my speedboat.

Peppa Pig: Is it clockwork?

Suzy Sheep: No, it has batteries.

Narrator: Suzy’s speedboat uses batteries to make it go.

Narrator: What a great speedboat.

Suzy Sheep: Sorry, Mrs Duck.

Narrator: Here is Danny Dog with Granddad Dog.

Danny Dog: Hello, everyone.

Daddy Pig and Mummy Pig: Hello, Danny.

Danny Dog: My granddad has made me this paddleboat.

Daddy Pig: I say. That’s impressive. How does it work?

Granddad Dog: It’s steam powered. I just push this little lever.

Daddy Pig, Mummy Pig, Peppa Pig, Mrs Sheep, Suzy Sheep: Wow!

Narrator: What a fantastic paddleboat.

Narrator: Here is Rebecca Rabbit with her mummy.

Rebecca Rabbit: Hello, everyone.

Peppa Pig: Hello, Rebecca. We’re playing with our boats

Rebecca Rabbit: I wish I had a boat.

Narrator: Rebecca Rabbit does not have a boat.

Daddy Pig: I’ve got an idea. Luckily I brought my newspaper along. I just need one page. Which page can we lose? News? Sport? Ah, fashion.

Mummy Pig: Not the fashion page.

Daddy Pig: OK, I’ll use the business page.

Daddy Pig: When I was a little piggy, I use to fold newspaper like this.

Narrator: What is Daddy Pig doing?

Daddy Pig: To make a paper boat.

Narrator: Daddy Pig has made a paper boat.

Rebecca Rabbit: Thank you, Mr Pig.

Narrator: George wants a paper boat too.

Daddy Pig: Ho, ho. I suppose I can do without the sports page.

Danny Dog: Please can I have one.

Suzy Sheep: And me.

Peppa Pig: And me.

Daddy Pig: Of course.

Narrator: Daddy Pig is making paper boats for everyone.

Mummy Pig: Let’s have a race.

Daddy Pig: Good idea, Mummy Pig. We can huff and puff and blow the paper boats across. Everyone take a deep breath.

Daddy Pig: Ready, steady, blow!

Daddy Pig: We have a winner! Uh, who had the sports page?

Peppa Pig: That’s George’s boat.

Narrator: George is the winner.

Peppa Pig, Suzy Sheep, Danny Dog, Rebecca Rabbit: Hurrah!

Peppa Pig: I like boats. And I like paper boats the best.

Suzy Sheep, Danny Dog, Rebecca Rabbit: Me too!

Narrator: It’s time to go home. Everybody has had a great time.

All except Peppa Pig and George: Bye-bye.

Peppa Pig: Bye-bye, ducks. See you soon.

Narrator: The duck enjoyed the toy boats, but they quite like having the pond back to themselves again.